February 19--Daniel Whitehead, son of Joseph and Deborah Kissam.
March 17--Catherine, daughter of Adam and Sarah Lawrence.
March 27--Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah ByBank.
April 9--Miriam, daughter of John and Ruth Smith.
May 3--Richard Baker, an adult.
             John, Edward, George, sons of Charles Peters. 
             Anne, daughter of Charles Peters.
May 14--Mary, John, Adam, children of Benja. Smith, Widower.
               Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Smith.
May 24--Mary, daughter of William and Mary King baptised at Oyster bay.
June 14--Mary, daughter of Daniel Willcocks, deceased and Charity, his widdow of Oyster bay, baptised at Oyster bay.
August 23--Phebe, daughter of Benj. and Phebe Tredwell. 
                    Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Lennington.
                    Hannah, daughter of John and Elisabeth Losee.
November 8--Margrett, daughter of John and Catherine Pednick, baptised at Oyster bay.
December 6--Tunis, son of John and Alice Shen.

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