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Looking for any information on Anastasia and John J. Sullivan. They immigrated from County Cork, Ireland to Long Island in approx 1864/65.   They lived on Long Island and had  2 children during the years 1865 - 1867.  Nora approx 1865 and Lawrence approx 1867 were born on Long Island.  Are there any records for birth during those years that are available. SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE P,  son of John and Anastasia Sullivan born April 8, 1867, Long Island, NY.  Also naturalization for Annie and John.
Thank you for any help you can give
Tricia Harreschou

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William Salyer's mother in-law,  first wife of Foulk Davis, is reported in the  Witch Trial of Goody Garlick of Easthampton, Long Island, New York, as having had a child die on Gardiner's Island due to Garlick putting the evil eye on it. That would mean the child was buried on the island...My Query is: has a list of names ever been printed of people having graves in the Lion Gardiner cemetery on Gardiner Island?.......Gerald Dee Salyer

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DEMARS of Huntington LI
I am researching the Demars family.  I have an Alfred Demars, born in New York, possibly Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County around 1886.  He was the son of Ephraim Demars and Anathalie (Nettie) Countu.  He had a brother Wilfred Demars who was born in Ogdensburg in 1890.  Wilfred married Carrie Leroux and he lived in Ogdensburg and then Watertown where he died in February 1942. His obituary states that his brother Alfred was living in Huntington, LI. Alfred was married to a women that was called Tillie.  I do not know if Tillie was her name or if it was short for maybe Matilda or something like that.
Alfred and Tillie had a son, George Demars.  I do not know when George was born, but he was presumably born on Long Island NY. I would appreciate any help on this search.  I would like a death date for Alfred and Tillie and a birth date for George and if, when and whom he married and if there were any children born to him. I have been hitting a brick wall on this family for the past six to seven years.
Thank you.
Roxanne Demars

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Hello, I'm writing to find any information on my grandparents and their families.  I have little information.  My grandparents names were : Ernest Cecil Greene Sr., Audrey Mae Lynch Greene  Both lived in I believe South Hampton, Long Island, New York.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Dawn Swanson

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Looking for any information on Fannie H. Jackson, who was married to Alanson C. Penny (bn. 1854)
Thanks - Marcia Bowermon

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Looking for info on family of Charles HOLE/HOEL b c 1700 who lived in Southold in 1727 when he was made executor in the will of Mary MERROW. Chas. married Sarah SMITH (dau. of Henry). By 1732 Chas. was a school teacher in Essex Co., NJ where he died in 1749. Chas. probably migrated to NJ with the Badgley and Smith families.
Diane Andreasen

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Peter Nostrand/Noorstrant (ca. 1690 - 1747) married Hilletje Andriesse 12 September 1713 in Flatbush. Peter died September (will dated) or October (will proved) 1747, and was of Jamaica. He names four children: Andrew, Garrett, Jannetje (wife of Arthur Murphy), and Peter. What became of these children? Can anyone quote to me what Stoutenburgh's "Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay" says about this family on pages 408-409?
Doug Smith

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I am trying to locate information regarding an anscestor of mine. The information I have comes from a marriage certificate issued in Victoria, Australia 1854 for Jacob Wood, born Babylon, Suffolk County, New York, and Ann Roche, born Town of Wexford. Jacob's parents are noted as Daig Woods and Margaret Smith. I do not know at this stage if Daig and Margaret came to Australia. Both men are listed as fishermen/mariners. Jacob and Ann's daughter  Catherine, married Maurice Richardson Brooks.Their daughter Mary Ann, married Leslie James, who was my mother Lois' father. I hope you might be able to provide further information in my search. Thanking you in anticipation.
Clare Hercus nee Hill

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I am looking for any information on a William George McElwain/e that may have been living in the Long Island area in 1965.  William was born in Greaghadossan Townland, Killinkere Parish, County Cavan, Ireland in 1901.  His parents were James McElwaine and Margaret Willis.  I do not know if he was married and I do not know when or where he may have died.  I know this is a long shot, but I had to throw it out there just in case.
Kimberley Walters

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WILLIAM  SALLYER (SALYER) of Jamaica sold a parcell of meadow at the place comanly known by ye hither EAST NECK on the twenty sixth day of November 1691 to his son CHARLES SALYER (SALYER) of the same town. (Ref: pg. 332/333 RECORDS OF THE TOWN OF JAMAICA, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, 1656-1751, ( by: Josephine C. Frost)...This is the only record found to date by me that connects William with his son Charles...I am trying to locate a record of when and where this East Neck land was sold or dispossed of, as it would help to connect the Charles Salyer of Woodbridge/Pascataway, New Jersey first settlers with the Long Island Salyer family.........Gerald Dee Salyer

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There is a transcription of a grant from James Farrett, deputy of the Earle of sterling (scotland), to Lion Gardiner, of the "island", called by the Indians "Manchonack" and by the English "Isle of ight"..the document was sealed March 10, 1639 and is witnessed by ffulke davis and Benjamin Price.....can anyone tell me where this document was witnessed.....and why Davis and Pine were there to witness this grant........Gerald Dee Salyer

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I am trying to trace any records which would show family etc. of my gtgtgrandmother and her children who emigrated to the USA in the early 1900s. The family name was Connolly/Conley and the head of the family was Louisa b. London 1851. Her daughter also Louisa b. London 1873 married Thomas McMahon prior to emigrating. Other names maybe Catherine, who may of married a Speers, Harriet, John and Edward. Last known address was 116-38 142nd Street, South Ozone Park. Long Island. New York, this was in 1943. Do any records exist, census etc that could confirm members of the household, family names or any other records that could show their descendants. Thank you

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I am looking for any historical evidence of parentage of Joel Rowland Scudder born Long Island about 1795.

Joel Rowland Scudder lived in Hebron, Washington County, New York arriving there sometime prior to 1830.  He appeared on the 1830 Hebron Census with a wife and four children.  In 1833, land records for Washington County show that Joel and his wife Delilah sold their land in Hebron.  On the 1840 census, Joel is listed living by himself in Hebron with no family members.  On the 1850 census, Joel is listed on the Granville, Washington County, New York census living with a new wife Abigail and one child.  Joel Rowland Scudder, his wife Abigail, and their four children show on the Granville records through 1870.  Joel Rowland Scudder died in Poultney VT on May 17, 1876.  His death certificate showed that he was 81 years 4 months old at that time.  Records in Washington County, and military and pension records from the National Archives show that Joel Rowland Scudder served a three month enlistment under the name of Joel Rowland in  the New York Militia during the War of 1812.  His military service was from September to December of 1814.   Historical records, census records, and his death certificate indicate that he could have been born any time between January 1795 and August of 1797.  He most often listed his place of birth as Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.  However, I know of at least one census record which shows Queens as his county of birth.

I believe the most likely parent of Joel Rowland Scudder are Jesse Scudder born 1771 and Mary Bryant born about 1774.  I have found a reference in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly-1911) - Extracts showing that their children (Samuel Scidmor, Joel, Israel, Ruth Ann, and Sarah) were all Baptized on January 28, 1810 in Smithtown.  However, I have not been able to locate the actual records, any evidence of what their son Joel's middle name was, or any historical evidence of what happened to their son Joel.

I am looking for any historical evidence of who Joel Rowland Scudder's parents may have been.  Any historical evidence of what became of Jesse Scudder and Mary Bryants son Joel.  Who Joel Rowland Scudder's first wife Delilah may have been, who their children were, and any evidence of what may have happened to that first wife and family.

I would appreciate any information you may have or any guidance you may be able to provide in searching Long Island records for the period 1790 through 1830.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Russell V. Scudder

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Hope someone can help me.  I live in Ireland and I'm trying to locate information on a great uncle who emigrated to New York in 1910.  Here is the information I have so far:

James Reilly born in County Cavan Ireland around 1886 - 1888. He came to New York on 5th March 1910 on the SS Baltic giving his age as 23. He was naturalised on 12th September 1917 giving his address as 122 W. 84th, date of birth as 26th July 1888, marital status as single and occupation as bartender.  His previous address was 205 West 84th Street. From records here in Ireland I have information that he lived at 22 Woodside Avenue, Long Island and died on the 1st August 1922. I have found him on the 1920 federal census for Woodside Avenue (Enumeration District 53) which states that he was aged 34, married with occupation Bartender/boarding house keeper.  His wife was Mary aged 26, arrived from Ireland in 1914 and they had a daughter also called Mary aged 2. I have written to all the archives for his death and marriage record and baby Mary's birth record but no luck. I wrote to several catholic churches/cemetaries but also no luck.  I suppose Reilly is such a common name and I don't have a maiden name for his wife Mary.

Can anyone offer some suggestions on where I should go from here.  There seems to be alot of indexes etc available for research at the public libraries and archives in NY but as they are not on line this isn't an option for me living in Ireland.

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Seek info on Diadama Darling said to be from Smithtown, NY. b. May 24, 1820 d.June 7, 1901. buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Port Jefferson, NY. She married Henry N. Wicks by 1842.
Kathleen Cash

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Looking for the names COTIER in Nassau County , they moved from Flushing  about 1940 , they lived in Manorhaven any info appreciated

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I am searching for information on my Abrams ancestor's: my grandfather Arthur E. Abrams born in Jamaica Queens has Mary E. Smith and Clarence ABRAMS as his parents. I find Clarence and Mary living with the Valentine family of  Oyster Bay . Do I obtain a marriage record from Nassau Co or Queens.  If you have any additional information I would appreciate you contacting me at
Sincerely, Regina Sullivan Ryan

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Looking for anyone who might have known or be related to this family.
Henry James "Jim" Warren b. 1-1-1842 Olive NY
d. 4-4-1930 Kings Park NY buried at Northport rural cem.
m. March 1867 to Loretta Freelove Jones
their children

Sarah Elizabeth (Libbie Christian, or Mrs David Nelson Christian)
Emma Jane (or Mrs Clark Brown)
William Henry

Henry married a second time to Ellan Maria Slater (Newmeyer) and they had Jesse Burton Warren who married a French Canadian girl named Clara _

William Henry was my great grandfather.  He married Falanie Melissa Cook from CT and they moved to LI and had four children, Loretta "Rett", Daisy, Gilbert Grant or "Jack", and Dorothy "Dot"

Henry had several siblings living on Long Island around or about the turn of the century.
1. Washington Warren with wife Juliette Oakley (Brookhaven)
2. Zenas Warren with wife Nancy Jane Huse (Huntington)
3. Sarah C. Warren with husband Benjamin VanNostrand (Northport)
Possibly one other sibling spent time on LI
4. Mary Ann Warren with husband Corneilus Cudney

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Can anyone provide information about cemeteries in Freeport?  I know of the old Presbyterian Burial Grounds, but am researching a family of Methodists.  Where would they have been buried before Greenfield Cemetery came into existence?  If not in Freeport, where?
Joyce Merletti

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My wifes Grandmother was named Virginia horton (unger) (andrews) Born may 24 1904 watertown Ny died sept 24 1979 married Leo J Unger aug 19 1922 Holly Orleans co NY. Leo was killed in accident aug 13 1942. On that Marrage record her parents are listed as Bert Horton and Leada Edwards. I have not been able to trace either one. I will  share what I have Any help will be apprecated THANK YOU Chuck

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My father was born in Northport on October 3, 1895. His name was Stephen William Ostrander. His parents were:
John Jacob Ostrander and Cora Louisa Green (aka Lathrop). John was born in CT in 1862. Cora was born in NY in 1856. John worked in various building trades. On my father's birth certificate John gives his trade as a mason.

I would like to find a baptism or christening for Stephen. Cora belonged to the M.E. church, I think. I also would like to find a marriage for John and Cora. I don't know where a marriage would have taken place, but the 1910 census puts the date in 1894. In 1891 Cora was in Bridgeport, CT. I have not been able to find John after 1880 until this birth.

I would also be interested in any construction information that might be available. I am told that Northport was incorporated in 1894, so I speculate that John might have gone there to work on new construction. If there is some way to track such activity, I would like to find it.

My father always claimed the family went to Oregon in 1896, so they would be gone again by that year. I now know that they went to Washington state first, but I believe the 1896 date is probably when they left NY.

I'd greatly appreciate anything anyone can tell me.
Loreen Wells

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Interested in any information pertaining to the Lower Melville Cemetery, located off Rte 110 at the intersection of Duryea Road and  Walt Whitman Road. the cemetery is behind the Little White Church in The Wildwood.
Thanks for your help.

Forrest Duryea

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I am researching two Smith families of the Town of Hempstead and the probable location would be the Freeport area.  George Smith b abt 1800 married Elizabeth ?.  Their daughter, Mary Ann Smith, was born 1827.    William Smith b abt 1800 married Nancy ?.  Their son  Richard G. Smith was born about 1821.  Richard G. Smith married Mary Ann Smith.  Among their children were Lydia, Mott, Mary Emma, Horace, Delamater, Elizabeth, Matilda, Thomas, Ida, and Winifred, born 1865/66.  I find nothing listed for these families in the Presbyterian Burial Ground in Freeport.  Does anyone know if the Methodist Church had a cemetery at one time?
I will be grateful for any information.
Joyce Bedell Merletti

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My name is Barbara Tangier Schenck. I am related to the Tangier Smiths Much genealogy study was done by my granfathers aunt, Anna Tangier Smith, who died in 1933. I am currently trying to understand the origin of my middle name and connect with other Schencks, Tangiers,etc. Eggbert Tangier Smith Schenck is great uncle or grandfather. We are the califonia branch of the family. thank you for any information you can supply.

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I am researching Sylvanus RUSSELL, born ca 1778.  Is his father Jonathan?  Who are his siblings?  Some research indicates Sylvanus was born in Suffolk Co, but I have no proof.  My Sylvanus was later in Angelica and Olean in  western New York state.
Any info would be appreciated.

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Does anyone have data on Abraham Cook(e) born abt 1720 possibly in Southampton, Suffolk, LI, NY.  He married in 1740 to Sybil/Sibel Burnet, born 1723 in East Hampton, Suffolk, LI, NY.  She was the dau of Ephraim Burnet and Bethia Foster of East Hampton, NY.  They married in Mecox, Suffolk, NY.

They had a son, Stephen Cook, born abt 1751, in Mecox or Southampton nearby.  He died in the Hanover area of Morris County, NJ in 1744 or 1845.  Stephen married 1st Sarah Havens b. 1753, in Southold or Southampton, Suffolk, NY.  She died before 1790 in Morris Co., NJ, when Stephen Cook married 2nd Widow Phebe (Mitchell) Halsey.  They lived in the Parsippany, Morris Co. area.   Stephen Cook and his 2 wives had abt 10 children named in his will.

Abraham and Sibyl (Burnet) Cook also had a dau, Sibyl or Sibel Cook.  I do not have her date of birth.  She may have married a Burnet cousin?  They are my 5th great grandparents.

Abraham and Sibyl Cook may have had a son Abraham Cook as well as other children? I have not been able to find data on their son Abraham Cook.  They did have a grandson, (son of Stephen Cook and Sarah Havens) named Abraham Cook, born 1775 in Southampton, Suffolk, NY.  He married in 1800 in Essex Co, NJ to Mary Lyon of Lyons Farms, NJ. In 1818 after the death of his wife he removed to Greene Co. Ohio with their children.  He died in 1843 in New Carlisle, Ohio.

Since many of the people from Long Island went to CT. during the Revolutionary War, it is possible that Abraham and his son Stephen both went to CT?.  There is an Abraham Cook and a Stephen Cook both named in the men from Southampton NY, unless others had the same names. The other Cooks also named in "The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut"  were Burnet, John Mitchell, John Jr., Elias, Elias Jr.James and Jonathan.

Would appreciate any information about these people.

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Looking for information on Clarence Abrams who wed Mary E Smith. I found them living with a Jacob Valentine in the 1880 census for Oyster Bay. These people are my Great grandparents, their son Arthur Elmer Abrams who wed Regina Mathews/Matthews of Kings Co. is my Grandfather and Grandmother.
Regina Sullivan Ryan

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Looking for maiden name of Griffin Corey/cory b1727 s/oThomas and Miriam.  Born in Stamford, Ct.  Was a Loyalist and went to Gagetown, Queens Co., NB. His wife's first name was Sarah b abt 1726, where? and who were her parents??

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Trying to tie our lineage with a Hezekiah Dodge, b. 1731 in Long Island City, NY to the Tristram Dodge line from Block Island and Cows Neck in Hempstead, L.I., NY.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.        James R. Dodge

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Civil war pension records show my GG Grandparents (George C. Brown & Ann E. Carroll) on my mothers side were married by Rev. Nathaniel Hawkins on 1 August 1854 (but I suspect may have been 1859) at Fire Place in Brookhaven. George & Ann had a child, Adrian Brown (my G Grandfather) who was born in 1862 and who always told his family that he grew up in an orphanage but no other details. George & Ann do not show up anywhere in the 1860 census. George enlisted in 1861 in the NY 4th Cavalry and died in 1862. Ann and her son Adrian next turn up in the 1870 census living together in Philadelphia and she was a widow the second time after marrying George W. Yard of Philadelphia. Nothing is know about them during the years 1862 to 1870.

The 1850 census shows George C. Brown living in Brookhaven with who I think was his "first" wife & child and listed his occupation as "seaman".

Researching shows Rev. Nathaniel Hawkins became pastor of Third Congregational Church of Brookhaven in May 1825. He was a Congregationist Minister in Fire Place from 1850 until he died in 1860.

Sorry about taking so long to get to the question; Does anyone know how to find or where are the marriage records of Rev. Nathaniel Hawkins which may throw light on where George lived or came from and who his family was.

My fathers side of the family were from Monmouth New Jersey by way of New Amsterdam (Havens, Van Cleef, Wainwright, Van Mater, and others) so I might be able to help out anyone in these areas.

Thanks to anyone, Jim Coshland in California (by way of Philadelphia).

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Who was Thankful PHILLIPS?

According to gravestones in the Eliakim DAVIS ("private") cemetery, Mt. Sinai, (sometimes known as the Davis cemetery on the Barrandi place), Eliakim DAVIS (1721-1808), son of Benjamin DAVIS (1690-1769/70) was married to Thankful PHILLIPS (1730-1815). Inquiries to living members of the Phillips family have produced no
records of a Phillips daughter named Thankful.  But Eliakim presumably* had a son named Chapman DAVIS (1758-1837) and I have
wondered why the name "Chapman" appears for the first time among more traditional DAVIS given names.  With the possibility that Thankful PHILLIPS may not have been a PHILLIPS by birth, but that she might have been a CHAPMAN, (and first married a PHILLIPS) I have researched the CHAPMAN families and found a Thankful CHAPMAN (1730- ---) of Saybrook, CT, daughter of Caleb CHAPMAN (1706-1785) and Thankful LORD.  The birth years for Thankful PHILLIPS and Thankful CHAPMAN are identical, but beyond the foregoing I know no more about either of these "Thankful"s.

* My goal is to confirm that Chapman was for certain the son of Eliakim.  While it would not be proof positive, if I could determine that Chapman's mother was Thankful CHAPMAN the circumstantial evidence would be helpful.  Does anyone have more information about Chapman DAVIS, Thankful PHILLIPS, Thankful CHAPMAN or Chapman's connection to Eliakim?

Stuart Hotchkiss

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Im looking for an obituary of a Long Island resident from Kings Park.  His name was Henry James aka "Henry" or "Jim".  He was a bit of a local celebrity b/c of his service in the 120th NY volunteers company A and there are family rumors that there were parades held in his honor.  He is buried in Northport Rural cemetary.
b. 1-1-1842 or 43  Olive Ulster county ny (his death certificate says 1848 but I believe this is wrong)
d. 4-4-1930 in Kings Park/Smithtown
1m. 1867     Loretta Freelove Jones and they had 6 children
             Sarah Elizabeth Christian
             Emma Jane Brown
             William m. Falanie Melissa Cook (Falanie d. 4-5 1930 also)
             Minnie never married
2m.      Ellen Maria (Newmeyer from first marriage, maiden Slater possibly)
Ellen had one child Justice Burton "Jesse" married to Clara.
Henry, "Jim" had several grandchildren also living on LI at the time of his passing from William and Falanie, they were Loretta"Rett", Daisy Ruby, Gilbert G. "Jack", Dorothy "Dott".
Daniel Warren Myers
94F Elliot Rd
East Greenbush, NY 12061

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Seeking information on ABRAMS, Arthur Elmer son of Clarence who wed Mary E SMITH living with Jacob VALENTINE family in OYSTER Bay in the 1880 census. Clarence was 22 yrs. old and Mary was 19 yrs. old. My Grandfather was born 17 DEC 1883 and wed Regina V Matthews daughter of Edward MATHEWS and Mary Jane NESBITT. In the Brooklyn Standard Obituary it stated she had a sister Emma and a niece Grace. MY mother Regina V Abrams and her brother Arthur are the only children. both grandparents and my Mom are buried in the Canarsie Cemetery.
Any information please contact: Regina V. Sullivan Ryan

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I'm seeking information on Edward Avery (Every/Evre/Averye, etc.) and his wife Mary Edgley.  They were at Madnans Neck, LI, New York in 1687.
Edward was a blacksmith and died in Hempstead, New York.  I don't know the date of his death or where he is buried.  I don't know when they came over from England.  I found one source that stated they were in London in 1626.
Any information would be much appreciated.

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New born Margaret McCallen died June 11,1903 Long Island,Searching for parents or obituary,any information sure would be appreciate, thank you

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Looking for infomation on Jacques Seguine  b 1661 prob. Staten, Is (wife name Elizabeth)
Lewis Jacques Seguine  b. 1694 Staten Island   wife Lydia Mambruet or Manbrut Abram Seguine  b. Jan 11,1793 Staten Island
Abraham Seguine b. 7/08/1827 Staten Island  married my gggrandmother Mary Ann Senior b. 7/20/1836 (England?)
Frances Loftiss Carroll

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I am looking for:
Waters, John and Abel.   Of Long Island, New York.  The first, and Addresser of Commissary Scott in 1782 ; Abel, a Coronet in the King's American Dragoons. Their father is thought to possibly be David Waters.  John is new to us, but Abel was born 1744 possibly Connecticut. He married Sarah Tomlinson abt. Jan. 1771 in Rhode Is., but this hasn't been proved yet. They removed to Upper Canada between 1783 and 1785.
Thank you in advance of any information. Beth

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I am looking for Giles Havens, who was born In Long Island around 1726.  His son was Joseph Havens (b: 1753, d:4/1/1833) who married Martha Bennett, both died and are buried in Cohocton, NY.  They had a son Stephen who was born in Argyle, NY March 7, 1780.  Me married Nancy Rowley about 1803.  I am also looking for any information regarding his children.  Thanks, Tim Haven

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Hi,  My name is Elsie Davis - Tully, New York.  I am  looking for a buriel listing for St. Michael's Cemetery, Astoria, Long Island.  The  names I am researching are Jacob Herold (rote Jakob) and Anna Marie Huebner  Herold (his spouse)  Jacob's death was 1907 and Anna's 1894.  These would be my  great grand parents. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.  Elsie Davis

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Anyone on LI that might have known or be related to these two families?
Henry had 6 children with Loretta freelove jones and two of them moved to LI with Henry and his new family.  His six children were....Sarah Elizabeth, Adrian(Edwin)?, John, Emma, William, Minnie.  Jesse is Henry's son from his marriage to Ellen Maria Newmeyer.
1920 Smithtown, Suffolk Co
Henry Warren age 78 b. NY
Ellen age 68 b. NY
John age 44 b. NY wood cutter
Julia age 45 b. NY
Julia E. age 1 1/12 b. NY
Henry Warren 1930 Smithtown, (KINGS PARK) Suffolk, Co take 9 April 1930
Jesse Warren age 23 all b. NY runs a taxi service
Clara age 22 b. Ma dad b. France mom b. Canada
Ellen Warren age 68 wd. married age 30 all b. NY
Henry Warren (dead) age 88 married age 40 all born NY
Wm. H. Warren 1930 Smithtown, (KINGS PARK) Suffolk, Co take 9 April 1930
William H. Warren age 53 b. NY married age 34 laborer parents b. NY
Phailia M. age 40 married at 21 yrs she and parents b. CT
Loretta age 15 b. NY
Daisy age 9 b. NY
Gilbert G. age 4 b. NY
Dorthy age 2  4/12 b. NY

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I have an ancestor a Henry S. Cox married to Mary Browne married on Dec. 3, 1731.  They both could have born  in Long Island NY.  Have you have any info on this family?   Do you know where I can get the book "The Cox family in America by George William Cocks."?  Are all the Cox families of Long Island, NY. related?  Mary Browne was born July 4, 1717 in Long Island, NY.  Contact me about this.
Jon Jennings

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I am looking for the following families Hornung/Bestmann/Haig/Kilian.
Also looking for any artical or obituary for Stella Hornung who was murdered between 1912-1930 Bellmore

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Re : NESBITT, Mary Jane wed Edward MATHEWS: issue Regina Veronica Matthews(sic), sister Grace.
Regina V Matthews wed Arthur Elmer Abrams: Issue Arthur JR d/o/b  2/11/1915, Regina Veronica Abrams
born August, 1918 died 5/Feb./1948. Leaving one child Regina Veronica Sullivan born 8/Dec/1945 (me)

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Hello; the family i amlooking for is Jacox / Jacocks'This family was firstat Stratford 1630. Then went Hempstead 1650 or befor . then some went to Passayunk. and some went to Dutches / putman county n.y. What i would like to know is if thay were Quakers and any other info i can find out.Some first names were Thomas / Francis / William / and Joshua.  email is . thank you Danna

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I would like to find an obituary for JOHN JOSEPH ABERCROMBIE as hoping to learn that among his survivors will be his sister, ERNESTINE ABERCROMBIE FIELD of Philadelphia.  I tried to find an obituary through the Philadelphia Free Library to no avail.  See information below.
Thank you,
Jacqueline Sleeper Russell
John Joseph Abercrombie, Brigadier General Volunteers
Born March 4, 1798 at Baltimore MD
Brother-in-law of US General Francis Engle Patterson
USMA 37th in 1822
Wounded at Seven Pines/Fair Oaks
Died January 3, 1877 at Roslyn, Long Island NY
Buried Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia PA

(1870 U.S. Census) Note: spelling
ABBERCROMBIE, JOHN J New York , QUEENS, N HEMPSTEAD, Age 68,  Male,  Race: White,  Born: MD Series: M593  Roll: 1081   Page: 272 ABBERCROMBIE, JOHN J  age 68 b. MD occ: Retired list Gen. Army
value - 18,000/3000
Line 17. 159.199.
ABBERCROMBIE, MARY A (?) age 46  b. PA
ABBERCROMBIE, LOUISA age 21 b. Missouri
ABBERCROMBIE, IDA age 10 b. Minn
THOMPSON, WINFIELD age 27 occ: farm laborer
LEDDY, MARGARET age 35 occ: domestic servant

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Hello and thank you for your reply.  We don't know where the marriage might have taken place.  We are trying to find the name of the grandmother who I never met.  We believe the marriage was in Nassau county because my father worked on outside grounds for people around 1910, the yeara my mother was born.  And we know he died in somewhere between those dates he married.  Is there no place where all the marriage records are kept?  For Brooklyn they are all in downtown NYC.  Any advice is appreciated.
Les Stephens

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Have been looking for years for the parents of (my ggggrandmother) Abigail L'hommedieu, b23 May 1791, d 19 Aug 1847 Chenango Co., NY. She mar. Nov 1813 to Thomas Skillman 3rd, b 12 Dec 1789, Suffolk Co., LI, NY, d 15 Mar 1877, Chenango Co. NY. Thomas 3rd was the son of Major Thomas Skillman and Jersuha Rogers of
Aqueboque, LI, Suffolk Co., NY. I would appreciate any help finding info for Abigail, L'hommedieu.

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I am descended from Jeremiah K. (Kirkland) Smith and Rebecca Gildersleeve through their son Israel Smith born 1806 d. 1888;
Israel Smith (AKA Isreal) and Sarah Sophia Hulse (Enos) through their son Edward (Edwin) A. Smith and Lucy A. Jackson;
Edwin A. Smith and Lucy A. Jackson (parents unknown) through daughter Ella Almira Smith;
David Edwards Dayton (William?) and Mary or Polly Aldrich Fanning (Abraham) through their son David Benjamin Dayton;
David Benjamin Dayton and Adelaide Estelle Woods (George S. and Emily A. Worth) through their son Clarence Leroy Dayton;
Clarence Leroy Dayton b. 1887 d. 1975 and Ella Almira Smith b. 1887 d. 1972 through son Walter Smith Dayton (my father);  all these people are descended from long-time residents of Suffolk County Long Island NY and can be found in numerous census sheets from 1790 to 1930.  Would appreciate information on parents of Jeremiah K. Smith; David Edwards Dayton; George S. Woods; Emily A. Worth (possibly John);Lucy A. Jackson.....Places they can be found Riverhead, Brookhaven; Patchogue, Smithtown, Islip, Northville, Southold, Glen Cove (Nassau), Floral Park, etc...

Sharon Adele Dayton

From: <>
I have my husbands family bible. It was given to Mary E. Southard of Rockville Centre by her husband Samuel S. Jones in January 1863. Mary was born april 15 1844.She died on August 20, 1908
Samuel S. Jones born 1842 died July 4 1891
Other names listed are Benjamin Southard born Oct. 18 1837 died Dec. 7 1864 Married Feb. 28, 1830 to Harriet Brower of Hempstead South.
Samuel S. Jones born 1842
Sarah Ann Southard, born May 13, 1881 (Melikian, Taylor) Died Feb. 24 1913
Harriet A. Southard born Jan 1879 (Griffith) Died 1929
Emaline Smith born July 17, 1859  (Coombs) Died Oct. 12, 1930
BenjaminSouthard born March 27, 1808 died March 21 1844
Harriet Southard born Sept 14  1809 Died august 8, 1891
Townsend F. Southard born Jan 26, 1832
Daniel Southard Born Jan 24, 1834
Sarah Ann Southard born March 17, 1839
Miss Harriet Southard Age 18 Died March 16 1870
Allen Taylor Born and died February 1913
If anyone can give me any information as to where to find anything regarding this family I would appreciate it. Thanks, Hilde Klausser--220 McCall Ave. W.Islip, NY 11795 or EMail

From: <>
I am looking for information on the "Edward Thompson Company" from Northport, Long Island, NY.  Mostly interested in the Co. from the late 1800's to early 1900's.
Thank you, Debby

From: <>

From: <>
Am looking for the parents names of Thomas Farrington, died Dec. 23, 1874, buried Springfield Cemetary.  Was a printer for "Harpers"  Any help would be appreciated
John Farrington

From: <>
Looking for EASTMAN roots on Long Island.  Most older generations were in the area of WOODMERE or HEWLETT or FOSTER MEADOW.  My immediate family lived in BELLMORE.  Also interested in ROCKVILLE CEMETERY, LYNBROOK.  Need someone who can go to the cemetety or has information to people buried there.  (Records were lost in a fire there.)  Also interested in TRINITY CHURCH CEMETERY grave markers where other relatives are buried.  Other names RIFF or RYFF, HARTMAN, GRITMAN connected with EASTMAN. Time frame spans about 1875- 1948. Please contact me. P. Adams

From: <>
(1) Charlotte Dodge (1836-1919), Elizabeth "Lizzie" Forbes Dodge (1838-1927), and Mary Dodge (1839-1911) were sisters. They were born in lower Manhattan.  Mary, my great maternal grandmother, married Charles Wardell.  Charlotte married Charles Brombacher, who lived in Westchester County.  Elizabeth married Charles Tracy. They all moved to "South Brooklyn"-Park Slope-Brooklyn Heights.  The 1910 Kings County Census has Charlotte and Elizabeth living together as widows at 232 12th Street.  I would like to hear from or know about Charlotte Brombacher's and Elizabeth Tracy's descendants.
(2) Some time after 1958, my mother (Marguerite Wardell Rippier Wheeler), a resident of Freeport, Nassau County, disposed of the Dodge family bible, probably locally, without my knowledge.  I would very much like to have it.
Helen Rippier Wheeler

From: <>
I’m looking for the following information: Date and please from birth, and the name of the parents, from Willy Joseph Mac Auliffe, son from………., ° …………1874,+ Southampton (New York) 19/01/1942, married Longisland (USA)……….1917 Marguerite-Marie-Alphonse de Foere coming from Belgium with the boat " Kroonland " the 8/11/1911 (+ Southampton (New York) 14 08/1956) there were no children.Any help or guidence will be so much appreciated. Thanks. Louis Gaillard from Belgium

From: <>
Does anyone have access to a circa. 1950's phone book or city directory that can do a lookup for me?  I have recently been told of a possible relative by the name of Gaines (not sure of spelling) who owned a hardware/feed store on Long Island.  Or ... if you have any other suggestions that could get me started ... please reply to:

From: <>
Hello    My name is George F. DeMott. My son Brett and I are doing the genealogy   of DeMott's of Long Island and have been able to get back to Michael DeMott, one of the first DeMott's in the new world, 1665.  One of my ggggrandfathers named John DeMott had a will probated on 3-22-1819.  Two of the witness's were Wm.Mott and Horatio Mott. The will is in the Queens County Surrogacy Record Room. We were wondering if anyone has any info. on who Wm. and Horatio Mott might be.John DeMott lived in the town of Hempstead, L.I . We also know that some DeMott's and Mott's married into each others families.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thank you.  George F. DeMott Santa Clarita, Ca.

From: <>
My great great grandfather was born Samuel C. Miller on September 29, 1795 in Suffolk County New York.  I do not know the township.  There are rumors that he may have been born Samuel McMillan.  But I know he lived his adult life as Samuel C. Miller and later married Harriet Dana from Utica.  I would like to find some record of his birth because I am trying to trace his ancesters.  Anybody know where I should start to try and trace his parents?  I would really appreciate help.  thank you
Maria Mazurek

From: <>
Hi,  Wondering if you can help me find the buriel place of my Great Great Grandfather ANDREW KETCHAM, DIED 7 MARCH 1859, possibly Plain Edge, Roslyn, Long Island.  Was to suppose to have been killed by a lightning strike.  Possible article in the Long Island Democrat.  HIs wife's name was Jane Boerum.  Son George A.  Any help would be very appreicated.  thank you, Donald Ketcham..

From: <>
I'm trying to find info about an accident that occurred in the winter (Feb?) of 1933 in front of a church on a main road in Hempstead (Front,Fulton?). The accident involved a family of three (Fred Sumner, his wife Florence, and small son Paul)
It was some kind of automobile accident, that later Florence died of. I was looking to see if there was an article about the accident, or an obituray. It was on a Sunday as they were on thier way to church.Any help or guidence will be so much appreciated. Thank you

From: <>
I'm looking for my relative, named Kitty Dignan or Dignam or Degnam who was married to Marty Murtha.  They lived on Long Island in or near Throggs Neck in the early forties.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kathleen Lucas
researching Hannigan, Dignan, King

From: <>
I am looking for information on Robert Trimble, b. 1790 Setauket, Suffolk Co., and his wife Nancy Robinson, dau. of William Robinson and Mary Satterly.  They were married 1824, Setauket.     Later moved to Newburgh, NY.
Ch. Cameron, Mary, McLeod.  Need information on Robert's parents too.
Thanks.  Fran Jeffress

From: <>
I have been researching two names in Smithtown and I know that one of them is a fairly common one (MILLER) and I have yet to get one response.  I can't even find these people on the census.   What gives here? I know they existed, they were my father's grandparents. My grandmother's death certificate says that she and her parents wereborn in Smithtown. If this is so why can't I find them? She was Evelyn Coster, He was Edward MIller. My grandmother was Edna
Can someone please help me out?

From: <>
I am looking for any information on Archie Rock Smith or Everett Rock Smith from Hempstead, LI. Archie was my Grandfather and Everett is my Father whom now has altzheimer's. I need to find out what Indian tribe they were from on Long Island.
Thank you,
JoAnne Rocklyn Smith-Brimer

From: <>
Am seeking parents and siblings for Bernard (Barney) C. Gribbin immigrated from Ireland about 1868. Resided NYC  in 1900. Wife Sarah E. Harvey. Children born ca 1900. James, Margaret, Alice, Sarah.

From: <>
Does anyone have info on Alice Battey b. 1770 Scituate Twp. RI?  She married Samuel Perry and moved to Willington, CT.
thank you,
Kathy Nixon

From: <>
Am looking for information on William Morse, born abt 1816. His wife was Sarah Carman, children were James, Samuel, Walter, Carman, William, Hezekiah and Zechariah.  Resided on Long Island, NY.
Elsie (Morse) Lynch

From: <>
Elizabeth Coles (d of Joseph) m James Perce (say about 1725) prob Oyster Bay. . . Or so says Mackenzie's Families Phillipsburgh and Francis Spies 1932 notes to Purchase Marriages (#26) .

She being a desc. of John Howland of Mayflower and her family being so well documented  -  has anyone seen any documentation for this marriage. For instance I have never found a will for her father.
A query in NYGenealogical & Biographical record said James Perce married Elizabeth Lawrence.

From: <>
Trying to locate Catherine Drake or family members.  She born about 1923, in Babylon.   Siblings were Mary, Edward aka Joseph, Frank, James, Helen, Johnny.  Children of Mary Wade and John Drake.  Half brother George Larned.
Catherine may have married in Lindenhurst in 1940, unknown marriage name.  She may have also been known as "Kitty"


From: <>
Looking for information on William Edwards who came to Long Island around 1650 from Maidstone, England.  His son John lived in East Hamption. Robert Roether, Ann Arbor, MI

From: <>
Searching for ancestors/descendents of Marcy and Mary (COHEN) MARKS. They had at least one son, Samuel, born 1895 in NYC.
Also need information about Rita EMANUEL, who lived on Riverside Blvd, Long Beach. Thanks.

From: <>
Searching to verify information about David M. CORNELL b. 1798 and  Elizabeth CLIVE b. about 1800 in Cow Neck, Long Island NY. They are supposed to be parents of John B. Cornell b. 1823 Bristol Co., MA. David's parents are listed as Isaac CORNELL and Sarah BENNETT b. about 1776; married about 1791 again in Long Island. John is my paternal 2nd gr grandfather. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

My Genealogy Page

From: <>
Looking for any information on Thomas S. Baldwin, married Mary Pringle.  Supposedly he was the first police chief of Richmond Hill.  Have searched and searched can't seem to go back any further than Thomas who was my Grandfather.  His mother's maiden name may have been Sarah Barnett.  Supposedly Thomas' parents were from England and Mary's from Scotland.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Doris Johnson

From: <>
Looking for anyone that might be able to help with the following line.   Anne Horton(b.1850 abt), married to Alfred Field (b. 1837). He was the son of Leonard Field (b.1802). Anne and Alfred had a daughter named Harriet Van Rantz (?) Field (b.Oct 17 1867). Harriet VR Field was born in Glen Cove. Her mother's father was Cornelius VR Horton.
Thanks, Barbi

From: <>
Looking for parents of Henry E. Wood of Northport,N.Y. area. b.1807  d.1877
Married Sarah A._______?
Children of Henry and Sarah:
          Henry E. Wood b.1838  d. 1916
          Sarah E. Wood b.1842
           Alfred  Wood  b.  1848

From: <>
I am looking for any information on Francesca Bostwick, a talented amateur painter or appears to have lived in Amagansett around 1905.

From: <>
My name is Larry Miller, and my email address is
I am looking for information about the ancestors of my gr gr grandfather, Samuel C. Miller, born September 29, 1795, Hempstead Township, Queens County. Family history, passed down from generation to generation, says that Samuel's father ran a China Shop in New York City.  But, I don't know the name of this shop or the name of Samuel C. Miller's father.
I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you and Best Regards.
Larry Miller

From: <>
Looking for any information on MARIA T. LANDON, born 1828, in Kings County.  Said to be part of the Southold Landon's.  Nothing is know about her before her marriage to CLAUDE JAMES WARREN, 1825, also from New York. Can anyone give me a direction to head in.
Thanks so much,

From: <>
I am a descendant of Commodore/Captain Thomas Truxtun of Long Island.  He was a privateer with a Letter of Marques during the American Revolution and a Capt in the US Navy during the war of 1812.  The Long Island Historical Society has a portrait of him by Bass Otis in 1817.  I have tried to reach the Long Island Historical Society by the Internet but cannot.  Can you give me an e-mail address that I can contact to see if they have or can have a copy of the portrait of Thomas Truxtun.  Thank you for your effort. James F. Talbot,

From: <>
I just learned that my g-grandfather, Henry Pilkington was a member of the Congregational Church -- I assume in Farmingdale. Is that just a generic term for a particular denomination? I'm not sure where to look for this church. Any help would be appreciated. Sheila

From: <>
Hi, my name is Klaus Lugscheider and I am looking for maybe long lost relatives.  I found out that one of my ancestors emigrated to the U.S.A. His name was Ferdinand Lugscheider (an episcopal reverend) and he was married with a Mary (her italian birthname I couldn´t find out yet). They had three children, Ferdinand (1906-1984), Marie(1908-?) and Frances (1911-1944). From a N.Y. Times obituary I know, that Frances (who was a former student of Cooper Union) died in 1944 in Babylon, L.I., 47 Pearsall Street, where she lived with her family (here father died 1914 in Rotterdam).
If anyone remembers this family or has any hints for me, please feel  free to mail.
Greetings from Austria

From: <>
My name is David Ellison and I am looking for information on John Cory (born 02/03/1673/74) from Huntington and his family going up and down.

Email :

From: <>
I am seeking information on a George AMENT who was born in 1879 in NY.  My Mom says he lived in Amityville for sure in 1944-45.  She says she got off of the train, walked across the station and then across the tracks and a couple of blocks to his house. He would have been about 66 years old.  She said he did income taxes and repaired watches, but she thought he was retired. Where can I find a city or street map for those years.  And are there old directories on line for Amityville? Also what Catholic churches were close to that location in 1944-45? I have no idea where he is buried. Any information will be appreciated.  Thanks.
 Dorothy in NC

From: <>
Hello again,
  It's me Nadine Gibbs and I am still looking for the Costers and Millers from Smithtown New York.   I may have found Evelyn Coster(Miller), She was born in 1889 and died in 1971.  Does anyone remember her and if so, could you e-mail me? If I have to come to Smithtown to talk to anyone, it's not a problem. I
live in the city and ir's easy to get there. Thanking you again in advance

From: <>
I am a direct descendant of Elias White, a farmer in Suffolk County, Long Island, who had a son named John White in 1818.  John White was a builder in Good Ground, LI, and built in the Bahamas.  I cannot find much information on Elias White or his ancestry.  His wife may have been named "Keziah."  I am interested to trace this geneology to see when these Whites arrived here.  I've been told that it could be traced to Peregrine White of the Mayflower, but am beginning to doubt it.  Any help would be nice.

Tim White

From: <>
Nellie S. Griffin married Henry K  Wood in 1893. Her parents were Sam E Harris and Emma G Carothers. I would like to find any info in the hopes I can find my gr-grandfather (HKW)
Barbi Tomko -

From: <>
As a post-script to the article, "The Southard Family History Adventure", a Vincent Seyfried states that he has collected a genealogy of names from the Hempstead Inquirer.  If this exists somewhere, will someone make me aware of it?   Or, may I have a look-up for the death of Jonas (Jones, Jonah, John) Seaman in January 1866?

From: <>
I am trying to find out which SMITH ABRAMS was the son of JACKSON ABRAMS and FRANCES WATTS. His brother would have been ELBERT ABRAMS,my great,great grandfather. I found two Smith Abrams in the 1880 census. One whose wife is Ida Abrams, the other whose daughter is Ida Abrams. I believe mine is the one whose wife was Ida Abrams but he may have had a few other wives too, one being ELIZABETH DEMOTT  who may have died in 1862 and Ida could have been wife #2. But he also divorced Ida Abrams circa 1885 having caught her in an affair. (great story in Brooklyn Eagle, dated 2 April 1885!)
Also, ELBERT is buried in plot 830 in Rockville Cemetery and this SMITH I believe is the one buried in plot 828. (but would like verification of this.)
Thanks for any help.


From: <>
I am working on the genealogy of my family.  I have been able to find info on my grandfather on my fathers side but very little on my grandmother.  I have traced her back to her parents.  Jesse Horton and Gertrude Buckley.  Does anyone have any infor on either the Hortons or the Buckleys?  Thanks Pat Chamberlain

From: <>
I'm looking for any connection to these families. Smith Conklin married my line (Elvira Davis) 2nd marriage for her. Her Sister - Mary C. Davis married a Strong Conklin. I do not know if they are brothers or what connection they may be. Any help would be appreciated.
Generation No. 1 SMITH CONKLIN
1.  SMITH 1 CONKLIN  He married *ELVIRA DAVIS, daughter of *MATTHIAS DAVIS and *FRANCES HAVENS.  She was born September 10, 1800 in Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York, and died Abt. 1878.

Descendants of Strong Conklin
Generation No. 1
1.  STRONG 2 CONKLIN  (SAMUEL1) was born November 30, 1807 in Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York, and died November 01, 1887.  He married MARY C. DAVIS January 02, 1833, daughter of *MATTHIAS DAVIS and *FRANCES HAVENS.  She was born November 07, 1807 in Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York, and died July 05, 1884.

Children of STRONG CONKLIN and MARY DAVIS are:
i. ORRY3 CONKLIN, b. May 23, 1834, Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York; d. February 25, 1835.
2. ii. DEWITT C. CONKLIN, b. March 15, 1841.
iii. ISABELLA S. CONKLIN, b. September 20, 1844, Shelter Island, Suffolk, New York; d. December 22, 1866; m. GEORGE H. DELONG, May 08, 1863.
iv. MARTHA F. CONKLIN, b. April 17, 1846.

Generation No. 2
2.  DEWITT C.3 CONKLIN (STRONG2, SAMUEL1) was born March 15, 1841.  He married MARY F. HART June 13, 1869.  She was born Abt. 1852.
i. HARRIET I.4 CONKLIN, b. Abt. 1876.

E-mail: Caroljanderson

From: <>
My name is Nadine Gibbs and I am trying to find out some information on my family.
   It''s really odd, but I can trace my maternal side all the way back to Roseanna Woodhull ( We are African -Amercan), but I don't see any parents listed for her. Is there a way I can find out anything else about her? Anyone that can help me will have made a friend for life.  She was born in 1805 and the 1850 census shows her with a daughter named  Angelina. Before that I have nothing. This family is from Brookhaven Twsp (East Setauket)
     My other family (Paternal) is from Smithtown. They are Edward Miller and Evelyn Coster. I'm not sure if they were married, but I can't find them anywhere.
They are my great-grandparents according to my grandmother's death certificate. She was born Edna Mae Miller in Feb 1912. I haven't been able to find her anywhere either.
     Can someone please help me?  Thanking you in advance  and May God
Bless You.
                             Nadine Gibbs

From: <>
Need help in locating "another" resource for finding the birth certificate of Ruth Anna Sweezy, born Patchogue, Long Island in 1911. Numerous requests for birth record on her have come back with negative response. Also, can't find mother in the 1910 census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

From: <>
I am looking for information about my paternal grandparents: Surname is, Binger.  They were in NYC , the Bronx, and later on Long Island, in Jamaica, Queens County around the 1920's. My father, Walter Wesley Binger, born in NY July 31, 1907, his father born in NYC, August 1885, used Walter Binger,( His actual birth name was Louis Walter Binger). His wife, my grandmother, was Emma Theny Hambrook/ Buechner/ Binger born February 14th, 1884 in NYC.  My paternal great grandfather was Louis Binger, born about 1860. His wife was Mary Ann Kirk/ Binger born NY.
The "Binger" family consisted of: 9 Children: Helen Eugenia born 1902, Mildred Martha born 1904, Walter Wesley born 1907, Emma,
James Louis, Marion, Sarah Lillian, Mary Lorraine, Dorothy.
Walter Binger born 1885 had owned an Electrical Business, called "Church Street Electric". He was listed as a Steward of the Tamaque Democratic Club of  Jamaica. Younger he was said to be a Seaman. He died of illness in his 40's. Any data showing this family-line would be greatly appreciated.

From: <>
I am looking for Bible records, estate papers or other family records that will prove William Christopher Seaman was the son of William Seaman and Elizabeth Brewerton Benson.  The available early publication lists William C. as having been born about 1795.  His siblings that lived to marry were Elizabeth, m. Walendoldus Cooper;
                 Rebecca, m. Charles Keeler
                 Benson, m. Elizabeth Dossoeau
                 Harriet Catherine, m. Farnham Hall
                 Henry John, m. Katherine Seaman
                 Fannie,  m. Rev. W.H. Thurston
                 Maria Seaman, m. William Beare
                 Julia Jane Ritter Seaman, m. William Beare

My William Christopher Seaman moved to the Gulf Coast early and died in 1844.

Many thanks for any assistance on the proof,
Betty J. Rodgers

From: <>
I am looking for information on: my great grandfather,
   b. 28 Oct. 1829 Moriches, NY,
   d. 21 June 1915, Greenport, NY

Mother: CHARLOTTE (Bishop?) WINES
I am interested in corresponding with his decendants about Charles Allen
and his ancestors.

From: <>
Alfred Jerome Raphael MD,  died 3/14/74 , from Franklin Square, NY. Wife June, sons Robert and Neil.  I am a cousin who is seeking to reestablish contact  with  survivors for genealogy research. If you have leads please contact Doug Freeman, Box 458, Port Ewen, NY 12466  (845)331-4494,

From: <>
I am searching for the parents of Francis Gardner, b. 1776 in CT; he had a son, Joseph Gardner, b. 1814 in NY Co., NY.  Francis also lived in PA, OH, and IN before he died in 1853 in Elkhorn, IN.  He m. Susannah.
Billie Haynes Hintze

From: <>
My father, JOSEPH ARTHUR JORDAN, and I are taking a trip to Long Island this summer and we would like to find our relatives who he lost touch with in the 70's (or maybe 60's).  My father was born in Ozone Park July 15th 1926 to Joseph James Jordan and Wilhemina Mary Hessell. His sister is Mary Teresa Jordan born around 1936. He had a lot of cousins whose surnames were Jordan, Henderson, Smith, who married Bishoffs, Giancaspros, Buntins.
some of My Grandpas siblings families were:
William Jordan who married Sophia Weidner
Children (some we can only remember nicknames!!)
Chubby, William, Margaret, Tootsie, Charles(passed away young), Charley Boy, George-Georgy Boy, Patsy, Edward-Eddy Boy
My Dad who is now 77 years old was around the ages of Charley Boy and Georgy Boy(He was Joey Boy)

Another sibling was Lizzie she was married to Eddy (Hogan)Henderson
Eddy, Roy, Valle, Blackie, Elizabeth, Marion
Another sibling-Margaret who married Wally Smith
Lydia, George

If anyone knows of any of these families please let me know My father really would like to see them or any of their children. They all still resided in Long Island in the 60's.  I've been working on our genealogy, but really haven't found any information on them. (Names could possibly be a little different)
Please email me at

From: <>
     I am trying to trace an ancestor of mine who was a servant to Thomas Morrison Carnegie Jr & Virginia Beggs Carnegie.  My family think she may have died in the late 1920's/early 1930's and the last correspondence we ever received from her was a postcard from Long Island from around this time.
     Her name was Minnie Rosa Eastwood but she called herself Rosa.  I was also advised that the T M & V B Carnegie may have owned a house in Ox Pasture Road.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Sharon Cooper

From: <>
Looking for John Gallagher b. bet 1840-1850 m. Sarah (Dyer, Dyes). Lived Williamsburgh, Long Island.  Son George Thomas born (1863) Williamsburgh married Louisa A. Watson. In New Haven, CT.  Parents IMM from Ireland.  Any information helpful for location of.  George Thomas Gallagher ended up in New Haven, CT.  Died 1896.

From: <>
I would like to know if someone can do a  obituary lookup.
Mary Smith who died November 22, 2001.  She was 106 years old (born May 1, 1895.  Is buried at the Long Island National Cemetery along with her husband Joseph Ira Smith who died July 8, 1952.  I believe they were residents of Wantagh, NY.  Thank you.
Ginnie in VA

From: <>
I am seeking information about James Elliott who married Fanny Cecile Thatcher and had a patent for Elliott's Tera Cotta Tile Well, in Suffolk County.  We believe he died in Melville about 1915.  Any leads?

From: <>
Were there any early settlers who settled on Fire Island?   Attempting to locate any family names of possible early settlers on Fire Island, c 1700's.
Thank you in advance for any helpful information.

From: <>
I am seeking information on the children, grandchildren and other descendants of Constant and Phoebe (Horton) King of Suffolk.  Thank you!
--Russell King

From: <>
Hi ;my name is Danna; Iam  trying to find info on the Jeacokcox Jacox family of early times Iknow thay were first in Stratford and then went on toHempstead maybe becaus of the early church problem . My family came from England Stratford -upon -Avon PROBABLY ABOUT 1635.  But soon went to Hempstead about 1660 70. names are Francis and his sons William and THOMAS . Can any oe tell me any thing . my EMAIL IS   4LAWR@PIONEERIS.NET  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

From:  <>
I am trying to find information of the descendants of Adnia Eugenia Sutphen and Charles R. Conklin
Thank You
Wyona Moon

From:  <>
This would be for the Woodhull Family.  I am desperately seeking information on Henry G. Woodhull born in 1796.  He married Sally Yale born 1799 in Connecticut.  This is documented in the Yale family history ... but I can't seem to find it documented in the Woodhull book or anywhere else.  Henry and Sally I believe had two sons.  Stephen (a civil war veteran) born in 1823 and Henry G. Jr.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maggie Woodhull

From: <>
My wife is the grand daughter of Ralph williston Hay.  Ralph was the (Adopted )son of  Thomas Arthur Hay and Julia Louisa Woodhull.  Julia was the daughter of Rev George S. Woodhull and Elizabeth Dana Martin.  If Ralph was  legitimately adopted by Thomas Arthur Hay and Julia Louisa Woodhull Hay, Why is he not mentioned in the Woodhull genealogy or the Martin genealogy written by Thomas Arthur Hay?  I have my theories about this and would like to discuss them with anyone who might be able to shed some light about the son that isn't acknowledged by the Hay or the Woodhull family.

Michael Krezinski

My wife is Marianne Hay, daughter of Everett Woodhull Hay, son of Ralph Williston Hay.

From: <>
Researching the families of Robert and Dorothy Rose of Long Island.  First  located in Southampston town records by 7 Mar 1644.  Robert Rose died between 13 May 1651 and 10 Jun 1652 per town records.  His widow Dorothy Rose married, date unknown, to Ananias Conkling.  Both Dorothy and Ananias are deceased by 29 Jan 1657/58 per the settlement of the estate of Ananias by his son-in-law, George Miller.
Probable children of Robert and Dorothy Rose:  Rachel (married Anthony Waters);
Thomas;  John (married Abigail, possibly Raynor);  Samuel;  Mary;  and Jonathan (married Jane Nearon Williams, widow of William Williams).  Later names found of their descendants:  General Abraham Rose (married Mary Pierson);  Dr. Rufus
Rose (married Mary Sanford);  Dr. Samuel Haines Rose (married Mary Topping);  Capt. Nathan Rose (married Sarah Rumsey).  Some of Robert's and Dorothy's
descendants to Orange Co. NY and New Jersey.  Especially interested in making contact with current local members of this family still living in Suffolk Co. NY.

I appreciate your help and contact.

Mary R. M. Nunneley
Bartlesville, OK