A Literal Transcription, with Annotations


Apr. 21   David Goldsmith, N. Y. to Esther Palmer, Southold. [Esther dau. of Chandler and Hannah (Paine) Palmer.]
June   1   Jesse Tuthill, Mattituck to Polly Horton, Southold.
June 14   At Southampton William Wick to Millicent Pierson.
Aug.   8   Gelston Vail to Roxanna Beebe both of Oysterponds. [Samuel Gelston s. of Samuel and Hannah (Petty) Vail Roxanna dau. of Samuel and Permelia (Young)
Nov. 13   Joseph P. Sutton, Mendham, N. J., to Persis Horton, Shelter Is.
Dec. 12   Thomas Brown to Betsy Corwin. [Betsy dau. of John Calvin and Elizabeth (Vance) Corwin.]


Jan. 31   Jesse Terry to Maria Terry both of Oysterponds. [Jesse s. of Jesse and Hannah (Brown) Terry Maria dau. of Jeremiah and Olive (Pain) Terry.]
Feb. 26   Thomas Glover to Hitty Fields.
Mar. 14   Josiah Albertson to Esther Terry. [Josiah s. of William and Sarah (Conkling) Albertson Esther sis. of Olive above.]
July 18   Silas H. Mapes, Wading River to Hyla Ann Wines. [Hyla Ann dau. of William and Bethiah (Howell) Wines.]
Aug. 11   Henery Tuthill to Sally Case. [Henry s. of Jonathan and Alathea (Overton) Tuthill. Sally dau. of Daniel and Rebecca (Horton) Case.]
Aug. 24   Henry King to Phebe Tillinghast.
Sep. 17   Abraham Mulford, Jr. to Wid. Hannah Youngs.[Hannah dau. of Absalom and Hannah (Youngs) Rackett and Widow of Jonathan Tuthill and then of John Newell
Oct.   8   Gershom Terry to Widow Crosby. [Mary Salmon Widow of Joshua Crosby and dau. of Joshua and Prudence (Case) Salmon.]
Oct. 27   Erasus Moore to Genneth Racket both of Rocky Point. [Erastus prob. s. of Daniel and Ruth (Vail) Moore Jeannette dau. of Daniel Havens and Deziah (Vail)
Nov. 20   Joshua Halliock to Louisa Sandford.
Dec.   8   Mr. William Tuthill of Wading River to Miss Sarah Wines daughter of William Wines of Mattituck. [Sarah sis. of Hyla Ann above. Given names of both parties
            inserted at a later date.]


Jan.   2   Foster Sayre, Southampton to Nancy Horton, Southold. [Nancy dau. of Dea. William and Mary (Booth) Horton.] Samuel Hazzard Moore to Marilla Goldsmith.
            [Samuel s. of Hazzard and Esther (Peck) Moore Marilla dau. of Luther and Prudence (Goldsmith) Goldsmith.]
Jan.   19   Salter S. Horton to Harriet Case. [Salter s. of Benjamin and Harmony (Reeve) Horton Harriet dau. of Moses Luther and Mehitable (Webb) Case.]
Feb.   5   Tuthill Benjamin to Fanny Glover. [Tuthill s. of Isaiah and Sarah (Corwin) Benjamin Fanny dau. of Charles and Frances (Case) Glover.]
Feb. 11   Moses Terry to Hannah Boisseau. [Hannah dau. of Nathaniel and Ruth (Booth) Boisseau.]
May   7   Jabez Corwin, Aquebogue to Christianna Skidmore, So'hold. [Jabez s. of Jabez and Patience (Tuthill) Corwin.)
June 28   Tuthill Horton, Mattituck to Clarissa Rogers, Southold. [Clarissa dau. of Wells and Eunice (Wheaton) Rogers.]
July   5   Nathaniel T. Havens to Charlotte Havens both of Shelter I. [Nathaniel s. of Augustus and Esther (Bowditch) Havens. Charlotte dau. of Remington and Jemima
            (Tuthill) Havens.]
July 30   George Harris, N. Y. to Lucretia Hand, Southold.
Sep. 25   Ezra Boisseau to Christiana Horton. [Ezra s. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dyer) Boisseau Christiana dau. of David and Mary (Goldsmith) Horton.]
Nov. 16 Barnabas Horton, Jr. to Elizabeth Case. [Barnabas s. of Barnabas and Mehitable (Wells) Horton Elizabeth dau. of Gilbert and Elizabeth (Vail) Case.]


June 25   William Terry to Fanny Bailey. [Fanny dau. of Stephen and Mary (Corey) Bailey.]
Sep. 21 Gordon Bailey to Caty Horton. [Gordon bro. of Fanny above Tombstone at Southold calls her Keturah.]
Oct 12 Capt. William Booth to Laura Reeve. [William s. of Nathaniel and Anna (Horton) Booth Laura dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Booth) Reeve.]
Dec. 3   Henry Wells to Catherine Halstead. [Henry s. of John Calvin and Amy (Homan) Wells Catherine dau. of William and Mary (Hallock) Halstead.]


Jan.   3   William Horton, Baiting Hollow to Widow Anne Sawyer.
Jan.   7   Lewis Augustin Beach to Phebe Tillinghast.
Mar. 23   Luther Wells to Mary Corey. [Luther s. of Jonathan and Bethiah (Terry) Wells Bethiah dau. of Abijah and Mary (Bailey) Corey.]
Apr. 27   Caleb S. Loper to Hephzibah Douglass both of Shelter I. [Caleb s. of Caleb and Mary (Squires) Loper Hepbizah dau. of Jonathan and Abigail (Lay) Douglass.]
Aug. 19   Frederic Hudson of Waiding River to Mehitable Penny. [Frederick s. of Oliver and Charity (Hudson) Hudson.]
Sep. 10   Moses Griffing to Mehitable Moore both of Rocky Pt.
Sep.   11   David Cartright to Sally Havens both of Shelter I. [Sally dau. of Augustus and Esther (Bowditch) Havens.l
Nov.   7   Plat Conklin to Mehitable Moore both of Cutchogue. [Platt s. of Ezra and Sarah (Platt) Conklin.]
Nov. 25   Augustin Fleet to Rhoda Terry both of Cutchogue.
Nov. 30   Daniel Tuttle Terry to Eunice Case. [Daniel Tuttle Terry was the father of Stuart Tuttle Terry, who compiled the Terry Genealogy Mss. Eunice dau. of Israel and
            Sarah (Terry) Case.]
Dec. 19   Uriah J. Corwin to Mary Jinnings. [Uriah s. of David and Lydia (Hart) Corwin Mary dau. of Lazarus and Charlotte (Taylor) Jennings.]
Dec. 26   George Case of Cutchogue to Maris Youngs of Rocky Pt. [George s. of Paul and Susanna (Horton) Case Maria dau. of Warren and Jem ma (Beebe) Youngs.]


May 26   Lewis Conkling to Maria Tuttle both of Cutchogue. [Lewis s. of Lewis and Lydia (Tuthill) Conkling Polly Maria dau. of David and Mary (Terry) Tuthill.]
Oct.   2   John Boisseau, Jr. to Ann Horton.[John s. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dyer) Boissesu Ann, dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Goldsmith) Horton.]
Oct.   4   Mr. Ezra Young of this place candidate for the ministry to Miss Maria Nicoll of Shelter Island. [Ezra s. of Thomas and Lydia (Tuthill) Youngs Maria dau. of
            Samuel B. Nicoll.]
Dec. 18   Oliver Corey to Deborah Griffing. [Oliver s. of Abijah and Mary (Bailey) Corey Deborah dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Wells) Griffing.]


Jan.   3   Erastus Simons to Almira Overton both of Mattituck.
Mar.   4   Alva Case to Elizabeth H. Horton. [Alva s. of Moses Luther and Mehitable (Webb) Case.]
June 15   William Prime to Terrisa Ward both colored people of S. I. June 19   Calvin Griffing to Abigail Congdon.
Aug. 16   William Case to Letty Case. [Williams. of Samuel and Eunice (Glover) Case Mallman's Shelter Island calls her Lettice Mayo Letty dau. of Isaac and Keziah
            (King) Mayo.]
Aug. 29   Samuel Gardiner of Cutchogue to Laura Ann Overton. [Samuel s. of Lion and Hannah (Webb) Gardiner Lura dau. of Joshua and Esther (Hulse) Overton.]



Nov. 15   Hiram a child of Prince a free Negro.
Dec. 27   Stephen Wilson a son of Stephen Bailey.


May 15   Jonathan Hunting a child of Daniel Booth.
Aug. 17   Jerusha a child of Lieut. Benjamin Hallock. Susannah a child of Abijah Corey.
Albert a son; Adeline a daughter of Samuel Dickerson.
Dec. 27   Joseph Bailey a son; and Lucretia a daughter of Joseph Halliocks.


Jan.   12   Elisha a son; and Abigail and Hellen daughters of Joel Overton.
Feb.   1   Samuel Hutchinson son of Widdow Abigail Landon.
Sep. 25   Augustus a son of Jonathan Conkling.


June   3   Capt. David Webb. William Youngs Brown. Daniel a child of Daniel Booth.
June   7   Mehitable a daughter of Widdow Mary Wheaten. Lucretia, Mary Goldsmith, Bethiah and Eleaner children of Benj. Beebe.
June 17   William a son of the Rev. Jonathan Huntting.
June 28   Richard Fanning a son; and Eliza Anna daughter of Calvin Moore, Jr.
July   2   At Cutchogue Dency a daughter of John Halliock.
Aug. 5 Lydia Overton; Phebe Overton; Cynthia Mehitable Tuthill David Tillotson and Benjamin Horton.
Sep. 16   At Aquebogue Benjamin son of Doctor David Conkling. Nancy daughter of David Warner.
Sep. 30   Polly Calista a daughter of William Horton.
Nov.   6   Edward Herrick son of Lieut. Benjamin Halliock.
Dec., 10   Rejoice daughter of Capt. Jona. Horton.


Jan.   6   George a son and Charlotte a daughter of Capt. Lazarus Jinnings.
Feb. 19   Mehitable Tuthill a daughter of Joseph Halliock.
Apr.   7   Jemima Horton an adult.
June 12   Samuel Wallas son of Jeffrey Randal of Middle Island.
June 16   At Smithtown: Phillis an adult black woman. And Esther daughter of Joseph Wood.
Aug. 16   Joshua Alanson and Lura Ann children of Joshua Overton.


Jan.   10   Bethiah Horton an daughter. Seth a son of Jonathan Overton.
Jan. 27   Lucretia Peck a daughter of Peck Goldsmith.
Aug. 9 A child of Paul Case's; one of Joshua Horton's Jr and one of Jacob Case's was baptized by William Bailey I being absent.
Sep. 23   Harriot a daughter of Samuel Dickinson.
Oct.   11   Mary a daughter of Lazarus H. Jinnings.
Oct.   18   W. Jonathan a son of Rev. Jonathan Huntting.
Nov. 16   William Volney son of William Horton.


Feb. 21   Benjamin Conkling son of Benjamin Beebe.
July 25   Susan Hamutal a daughter of Moses Case, Jr.
July 29   Hannah Tuthill a daughter of John S. Youngs.
John, Catos and Peter children of Dorcas a Negro woman.
Oct.   8   Edward son of Rev. Jonathan Huntting.


Sep.   4   Cornelia Maria daughter of Moses Case, Jr.


Mar. 26   William and Thomas children of Daniel Booth.
Mar. 13   Jay Youngs a son of Capt. John H. Young.
Aug.   6   Ebenezer Webb Case:   Adults Samuel Phillips, Jr.:
Aug. 8 Jane Maria a daughter; and Charles William a son of Ebenezer W. Case.


June   2   Mehitable Curry an Adult.
Aug.   4   Rebekah Rodgers an Adult.
Oct. 11   Hellen Moore a daughter of E. W. Case.
Dec.   1   Sarah Ann a daughter of Joshua Horton, Jr.
Dec.   8   Adelia a daughter of Jeremiah Horton.
Dec. 29   Bethiah Horton a daughter of Benjamin H. Halliock.


Mar.   3   Mehitable a daughter of Lazarus Jinnings.
Mar. 21   William Harvey a son of Joshua Overton. June 1 Peter an Adult.
June 29   Pamelia Augusta a daughter of Moses Case.
July 20   James Benjamin a child of James B. Sawyer.
Aug.   7   Samuel a son of Elijah Hutchinson and Lydia a daughter of Silas Webb, Rocky Point.
Aug.   6   Eliza a daughter of Samuel Dickerson.
Sep. 10   Edward Williams a son of Austin Haines.
Oct. 25   John Benjamin a son of Hubbard Halliock's Baptized by Mr. Reeve. Being myself at New York.


Jan. 18   Elisha a child of John Conkling.Benjamin, Albert, Sydney Smith and Eliza Ann children of William Wiggins.
Feb. 12   Benjamin Franklin child of Benjamin Horton, Sterling. Harriet Newel a daughter of Capt. Jinnings.
Mar. 10   Benjamin a child of Joseph Halliock's.
Mar. 17   Fanny Hubbard a daughter of Daniel Case.
May 29   Selden, Benjamin, Lorenzo and children of Paul Case.
July   6   Julia Ann daughter of Jeremiah Horton.
Oct.   4   Esther the wife of Joshua Drake.
Oct. 22   Henry son of Rev. Jonathan Huntting.
Nov. 15   Charles Cogan son of Moses Case.
Dec.   8   Maria, Prudence, Jasper and Phillip children of Maltby and Dorcas people of colour.
Dec. 22   Jane Miranda a daughter of Joshua Drake.


Feb. 23  Mary a daughter of Joseph Halliock.
Apr. 4   All Adults
        William Henry Hobart.
        Phebe Amanda Hobart.
        Sarah Conkling.   .
        Betsey Terry.
        Submit King.
June 23   Edward Herrick a child of Benjamin H. Halliock.
Aug. 25   Moses Luther a son of E. W. Case.
Sep. 25   Polly Maria a daughter of Paul Case.
Oct. 29   Joseph OsborL a son of Jonathan B. Horton.


Dec. 21   George son of Joseph Halliock.


Mar. 28   Susan Bailey a daughter of Gilbert Horton, Jr.
July 20   Amanda Louisa a daughter of Jeremiah Horton.
Aug. 19   Joshua Wells a son of Elijah Hutchinson.


Mar. 15   Elizabeth a daughter and David a son of Lazarus Jennings.
June   2 Cornelia Hubbard a daughter of Hubbard Hallock.
Oct.   6   Mrs. Charity Halsy Case wife of Gordon Case.
Dec. 26   Helen Eliza and Lewis Rodgers children of Gordon Case.


Jan.   10   Edmund a son of Jonathan B. Horton.
Mar. 23   John William a son of John Conkling.
July 20   Elizabeth Abigail a daughter of Frederic Youngs.
Sep. 24   Harriet daughter of Elijah Hutchinson.
Oct. 15   Mary Ann daughter of Sam'l. Hutchinson.
Nov. 21   Hellen Mar. a daughter of Jeremiah Horton.


Mar. 28   Mary Adelia a daughter of Foster Sayre.
Dec. 17   Parker King son of John Conkling.


Jan.   5   Moses Gilbert son of Moses Case. Sarah Ann daughter of Gordon Case.
Mar.   6   John Franks son of Frederic Youngs.
Dec. 20   Polly Maria a daughter of Austin Haines.


Oct. 18   Andrew Ur a son of Abraham Mulford, Jr.
Nov. 12   Julia Amanda a daughter of Foster Sayre. Emily Gardiner a daughter of Samuel Vail.


Mar.   2   Hannah a daughter of Elijah Hutchinson.
Feb. 10   Nancy Ann, Amanda Irene, and Abigail daughters of Wid. Bethiah Beebe.
            William Henry, Melinda Sherry and Betsy Hand children of Abimel King.


Jan. 20   Sally Maria an infant daughter of Abimel King's.
Feb. 19   Havens Horton a son of Moses Case. Leura Ruth a daughter of Gordon Case.
Mar. 13   Gilbert Wilson son of Gilbert Horton. Joseph Andrew son of Hubbard Halliock.
Apr. 10   Addison Parker son of John Conkling.


Jan. 14   Mary Reeves infant daughter of Helen wife of William Wells, Jr. by E. Youngs.


Jan.   6   Ruth Horton infant daughter of Foster Sayre.


Mar. 15   Lidea Moore Case daughter of Moses Case.
May   2   William Fuller Horton son of Mr. J. Horton.
May 15 Children of Mr. Joseph Robinson.

May 21   William Manney child of William Horton.
May 22   David Philander   Children of Mr. Joseph Horton. Joseph Azaria.


Jan.   5   Augustus Griffin McNeil an infant child of Mr. James MacNeil.

Here ends the records of baptisms performed by the Rev. Jonathan Huntting, and with this last entry there is an end of such entries in the Session Book of the First Church or Congregation of Southold.