Contributed by LEROY SMITH, Esq., of Brooklyn, N. Y.

July 1           Charles Woodhull to Polly Woodhull, Wading River.
Aug. 29        Methuselah Overton to Sally Still, Drowned Meadow.
Sept. 29       David Petty to Hannah Norton, Middle Island.
Nov.   7        James Haff to Sally Reeve, Moriches.
Nov. 18        Ezra Woodhull to Urania Miller, Wading River.
Dec.   29      Isaac Davis, Old Mans, to Catherine Woodhull, Wading River.

Feb.            James Woodhull to Charlotte Miller, Wading River.
June            Whitehead Hulse to Lydia Ruland, Moriches.
Sept. 2      Gilbert Hicks, Brooklyn, to Fanny Hawkins.
Nov.  6      Charles Reeve to Sally Raynor, both of Moriches.
Nov. 8        Albert Davis.to Clarissa Davis, Old Mans.
Nov. 8       Samuel F. Norton to Cynthia Hutchinson.

Apr. 22      Noah H:. Gillet to Hannah M. Swezey.
July 23      John Ruland to Fanny Turner.
Aug. 17      Richard Saxton to Polly Hammond.
Nov. 30      Charles Miller to Corinna Davis, Miller's Place.

Feb.           Oliver Davis to Sally Hulse.
June 6      Col. John Woodhull to Hannah Helme, both of Miller's Place.
Aug. 22     John B. Overton to Susan Ruland, Westfields.
Dec. 1       Davis Overton to Mary Terry.

Jan. 12      Mordecai Overton to Polly Still.
Jan. 19      _______ Bartoe to Sarah Overton.

Jan. 25      David Turner to Hannah Robinson.
Feb. 5      Ambiguously joined an ambiguous pair in an ambiguous hut at Brookfield.
July 10      Francis A. Wheeler to Elizabeth Swezey.
July 31      _________ Woodhull to Ann Miller, Wading River.

Sept.       Thomas Hulse to Mary Petty.
Oct.         Daniel Miller to Isabella Hawkins.
Dec. 14   Nathaniel Miller to Catherine Davis.

Jan.          H. Corwin to Miss Carter.
Jan. 18     John Rose to Ann Woodhull.
Jan. 25     Sheldon Roe to Docia Bell.
Jan. 31     Anselm Davis to Mary Swezey.
Feb. 1       Josiah Corwin to Abigail Skidmore.
Mar.          John Rose to Ann Woodhull.
Sept. 5     Richard Hawkins to Mary Laws.

Jan 31      Hiram Tuthill to Martha Davis.
May 15     John Swezey to Hannah M. Howel.
Oct. 10      Daniel Miller to Olivia Mills.
Dec. 13     Buel Davis to Clarissa Turner.
Dec. 13     William Horton to Sally Davis.
Dec. 19     Goldsmith Davis to Charita Tucker.

Oct. 17     Franklin Overton to Sarepta Davis.
Dec.         Smith Still to Maria Hawkins.
Dec.         Parshall Davis to Charita Davis, both of Old Mans.

Mar. 28      Ebenezer Hulse to Abigail Davis.
Dec.           Foster Hallock to Elvina Overton.

Feb.         Dr. John Miller to Maria Miller.
July           J. Bellows to Eveline Hulse.
Nov.         Seth Worth to Catherine Smith.

Jan. 13      Horace Randall to Sabra Davis.
May 25      Hiram Swezey to Elvina Smith.

Mar.           John Roe to Temperance Howell.
Mar.           Burgess Davis to Mary Norton.

Mar.           Rev. Noah H. Gillet to Elvira Swezey.
Mar.          _______ Woodhull to Harriet Bartoe, Fire Place.
June          Nathaniel Reeve to Miss Osborn, both of Bellport.
June          James Reeve (Reid) to Alma Hutchinson.
Oct.           Alfred Hawkins to Miss E. Overton.
Dec. 11     William Overton to Harriet Ruland.

Jan. 1        Nathan Bartoe to Mary Norton.
Sept.          J. Horton, Patchogue to Deborah Ann Edwards.
Oct. 12      Samuel Hallock to Betsey Petty.
Dec. 14      Samuel F. Norton to Eliza Swezey.
Dec. 15      Joel Norton to Jenett Davis.

Jan. 3      Nathaniel Homan. to Betsy Overton.
Jan. 13     Roe Davis to Catherine Baily.
Apr.         James Reeve to Hannah M. Randall.
July 24      Noah T. Swezey to Lydia Ann King.
July 26      Parker Robinson to Huldah Swezey.
Dec.10     Daniel Petty to Eliza Hulse.
Dec.12     Renselaer Swezey to Dorothy Davis:
Dec.13     Thomas J. King to Nancy Swezey.

Jan. 12      Smith Dayton to Ruth Roe.
Jan. 16      Samuel Homan to Sarah Ann Davis.
May          Briant Norton to Betsy Norton, both well stricken in years.
Aug.        Austin Roe to Lucilla Gillet.
Oct.19      Lester H. Davis to Clarissa Roe, Drowned Meadow.

Nov. 1      Albert Tuthill, Southold, to Amanda Norton.
Nov. 1      Jeremiah Glover to Susan Petty.
Dec.        Sylvester Homan to Raynor.
Dec.25     Thomas Rich to Mary J. Davis.
Dec.26     Simeon Rich to Mary E. Norton.

Jan. 24      Richard Baily to Harmony Swezey.
Dec. 19      Smith Roe, Patchogue, to Huldah Sophronia Randal.
Dec. 25      Clark Green, Islip, to Deborah Overton, Bellport.

Jan. 3      John Fordham to Abigail Reeve, Old Mans.
Jan. 8      Minor Davis, Middle Island, to Betsey Hutchinson, Old Mans.
Jan. 20      Joel Davis, Old Mans, to Sarah Maria Turner, Middle Island.
Jan. 31 1939 or 1940       Dr. Delafield, New York City, to Julia Floyd, Mastic.
Apr. 30 1939 or 1940       Alexander Wycofl, New York City, to Mary Russell, Longwood.
Sept. 1939 or 1940          Downs Swezey to Mary Jewett Jones, Rocky Point.

Mar. 2      Jesse Hulse to Jane Clark.
May 15      Lester Overton to Emily Turner.
May 20      Austin Randal to Mary E. Rich.
Sept. 28     Herman Petty to Charity Hulse.

Jan. 12     Smith Akerly to Jane Ann Hawkins, Old Mans.
Sept. 7     Alfred Akerly to Charry Angelia Dayton.
Dec.        Uriah Davis to Miss Howel.
Dec. 29    John Gildersleeve to Sarepta Dayton.

July 26      James Overton to Julia S. Swezey.

June 30      Wade Dickinson to Clarissa Jane Turner.
Sept. 21      Lester Homan to Sarah Elizabeth Overton.
Sept. 22      Thomas D. Bayles to Harriet Tuthill, both of Port Jefferson.

Dec. 4      Wm. E. Swezey to Maria E. Hallock.

Feb. 15      Richard N. Overton to Almira Nichols.
Feb. 22      Wm. W. Nichols to Mary Janette Overton.
Feb. 26      Geo. Cooper, Patchogue, to Temperance Ann Davis.
Dec. 6      Samuel W. Overton to Deborah Ann L'Hommedieu.

Jan. 17      James R. Hulse to Ann E. Dayton.
Oct. 11      Horace S. Overton to Irene W. Robbins.
Nov. 12      Holmes W. Swezey to Alma H. Gildersleeve.
Dec. 27      Sereno B. Overton to Hannah Homan.

Jan. 26     Theodore A. Turner to Hester N. Dayton. (He was of Bath, Maine.)
Apr. 12      Orlando F. Edwards to Mary F. Davis.
May 17      Daniel W. Gildersleeve to Harriet S. Overton.

Feb. 15     Layton M. Baldwin to Anna J. Turner. (She was the daughter of Joel Turner, and granddaughter of William Turner and Mary Cole. Wm. Turner was of Middle Island; his wife came from Sharon, Conn. )

Jan. 9      Joseph F. Davis to Clarissa A. Cherry.
June 15     Edgar G. Swezey to Ann E. Petty.

Mar. 4      Harlow A. Davis, Conn., to Elizabeth Nichols.
Nov. 4      Jacob Miller to Esther Jane Wiseman, both of the South Side.
Dec. 26     Charles J. Randall to Charlotte H. Overton.
Nov. 17     Lewis Edwards to Mrs. Martha Smith.

Mar. 24      Elbert Jotham Swezey to Sarah Martha Randall.
Apr. 16      Lewis S. Bishop to Emma R. Turner.
Aug. 28      James L'Hommedieu to Ann Eliza Davis.
Sept. 25      Richard S. Homan to Georgia A. Overton.
Oot. 25      Albert L. Davis to Elizabeth Nolan.
Nov. 23      John Welch to Mary E. Overton.
Dec. 29      Henry T. Punderson, Port Jefferson, to Phebe Ann Overton.

Jan. 17      Geo. W. Freeman to Hannah R. Roe, both colored.

Jan. 3      John Dillon to Jane Davis.
Jau. 31      Charles Emmons, Fireplace, to Catherine Swezey.

Jan. 3      Geo. P. Schryver, Port Jefferson, to Harriet S. Davis.
Mar. 21    Hampton Overton to Widow Hannah Maria Stevens.
Oct. 24     James Irwin Baker, M.D., to Widow Mary Ann Swezey.

     George W. Ritch to Amelia Swezey.

Apr. 8      James A. Randall to Elizabeth J. Davis.
May 20     Alfred R. Overton to Widow Charry A. Overton.

Dec 15      C. Wallace Ruland to Phebe Roe Davis.

                  Madison H. Smith to Mary A. Overton.
Feb. 8      Samuel S. Davis to Alice Eliza Swezey.
June 1      Selah E. Randall to Eliza A. Swezey.
July 9      John M. Brewster to Mary Clarissa Davis.
Dec.14     Chas. M. Woodruff, Bellport, to Ada J. C. Swezey.

Dec. 20      Isaac D. Swezey to Ida M. Worthington, Manor.

May 13      Robert S. Overton to Huldah . . (?) Randall.
??                Wm. G. Miller to Mary E. Randall. 1882
Mar. 16    John R. Dayton to Amelia A. Davis.

Nov. 29     Winfield S. Davis to Mary Augusta Randall.

Feb. 26     Wm. W. Overton to Susie Homan.

Dec. 9      Daniel R. Davis to Nellie J. Randall.

May 11 John R. Darling, Port Jefferson, to Mary F. Swezey.