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Raynor-Robinson Cemetery
    Manorville, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

    The cemetery is located on the north side of South Street, approximately 3/10 of a mile west of the intersection with Chapman Boulevard.  It is maybe 30 yards off the road adjacent to the house of Mr. And Mrs; Larry Cook.   There are eleven stones and fourteen apparent graves.  All stones were copied in 1971 by Elbert N. Carter.  (f.s. means foot stone)

1.   A local field stone standing on edge.

2.   SALLY G. ROBINSON, 2nd wife of JAMES ROBINSON, D. 6 Feb. 1846 age 59 years (white sandstone) ( f.s. S.G.R.)   Note: She was b. 15 Feb. 1787; married 26 April 1807 and her maiden name was STANBROUGH.  (Ref: # 1)

3.   JAMES ROBINSON d. 10 Jan. 1839 age 64 years.  (White sandstone). (f.s. J.R.)   Note: He w3as born 15 April 1774.  He married 1st. JERUSHA ROGERS on 20 Dec. 1798.  JERUSHA was b. 17 April 1780 and d. 14 May 1806.  She may have had one of the field stone marked graves. (Ref: ( #1.) 

4.   A local field stone standing on edge.

5.   WILLIAM RAYNOR   d. 19 Feb. 1856 age 50 years 10 months 8 days.  (White sandstone) (f.s. W.R.)   Note: He was husband of JERUSHA ROBINSON, daughter of JAMES & JERUSHA (ROGERS) ROBINSON.  (Ref: # 1.)

6.   A mound that probably is a grave site.

7.   LETTY ANN ROBINSON, wife of JAMES ROBINSON, d. 7 April 1842 age 27 years 6 months 17 days.  (White sandstone) (f.s. L.A.R.)   Note: Stone was laying face up.   She was a WILLIAMSON and was married 15 May 1837.  JAMES ROBINSON was the son of JAMES & JERUSHA (ROGERS) ROBINSON.  (Ref: # 1)

8.   THEODORE A. ROBINSON, son of JAMES & LETTY ROBINSON, d. 15 (?) June 1841 (?) Age 3 (?) years 2 months 29 days.   (White sandstone) (no f.s.) Note: Stone badly worn and very difficult to read.

9.   SUSAN M. RAYNOR, daughter of WILLIAM & JERUSHA RAYNOR, d. 21 Oct. 1854 age 18 years 5 months 8 days.   (White sandstone) (f.s. S.M.R.)  Note: See # 5.

10.  CHANCY L. RAYNOR, son of WILLIAM & JERUSHA RAYNOR, d. 11 Feb.. 1853 age 22 years 3 months 9 days.  (White sandstone) (f.s.  C.L.R.)  Note: see # 5.

11.  WILLIAM A. RAYNOR, son of WILLIAM & JERUSHA RAYNOR, d. 19 Oct. 1850 .age 18 years 4 months 5 days.  (White sandstone)   (f.s.  W.A.R.)  Note: See # 5.

12.  ELEANOR RAYNOR d. ___ Aug. 1824 (no day given) in 50th year.  (White sandstone) (f.s. E.R.)

13.   CHARRY ANN RAYNOR, daughter of NATHAN & ELEANOR RAYNOR, d. __ Aug. 1820 (no day given) (white sandstone) (f.s. C.A.R.)

14.   MARY S. RAYNOR, daughter of GEORGE & NAOMI RAYNOR, d. 10 March 183 in 6th year.  (White sandstone)  (f.s. ??T.A.R.??  The initials do not match the person or any other grave stone.

Ref: # 1.  Notes of RICHARD M. BAYLES copied by the compiler.  The notes now belong to his son THOMAS BAYLES. 

    The following is an abstract and copy of an old document in the ROBINSON family.  WILLIAM RAYNOR and JAMES ROBINSON agreement 5 March 1835 that “he (ROBINSON) and all his generation shall have the privilege of being buried in the burying ground to the north of the orchard near the house and he and his wife shall have the privilege of coming and gathering fruit of any kind for his own family but not any to sell, for the term of our natural lives.”   Also grants to ROBINSON the use of the house till the 4th of the following September, “and the privilege of the use of the hollow garden, and plant the orchard if he pleases.”