Baptisms performed at St George's Church from 1792-1845
Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Records transcribed by Linda Clark.
Please contact Linda with any questions concerning this list that you might have.

Registry of Baptisms by Year

Ackley Emma 10/31/1810 Ackley Abijah   Sybella  
Ackley Robertson 3/1/1805 Ackley Abijah   Sybella S. Hempstead
Ackley Susan 4/2/1842 Ackley Abijah      
Ackley Lemuel 4/23/1808 Ackley Abijah   Sybella S. Hempstead
Ackley Abijah 5/15/1831 Ackley Abijah   Elizabeth  
Ackley Sarah Maria 7/26/1836 Ackley Abijah   Elizabeth  
Ackley Sarah 7/29/1795 Ackley William   Rachel of S. Hempstead
Ackley Abijah 8/13/1802 Ackley Abijah   Sibbel  
Ackley Susan 9/10/1824 Ackley Abijah   Elizabeth  
Ackley Mary Elizabeth 9/8/1833 Ackley Abijah   Elizabeth  
Allen Thomas Tredwell 10/15/1817 Allen Richard   Phebe Great Neck
Allen Sarah 5/20/1792 Allen Elijah   Sarah of N. Hempstead
Allen Sarah Elizabeth 6/15/1823 Allen Philip   Elizabeth N. Hempstead
Allen Harriet 6/21/1807 Allen John   Phebe  
Allen Elizabeth Ann 8/10/1800 Allen William   Phebe  
Arrowsmith George 7/28/1793 Arrowsmith William   Elizabeth of N. Hempstead
Baldwin Anne 6/21/1795 Baldwin Stephen   Mary of S. Hempstead
Barrell Alexander Hands 5/14/1837 Barrell William H.   Rebecca  
Barroll Franklin Hands 1/25/1839 Barroll William H.   Rebecca J.  
Barroll Alexander Hands 7/24/1835 Barroll William H.   Rebecca  
Beadle Richard Francis 5/30/1802 Beale Gilbert   Peggy  
Beadle Catherine 7/29/1795 Beadle Silvester   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Bedell Mary 1/29/1837 Bedell Henry   Grace  
Bedell Margaret 2/16/1832 Bedell Daniel   Phebe  
Bedell Susan 4/19/1835 Bedell Daniel   Phebe  
Bedell Joseph Adrian 4/25/1813 Bedell John   Mary  
Bedell Thomas 5/29/1808 Bedell Gilbert   Peggy  
Bedell Phebe Ann 7/19/1816 Bedell Gilbert   Margaret  
Bedell Gilbert 7/25/1831 Bedell Thomas   Eleanor  
Bedell Catharine 7/29/1828 Bedell Thomas   Eleanor  
Bedell Daniel Thurston 8/17/1803 Bedell Gilbert   Margaret  
Bedell Sarah 9/4/1803 Bedell John   Mary  
Bedell Mary born 10/17/1768         widow of Daniel
Bedell Cornelia born 8/13/1835 Bedell Henry   Grace  
Bedle James 2/18/1794 Bedle Silvester   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Begel Samuel 9/18/1795 Begel Jacob   Caterine of New York
Bell David 6/13/1792 Bell James J.   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Bell James John 8/28/1793 Bell James John   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Bell John 8/6/1792 Bell James J.   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Berrian William Benjamin sq. bap 5/30/1841 Berrian William      
Bidell Elizabeth Thurston 4/17/1811 Bidell Gilbert   Peggy  
Bond Mary 12/14/1804 Bond Willot   Sarah S. Hempstead
Bond Jacob Titus 4/13/1815 Bond Willet   Sarah  
Bond John Lefferts 5/9/1802 Bond Willet   Sarah  
Bond Eliza 6/26/1796 Bond Willet   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Brewer Mary 4/11/1793 Brewer Richard   Phebe S. Hempstead
Broad Frances Elizabeth 11/15/1836 Broad John   Anne  
Brower Sarah 2/8/1804 Brower Jacob   Phebe  
Brower Jeremiah 5/3/1837 Brower Peter   Lydia  
Brown Francis 7/12/1795 Brown Josiah   Elizabeth of Jamaica
Burtis Joseph Fox 2/9/1806 Burtis Elias D.   Elizabeth  
Burtis Hannah 6/19/1803 Burtis Elias   Hannah  
Burtis Phebe F. 6/19/1803 Burtis Elias D.   Elizabeth  
Burtis Jacob Hicks 6/26/`796 Burtis Elias   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Burtis Anne 9/19/1801 Burtis Elias D.   Elizabeth  
Carman Sarah 10/2/1796 Carman John   Arabella of S. Hempstead
Carman Thomas Durlon 10/22/1809 Carman Richard   Ann Hempstead
Carman Robert Mott 10/9/1796 Carman Samuel   Mary of S. Hempstead
Carman Hannah 12/25/1806 Carman Elkanah   Ann  
Carman Thomas Durlon 3/10/1811 Carman Samuel   Mary  
Carman Peggy 5/24/1804 Carman Elkanah   Peggy  
Carman Samuel 7/31/1811 Carman Richard     Hempstead
Carman Caroline 8/13/1814 Carman Richard   Mary  
Carman Elizabeth Ann 8/2/1809 Carman Samuel   Mary  
Carman Stephen 9/15/1797 Carman Stephen   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Carman Mary Ann born 9/14/1807 Carman Richard   Ann  
Carmichael James William 2/28/1838 Carmichael Rev. William M.   Harriet G.  
Carmichael Emily Glentworth 4/1/1836 Carmichael Rev. William M.   Harriet G.  
Carmichael Glentworth 5/2/1834 Carmichael Rev. William M.   Harriet G. Hempstead
Carmichael Harriet Glentworth 8/24/1840 Carmichael Rev. William M.   Harriet G.  
Carpenter William 1/30/1844 Carpenter Jacob S.   Catharine  
Clowes James 1/8/1825 Clowes Samuel G.   Elizabeth  
Clowes Catherine 10/12/1794 Clowes Thomas   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Clowes Mary Ann 10/2/1803 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe  
Clowes Caroline Greswold 10/4/1818 Clowes Gerardus   Catharine N. Hempstead
Clowes John Willi 10/5/1820 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe  
Clowes Catharine Bedell 12/2/1804 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe Hempstead
Clowes Sarah Elizabeth 12/9/1833 Flower Samuel G.   Letty  
Clowes Mary Georgiana 2/23/1836 Clowes Timothy   Mary L.  
Clowes Elizabeth Ann 3/24/1811 Clowes John   Hannah  
Clowes Caroline Morgan 3/3/1838 Clowes William J.      
Clowes Jane 4/14/1822 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe Hempstead
Clowes Isaac 4/19/1801 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe  
Clowes Elizabeth Eleanor 4/23/1809 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe  
Clowes Benjamin Samuel 4/28/1815 Clowes Samuel   Jane Hempstead
Clowes Sarah Elizabeth 5/14/1834 Clowes Samuel B.   Catherine  
Clowes Lydia Moore 5/22/1835 Clowes William J.   Elizabeth  
Clowes Valentine 6/15/1806 Clowes Gerardus   Phebe  
Clowes Thomas Henry 6/28/1819 Clowes John   Hannah  
Clowes John Whitman 7/9/1826 Clowes Samuel G.      
Clowes Sarah 8/5/1795 Clowes Samuel   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Clowes Mary Elizabeth 9/10/1826 Clowes John   Sarah  
Combs John Langdon 4/24/1804 Combs Samuel   Peggy  
Corley Warren 10/23/1808 Corley Gaspar   Rachel  
Cornell Mary Catharine 10/1/1826 Cornell Isaac M.   Mary  
Cornell Charles Miles 4/14/1823 Cornell Isaac M.   Mary  
Cornell Mary 4/30/1797 Cornell William   Elizabeth of Hempstead
Cornell Jane 5/17/1795 Cornell William   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Cornwell Adeline Adelia 1/22/1839 Cornwell Henry      
Cornwell Eliza Jane 3/26/1808 Cornwell Joseph   Jane  
Cornwell Henry Eckford 7/21/1805 Cornwell Joseph   Jane N. Hempstead
Cornwell Jane Elizabeth 8/2/1812 Cornwell Daniel   Hannah N. Hempstead
Cornwell Emily born 10/5/1818 Cornwell Daniel   Hannah  
Covert Harriet 10/4/1812 Covert Henry   Charlotte  
Cox Jameson 4/27/1793 Cox William   Lucretia of N. Hempstead
Crossman Elizabeth H. 12/15/1833 Cossman Charles   Harriet  
Crossman Mary 12/15/1833 Crossman Charles   Harriet twin
Crossman William Henry 7/19/1830 Crossman Charles   Harriet  
Cummins Marths 9/1/1796 Cummins John   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Curtis William 7/8/1792 Curtis William   Sarah of S. Hempstead
DeMott Sarah Ann 10/29/1802 DeMott Samuel   Polly  
DeMott Stephen Petit 11/23/1806 DeMott Samuel   Mary S. Hempstead
DeMott Jno. William 12/14/1804 DeMott Samuel   Mary S. Hempstead
DeMott Elizabeth 12/8/1796 DeMott Samuel   Mary of S. Hempstead
DeMott Maria 7/29/1795 DeMott John   Margaret of S. Hempstead
DeMott Samuel 9/14/1794 Petit Peter   Eleanor of S. Hempstead
DeMott Robert 9/29/1834 DeMott Isaac M.   Jane  
Denton Louisa 10/6/1806         wife of Charles Denton
Denton George Washington 12/15/1840 Denton Charles      
Denton Edgar Clarence 3/8/1845 Denton Charles      
Denton Oscar 6/1/1839 Denton Charles      
Denton Augustus 8/22/1843 Denton Charles      
Denton Charles born 4/28/1801 Denton        
Docharty James 6/4/1843 Docharty Gerardus B.   Mary  
Doncourt Alfred 11/10/1844          
Doncourt Charles 3/15/1839          
Doncourt Auguste 4/1/1841          
Doncourt Alphonze 7/15/1833          
Doncourt Adolphe 7/24/1837          
Doncourt Leonard 8/24/1835          
Dorlon Margaret Ann 12/6/1832 Dorlon Thomas   Sally Ann  
Dorlon Henry Edgar 3/5/1828 Dorlon Thomas   Sally Ann  
Dorlon Samuel Carman 6/2/1811 Dorlon Joseph   Miriam Hempstead
Dorlon Joseph 7/30/1812 Dorlon Joseph   Mille  
Dorlon Elias 8/2/1804 Dorlon Lininton   Moika Hempstead
Dorlon Maria born 2/25/1811 Dorlon Thomas     Rocky.
Doxy William B. 8/14/1841 Doxy William   Selina  
Drawer Susanna 11/27/1796 Drawer John   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Dunbar Smith 12/11/1830 Dunbar James   Elizabeth  
Durling Mary Ann 10/9/1796 Durling Thomas   Mary of S. Hempstead
Durling Martha 2/18/1794 Durling Lininton   Mary of S. Hempstead
Durling Heiltie 5/5/1796 Durling Linington   Moika of S. Hempstead
Durling Elizabeth 6/13/1797 Durling Lininton   Moika of S. Hempstead
Durlon Anne 11/6/1801 Durlon Lininton   Moika of Hempstead
Durlon Stephen Carman 12/6/1819 Durlon Jamaes   Mary Ann  
Duryea Adar 4/13/1794 Duryea Ruliff   Elizabeth  
Duryea Mary Ann 6/27/1793 Duryea Ruliff   Charlotte of S. Hempstead
Eckford Franklin Drake 8/25/1820 Eckford Henry     New York
Edwards William 12/15/1793 Edwards Edward   Jemima of N. Hempstead
Eldert Robert Guire 10/9/1825 Eldert Elnathan   Margaret  
Eldert Sarah Elizabeth 11/9/1826 Eldert Elnathan Jr      
Eldert Valentine 2/12/18322 Eldert John   Julianna  
Eldert James Smith 3/5/1828 Eldert Elnathan   Margaret  
Eldert Charles Henry 4/3/1834 Eldert John   Julia  
Eldred Irene 12/8/1796 Eldred William   Ruth of S. Hempstead
Eldred Ditmus 6/26/1796 Eldred Samuel   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Flower Isaac March 12/1/1824 Flower John   Eliza Eleanor  
Flower Mary Eleanor 12/1/1827 Flower John   Eliza Eleanor  
Flower Harriet Jane 12/8/1835 Flower John   Eliza  
Flower James Gildersleeve 5/9/1824 Flower William   Lodema  
Flower George 6/17/1832 Flower John   Eliza Eleanor  
Flower Catherine 7/6/1817 Flower William   Lodema  
Flower Hetty Elizabeth 8/8/1819 Flower William   Lodema  
Flower John Cole 3/23/1829 Flower John   Eliza Eleanor  
Flowers William born 8/22/1821 Flowers John      
Gedney Helen Maria 10/23/1808 Godney Joseph   Helen  
Gildersleeve Joseph D. 1/9/1806 Gildersleeve James      
Gildersleeve Malbone Johnson 10/24/1830 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Israel 2/29/1824 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Jonathan 3/19/1820 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Seth Hart 3/25/1826 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Ann Maria 7/25/1841 Gildersleeve Richard   Jane  
Gildersleeve Richard Oliver 8/23/1818 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Ruthy Ellen 8/31/1828 Gildersleeve Nathan   Martha  
Gildersleeve Elizabeth 9/17/1803 Gildersleeve Richard   Charity  
Hagner Phebe 1/19/1803 Hagner Henry   Elizabeth  
Haines Elizabeth Ann 7/29/1824 Haines Richard   Fanny  
Haines Mary 8/9/1826 Haines Richard   Fanny  
Hall Hannah 2/7/1796 Hall James   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Hall Ann 5/17/1804 Hall Thomas   Ann  
Hall Joseph Benjamin 6/2/1811 Hall James   Phebe Hempstead
Hall Mary Ann 7/18/1813 Hall James   Phebe  
Hall Andrew Douglas 7/2/1833 Hall Rev. Richard D.   Mary D. Hempstead
Hallifax Cornelius 1/3/1832 Hallifax George William   Anne  
Halsted Mary 4/13/1794 Halsted Philip   Elizabeth of N. Hempstead
Halsted Margaret 4/9/1797 Halsted Philip   Elizabeth of N. Hempstead
Harriman Orlando 11/18/1844 Harriman Rev. Orlando   cornelia  
Hart Benjamin Hall 4/14/1811 Hart Rev. Seth   Ruth Hempstead
Hart Elizabeth Ann 6/18/1809 Hart Seth   Ruth Hempstead
Hart Edmund Hall 9/12/1813 Hart Rev. Seth   Ruth Hempstead
Hart Mary Amalia 9/18/1838 Hart Benjamin H.   Elizabeth N. Poughkeepsie
Hayden Samuel Eliakim 10/18/1812 Hayden John   Catherine Great Neck
Hayden Hannah Hewlett 5/4/1817 Hayden John   Catherine  
Hayden Henry 6/24/1810 Hayden John   Catherine N. Hempstead
Hayden Rebecca Parmelee 8/21/1814 Hayden John   Catherine N. Hempstead
Hayden Mary Seaman born 8/31/1818 Hayden John   Catherine  
Hazard William Pierce 4/26/1836 Hazard Daniel   Margaret A.  
Hentz Sarah Elizabeth 10/28/1818 Hentz Albert   Elizabeth  
Hentz Richard Henry 10/28/1818 Hentz Henry   Catherine  
Hentz Rachel 6/25/1815 Hentz Henry   Hetty  
Henzt John Henry 10/28/1807 Hentz Albert   Elizabeth  
Hewlett Mary 1/1/1796 Hewlett Richard   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Hewlett Catherine Jane 10/13/1841 Hewlett Thomas   Mary  
Hewlett Samuel 10/19/1800 Hewlett Richard   Hannah  
Hewlett Peggy Allen 10/23/1808 Hewlett Whitehead   Mary  
Hewlett Jemima 10/9/1803 Hewlett William   Elizabeth  
Hewlett William 11/6/1808 Hewlett John   Elizabeth Merrick
Hewlett Fanny Newbury 2/3/1836 Hewlett Israel   Eliza Ann  
Hewlett Phebe 2/5/1793 Hewlett Richard   Hannah S. Hempstead
Hewlett Mary Halsey 3/26/1831 Hewlett Thomas Halsey Mary Far Rockaway
Hewlett Frances Augusta 3/29/1840 Hewlett Aledger   Martha  
Hewlett James Augustus 4/13/1835 Hewlett Thomas   Mary  
Hewlett Stephen 5/13/1804 Hewlett John   Elizabeth  
Hewlett George 5/28/1815 Hewlett John   Jane Merrick
Hewlett Mortimer Howell 5/30/1839 Hewlett Thomas   Mary  
Hewlett Sarah Harriet 5/9/1837 Hewlett Thomas   Mary  
Hewlett George 6/2/1800 Hewlett George   Rebecca of N. Hempstead
Hewlett John 6/21/1806 Hewlett John   Elizabeth Merrick
Hewlett Elizabeth Ann 6/4/1820 Hewlett John J.   Jane Merrick
Hewlett Daniel Mott 6/6/1827 Hewlett Ledyard   Martha Far Rockaway
Hewlett Thomas George 7/15/1829 Hewlett Thomas Halsey Mary Far Rockaway
Hewlett William Elijah 7/22/1827 Hewlett John   Jane  
Hewlett Elizabeth 7/26/1795 Hewlett Stephen   Mary Ann of S. Hempstead
Hewlett Frances Augusta 7/28/1830 Hewlett John      
Hewlett Sally Maria 7/8/1804 Hewlett Whitehead   Mary Great Neck
Hewlett Mary 8/31/1814 Hewlett Whitehead   Mary Great Neck
Hewlett Daniel born 1/15/1775 Hewlett        
Hewlett Augustus Joseph born 1/18/1818 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett John Mitchell born 1/20/1826 Hewlett Thomas Halsey Mary Far Rockaway
Hewlett Mary born 10/26/1812 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett Charles Sidney born 11/28/1827 Hewlett Thomas Halsey Mary Far Rockaway
Hewlett Susan Amelia born 2/2/1820 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett Sarah Ann born 3/10/1807 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett Julia Emily born 3/3/1811 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett Frances Howell born 5/30/1824 Hewlett Thomas Halsey Mary Far Rockaway
Hewlett Whitehead Hicks born 5/6/1816 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hewlett John Seaman born 7/26/1830 Hewlett Aledger   Martha  
Hewlett Eliza born 9/16/1809 Hewlett George     Rocky.
Hicks Edward Hollingsworth 10/30/1836          
Hicks Ruth Caroline 12/9/1833          
Hicks William Henry 3/31/1832 Hicks     Mrs. E. Br.  
Hicks Isaac 9/14/1795 Hicks Silvanus   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Hoffman Livingston Bayard 6/7/1841 Hoffman Stephen B.   Ann M.  
Hombs(Combs?) Peter 11/29/1812 Hombs(Combs?) John   Elizabeth  
Hoyt Sarah Waldron 9/24/1797 Hoyt Enos   Sarah of New York
Hulse Betsey Amelia 1828 Hulse Ephraim      
Hulse Joseph 7/26/1812 Hulse Samuel   Mary  
Jackson Mary 6/13/1792 Jackson David   Rachel of S. Hempstead
Jackson Martha 6/9/1802 Jackson Samuel   Elizabeth  
Jackson Nancy 7/9/1820 Jackson John   Mary Hicks Neck
Johnson Alexander 1/23/1826 Johnson John   Charlotte  
Johnson Samuel 10/30/1808 Johnson Richard   Susannah  
Johnson Lavinia 11/26/1833 Johnson Charles   Meletty  
Johnson Abby Ann 11/5/1828 Johnson Richard   Margaret Hicks Neck
Johnson Susanna 12/11/1814 Johnson Richard   Susannah Hempstead S.
Johnson Johannah 12/6/1817 Johnson Stephen   Mary Hempstead
Johnson Joseph 2/18/1816 Johnson John   Elizabeth twin
Johnson Nanchie 2/18/1816 Johnson John   Elizabeth twin
Johnson Jackson 2/22/1810 Johnson Richard   Susannah  
Johnson Peggy 2/24/1810 Johnson John   Elizabeth  
Johnson Anna 3/1/1805 Johnson John   Elizabeth S. Hempstead
Johnson Stephen 3/1/1805 Johnson Richard   Susannah S. Hempstead
Johnson Catharine 3/29/1826 Johnson Charles   Meletty  
Johnson Jervis 4/21/1808 Johnson John   Elizabeth  
Johnson Richard Henry 5/2/1833 Johnson John   Charlotte  
Johnson Mary 5/23/1810 Johnson Jervias   Elizabeth  
Johnson Richard Francis 5/28/1801 Johnson Richard   Sukey  
Johnson Sarah Ann 6/6/1836 Johnson Charles   Miletta  
Johnson Mary Elizabeth 7/10/1842 Johnson Charles   Meletty  
Johnson Sarah 7/16/1797 Johnson Richard   Susannah of Hempstead
Johnson William 7/17/1795 Johnson Gilbert   Patty of N. Hempstead
Johnson Jenny 7/26/1812 Johnson Jervais   Elizabeth  
Johnson Hewlett 7/26/1812 Johnson John   Elizabeth twin
Johnson Rebecca Emeline 7/26/1812 Johnson John   Elizabeth twin
Johnson Charles 8/13/1802 Johnson John   Elizabeth  
Johnson Emeline 9/10/1824 Johnson John   Charlotte  
Johnson James J. Seaman 9/10/1841 Johnson Samuel   Sarah Ann  
Johnson Eliza Ann 9/26/1825         wife of Joseph
Johnson Andrew 9/28/1841 Johnson Abraham      
Johnson Meletty born 1/19/1818         wife of Charles
Johnson Amanda born 1/5/1844 Johnson Amanda   Mary  
Johnson William Smith born 3/11/1841 Johnson Hewlett   Mary Ann  
Johnson Valentine born 8/21/1837 Johnson Hewlett   Mary Ann Hicks Neck
Johnston Sarah Jane 3/4/1835 Johnston Philip   Mary Ann  
Jones Sarah Maria 1/8/1820 Jones Thomas Floyd   Cornelia Fort Neck
Jones William 10/23/1816 Jones Thomas F.   Cornelia F. Fort Neck
Jones Walter Franklin 2/17/1840 Jones David S. Clinton Mary  
Jones Thomas 3/21/1841 Jones Elbert Floyd   Emily G  
Jones Elbert 4/15/1818 Jones Thomas Floyd   Cornelia Fort Neck
Jones Emily Glentworth 4/18/1845 Jones Elbert Floyd Emily  
Jones Cornelia 4/23/1839 Jones Elbert Floyd   Emily G  
Jones Henry Onderdonk 7/27/1792 Jones David F.   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Jones Josephine Catherine 8/19/1830 Jones Henry Floyd Watts Helen Fort Neck
Jones Julia Catherine 9/1842 Jones David S. Clinton Mary  
Jones Delancey born 1/20/1826 Jones Henry Floyd Watts Helen  
Jones Edward born 1/26/1823 Jones Henry Floyd Watts Helen  
Jones George born 12/31/1842 Jones Elbert Floyd Floyd Emily  
Jones Helen Watts born 12/9/1827 Jones Henry Watts Helen  
Jones David Richard born 4/6/1813 Jones Thomas F.   Cornelia Fort Neck
Kissam Benjamin Tredwell 10/13/1804 Kissam Daniel   Phebe Rocky Hill
Kissam Peggy 11/9/1794 Kissam Daniel   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Kissam Peggy 11/9/1794 Kissam Tredwell   Mary of Flushing
Kissam Daniel 5/20/1792 Kissam Daniel   Phebe of N. Hempstead
Kissam Susannah Burr 9/26/1813 Kissam Daniel Jr.   Peggy New York
Kortright Robert 8/26/1840 Kortright Dr. Edwin   Eliza  
Laing James Bogart 7/15/1844 Laing William L.   Elizabeth  
Lawrence Cornelius Voorhees 12/10/1841 Lawrence Abraham   Gertrude  
Lawrence Charles Stephen 12/24/1818 Lawrence Dr. William   Mary Flushing
Lawrence Mary Elizabeth 8/28/1835 Lawrence Abraham   Gertrude  
Lawrence John Mercerean Croch. 8/5/1840 Lawrence Richard W.   Margaret G.  
Lawrence Richard Crocheron 11/13/1837 Lawrence Richard W.   Margaret G.  
Lawrene Franes Augusta 9/25/1839 Lawrence Richard W.   Margaret G.  
Lawrene Selina 9/6/1816 Lawrence Jacob      
Lawrene Mary ll/5/1816 Lawrence Jacob      
Lot Hewlet 5/23/1792 Lot Harmanus   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Lot Abraham 6/26/1796 Lot Harmanns     of S. Hempstead
Lot John Jackson 7/29/1798 Lot Hermanns   Hannah of N. Hempstead
Lott John 1/20/1830 Lott John   Jane  
Lott Hannah Ann 1/8/1822 Lott John   Jane  
Lott George Hewlett 11/9/1826 Lott John      
Lott Daniel 3/18/1804 Lott Hermannus   Hannah  
Lott Joseph Hewlett 3/22/1807 Lott Harmones   Hannah Fosters Meadow
Lott James Lefferts 4/8/1810 Lott Hermones   Hannah  
Lott Abraham 5/20/1831 Lott John   Jane  
Lott Sarah Ann 5/24/1801 Lott Hermanns   Hannah  
Lott Eldert Cornwell 7/24/1827 Lott John   Jane  
Lott Catherine 7/6/1794 Lott Hermanus   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Lott Caroline 8/1/1813 Lott Hermones   Hannah  
Lott Jane 9/10/1833 Lott John   Jane  
Lush Maria 9/11/1808 Lush James      
Matthews Elizabeth Ann 7/10/1825 Matthews Benjamin   Mary  
McGee Jane Ann 4/1/1842 McGee John      
McGregor Jameson 6/8/1793 McGregor Alexander   Margaretta S. Hempstead
McKiew Jane Moore 6/25/1798 McKiew Robert   Grace Sarah of N. Hempstead
McNeill Augustus Adolphus 8/7/1814 McNeill William     Rocky.
Miller Rhoda 1/2/1806 Miller Henry   Sarah N. Hempstead
Miller Hiram 12/24/1837 Miller Eliance   Eliza C.  
Miller Samuel Halsted 5/8/1831 Miller Lawrence   Eliza  
Miller Judah Hammond 8/11/1822 Miller Roger   Jane  
Miller George Tredwell born 9/18/1835 Miller Elyons   Eliza  
Mitchell Jane 1/29/1794 Mitchell William   Jane of N. Hempstead
Mitchell John 11/14/1792 Mitchell William   Jane Great Neck
Mitchell William 5/7/1797 Mitchell Charles   Elizabeth of N. Hempstead
Mitchell Elizabeth 6/21/1807 Mitchell Allen   Phebe Great Neck
Mitchell Mary 6/28/1795 Mitchell Charles   Elizabeth of N. Hempstead
Moore Andrew Saml. Onder. 10/9/1796 Moore Thomas Lambert   Judith of S. Hempstead
Moore Elizabeth Frances 2/4/1794 Moore Thomas L.   Judith of S. Hempstead
Moore Thos. Wm. Channing 4/1/1794 Moore John   Judith of S. Hempstead
Moore Francis Childs 8/27/1796 Moore John   Judith of S. Hempstead
Morrel James 1/29/1794 Morrel John   Susannah of N. Hempstead
Mott Abigail 10/28/1810 Mott Richbill   Elizabeth N. Rocky.
Mott Altie 4/17/1810 Mott John   Elizabeth  
Mott Milton 7/2/1809 Mott William   Sarah  
Mott Albert Hentz 7/27/1824 Mott Benjamin   Catharine  
Nichols Elizabeth 4/11/1813 Nichols Gideon   Elizabeth  
Nichols Mary Amelia 8/23/1807 Nicols Gideon   Elizabeth  
Nichols Gideon Smith 9/2/1810 Nichols Gideon   Elizabeth  
Nichols William Platt born 8/14/1808 Nicols Jacob   Freelove  
Noon Jane 12/11/1803 Noon Adam   Elizabeth  
Noon Hannah 3/23/1806 Noon Adam   Elizabeth  
Noon Hannah 6/21/1810 Noon Adam   Elizabeth  
Norton George Clinton 1/2/1840 Norton Samuel   Ann  
Norton Franklin 4/24/1835 Norton Samuel   Ann  
Norton John Lake Clarke 6/17/1841 Norton John L.     Far Rocky.
Nostrand Jane 3/22/1807 Nostrand John   Sarah Fosters Meadow
Nostrand Elizabeth 7/19/1801 Nostrand John   Sarah  
Onderdonk Henry Liv. 3/7/1796 Onderdonk Henry   Sarah of N. Hempstead
Pattinger Frances Mary born 9/30/1818 Pattinger William   Frances  
Pearsall Henry 11/22/1812 Pearsall Henry   Anne N. Rocky.
Pearsall Frances 4/?/1793 Pearsall Uriah   Ann S. Hempstead
Pearsall Mary 4/17/1793 Pearsall Henry   Hannah S. Hempstead
Penny Charles Cornwell 3/23/1794 Penny Edward   Charity of N. Hempstead
Penny Miriam 7/3/1796 Penny Edward   Charity of S. Hempstead
Penny Eldert Cornwell 8/11/1822 Penny Edward   Charity  
Peters Samuel 10/30/1796 Peters Samuel   Hannah of N. Hempstead
Peters Jane 8/16/1795 Peters John   Rhoda of S. Hempstead
Petit Horatio Nelson 2/9/1806 Petit Clinton   Jane  
Petit Lewis Addams 3/14/1841 Petit Lewis      
Petit Ruth Mott 4/20/1803 Petit Gilbert   Elizabeth  
Petit Sarah Amelia 5/14/1837 Petit Silas   Maria  
Petit Sarah 5/16/1792 Petit Gilbert   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Petit Adeline 5/26/1843          
Petit Henrietta Louisa 5/30/1824 Petit Lewis   Martha  
Petit Arabella 5/8/1814 Petit Lewis   Martha  
Petit Mary Amelia 6/11/1835 Petit Lewis   Martha  
Petit Rebecca Emeline 6/28/1806 Petit Peter   Eleanor  
Petit Martin Nostrand 7/16/1802 Petit Simeon   Phebe  
Petit Chauncey 7/27/1828 Petit Silas   Maria  
Petit Michael 7/31/1812 Petit Clinton   Jane Rocky.
Petit Stephen 7/8/1817 Petit Lewis   Martha  
Petit Patrick Mott 8/10/1804 Petit Clinton   Jane Far Rocky.
Petit Ann Eliza 9/14/1794 Petit Peter   Eleanor of S. Hempstead
Petit Julianna 9/20/1801 Petit Peter   Eleanora  
Pettit Sarah Ann 10/22/1809 Pettit Lewis   Martha Hempstead
Pettit Nicholas Ludlam 4/14/1822 Pettit Lewis   Martha Hempstead
Pettit Seaman 9/20/1842 Pettit Townsend   Mary  
Pettit Rosamond 9/4/1838 Pettit Townsend   Mary  
Pettit Mary born 9/27/1817         wife of Townsend
Pine Mary 3/2/1808 Pine James   Elizabeth  
Pine Richard Francis 8/7/1800 Pine James   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Platt Sarah Elizabeth 11/12/1819 Platt Uriah   Eliza Ann Herricks
Platt Benjamin Tredwell 3/14/1826          
Platt Jane Louisa 4/14/1824          
Platt Hannah Ann 7/12/1818 Platt Uriah   Eliza Ann  
Platt Miriam Frances 9/29/`830          
Pouillon Sarah Anne 2/23/1815 Pouillon John   Sarah Flushing
Powell Robert Townsend 1/23/1811 Powell Stephen   Abigail  
Powell Catharine 7/29/1795 Powell Richard   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Powell Thomas 7/29/1795 Powell Stephen   Abigail of S. Hempstead
Powell Sarah 8/7/1800 Powell Stephen   Abigail  
Remsen John 9/6/1807 Remsen Daniel   Sarah Fosters Meadow
Remson Aletta Ann 3/4/1805 Remson Daniel   Sarah S. Hempstead
Remson Maria 9/19/1802 Remson Daniel   Sarah  
Rhod Jacob 11/12/1829 Rhodes William   Sarah twin
Rhodes Robert 11/1/1840 Rhodes George B.   Sarah  
Rhodes Isaac 11/12/1829 Rhodes William   sarah twin
Rhodes Sarah Catharine 11/25/1838 Rhodes George B.   Sarah  
Rhodes Sarah 12/22/1793 Rhodes Timothy   Rebecca of S. Hempstead
Rhodes Daniel 3/26/1826 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Ruth Mott 4/14/1824 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Jemima 5/10/1811 Rhodes Robert      
Rhodes William Lawrence 5/11/1840 Rhodes William   Phebe  
Rhodes Ann 6/1/1813 Rhodes Robert   Mary  
Rhodes Harriet 6/15/1806 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes William Cornwell 6/18/1809 Rhodes Robert      
Rhodes Comfort Cornwell 6/20/1819 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Grace 7/18/1813 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Henry 7/2/1809 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Sarah 7/30/1812 Rhodes Joseph   Jemima  
Rhodes Sally Ann 8/12/1833 Rhodes William   Phebe  
Rhodes George 8/13/1814 Rhodes Robert   Mary  
Rhodes Ann 8/20/1810 Rhodes William   Saah N. Hempstead
Rhodes Eleanor 8/20/1820 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Oliver Smith 8/22/1817 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Miriam 9/13/1812 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rhodes Mary 9/4/1796 Rhodes Benjamin   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Rhodes Elizabeth 9/4/1803 Rhodes Joseph   Jemima  
Rhodes Elmira born 10/11/1807 Rhodes William   Sarah  
Rushmore Benjamin Franklin 6/27/1821 Rushmore Benjamin   Elizabeth  
Sammis Eliza 10/2/1803 Sammis Benjamin   Abigail  
Sammis Emma Peters 10/22/1836 Sammis David   Magdalena  
Sammis John Luke 4/19/1801 Sammis Benjamin   Abigail  
Sammis Maria Black 4/29/1827 Sammis Nehemiah   Elizabeth  
Sammis Theodore Peters 4/7/1834 Sammis David   Magdalenah P  
Sammis Nehemiah 6/26/1796 Sammis Benjamin   Abigail of S. Hempstead
Sammis Mary Adeliaide 7/3/1841 Sammis David   Magdalena  
Sammis Abigail 9/24/1809 Sammis Benjamin   Abigail  
Sands Sarah Ann 4/7/1797 Sands Rev. John Jackson   Ann of S. Hempstead
Seabury Robert 6/15/1845 Seabury Robert S.   Sarah E.  
Sealey Samuel Lewis 10/9/1796 Sealey Joseph H.   Benella of Jamaica
Seaman Sarah Elizabeth 3/17/1827 Seaman Treadwell   Hannah  
Seaman Mary Adeline 5/12/1822 Seaman Samuel   Elizabeth  
Seaman Benjamin Hewlett 5/22/1835 Seaman Treadwell   Hannah  
Seaman Mary Ann 6/10/1822 Seaman Treadwell   Hannah  
Seaman Charity Tredwell 8/10/1824 Seaman Treadwell   Hannah  
Seaman Sarah Ann 9/26/1823 Seaman Samuel   Elizabeth  
Seaman Jane born 1/21/1794         Wife of Zebulon Seaman
Searing Samuel Valentine 1/20/1836 Searing Alexander      
Searing Edmond 12/211839          
Searing Augustus Valentine 3/26/1839 Searing Coe      
Searing John Alfred 4/17/1836 Searing Coe      
Searing Sarah Elizabeth 7/14/1832          
Searing Mary Ann 7/2/1842          
Searing Mary Anna 8/11/1834 Searing Coe      
Searing Caroline Louise 8/17/1844 Searing Coe      
Searing Susan Emilie 8/18/1844 Searing Alexander      
Searing Augusta 9/27/1835 Searing James   Jame  
Simmons Sarah 7/13/1832 Simmons Charles   Susan  
Simmons John Henry 7/15/1828 Simmons Charles   Susan  
Simonson Eliza Jane 12/14/1804 Simonson Laton   Elizabeth S. Hempstead
Simonson Adelia 3/25/1827 Simonson William   Mary Ann  
Simonson Elizabeth 4/18/1822 Simonson Charles   Phebe  
Simonson Benjamin Lester 5/1825 Simonson David   Catharine  
Skidmore James Henderson 8/2/1802 Skidmore John   Susannah of Flushing
Smith Margaret Ann 1/2/1831 Smith John   Charlotte  
Smith Sarah Wilhelmina 1/29/1833 Smith Benjamin   Phebe T.  
Smith Joseph 10/18/1807 Smith David   Hannah  
Smith Benjamin Haviland 10/3/1802 Smith David   Hannah  
Smith Sarena 10/3/1802 Smith Jacob   Jane  
Smith George 11/3/1826 Smith Floyd   Amy  
Smith Elizabeth Ann 11/5/1828 Smith Floyd   Amy Hicks Neck
Smith William Turner 12/13/1795 Smith Silas   Ruth of S. Hempstead
Smith Sarah Ann 12/2/1804 Smith David R.   Hannah Hempstead
Smith Scott Hicks 12/29/1795 Smith John H.   Ann of Flushing
Smith Wessel Sell 12/3/1803 Smith John M.   Mary  
Smith Silvanus Searing 2/16/1812 Smith Silvanus   Mary Herricks
Smith John 2/21/1801 Smith Thomas   Sarah  
Smith Alfred 2/9/1838 Smith Floyd   Amy  
Smith William 3/18/1821 Smith Richard   Banchey Hicks Neck
Smith Catharine 3/19/1815 Smith Joseph   Catherine Fosters Meadow
Smith Johannah 3/20/1803 Smith Joseph H.   Johannah  
Smith Johannah 4/28/1821 Smith Abm.   Deborah Christian Hook
Smith Sarah A. 5/9/1824 Smith Richard   Banchey Hicks Neck
Smith Mary 6/22/`794 Smith Silas   Ruth of S. Hempstead
Smith Rhoda 6/28/1832 Smth Floyd   Amy  
Smith Parmenus 6/30/1796 Smith Mordecai   Mary of S. Hempstead
Smith Mary Ann 7/14/1821         wife of Daniel
Smith Phebe Ann 7/19/1833 Smith Tredwell   Rebecca  
Smith Timothy Williams 7/21/1805 Smith John M.   Mary N. Hempstead
Smith Judith Mills 8/21/1817 Smith William   Nelly Fosters Meadow
Smith Abraham 8/5/1843 Smith Floyd   Amy  
Smith Elizabeth 9/17/1803 Smith Silas   Ruth  
Smith William Mitchell 9/22/1816 Smith Daniel   Susan New York
Smith Joseph Haviland 9/25/1801 Smith David   Hannah  
Snedeker John 7/15/1797 Snedeker Isaac   Ann of S. Hempstead
Snedeker Sarah 8/28/1793 Snedeker Abraham   Ann of S. Hempstead
Spooner Maria Steuber 8/31/1844 Spooner Alden J.   Maria H.  
Sprag Elizabeth 8/22/1793 Sprag William   Rebecca of S. Hempstead
Stilwell William 2/9/1796 Stilwell John   Charity of Oyster Bay
Stoduff Stephen 12/2/1804 Stoduff William   Arabella New York
Story Rowland 4/13/1815 Story Henry   Elizabeth  
Stringham Samuel James 10/6/1811 Stringham Jacob   Sarah Hempstead
Stringham Mary Elizabeth 11/21/1810 Stringham Jacob   Sarah  
Stringham William Henry 2/22/1807 Stringham Jacob   Sarah S. Hempstead
Stringham Joseph 3/4/1805 Stringham Thomas   Miriam S. Hempstead
Stringham Martha Jane 5/6/1814 Stringham Jacob   Sarah  
Stringham Oliver Smith 8/27/1809 Stringham Jacob   Sarah  
Stringham Margaret 9/19/1802 Stringham Thomas   Meriam  
Strong Huldah 7/17/1819         wife of Jacob
Tallmadge Lora Elizabeth 10/28/1838 Tallmadge Dr. Theodore B.      
Taylor Jane 10/1/1841 Taylor Thomas   Eliza  
Taylor George 3/27/1841 Taylor John   Elizabeth  
Taylor Thomas 3/9/1845          
Taylor Isabella 4/3/1843 Taylor Thomas   Ann  
Taylor Isabella 7/17/1843 Taylor John   Isabella  
Taylor James Henry 8/27/1839 Taylor John   Isabella Westbury
Taylor Catherine born 11/1844 Taylor Thomas   Anne  
Thorn William 12/21/1794 Thorn Thomas   Eliza of N. Hempstead
Thorn Sarah 9/5/1792 Thorn Richard   Eliza of N. Hempstead
Thorne Henry Mitchell 6/21/807 Thorne John   Martha Great Neck
Thorne Eliza 8/11/1800 Thorne William   Sally of N. Hempstead
Thorp Walter Nichols 2/1830 Thorp William M.   Abiail E  
Tredwell Timothy 10/16/1811 Tredwell Dr. Timothy   Mary Jericho
Tredwell Susan 4/10/1796 Tredwell William   Winifred of N. Hempstead
Tredwell Elizabeth Louisa 5/8/1808 Tredwell Thomas   Altie  
Tredwell John Turner 6/2/1811 Tredwell Thomas   Altie Great Neck
Tredwell Samuel 6/22/1806 Tredwell Benjamin   Rebecca N. Hempstead
Tyler Elizabeth J. 8/31/1809 Tyler Joseph Phillips   Margaret A. Far Rocky.
Valentine Thomas Clowes 10/28/1818 Valentine Samuel   Anne N. Hempstead
Valentine Celia Augusta 2/10/1840 Valentine Thomas   Phebe  
Valentine Samuel 3/24/1811 Valentine Samuel   Mary Ann  
Valentine Samuel Willis 4/14/1843 Valentine Thomas   Phebe  
Valentine Catherine Elma 4/23/1809 Valentine Samuel   Mary Ann  
Valentine Samuel Augustus 7/5/1821 Valentine Samuel   Anne  
Valentine Susan 7/7/1816 Valentine Samuel   Mary Ann  
Valentine Alfred 7/9/1826 Valentine Samuel   Anne  
Valentine Sarah Anne 8/1/1813 Valentine Samuel   Anne  
Valentine Louisa Augusta 9/3/1822 Valentine Samuel   Deborah Great Neck
Van Nostrand Emily 1/14/1829 Van Nostrand George   Catherine  
Van Nostrand Catherine 2/18/1794 Van Nostrand James   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand Sarah 2/18/1794 Van Nostrand John   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand Elizabeth 2/2/1828 Van Nostrand Joseph   Susan  
Van Nostrand Charity Thatford 3/23/1823 Van Nostrand William   Martha Fosters Meadow
Van Nostrand Townsend 4/16/1830 Van Nostrand Joseph   Susan  
Van Nostrand Mary 5/10/1827 Van Nostrand George   Catharine  
Van Nostrand Stephen 6/23/1793 Van Nostrand John   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand Cornelius 6/26/1796 Van Nostrand James   Ssarah of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand James 8/10/1796 Van Nostrand Martin   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand Daniel 8/10/1796 Van Nostrand Samuel   Phebe of S. Hempstead
Van Nostrand Sarah Winifred 8/16/1812 Van Nostrand Hewlett   Elizabeth  
Van Zandt Mary Elizabeth 8/8/1814 Van Zandt William L.   Abigail Little Neck
Van Zandt Wyant born 3/23/1818 Van Zandt Thomas   Julia Louise Little Neck
Van Zandt Estelle Emma born 3/6/1818 Van Zandt William L.   Abigail L. Little Neck
Van Zandt Julia Augusta born 9/17/1818 Van Zandt Charles Augustus   Susan  
Vandewater Alice 2/2/1841          
Vandewater William Curtiss 2/23/1806 Vandewater Oliver   Elizabeth  
Verity Margaret 12/7/1842 Verity Richard   Margaret  
Verity Richard Henry 5/30/1839 Verity Richard   Margaret  
Verity Andrew 9/19/1833 Verity Richard   Margaret  
Verity Charles 9/23/1830 Verity Richard   Margareat  
Verity Leonard 9/26/1836 Verity Richard   Margaret  
Voorhis Elizabeth 5/28/1796 Voorhis Stephen   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Vorhis Catherine 6/8/1793 Vorhis Stephen   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Walters George 3/1/1842 Walters Henry   Eliza  
Walters John Henry 3/27/1828 Walters Henry   Eliza  
Walters Frank 5/26/1840 Walters Henry   Eliza  
Walters Charles 7/25/1844 Walters Henry   Eliza  
Walters Emma Peters 8/26/1835 Walters Henry   Eliza  
Watts Joseph Hewlett 3/23/1823 Watts William   Mary Hungry Habor
Watts Ruth 6/22/1794 Watts George   Hannah of S. Hempstead
Watts Harry 6/22/1794 Watts John   Ruth of S. Hempstead
Watts Elbert Hendrickson 7/19/1818 Watts William   Mary  
Watts Jane 7/23/1797 Watts John   Ruth of S. Hempstead
Watts Mary Ann 9/17/1809 Watts William   Mary Fosters Meadow
Webb Anna Stagg 1/20/1844 Webb Dr. Edwin      
Webb Edwin 5/6/181838 Webb Dr. Edwin   Ann  
Webb Caroline 6/11/1830 Webb Dr. Edwin   Anna  
Webb Helena 6/22/1830 Webb Dr. Edwin   Anna  
Webb Edwin 8/15/1840 Webb Dr. Edwin      
Weekes James Hendrickson 1/22/1815 Weekes John   Mary Ann Hempstead
Weekes Walter Nicholas 11/22/1826 Weekes John      
Weekes Seaman Thomas 12/20/1842 Weekes Vandewater   Sarah Ann  
Weekes Clarena Vandewater 12/27/1844 Weekes Vandewater   Sarah Ann  
Weekes Sarah Antoinette 3/31/1832 Weekes John      
Weekes Mary Elizabeth 6/9/1816 Weekes John   Mary Ann Hempstead
Weekes Thomas Chauncey 7/27/1828 Weekes John      
Weekes Vandew 7/5/1821 Weekes Thomas W.   Eliza Ann  
Weekes Edward 9/30/1821 Weekes John Jr.   Mary Ann  
Weekes William Henry 9/5/1824 Weekes John   Mary Ann  
Weeks Lodsame 1/19/1794 Weeks Henry   Rebecca of S. Hempstead
Weeks Peter William 1/24/1819 Weeks George Gilbert   Sarah  
Weeks Thomas Wm. 10/2/1796 Weeks John   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Weeks Lydia Margaret 10/30/1808 Weeks John   Elizabeth  
Weeks Sarah Josephine 10/9/183? Weeks Joseph   Isabella  
Weeks Adelia Isabella 3/1/1836 Weeks Joseph   Isabella  
Weeks Charles Augustus 3/19/1834 Weeks John   Mary Ann  
Weeks Elkenah 4/12/1801 Weeks John   Elizabeth  
Weeks George 5/24/1795 Weeks John   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Weeks Joseph 6/17/1804 Weeks John   Elizabeth  
Weeks Theodore Ferdinand 6/7/1834 Weeks Joseph   Isabella  
Weeks Ambrose 7/25/1819 Weeks John   Sarah  
Weeks Grace Ann 7/6/1826 Weeks Thomas W.   Eliza Ann  
Weeks William 9/15/1797 Weeks George   Mary of S. Hempstead
Weeks Elizabeth Anna 9/26/1828 Weeks Thomas W.   Eliza Ann  
Weeks Jane 9/8/1793 Weeks John   Eliza of S. Hempstead
Weeks George born 1/31/1770 Weeks        
Weeks Adeline born 7/4/1819 Weeks George      
Wheeler John Henry Hobart born 3/6/1819 Wheeler Eli   Clarina twin; Little Neck
Wheeler Van Zandt born 3/6/1819 Wheeler Eli   Clarina twin; Little Neck
Wiggins Joseph Curtis 4/16/1824 Wiggins Richard   Mary  
Wiggins Richard born 10/10/1806 Wiggins Richard   Freelove  
Wiggins Harriet Antoinette born 4/10/1808 Wiggins Richard   Freelove  
Williams Harriet Louisa born 9/30/1818 Williams Nathaniel   Margaret  
Willits George Platt 9/27/1842 Willits David   Mary  
Willits Joseph Hewlett 9/4/1840 Willits David   Mary  
Wilson Sarah Shouls 6/10/1795 Wilson Abraham   Eliza Ann of N. Hempstead
Wood William Hendrickson 1/29/1809 Wood Elijah   Sarah  
Wood Abraham 10/18/1800 Wood Epenetus   Catherine  
Wood James 10/23/1803 Wood Elijah   Sarah  
Wood William Chapel 12/16/1793 Wood Stephen   Hannah of N. Hempstead
Wood Samuel 12/8/1796 Wood James   Jane of S. Hempstead
Wood Sarah 2/17/1802 Wood Stephen   Sarah  
Wood Mary 5/16/1792 Wood James   Jane of S. Hempstead
Wood Elizabeth 6/11/1808 Wood Stephen   Jane  
Wood John 6/30/1796 Wood Elijah   Sarah of S. Hempstead
Wood Nancy 6/9/1806 Wood Samuel   Mary  
Wood Epenetus 7/28/1803 Wood Epenetus   Catharine A.  
Wood James 7/9/1820 Wood Samuel   Hannah Hicks Neck
Wood Maria 8/10/1797 Wood Epenatus   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Wood Epenetus 8/5/1804 Wood Epenetus   Catherine N. Rocky.
Wood Samuel 9/4/1795 Wood Epenetus   Catherine of S. Hempstead
Wood Elloisa 9/4/1795 Wood Stephen   Elizabeth of S. Hempstead
Woolley Alexander Hamilton 12/18/1814 Woolley John   Susan Success
Woolley Susannah Stocker 4/20/1817 Woolley Stocker   Phebe  
Woolley Phebe Tredwell 5/17/1819 Woolley Stocker   Phebe Success
Woolley William Tredwell 9/27/1812 Woolley Stocker   Phebe Great Neck
Yandall Elizabeth 8/16/1795 Yandall Joseph H.   Mary of S. Hempstead