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From: HIRODGERS@aol.com
I am searching for the family of Isaac Rodgers orn June 18, 1806 in
Huntington, NY

Howard Rodgers
Bridgewater NJ

From: John Ward <jward@magmacom.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 20:11:08 -0500
Barry Ward, resident of Freeport, Long Island, died December 1951 or
1952, a native of Derry City, Ireland.   Anyone having knowledge of
descendants, please contact John Ward, e-mail address jward@magma.ca

John Ward (nephew)

From: "Kathleen E. Isleib" <ISLEIB204@msn.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 05:00:31 -0500
Could you help me locate information on whether James Caar, he is the person who purchased property from John Stillwell in 1693-95, and Anthoni(y) Caar are the same family?

Anthoni(y) Caar also used the surname Kaar, as you can see the families are intertwined either by blood or spelling down thru history.

Kathleen Kaar-Isleib

From: "Philip Rogers" <rogers@papertrails.net>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 18:47:58 -0700
Desperately trying to find any information on my Great Grandfather Eugene A. Drew.
Born: 1854, New York City.
Employed as Clerk (Post Office)
Home address: 1884 Lexington Ave. (NY City Dir. 1890)
                        1827 Madison Ave. (NY City Dir. 1891)
Wife: Nancy Hastings
Born: 7-9-1856
Died: 10-9-1895 (New York)
Married: 1881
Child: Ruth Leonard Drew.....Born: 10-21-1884
This is the only information that I have and would deeply appreciate ANY help.
Thanks so much,

From: c goudreau <cgoud800@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 18:50:44 -0700 (PDT)
I would like to find the parents of James Corwin b. 1791, Peconic, Suffolk Co. James m. Mary Appleby in Brooklyn, Kings Co. in 1824. His son was James Conklin Corwin who m. Ruth T. Booth on 9-21-1848. Any additional information would be appreciated.

From: <CAnne16560@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 09:44:41 EDT
I am desperately looking for information on my great-grandparents, who lived on Long Island from the mid 1930'3 until their deaths in 1948. I want to find their address, their burial place, and their Catholic Church, as well as any birth, death, & baptismal certificates.
They first settled in the Bronx after arriving from Ireland, and all their children were born in the Bronx. In the mid 30's, they moved to Long Island.  My gGrandfather worked on the Long Island RailRoad as a Conductor until he retired. I know this is a lot, but I am just beginning my search; here are their names and their children's names:
1. James Joseph Ryan - b. 6/16/1876 Queenstown, Ireland d. 12/11/48 Long Island
2. Johanna Mary {Murphy} Ryan - b. 1879 Cork, Ireland d. 1948 Long Island
a. Josephine Mary {Ryan} Williams - b. 4/24/1907  Bronx,
              d. 2/23/83 Albuquerque, NM
b. James Joseph Ryan, Jr. born Bronx d. 1962 Warren, Ohio
c. Thomas Christopher Ryan born Bronx 6/16/19 d. 7/69 NYC
d. Charles Ryan born Bronx d. 1978 - Bellrose
e. George Ryan born Bronx d. 1915 infant
f. Richard Ryan born Bronx d. 1917 infant

From: "John Dvorak" <j.w.dvorak@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 09:43:06 -0400
Subject: Query Submission: CONDON, LASKER, LASKOWSKI, KLUCK
Looking for above surnames on Long Island.
John CONDON married Julia LASKOWSKI/LASKER abt 1920, Julia LASKER/LASKOWSKI parents were Martha KLUCK/Adam LASKOWSKI. Any extra info would be greatly appreciated.  Martha died on Long Island, I believe at Patchogue, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in 1962.  Would like to know if anyone knows who Adam LASKOWSKI's first wife was. I have photo but don't know who she was.  Martha raised HER two children plus 4 of her own after Adam married Martha.....
John Dvorak

October 21, 2002
Jaunita Ryan <ryanj@eoni.com>
I am a descendant of Benjamin Bundy (1703/1704). When I wrote to the Descendants of the Mayflower I was told there is no documentation that Benjamin was a son of James Bundy. Can you tell me how I may get this information?
Thank you,
Jaunita Ryan

October 19, 2002
john perak <johnjperak@pghmail.com>
looking for residents of Westbury ny where my grandfather lived ie his address

WALTER SNEL <waltsnel@prodigy.net>
October 19, 2002
I am looking for thr ancestry of Abigail Hand, born in 1782 in Suffolk County. Her father was a Captain Hand, sea captain of a whaling ship. She was married to Gershom Stevens in 1805 in Renesselaerville NY, and they lived in Gilboa, NY, where she died in 1869. She had a brother, Alfred, who had a store in Durham, NY.     Walt Snel

October 18, 2002
 "Linda Kanoff" <WKanoff@hvc.rr.com>
Looking for descedents of Henry House, police chief some place on Long Island early 1900's, married to Georgiann (Georgia) Van Kleeck.
Any help would be appreciated.

Linda Kanoff

October 12, 2002

October 12, 2002



October 10, 2002
Barbara Whiteside <Barbara@barwhites.fsnet.co.uk>
I have a postcard from the wife of a Gt.Uncle of mine who served in the US Army in WW1. He was injured and was recuperating in a hospital on Long Island. The only address she gives is Bartholomew. Can anyone tell me if that was the name of a district or a hospital. Was there a hospital that tended to service men who were hurt in WW1 on Long Island? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

October 09, 2002
Carolyn <cgoud800@yahoo.com>
Anyone know if there is a section of Greenport L.I. called 'Pipe's Neck?'We have some pictures taken probably in the 1920's of 'aunt Lizzie', Isa and Bob taken in front of a two story white clapboard house with the caption 'Pipe's Neck bunch.' Also another picture of a similar house but with a porch across the ront captioned 'Pop's birth house, Greenport.'Both houses seem to be on hilly sand dunes.We think this is the Corwin family as a Harold is in a few of the pictures and we know he is Harold Corwin who lived in Brooklyn at the time.Harold's father was Joseph Corwin and we think he's "Pop."But we're not sure.Others in these pictures are Florence, Charles and a baby "Jane." The album that we found these pictures in belonged to Harold Corwin and his wife Gertrude [Banford.]They m. in 1916 in Brooklyn.

October 07, 2002
Linda Misseri <cntrygrlinva@msn.com>
looking for adoption record info for a friend. Born 4/11/1962 to lutheran woman of german dec. She was 26 when he was born-working in US as a governess. His name at birth was Ray Samuel Schwarzfischer.All that is known on father is that he was Catholic, tall,reddish blond hair,aged 18 at the time of birth and a college freshman. PLEASE! any information would help.

October 06, 2002
Alan Alexander <nighthawk53@eathlink.net>
looking for info on grandparent from the oyster bay area. Believe grandfather born there & grandparents were married there. Is ther a site or address to write for records

October 05, 2002
paul havala <palohavala@atlas.sk>
i am trying to find my ancestor JOHN HAVALA witch emigrated to US in the begining of 20th century [1910/1915] , he died soon .I need his dead certificate

October 02, 2002
Bruce Talbot <btalbot@rhaengr.com>
Seeking any information on James CARMAN or Samuel CARMAN, of Brookhaven, Suffolk County. Would have been born before about 1810. Any info on Carmans from Brookhaven would be welcome.

October 02, 2002
Joan Newell <bruce_newell@msn.com>
Looking for info re: my grandfather, Roy Eldridge Tuthill, b Nov 22, 1879 in Orient. His father may have been Capt. Roswell Tuthill of Orient, who would have been born abt 1848.

September 30, 2002
Jay Davis <davisja35@eathlink.net>
Does anyone have verification in your documentation that Sarah Davis was Foulk Davis' first spouse? I'm Foulk's (8x) Grandson and the only ID that I have found for his first wife was either unknown or Mrs. Davis.

If you could help me out I would be very appreciative

Jay Davis

September 29, 2002
Connie Austin <fatcatconnie@aol.com>
Looking for information on Timothy Austin; wife - Louise; children - Everett, Steven, Joseph, Emma, etc.Long Island area. Everett is grandfather of my husband

September 29, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Islip Protestant Church - Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help. Attempting to locate Protestant church in the Islip area that Reverend H. Luke Ruland was minister late 1700's-1809.

September 27, 2002
Susan E Hooker <sehooker@msn.com>
I'm looking for information on the Rev. A.P. Stockwell, who lived in Gravesend LI in 1885.

September 24, 2002
R.L. Oxier <rloxier@bright.net>
Looking for John Trihy b. 1825 Ire., He had his first Child, Thomas Trihy 1852 at Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co. Trying to find out when he migrated to Long Island. Does anyone have an 1850 census that could do a lookup for him? His wife's name was Honora, They had dau. Mary Ellen Trihy, also born Sag Harbor, 1854.
All the rest of John and Honora's children were born in NY, but I don't know where. They were Alice, Catherine, Johanna, Jane, and John Jr. This Trihy family left New York sometime after John Jr.'s birth in 1865. and show up in Norwich, CT by 1876 when Mary Ellen Trihy got married to Martin Hourigan.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rob

September 24, 2002
Mark Webb <markhw@adelphia.net>
Family history tells me that James Jr. was a son of James Sr., and that James Sr. was a mariner. This is somewhat substantiated by a sketch of William, James Jr.'s son, documented in "Commerative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette, Wisconsin", pg 812-13. It states "The paternal grandfather of our subject was James Webb, a native of New York, of English descent, who followed a sea-faring life and at death left one son and one daughter."

I located a will in New York City Wills 1771-1776 for a John Case of Southold (on Long Island), Suffolk, New York which was witnessed by "James Webb, mariner." This led me to check census records. In the 1778 Suffolk, New York Census, I found "Webb, James, 5; Thomas, 4". In 1790 US Census, I found a James Sr. and James Jr. residing in Southold. This same census shows an Orange, Joseph and Thomas Webb in Southold. We have estimated James Jr.'s birthdate between 1764 and 1775, so this is consistent.

In support of this, I located two references to James Webb on Long Island. The first is from "The New Suffolk Story", by Marjorie Moore Butterworth,
available at the Cutchogue Free Library on Main Road. This states that "In the 18th Century, the name was changed to Robins Island Neck. Raising livestock was the primary activity; in about 1759 James Webb was one
of the first to build a home near the shore."

The second reference comes from " A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, A Native of Africa, But Resident Above Sixty Years In the United States of America," Revised and Reprinted With Traditions, By H.M. Selden, Haddam, Conn. 1896, Related by Himself. It is as follows: "About twelve years ago, I hired a whale boat and four black men, and proceeded to Long
Island after a load of round clams. Having arrived there, I first purchased of James Webb, son of Orange Webb, six hundred and sixty clams, and afterwards with the help of my men, finished loading my boat. The
same evening, however, this Webb stole my boat and went in her to Connecticut river and sold her cargo for his own benefit. I thereupon pursued him, and
at length recovered the boat, but for the proceed of her cargo I never could obtain any compensation."

In "A Digest Of The Early Connecticut Probate Records, 1710 to 1715," one finds reference to Orange Webb: "Court Record, Page 180--1st March, 1713-14: Orange Webb, 18 years of age, son of Henry Webb, late of Wethersfield, decd. chose Consider Hopkins of Hartford to be his guardian."

Where I am having problems is tying this all to my James Jr. Webb. James Jr. seems to have disappeared from Southold by the 1800 and 1810 US Census (while James Sr. remains). This could, obviously, mean that James Sr. died and the census coninues on with James Jr.

There are a number of James Webb's that appear on these census listings for New York, variously Chenango, Westchester, Herkimer and Onondaga
counties (not an all-inclusive list).

According to family records, James Jr. married Anna Scott abt 1800. This might account for the inability to pinpoint James during this time, since son Isaac was born 1802 in Montgomery County, David 1811 in
Cazenovia, Madison County, and William 1819 in Oneida County.

In the 1820 and 1830 US Census, a James Webb is shown in Westmoreland, Oneida County, New York, so one could assume that James and family did settle in this area.

The 1840 US Census does not show a James in Oneida County (he supposedly died abt.1835). However, David and Isaac, along with their families, and Anna Webb (living with Isaac) are listed in the 1850 US Census living in Ohio. This is consistent with family histories.

Any help is much appreciated.

September 22, 2002
R.L. Oxier <rloxier@bright.net>
I am trying to find info on John Trihy in the early 1800's.
He had a daughter, Mary Ellen Trihy born in Sag Harbor in 1854. Does anyone know of any Trihy/Trehy/Trihey/Trehey or other variation on Long Island around that time?
any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

September 18, 2002
audrey mckay <ajmckay11746@msn.com>
Have been looking for ancestors and descendents of Cornelius Van Sicklen and Jane Barto, who were married in Hempstead, L.I., ca.1820 Thanking you in advance, Audrey

September 16, 2002
Gregory H Horsfield <ghorsfield>
This is for Norman Berry. Please contact have interesting facts concerning Gideon Smith Burial Ground.

September 16, 2002
Barbara <bboram@hotmail.com>
Hi: Lookinf for addtl.info. about JOSEPH MOTT (pres. 1696 or 1699) who was vestryman at St.George 1746-1749
Pres. He marr. 1) Deborah RIchbell Mott (dau. of his fathers 1/2 brother? Not very clear) 2) Miriam William
Smith (no dates) and 3) Katherine Boorum 1759. Katherine (pres. "Boerum") does not fit any Boerum lines, Joseph and "Catherine" Mott are witness in will of Mr. Sands in 1746, how come??? Any info. for Joseph
(his son Joseph died 1758) and Catherine Boerum is much welcome and other info. can be exchanged.Thanks.

September 15, 2002
Tom Leverich <tomaug12@aol.com>
Researching the descendents of the Rev. William Leverich (1603-1677)of Oyster Bay, Huntington, and Newtown. Please visit web page for more information:

September 15, 2002
John Furstenwerth <ElkMagik@cableone.net>
I am trying to locate an old navy buddy from Long Island "Raymond Farmer" who was a Radioman during 1965-67 time frame.

September 15, 2002
Barbara B Tomko <ptomko@webworkzisp.com>
I found a Justin D Field listed in the 1920 census. He was born July 19,1900 in Southold,Suffolk,LI,NY. does anyone know who his parents were? Thanks,Barbi

September 13, 2002
Karl MacEachron <karlme@earthlink.net>
Are there any records of birth on Long Island for 1778?
I am looking for an Samuel Talbot who was born Oct. 12,
1778. His father, Edward Talbot, was a loyalist who
came to LI in 1777 and stayed until he and his family
was evacuated in 1783. If there is any other records
of LI births for Edward Talbot & wife, I would welcome
them as well. Thank You. By the way, Edward taught
school during this period.

September 13, 2002
Marie <favorite_mil@yahoo.com>
Looking for info on MARY STULO GAVRITY, dob:27 Apr. 1874 in Prague, Slovenia,don't know husband's first name, sons DONALD & JOHN GAVRITY (17 May 1909-21 Feb. 1987), dgtr: Mary Ann died 28 Jan. 1962; Donald lived at 28 Bailey Place, Staten Island, John Gavrity lived at 80 Arlington Ave., Staten Island some yrs. ago, WM. ECKETT, EMIL REHA - all related to Andrew Stulo, my grandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

September 08, 2002
EILEEN FOX LUCIANO <eileenluciano521@msn.com>
looking for a wm Hyde from Sag Harbor that married Catherine Hill from Ireland

September 06, 2002
Elaine Manchester <dkingphoto@yahoo.com>
Looking for information on Elizabeth Britton Manchester. She died on Long Island (b.5 Jan 1781 d.1866. Husband died prior to her -John Manchester d.1859 They had 14 children. Any info on the family group will be greatly appreciated. EM

September 04, 2002
Flossie Braden <flobraden@orwell.net>
Searching for info on Patricia (Bryant) Gremling 1940-2000 of Glen Cove/Huntington, Nassau Co., NY for her daughter, Kim Gremling. Kim wants to know about her mother and where she is buried.

September 04, 2002
helen madison <helenv99@aol.com>
I have been trying to locate my grandfather at henry willis stables in brooklyn I know he was there in 1910
do not know his wifes name or her other childrens names His name was henry d willis born in england thanks for any help

September 04, 2002
Dr Arun Vajpey <manco.capac@virgin.net>
I need info on a couple named BRANDER who lived in Long Island around the turn of 19th-20th centuries. They were wealthy socialites and members of the then prestigious Stuyvesant Club of New York. One clue is that they both died within 3 months of each other in 1914.

September 03, 2002
adam cavazos <wikid_juggalo_2004@yahoo.com>
hey i tried lookin for you online and i came to this and im sorry to hear that stuff.As far as im concerned i dont have a dad cause he was never there for me he was always out doing drugs and my mom was always there for me,im sorry its not the same for you,but hey your dad is there for you and thats all that should matter.I give your dad props for that. All the stuff I said here is true cause im a real person,and im glad i met u cause u sound true.Hope we can keep in touch fo a long time. If you ever need a person to talk too nomatter how your feeling give my a call.(563-263-8728)dont worry its my real number dont be afraid to call.

September 02, 2002
Joanne Corso Toth <joje3@aol.com>
I am trying to find information on Isaac Conway married to Hannah Van Wickler, probably in the late 1880's. They lived in Rockville Center. I am mainly interested in his information. I have her (my GG Grandmother) lineage to a point, but absolutely nothing on her husband. I believe his fathers name was also Isaac. He served in the Civil War.
Thank you.

September 02, 2002
HARRY DEWICK <harryd7@msn.com>

September 01, 2002
Ann Vibert Wuelfing <annvwuelfing@cswebmail.com>
I am researching the Vibert/Vibbert/Vibbard surname. I found a reference on your site in the section "Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in the Town Of Brookhaven" to "VIBBERT, ELISHA
Born about 1751 - Died Aug. 8, 1798" buried in the Waverly Ave. Cemetery, Patchogue.

I would like to find out if he is buried with anyone else (i.e., in a family plot) and what is the source of the information about his Revolutionary War service.

Any other information about his Long Island connections would be very welcome. Elisha was active as a businessman in Hartford up to 1797 and then disappears. Obviously he must have died but why did they bury him in Patchogue??

Ann Vibert Wuelfing

August 31, 2002
Jeff Knapp <takeaknapp1@juno.com>
I am looking for information on My gr gr gr grandmother Margarette Bandalb [ correct spelling could be Bandell ].

James Mason [b] 08-28-1773 Rehoboth Massachusetts [d] 06-07-1849 Margarette Bandalb m.n. Allan Clark Mason [b] 03-01-1783 [d] 04-10-1863 Margarette Clark who married James Mason was married 3 times.
marriage 1 William P Allen [b] ?? [d] 07-15-1810 in Paris Township, Onida county NY Margarette [m.n.] Bandalb [m] William P Allen on 09-28-1807 Derhan-Cumberland Co., Maine. marriage 2 John Clark [b] ?? [d] 08-18-1823 Columbus Franklin county OH Margarette Allen [m] John Clark on 08-17-1813 Parris Township, Onida county NY Marriage 3 James Mason [b] 08-28-1773 Rehoboth Massachusetts [d] 06-07-1849 Margarette Clark [m] James Mason 09-21-1825 in Parma, Monro Co., NY They are my great great great grandparents.

Anyone with information,

Thank you.

Jeff Knapp

August 30, 2002
Jacki Chase <shelby1@gte.net>
TATTERSON - I am looking for information on my ancestress, Sarah Tatterson. She was born April 3, 1778 on LI, NY. I think her parents were Richard Tatterson and Margaret Griffis - but I can not prove this. I have had a very difficult time researching the Tatterson surname and would welcome any assistance. Thank you.

August 30, 2002
patricia reilly <openwin@mcn.org>

I am searching for information about my grandmother (1902-1965 in CT): Catherine Smith Reilly and her
parents: George Elmer Ellsworth Smith and Annie Tyndall Smith. I was told they lived on Long Island. She
had one brother Arthur and one sister Mae.

When I did a google search for the name "Elmer Ellsworth Smith" your site appeared. Are you familiar with any of these surnames? Was Elmer Ellsworth Smith a common combination of names or are they all related in some way???

You are an inspiration!

desperately seeking the pieces of my ancestry,

Patricia Reilly

August 30, 2002
Douglas Constant <constantiques@aol.com>
Seeking information in re. Willet Hicks. He has been refered to as a watchmaker and merchant.

August 28, 2002
dorothy brenner <dottib12@yahoo.com>
requesting information concerning public baths in commack or thereabouts in 1850. thank you in advance for any information.

August 27, 2002
Mike Dowding <m.dowding@virgin.net>
I have an intiguing letter from a Robert Young "to whom it may concern" giving permission for my grandmother to be buried in his plot #4 in the cemetery of The Little White Church, Melville, L.I. It is dated 1956 but is not her uncle Robert Young who is buried in Kilmarnock, Scotland. He did have a son Robert born 1872 in Scotland. Can anyone give me information as to the date of the burial of the Robert in L.I. and his age (or DOB)?

August 25, 2002

August 25, 2002
amanda <starside_sprinkles@excite.com>
i am looking for any information on edward buffett mowbray, 1871-1900, and i am trying to contact any living relatives and am anxious to know if he is burried in oakwood cemetery of bay shore new york in suffolk county on long island. as well as why he died so young.

August 24, 2002
Kate Colwell <kcolwellmd@earthlink.net>
Looking for my Gg grandfather Edward Townsend b. Abt. 1836 m. Catherine Munger. Probably died 1880s in Syracuse. Family lore has him as son of Isaiah/Isaiah/Henry VI(b.1752 Long Island) but I think he's son of John/Henry VI....
Need anything that would verify birth and death dates and parents names... also interested in finding any living descendants of John...

August 24, 2002
Chrissy Powers <Krispowers66@aol.com>
HOw do I get a copy of my birth certificate. I was born in good samaratan hospital in West Islip, Long Island

August 24, 2002
wendy hawkins <rhawkins@nbnet.nb.ca>
captain jacob smith - stoney brook long island - married martha birdsall 1777 - born 1749 - loyalist - delancey brigade - looking for his parentage.

August 23, 2002
Neil Murphy <murphyneil@msn.com>

August 22, 2002
Linda Kanoff <l.kanoff@lycos.com>
Looking for Van Kleeck's with connections to the Van Kleeck's of Orange, Dutchess Ulster and Sullivan Counties.

August 20, 2002

August 20, 2002
Trisha <D_T_Leo@msn.com>
I am looking for the town Belmore (?) for the SHIRLAW family in the late 1800 early 1900, can anyone help ?

August 20, 2002
Larry Smith <Digemup315@aol.com>
looking marriage of George Smith and Alice Burke, 1864 Hempstead, LI. Or birth of Son William born Sept.12,1868/69 in Hempstead.

August 20, 2002
Marilyn Davis <mlyndavi@snet,net>
Would like to be in contact with any descendants of the Phinias Davis family of Southold/Islip, especially anyone who has Merrit, son of Phinias. Thanking you in advance, MD

August 17, 2002
Joan Barkauskas <Cowgirl5300>
Trying to find information on William J Southard, decoy maker and wheelwright of Bellmore. Also, any info on the marriage of Sarah Southard to Smith Clinton Verity. Thank you

August 17, 2002
Joan Barkauskas <Cowgirl5300>
Searching for William J Southard or Sarah Southard of Bellmore, Long Island. Any info appreciated.

August 17, 2002
Ann Porter <lakeshoreporter83@hotmail.com>
I am looking to find my great-great grandmother both she and her daughter are buried in a cemetary on long island belonging to the shinnacock indians. I am looking to find their background. Whitesides or Edwards may be listed. My great grandmother (edwards), offered my mother a plot to bury my grandfather in the 70's.

August 17, 2002
Joan B <Cowgirl5300@aol.com>
We are looking for information on William J Southard, the wheelwright and decoy carver from Long Island New York. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
thank you, Dan and Joan

August 16, 2002
audreymckay <ajmckay11746@msn.com>
looking for info on Van Sicklen, cornelius and related families

August 16, 2002
Esther Kemp <estherkemp@rcn.com>
I would like to see the obit and write up of Morton Babbidge Smith died Huntington L.I. May 16, l927. He lived in Bay Crest, Huntington but his legal residence may have been Brooklyn. Thanks for your help. EHK

August 16, 2002
ron prouty <rprouty@sptimes.com>
Looking for information about military service of Wade Elliott, US Army, and Paige Elliott, USNR, both veterans of WW2. Address was 30 S. Spruce Street, W. Hempstead, NY.

August 16, 2002
Cheryl MARKS <msskram@chartertn.net>
Searching for ancestors/descendents of Marcy and Mary (COHEN) MARKS. Also Rita EMANUEL, who lived on Riverside Blvd, Long Beach. Thanks.

August 13, 2002

August 12, 2002
Arnie Fallon <arniefallon@yahoo.com>
-sseking information regarding John Tuthill b. 1742, Southold, NY d. 1821, Westminster, VT. John was the son of Daniel Tuthill b. 1712 and Mehitable Budd, b. 1715. John Tuthill served in the rev war from Suffolk County. In Sept. 1776, he and his family went to Guilford, CT. They emigrated to Westminster, Vermont via Northampton, Massachusetts. John served in the General Assembly of Vermont and was first town clerk of Westminster, Vermont. His family owned lands
in Southold and Plum Island, NY. I am constructing a history of John...would appreciate any info that may be available concerning his time in Southold, i.e., 1742 (birth) through his departure to CT in 1776. --am also seeking any artifacts that may be associated with this family...

Arnie Fallon
North Bennington, VT


Tel. 802-442-0992

August 11, 2002
cheryl andrews <candrews@rms.org>
SAUNDERS - looking for William Saunders, Loyalist, to Nova Scotia with Botsford in 1782; wife Ruth, ch. John, Lemuel, Esther

August 08, 2002
Kathy Kaar-Isleib <ISLEIB204@MSN.COM>
In a Book about Gravesend there states a surname James Caar who bought property from Nicholas or John Stillwell/Stilwell. He had a wife and maybe a child. But there is nothing regarding him any further. Could someone help? Thanks, Kathy

August 08, 2002

August 07, 2002
amanda <starside_sprinkles@excite.com>
i'm just trying to find the cause of death of edward buffett mowbray who was born july 1, 1871 and died december 9, 1900. i also want to know if he is burried in oakwood cemetery in bay shore ny? that is where his father is burried.

August 06, 2002
rebecca weaver <rwtigger@attbi.com>
looking for info on wood family, may have been from long island but ended up in pound ridge area in westchester ny or new canaan area ct. mainly william wood born in 1822.

August 04, 2002
Ellie Lynch <EllieLynch@aol.com>
Seeking information on the family of my great uncle, Thomas NUGENT, born in Jersey City, NJ and died in Forest Hills, Long Island, December, 1947. His wife's name was Anna, and chidren are Patricia and Thomas Jr. He was the son of John NUGENT and Margaret LYNCH and the brother of John, Dr. James and Arthur NUGENT and Dorinda JASCHKE. Any information would be deeply appreciated.
Ellie Lynch

August 02, 2002
Peggy Mitchell <hgruenbauer@earthlink.net>
Seeking Long Island Powells
Thomas Powell (born ca 1819, Hempstead; died Mar. 6, 1891 in Norwood, NY) and Clarissa Rebecca Ketcham (born ca 1824 in Central Park, NY; died July 23, 1909 in
Hempstead) had Andrew, b. ca 1845, married Margaret Ann and Caroline/
William, b. ca 1852, married Rachel?/ Susan Ann (b. ca 1855) married Jacob Totten; they had Elbert Totten ca 1875. Elbert (Bert) married Catherine (Wall?); they had
(Julia) Edythe ca 1905. Edythe married Alfred Oldfield Hudson.../ Deborah Jane (b. ca 1861) married George McCoun; they had nine McCouns between 1884 + 1901:
Harry, Mabel, Andrew, Minnie, Viola, George,Isabel, Fred, Ethel.
Does anyone know anything about this Thomas Powell and his ancestors? I welcome any information or advice!

July 31, 2002
Barb Thuesen <bartwo@gcmuni.net>
Family of Leland Ackerley

July 27, 2002
Judy McCartney <Needavaca02@aol.com>
Looking for information on a MARIA T. LANDON, born 1828, in Queens County, Long Island NY. She married Claude James WARREN, in 1848. Is there anyone out there who may know of her or her family? Thanks

July 24, 2002
Don <mardl1@aol.com>
Hi, Saw your info. Do you have any information on Abrams on Long Island that were Loyalists and moved to Prince Edward Island. I know there is a Abrams Village in PEI. Thank you. OPPS! please respond to my email address. mardl1@aol.com.

July 22, 2002
Carole Hare <CHHRabbit@aol.com>
Searching for information on RUFUS HILL who had daughter, DRUSILLA/DESIRE HILL B. ca. 1788 d. after 1850 m. 18 Feb. 1809 JAMES PIERSON STRONG of Sag Harbor, NY. They had children SAMUEL B, NATHANIEL H., ELIZABETH, DRUSILLA. Please contact me at CHHRabbit@aol.com.

July 22, 2002
Carole Hare <CHHRabbit@aol.com>
Searching for the parents of SUSAN PIERSON b. ca. 1761 D. 22 nOV. 1798/9 m. CA. 1781 JOHN STRONG and sister MARY m. TALMAGE STRONG sons of JOHN AND MARTHA TALMAGE STRONG. Some books say they were the daughters of PAUL AND ELIZABETH TOPPING PIERSON of Bridgehampton. Please contact me at CHHRabbit@aol.com

July 19, 2002
Diana Davies <ddavie7@yahoo.com>
Have you any records of a Berreman (Berryman, Bereman, beryman)?Speling was not a good subject for my ancestors!
It could have been Thomas Berryman, or his father, Leonard Berryman. Some relatives have found evidene of his having lived in Long Island, but no details. Can you shed any light on this?
Diana Davies

July 19, 2002
Elizabeth Millet <Querida_65@yahoo.com>
I am looking for my mother that I haven't seen since I was three years old. Her name is Tammy Marie Doles and I don't have much information about her to find her. I am now 16 years old and I still don't even know what state she lives in or how old she is now. All I know is her name and She's Irish and had another husband and 4 kids. I wish I could get to know more. Thank you for reading my words.

-God Bless You all ! Wish you all luck
from Elizabeth Millet
July 18, 2002

July 19, 2002
Elizabeth Millet <Querida_65@yahoo.com>
I am looking for my mother that I haven't seen since I was three years old. Her name is Tammy Marie Doles and I don't have much information about her to find her. I am no 16 years old and I still don't even know what state she lives in or how old she is now. All I know is her name and I wish I knew her. Thank you for reading my words.

-God Bless You all ! Wish you all luck
from Elizabeth Millet
July 18, 2002

July 19, 2002
Deborah Flanary <dflanary@tciedu.com>
I am looking for the death certificate of Loretta Flanary (Flannery) from the 1920's. She died of TB in Westbury Long Island but is buried in Brooklyn. Please contact me if you know of a TB institution from this error, and/or if you know where I would locate the death certificate. Thank you.

July 14, 2002
Dick Huber <huber@nac.net>
Looking for information on August Huber who was listed in 1920 Census, Mineola Village, North Hampstead Township, Nassau County. He was from Germany and immigrated to US in 1892 and was 45. His wife's name was Augusta, age 41, born in NY. They had two children: William, age 18, and Edit, age 15. Both children were born in NY.

July 14, 2002
Walter Gilbert <Walter@Gilbert.name>
Source of Robbins information. Does anyone know the sources used for the Robbins page:
http://longislandgenealogy.com/ligrobbins.html ?

July 13, 2002
geri <glsw1@msn.com>
any info on FULKNER, FORKERT, FAULKER, STEINBACH, STEINBUCH......lyndenhurst, albany, around 1850-1900. was there a TB hospital in area at this time and are there records. can not find any birth or death records for anybody. could be spelling of german names. thanks

July 12, 2002
Ellen Sirianni <esirianni@aol.com>
I am seeking information about a Samuel Sirianni. He was born in Italy and came to this country in 1905. He family came to Olean, NY but he left and moved to Long Island. I am looking for any information about him ,his wife or children and when he died.

July 11, 2002
Elaine Powell <TheHeritageLady@aol.com>
Would like to find out any information on my 9th great grandfather, Richard Waring (also spelled Warren,) who settled in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York in 1655, after sailing from England on the ship "Endeavor" and landing in Boston in 1654. The entire party on the Endeavor settled in Brookhaven, on Long Island, after they purchased land from the Setauket and Patchogue Indians. A confirmation of the land patent was obtained on March 7, 1666, and the history of the 55 people who settled there is documented in the book "The History of Long Island," written by Benjamin Thompson. Other family names are Akerly and Land. The Warren surname of this family changed spellings several times, including Wearren, Waren, and Wearen. The Warren family members were Quakers. If you have any information on this family, please contact me. Thanks.

July 11, 2002
W. Sanders <das@netins.net>
Seeking decendants and information [1880-present] on the following people:
Arthur H. REEVE, b. 1854, DIED 1945, son of Edward Y. Reeve and Charlotte Corwin, buried in Riverhead Cemetery - His wife, Mary A. OVERTON b. 1855, DIED 1922 Riverhead Centery (m. Dec. 2, 1875) and their children:
- RUTH Bennett Reeve (Florence) b. 1886, DIED 1921, buried in Riverhead Cemetery (she's my g-great grandmother)
- EMMA L. Reeve(married to R.F. GOODALE)b. 1889, DIED 1962, DORA Reeve b. June 1881
- EDWARD Reeve b. February 1883
- MARY Reeve b. September 1890
- IDA Reeve b. MAY 1892
- HOWARD Reeve b.March 1896

Many thanks to anyone who can help me fill in the blanks for this family.

July 11, 2002
Laura Muhlhausen <Lauram18@Hotmail.com>
I am looking for my Aunts and uncles who are belived to still live in the area (Rocky Point and Shoreham). I would love to hear from you. I am B. Muhlhausen's daughter.

July 10, 2002
Michele H. Golder <MHGolder@aol.com>
Is anyone familiar with Elmont in Queens/Nassau County? My gg-grandfather's death record says he is buried in M.E. Cemetery in Elmont. What does the M.E. stand for and where might that cemetery be? He is an Abrams and his wife is a Pearsall...Thanks for any help. Michele

July 10, 2002
mugu white <muguwhite@excite.com>
Nice site. just surfing. umu guys beko G-men i don reach here oh. keep off.

July 10, 2002

July 09, 2002
Charity <Cherry232@msn.com>
I am looking for any info on the family name Jozepowicz. My husband and I are tracing his family tree and are now stumped. His father and mother were from Long Island NY. He was born there also. They moved down here to Greensboro, NC upon doing so they changed the spelling of their last name to what it is now. Josewitz. If any one could help me find any info....maybe any realtives left? Or a Register of deeds site where i can look up info in NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please fell free to e-mail me at Cherry232@msn.com Thanks, Charity

July 09, 2002
geri <glsw1@msn.com>
looking for infor on my grandmother, born july 1884 on long island. her parents were dora & frederick faulkner,folkert,faulker or anything similar. they were from germany and they also had another chld named emily who would be a few year older than my grandmother. they supposedly owned a hotel on long island with a small merry-go-round out front that my grandmother often talked about. her parent died when my grandmother was about 5. her and her sister were then separated, never to meet again. the steinbachs, from albany, took my grandmother and moved to trenton nj where she lived out her life. we have just about exhausted every means of finding her parents.

July 09, 2002
C. Marks <msskram@chartertn.net>
Looking for info on descendants/ancestors of Marcy and Mary (COHEN) MARKS. Son Samuel (b. 1895) lived on W. 188th St. in 1932. Other relative, Rita EMANUEL, lived on Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, LI.in 1960's. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

July 09, 2002
pmkirwin <pmkirwin@aol.com>
Would like to know the historical location of Swan Creek in East Patchogue as used on 19th c. deeds. Thanks.

July 08, 2002
D.E.Miller <dem35@earthlink.net>
Information concerning Col John Van Wyck Field (rev war) and his connection to Van Wyck family

July 08, 2002
Arlene Terry Bower <bowerarlene@adelphia.net>
I am researching the Carman Family of Hempstead area.
I have just finished 30 plus yrs work on Terry of Southold, LI. Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carman was my ggrandmother and she mar. Chauncy Terry. Have death certif. for both. Know she is daugh of Jos. Carman and Vashti_____(poss. Thurston)of Rockville Ctr. Any help appreciated.
Arlene Terry Bower

July 06, 2002
Linda Haynes Hardy <lhhardy@attglobal.net>
Seeking descendents of James Haines and Benjamin Haynes early residents of Southold, and Southampton.1637-1700

July 05, 2002
LaVerne <Lmcatanz@aol.com>
DEWITT or De Witt - searching for the family of John Dewitt.
Info from his obit:
"He was born at Long Island, New York, March 22, 1769. Learned the trade of a cooper; married at 21; lived in New York, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Dearborn county, Ind., and where he died, (Milo, Bureau Co., Illinois} for the last 14 years. He had a personal recollection of General Washington, of his mother’s hiding their family cow from the British and the Hessians on Long Island. For 82 years he was a worthy member of the M. E. Church. Two out of twelve children survive him, and his fourth generation gathered around him.
I found a Peter DeWitt who was a witness for a will in 1745 near Oyster Bay.
Greatly appreciate any information or leads.

July 05, 2002
Kimberly Rice <wildrice322@yahoo.com>
looking for info on my grandfather he was born 1889, he served as a new york city police officer, I believe sometime in the 1920's. Have a picture of him in uniform. he is from the 42nd and his # was 9018. thank you for your help. Kimberly

July 04, 2002
L. Bruder <casandra11@aol.com>
Deegan descendants? Seeking descendants of Patrick and Margaret Deegan of Oyster Bay area circa 1860's/70's. Descendants include Hannah (born circa 1859) Gifford; Mary (born circa 1872) Casey; Augusta (born circa 1877) Squires. Augusta may have lived in Westbury and been connected with a florist shop. I am a descendant of their sister, Lucy Baker.

July 03, 2002
Patricia Kreier <pattypat@southwind.net>
surnames: Kreier, Weber, or Glosser

July 02, 2002
joseph lynam pieri <jpieri@web-ster.com>
looking for info on my grandfathers parents.
michael dowling and bridget bracken. son joseph l. dowling born in feb.27,1869 in brooklyn,n.y.
thanks for your help. j.l.

July 02, 2002
Maureen <maux49@yahoo.com>
I am trying to locate information on Isaac Reeve Howell (JR or II) b. 2 April 1802, d. 28 May 1863, m. 1824. Farher: Isaac Reeve Howell, Mother: Mary Hawkins, Wife: Hannah Raynor. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

July 01, 2002
Charles Wm. Lind <cwilliamlind@yahoo.com>
I am looiing for information on my family, my mother was Catherine Margaret Hyland Lind. I am look for information on my grandfatrher Thomas Hyland, Kings Park, L.I. NY. He had nine children, Thomas, John, Duke, Margret, Catherine, James, Stenve, Mary,and Paul.

July 01, 2002
charles lind <cwlind@yahoo.com>
I am looking for infomation on the Hyland Family. My greatgrandfather Thomas Hyland, born in Ireland. Had nine children, THOMAS, JOHN, DUKE, MARGRET, CATHERINE, JAMES, STEVEN, MARY, AND PAUL. tHEY SETTLED IN THE KINGS PARK AREA. aNY INFORMATION ON THIS FAMILY WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU

June 29, 2002
Ann Shipley <ashipley@thurston.com>
I'm looking for the parents of Ireland Valentine who was born 9-27-1807 in Hempstead on Long Island. He married Mary Smith 11-8-1831 in Hempstead. He was my g.g.grandfather. He is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census for Huntington, LI. I'm trying to locate his parents, or any more about him. According to some sources they were Philip Valentine & Fanny Ireland but all sources I've been able to find on them only list two daughters. Any help would be appreciated.

June 28, 2002
Linda Elliott <rje6116@msn.com>
James ELLIOTT born in Canada, married Mary HARWOOD born in Ireland. Their children were: James Everett, Robert and William.
James CARROLL born in Ireland, married Ester GALLAGHER born in England. Their children: Mary Estelle, Florence "Flory", Honore "Nonie" and Leonard.
Two of these CARROLL sisters married two of these ELLIOTT brothers. Looking for info on their parents.

June 27, 2002
Carol Rogers Baum <ckbaum@goodland.ixks.com>
I have many Long Island surnames.
Jan Boeckhout/Buckhout from Leyden to New Amsterdam to NY. They link into my Rogers, Skidmore, Smith, Gildersleeve, Ketcham, Bunce, Folger, Woodhull, Thompson, Arthur, Platt, Lewis, Sammis, Haff, Higbie, Buffet, Norton, Bonton, Baldwin, Raymond, Carman, Ackerley, Brewster, Lawrence, Carteret, Townley, Tooker, Browne, Perring, Holton, Brush, Aldrich, Sands, Topping, Taylor, Blydenburgh, Havens, Bryant, Mulford, Cutting, Meyer, Bishop, Tozer, Freideman, Bierl, Oriento, Zimmerman, Kennedy, Lovizio, Bond, Conklin,and Searing. Many names yet from Buckhout families- Elsworth, Walgraf, Pater, Jeuriaene, Way, Andriessen, Rutger, Cranckheit, Conklin, Bankert, Verdon, Fine, Glean, Wilsze, Lawrence, Martine, Hogenkamp, Jewel, Ecker, Van Wert, Cuyper, Saddoor, Chilister, Gardenier, Lott, Purdy, Totten, Storm, Hammond, Sherwood, Cuyper, Garrison, Lounsbury, Davids, Devoe, Churchill, Vail, Hunt, Palmer, Waldron, Kniffen, Geffke, VanWart, Hull, Stegemann, Dickert,Rowlands, Follimel, Peschenski, Montfort, Schneider, Brandeau, Hamilton, Greene, Donahue, Creney, Williams, Schleicher,and Binzer.
I will try to link these with you.

Also, my Baum line has Lake, Starkins, and Baum in Long Island.

Carol Rogers Baum

June 25, 2002
Eric <xericpx5482@hotmail.com>
I am looking for any information about Robert Hall. Robert had a brother, Frank and from the information I have, they once lived in the town of West Hempstead. I need further information to confirm if the renaming of Halls Pond has anything to do with Robert Hall clothing stores. Am willing to exchange information in connection with Robert Hall.

June 24, 2002
Norma L. Bandell <norban@earthlink.net>
I am searching for my grgrandparents. My grgrandfather, Matthew C. Carswell, attended St. George's
Episcopal Church and my grgrandmother, Annie Kellum, attended a Methodist Church one block away.
I do not know which church they were married in. Would appreciate any information regarding the
Methodist Church. This is in the time frame of 1870 to 1890. Thank you.

June 24, 2002
Laurel McLain <laurel16@bellsouth.net>
I am searching for info on John B. Dailey. He was born in Glen Cove, NY 1930 to Joseph Frances Dailey and Maude McKillip. Sometime prior to 1972 John moved to Jacksonville Fl. He is my father. I did not grow up around him and he passed away last August. Any info on the Dailey's and McKillip's living in or around this area would be appreciated.

June 22, 2002
Suzanne <jamie_suz@xtra.co.nz>
I am searching for the descendents of William Robert CLARKE and Kathleen CLARKE (maiden name). Their parents Isabella Creighton b.28/8/1896 Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and William CLARKE emigrated to New York in the 1920s I would say. Isabella was at the Noah Nursing Home, 620 Merrick Road West, Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York and died in January 1961. I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to trace Dad's first cousins and their families. Thank you in advance.

June 22, 2002
van heusen <ihikeny>
van heusen was first discovered north of peekskill but i beleive that he may have come from long island aafter the britch took over in the revolution

June 22, 2002
Kimberly Hurst <gypsygirl2002@aol.com>
I am in search of any Moore family that has any information on an Enoch Moore that married a Jenette London in 1780. Jenette's father was Bartholomew London and she had several brothers and sisters. Enoch and Jenette had four children, Charles born 1781,Thomas,Sarah and Mary born 1789. They moved to Upper Canada with Bartholomew London and his family in 1789. Enoch Moore died in 1800 and Jenette remarried a man with the last name of McDade. If any of this sounds familiar or you have an inkling as to whose family these Moore's belong to I would love for you to contact me at gypsygirl2002@aol.com. Thank You.

June 22, 2002
Deborah <dflanary@tciedu.com>
I am looking for a Hospital or home in Westbury? Long Island during the early 1920's that housed TB patients. The name would help for genealogy family reserch.

June 20, 2002
Joan Raynor <jmr599@yahoo.com>
I need proof that Elijah Raynor born in 173? signed the Articles of Association Jan. 19, 1776. Thanks for the help. JMR

June 20, 2002
George Woolley <gwoolley3@comcast.net>
Long Island Woolley family: earliest Woolley emigrant

Long Island Woolleys from Suffolk & Nassau Counties. I am descended from emigrant Robert Woolley (born 8-2-1615 St. Albans Abby, Hertfordshifre, England). He is son of Robert Woolley & Tecla Pemberton. He is first found in Fairfield, Connecticut 1639.
He relocated from Fairfield to Setauket, Long Island in 1655, and shortly thereafter relocated to Southampton, Long Island where he married Anne Woodruff (his second wife) in 1661.
He had two sons John & Joseph from earlier marriage who also settled in Southampton and Southold, Long Island. He had 5 daughters and a son, Robert, Jr., from his second marriage. About 1680 he relocated to E-town (now Elizabeth) New Jersey and became an E-town Associate and drew a 100 acre Westfield lot #69 in 1699.

Emigrant Robert Woolley's son, John, married and had a son John who had a son John who had a son John married to Hannah Allen July 6, 1729 in St. George's Church in Hempstead, Long Island. Their son Benjamin married Susan Stocker whose son Stocker Woolley married Eliza Cheeseman after Stocker's first wife Phebe Tredwell died 8-9-1820 on their Great Neck Woolley Homestead farm on Lakeville Road across from Lake Success.

Emigrant Robert Woolley's mother, Tecla Pemberton, was daughter of Roger Pemberton who was brother to Alice Pemberton who married James Williams (Alice & James Williams are the parents of Rev. Roger Williams who founded Providence, Rhode Island). Emigrant Robert Woolley inherited his father's estate in 1627, as well from the 1634 will of Alice Pemberton Williams before he emigrated to America. He is one of the earliest settlers of Fairfield Connecticut; Southampton, Long Island; and a founder of Westfield, New Jersey. I believe his son Robert accompanied him to New Jersey along with his second wife, Anne Woodruff, and their 5 daughters.
He apparently died intestate between 1702-1712 in Westfield or Etpwn, New Jersey or Long Island. His eldest son, John was awarded all his Long Island estate, and son Joseph was granted permission to keep his Southold, Long Island farm that Joseph worked & lived. Emigrant Robert Woolley's holdings were rather extensive and scattered between Long Island and New Jersey when he died apparently intestate (no will found yet; but he was a witness to several others’ wills).

John Woolley (b. April 1702 on Long Island, d. December 1785 at Great Neck, Hempstead, Long Island) married 7-6-1779 to Hannah Allen (b. 8-6-1702 at Great Neck, d. January 1785 in Great Neck. He was the son of John Woolley who married Abigail (unknown maiden name). John Woolley b. April 1702 had a brother Tancred (both mentioned in their father’s will dated 9-29-1751 & Proved 10-28-1751).

Hannah Allen (above) was daughter of Henry Allen (b. about 1675 in Hempstead,d. 1728 in Great Neck) married about 1700 in Hempstead to Mary Udall (b. 10-14-1677 in Flushing, d. 1747 in Great Neck.

John Woolley & Hannah Allen had the following eleven children:
1. Benjamin (b. 1773) married 11-30-1768 Susannah Stocker (b. 11-9-1754, d. 7-17-18-9 Great Neck.
2. John (b. 10-11-1732, d. 1-17-1782 Great Neck family farm).
3. Elizabeth married 3-11-1754 to Luke VanNostrand.
4. Jane married a ? Campbell.
5. Philip buried 1780
6. Charles
7. Joseph b. 1740 married 4-28-1763 to Mary Toffey
8. Samuel married first on 11-17-1775 to Margaret Morrell, married second 11-17-1775 to Deborah Hewlett
9. Thomas b. 9-4-1748 married 6-8-1773 to Phebe Tredwell (b. 10-20-1756).
10. William
11. Henry b. 7-4-1734, married 9-20-1742 to Miriam Cornell.

My father’s brother, Lawrence M. Woolley & their cousin, H. Leslie Hicks are the authors of “Woolley’s in America. I have copy of this book as well as most of their original pages that were given to me. I have since discovered a great deal of information that they had not yet discovered when this book was assembled during the 1940’s and early 1950’s.

my family tree Surnames include: Woodruff, Allen, Hewlett, Cheeseman, Weeks, Tredwell, Brinkerhoff, Rapelye, Smith, Stocker, Platt, Mitchell, Cornell, Remsen, VanNostrand, Layton, Williams, Bogart, Hicks, Hegeman, Onderdonk, Robinson, Rockefeller, Greene, Willard, Vanderbilt, Vanderbeeck, Thorne (Thorn), Van Voorhees, Van Siclen, Van Couwenhoven, Suydam, Stryker, Snedeker, Seaman, Schenck, Polhemus, Onderdonk, Monfoort, Lott, Mott, Lequier, lent, Lefferts, Knight, Lawrence, Duryea, Dodge, Carpenter, Bergen, Berrien, Adriance, and many other early American family names.

June 20, 2002
eileen luciano <eileenluciano521@msn.com>
trying to find info on Harry Augustus Wells and Mary Josephine Wells both buried in Cutchogue Cemetery

June 19, 2002
Rosemary Kosinski <FireWife96@hotmail.com>
Looking for info on family of PHILIP BURNS, from Sag Harbor, NY. Info I have is that Philip seems to have died between 1870-1877. Any Help would be appreciated.

June 19, 2002
Jumbina <Jumbina@wmconnect.com>
I am looking for any information about the Sammis family. My maternal grandmother was the granddaughter of Rueben T Sammis.

June 18, 2002
Carol Sloan <Cts1229@aol.com>
I am searching for information about a company that was located somewhere in Long Island from about 1952 until 1980. The company name was Daher, Ltd. and they made decorative household tins, tin plates, bowls, etc.
The person who headed the company was Benjamin Greenstein. In 1980 Daher, LTD was bought out by the Tin Box Company which is still in existance and has offices in Long Island and Hong Kong. Any information that you could find me (especially his date of birth, death, living relatives, address, company address) anything would greatly help my research. Please e-mail me at the above address. Thanks.

June 17, 2002
Hurrol Goodwin <hurrol@usa.net>
1698 Southold, LI, NY residents Philip Goodin (Gooding or Goodwin), Sarah, Philip, Jr, Freelove, and Amos Goodin (Gooding or Goodwin). Any information on these families?

June 16, 2002
Helen Cromar <cromar@crcwnet.com>
I am searching for obits for Marion Grimmenstein Rusch, born 11 Aug 1903, died 11 Jan 1990, and Raymond Rusch, born 12 Apr 1903, died 6 Apr 1969. They lived in Nassau Co., NY

June 15, 2002
Arlene Terry Bower <bowerarlene@adelphia.net>
My gggrandfather was Benjamin P. Carman - his father was Joseph who mar. Hannah Baldwin. When searching I have run across a Southron to Joseph Carman marriage and that Joseph is said to be the son of Joseph. Does anyone know anything about Southron? I need dates on that Joseph and Southron.

June 10, 2002
Cindy Braden <chukcin@charter.net>
If you have any info on Reeve I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking for info on my grandfather - Louis Reeve born around 1873 on Long Island. My father – Lewis C. Reeve was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1904. I know Louis Reeve was married before, and that my father Lewis had stepbrothers.

Thanks so much.

Regards, Cindy

June 05, 2002
Priscilla F. Weir <weir150@msn.com>
I have a sampler that says " Sarah Howell, her sampler,
made by her in the 12th year of her age. Sarah Howell
was born at Bridgehampton April ye 9th AD 1759.
June ye 19,1770" Can anybody help me with who Sarah
Howell is? I think she might be connected to Corwithe
or Woodruff families. Priscilla F. Weir weir150@msn.

June 05, 2002
Bev <bklinemail@yahoo.com>
I am seeking the ancestors and family of William S. Robert, b. 18??, married after 1860 to Isabelle (Belle) Petticrew of St. Louis, MO. He was "son of an old Long Island family." He owned William S. Robert & Co. (machinery) in St. Louis. He died of pneumonia in 1886. He and his wife are buried in the "Robert Family plot at the end of Long Island, near Montauk Point." They had no children.

June 04, 2002
Joann <sigy79@optonline.net>
TERRELL family of Patchogue.I have a scrap book that dates from 1895-1926. It includes pressed flowers from a Terrell wedding in 1904,birth records from 1831, 1853,1856,1881..etc. , newspaper clippings of Emerson G TERRELL, president of the Union Savings Bank of Patchogue. Other surnames in the book are Hawkins,Bransford,Wicks. Would love to return this to it's rightful owner.

June 04, 2002
Douglas Heym <heymhaus@tampabay.rr.com>
I found the following in a Google search on Heym, but was unable to bring up the referenced page. Does anyone know where I can find the information? I am trying to find when Francis O. Heym came to the USA from Germany (Saxony according to the 1870 Census). He is also shown as Oscar F Heym in an Allen genealogy.

... died the youngest child adopted by mary's brother julius richter.last address for
heym in ... most went to usa and settled in providence, ri and hyannisport,mass. ...
longislandgenealogy.com/11981120.html - 101k

June 03, 2002
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@webworkzisp.com>
I am still trying to find the ancestors of Preserved Field (ca.1750) and Richard Miller Wood (ca.1820). Preserved was married to Naomi Overton and Richaerd was married to Ruby Goldsmith. Thanks,barbi

June 01, 2002
James Titmas <gensyst@aol.com>
looking for Charles Titmus (1864 1936) genealogist to determine common ancestor.

May 31, 2002
buttercup <buttercup@aol.com>
I am searching for familyinformation about jola jobs
and members of the poosepatuck singers one of them is
my sister isabella trying to make a connection since i
was switched at birth with a dead baby call 716 881 6876 if you haveany information brother duane in columbus ohio looking to hear from you since I was taken from the state of new york I would like to make a connection. also I have posted reward with information proven to be true. so call and or e mail me buttercup @ aol.com aho

May 29, 2002
Sarah Skinner <sally15@netpluscom.com>
looking for information on Heinley family especially Charles L. Heinley died 1915 married to Myrtle Bell Work in 1913.

May 23, 2002
Thomas GIbbons <thomaswgibbons@aol.com>
Gravesite location in Calvery Cemetary,Woodside,NY

May 23, 2002
Thomas GIbbons <thomaswgibbons@aol.com>
Gravesite location in Calvery Cemetary,Woodside,NY

May 22, 2002
David L. McMonigle <davemcmo@earthlink.net>
BATTLE OF LONG ISLAND - REVOLUTIONARY WAR. I have reason to believe a William McMonnagel/McMonnogeal who was lost in the Battle of Long Island on August 27, 1776 with a Pennsylvania Musketry Regiment is my paternal 4th great-grandfather. This information found in the Pennsylvania Archives. Does anyone have any details on the personnel who fought in this battle from the various units which might have further information on this William McMonigle (McMonnogeal/McMonnagel)?

May 21, 2002
Terry Hill <terry.hill@co.navajo.az.us>
Looking for any relative of Robert J. Brown, Born Sept 18, 1942; Father: Thomas J. Brown; Mother's maiden name: Anna Gentile. Robert J. Brown was found dead two weeks ago in Holbrook, Arizona. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of a family member, please contact me at 928-524-4353. He will be buried in a pauper's grave if I can not locate any family member.

May 20, 2002
Renee Friedel <Friedel@bellsouth.net>
Looking for information on The Rowley family of Wading River NY, Quogue. family names that went with the Rowley name were, Lecraft, Ennis, Hawkins, Woodhull. time frame from 1850's on to 1910's.

May 19, 2002
Debra Halloran <ishkabibble58@hotmail.com>
My grandparents were Frank and Helen Halloran of New York. My father was Frank Halloran their son. I am looking for any relatives I may have.

May 18, 2002
Lyle Hendrickson <LyleH29423@aol.com>
John Hendrickson of Hempstead Harbor(now Roslyn), Queens Co, NY wrote a will dated 15 March 1798(Queens Liber A/424) naming his beneficiaries: wife Abigail and children Abraham, John, William, Elizabeth, Peter and Charles. Executors were William Valentine and William Onderdonk, witnesses Richard Mannett, John Davis and James D. Hanna. Would appreciate any information/sources for John and Abigail and their children, particularly son John who may be my 3g grandfather. Thanks

Lyle Hendrickson

May 18, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
HOLBROOK, L.I., N.Y. - 1890
If you were a devout Roman Catholic what church would you have attended at the above location and time? Thank you in advance for any assistances.

May 18, 2002
Henry Decker <hnedeck@aol.com>
Looking for information about WILLIAM SEDLACEK of Islip.Possibly born 1899-1956? Possibly married to osephine with one daughter Mary. He owned "THE EAST ISLIP HOTEL" on Montauk Hwy and Carlton Ave and later owned "THE CZECH CASTLE" on the south side of Montauk Hwy. Any photos of these places or info about William will be greatly appreciated; thank you>

May 18, 2002
Henry Decker <hnedeck@aol.com>
Looking for information about Charles J. Oakley, b.1857-d. 1901-1910. Married to Mary LOUISE Johnson, b.1860, d.1918. All info greatly appreciated, thanks!

May 17, 2002
harold mathews <wood-duck@webtv.net>
seeking information about HENDRYCK VAN DYCK,ensign commandante of the DUTCH WEST INDIAN COMPANY,approx 1630s in NIEUW AMSTERDAM(NOW LOWER MANHATTAN)...any bio info on his life in ANTWERP and later in this country most appreciated..

May 15, 2002
sharon drayton <draytonsharon@hotmail.com>
hi,my name is sharon my maiden name is miller,my mother was married to fred miller her name was carolyn lee smith she had two other children maurice and vickie i was born in nov.28,1963,my mother left my farher and married a man name james goodwin,she left new york and moved south,i was born in manhattan new york, at metropolitan hospital please contact me if you have any info about my father i am 38yrs old now and i would like to meet him if possible

May 12, 2002
Lisa Gilmore <ldsmom33@aol.com>
I am looking for info on my Berry Line. I can only go back to william Berry of Fleming County KY. I know that his family is from Long Island NY a few generations later. My uncle found a website last year that said there is a very old lawsuit against Manhattan,Long Island,NY because the land it was built on whenever that was, belonged to my Berry family line. It lists all of the future descendents of the origional land owner were to recieve payments. It listed my father and his brothers among many many other names. It has been on file so long it will probably never be satisfied. The story goes that the first land owner was a man named Berry who died at sea, he was a seaman. He left h is land to his widow and all of her future generations. It somehow got out of her possession and resulted in what is now Long beach NY. Has anyone ever heard or seen this before? I am curious and sure all of those involved would be anxious to help it become finalized.

May 12, 2002
joanne ricca <joy1127@aol.com>
im looking for a name ricca in the calvary cementary in long island city, new york

May 11, 2002
Connie Stimpson <stimp04@digitalexp.com>
I am searching for information on Foster P VanNostrand, born Nov. 1864 to Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Pearsall) VanNostrand. He was my great grandfather and I have information to share. Thank you.

May 11, 2002
donna <Dmcon57@aol.com>
how do i go about in finding the history of the house that i am living meaning who lived here when it was built in 1913 and if any event took place on ths house

May 10, 2002
Trendsa <trendsa@hotmail.com>
I am looking for info on John Reardon who was police officer in NY in the 1865-1880 timeframe. Do you know of a police archive with information on former NY officers. I don't know what precinct he worked but only know that he lived in Long Island and married a Albina Healy (Haley) in 1865 who was born in Ireland. If I can locate a archive where they have information on past officers, this would be great! Thanks, trendsa@hotmail.com

May 10, 2002
James Rutherford <jimbob17584@yahoo.com>
I am trying to find out where My Nephew is buried on Long Island.NY.His Name was Philip Donald Phelisse and he was 34 years old when he died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a cabin upstate.He would have dies 10 years or more ago.I would appreciate any info.

May 09, 2002

May 08, 2002
JoAnn (Johnson) Atkinson <jmoore1953@hotmail.com>
I am looking to find family information of brothers: Asa/or Acie Johnson & Grady Johnson who originally were born in Georgia between 1900-1920. I believe they are the sons of Ernest Edward Johnson and Ollie Collier Johnson from Decatur, Georgia. I have been told by elderly folks that Asa moved to NY and Grady became a script writer for the movies. Anyone knowing of any information for either names I sure would appreciate an email at: jmoore1953@hotmail.com

May 06, 2002
Ellen Rathbone <adkvic@telenet.org>
You need to change a source on your New York State Historical Societies page. The Adirondack Historical Society in Saranac Lake is no longer at the phone number listed (it is a home phone and the person is deceased). The address is for the Adirondack Genealogical Society. Just thought you'd like to kow so you can make the corrections, because the woman at the phone number listed is a bit disturbed that people keep calling her for the AHS.

May 05, 2002
Janet Bouton <janet.bouton@gte.net>
Looking for info about Daniel S. NICHOLS, b. abt 1793 on LI, married Rebecca RICE. Their son Daniel Benjamin NICHOLS was born in Smithtown LI on April 25, 1830. Married Almira KETCHUM about 1850 and later moved to Westchester County.

May 05, 2002
Sharon Gallagher Shaffer <sharinlpn1@juno.com>
Looking for family of Mary Ann Burke Tynan from Co Donegal. She had a sister Rose Burke. Children Bartley, Laughlin, John and Catherine who married a Charles Simmons and took care of her brother John after Mary her mother died.

May 05, 2002
Sharon Gallagher Shaffer <sharinlpn1@juno.com>
Looking for cousins and family of Edward Owen and Theresa Martin Gallagher. Or his second wife Hermie. Also family of William and Bella McCready Gallagher from around Long Island Queens NY.

May 05, 2002
sarah scott <scot1@na2k.net>
looking for genological info on 1860's and upwards on Braun(Geroge, Ellen, Elizabeth etc)and Link(Simon, Leopold,John, Edward,George,) and Huber(Mary, George, ) I do believe Mohn might be a name also. 1st. Link reunion this summer so I would love to have info on Simon and Leopold Link. I know they lived in NY until 1896 or 97 when they moved to Jersey City, NJ any help at all would be so very welcomed, thank you sally scott scot1@na2k.net

May 05, 2002
janet vaillancourt <foxymom1960@aol.com>
I am a Swayze descendant from the Joseph Swayze line. I would like to know how the actor Patrick Swayze fits into our familly tree.

May 04, 2002
jennifer <jencra@netzero.net>
looking for a Philipina WERNIG and her sons or step sons, Harry and Charles WERNIG in st.albans in the 1940's or earlier. Thanks~

May 04, 2002
BettyLou Hand Boysen <blboysen@jps.net>
COMPTON, William [abt 1621 Eng - aft 1687 Gravesend] seeking any and all information on him. Need list of the Dec 1645 Gravesend patentees plus information on wife Elizabeth and sons William Henry, John and daughter Mary. The family was associated with the Bowner family and was part of the migration to Monmouth New Jersey.

May 03, 2002
Lori mancuso <pugmark@triad.rr.com>
Seeking info/obit for Ben Sammis, born 26 july 1913, Died Feb 1981 in West Babylon, NY. Any info or suggestions welcome!

May 03, 2002
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@webworkzisp.com>
Have changed e-mail address- still looking for the families of Preserved Field (late 1700s) and Richard Miller Wood(1800?),Cutchoque area. Thanks, Barbi

April 30, 2002
Do you have record of a "Losee Hotel" in or near Patchogue L.I.??

April 30, 2002
Russell King <wishomecare@earthlink.net>
Searching for information on Christopher McMichael, who fought under Col. Miles in the Battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776. He is said to have been born in Ireland about 1756 and came to US just prior to the Revolutionary War.

April 29, 2002
Priscilla Putnam Martin <FredMikePris@aol.com>
Looking for CHAPMAN, Flushing, L. I. James T.Chapman m. Caroline Ethel?>1.Douglas Treadwell Chapman,b. 8/14/1890 2. Dorothy Chapman, 3. James Chapman, 4. Ethel Chapman, drowned as a teenager, 5. Frederick or William Chapman, 6. Preston Chapman. 7. Caroline Chapman,( more ch.) Lived at 143 Madison Ave., Flushing, L. I. in 1914. A daughter m. Hans Zervas, had two sons. Mrs. Caroline Chapman died during a Thanksgiving dinner. Also Douglas m.Ellen Augusta Morgan of Lynn, Mass. they lived at Glen Wood Landing, L. I. Have some pictures, my mother Ellen Joyce Chapman, b. 4/19/1918, went to school there, first grade. Does anyone know where Camp Ubedam was?
Any help would be appreciated, am at a dead-end! Thank you.

April 29, 2002
j. volckmann <jvolckmann@aol.com>
I have Wickline connections. We have just published a 1580-page book on Wickline descendants. Would be pleased to hear from other Wickline descendants

April 28, 2002

April 28, 2002
Edward Powers <fpowers40@msn.com>
My children's birth certificate. Bithdate July 1,1996 NY Casey Jane Powers and
Cody James Powers Mothers maidden name
Reuter my name Edward Michael Powers.

April 26, 2002
Mary <bass-smmm@msn.com>
Please tell me what you know about the Montauk Wheelmen's, thanks !!!

April 26, 2002
Sandra Ludwin <sandstar9ss@cs.com>
Hi again, I just asked about info on James Hawkins, and forgot to complete my email address, so here it is: sandstar9ss@cs.com. Thanks again.

April 26, 2002
Sandra Ludwin <sandstar9ss>
My sister just moved a few miles from Mastic to Moriches, and lives off of James Hawkins Street in a new development area. She has heard that James Hawkins owned the land there, and there is even a cemetery. We were just wondering if you had any information on him. Thanks, Sandy Ludwin

April 25, 2002
Laura <laura@marcgnelson.com>
Helen Emily Gilles was born on 9/30/18 and went to Mattituck High School. Her Father was Frank Gilles and her Mother was Salome Lucas. She had 3 brothers, Ed, John and Joseph. "Granny Gil" passed away this March, sadly, and I would like to know as much as I can about her and her family. Although she was my step-grandmother, she was my only REAL Grandma. I would love to hear more stories of my Granny Gil whom I loved so much!

April 24, 2002
Linda <spyder@mwt.net>
Hi I am looking for information on the Hand and Lovatt surnames no dates . Thanks'


April 21, 2002
Sonya Weed <sweed99@excite.com>
Looking for any info on William H Weed and his wife Susie Baldwin Weed. They lived in the Amityville, Long Island, NY area ~1870-1880's and had four children: Cora Belle Weed (later Molyneux); Harriet Weed (later Pridham); Edith Weed (later Ferris); and Chester Weed. Chester married Hazel Polhemus Banta in 1903; She was from the Bronx area. Her parents were Edwin Champion Banta and Emma Polhemus Banta; she also had a sister, Josephine Strang Banta (later Dean). I'd love to hear any info on any of these people!

April 18, 2002
Neil Murphy <murphyneil@msn.com>
Researching the Rogers and Culver lines.
jean rogers
sarah(wife of david rogers)culver

April 18, 2002

Lee Firestone <lmf45@core.com>
Looking for information on Zebulon Woodhull who was born in Long Island, NY on January 2, 1736/37 and died May 14, 1789. According to the information I have he was married to a Waite Reeve and a Martha Emmons. This is information from a family bible. Recently I have seen information that had him married to a Hannah Terry. I have him and Waite Reeve having married on October 20, 1764 and having 7 children (Joseph, Benjamin, Zebulon, James, Thomas, Waite, and Ezra). I'm wondering where Hannah Terry came into the picture. I would like to exchange or receive information on this family. They are ancestors on my mothers side.
You can email me at lmf45@core.com

April 18, 2002
Barbara Valente <BASV123@aol.com>
Will the person who has info on MARY JANDREW BRADBURY(this person's grandmother's sister) please email me at above. I have been searching for above for 10 years and can't find your email address here.thanks

April 16, 2002
D. Humphrey <cdchumphrey@frws.com>
I am trying to find my great grandmother's history. She was born Elizabeth Josephine Long (or Lang) in 1861 on Long Island. She married Phillip Frederick Schmidt of New York City. They had four children of which my grandfather was Joseph Francis Schmidt born Feb. 2-1893 and his twin sister Mary E. My grandfather Joseph died in 1953 in Brooklyn and my Aunt Mary died in or near Washington Square. I don't have an address for her, but knew she lived there all her life. My Aunt Mary was deaf. This is all the information I have on them. If anyone knows any more information, please contact me. I don't know who the other four children were and I have no names for them. Thanks, Donna

April 14, 2002
J.M.Talbot <Jmtalbot992@cs.com>
Looking for ancestors of Katherine Carman 1848-1931, who married Horace Wright Overton in 1872. Their daughter Mary Jane was my grandmother. Their home was in Patchogue,Long Island.

April 14, 2002
Daria Bustanoby <bartie247@yahoo.com>
I was browsing search engines for the origin of my last name 'Bustanoby' of which i have no historical data on. i would greatly appreciate any info sent to me email account.

April 13, 2002
Anderson <nfn13753@naples.net>
Looking for (1700's) Jonas Wood, Joshua Wood, (1800's) Samuel WOOD -m- Ruth Petit, Silas Payne Wood -m- Mary Emma Powell

April 12, 2002
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Would like to know if anyone knows where maps made by Belcher and Sanborn company maps can be purchased from or obtained. Also known as E.Belcher Hyde and Sanborn map company.

April 11, 2002
I am in need of the following birth record. How do I access it?
Louis (Louie) Taglianetti b. September 18, 1902 Fisher Island, NY d. Feb. 1970 RI
son of Fiorentino (Fiore) DiLuigi Taglianetti

Thank you.

April 11, 2002
valerie bukowski <rbuko1630@yahoo.com>
who were parents of syndey white and his wife ellen pearsall. sydney was Long Island RR crossing guard. rockville center, lynbrook ca 1910-20

April 11, 2002
valerie herpfer bukowski <rbuko1630@yaoo.com>
seek info on stephen henry mott,b 1837 d 1866 married sarah jane soper d. 1906, father of georgianna mott and Harriat Ida Mott.stephen b. 1837 d 1866. geo. b. 1858? d 1926 lynbrook harrita m. milo abrams then geo farrington, gerogianna m. horatio ellmore of 67 Hemstead ave. pearsalls corners. Horatio's parents were robert ellmore and mary catherine bartholf. Horatio, georgianna, robt and mary Horatios granddau. Dorothy ellmore lawrence king muldowney buried rockville cem. lynbrook who were parents of stephen henry mott. shaw family connected somehow.

April 09, 2002
Barbara <bwolford@stny.rr.com>
Looking for Joseph Coles..born in Scotland, daughter Lillian born 1870, wife Anna, son Joseph..family ended up in New London CT

April 07, 2002
Glenn Kountz <gkountz@ameritech.net>
I'm trying to find any Kountz's (my father was Glenn Kountz) or Sinclairs My Father's mothers Maiden Name. She married George Kountz and they lived in Rochester Pa.

April 06, 2002
Joel Kayor <joelkaylor@aol.com>
If anyone has advice for looking up birth and death information on Cold Spring Harbor and vicinity...please let me know. The family name is Velsor Or Van Velsor in the early years. Walt Whitman's mother was a Van Velsor.

April 05, 2002
CHRIS <fergy_322hotmail.com>
Um.. i was wondering if oyu had any history on a heart island for me. i hopw that sounds right or if there is somwhere i can find it. Thanks Chris

April 04, 2002
Terri <taire@webtv.net>
I'm looking for info on the Charles Church family of Lloyd Neck, LI from the 1780's. Charles and his wife, Lillis Bowen, left LI in 1783 for Nova Scotia,Canada. My problem is Lillis' real idenity. She's shown, sometimes, as the daughter of Nathanial Bowen, or Daniel Bowen, or ????? (Brown). I'd like to get to the bottom of who she really is. Thank you, Terri

April 04, 2002
Nadine Simonelli <NadineNWC@hotmail.com>
My grandfather, Crescenzo Simonelli, had a family plot in Calvary Cemetary. He died 1/1/1933. I am seeking verification.

April 03, 2002
Henry Gaudsmith <HenryGaudsmith@mailcity.com>
I am seeking info on two relatives that died in Hampton Bays(11946), including Orbits(if possible).
Gerard Arnaut Died Sept 1986 and his mother Josephine Arnaut died Dec 1974. Also would appreciate information
on the family if available.


April 03, 2002
steve power <shoot.cotton@virgin.net>
mary corrigan of ballacolla co laois ireland arrived at ellis island, june 4th 1916,aboard the ss new york.
the address she went to was 156 young street, long island. The home of ellen gomerton, an aunt.
annie corrigan, mary's sister, arrived may 7th 1923,
aboard the adriatic and the address she went to was 19 hulsto street, long island, the home of mary granahan. mary had obviously got married but i cannot find any information about these two women, my great aunts. if anybody has any information or suggestions i would be very grateful.

April 01, 2002
Rose-Marie Ullman <rosmari@1stconnect.com>
I'm looking for the parentage of Dr. Henry Taylor, who died in Flushing in 1719. Also, when did he arrive in America - he was an Englishman.

March 30, 2002
Steve <wagnergenee@worldnet.att.net>
I am in search of any info of my ancestors as followed:
Joseph Ireland Married Elizabeth Losee
abt 10 Children Born 2 of which I am a decendant
1) Daniel Ireland Marr Tabitha Smith (11 Kids)
1-A)Derrick Ireland Married Mehitable Corwin (4 Kids)

1-B) Derrick Ireland Marr Harriet Hatfield (4 Kids)

1-C)Edna Mehitable Ireland Married Platt H Smith ( 11 Kids

2) Elizabeth Ireland Marr John Howard Smith (17 Kids)
2-A) Ebenezer H Smith Marr 1??? Abt 4 Kids
2 Freelove Sammis 3Kids
2 B) First Wife Isaac H Smith Marr Hannah Conklin (Abt 9 Kids)
2-C) Platt H Smith Marr Edna Mehitable Ireland (11 Kids)
I have a great deal of info need to fill in any blanks that i have.
Thank you in advance

March 29, 2002
Cheryl <chez622@bestweb.net>
I have a question, and was hoping someone may be able to help. Its about the Rose family of Long Island. I'm not a genealogist, so am unsure how to find information.

My husband's father was the illegitimate child of the patriarch of the Rose family in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Apparently he had an affair with a German house maid, and Richard was the result of that union. The maid was sent back to Germany, and my father-in-law was adopted by the Townsends (Henry and Elizabeth)...an English/Scottish couple that worked for the Rose's for many years.

The Townsends moved to Florida, and we believe they are deceased. My father-in-law died of a brain anuerysm when my husband was approximately 16 years old - 19 years ago. They were estranged before then, so my husband knows little about him, and honestly doesn't care to.

However, my husband has a long history of migraines, and we've just learned that our 2 year old daughter must see a neurologist for frequent headaches. Because his father died of an anuerysm I'm petrified. Is there a way to find the medical history of the Rose's, or the family themselves to ask them directly about their history?

Please, if there is any information you can provide, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you.

March 29, 2002
rebecca farris <rebecca.farris@gecapital.com>
Looking for information on my father David Nagel, he married Marion Wheatley from Cinit Ohio in CA while in the Navy. They lived on Long Island. I was born in 1953. He has a brother named Joseph and his father was either Norris or Morris Nagel.

March 28, 2002
Heidi Jones <soul_attitude@hotmail.com>
I need to find a person named: O'Neil Reid or maybe going by the name of O'Neil Dale, born on Nov.12th.1962,


March 27, 2002
Richard Whiteaker <whitr@marktwain.net>
Looking for records of Paul Edward England III, last known in Long Island, Mar. 30, 1950

March 27, 2002
Louise <lhakmiller@hotmail.com>
I have a deed to two cemetery plots located in Southampton. The cemetery is called "Manhattan Park", owned by Florence Whitehouse. I would like any information about this cemetery.

March 27, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
ELIZABETH ROGERS - Thank you in advance for any information on Elizabeth. Supposedly, she married Isaac Ruland c1809 in Brookhaven, New York.

March 27, 2002
Patricia A. Canham-Baldwin <harleyd@socantel.net>
I'm looking for a half sister that would have been born around 1947 or 48 in St. John's Hospital, Long Island City. Mother's first name Christina, father's name Joseph W. Canham. Mar 27, 2002

March 26, 2002
broadberry <mebbie @msn.com>
http:// msn
my maiden name SLADE from barrow in furness england my aunt was called fanny slade my father s, sister I met my cousin MURIEL CHADDERTON WHO VISTED US IN THE WAR SHE WAS BASED IN GERMANY .SHE AS A SISTER CALLED DORIS ? ADDRESS LONG ISLAND 83-24 265 ST. FLORAL PARK

March 26, 2002
Linda Thompson <0spre@nemaine.com>
I am searching for information on Katherine Floyd-Jones, said to be wife of John D. Jones. My quesiton is whether her maiden name was Floyd-Jones and her married name Jones! My purpose: I am giving a bracelt of hers to my daughter. I am a Jones descendent (descended from John D. Jones' brother, Walter R. T. Jones).

March 24, 2002
Loreen Wells <loreenwl@opoen.org>
Looking for information re: Cora Lathrop Ostrander and John Ostrander, my grandparents. Believe they married in 1894. My father was born to them in Northport on 3 Oct 1895. The story is they left for Washington state the next year. Late in life my father learned he had 5 siblings older than he born to his mother and supposedly alive when he was born. Recently learned that her previous name was supposedly Lathrop. John came from Connecticut. If anyone has information, I would like to hear.

March 24, 2002
John Buchanan <headmont@pei.sympatico.ca>
I would like to find any connection with the Buchanans from Prince Edward Island.

March 23, 2002
Ronald Coffey <Coffeyr@aol.com>
Looking for info on Joseph Coffey born L.I in 1896, Married Catherine Caroline Smith, daughter of Minturn Grinell Smith and Ellen Post, Children of Joseph and Catherine include, Arnold, Patricia, Edwin, and Harry. If you have any info please e-mail me at coffeyr@aol.com Thanks Ronald Coffey

March 23, 2002
J. Leggett <trini@tenacity.uk.com>
Hugh MacKay Sutherland, born Scotland 1803, after being shipwrecked stayed some months during 1837 at the Sailors Retreat, Staten Island. Made his way to Long Island, befriended by Mr Kitcham and worked on his farm in Jericho. Then employed by Mr Wells, a Quaker, who recommended him to Mr Wells, another Quaker, before working for Mr Henry Motyt at Manhassett. In 1840 Hugh was working at a College run by Rev. Dr. Michlenbery(?)at College Point, driving the mail daily to Flushing. Information taken from 2 letters written by Hugh to his brother in Scotland. Can anybody tell me more about Hugh Sutherland, my family member? No trace of him after July 1840.

March 22, 2002
Candace <ccdatty@aol.com>
I am disappointed that I have had no response regsrding the Searing lineage who was one of the original proprietors at Hempstead. Additonally,, because I understodd this site to be site specific to Long Island lineages without venturing to a million other sites. I posted my message some 3 weeks ago and was hoping for some response - negative or postive or leading me to other avenues. If the purpose of your site is to connect those with lineage to Long Island and work together to form that era of history, I fail to see the significance when evidently it is a blind message that is never reponded to??? If anyone is listening, I would appreciate a response regarding the SEARING lineage, originally from the originator - seroeon - specically to an AUGUSTUS VALENTINE SEARING. Respond to ccdatty@aolcom - thank you.

March 22, 2002
Nina Winham <ninaw@ecotrustcan.org>
WINHAM - I am looking for any information on ancestors of Archibald Spencer Summerfield Winham, m. to Mattie Winter Coe (who was descended from Robert Coe who emigrated from England in 1634 to Boston, then Long Island area). Archibald probably born approx 1880-1890?

Their son, Alfred Rathbone Winham, b. approx 1911, was my grandfather, I believe born on Long Island. His son (my father), Gilbert Rathbone Winham, was also born on Long Island, May 11, 1938.

Any leads most welcome!

March 21, 2002
Grace H. Connell <gtc@warwick.net>

March 21, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Westhampton/Westhampton Beach
Thank you in advance for any information how the above names got there names Westhampton/Westhampton Beach and in what year.

March 21, 2002
Stephanie <dance_angel_7000@yahoo.com>
Do you have any information on the Battle of Long Island during the Revolutionary War?

March 20, 2002
robert scheurell <rps@uwm.edu>

March 18, 2002
Arlene <suvi@islandnet.com>
Looking for info on Alexander Morrison, Alexander McPherson and Alexander Malcolm all
in the building trades arrived from Scotland about 1906. Alexander McPherson was reported
to have owned a saloon where the current Woodside Public School is now situated.
Alexander Morrison's wife was "Minnie" and Alexander Malcolm's wife was "Jessie". The McPherson's
eventually went to Florida, the Morrison's went to California and the Malcolm's stayed in the area.
Would like to know if perhaps there is a street directory between 1906-1930 that shows these 3
families in the area and if there was indeed a saloon.

March 17, 2002
Melissa <ragamuffingirl71@hotmail.com>
I'm searching for any information on the following people: Nathaniel Moore of Newtown. He had a daughter, Sarah, who married Benjamin Waite. Benjamin Waite was a shipwright...maybe at the Naval Yard? When did it open?

March 15, 2002
Diane Andreasen <unicornd@msn.com>
Looking for Charles HOLE/HOEL who lived in Southold in 1727 when he was made executor in the will of Mary MERROW. I believe Chas. may have married Sarah? SMITH c 1720. Chas. was later a school teacher in Essex Co., NJ so may have already been one while living in Southold. Any help appreciated.

March 14, 2002
Robert White, Jr <RWhite@foxtrailcg.com>
Isaac SWEEZY. Married Mary ???? Possibly from Eastport area. Not sure. Looking for info on his step(?)
daughter Carrie, who later married Benjamin Seaman of Eastport.

March 13, 2002
eahulse <Eahulse@ yahoo.com>
Hello I'm Not sure if I have the correct web sight I'm looking for William Henry Hulse .b 1899 in Newyork Married Florence Paulson Son James Eward Hulse. if you can just direct me to where I can Fine information about this man I would appreciat it very thank you Eahulse

March 12, 2002
LOUISE O"ROURKE <kaischindler15@yahoo .com>
looking for any relations to the GOEPFERT family from steinway street, astoria, long Island city. thank you louise

March 12, 2002
Ann Rogers <dandar@kans.com>
Looking for family of Elias P. Rodgers/Rogers probably from LI with brothers John (a sea captain?)& William ( a manufacturer?). 1st known record in Scioto Co, Ohio in 1818 when he married Susanna Spangle. Birth date c 1780-1794 per census records of 1820, 1830.

March 11, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Thank you in advance for any information regarding the name "Crondle". Settled on Eastern Long Island c1885.

March 10, 2002
Darby Beetham <chanty@mcn.org>
Looking for cemetary burial for John Beetham,
Thomas Beetham, John W. Beetham Brooklyn and or Long Island

March 10, 2002
Mandy Humphrey <Humphreymandy@cs.com>
I have hit a dead end in my quest to find a family of Harbes & Figginger that lived in Hicksville, Queens county, NY at least as far back as 1860. My Great Great Grandmother Katherine Harbes is noted as having been born there, however I can't find her death records or birth records. NYC Municiple Archives did not go back to 1860 and she died in April 1926 in Spartanburg, Sc but vital records there have been unable to locate a death certificate. Her father was Gerard Harbes and mother was Katherine Figginger-Harbes. Katherine Figginger Harbes is noted as having been born in Prussia but died 8/3/1885 in Manetto Hill (Bethpage/plainview)Queens county, but have unsuccessfully been able to retrieve her death record from NYC Municiple Archives. In addition to Katherine Harbes, Gerard Harbes and Katherine Figginger-Harbes had other children; William, Mary, Magdalene and Anna Elizabeth. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me. I have been searching for Harbes/Figginger for over a year and am totally stuck.

March 09, 2002
john gaultney <tjgaultney@webtv.net>
need marriage record of gideon wright b 1726 oyster bay ny maried elizabeh durling (christened 1727 reformed church Jmaicia long island ny) about 1750.daughter miriam born about 1751

March 09, 2002
Jennifer Heaton <heatonj@attbi.com>
I'm trying to contact Suzanne Heaton Cooper about some genealogy information. If anyone has an e-mail address for her, please let me know. Thanks.

March 09, 2002
Robin Wynn <rwynn417@aol.com>
I'd like to receive information on companies who specialize in new house construction. I currently live in Queens and would be interested in moving to Long Island.

March 06, 2002
Marjorie McKenna <mbkenna@hotmail.com>
I am looking for information on my great aunt who owned a home in St. Albans in the early 1930's. Her name was Isabella or Belle McKenna. She was not married as far as I know. Her mother lived with her until her death in the early 30's (Bridget Loughran McKenna). I am looking for anything on her.

March 06, 2002
Terri Lowe <Tlowe799@aol.com>
I am searching for info on the dean family of NY. I know that Doyle Dean lived in or near Elmira

March 05, 2002

Barbara Dowling <bdowling@mnsi.net>
Christopher Youmans family of Hempstead in the 1600's.
Had son Soloman and grandson Eleazer. Would like information on this family

March 05, 2002
Richard Knox <rrrick069@hotmail.com>
Searching for info on George Whitehead Skidmore who gave the "Chancel Window of Christ Church,Manhassett,Long Island"......"Given to the Glory of the Trinity and in loving memory of his wife, Rosalie Elizabeth Skidmore, Christmas, 1928." In possession of a pamphlet comm. the dedication of same. This was sent to my GFather Albert Delatour Skidmore. Believe George was GGFather but need proof of the link. Is the "Christ Church" still in Manhasset and if so location please. Any info on Both the church and George appreciated.

March 05, 2002
Betty Mullett <roym@nucleus.com>
I am looking for some kind soul to do a look up for me in Medford, Suffolk county. I had 1 American relative and would like to know where he is buried.
Name: William Rothwell. Died sometime after 1966. Have no idea where he is but would Really like to know.
Last Address was Concord Ave. Medford, Long Island. He was born approx. 1868 so would have about 95 or so.
Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

March 02, 2002
Toni Witt <wittson@sdcoe.k12.ca.us>
Trying to find a family book written by Jacob C. KEITHLEY in 1910. I am under the impression that there is a copy of it at this historical society.
Would you be so kind to let me know if it is possible for me to obtain a copy. There are scores of us KEITHLEY's doing research.
Thank you,
Tonni Witt :o)

February 28, 2002
Nancy Hauser <nhauser@pcsrus.mv.com>
I am looking for the parents of Thomas W. Langdon, who married Clarissa Pearsall at St. George's Episcopal Church, July 03, 1810. Clarissa was the daughter of Henry Pearsall and Hanna Burch. Thomas W. Langdon (who may be buried in Rockville Cemetery) is my mystery man.

February 27, 2002

February 27, 2002
kenneth tuttle <pop2470@netcarrier.com>
searching for parents of my grandfather Eugene Lane of Manorville NY b.1862 his spouse Fanny Wilbur b.1864 if possible her parents also. ( he was postmaster listed as such on the 1898 listing thankyou K.O. Tuttle ps I contacted the Manorville Historical Society no help MY Grandparents owened the hotel next to the railroad which still stands today which was the General Store and Post Office he also was the Justice of the Peace in the 1900's

February 27, 2002
Eugenia Paine Rapasky <Eugenia_ep@Yahoo.com>
Need information on the Rapasky family of Long Island, NY

Thank you for your time.

February 26, 2002
jessica <jessaw21@aol.com>
Hi, If anyone can answer my question PLEASE email me. I was wondering how Long Island was formed. I heard a theory that long ago in the Ice Age and glacier melted and split apart to form Long Island. If this is true, can someone point me in the direction to where I can find the facts that back the theory up. My email address is JESSAW21@aol.com


February 26, 2002
Gwen Morey <GMoreySOI@aol.com>
I'm writing to see if anyone has any information on Mabel Preston Smith Abrams b.8/30/1889. She married Fremont Abrams and lived in Blue Point. Thanks for any help

February 26, 2002
CDrake <ccdatty@aol.com>
Searching for SEARING ancestors who left Hempstead, Long Island about 1894 to Plainfield, NJ. Great grandfather AUGUSTUS VALENTINE SEARING JR. - wife MABEL ELIZABETH PRUDEN. Great-Great-Grandfather AUGUSTUS VALENTINE SEARING, SR. - wife unknown. From research it appears came down line of JOHN SEARING b. abt 1671 or JAMES SEARING b. abt 1677 or JONATHAN SEARING b. abt 1678. Also looking for site for SEARING-ROSLYN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH/YARD where numerous Searings are buried.

February 25, 2002
Mildred Todd <milarob@jb.com>
I am trying to get a copy of marriage certificate/lisence for my parents who were married in Babylon, NY July 19, 1923. Does anyone know where I can obtain this.

February 24, 2002
Joe <clickapage@aol.com>
On the Town Of Hempstead Seal does the Eagle represent anything?

February 24, 2002
Ronld Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
BROOKHAVEN HAMLET There is a small dam of Beaver Dam Road Rd by Beaver Dam Creek. There are initials of "J L". made by nails in the cement. This dam is circa 1900. Does anyone know who's initials are?

February 23, 2002
Brenda Leitão <brendal@mail.telepac.pt>
Re: William August Read (born 20 May 1858, Brooklyn, NY)
Do you have any information on his ancestors? Could they have originated in Bristol, England? I am searching for details of a William Augustus Read who died in 1872 (no birth date) in Macau. He was born in Bristol, England of Henry and Mary Read. Any information would be appreciated.

February 23, 2002
Andre S. Bustanoby <andyb@rivnet.net>
Interested in information on the Bustanoby family, originally from Po, France.

February 22, 2002
Ben Talman <bltalman@netspace.net.au>
I am searching for information about any Talmans or Tallmans on Long Island, of possible Dutch or English
origin, any information greatly appreciated.

Ben Talman

February 21, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Patrick(March 1867)& Elli (June 1967)O'Brien arrived New York Harbor, 1885....settled on Eastern Long Island. Thanks in advance for any help with additional information.

February 20, 2002
Sheila <sj.pannitti@verizon.net>
In searching for my grandfather, in 1927 he claims to have resided in MITCHELL FIELD. Of course, I assumed this was a "place." However, family tells me that this was a military installation. Anyone know WHAT! Mitchell Field is, if it still exists and where I can get info on this place? Thanks everyone.

February 20, 2002
Sheila <sj.pannitti@verizon.net>
In searching for my grandfather, in 1927 he claims to have resided in MITCHELL FIELD. Of course, I assumed this was a "place." However, family tells me that this was a military installation. Anyone know WHAT! Mitchell Field is, if it still exists and where I can get info on this place? Thanks everyone.

February 19, 2002
Aurelia <a.r.brooks@worldnet.att.net>
Does anyone remember the vaudeville actress, Lillian Washburn who played at the Vaudeville House in Greenlawn, LI in the 1920's. Any information that you may have on her will be appreciated.


February 19, 2002
Aurelia <a.r.brooks@worldnet.att.net>
I am looking for information regarding the child of Fred G. Ellis and his wife Minnie. They lived in Greenlawn, LI around 1920. Daughter's name was Marie or Florence. She may still be in the area. Fred G. Ellis was in the Fire Dept. and also active in the building of the school in Greenlawn.

February 19, 2002
Richard Gunzy <anoesis@thesurf.com>
Looking for any information regarding Theresa and Donato Martinelli. Son- Vincent, Daughters Josephine and Maria. Moved from Manhattan to Long Beach. Donato passed in 1952-54. Theresa in 1971. Home was on East Penn Blvd.

February 18, 2002
Dennis Sunshine <michaelleve@altinet.net>
Need this address

February 18, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Looking for feedback on success of obtaining baptism records from various LI Catholic churches. Thank you in advance for any help given.

February 17, 2002
Mandy Humphrey <humphreymandy@cs.com>
I am looking for a family of Figginger and Harbes that were in Hicksville (Queens County) NY in the 1860's.
The family consisted of Gerard Harbes and his wife Katherine Figginger. They had 5 children; Mary Harbes, William Harbes, Kate Harbes (1860), Magdalene Harbes and Anna Elizabeth Harbes. I have reason to believe that Katherine Figginger Harbes died in 1885 in the manetto Hill area of Bethpage/Plainview in Long Island.
If anyone has any information about this family I'd appreciate hearing from you. I am researching my Great Great Grandmother Kate Harbes-Becker.

February 17, 2002
Philip Candy <phil.candy@dest.gov.au>
I would value any information about Abraham D CANDY, born in England about 1801, who lived at Easthampton from at least 1840 until at least 1870. His wife (perhaps his second wife) was named Phebe MULFORD, widow of Ezra MILLER.
Did he leave a will? He farmed 12 000 acres.
Thank you for your help.
(Dr) Philip Candy
Canberra, Australia

February 17, 2002
chris middleton <mrcjmiddleton@ntlworld.com>
Looking for george &nellie King .Moved to Long Island around 1900/1910 from Leicester UK .have daughter Winnie.George was a police officer.any information please.

February 16, 2002
Fred <felsis@raytheoncom>
I am trying to locate any information on
Joan Marie Elsis (maiden name)
who was living in Elmont NY in 1953
Thank you in advance if you have any information.

February 14, 2002
Rita Mandrachio <mandrar@sunysuffolk.edu>
Who were the indigenous people of Easten Long Island?

February 13, 2002
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Shipwreck Jennie Stout-22 November 1874, Capt. J.Hulse
Thank you in advance if you have any information regarding this vessel or its captain.

February 12, 2002
Orlu Close Doering <lu.doering@worldnet.att.net>
Looking for information on the manuscript of Dr. Stuart Close "History and Genealogy of the Close Family in America. A copy was given to the Long Island Historical Society of Brooklyn NY by his widow. Anyone with any info on this manuscript or how to get info from it? Thank you. Lu

February 12, 2002
Doreen Bartholomew <dbartholomew@deloitte.com>
This is a VERY long shot.... years ago I saw an article in a newpaper about a place called The House of Poor Hope. I can't remember much about it, but for some reason, don't ask me why, it has plague me for over 25 years. I would like to find the article and/or learn more about this place. ANY leads at all would be appreciated.

February 11, 2002
Lisa Murdough <LMurdough@vdot.net>
Researching the William Morse family of Long Island. He was rescued following a shipwreck in 1830, while coming from England. I am having a real problem finding any ship from England that went down off Long Beach in 1830. Any suggestions on where to start searching, or any info on this family would be appreciated. Thanks, Lisa

February 09, 2002
Debra Horton Marshall <fanfayr@aol.com>
I am in search of more HORTON information. I have found my 2nd great grandfather Ellsworth HORTON b: abt 1852 son to Gilbert HORTON b: abt 1822. Gilbert was married to an Adelia ?. I would truly appreciate any possible information on this HORTON line or branchs there of. I am pretty sure that we link into Barnabus HORTON as the location it correct.
Debbie Horton M.

February 06, 2002
Camilla Los <cmlos@bellatlantic.net>
Looking for HOWARDS living on the north fork of Long Island. I am trying to find descendants of Michael (b abt 1864) and Alice (b abt 1867) Howard who's children included Daniel b abt 1897, Mary b abt 1901, Edward b abt 1904, Margaret b abt 1908, Agnus b abt 1912 and Alice b abt 1915.

Michael Howard lived in Cutchogue LI NY in 1920 and was a truck farmer. He was the brother of David A Howard (my great grandfather). From the information I have about the family, Michael was still living in 1921 when his step brother Thomas died, but died before 1924 when his step mother died. I am trying to find more information on where he might be buried and any possible descendants.

Camilla Losl

February 05, 2002
Carol Turner <turnershorthorns@beggstelco.net>
Searching for parents of Frazey Asa Hand,b.abt.1800, who was from N.J.& N.Y.Married Margaret Ferguson,1822,in Butler Co.OH.Later they were in IN. & last known 1850 cencus in Clark Co.,MO.

February 05, 2002
Linda H. Trichel <ltrichel@centenary.edu>
I am looking for the Family of William Meadows. He was born n Smith county, Texas, came back
from World War I and lived in Far Rockaway where he married a Viola [?], worked for a power company,
had 5 or more children, and lived in that area the rest of his life. He was my mother's Uncle (she
is alive & 89 years old). We have been unable to locate any of this descendants & she would really
like to communicate with them.

Linda H. Trichel

February 02, 2002
Joseph Cutshall-King <cutshallking@global2000.net>
Am searching for any information on a John Baker of Hempstead, as described in "THE BAKER FAMILY" (1937) in this introduction:
" About 1630, when Puritan England was seeking a home from oppression in the new world, and only ten years after the landing of the May?flower, three brothers named Baker emigrated to Massachusetts Later one of them moved to Rhode Island and from there a son moved to Long Island. There is a tradition that his name was John and that he had a son named Peter.
In a Protestant Episcopal Church in Hempstead, Long Island, is a record of the marriage on March 12, 1730, of Peter Baker and Mary Peet; to them were born one son and four' daughters: James, Mary, Catherine, Sarah, and Martha.
James, born in 1731, married Jemima Kirke, a Quaker preacher. They had thirteen children..."
Thank you, Joseph Cutshall-King

February 01, 2002
ellen <evnbuttons @aol.com>
i am looking for a boy's reform school early 1930 farmingdale long island any help would be great thank you for your time ellen

January 31, 2002
Norm Valentine <NJVSr@aol.com>
Long search for parents of my grandfather, Charles Valentine b. 1856 "Brooklyn" d. 1918 Norwalk, CT.
Married Annie McCloskey b. 1852 "England" d. 1910 Norwalk, CT. They wed circa 1879. Info from D/C.

January 31, 2002

January 30, 2002
Sharon Cooper <lillith_vamplady@cableinet.co.uk>

I am trying to find out where my great-great grandmother is buried. Her name is Minnie Rosa Eastwood but
she sometimes called herself Rosa. We believe that she was working for Thomas Morrison & Virginia Beggs
Carnegie who lived in Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, Long Island. We also believe that she died in 1933.

I look forward to hearing from anybody that may be able to help me.



January 28, 2002
Zilka Saunders <SaundersZ@HallandHallLaw.com>
I am looking for Annie Green(e), borne in County Down, Ireland. Her siblings' names were Margaret Green(e) a/k/a Mary Lynch, Hugh Green(e) and John Green(e), all of County Down Ireland. Margaret moved to NYC area by 1931 and married Nyles Roche on 10/20/41. If you have any information, PLEASE HELP!

January 28, 2002
Zilka Saunders <SaunderZ@HallandHallLaw.com>
Looking for information on Richard and Alice Mitchell, son Richard Eugene Mitchell, who resided in Ozone Park, Long Island, New York in 1939 and perhaps into the 1940's.

January 27, 2002
S. Nightingale <nightingale@sunstarcom.net>
Am seeking information about Jacob Valentine, born 1839 in Long Island
and Delia Hathaway Palmer, born 1842 in Long Island. They married
in Long Island, date unknown. Moved in the 1870's to Bridgeport,

January 27, 2002
Anne Dee <adee846@aol.com>
I'm looking for the address and/or phone number for CALVARY CEMETERY, Woodside, Kings County, NY. Really appreciate any help trying to get info on two sets great-great grandparents (Volkers, Heidts) who are buried there.

January 25, 2002
Brian Pierson <bcpawacsnav86@hotmail.com>
Good day--
I'm looking for any information about Charles Pierson, (b. ~1802-1806, Southampton (Sag Harbor)), and/or his wife, Abigail ____ (b. ~1809), and/or their predecessors. I suspect his parents were John & Hannah Pierson, both b. ~1772, but am not sure. Children were Susan (b. ~1833), Sarah M. (b. ~1835), Virginia A. (b. ~1836), Nordisca (sp?)D. (b. ~1838), Alanson (b. 1841), Charles C. (b. ~1838/9), Enoch H. (b. ~1844), Elizabeth G. (b. ~1846), and John Shaler Pierson, b. Jan 1850.
--Brian Pierson

January 24, 2002
Stephen Deutschmann <tiger1man@aol.com>
I am looking for family information regarding my 1st cousin (twice removed) Dorothy Dalton who was married to Arthur Hammerstein and together built the historical mansion Wildfire in Queens NY.

January 24, 2002
Darby Corwin <darbyjudy@earthlink.net>
I am trying to locate where my GGG-Grandfather A J Corwin ( it is probably Albert for that name was used often in the family )came from in New York. About I all I know is he was born in 1823, moved to Ohio and got married to a Jane Davis in 1846. I find him in the Hocking County, Ohio Census in 1860. He has a Sarah Corwin living with him and has two children. I know this is a long shot but I just found this site and thought it might not hurt to try.

January 23, 2002
Bev Fiedler <byandbe@msn.com>
Looking for information on Lorenzo Dow Hallock. Family are from NY however he was born in 1852 in Parrytown, Pa. Married Sarah Viola Dewstow (sp)Bentick, Ont., They had three sons, Walter, Lorenzo and Alfred Dow, my grandfather who were all born in Meaford, Ont during the late 1800's. They migrated to Michigan about 1890 - 1900. Lorenzo passed away in Detroit. Any information will be most helpful regarding parents, siblings, etc on Lorenzo. Thank you
Bev - MI

January 22, 2002
Barbara (SMITH) Heine <kbhne@aol.com>
Looking for John SMITH, born?, died about 1765 in Rockland County, NY. He is believed to have ome from LI, but where does he belong? He had two sons, John and Edward - six daughters - only one listed in his will - Hetty Smith (could be Mehitable).

January 21, 2002
therese Lowe <Tlowe799@aol.com>
I am looking for any information on DeRose or de Rose family suppose to have live in LI in the late 30's. I believe the womans name was FLORENCE de Rose or DeRose.Also the first name should probalby be correct. Upon my mother in laws deatH she left us family history scratch in the cover of an book. Other names she had written down were DOYLE DEAN,NORMAN ABRAMS,NOLA ELIZABETH DEAN born May 10.1937??. also RICHMOND DEAN,ELLA DEAN,MARJORIE ELIZABETH DEAN AND CHARLES WE BELIEVE THAT CHARLES WAS ADOPTED BY A SOUTHARD FAMILY. WAS THERE EVER SUCH A PLACE AS hORESEHEAD OR DID SHE MEAN hEMPSTEAD??PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP US WE WOULD FOREVER BE GRATEFUL. My husband as no knowledge of any of his family and relatives. Also Majorie Elizabeth Dean married Thearon Preston Lowe somewhere in New York. She also had a daughter borned Roberta Dean in Manhattan in 1939. I am really new at this and am having a tough go of it. Not knowing much about how all the counties and records are name and stored inNY. Also Marjorie gave birth to my husband in the Bronx on January 10, 1942.If anyone can steer me to the hospital names in those areas in the 30's

January 21, 2002
Marsha SchumacherMitchell <rlschumacher@chartermi.net>
Looking for any info on Robert Mitchell b. 1709 Hempstead,Nassau Co. NY m.3-14-1729 to Hannah Cornel b.1713 Hempstead.

January 21, 2002
Mandy Humphrey <humphreymandy@cs.com>
I am trying to learn the names of the County for Hicksville & Manetto Hill of Long Island. They are noted as birth/death places for Katherine Figginger who died 8/3/1885 in Mannetto Hill, LI & Kate Harbes who was born in Hicksville LI around 1860. I'd like to check census but don't know names of counties for Long Island and Nassau is not listed as a county in the 1840 or 1860 census. Can someone advise. Thanks, Mandy Humphrey

January 21, 2002
Mia Glover <mglover@destination-direct.com>
I am looking for information on the BUSTANOBY family. From my research I understand it that Jacque, Andre and Luis Bustanoby built the Chateaux des Beax Arts dining casino overlooking Huntington Bay in 1906. I understand this was a popular dining establishment and would like to acquire as much information as I can about the casino, photos or postcards, its sales and demise. I am also interested in any information that might be available about the Bustanoby's 6th Street restaurant in NYC - circa 1900.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can lend to my research.

Mia Glover
Great Granddaughter of Andre Bustanoby

January 21, 2002
COLLEEN SMELKER <peaches@iserv.net>
i recently found out a grandfather of mine was born on Long Island. his name was Col. William Humphrey, born 10-23-1704. his father was Thomas Humphrey and mother was Elizabeth Clare. Col. Wm Humphrey married Elizabeth Wiltsee..both her and husband died in Dutchess co, NY...Beekman Precint. Any information would really be appreciated. thanks Colleen Humphrey Smelker.

January 21, 2002
Jennie Patterson <tpatterson@ou.edu>
I am looking for information on John Smith (Orange Co., NY; died between 1761 and 1782) who was the
father of Edward Smith, b. abt 1738 Clarkstown, NY, d. August11 1806 Clarkstown. Edward served in the
Orange Co. militia under Captain Onderdonk.

January 21, 2002
Jennie Patterson <tpatterson@ou.edu>
I am looking for the names of the men who in 1719 "purchased the north half of the Patent of Kakiat in
what is now Rockland Co., NY and called their settlement new Hempstead. New City, the county seat of
Rockland Co., is on this tract." I would also appreciate any other information on these men and their

January 19, 2002
david boardman <dboardman@kcts.org>
looking for biographical data of a lt col w.h.w.youngs.I have film of him in 1938.

January 19, 2002
J. Porrey <jporrey@rochester.rr.com>
Looking for information about the New England Art Co. which was located at the top of the Met. Life Co. bldg. in Long Island City in the 1930's and 40's.

Thanks so much!

January 19, 2002
Ken Oliver <Kennyo777@aol.com>
Where are the Oliver's from NY and LI

January 17, 2002
rose fields <rose13@centurytel.net>
looking for a Emily Barton that married a Thomas Terry in 1852,Please reply.

January 16, 2002
Barbi Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
Henry K Wood was married 1)Lydia W Field and 2)Nellie?.
Any info about Henry and his families would be greatly appreciated. He lived in Cutchoque with Lydia but I have no idea where he went next.

January 15, 2002
Christopher S. Connolly <csc@acsu.buffalo.edu>
I am looking for info on Connolly, some settled in Malvern, Massapequa, and Seaford.

January 13, 2002
Ken Oliver <Kennyo777@aol.com>
Edgar J Oliver had three sons:
Clinton b. 1862 ?
Charles All in NYC area
Info would be appreciated.

January 12, 2002
Tina K <chati@rollanet.org>
I am looking for information on the Piersons. Col. Henry Pierson was elected several times to the Colonial Assembly.(Which I can't find any information on either). I am trying to do research for my step-dad and he doesn't know much about it. He thinks that they all descended from Isaac Pierson, who served 1st. regement of Minute men in the Revolution. I also have it that he signed the Articles of Association at the county hall, Suffolk County 1775. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me.

January 11, 2002
Eileen Stapleton <CHEHKOTEH@hotmail.com>
I am looking for relatives of Louis Forster. Arrived from Germany with brother John Forster approx 1930-35. Louis apparently went to Pennsylvania. John and Louis were never in contact after docking in Canada. Appreciate any info.

January 10, 2002
Suzann Ghekas <s.ghekas@verizon.net>
Looking for any information on Ann Okane, she would be between the age of 52-56 and lived in the Mastic Beach area in 1963. I really need to find her for medical reasons. Your assistance on finding her or any one in her family would be greatly appreciated from myself and my family. Thank so very much! Suzann

January 08, 2002
Peter Ejewall <peter.ejewall@ub.uu.se>
My great grandfather Konrad Lindmark admitted to The Suffolk County AlmsHouse, Yaphank in 1944 that he before had received public assistance, namely "H.R. Islip 1938-1943". Please, if you know the meaning of the abbreviation H.R. let me know. Thank you./Peter Ejewall, Uppsala, Sweden.

January 05, 2002
Bob Harrington <bobh51@mindspring.com>
I am looking for information on the Harrington Family ( my Grand Parents) who were buried in Calvary cemetery,1929 and 1934. Woodside Long Island,Thank You
Bob Harrington

January 05, 2002
Ken Oliver <Kennyo777@aol.com>
Looking for information on Smith family. George E and Anna Smith had a daughter ELizabeth P. (Lizzie) who married Edgar J Oliver in 1852. Any Birth, deat, or other vital information appreciated. Thank You...Ken

January 05, 2002
Edward J. Baker <inkwellworkshop@netzero.net>
Am attempting to research the Baker family of Port Washington and Manhassett but have gotten nowhere if anyone can assist I do have some info and would be most willing to share it, some of which is very interesting about the baymen of the Cow Neck region, please write if you can assist

January 03, 2002
jane <jane@smith.alumnae.net>
Who were the parents of Anne Langdon, born c. 1770, who married William Burling?

January 03, 2002
Jane <jane@smith.alumnae.net>
Who were John Petit and John Barker, who married Burling sisters Sarah and Hannah? Who was Sarah and Hannahs mother? (Their father was Joseph Burling b 1732)

January 02, 2002
Jack Hicks <shelterform@yahoo.com>
I have come into possession of a painting labeled Mott homestead 1850, East Jamaica which comes my fathers mothers side of the family, the Motts. It was passed down to me that this farmhouse shown in the picture was built in 1710, torn down in 1921, and was the Inn of Increase Carpenter where a General Woodhull in the revolutionary war was captured by British troops. I was interested if any photos or other pictures of this inn exist, so I could verify this

January 02, 2002
jo macdonald <jo.macdonald@btinternet.com>
HYDE in am looking for any information about Robert Hyde or his mother Hannah Hyde 2409 40th Avenue Long Island City NY USA in 1929 Hannah was left money by her Aunt Sarah Haycock. We believe they may have been Vaudeville artistes. Any info about them or their address would be really appreciated.

January 02, 2002

January 01, 2002
Scott Palma <spalma@arbsol.com>
I am looking for information on John Gale who owned a mill in Jamaica,Long Island until he sold for 1500#

January 01, 2002
Trisha Hamilton Leo <D_T_Leo@msn.com>
Looking for information of these family's. The Killian's owned a Tavern/Resturant
Lena Killian m John Haig 1st one child John Haig jr
Lena Killian Haig m Vince Bestman

Rose Killian m James Shirlaw settled in NJ 4 children

Jo Killian female unknown info

Mother was Jane might have been married to a ?? Stewart

December 31, 2001
Valerie Johnson <jupiterlz@aol.com>
looking for info on the TYNAN FAMILY. ELIZABETH (Betty)
TYNAN was living at 30 Locust Lane, Oyster Bay in the late 1930's - early 1940"s. maiden name was McEvoy - she was from Dundalk, Ireland (county Louth). Any info please contact me at jupiterlz@aol.com

December 29, 2001
Sharol <sfs@snowcrest.net>
Looking for information on James Higbee Sr. b.abt 1740 - 1759 in New York d.abt1800 m. Mary Jackson b. Sept 18, 1753 in Orange County, New York d. Aug 21, 1823. They were residents of Orange County, NY. Children: Isaac, Sr., Abel, Maratha, Jackson, Nehemiah, and James Jr.
Possibly the son of Samuel Higbee. I am having trouble making the connection.
I have seen other GEDCOMS with this connection but can find no proof to their accuracy. Edward Higbee b.1614 d.1699 > son Samuel A. Higbee b.1708 d.1756 > son Samuel Higbee b.1737 d.1765 > son James Higbee Sr. b.1759 d.1796 > son James Higbee Jr. b.1780 d.1844. Any information could be helpful!

December 28, 2001
Dee <dee@alaska.net>
Looking for information about Abram Williams m Phoebe Hale, their son, William Williams (b 1797 NY) m Phoebe Seaman (b 1809). William and Phoebe (Seaman) Williams had five sons, John, Charles, Seaman, William H., and Purdy. First three born in NY, William H. and Purdy born in Westifeld NJ. Does anyone have any information about this family? Thank you.

December 27, 2001
Bob Raynor <boray@ite.net>
Searching for information on Martha Van Nostrand b 17 Jun 1862, m Elijah Raynor b 14 Feb 1836 NY d 10 Sep 1912 d/o Charles Van Nostrand & Sarah Furman.

December 23, 2001
Donna Cutcher <dubby88@cfl.rr.com>
Looking for a family named Stafford from Uniondale or Farmingdale. The name I'm looking for is Edward Stafford he has a son named Michael. I would love any help trying to find this family. Thanks

December 22, 2001
Sheila Pannitti <sj.pannitti@verizon.net>
My Swezey descendant is Enos, born ABT 1755 in Long Island, NY. I "believe" his given name is Enos Joseph or Joseph Enos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

December 22, 2001
Searching for TUTHILL/DAYTON/SMITH/HUBBS connections.
My grandfather was ORRIN DAYTON SMITH born 1899 in Port Jefferson; ggrandfather was HARRY MOORE SMITH, his wife: RUTH DAYTON SMITH,married in 1878 - relatives buried in Cedar Hill Cemetary, Port Jefferson. Also, EHRLICH family of New Lots area of Brooklyn in 1890's. Thank you. Susan Smith McMichael/Phoenix AZ

December 21, 2001
Dee <dee@alaska.net>
William Williams may have been born c 1797, m (1835) Phoebe Seaman b. 2/16/1809. They moved to Westfield NJ c early 1840's. Looking for information about the Williams family.

December 21, 2001
Joseph J. Hall <Joseph718@webtv.net>
I just wrote you,and I have to change something,my husbands father was born 1879 came to Ellis Island at the age of 3,his fathers name Joseph Hall,mothers name bridget. thank you

December 21, 2001
Joseph J. Hall <Joseph718@webtv.net>
Im trying to find information on my father who came to Ellis Island at the age of 3,his fathers name John Hall, mothers name Bridget.

December 20, 2001
Melissa <ragamuffingirl71@hotmail.com>
I am trying to find my ancestors. My great-great grandfather, Frank Ravenswood Waite. We have an obituary that tells us that he was born in 1853 in Ravenswood, Long Island and was decendant of an old Long Island family. Municipal Archives do not have birth records for Long Island in the 1850's, and St. Thomas Epicopal Chruch where my gret-great grandfather was baptized and my great-great-great grandfather, Rev J.M.W. Waite, was minister burned down in 1867. Does anyone know anything about the Waite family or how I can find out the name of my great-great-great grandmother, their parents, etc?

December 20, 2001
B. Fiedler <byandbe@msn.com>
am looking for ancestors of Lorenzo Dow Hallock. He was born in Parrytown, PA on July 26, 1851. Have no knowledge of parent's names. He married Sarah Viola Dewsteau/Dewstow of Bentwick, Ont in May of 1872. They had three sons all born in Meaford, Ont. Walter Edwin, 1873, Lorenzo Edgeton, 1877 and my grandfather, Alfred Dow, 1880. They migrated to Michigan and are listed in the 1900 census in Arcada, Michigan. At this time only my grandfather is listed as living with them. It is my understanding that one of the brothers died when he was about 3 years old and the other around 22 years of age. I would appreciate any insight anyone can give me on Lorenzo's parents, siblings, etc. Thank your BEV-MI

December 19, 2001
Melissa Green <ragamuffingirl71@hotmail.com>
Is there anyway to obtain a birth record for someone born in Long Island in 1853? The Municipal Archives only has Manhattan for that time.

December 17, 2001
Candida "Candy" Bohnne <faile47@excite.com>
I am looking for my fathers family. He was Lewis Navarro Bohnne. He told me he was born on Long Island, His parents died in a boating accident, and he was adopted allegedly by a family named Cohen. he may have had a twin brother.


December 11, 2001
Sheila Pannitti <sj.pannitti@verizon.net>
Looking for grave site or death date of Henry Pilkington, b: 1852 in New York. Lived most of his adult life in Suffolk County, but might also be Nassau County.

December 11, 2001
Mark Thomas <mark302z28@aol.com>
Looking for the grave site of Stephen Thomas (died 1860), Charles Thomas(died 1855), Hiram Thomas (died 1875).. All from the oyster bay or North Hempstead townships Long Island, New York. Will pay a big reward for their burial locations. Thanks Mark

December 11, 2001
Geri Hubbard <Noirseven@aol.com>
Can you assist me with the following:
Both George and Mary Jane were born in Islip, NY in the 1800s. Can you give me the dates of their birth as well as the names of their parents.
Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Geri Hubbard

December 09, 2001
Steve Zornberg <StevieZ19@AOL.COM>
I am trying to find out the different types of canoes the Long Island Indians used/built...CAn you please forward me the link to accuarately answer this question. My 9 year old daughter is doing a report on the Long Is Indians.

I hope you can assist me with this question or at least guide me in the correct direction


Steve Zornberg
135 Aster Drive
New Hyde Park, NY 11040-2119

December 09, 2001
August 31, 2001

December 09, 2001
Peggy Sowizdrzal <margaret545@webtv.net>
MC KENNA OR MCAULIFF - Looking for info about Matthew Mc kenna,also George McAuliff(young child living with Matthew). Found in 1900 census in Oyster Bay.George died young.Looking for Mc Kenna burial site. I know Matthew moved to Rockville Ctr. and died there ab 1957.He married Frances had daughter Renee,grandson William Holly,retired Col USAF. Address in Rockville Ctr was 601 N. Village Ave.Any info would be appreciated.

December 08, 2001
Jane Hildreth Kelley <janehildrethkelley@juno.com>
RE: Thomas Hildreth/HYLDRETH
Looking for any information leading to the origin in
England, date of birth, etc. for this very elusive ancestor of mine. He died shortly before Oct. 6, 1657
according to the Town of Southampton Records, and is first mentioned there in 1643.


December 07, 2001
Edward Bowman <Edbow@aol.com>
There was a Joris Jacobsen in the New Netherlands by 1651. In 1660 he obtained property near the ferry. The grant said he was from Amerstid. Perhaps that meant Amersfort. I am trying to determine where he came from before America. Whether he came from Holland or somewhere else such as Belgium or Scotland. He raised a family at the ferry. His sons Harmen and Cornelius married Staats. Edbow@aol.com

December 04, 2001
Bob <uraqt3832@aol.com>
Does anyone know of a John Ruth father of Vincent Ruth of Brooklyn New York? I would appreciate any information you could pass on to me.

December 03, 2001
Charlene King-Fournier <3497@nb.sympatico.ca>
Looking for stockton`s who I have info lives in long Island,flushing I think but cannot find anything. Could you point me in the right direction?

December 02, 2001
Dee <dee@alaska.net>
Looking for ancestors and info for William Williams(b circa 1809) m Phoebe Seaman (b circa 1809), their children: John, Seaman, Charles, William Henry, and Purdy. John, Seaman and Charles were born in NY. William Henry and Purdy were born in Westfield NJ.

December 02, 2001
JOSEPH <josephmaio@hotmail.com>
I was woundering if any maio families came to long island in 1700s would you be able to send me some imfo.joseph

December 02, 2001
JOSEPH <josephmaio2hotmail.com>
I was woundering if any maio families came to long island in 1700s would you be able to send me some imfo.joseph

December 02, 2001
betty jones <reelokie@aol.com>
Need to find records of birth/death for Gilbert Barnes and Elizabeth Ogden, he died ab 184?. HE IS SHOWN IN
1840 census but can't find him later. Can you refer me?

December 01, 2001
suzanne Cavers <scavers@canada.com>
How can I get the death certicate for my deceased cousin who died in Long Island in 1977

December 01, 2001
Pat Holler <patholler@home.com>
Thought you might like to add this to you file. I have more if you are interested.

Husband: Zacharias Holler

Born: 18 JUN 1759 at:
Married: at:
Died: at: Witt: Parents
Father:Zacharias Holler
Mother:Anna Margaret ( Maria) Wannemacher
Other Spouses:

Wife: Margaret Unknown Holler

Born: at:
Died: at:
Other Spouses:


Name: Zacharias (Hollis) Holler
Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Elizabeth Dozzie Moser

Son: Peter... married Maragret Christopher & Deazy ??

Polly Maria
Desdemona Harriett
Carrie Bell
Jessie.. Second Wife is the mother
Grover .. Second Wife is the mother
Vertie .. Second Wife is the mother

November 30, 2001
Kirk Redmann <kredfish@home.com>
Looking for a Timothy O'Brien marrying a Margaret Abigail Collins in Fllushing on 10/28/1850, I would assume at a Catholic Church. Possibly a Father Hickey involved. Please forward any info...

November 29, 2001
TEASING <oletiateas@myexcel.com>
I need help!
I can't contact Barbara Teas. Is she safe?
Her e-mail address is gone.
Her brother makes surff boards.
I have lots of information on our T. S. Teas line.
Thank you

November 27, 2001
Sandy Smith <happygolucky8712@aol.com>
Help! I am trying to find the father of Thomas Terry
(b. 1607 in England) and Richard Terry (b. 1618) in England. These 2 brothers came to America in 1635 on a ship called the James. They spent time in Mass. before moving to Conn and were two of the original founders of Southold. I have been tracing my ancestor Thomas and cannot find out who his father is. I have come across a few ideas however no one seems to have verification. Is there anyone who knows the father of these two brothers? Please help if you can. It would be grately appreciated. Thanks Sandy Smith

November 27, 2001
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
HENRY K WOOD (1842-1892)was married to Lydia W Field. They had five children. They lived in Southold (Cutchoque),LI,NY. I am trying to find anything about them. Thanks, Barbi

November 27, 2001
Cristin Nicholls <cnicholl@perigeeinvest.com>
Do you have the coles family crest in color.. it's for a tattoo. thank you Cristin Nicholls

phone (519) 883-1511

November 27, 2001
Cristin Nicholls <cnicholl@perigeeinvest.com>
Do you have the coles family crest in color.. it's for a tattoo. thank you Cristin Nicholls

November 27, 2001
Graham <graham.pickles@ntlworld.com>
Hi Mac
Can you please get in touch with me I have had a big failure and lost your mail address.


November 26, 2001
Barbara VAlente <BASV123@aol.com>
Am looking for adopted daughter of Dr. Samuel Johnson Bradbury and his wife Sallie Pack Bradbury. They adopted a family member, Mary Jandrew Bradbury in the 1920 a few years either way. Mary has a cousin here that would love to hear about her. It is possible she married a newspaper person, by the name of Sullivan. Thanks in advance. Barbara Valente

November 25, 2001
Susan Hunt <shunt1946@cfl.rr.com>
I am interested in the Townsend family. Eber Townsend's father was Charles Townsend. Eber was born in 1760 in Dutchess Co. N.Y.Eber was my 5th greatgrandfather. Need more information on Charles and his wife. Charles's parents. They came from Long Island, N.Y.

November 25, 2001
bobbi <bopar@mindspring.com>
Seeking verification that Emmeline Elizabeth Pettit, w/o John David VanCott of Newtown/Masbeth, was d/o John B. Pettit of Hempstead.
Seeking spouse & parents of John B. Pettit of Hempstead. John was b 1822 & had ch: Alonzo 1847, Washington or Wellington 1849, Daniel T. 1851, Edgar J. 1853, Sarah 1855, Emma E. 1859. In 1850 he was listed on the census as a blacksmith; in 1860 he was a hotel operator; on a Business Listing of 1873 he was still operating a hotel.
In 1860 John B. Pettit was listed on the census within 2 pages of William 1798, Townsend 1825, Timothy 1805, Barnabas 1794, Increase 1788, Lewis 1821, Samuel 1829 & Peter 1832 - all of whom were likely close relatives based on proximity.
Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks.

November 22, 2001
Ellen MacKenzie <dandemac@camasnet.com>
Looking for the ancestors of Mary Dayton b. abt 1740 & her husband Nathan Wheeler, also Jemmima Rule who married Zebulon Wheeler about 1775.

November 21, 2001
susanbelyea <rbelyea@shentel.net>
Looking for the parents/lineage of my gggrandfather, George VALENTINE who was born in Hempstead,NY in 1803 and married Mary Bates. He died in Landgrove, VT.

November 20, 2001
Patricia Batey Siter <pat@dean.med.ufl.edu>
I am trying to find more information on my father's family from Patchogue. His name was Walter Edward Batey, his Father: Frank Brown Batey, Mother: Flora Overton Batey, Grand-father: Thomas Batey, Grandmother: Mary Rose Batey. Thanks. Pat Siter

November 19, 2001
Mark Anway <markanway@hotmail.com>
Can anyone look up Nanna, Nannay, Nanne, Nanney, Nanny
in the six account books of Henry Lloyd I owned by the "Long Island Historical Society?

November 18, 2001
Tanya <TLittle@aol.com>
Looking for information about Ophelia Paxton or Anna Florence (Paxton) Jackson. They lived in Far Rockaway or Farmingdale Long Island.

November 18, 2001
Jo Ann McAvoy-Delahunt <chilipeople@aol.com>
I am trying to obtain information on Sag Harbor Cemetary on Long Island.

November 17, 2001
Kim Y <kimlouise@aol.com>
I was wondering if there is an 1875 New York State Census available for Queens County. My family lived in Astoria on Newton from 1870 through 1876, or so. Also, does anyone have any leads on where to find birth records for this area in this same time period?

November 16, 2001
Shirley <cat_mat_1@worldnet.att.net>
I am looking for any information of a Knauftis (or tus), or Nauftis (or tus), I am not sure how to spell it. His name was Frank and her name was Byrd (Bird). The had a small news paper in Queens in 1920's to 1925 or 1926, they lived up stairs. In 1934 I know they lived in Mount Sinai. I have pictures of their house. I am trying to find out what ever I can. They were my GGAunt and Uncle. I know she was born in PA.

Thank you.

November 16, 2001
Glenys Rasmussen <glenys@quietAcre.com>
Searching for the parents of Amelia Jackson born 17 Sep 1817 d. San Francisco CA 5 Oct 1869. Married
Thomas Fraser in New York ca 1837-1840. Amelia was born on Long Island, probably Hempstead. Thanks
for any help. Glenys

November 16, 2001
Glenys Rasmussen <glenys@quietAcre.com>
Searching for the parents of Henry Jackson, bn 12 Sep 1810 Queens County (probably Hempstead),
died 24 Jul 1886 at Hempstead and buried in Lot #82 Old Hempstead Burial Ground. Wife was Sarah.
He also had twin boys who died aged 2 days in Feb 1852 and are buried in the same plot. Is there any
possibility of an obituary in the local Hempstead press? Thanks for any assistance. Glenys

November 16, 2001
Stacey <Stacey382@delphi.com>
Looking for the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Conrad SCHREIBER of Newtown NY. Conrad was my great great grandfather. The information I have is as follows:

Conrad m. Anna Salvanis (or Lanham)

Descendants of Conrad Schreiber

1 Conrad Schreiber 1839 - 1907
. +Anna Salvanis 1855 - 1935
.... 2 Henry Schreiber 1881 -
.... 2 Rena Schreiber 1883 -
.... 2 Christian Schreiber 1885 - 1931
....... +Margaret Schmitt 1887 - 1969
.......... 3 Philip Schreiber 1908 - 1912
.......... 3 Louise Schreiber 1912 - 2000
............. +John McLoughlin
.......... 3 Caroline Schreiber 1915 -
............. +William James Kerr, Sr.1910 - 1990
.......... 3 Dorothy Schreiber
.... 2 Gottfried Schreiber 1889 - 1948
.... 2 Benny Schreiber 1891 -
.... 2 Carolina Schreiber 1893 - 1974
....... +William Dietrich ? - 1971

November 16, 2001
liam curran <liamcurran007@yahoo.com>
I am from Ireland and my great grand father Patrick lived in long Island for a few years in which time my grand father William Curan was born there they returned to Ireland around the 1902 -03 how can I get soem more information on their life and where he was born birth certs etc.

November 14, 2001
Kyleen Gavin <smiley23@infi.net>
Looking for information on the Hendricks/Hendrickson/Hendrickse family line that migrated to Monmouth county, NJ. INcluded Hendrick and his son, Daniel, as well as others. Thank you

November 12, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
FENCE VIEWER AND OVERSEER OF HIGHWAYS...Early town records show these two appointed positions. What exactly did these jobs entail. Thank you in advance

November 11, 2001
Tom Mendenhall <Andhow@aol.com>
I am looking for any information on the Bussanih family particularly John Mathew Bussanih whom I
understand was born in Riverhead, New York.

November 10, 2001
Adrian J. Martyn <martyn@netaccess.ie>
Looking for the descendants of my gr-grandaunt, Katherine Martyn Hughes and her husband, John Hughes, of Jackson Heights, Long Island. John was her second couison, settled there in early 1900's. Her elder sister, Mary Winn/Winnaide, nee Martyn, lived with her. Brothers Jack (killed 1922) and Jamesy travelled with her, but Jamesy - my gr-grandad - returned to Ireland. Please contact me if you see this. Cheers,

Adrian J. Martyn

November 06, 2001
Marcy <firelook2@aol.com>
Looking for information on family of Anne TILLOW. She was born ca.1816 on Long Island, NY. She married Daniel ROE of Long Island, ca.1837. Two of their children were born in NY, the others were born in Michigan where the family moved around 1840.
Any info appreciated!!!!

November 05, 2001
Davis <PiecesUv8@aol.com>
Looking for info concerning my maternal grandmothers's family... Does anyone have any info on the CONKLIN/ CONKLING families of HASHAMOMACK, Greenport, Long Island, NY ?

November 04, 2001
A. J. Munnerlyn <ajmunnerlyn@juno.com>
Lewis L. Stewart married Rachel F. Parker 29 OCT 1879 MS
any information appreciated. This is my ggrandparents

November 03, 2001
Paul Wangerin <7wangeri@jmls.edu>

I'm a legal historian looking for information on Frederick T Youngs, a builder in NYC and Long Island in the early 1900's. Frederick was the son of W.H.W. YOungs, a NYC architect who did some early skyscrapers in NYC. In particular, I'm trying to find descendants who might have pictures of Frederick.


Paul Wangerin, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL


November 03, 2001
Heather (Brush) Froeschl <Heather@QuillDipper.com>
I am looking for information on the Godwin family. Ellen Godwin married my great grandfather. He was the father of Harry Brush of Eastport NY.
This is of the Thomas Brush family line, I believe. Any information would be appreciated.

November 02, 2001
Debra Trendel Dalton <wddalton@bellsouth.net>
Looking for the family of Adam Trendel, born on August 11, 1857. born in Rochrenhof or Rochrenkof, Bavaria, Germany.

November 01, 2001

November 01, 2001
carol byrne <carol.byrne@compaq.com>
I am looking for the burial site for Sarah Mills (1863-1953) and Frank Mills (1860-1957) and any info on their lives and/or newspaper articles. They lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Smithtown, Long Island.

October 30, 2001
Robert Smith <bobandtina@barclays.net>
Trying to find records of residents of 116-38 142nd St, South Ozone Park. Long Island. Letter from this address in 1944. Believe this was daughter of my gt grandmother Louisa Conley or Connolly who emigrated to the USA in early 1900s. The daughters name was also Louisa born in London in 1873, I believe she married a McMahon. Obviuosly they will have now passed away, but are there any children, where do I start to look. I believe the son of Louisa was a paymaster on the troopships in WW2. Can anyone advise I would be grateful. or am willing to discuss payment for research. Thank you

October 29, 2001
Diana Huss <huss@capital.net>
I am looking for the Jacksons (Albert,Martha and Chester) of Dune Rd as of the 1910 census. I am also
looking for the spouse of Adalaid Jackson who I believe is Davis. They lived on Vail Ave and in 1907 or so
their daughter and son-in-law, Henry and Lillian Thode moved in with 5 to 7 children. Any help is appreciated.

October 27, 2001
Kenneth J. Gruschow <kengruschow@earthlink.net>
Looking for the cemetery that my 2nd g. grand-parents are buried in! They lived in Farmingdale, Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., L.I., NY in the latter half of the 1800's.
They are "Henry" Heinrich Kastendieck & his wife Catherine Bentham Kastendieck.
They had two children that I know of: Mary Kastendieck who married Charles Gruschow and Henry Kastendieck, both children lived in Brooklyn, NY.

October 27, 2001
Joan Tatro <IMTHETOPPS@aol.com>
I am trying to find information on two families that owned the Syossett Hotel in Syossett N.Y. A Mr. Hutchinson and a John Topps. The Hutchinson's owned it at turn of the century.

October 27, 2001
Joan Tatro <IMTHETOPPS@aol.com>
I would like to know if there is a genealogy page for Hicksville,N.Y.

October 26, 2001
Jean Eichhorn <jean0305@mediaone.net>
I am looking for earlier relatives of Herbert Webster Horton. He had a brother, William(?) Daniel. I believe he was born on Long Island, NY. His son, Clarence Eugene b June 5, 1901 - my father. I have quite alot of info from my father's generation.

October 25, 2001
Robert Parsons <rabbit1@discover-net.net>
Many CASES and others left Southold in the mid 1700's
and settled in Morris County New Jersey in and around
Roxbury. Does anyone know exactly when and what was the reason for the migration? Thank you.

October 25, 2001
Jane Hildreth Kelley <janehildrethkelley@juno.com>
Looking for any information concerning age at death or birthdate for Thomas Hildreth of Southampton, who died shortly before Oct. 6, 1657. We would also appreciate knowing where his grave is located and what is on the tombstone.

Jane Hildreth Kelley

October 23, 2001
brenda <bherbst@suffolk.lib.ny.us>
I am interested in any information anyone may have on the Sinclair Family of Long Island. Their resided in Good Ground (Hampton Bays), and the surrounding Riverhead and Southampton Towns. We are trying to find out if a William Sinclair who served as lighthouse keeper at Hortons Pt. Southold was a relative.

Thank you!

October 22, 2001
Christine Tabaka <Chris.Tabaka@fitness.com>
I need help in locating a death record of my uncle. He died on Long Island between 1945 and 1953. How can I find what county to send the search to? His name was Lawrence Tabaka (Tabak).

October 21, 2001
Ned Smith <ehlsmith@worldnet.att.net>

To Jessica Logan- I tried responding to the query you posted on 26 Sept. about the captain of the Suffolk County Militia in 1775. The email came back undeliverable however.
There were quite a number of captains- there were four regiments of militia from Suffolk. The overall commander of the Suffolk County militia then was Brigadier General Nathaniel Woodhull. The First Regiment was commanded by Colonel William Floyd, the Second Regiment was commanded by Colonel David Mulford, the Third Regiment was commanded by Colonel Thomas Terry, and the Regiment of Minutemen was
commanded by Colonel Josiah Smith. Each regiment had about 8 to 13 companies, each commanded by its own captain. So there were probably about 40 to 50 captains in all.

Ned Smith

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