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Dennis Cemetery
    Mrs. Nellie R. Scudder stated, about 1912, that the "small plot" on the "Old DeMilt Farm, Greenlawn" was a "place overgrown and abandoned." Today the small Dennis Cemetery, located on Forest Drive just south of NY 25A in Centerport, is a Town of Huntington Local Historic Site. Information on this cemetery is found in the "Scudder Collection of Long Island Genealogical Records," available at the Huntington Historical Society or on L. D. S. microfilm. The following information was submitted by David Roberts.

Data copied from the "Scudder Collection," page 1474.

Benjamin, d. 28 February 1815, 70 yrs 2 mos 6 days
Ruth, wife of Benjamin, d. 28 March 1827, 79 yrs 8 mos 14 days
Jarvis, d. 28 August 1868, 77 yrs 5 mos 10 days
Ruth, wife of Jarvis, d. 31 August 1849 - 59 years

Esther, wife of Rosewell, d. 15 January 1838, 43 yrs 5 mos 14 days

Isaac, d. 19 January 1837, 60 yrs 11 mos 18 days

Harvey, d. 29 July 1840 - 20 years