March 30--Phebe, daughter of Sarah Wilson, Widow.
April 1--Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Lenington.
April 30--Joseph Baldwin and Rachel Baldwin, adults.
April 30--Jacob, son of Joseph and Mary Baldwin, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary BaIdwin Eleanor, daughter of 
     Joseph and Mary Baldwin.
May 13--Daughter of Henry and Mary Allen.
May 18--Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Linbree.
May 19--Peter, son of John and Catherine Pedrick of Oysterbay.
May 26--Deborah Losee, adult.
May 26--Mary, daughter of Cornelius and DeborahLosee.
June 2--Mary, daughter of William and Mary Forbess.
June 30--Deborah Stilwell, adult.
July 21--Thomas, son of Joseph and Abigal Lee.
August 25--Levina, daughter of John and Elizabeth Reyner.
September 15--Samuel, son of William and Sarah Nichols.
October 7--Samuel, Mary, Amos, Elizabeth, Solomon, children of Samuel and Elizabeth Reyner.
October 13--Pegy, daughter of Benjamin and Phebe Tredwell.
October 20--James, son of Henry Lloyd Esq. of Queens Village, baptised at Oysterbay.
October 20--Mary, daughter of Robert and Hannah Pedrick of Oysterbay.
December 22--Mary, daughter of John and Catherine Pedrick, baptised at Oysterbay.

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