Images of Old Long Island - Hicksville and Westbury

submitted from the collection of Mark Thomas

1903 Hicksville Ladies and Cars

1906 Hicksville Fire Dept

1907 Hicksville Department Store

1908 Westbury Post Office

1909 Hicksville Freight Yard

1909 Hicksville Rail Road Station

1909 Westbury George Rose Estate

1909 Westbury Trolley Car

1910 Hicksville, Stehle Brewery

1910 Hicksville Fire Department with Steam Pump

1910 Hicksville Kallert Building, Marie St.

1910 Hicksville Looking South Main Street

1910 Hicksville North with Trolley Tracks

1910 Hicksville Post Office

1910 Hicksville Train Station Going East

1910 Hickville view Looking South

1910 Westbury Post Ave. Parade in 1910

1910 Westbury Road Scene

1910 Westbury Train Station

1910 Westbury Whitney Estate

1911 Westbury Luessens Hotel Post Ave

1911 Westbury Phipps Estate

1912 Westbury Trolley

1932 Westbury Railroad Station

1939 Westbury Train Steamer

1939 Westbury Post Ave.

1916 Hicksville Trolley

Hicksville Railroad

Hicksville Trolley

1908 Nicholai School Hicksville

1914 Westbury Post Ave.

1908 St Ignatius Church

1908 Westbury Fireman's Hall

1911 Westbury Barley's Drug Store

1920's Westbury Post Ave.

1922 Westbury Fire House

1920 Westbury Wheatley Hills Bank

abt 1910 Westbury Phipes Mansion