Rock John Smith's Descendants Recorded on Unique Monument
Old-time Names Sound Odd in These Days - Many People in This Area Directly Related to Those Listed

John "Rock" Smith's Descendants
Recorded on Unique Monument in Lakeview Cemetery, Patchogue
     This eccentric monument, erected in 1909 in Lakeview cemetery, Patchogue, NY., purports to show the "complete" genealogy of the "Rock" Smiths from early Colonial days to Mrs. Ruth Newey Smith, who erected the monument. Hundreds of names are inscribed on the monument. This monument was transcribed by Mrs. Caleb M. Edwards, and appeared in the Long Island newspaper, Newsday, 16 Sep 1993. Unfortunately several errors have since been identified which makes the account fundamentally flawed.  "Joshua Smith of Coram was not a descendant of the "Rock" Smiths, as stated on the monument, and repeated by Mather (at p. 564), and countless others since.  Nor was he a descendant of Arthur Smith, "the Quaker", who happened to build his home in Setauket against a large rock.  His correct ancestry is Joshua-5, John-4, William-3, Bartholomew-2, William-1, as first pointed out by Jacobus in 1949 (TAG 25:68), and as corrected and amplified by Fred C. Hart in 2003 (TAG 78:30)."  -Ted Sanford
     Even so, the monument is extremely interesting.

     A monument of unique character is the statue-surrounded shaft of gray metal composition shown herewith, which was erected by the late Mrs. Ruth Newey Smith in Lakeview cemetery, on the sides of the base being a complete genealogy of  the "Rock" Smiths from early Colonial days down to Mrs. Smith's time. She was one of four sisters, women of distinctive character and talent, and probably she had this in mind in having the four women's figures made part of the monument. They are Faith, Hope, Charity and Liberty. The inscription has been donated as transcribed and corrected by Ted Sanford.
(South Side)
Erected in memory of father and mother, Micah and Betsey Newey Smith, and my three sisters, Charlotte G., Betsey Ann, and Augusta J.
- By Ruth Newey Smith -
"Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee".
John Smith, (called Rock John,) lived in Stamford, Conn., for a while in 1641; then in Setauket, L.I., in 1655; His son John had an only son Joshua, who married Margaret, dau. of David and Mary Swezey Edwards, son of Jonathan, one of the first settlers of Setauket; a sister of Benajah Edwards, and also of the wife of Daniel Brewster, Jr., son of Daniel Brewster, Sr., who was the third son of the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster, the first settled minister of Setauket.  John the 2nd settled in Coram, 1657.
Joshua Smith and Margaret Edwards, his wife, had issue to wit: Ananias 1st, born Mar. 7, 1729, married Desire Swezey; Isaac, born Mar. 1, 1731; settled in Coram, died Feb. 6, 1789; Mary, born Mar. 1, 1733; Bethiah, born Sept. 27, 1735; Sarah, born June 1, 1738; Jonathan, born May 8, 1741; Daniel, born Mar. 20, 1744 (called Pointer Daniel); Ruth, born Jan. 22, 1746, married John Birdsey, of Middletown, Conn; Phebe, born June 14, 1749.
Ananias 1st, and Desiar, his wife, had issue to wit: Sarah, born Mar. 23, 1755, had three husbands, Beebe, Yarrington and Smith; Joanna, born Dec. 17, 1762, married Humphrey Avery; Ananias 2nd, born July 26, 1764, (or 1753, H.F.S.) married Desiar Smith, only dau of Uriah and Desiar Yarrington; Daniel, born Oct. 10, 1768, married Hannah Moger, died Apr. 1, 1850; Joshua, born May 5, 1771, married Mary Gerard who was born Jan. 15, 1776; Jerusha, born 1773, married Phineas Rose, died Oct. 31, 1846; Betsey, married John Rider; Mary, married Abraham Duryea; Hannah, married Moses Marvin; Stephen, never married.

Daniel, son of Ananias 1st, married Hannah Moger and had issue to wit: Micah, born Jan. 12, 1792, married Betsey Newey, Jan. 6, 1816; Charlotte, born July 24, 1793, died Sept. 24, 1794; Catherine, born June 24, 1795, married Wm. Newins, Mar. 31, 1812; Ann, born Apr. 16, 1797, married James Smith, Sept. 10, 1819; Huldah, born Dec. 3, 1798, married Harry Smith, Apr. 26, 1821, died Oct. 18, 1849; Hannah, born Dec. 1, 1800, married Wm. Smith, April 26, 1821, died Apr. 27, 1846; Wallace, born Jan. 18, 1803, married Deborah Duryea, Jan. 15, 1828;
Esther, born May 1, 1806, married Benjamin Case, Jan. 17, 1828; Nelson, born Jan. 2, 1808, married Ann Woodhull, Jan. 15, 1829, died Apr. 16, 1830; Wm. Clark, born Feb. 17, 1810, married Eliza Baker, Sept. 12, 1831, died Nov. 4, 1851.  Catherine, wife of Wm. Newins had a large family of sons and daughters; Esther, wife of Benj. Case, had two sons and two daughters, Benj., Daniel, Mary and Martha; Hannah, wife of Wm. Smith, of Hempstead, had a family of sons and daughters; Huldah, wife of Harry Smith, had no  issue; Charlotte died an infant; Ann, wife of James Smith, son of Thomas Smith, born at Hempstead, Nov. 7, 1771, died Aug. 21, 1825; Mary Edwards, wife of Thomas, born at Sayville, Aug. 23, 1772; James Smith, son of Thomas and Mary, born at Sayville, Apr. 27, 1796, died Jan. 23, 1846; Ann and James, had issue to wit: John H., Thomas H., Catherine, James D., Sarah, and Charles G.; Wallace was a sea captain, had a family; Nelson, married but had no issue; Wm. Clark, who married Eliza Baker, had a family to wit: Floyd, married Henrietta Mapes, issue, Irving, Edwin, Everett, and Carrie; Sarah Elizabeth, married Freeman Mattern, issue, Frank and William; Temy Ann, married Capt. George Mapes, had one son, Millard; Willet, married Melissa Terrel, had one dau., who married Coleman Gordon; George Jefferson, married Mary E. Smith; Emily Jane, married Samuel Geo. Chapman, had two sons, Noble, and Wm. Issue of George J. and Mary, to wit: Ida Jos., Lizzie Maud, Horatio, Maria, Lila May and Lillia J.
Sarah Smith, dau. of Ananias 1st, born Mar. 23, 1755, died Mar. 4, 1833, married Eliphalet Beebe, of Orient, L.I., born July 1, 1750, issue, Betsey, and Sally; 2nd husband, Wm. Yarrington, of Coram; 3rd husband, Isaac Smith, of Coram, (Bull Smith,) father of Polly Jonah Smith, mother of Oliver Perry Smith of Patchogue, N.Y.  Betsey Beebe, born Oct. 23, 1789, daughter of Sarah, married Joseph Avery; Joseph Avery, born May 8, 1790, married June 30, 1811, had issue to wit: Maria, born Nov. 1, 1813, died Oct. 6, 1836; Humphrey, born Mar. 17, 1818, died Sept. 26, 1846; Sarah, born Apr. 22, 1820; Eliza, born Aug.7, 1822, died May 7, 1891; Welden, born Jan. 8, 1825, died Aug. 12, 1865; Beebe, born Mar. 2, 1827, died May 8, 1862; Rosilla, born Mar. 7, 1830, died Oct. 27, 1886; Emeline, born Jan. 27, 1832, - living.  Eliza, married Warren Hawkins, issue, 3 sons, 1 dau.; Welden married Mary Buckingham, 1 son, 1 dau,; Rosilla, married Wm. C. Rogers, 1 dau, Emma Jane, born Apr. 9, 1874, who married Clifford C. Greene, 1 son, Wilson C., born Sept. 7, 1897.
(East Side)
Sally Beebe, daughter of Sarah, dau. of Ananias Smith 1st, married Stephen Roe, issue, Lester, Thomas, Matilda and Betsey.  Lester Roe married, had son and dau., Thomas Lester, and Mary, both have children.  Hannah Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, born Oct. 10, 1759, died 1826, married Moses Marvin, had issue to wit: Daniel, born Nov. 20, 1780; Seth, born Nov. 20, 1783; Moses, born Mar. 27, 1786; Jerusha, born Aug. 7, 1788, died 1869, married Still; Joseph, born Mar. 22, 1790, died Aug. 14, 1885, married Sally Hammond; Nathan, born Nov. 5, 1793, died Nov. 11, 1825, married Sally Danes, sister to Peter and Nelson Danes of Blue Point, had a son and a daughter, Moses and Mary.  Moses married Almedia Wheeler, had 2 sons and 1 daughter.  Mary married George Jennings, had 2 sons and 2 dau., all have families.
Joseph Marvin, son of Hannah and Moses, had issue to wit: Maria, born May 15, 1810, married Major Charles Smith, issue, Edgar, Nathaniel, Agnes, Joseph; Hammond, born 1814, married Sarah Leek, issue 9 children; Phebe, born 1818, married Wm. Clark Beal, issue, 4 children; Sarah, born 1820, married Brainard Beal, issue 5 children; Electa, born 1822, married Thomas Conklin, no issue; Henrietta, born 1824, single; Hannah, born _____ married Sylvester Homan, issue 1 son 2 daughters; John Calvin born _____ single; Mary Zuba, born _____ married Theodore Hutchinson, had twins, Alonzo and Grace; Grace married Emmett Howell, had 1 son and 2 daughters,
Joanna Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, born Dec. 17, 1762, married Humphrey Avery, born Thursday, July 12, 1750, had issue to wit: Lucinda Humphrey, married; Joseph, married Betsey Beebe, daughter of Sarah by her 1st husband, June 30, 1811, had 3 sons and 5 daughters; Susan, married; Elizabeth (Betsey) married; Joanna, Jr., William married Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Elkana (Bull Smith) had issue to wit: William Nelson, Walter, Joseph, Edward, John, Salem, Jacob, Harriet and Miama, 7 sons and 2 dau; Salem, married.  Lucinda Avery, born May 11, 1788, died Feb. 13, 1879, married June 25, 1807, Zebalon Gillette, born Nov. 4, 1778, died Feb. 27, 1828, had issue to wit: Gelston, born Oct. 31, 1808, 1st wife Rosella Randell, had 3 sons, Filander, Gillette, and John; 2nd wife, Charlotte Terry, issue Hannah M., Isaac, and Cornelia; Edgar, born Nov. 19, 1811, died Sept. 5, 1893, 1st wife, Jane Mills, issue, Edward, Daniel, Henry, Emma, and Isaac, 2nd wife, Amy Weeks, 1 son, John; Lucinda born June 27, 1814, died young; Lucille, born April 7, 1816, (alive now,) married Austin Roe, Aug. 24, 1836; Austin Roe, born Mar. 2, 1808, died Aug. 13, 1893, had issue to wit: Justus, born Nov. 4, 1837, married Martha Ketcham, issue 4 sons, 2 dau, Howard, Austin, Agnes, Henry, Florence, Nathaniel; (This branch runs into ten generations from "Rock John")

Amelia, born May 31, 1840, married Charles Burd, issue, Clara and Charles; George C., born Oct. 15, 1844, lost at sea near Cape Horn, Apr. 17, 1863; Sarah G., born Dec. 9, 1850, died Oct. 18, 1866; Gelston G., born Oct. 28, 1852, married Ella Robinson, one son, George; Emma B., born Feb. 19, 1855, married John Newton, issue Lucille, Raymond, Millard and Gillette; Howard, died in infancy; Mary G., born May 27, 1820, died Sept. 13, 1876, married Richard Howell, issue Charles Z., Caroline and Edgar; Charles Z., born Jan. 12, 1827, died June 2, 1906, married Phebe Edwards, issue, Ida, Edw., Lucille, and Inez.
Descendants of Daniel Smith, son of Ananias 1st, grandfather and great-grandfather of Ruth N. Smith: Hannah Moger Smith, wife of Daniel, born June 11, 1769, read the Bible through 69 times, died Jan. 27, 1852; issue, Wallace, died September 17, 1852; Catherine, died March 25, 1857; Micah, died February 24, 1875; Ann, died July 21, 1876; Betsey Newey, wife of Micah Smith, died January 30, 1867, Micah Smith and Betsey Newey, daughter of Rev. Simon Newey and Ruth Darling Goldsmith, born September 29, 1798, had issue to wit:
Samuel Newey, born Jan. 1, 1817; Andrew Jackson, born Feb. 2, 1819, living; Edgar, born Dec. 30, 1820; Charlotte G., born Jan. 22, 1823; Brewster, born Mar. 26, 1825, Betsey Ann, born Mar. 22, 1828; Augusta J., born March 20, 1831; Bradley Sellick, born March 26, 1833; Ruth Newey, born Dec. 17, 1835, has read the Bible through 89 times; Orin Brewster, born Sept. 9, 1839; Capt. Samuel N., married Sarah C. Bailey, died Oct. 7, 1897, had issue to wit: Brewster, Jessie, Gussie, Ruth, Lincoln, Samuel, Jay, Charlotte and Olive; Edgar never married, died Dec. 14, 1888.
Charlotte G. married Chas. Hy. Keech, died August 5, 1887; Brewster died Oct. 6, 1840; Betsey Ann, married John L. Roberts, M.D., died Dec. 7, 1897; Augusta J. married, died January 8, 1901; Capt. Bradley S., married Emily Clark, in England, drowned March 26, 1867, off Cape Hatteras, Steamship Juno, all on board lost; Ruth Newey, married Albert Smith.  Had one son; Orin B., married Frances Ann Lyon.  Gardner C.G. Smith, son of Albert and Ruth Newey Smith, born 8 Dec. 1868, married Nellie L. Wellington, and had issue to wit Wellington, born Saturday, Mar. 6, 1897; Albert Charles, born Wednesday, April 6, 1898; Bradley Newey born Wednesday 1:20 P.M., Oct. 16, 1907; Ruth Kasefang, born Friday 9 A.M., Feb. 5, 1909, No. 458 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, New York.  [Died Jan. 10, 1972]

(North Side)
Joshua, son of Ananias 1st, born May 5, 1771, married Mary Gerard, Oct. 15, 1793,died Feb. 1, 1844; Mary Gerard born Jan. 15, 1776, issue: Joshua 2nd, born March 4, 1794, died July 29, 1882, age 88 years; Lydia born Aug. 4, 1796, married Charles Homan; William, born July 7, 1798, married Abigail Tuttle; Jeremiah, born June 25, 1800, died Feb. 23, 1810.  Joshua 1st again married a widow, Elizabeth Robinson Smalling, issue: Nancy E., born March 20, 1834, married Wm. Hiram Newins, Nov. 23, 1851, had issue 3 sons, 2 daughters.  Joshua 2nd married Ann Maria Hammond, Feb. 22, 1816, issue, to-wit: Edmund Brewster, born Dec. 1, 1816, no issue; Phebe Ann, born Aug. 16, 1818, married Stephen Weeks, had 5 sons and 2 daughters; Coleman Nicholas, born May 14, 1820, married Esther Ann Smith, had family of sons and daughters.  Jerusha, daughter of Ananias Smith 1st, married Phineas Rose, had issue to-wit: Lester, drowned Dec. 1, 1827; Rumsey, married Temperance Osborn, 2 sons, Phineas Lester and Charles E.; Cyntha, married David Wicks, three daughters; Betsey, born Sept. 18, 1803, married Ananias Smith 3rd, who was born March 15, 1790; issue 3 sons and 2 daughters, Phineas Rose and son Lester, Isaac Ruland and Wm. Risley, were coming from New York to Patchogue in the sloop "Lenity" which capsized on Fire Island bar, and all were drowned 1st Dec, 1827.  Phineas L. Rose had an only daughter, Jane F.; Charles Edwin Rose born Dec. 20, 1834, married Madeline L. Roe, born July 24, 1838, had issue, to wit: Henrietta E., born Nov. 2, 1857, one son; Charles Gunther, born April 17, 1859, two daughters; Theodosia Bell, born Oct. 23, 1861, one son; Fred Lester, born Sept. 30, 1866, two sons, Walter Scott, born Dec. 28, 1870, two daughters.
Descendants of Mary, daughter of Ananias 1st, and Abraham Duryea: Mary, married James Jayne, moved to Oneida Co., N.Y.; Ruth, married Jacob Southard, settled at Rockaway, L.I., had 2 daughters, Betsey and Peggy; Julia, married _____ Osborn, issue, Adeline and Mary Elizabeth; Henry, married and lived at Wading River, L.I.; Rebecca, married Hy. Duryea, issue, Fanny, Palmira and Deborah.  Fanny married Loyd Bryant.  Palmira married Elihu Mathews, had issue.  Deborah, born Sept. 28, 1812, married Wallace Smith, January 15, 1828, issue to wit: Amelia Ann, born Feb. 13, 1831; Palmira born May 31, 1832; Sarepta, born Nov. 7, 1834; Wm. Wallace, born Oct. 1836, Clark, born March 4, 1839; Rebecca, born Dec. 28, 1845; John, born Feb. 15, 1849; Samuel born June 25, `850.  Amelia Ann married Wm. Hy. Manning, April 21, 1850.  Sarepta married Charles Welch, had one child, Mary Catherine, who married James Stoddard, Apr. 4, 1872, issue, Mary Ellen, Alexander and William.

Descendants of Betsey Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, and John Rider , her husband:  John, Jr., married Phebe Smith, sister of "Submarine" Bill Smith; Mary, married Gershon Terry; Abigail, married David Terry; (2 brothers married 2 sisters.)  Betsey married Daniel Marvin, issue, Smith and Barney; Barnabus; Joshua; Smith, born Nov. 21, 1791, married Phebe Roe, died July 26, 1865, had issue, two daughters, Ellen, and Georgiana, born Apr. 22, 1828, died May 24, 1908.  Ellen Rider married Alfred Davis, issue to wit: Samuel Smith, married Alice Swezey, issue, Miller, Nellie, Bertha and Emma; Georgie R., married George F. Homan, issue Edw. and Jerome; Phebe Roe, married Charles Wallace Ruland, issue, Fred M., Clarence W., Ethel May, Hannah Smith, and John Ray; John Alfred, married Sefrona Meyers, issue, Phebe, George, Bessie, Senora, Wallace, Lucy, Mariah and Jerome.
Betsey Rider Marvin, 73 years old when she died; her son Barney, 69.
Ananias 2nd, born July 26, 1764, married Desiar, only daughter of Uriah and Desiar Yarrington Smith of Coram, L.I., N.Y., Sept. 7, 1788, had issue to wit:  Ananias 3rd, born Mar. 15, 1790, married Betsey Rose; Betsey, born Feb. 5, 1792, married Roger Avery; Daniel, born Mar. 29, 1794, married Lettie Turner; Charry, born Oct. 18, 1795, married John Avery; Uriah, born Mar. 23, 1798, married Anster Avery; Jason, born May 14, 1799, married Maria Hicks; Desiar, born Aug. 31, 1800, married Appollus Swezey.  Ananias 3d, married Betsey Rose who was born Sept. 18, 1803, had issue to wit: Ellen, Marshall, Timothy, and Washington.  Ellen married John Horton, had one son,  Smith Gunther, born Aug. 8, 1874, issue, Marion and Gerald.  Betsey , married Roger Avery, had issue to wit: Roger, Jr., Mary, Susan, John, Bathsheba, Anster, Esther, Samuel, Sabilla and Elizabeth, born Jan. 12, 1827, died Feb. 12, 1903, married Oct. 4, 1851, to Brewster H. Saxton, he, born Mar. 27, 1822, died July 9, 1888, son of Richard and Polly Hammond, issue: Geo. Wm., born Dec. 26, 1854, Libbie Foster, born Mar. 16, 1856; Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 9, 1860; Roger Avery, born Feb. 19, 1865, married Sept. 6, 1893, one son.  Daniel and Lettie Turner had issue to wit: Rose, Sally, Elvira, Kate, and Brewster.

 (West Side)
Charry, daughter of Ananias 2nd, born at Coram, married John Avery of Patchogue, May 2, 1814, died June 22, 1882, issue to wit: Wm., born Mar. 3, 1815, had issue, Mary E. and Augusta; Humphrey, born Dec. 2, 1816, had a family, John W., died in infancy, Charles W., married Grace A. Lane of Mattituck, issue, Irene Lupton and Humphrey Roger; Sally and Susan, (twins) born Apr. 1, 1819.  Susan married John Woodhull, Sally, married Clark Smith of Blue Point, had issue to wit: Clark, Jr., married Miami Avery, Harriet, married Jacob Avery, Sarah Jane, married Clark Smith, issue, Samuel A. and Emmett C., Mary Etta married Samuel L'Hommedieu, issue to wit: Jonah Wilson, Elizabeth, Emeline, Josephine, John, and Maggie; Harriet, Jan. 26, 1822, married Washington Smith, son of Ananias 3rd.  Uriah and Anster Avery had issue to wit: Marilla ; Rebecca, married Clark Howell, 2nd husband, James Swezey; Ann; Matilda, married Daniel Wheeler; Sarah; Clark, married Sarah Jane Smith, issue, two sons, Samuel A., born June 9, 1867, Emmett C., born Dec. 1, 1872.  Jason and Maria Hicks, issue to wit: Theodosia; Ann Amelia, married Jackson McGregor; Lydia, married George Able Wood; Mariah.
Desiar and Appollus Swezey, issue to wit: Huldah; Jennett, married Charles W. Baker, had 2 sons, Forest and Filmore; Calvin had family.  Children of Lizzie (Smith) Avery and Van Rensler Swezey, to wit: Floyd, Sarah, and Wm. Henry.
John Smith, (Medford Station John) son of Isaac 2nd, born 1785, married Sarah Corwin, dau. of Rev. Jacob Corwin, 1806, issue to wit: Jacob Baldwin, born June 17, 1807; John Rockwell, born Mar. 7, 1809; Ameila Ett, born Aug. 12, 1811; Alfred, born Mar. 26, 1814; Storrs Lester, born Aug. 28, 1816; Floyd, born Feb. 7, 1819; Sheldon Roe, born Dec. 17, 1822; Floyd Edgar, born Nov. 20, 1826.
Jacob Baldwin Smith married Eliza Davis, issue to wit: Deborah, married John Sweeney, 2nd husband, James Borland; John, married Louisa Seaman; George, died in Libby Prison; Clara, married Mr. Butler, 2nd husband, Mr. Abry; Angie, married B. Sweeney.
John Rockwell Smith married and had issue to wit: Betsey, Sarah, Merritt, Amelia Augusta, Floyd Edgar, and Gertrude.
Amelia Ett Smith married Jehial Hildreth Woodruff and had issue to wit: Wm. Edw., born Apr. 16, 1835; Amelia Augusta, born June 16, 1838; John Nichols Sanford, born Sept. 3, 1840; Emma Levina, born Aug. 28, 1842.  Alfred Smith married Elizabeth Terry, one son, Charles Floyd, born July 6, 1839, Storrs Lester Smith married Fanny Swezey, had issue, Francis A., Alice J., and Laura E.  Amelia Augusta, daughter of Amelia Ett married Capt. Humphrey Leaming, Mar. 4, 1860, issue: Inez, born feb. 27, 1864, married Judge Walter H. Jaycox; Byron, born Oct. 30, 1866; Gussie, born July 1, 1871, married Walter Scott Rose.

John Smith, (Station John) died Oct. 19, 1858, 73 years.  Sarah Corwin, wife of John, died April 17, 1873, age 83 years, 11 mo., and 3 days.  Floyd Edgar Smith, Capt. of Schooner Hiram E. Gerard, drowned Jan. 1853, coming from Baltimore to New York, and all on board were lost.
Richard W. Smith, of Coram, known as "Sheriff Dick", son of Joshua 2nd, son of Joshua 1st, son of John 2nd, who settled in Coram, 1657, had issue as recorded by the Rev. Smith Dayton, two sons, Joshua and Isaac.  Joshua died July 4, 1811, leaving two children at his death, Richard W., who married Julia Ann Westgate, daughter of John and Hannah Westgate, and Martha Smith who married Dr, John E. Elderkin, of Setauket.  Richard W. had 3 sons, Wm., Richard W. Jr., and John Edgar Smith.
There are several branches that have run into ten generations from "Rock John", our first ancestor.