Dr. C.A. Wood.Appearing in the Long Island Forum, September, 1953.
Starting from the end of the article. By John Ledyard Teague December 6, 2003, email:

George and PhebeBoisseau Ledyard had son John Wesley Ledyard who married Emeline Horton. George and Phebe lived opposite the Southold Presbyterian (Old First) Church in the house with Dutch doors which now stands on Oak Lawn Avenue opposite the High School. He 2.diedAug. 22, 1886 aged seventy.
     John Wesley and Emeline Horton Ledyard had three sons, George Banks Ledyard, 3.John Wesley Ledyard and Charles Moore Ledyard and three daughters Sarah, Abigail and Phebe. The Banks in the name of the great nephew of The Traveler came from Sir Joseph Banks of London a patron of The Traveler..
     George B. Ledyard, a veteran of the Civil War, married first Feb. 13, 1369 Ella Terry sister of Jonathan Barnes Terry a one time president of the Southold Savings Bank. George B. Ledyard's second wife was Mary Adelia Burch of EatMarion. He had several daughters and one son Charles Wesley Ledyard who died at BuffaloJune 12, 1912 aged twenty-one. George B. Ledyard had previously died in that city Oct. 27. 1902.
4. John Wesley Ledyard brother of George B. Ledyard was a hat merchant in Philadelphia. Charles Moore Ledyard for many years was a produce dealer at Soathold. He went to the west coast for his health and died in San DiegoCalif. and was buried in WillowHillCemetery, Southold.
5Sarah Ledyard sister of John W. and George B. Ledyard, who lived at Southold from 1836 to 1901 married a Frenchman named James Edward Teague, born 1839 and died 1871, who came to work in the Southold Foundry near the railroad depot, which burned May 26, 1860. They lived, as did widow Teague for many years after her husband's death, in the small cottage on Main Street next west of the present Catholic Church now the home of John W. Montgomery. 6. They had a son Frank Teague and three daughters Emma, Annie and Abigail Teague, all deceased except Annie who has long resided at East Marion, now one of its sprighteliest octogenarian residents.
With 7.Sarah Ledyard Teague lived her spinstersister Abigail Moore Ledyard, born 1834, for a great many years. "Aunt Abbie was dressmaker to many of the "first families", first more in the sense of priority rather than opulence. The impassionate soldier the CivilWarMonument at Tuckers Lane for years was known as "Abbie's man," because of her activity in the erection of the memorial.
8.Sarah and Abigail Ledyard had a younger sister Phebe Naomi Ledyard born Dec. 1, 1838. She lived until 1905, dying at the age of sixty-six. She married first one Wilson and second, April 1, 1869 Simeon Benjamin Horton born July 12, 1823. He conducted Southold's first meat market. They had Lydia W. Horton born Nov. 7, 1869 and Clara Adelia Horton, born Dec. 7, 1872.
     Lydia W. Horton, great, great niece of The Traveler, born Nov. 7, 1869 married Nov. 1, 1887 at the SoutholdMethodistChurchCapt . Charles T. Brooks of East Marion bornJune 20, 1864, a former supervisor of the town.
Their children May Ledyard Brooks born Aug. 27, 1891, widow of Russell Tabor, Myron B. Brooks of Belle Rose, AueensCounty, born Opt. 26, 1896 and Sheldon Horton Brooks of Greenport, born July 24.1910, are great, great, great niece and nephews respectively of The Traveler. "Aunt Clara" Horton, after the death of her parents at Southold, lived many years in the home of Capt. Charles and Lydia and was a second mother to the children of her sister. She married Nov. 23, 1943 Clarence Ashton Wood. Lydia died Nov 17, 1929 and Clara July 4, 1947.
    George Ledyard, brother of The Traveler, and the former's wife PhebeBoisseau Ledyard9.had one daughter who was given the name of her Aunt Fanny Ledyard Peters the only sister of The Traveler, Thomas and George Ledyard. Fanny Ledyard was the last occupant of the historic old BarnabasHorton"Castle" which stood until the late 1870s at the corner of Hortons Lane and Main Street. On its site now stands the house which has since been the home of Dr. Amos L. Sweet, Prof. David Philander Horton, Rensselaer G. Terry Sr. and the latter's widow. Miss Fanny one of the last of the local Ledyards died in July 1888 at the age of eighty-eight.


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1.George and PhebeBoisseau Ledyard had two sons George born 1811, died June 24, 1811 and John Wesley Ledyard (Sr) who married Emeline Horton. [Salmon Records, Cleveland Supplement-death records]

2.He (John Wesley Ledyard [Sr]) died 22 Apr 1866 aged 62. [ibid]

3.John Wesley Ledyard (Sr.) and Emeline Horton Ledyard had three sons, George Banks Ledyard, John Wesley Ledyard, Jr., and Charles Matthew Ledyard and three daughters Abigail Moore Ledyard, Sarah Moore Ledyard and PhebeNiomi Ledyard. [Census 1850, Southold]

4.John Wesley Ledyard, Jr., …..etcCharles Matthew Ledyard for many years….etc. [ibid]

5.Sarah Moore Ledyard, sister of John Wesley Ledyard, Jr. and George Banks Ledyard, who lived at Southold from birth on October 14, 1836. Then relocated to BrooklynNew York right after marriage. Sarah was married at the SoutholdMethodistChurch on December 26, 1853, to an Irishman named Edward James Teague, born 1829 and died 1871. He came from Northern Ireland then NewarkNew Jersey in 1853 then Southold to work for a short time in the Southold Foundry near the railroad depot, which burned May 26, 1860. Sarah Moore and Edward James Teague had their first three children in Brooklyn, Edward O. born 1856, Frank Stevenson born April 4, 1860 and SarahAnnie born March 1863. The family relocated to NewarkNew Jersey, along with his mother-in-law Emeline Horton after John Wesley (Sr) death in 1866, Edward’s home before marriage. There they had Emma Bell born December 1868 and Abigail Ledyard born May 1871.They were joined in Newark by John Wesley Ledyard Jr., his wife Ellen (Nellie) Pollock and first infant child in 1869 until Edward James Teague’s death in 1871 at the age of 42. John and family went to live out their lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the remainder of the family except Edward O., who was 15, returned to Southold, including the deceased Edward James and is buried with his wife Sarah at the (First) Presbyterian Cemetery in Southold. Sarah lived out the rest of her life in Southold and died on January 25, 1901. It is believed Edward O. married, had a family, a wife who died young, and lived the rest of his life in BrooklynNew York. Widow Teague lived for many years after her husband’s death, in the small cottage on Main Street next west of the present Catholic Church now the home of John W. Montgomery. [Census 1860 Brooklyn, Kings, NY p96; census 1870 NewarkEssexNJ p215. Tombstone at (First) PresbyterianChurchCemetery Southold. Birth, death dates agree with all censuses. Given names reversed in Dr. Woods writing as well as on the tombstone itself, both incorrect. Every piece of documentation attests to that fact, marriage certificate, all censuses and Newark City Directories, 1866, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871].

6.Their two sons Edward O. Teague, Frank Stevenson Teague and three daughters Emma Bell Teague, S. (Sarah) Annie Teague and Abigail Ledyard Teague, etc…. [Census 1870, Newark,EssexNJ].

7.With Abigail Ledyard Teague lived her spinster aunt Abigail Moore Ledyard, born 1834, for a great many years.[Census 1910, 1900, p250A, and 1880 p555, Southold, SuffolkNY]

8.…younger sister PhebeNiomi Ledyard…etc. She married Franklin Wilson first, April 3, 1860 and second, April 1, 1869 Simeon Benjamin Horton born July 12, 1823. [New York City Methodist Marriages 1785-1893, p378]

9.George Ledyard, brother of The Traveler, and the former’s wife PhebeBoisseau Ledyard had daughters Betsy, born 1798 and died April 21, 1816; Abigail, born 1806 and died April 24, 1816. The third daughter, was given the name of her Aunt Fanny Ledyard Peters who was the only sister of The Traveler, Thomas Grover, Charles Fredrick and George. [Salmon Records, Cleveland Supplement-death records; there is belief of the possibility of a fifth brother Robert].