Raynor Rock Smith  

An historical biographical compilation of his life

By Mary Jane Smith Denton  
     Finally, 140 years after his death, his great great granddaughter who had heard the many stories about his bravery and intrepidness in the face of utmost danger has written a book.  She has researched this man for many years and finally here in print is the finished story of his life.
      Spend a week with him, his crew and some old friends at his fishing hut on Fire Island and get to know him on a personal level...   Raynor  Rock Smith, a 6th generation American lived an exciting life on the sea, he was a lifesaver to some and hero to all.
    Read in detail his heroic efforts at the wreck of the Mexico in 1837 off Lido Beach L.I. during a blizzard/ice storm.  This shipwreck brought about many changes including the start of the U.S. Lifesaving Service, which later became the United States Coast Guard.    
    There are 114 pages, book is 9 ½ ” X 6 ½” spiral bound with nine color photos and 6 black and white photos, his picture is on the cover.
You may order yours for $19.95 each plus $3.95 postage each. 
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Mary Jane Smith Denton