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Sylvester Manor & Sachem Neck Cemeteries
Shelter Island, Long Island, New York

Sylvester Manor Cemetery

Here lies ye body of Jonathan Hudson, who dec'd April 5 Anno Dom. 1729 aged 71 years.

Samuel Hudson, son of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Griswel Hudson, died October 7, 1738, aged 11 years and 4 months.

Nathaniel Hudson, son of Samuel and Griscell Hudson, died May 26, 1735 in ye 7th year of his age.

Here lies ye body of Elizabeth Hudson, daughter of Samuel and Mrs. Griswel Hudson, who died September 21st, 1738 aged 4 years, 10 months and 11 days.

Here lies the body of Hannah, ye wife of Daniel Brown, died September ye 8th 1731 in the 23 year of her age.

Here lieth ye body of Hannah, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Brown, died February 26th, 1732 aged 6 months.

Ebenezer, ye son of Daniel and Mary Brown died April ye 22nd, 1746, aged 3 years, 7 months, 15 days.

In memory of Mrs. Mary Brown, relict of Capt. Daniel Brown, who died September 3rd, 1790 in the 81st year of her age. [Mrs. Marv Havens Brown was the daughter of John and Sarah Conklin Havens]

In memory of Capt. Daniel Brown, who died July 12, A.D. 1780 in the 77 year of his age.

Here lies ye body of John Knowling, Jun [remainder unreadable] [He died about 1729 according to his will. All of his family left Shelter Island a few years later.]

Sachem Neck Cemetery

Joanna De Honneur Nicoll daughter of Samuel De Honneur and Rachel Strong, born 1731, married William Nicoll, 1750, died 1772.

Anna W. Nicoll aged 45 years, died 1813. [She was Anna Willet Floyd before her marriage to Samuel Nicoll.]

Charity Nicoll Ketteltas, daughter of William Nicoll and Joanna De Honneur, born 1753, married Garret Ketteltas, died 1816.

Samuel Benjamin Nicoll died 1828 aged 66 years. [He was born September 4, 1764, died September 19, 1828. He was the husband of Anna W. Floyd.

Samuel B. Nicoll, March 25, 1794 - January 22, 1863.

Sarah B. Nicoll, widow of Samuel B. Nicoll and daughter of Benjamin Payne, M.D., of Flushing, L.I., born February 2u 99, married July 1st, 1824, died October 8, 1876. [She was widow of the Samuel B. Nicoll who died in 1803] 

Charlotte Ann Nicoll, wife of Soloman Townsend Nicoll and daughter of Samuel Benjamin and Sarah Payne Nicoll, born January 23rd 1827, died February 18, 1891.