State of New Jersey
Morris County

Nathaniel Horton of the township of Chester in the said County of Morris being duly sworn according to law on his oath says that he is seventy three years of age this fifteenth day of September last - that he was born in the said County of Morris & has during his whole life time resided herein - that he deponent once knew a person by the name of Capt. Nathan Horton - that deponent has frequently seen said Nathan Horton and knew him well - that the deponent has always understood that the said Nathan was married in the State of New York a good many years ago deponent does not remember the exact time - that the maiden name of the person that he married at that time was Elizabeth Eagles - deponent has also always been informed and understood that the said Nathan Horton soon after he was married removed to the State of North Carolina and continued to have his residence there until he died and deponent saith that during said Nathans life time and while he resided in North Carolina he said Nathan visited Morris County and was at deponents house and deponent saw him several times and conversed with him - And deponent further saith that he has never heard of the death of Elizabeth the wife of said Nathan Horton and so far as deponent knows she is still living.

Nathl Horton

Sworn and subscribed before me this 4th Day of March 1847

Samuel Swayze, Justice of the Peace