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CUTCHOGUE, L.I., NY Marriages from 1787-1797
Marriages performed by Rev. Zachariah Greene, D.D.
Aug. 19 John Fleet of Huntington and Sarah Wells of Southold.
Oct. 4 David Davis of Brookhaven and. Mehitable Tuthill of Southold.
Oct 11  John Cockran of Saybrook, Conn., & Experience King of Southold.
Dec. 30 Luther Case & Mehitable Webb both of Southold.
No. of Marriages in 1787

Feby. 28 Benjamin Halliock and Bethiah Horton both of Southold.
March. 6 John Hedges and Mary Babcock both of Southold.
March  9 Peter Vail and Hannah Boushseau (Boisseau) both of Southold.
April 1 Wm L'Hommedieu & Jemima Landon both of Southold.
April 17 Nathaniel L'Hommedieu and Lydia Bailey both of Southold.
May 27 Warren Richmond of Guilford, Conn., and Mary Terry of Southold.
June 23 Simeon Halsey of Bridge Hampton and Mary Havens of Southold.
Oct. 2 Charles Chittenden of Guilford, Conn., and Rhoda Terry of Southold.
Nov. 23 John Halliock of Southold and Clarissa Buchanan of Shelter Island.
Nov  23 Samuel Payne and Martha Terry both of Southold.

January 25 Preserved Field late of Hartford, Conn., and Naomi Overton of Southold.
Feb. 1 Isaac Terry & Lucretia Case of Southold.
Feb. 15 Phineas Robertson of Brookhaven and Phebe Corwin of Southold.
Nov. 12 Thias Case & Julia Moore of Southold.
Dec. 12 Thomas Goldsmith & Keturah Gennings both of Southold.


Feb 9 Charles Glover & Frances Case of Southold.
Sep 25 Lanthon Bronson Me Cane of Guilford, Conn., & Lavice Terry of Southold.
Sep 26 Wm Roggers of Southold to a girl from Groton, Conn., name forgotten.
Sep 30  Wm Hubbard of Guilford, Conn., and Mary Landon of Southold.
Dec. 10 Zachens [probably Zacheus] Horton of . Goshen, Orange Co., & widow Elizabeth Case of Southold.


Jan 18 Daniel Osborn of Southold & my sister Jane Green late of Con. Windham Co.
Jan 24 Benjamin Hutchinson & Elizabeth Tuthill of Southold.
March 4 Phineas King & Elenor Hallock of Southold.
March 21 Nathaniel King & Mehitable Tuthill of Southold.
May 11 Samuel Skidmore & Hannah Scudder of Huntington.
June 8 John Tuthill & Abigail Terry of Southold.
July 4 James Downs & Mehitable Hempstead of Southold.
Aug. 8 John Hart & Mahitable Parney (?) of Southold.
Sep. 13 Capt. David Webb & Elizabeth Boothe of Southold.
Nov. 10 Joseph P. Wickham, Esq., & Phebe Moore of Southold.
Dec. 22 Walter Reeve & Deliverance Parney of Southold..

Jan12 Abijah Corey & Mary Bailey of Southold.
Jan John Allen of New Jersey & Mary Overton of Southold.
Feb 8 Zebulon Hallock & Bethiah Boothe of Southold..
Feb 11 Samuel Dickerson & Julia Wells of Southold.
JuIy 19 Phineas Corey & Catharine Petty of Southold.
Sept 2 Gardiner Havens of Shelter Island & Esther Clarke of Southold.

Sep. 25 Silas Vail & Elizabeth Young of Southold.
Oct. 11 Richard Terry & Elizabeth Case of Southold.
Nov. 15 Calvin Wells & Elizabeth Horton of Southold.

Jan 23 Moses Cleveland & Parnel Conklin of Southold.
Feb 17 Jonathan Reeves & Mehitable King of Southold.
July 25 David Wells & Mary Hart. She was his fourth wife & he never saw the light of the sun, both of Southold.

Jan 12 Wm N. Pike & Amelia Osborn of Southold.
Jan 16 Joseph Goldsmith & Prudence Horton of Southold.
Feb 9 Isaac Hudson L Elizabeth Osborn of Southold.
March 14 Frederick King & Cynthia Brown of Southold.
April 16 Lemuel Young & Frances Roggers of Southold.
June 17 Eliphalet Wadsworth of Farmington, Conn., & Mary Young of Southold.
July 3 John Hart & Clarissa Wines this is the second time I married J. Hart he has since married his third wife.
Sep. 15 Rev. Whitefield Cowles of Granbor, Mass., & Gloriana Havens of Shelter Island.
Sep. 18 James Reeve Esq & Mahetable Wells Downs of Southold.
Sep 25 Flavel Case & Elizabeth Benjamin of Southold.
Oct. 19 Joseph Vail & Mary Stanbrough of Southold.
Oct. 31 David Terry & Lydia Gennings of Southold.
Nov. 27 David Petty & Prudence Terry of Southold.
Dec. 2 George Ledyard ,& Widow Eunice Goldsmith of Southold.


Jan 15 Martin Goldsmith & Mahitable Reeve of Southold.
Feb. 28 David Horton & Mary Case of Southold.
June 30 Havens Racket & Dezire Vail of Southold.
July 9 Wm Udall & Widow Mariam Bigalow both of Southold late from New London Mr. Udall from New York.
Aug  9 Nathaniel Vail & Prudence Tuthill of Southold.
Oct. 17 Wm Terry & Mehitable Case of Southold.
Nov. 26 Wm Roggers &, Eunice Wheaden of Southold.
Dec. 2 Nathaniel Bouchseau & Ruth Boothe of Southold.
Dec 17 Wm Horton & Mary Boothe of Southold.

Feb 18 Barnabas Horton & Mehitable Wells of Southold.
March 1 John Clarke & Elizabeth Corwin of Southold.

March 17 Wm Hallock & Lucretia Overton of Southold.
July 28 Deacon Benjamin Wells & Hannah Booth he was 75 she was 37 both of Southold.
Sep 21 James Overton & Elizabeth Brown of Southold.
Nov 24 Simon Moore &. Elenor Drake of Southold He was 80 she 35.
Dec 29 Thomas Wickham & Ann Worth of Southold.
Dec 29 Ezekiel Boothe & Ruhami Griffing of Southold.

Jan 22 Benjamin Young & Phileand Wheedon of Southold.
Feb 7 Benjn Beebe & Bethiah Conklin of Southold.

March 5 Zebulon King of Shelter Island & Abigail Conkling of Southold.
March 5 Youngs Billard & Mary Goldsmith of Southold.
July 16 David Howell of Riverhead & Abigail Case of Southold.
July 24 Silas Walton of New Jersey & Mehitable Tuthill of Southold.
Sep. 17 Daniel Brown & Susanna Case of Southold.