Generation One

1.  Ebenezer Ledyard; b. 1668 at Bradford, England; d. before 1719.

     Known children of Ebenezer Ledyard include:
     2.          i. John Ledyard, b. 1700 at Bristol, England; m. Deborah Youngs; m. Mary Austin.
                ii. Caleb Ledyard; baptized 13 Oct 1702.
                iii. Isaac Ledyard; baptized 13 Oct 1703 at Bristol, England; d. at Surinam, Dutch Guiana; m. Elizabeth Saltonstall, daughter of Gov. Gurdon Saltonstall
                    and Jerusha Richards, 4 Aug 1736 at New London, CT; 2nd husband. He resided at New London, CT.
                iv. William Ledyard; baptized 21 Jan 1704.
                 v. Nathaniel Ledyard; baptized 10 Mar 1705.
                vi. Ebenezer Ledyard; b. circa 1708.
               vii. Elizabeth Ledyard; b. circa 1710.
              viii. Mary Ledyard; b. circa 1712.

Generation Two

2.  John Ledyard (Ebenezer1); b. 1700 at Bristol, England; m. Deborah Youngs, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Youngs and Mary Grover, circa 1727 at Southold, NY; 1st wife; m. Mary Austin, daughter of John Austin and Mary Stanley, circa 1747; 2nd husband, 2nd wife; d. 3 Sep 1771 at Hartford, CT; bur. at Old Centre Burying Ground, Hartford, CT.
     He immigrated circa 1717 to Southold, NY. He resided at Southold, NY. He resided at Groton, CT. He resided at Hartford, CT. He left a will on 8 May 1771; proved 6 Sep 1771.

     Deborah Youngs was born on 14 Feb 1704/5 at Southold, NY. She died on 18 Mar 1747/48 at age 43.
     Known children of John Ledyard and Deborah Youngs were as follows:
                 i. Capt. John Ledyard; b. 27 Jul 1729 at Groton, CT; m. Abigail Hempstead, daughter of Robert Hempstead and Mary Youngs, 6 May 1750; 1st husband; d. 17
                    Mar 1762 at at sea at age 32. He was a sea captain. He and Abigail Hempstead resided at Groton, CT. He and Abigail Hempstead had 6 children.
                ii. Capt. Youngs Ledyard; b. Jan 1731 at Groton, CT; m. Amelia Mary Avery, daughter of Col. Ebenezer Avery and Lucy Latham, 1748; 1st husband; d. 4
                    Apr 1762 at at sea at age 31; on voyage to the West Indies. He and Amelia Mary Avery had 8 children.
               iii. Deborah Ledyard; baptized 9 Jul 1732 at Groton, CT; m. Capt. John Coleman; d. 23 May 1757 at Hartford, CT, at age 24. She and Capt. John Coleman had 4
                iv. Mary Ledyard; baptized 15 Jun 1735 at Groton, CT; m. Col. Thomas Seymour Jr., son of Capt. Thomas Seymour and Hepzibah Merrill, at Hartford, CT; d.
                    27 Aug 1807 at Hartford, CT, at age 72. She and Col. Thomas Seymour Jr. had 7 children.
                 v. Ebenezer Ledyard; b. 9 May 1736 at Groton, CT; m. Mary Latham; 1st wife; m. Elizabeth Gardner, daughter of David Gardener and Elizabeth; 2nd
                    wife; d. 29 Sep 1811 at Groton, CT, at age 75. He and Mary Latham had 10 children.
                vi. Col. William Ledyard; b. 6 Dec 1738 at Groton, CT;  m. Annie Williams, daughter of Nathaniel Williams and Amy Hewitt, 8 Jan 1761; d. 6 Sep 1781 at Ft.
                    Griswold, CT, at age 42. He was the Colonel in command of Ft. Griswold when the garrison was murdered by the British after surrendering.(See below)
               vii. Dr. Nathaniel Ledyard; b. 21 Dec 1740 at Groton, CT; m. Hepzibah Seymour, daughter of Capt. Thomas Seymour and Hepzibah Merrill; 1st husband; d. 1
                    Jun 1766 at Hartford, CT, at age 25.
                    He was a physician.
              viii. Elizabeth Ledyard; b. 17 Jun 1743 at Groton, CT;  d. 27 Mar 1832 at New York, NY, at age 91;  unmarried; bur. at New York Marble Cemetery,  New York,
                ix. Sarah Ledyard; b. 21 Jul 1745; m. Pieter L. Vandervoort, son of Pieter Vandervoort and Metje Vanderhoef, 22 Jan 1765; d. 1794 at Manhattan,
                 x. Experience Ledyard; b. 5 Mar 1747; baptized 5 Apr1747 at Groton, CT; m. William Ellery, son of John Ellery and Mary Austin; 2nd wife; d. Mar
                     1773 at age 25.

     Mary Austin was born in 1715. She married John Ellery, son of John Ellery and Jane Bonner, on 28 Jul 1737; 1st husband, 2nd wife. She died on 25 Nov 1797.
     Known children of John Ledyard and Mary Austin were as follows:
                 i. Abigail Ledyard; b. 1748 at Hartford, CT; m. Col. Samuel Talcott Jr., son of Col. Samuel Talcott and Mabel Wyllys, 24 Dec 1767 at Hartford, CT.
                ii. Austin Ledyard; b. 1751 at Hartford, CT; m. Sarah Sheldon, daughter of Joseph Sheldon and Sarah Collier; 1st husband; d. 11 Sep 1776 at Hartford,
                iii. Lucy Ledyard; d. unmarried.
     3.        iv. Lucretia Ledyard, b. 22 Feb 1756 at Hartford, CT; m. Richardson Sands; m. Maj. Gen. Ebenezer Stevens.
     4.        v. Ann Ledyard, b. 14 Dec 1757 at Hartford, CT; m. Andrew Hodge Jr.

Generation Three

3.  Lucretia Ledyard (John2, Ebenezer1); b. 22 Feb 1756 at Hartford, CT; m. Richardson Sands, son of John Sands and Elizabeth Cornell, 1777 at Philadelphia, PA; 1st husband; m. Maj. Gen. Ebenezer Stevens, son of Ebenezer Stevens and Elizabeth Weld, 4 May 1784 at New York, NY; 2nd wife, 2nd husband; d. 2 Jul 1846 at Astoria, NY, at age 90.

     Richardson Sands was born on 13 Jun 1754 at 'Island Farm', Sands Point, Long Island, NY. He died on 15 Jan 1783 at Philadelphia, PA, at age 28.
     Known children of Lucretia Ledyard and Richardson Sands were as
                 i. Austin Ledyard Sands; b. 31 Dec 1779 at Philadelphia, PA; m. Ann Maria Hodge, daughter of Andrew Hodge Jr. and Ann Ledyard; d. 10 Jun 1859
                    at New York at age 79. He resided at New York, NY. He was a merchant.
                ii. Richardson William Sands; b. 3 Mar 1782; d. 8 Sep 1784 at age 2; bur. at Beckman Street Presbyterian Churchyard, New York, NY.

     Maj. Gen. Ebenezer Stevens was born on 12 Aug 1751 at Boston, MA. He was a merchant. He married Rebecca Hodgdon, daughter of Benjamin Hodgdon and Rebecca Marshall, on 11 Oct 1774 at Providence, RI; 1st wife. He was a Lt. Col. during the Revolutionary War in Nov 1778. He was a Major General of militia during the War of 1812 on 27 Mar 1807. He left a will on 26 Feb 1820 at New York, NY; proved 3 May 1824. He died on 2 Sep 1823 at Rockaway, NY, at age 72. He died on 5 Sep 1823 at Rockaway, NY, at age 72. He was buried at Astoria, NY.

4.  Ann Ledyard (John2, Ebenezer1); b. 14 Dec 1757 at Hartford, CT; m. Andrew Hodge Jr., son of Andrew Hodge and Jane McCulloch, 6 Sep 1781
at Philadelphia, PA; d. 8 Nov 1848 at age 90.

     Andrew Hodge Jr was born in Apr 1753. He resided at Philadelphia, PA. He died on 10 May 1835 at age 82.
     Known children of Ann Ledyard and Andrew Hodge Jr. include:
                 i. Ann Maria Hodge; b. 17 Nov 1794 at Philadelphia, PA; m. Austin Ledyard Sands, son of Richardson Sands and Lucretia Ledyard; d. 31 Jan 1876 at
                    age 81.

LEDYARD, William, soldier, was born in Groton, Conn., in 1750. He was in command of the state troops defending Fort Griswold and Fort Trumbull in 1781 against the advance of Arnold, and he had hastily gathered 157 of his militia in Fort Griswold when it was surrounded by nearly 800 trained British soldiers under Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre. In the assault Colonel Eyre was mortally wounded, Major Montgomery, second in command, killed, and Major Brownfield, third in command, who effected the entrance to the fort, partially disabled, forty-eight of his men having been killed by the fire of Colonel Ledyard's militia. To save the lives of his neighbors and friends, who formed his little force, after twelve of their number had been killed or wounded, Colonel Ledyard ordered them to lay down their arms and he handed his sword [p.371] to his wounded captor. On taking the sword (as tradition hands down the story), Major Brownfield turned its point on the breast of his unarmed captive and plunged it through his body. His waistcoat pierced by the sword is preserved by the Connecticut Historical society. Not content with a single victim, the British soldiers turned upon their unarmed captives and killed eighty-five and wounded sixty. Many of the wounded, who were cared for by the women of Groton, including Fanny, niece of Colonel Ledyard, died from their wounds. His nephew, John Ledyard (1750-1789) was a navigator, explorer, witness of the death of Captain Cook and author of Narrative of the Third and Last Expedition of Capt. James Cook (1798). Col. William Ledyard died in Fort Griswold, Conn., Sept. 7, 1781. The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VI page 371