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The Havens  Family  Cemetery

     The  Havens  Family  Cemetery is a small family plot located deep in the woods of North Haven,a small villiage located in Southampton Township.It is approximately one mile west  of where the South Ferry runs  between North Haven and Shelter Island.  The gravestones are beautifully preserved (thanks to the thick brush and woodland) and range in date from 1751 the earliest buriel, to 1852 the latest. It is truely one of the finer historical burial sights on the eastern end of Long Island. 
Submitted by: Robert V. Bromberg historian  for Sag Harbor's historic Masonic Lodge (Wamponamon #437).   He is  also a Havens-Howell  descendant.


Silas  son of Wm. B  &  Phebe Havens 
died Oct. 10th, 1794 aged 5 years & 3 months. 

William son of Wm. B &  Phebe Havens  died Oct. 8th, 1794 aged 5 years, 2 months and 28 days.  (twin brother of #1)

Silas son of Wm. B  &  Phebe Havens 
died Jan. 28th, 1787 aged 5 years & 3 months.
In  memory of Abigail the wife of Mr. Constant Havens.  died Sept. 19th A.D. 1751 in ye 46th year of her age. "With duty she fulfilled her place, with earnestnesss he fought for grace, till hope & comfort she obtain'd. At death immortal glory gain'd. 

In memory of Mr. Constant Havens  who died Janr. ye 3rd, A.D. 1761  in ye 48th year of his age.   (inscription incomplete)

In memory of Walter son of Mr. Constant & Elizabeth Havens
who died March 10, 1759 aged 1 year 5 months & 4 days.

Janet Havens  1769-1852. (headstone nearly destroyed, illegible)  view is of footstone