Hannah Tredwell Grave Site Pictures and Text
     Hannah's husband, Captain Thomas Treadwell,  was born 1672. and died in 1722 Hempstead, Long Island, New York, at 50 years of age. He married Hannah (Denton). who was born in Hempstead, Long Island, New York in 1673. Hannah was the daughter of Samuel Denton and Mary "Rock" Smith. She died in 1748 in Smithtown, Long Island, New York, at 75 years of age.  More information on the descendants and ancestors of Thomas and Hannah Treadwell can be found within the Denton, Smith and Treadwell files.
     Captain Thomas Tredwell resided at Madnan's Neck (Great Neck), town of Hempstead, NY. The homestead was comprised of 250 acres lying in the NE part of Great Neck in the present town of North Hempstead and running along the westerly side of Manhasset Bay.  A few paces back from the Alker (owner of the farm in 1950) Mansion, in an open field near the meadow and the shore of the bay is the Tredwell burial ground, a square shaped plot not more than 1/4 acre. In 1950, there were 43 headstones, 22 Tredwell, 15 Kissam, 2 Platts, 2 Wooley's one of Townsend and 1 of Verity.

Hannah's grave site is located on top of a small hill near the Alfred E. Smith, Sunken Meadow State Park (Fort Salonga, Smithtown , NY) about 750 feet north east of state route 25A in King's Park NY.  The closest cross streets are Sunken Meadow Rd and Callahan's Beach Road.
the intersection closest to the site…
The excuursion to this historic grave site begins with what appears as a dirt road  on the north side of Route 25A between Callahan’s Rd and Sunken Meadow Rd. The land is privately owned, and  the present owner is unknown to me.  I have heard, on good authority, that NY state is making efforts to have the land included as part of sunken meadow state park.
Walk about 200 feet straight down the dirt road,
keeping an eye open, on the left, for a white picket fence…
     Continue North pass the fence about 50 feet…the area to your west will open up… head up this hill… the site is almost exactly in the center of this picture…
     Notice the English ivy and pine needles covering the ground… adding to the peaceful feel of the location
     The trail is not  well established, but it is more obvious than it seems here…
lots of poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes…
detail of the top…
the whole headstone… as it currently appears

63 Years in Peace (or Pure?) Amer
(any suggestions on the meaning would be appreciated)
a marble stone  located between the footstone and headstone…
the footstone