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The Moores of Southold
By Barrington S. Havens
This article, in it's original format, is difficulet to locate as it was never published on its own.
A manuscript was donated by the author to  the Brookhaven Town Historian's office.
Additionally, if you can locate copies, you can see this article in the Suffolk County Historical Society Register.
It was published over several issues  between 1975 and 1977 while Barrington S. Havens was editor.

     The Moore family is one of the earliest to settle in Southold, and it is given historical recognition there. But, as might be expected, a genealogical history is difficult because of the usual lack of records. However, because my grandmother was a Moore, I have for some time been attempting to research, analyze and organize the information available on this line. The only other organized research that I have found reported is the article, "The Moore Family of Southold, L.I." by C. B. Moore in the New York G. & B. Record in 1884.
     The material which follows, admittedly incomplete - and some of it speculative - is presented for two reasons: (1) quite selfishly, I hope it may stimulate other researchers to contribute additional material which might throw a light on my own line and (2) it may be of value to others researching their Moore lines. I shall, of course, be grateful to any who can correct errors or inaccuracies or provide better information than that so far available to me.

     THOMAS MOORE earliest ancestor so far found, was an Englishman; he could be either of two persons. C. B. Moore (op cit) said there were two Thomases in England, each with a wife named Ann. One Ann was the daughter of Rowland Berkeley of Worcester, but C. B. Moore preferred the other Thomps,who had a son baptized in Southold, England, October 1630. The choice has some support in the coincidence of the two Southolds.
     Thomas of England died before January 3 1636-7, for his widow was at that time added as a member of the Salem Church in Massachusettes; thus, we know that Thomas and his wife came to this country before that time. C. B. Moore said that Thomas was born before 1600. tie also says that the widow Ann had five in her family in December, 1637'; her son Thomas-1 nearby, with four in his family, is the only child of whom we have any record.

     THOMAS MOORE-1  son of Thomas of England and his wife Ann, was born ca 1615-6 in England and died Jun 25-27 1691 in Southold, N.Y. but he is mentioned in the will of his son Nathaniel - 204 dated 1698. I have no explanation for this conflict of dates. He married 1) probably ca 1636-8 Martha Youngs who was born 1613 and died Jun 27 1671 in Southold. C. B. Moore says she was the daughter of Rev. Christopher Youngs and Margaret ----, coming with him to Salem and thence to Southold where she lived to 1671 or later. Thomas-1 married 2) Katherine Westcote, and C. B. Moore says she was the mother of nine children listed below - but this cannot be true, for both C. B. Moore and the Youngs family genealogy (M5) agree that Widow Martha (Youngs) Moore lived until 1671 or later, and all the children were born by 1650, as follows (one record gives birth dates, another, identical baptism dates):

Thomas-201 b Oct 21 1639 Salem d ca 1711 m Catherine Mott of Mamroneck; twin of Martha-202. 
Second Twin, b Oct 21 1639 Salem m John Simons/Peck; they had Peter, John, Sarah and Elizabeth. 
Benjamin-203 b Aug 2 1640 Salem m Anne Hampton.
Nathaniel-204 b Jul 3 1642 Salem m Sarah Vail/Jackson.
Hannah-205 b Dec 29 1644 Salem m Richardson Symonds.
Elizabeth-206 b Aug 31 1647 Salem m Simon Grover; issue: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha. 
Jonathan-207 b Jun 3 1649 Salem d Mar 16 1689 m Martha Herbert. 
Mary-208 b Dec 15 1650 m Samuel/Simon Glover.
Sarah-209 b Dec 15 1650 m Samuel Glover; I realize but do not understand the conflict between these two records.

     From all accounts, Thomas-1 was an important landholder in Southold. Moore's Index (M3) gives much detail, including many real estate transfers. He came there in 1650 and in 1658 was elected deputy to the New Haven general court. In 1673, he was named by Dutch officers to be magistrate, but he declined; in 1685, however, under English rule he became magistrate to try causes under 40 shillings. In 1683 he was overseer and on the committee to nominate members of the first assembly of New York. He had four males and three females in his family in 1686.
     His will, dated Jun 25 1691 probated Sep 30 1691, names wife Catherine and children Thomas, Nathaniel, Martha Symons, Hannah Symons, Elizabeth Grover, and Sarah Glover; Grover and Glover may well be the same name.
     C. B. Moore says Thomas-1 was the third husband of Catherine Westcote, she having m 1) Thomas Doxy of New London and 2) Daniel Land of New London and Setauket. He also mentions that there were 24 Moores on the 1698 census list, adding "it was curious to find in each of three places (Queens, Orange County, and Salisbury, Conn.) more descendants afterward than in Southold.

THOMAS MOORE-201  son of Thomas-1 and Martha (Youngs) Moore, was born Oct 21 1639/1649 and died ca 1711 (Moore's Index); he married ca 1663 Catherine Mott; issue:

Thomas-301 b Jun 8 1663 d Dec 30 1738 - but listed in the 1686 census. 
Nathaniel-302 b ca 1663.
Martha-303 b ca 1660, m John Peek. 
Eliza-304 b ca 1670.
Samuel-305 b ca 1660-1670.
John-306 b ca 1660-1670, d Sep 6 1736.

Thomas-201 was included in the Southold rate lists established Sept 16 1675 as having one head£l8, 40 acres£40, 4 oxen£24, 2 yearlings £3, 9 cows £45, 18 sheep £6, and two swine£. In 1683 he was listed for £137. In the 1686 Southold census he had a family of five males and two females. His father deeded land to him in October 1662.

BENJAMIN MOORE-203  son of Thomas-1 & Martha (Youngs) Moore, was born Aug 2 1640 (bp then?-M9) Salem, died ca May 16 1690; he married Ann Hampton daughter of James Hampton of Salem; issue:

Benjamin-307 b 1678 d Jan 26 1728 m Abigail ---
Joseph-309 b 1676 d 1745 m Martha ---

     There were possibly other children, for the 1686 Southold census gives him five males and three females, totaling eight in the family. He was known as Captain Benjamin. He died intestate, and letters of administration were issued Sep 8 1691.

      He is included in the Southold rate lists for £80 10s in 1683 and £118 in 1685.  In Jan 1680 his father deed over to him two acres of Land, Calves Neck (M3).

NATHANIEL MOORE-204, son of Thomas-1 & Martha (Youngs) Moore, was born Jul 3 1642 and died Apr 30 1698; he married Sarah Vail d Jun 10 1733 da Jeremiah Vail, blacksmith (her name is given as Sarah Jackson in a Young family record - M5); issue (all born ca 1660-1670):

Hannah-310 m John Terry.
'Abigail-311 m Isaac Overton,
Elizabeth/Eliza-312 m Christopher Youngs, son of Christopher & Marry (Budd) Youngs;
      Elizabeth b 1679; issue: Christopher b 1700 Aquebogue m Joanna Parshall, and
      Daniel, who m Mary Penny.
Deborah-313 m. John Boisseau.
Nathaniel-314 d 1699, Moore (M3) says d s.p. 
Patience/Isabella-315 d Aug 10 1724. Thomas-316.
John-317 b pr ca 1670 m Sep 8 1696 Elizabeth Cheek (M10). 

Sarah (Vail) Moore is called a widow in a list of inhabitants of Southold in the late 17th century (M2).

     Nathaniel-204's name appears on the Southold rate lists in 1683 for £49 and in 1685 for £32. In his father's lifetime the father deeded to Nathaniel much land, sundries, and a sloop. His will, Southold Apr 19 1698 probated Aug 26 1698, mentions wife Sarah, son Nathaniel, father Thomas, and five daughters. Moore's Index says he may have had a son Jonathan.

JONATHAN MOORE-207, son of Thomas-1 & Martha (Youngs) Moore, was born Jan 3 1649 and died Mar 15 1689; he married Martha Herbert, deserted wife of Dr. Robert Trusteane; issue:

Jonathan-319 d May 2 1716, m Margaret Graves d May 16 1716. 
Mary-321 m John Trusteen.
Benjamin-322, who Moore's Index says went to Orange County. This is supported by Pelletreau (M9).
John-323, who Moore's index says may have been a son of Nathaniel-2, which seems to be borne out - see John-317.

     The 1636 Southold census gives Jonathan-207 four males and two females. The Southold rate list of 1683 lists him for 202 pounds and that of 1685, for £147 10s. His father deeded 150 acres of land to him in Jan 1680. His wife Martha is given as a widow in 1690. He died intestate and letters of administration were issued to his widow Martha Sep 8 1691.

THOMAS MOORE-301 , son of Thomas-201 & Catherine (Mots) Moore, was born Jan 8/Jul 30 1663 (Jun 8?) and died Dec 30 1738 ac 75; he married Mar 13 1694-5, Jane ---b 1676-7 d Nov 28 1736 ae 59; issue:

Mary-401 b Jan 17 1695-6 d Sep 26 1754 ae 58 m. Silvanus Davis. 
Rachel-402 b Jan 18 1697-8 d Apr 17 1719. 
Elizabeth-403 b Jan 23 1699-1700 m David Cleves., 
Phebe-404 b Jan 4 1701-2 m Alsop Paine.
Deborah-405 b Dec 20 1703 d Sept 7-27 1736 - But a Moore record in the old Presbyterian Church burying ground, Southold, says she d 1736 ae 24,
Thomas-406 b Apr 10 1706 d May 10 1767; his da Mary m Sylvester Lester. 
James-407 b Jul 29 1708 d Mar 24 1724-5. 
Joshua-408 b Nov 8-1710.
David-409 b Nov 25 1713.
Samuel-410 b Feb 8 1715-6 d Sept 8 1736. 
John-4l1 b Feb 10 1717-8 d Sep 8 1736.
Henry-412 b Dec 19 1719 d Apr 24 1783 m Temperance Conkling. 
Lydia-413 b Feb 18 1721-2 d Jan 2 1727.

BENJAMIN MOORE-307 , Son of Benjamin-203 & Anne (Hampton) Moore, was born 1678-80 died Jan 27 1728-9 ae 50, married ca 1700 (est from children's birth dates) Abigail Horton b ca 1676 Southold d Jun 2 1746 ae 70 Southold, da Caleb & Abigail (Hallock) Horton of Cutchogue; issue:

Benjamin-414 b Southold m ca 1724 Eliza Allen; he was a soldier in 1750.
Nathan-415 b Southold m ---- Braddock.
Israel-416 d Sept 30 1775 m ca 1739 Marv Mitchell. 
Abigail-417 is 1) Dr. James Law 2) 1746 Daniel Case.
Micah-41B b ca 1714 d ca Feb 8 1776 m ca 1765 Abigail (Hempstead) Ledyard. 
Hannah-419 m Ichabod Cleveland; they had Abigail.
Rachel-420 m 1732 Thomas Conkling of Shelter Island, son John & Sarah (Horton) Conkling, "first settlers of Southold" (M17).
James-421 b 1708 d 1739 m Penelop Rider; L/A to widow Penelope Aug 29 1739. 
Simon-424 b ca 1718 m Apr 18 1737 Abigail Hallock.
Silas-425 b ca 1720 d Aug 3 1786 m 1) Abigail Reeve 2) Patience Hallock.

      The sources of my information on this family are scattered, and it takes care to document all the statistics involved, but the documentation is in the references shown.

The will of Abigail, widow of Benjamin-307, Southold Apr 9 1740 probated Jul 21 1746 mentions sons Benjamin, Nathan, Israel, dau Abigail, son Micah, das Hannah Cleveland, Rachel Conklin, gr-das Abigail Cleveland, Mary Moore, Mehitable (da son James dec'd), das Anna, Rachel, Abigail; Israel Moore executor. Codicil Dec 9 1745; dec husb Benjamin sons Israel & Micah; William Moore a witness.

Benjamin-307 lived in Southold. The tombstones for him and of his wife are there. His wife Abigail survived him, as her will indicates; he died 1728, she died 1746.

JOSEPH MOORE-309 , Son of Benjamin-203 & Anne (Hampton) Moore, was born 1676 and died 1745 as 69; he married ca 1696 Martha ---- who died Jul 19 1727; issue:

Child-427 d 1706 
Child-428 d 1706 
Child-429 d 1716

Joseph-309 lived in Southold. What little information we have on him is found in Moore's Index (M3).

JOHN MOORE-317 , son of Nathaniel-204 6 Sarah (Vail) Moore, was born probably ca 1670; he married Sep 8 1696 Elizabeth Cheek;

John-430 who married 1732 Rachel Conklin

      This case is largely hypothetical, based on Mather, pp 468, 469, 471. Listing the children of Nathaniel-204, he gives John-3 "who may be the one named by Griffin (Journal of First Settlers of Southold), whose son John m Rachel Conkling (Hallman p 164)." Mather says of John-430: "He was in Saybrook in 1777. Men of this name served as follows: Col. Smith's Regt., Malcom's Levies_ 6th Duchess, lot Orange, and in Conn. His name occurs in the Orange Co. Patents (Rev MSS NY State Library Vol. 27). He signed the Association in 1775."

     For the 1776 census in Southold, Mather gives him one sale over 16, five under, three females over 16 and three under, which indicates other children than John-430 -.but the census listing could apply to John 522 of Rocky Point, whose family would be about that size then.

     The picture is clouded, but I believe my hypothesis is sound in tracing this line, and further reasoning is given under John-430.

     Mather alas, says that John-317 married Mehitable Havens (#540), daughter of John-426 and Patience (Tuthill) Havens, but I prefer John-522 for that honor.

THOMAS MOORE-406, son of Thomas-301 & Jane Moore, wan born Apr 10 1706 died May 10 1767; he married Hannah ----; 

Thomas-525 d 1783; for details see his subsequent entry. 
Calvin-526 d 1813; for details see his subsequent entry. 
Mary-528 m Sylvester Lester

     The widow of Thomas-406 survived him and married 2) Rev. John Storrs.

DAVID MDORE-409 ,son of Thomas-301 6 Jane Moore, was born Nov 25 1713; he married Jan 30 1733-4 Hepzibah Wilmot b Apr 6 1715;

David-501 b Dec 9 1734
Hepzibah-502 b Dec 12 1736 
Mary-503 b Jul 7 1739
Beulah/Boolah-504 b Oct 2 1741; her will, Southold, Jul 27 1825 
Deborah-505 b Jan 17 1743-4

HENRY MOORE-412, son of Thomas-301 & Jane Moors, was born Dec 19 1719 and died Apr 24 1783; he m 1) Nov 1 1744 Temperance Conkling, who died before 1760; he m 2) Jun 5 1760 Patience Young, and 3) Mary ----, who died Nov 15 1783; 
issue, first marriage

Temperance-506 b Oct 9 1748 m Dec 3 1766 James Tuthill 
Lydia-507 b Nov 15 1751 m Sep 20 1772 David Conkling 
Henry-508 b Nov 5 1753 m Katurah Petty 
John-509 b Jan 27 1756
James-510 b Feb 25 1758 by Dec 10 1758

DR, MICAH MOORE-418, son of Benjamin-307 & Abigail Moore, was born ca 1714 and died Feb 8 1776; he married 1) pr 1734 ---- 2) Abigail (Hempstead) Ledyard da Robert Hempstead of Southold and relict of John Ledyard there; she was born ca 1728 and died 1805 as 77;

First Marriage 

Second Marriage 
Abigail-513 b 1765
Julia/Juilana-514 b 1756 
Phebe-515 b 1769

     Micah-418 was "a respectable physician and an ornament and pillar to the church," according to Griffin's Journal (M17). That account says his second wife Abigail was the daughter of Robert Hempstead of Southold and that she married as 18 John Ledyard, who then lived in Groton, Conn. But Ledyard died at sea in the prime of life in 1756. About 1765, having been a widow nine years, she married again.

     The will of Micah-418, Southold Dec 24 1773 probated Feb 8 1776, mentions the five daughters listed above, calling Jerusha and Mary the two oldest.

SIMON MOORE-424 ,,son of Benjamin-307 & Abigail Moore, born ca 1718 died 1802, married 1) Apr 18 1737 Abigail Hallock b ca 1745 died Jul 21 1758 ae 455 years 11 months; 2) Ann ----- b ca 1722 d 1778 ae 56; 3) Dec 29 1778 Hannah Howell b ca.1730 d'1796 as 66; 
issue first marriage:

Mary-529 b Mar 24 1738 d Aug 15 1758 as 20, m Apr 6 1756 Dr. Stephen Halsey b Apr 13 1733 d Sep 15-16 1793; they had one child, Dr; Stephen Halsey b 
     Nov 21 1756 d Jan 25 1837 m Hamutal Howell b Jun 8 1762 d Sep 14 1848; they had Mary b May 12 1787 d 1819, Herman b Jul 16 1793 d Mar 23 1891, 
     and Hugh b Jun 26 1794 d May 29, 1858. A descendant, Dr. Hugh Halsey of Southampton, N.Y. is the source of my information on this family.
Abigail-530 b ca 1741 d Sep 10 1758 ae 17.
Martha-516 b ca 1745 d Sep 21 1758 as 13.
Benjamin-517 a probable son b ca 1752 d 1754 as 2.

     The will of Simon-424, Southold May 3 1801 probated Mar 30 1802 mentions wife Nelly, grandson Stephen Halsey, kinsman Silas Vail - and raises problems; who was wife Nelly, and who was kinsman Silas Vail? Simon, his three wives as given above, and children Martha. and Benjamin are buried in the old burying groundd of the Presbyterian Church in Southold, but I have no record of wife Nelly. As for Kinsman Silas Vail, his niece Rhoda-519 (below) married Elisha Vail.

SILAS MOORE-425 , son of Benjamin-307 & Abigail Moore, was born probably ca 1715-20 and died Aug 3 1786 se 71; he m 1) Mar 24 1737 Abigail Reeves d Jun 24 1750 ae 36 and 2) Sep 10 1750 Patience Hallock d Nov 23 1801; 

issue: First Marriage
Benjamin-518 b Nov 20 1742 d Sep 5 1816 m Mehitable Terry. 
Rhoda-519 b pr ca 1740 m Mar 3 1758 Elisha Vail.

issue: Second Marriage
Zadock-520 pr ca 1770 d 1791 m Feb 13 1787 Helen Osborn. Probate records list for Jun 1 1791 Southold an inventory of his goods and chattels, wife Helen, in 
     the presence of Jonathan Terry and Benjamin Moore. He had a half-brother Benjamin. 
Grover-521 b pr ca 1770 d 1825 m Beulah ----.

     The will of Silas-425, Southold Apr 14 1786 pr Aug 12 1786, mentions wife Patience, son Benjamin dau Rhoda Vail, sons Zadock & Grover, brother Simon.

JOHN MOORE-430 , eon of John-317 & Elizabeth (Cheek) Moore, was born ca 1712 and married 1732 Rachel Conklin; 

John-522 b ca 1738 "of Rocky Point" d Feb 6 1811 m Mehitabel Havens (#540). 
Abigail-523 b Dec 31 1746 d Oct 14 1831 m Benjamin Havens-541, brother of Mehitable. 
Thomas-524 b ca 1733 d 1803 "of Sterling" (near Rocky Point).

     This, admittedly, is a somewhat speculative situation. There is no documented evidence of the lines I have established - Thomas-1, Nathaniel-2, John-3, 4, 5 above - but Griffin's Journal gives the basis for it as follows: "Thomas Moore who died near Sterling in 1803 aged about 70 was for some time supervisor . . . . John Moore of Rocky Point, his contemporary, who reared a large family of sons and daughters.(Mallman gives nine) was, we understand, his next of kin. If so, Thomas Moore who died in 1691 and left his property to his two sons, John and Nathaniel, was progenitor of Thomas of Sterling and John of Rocky Point. This John (Rocky Point) was the son of John Moore who was the son of Nathaniel Moore who was the son of Thomas who died in 1691."

     I follow that reasoning and find it sound, but I believe there is another linkin the chain which Griffin missed: I believe there were three Johns instead of two, and I have established it by using such vital statistics as are available. It was John of Rocky Point who married Mehitable Havens in 1758; he died in 1811; Mehitable was born ca 1744, so he was probably born before that - ca 1738-1740.

     John-317, son of Nathaniel, was born probably ca 1670, and he married in 1696, hence it is highly improbably that he fathered John of Rocky Point in 1738 or thereabouts, so there must have been a generation in between - and John-430, born ca 1712, would fit nicely in that spot; he married Rachel Conklin by whom he had a son John whom I have called John-522. Mather lists a John Moore-3 "who may have been the one named by Griffin whose son John m Rachel Conkling." This tends to confirm a generation between the first and third John. and that is my assumption. On that basis, the dates involved fit more logically.

     I further consider it quite likely that the Abigail Moore who married Benjamin Havens-541 was another child of John-420, as indicated above,, for reasons elsewhere stated, among them the fact that siblings at that time quite often married siblings. The Thomas of Sterling, who died in 1803 as covered by Griffin, would be another child; there could well have been more.

     A patent, No. 65, covering 28 acres of land in Orange County was issued in 1740 to a. John Moore (M4). Mather (M22), speaking of John-4 says "his name occurs in the Drange County patents." Three different land grants were made to a John Moore in 1790 in payment for military service. The John who was granted the land patent probably, was, John-430,. who married Rachel Conklin in 1732. There may have been more than one John who saw service in the Revolutionary War, but if one of them was of this family, it would have been John-522, born in 1738.

     If John-430 was indeed the one who was the Orange County patentee,, it is interesting to note that his daughter (my assumption) Abigail moved with her husband, Benjamin Havens, to Orange County before the Revolutionary War, where they raised a family and died. I have never been able to find record of any deed to Benjamin Havens in that period, and if my assumptions are correct, he might have dwelt on his father-in-law's land.

HENRY MOORE-508 , son of Henry-412 & Temperance (Conkling) Moore, was born Nov 5 1753 and married Feb 9 1777 Katurah Petty: 
Katurah-601 by Aug 8 1779, twin of 
Hannah-602 by Aug 8 1779, second twin. 
John-603 by May 12 1782. 
Henry-604 by Oct 12 1783. 
Lydia-605 by Apr 30 1786.

BENJAMIN MOORE-518 , son of Silas-425 & Abigail (Reeve) Moore, was born Nov 20 1742 died Apr 5 1816; he married Sep 1769 Mehitable Terry:
Mehitable-606 b Jul 1 1771 m Nov 30 1791 Benjamin Goldsmith Jr. 
Persis-607 b Apr 4 1773.
Abigail-608 b Aug 18 1775.
Silas-609 b Dec 22 1777.
Benjamin-610 b Mar 18 1780 m Cynthia Howell.
Joseph-611 b Nov 16 1782 m Anna Cleveland_

     Benjamin-518's marriage record says he was of Cutchogue. It is interesting to speculate on the situation in this family, when one analyzes the facts contained in some of the probate records available to me. I have been unable to find any record of a will or letters of administration covering him, but there are such records for his half-brothers Zadock and Grover, and of Grover's wife Beulah; these records are quite informative. (The father, Silas-425 died 1786.)
     Half-brother Zadock-520 was the first to die, in 1791. He evidently died intestate, for the only record I could find was of an inventory of his goods and chattels in June of 1791. 
     Benjamin-518 died in 1816; as stated above, I found no probate record.
     Grover-521, half-brother of Benjamin, who died in 1825, made a will in 1819 that mentions his wife Beulah, Benjamin Moore's son Calvin, Silas Moore's son Silas, Joseph Moore's son Smith, Beulah Moore Webb, Grover Moore Webb, Joseph Moore, and nephew Joseph Moore. This tells us that his three nephews, Silas, Benjamin and Joseph, had sons Silas, Calvin and Smith, respectively. It also tells us that one of his nieces married a Webb, for the two Webb beneficiaries are presumably children of such a marriage. He had three nieces (daughters of his half-brother Benjamin), Mehitable, Persis and Abigail. Inasmuch as we know that Mehitable married a Goldsmith, presumably Persis or Abigail married a Webb and had the children named.
     Grover's will also tells us, I believe, that Benjamin-518 was the only one of the four children of Silas-425 who had children, for his children are the only ones mentioned in Grover's will. The will of his widow Beulah, dated the year of Grover's death (1825), mentions only one Moore: Grover, son of Benjamin Moore, which tells us that Benjamin-518 had another son, Grover, in addition to those I found in the Pennypacker Collection (M18).

GROVER MOORE-521 , son of Silas-425 & Patience Hallock, died in 1825; he married Beulah Hudson, with the following 

Prudence-620 m 1810 E. W. Case. Prudence was born after 1784, pr ca 1790.

     As covered under Benjamin-518,- much of our information is gained from the Pennypacker Collection (M18) and Grover's will, plus that of his wife Beulah. His will, Southold Sep 11 1819 pr Apr .11 1825 (Liber E p109): wife Beulah, Benjamin Moore's son Calvin, Silas Moore's son Silas, Joseph Moore's son Smith, Beulah Moore Webb, Grover Moore Webb, Joseph Moore, nephew Joseph Moore.
     His wife's will, Southold Jul 27, 1825: brother Richard Hudson, Troy, sister Hepzibah Archularius, brother Daniel Hudson, Troy, and his daughter Esther Carpenter; Grover Moore son of Benjamin Moore; Silas Moore witness (Liber E p 133). Her will gives us her maiden name, missing. from the Pennypacker Collection, and it tells us that her brother-in-law Benjamin-518 had a son Grover, missing from the Pennypacker Collection.
     The Pennypacker information does, however, say that there may have been other children besides Prudence-620. It also states that Grover was listed in the 1800 census as having one daughter under 16, which makes her birth date after 1784 - probably ca 1790, assuming she married ae about 20, or even earlier.

JOHN MOORE-522 , son of John-430 & Rachel IConklin) Moore, was born probably 1738 and died Feb 6 1811; he married Nov 30 1758 Mehitable Havens b ca 1742 daughter of John-426 & Patience (Tuthill) Havens; 

Elizabeth-612 b ca 1775 d Oct 16 1861/2 Greenport m Jan 15 1805 Luther Tuthill b ca 1774/8 Oysterponds d Apr 5 1843/54 Greenport son Jeremiah (1744) & 
     Lois (King) Tuthill (M24).
Rachel-613 d Oct 11 1780.
John-614 d unmarried
Patience-615 d unmarried.
Daniel-616 b Mar 8 1764 d Jul 30 1835 m Ruth Vail.
Shadrach-617 b Oct 28 1767 d Jul 30 1833 m Mehitable Rackett. 
Joseph-618 b 1768 d Dec 7 1842 m Anna Cleveland. 
Mary-619 pr b ca 1770 m Nov 30 1786 John Wiggins; 5 children
Mehitable-622 m Dec 24 1795 James Griffing; 8 children. She was listed first by Mailman but was last to marry.

THOMAS MOORE-525 , son of Thomas-406 & Hannah Moore, died 1783; 

Jeremiah-623, wife unknown.
Elizabeth-624 m  Bailey & had dau Frances. Elizabeth was a widow when her father died in 1783.
Jane-625 m  Hazard.
Hannah-626 m  Hilliard.
Mary-627 m  Hutchinson; one record (M8) says she married Sylvester Lester.

     The information above was obtained from surrogate's records of the wills of Thomas-406 and Thomas-525, the latter dated Feb 28 1783 proved Sep 13 1783 Southold: son Jeremiah, gr-ch Luther, Christopher and Frances dau of Elizabeth Bailey (widow), plus daughters Jane Hazard, Hannah Hilliard, Mary Hutchinson, and Elizabeth Bailey. There being no mention of his wife, we are left to assume she had predeceased him. The two grandsons Luther and Christopher would be the children of son Jeremiah, for children of the four daughters are mentioned by their full names; that is, their mothers' married names.

CALVIN MOORE-526, son of Thomas-406 & Hannah Moore, died 1813; he married Margaret ----; 


     One of these daughters married a L'Hommedieu and another, a Youngs, for grandchild Betsy L'Hommedieu is mentioned in his will, and son-in-law Joshua P. Youngs is named administrator of the estate of his wife Margaret, who survived him and died in 1833/4 (L/A granted Jan 28 1834).

SILAS MOORE-609  son of Benjamin-518 & Mehitable (Terry) Moore, was born Dec 22 1777. His wife is unknown; issue:
Silas-720, who is mentioned in the will of his great-uncle Grover-521. See analyses of that will under Benjamin-518.

BENJAMIN MOORE-610 , son of Benjamin-518 & Mehitable (Terry) Moore, born Mar 18 1780 married Dec 29 1804 Cynthia Howell;

Calvin-721 b Mar 1 1808 d Jun 27 1886 Cutchogoe, m 1) Mary Ann Tuthill 2) Anna Benjamin.

JOSEPH MOORE-611, son of Benjarin-518 & Mehitable (Terry). Moore, was born Nov 16 1782; he married Jul 1 1806 Anna Cleveland;

Smith-722, who is mentioned in the will of his great-uncle Grover-521. See analyses of that will under Benjamin-518.

DANIEL MOORE-616, son of John-522 & Mehitable (Havens) Moore, was born Mar 8 1764 and died Jul 30 1835; he married Ruth Vail b Jul 27 1764 d Oct 4 1817 da Stephen & Ruth (Terry) Vail;

Lucretia-701 m James Brown.
Bethiah-704 b Nov 20 1787 m Jan 3 1828 Jeremiah Hackett; no issue. 
Elizabeth-705 m -- Smith.
Roxanna-706 d unmarried.
Mary-708 m Robert Mack; two children (Mall. 32). 

SHADRACH MOORE-617 , son of John-522 & Mehitable (Havens) Moore, was born Oct 28 1767 and died Jul 30 1833; he married Mehitable Rackett b Apr 2 1769 d Nov 31 1848; 

Erastus-711 b Aug 2 1794 d Feb 8 1871 m Elizabeth Walton.
Serepta-712 b Feb 14 1796 d Nov 25 1888 m James Wiggins; 3 children (Mall. 34). 
Rachel-713 b Sep 19 1797 d Dec 10 1884 m Charles Overton; 4 children (Mall. 46). 
Mehitable-714 b Mar 27 1799 d Apr 30 1881 m Moses Griffing; 2 children. 
Sarah-715 b Jan 31 1801 m Elias Richmond.
Lydia-716 b Feb 4 1807 d Aug 23 1881 m Terry Rackett; 3 children (Mall. 36). 
David-717 b Nov 25 1810 d Jun 1847 unmarried.
Hannah-718 b Apr 25 1813 d 1815.

JOSEPH MOORE-618 , son of John-522 & Mehitable (Havens) Moore, was born 1768 and died Dec 7 1842; he married Jul 2 1806 Anna Cleveland of Southold b 1770-1 d Mar 6 1838;

Joseph Cleveland-719 b 1809 drowned Oct 29 1835.

ERASTUS MOORE-711 son of Shadrach-717 & Mehitable (Hackett) Moore, was born Aug 2 1794 and died Feb 8 1871; he married 1) Jan 2 1819 Elizabeth Walton b 1802 d Oct 4 1820; m 2) Oct 27 1822 Jennette Rackett b Jun 26 1787 d Apr 5 1873 da Daniel H & Desire Rackett; 

First Marriage:
BetsyA-801 b Sept 16 1820 m Thomas A Wiggins; 1 child.

Second Marriage:
Caroline A-802 b Jul 3 1823M Nov 16 1845 Joseph Goldsmith; 5 children (Mall. 66). 
Daniel G-803 b Apr 20 1855 m Melvina P. Glover. 
Hannah L-804 b May 28 1827 d Sep 17 1855.
Bethiah A-805 b Feb 17 1829 m Feb 1 1 1853 Moses Cleveland; no issue.
Harriet E-806 b Oct 3 1832 d Jul 20 1869 m Mar 11 1853 Henry C. Cleveland; 3 ch. (Ma67). 
Jennette D-807 b Oct 8 1834 m Aug 11 1859 Alexander B Horton; 2 ch. (Ma68). 
Mary C-808 b Apr 4 1837 d Sep 25 1837.
Benjamin F-809 b Aug 25 1839 m Lydia A. Payne.
Mary E-810 b Feb 4 1843 m May 18 1863 Theron W. Squires; 5 children.

CALVIN MOORE-721 (M24), son of Benjamin-610 & Cynthia (Howell) Moore, born Mar 1 1808 died Jun 27 1886 Cutchogue, married 1) Jan 9 1832 Mary Ann Tuthill b Sep 26 1808 Cutchogue d Oct 11 1865 Cutchogue da David & Mary (Terry) Tuthill; m 2) Hannah Benjamin b Aug 28 1807 d Oct 5 1988 da Isaiah T & Cora (Corwin) Benjamin, widow of Isaac T. Tuthill; issue first marriage:
SilasHenry-811 bJun 27 1833.
Emily Tuthill-812 b Apr 25 1836 d Jan 25 1912 unm. Isaac Terry-8 13 b Sep 13 1838.
Ira Brewster-814 b Sep 13 1838 m Rhoda Tuthill b 1844. Benjamin Franklin-815 b Oct 17 1840 d Jun 11 1897 unm. Orrin Goldsworth-816 b Jul 8 1842.
Child-817 d young.
Child-818 d young.
Calvin Oscar-819 b Mar 1 1852.
Calvin-721 was mentioned in the will of his great-uncle Grover-521. See analysis of that will under Benjamin-518.
DANIEL G. MOORE-803 (Mall. pp 168-9), son of Erastus-711 & Elizabeth (Walton) Moore, was born Apr 20 1825 and married Nov 2 1850 Melvina P. Glover; issue: Marvin-901.

BENJAMIN F. MOORE-809, son of Erastus-711 & Elizabeth (Walton) Moore, was born Aug 25 1839 and married Oct 13 1862 Lydia A. Payne b Sep 9 1846 daughter of Alanson & Charity (Hart) Payne; 

Franklin C-903 b Aug 30 1865 m Elizabeth Smith; 1 ch d infancy.


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