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October 21, 2001
Bob Doran <r.doran@auckland.ac.nz>
Looking for details/descendants of John Logan, address in 1949 4327 54th St., Woodside, Long Island. Also, a recommendation of somebody who is willing to undertake local research for a fee.

October 21, 2001
Blair Swezey <swezeyb@ix.netcom.com>
Looking for any information on Daniel Swezey (b. 1725), son of Stephen Swezey ("The Settler") who founded Swezeytown in Middle Island. It is said that Daniel died in Connecticut in 1776 or 1777, having fled Long Island with the British occupation. Any information on his Connecticut whereabouts would be most appreciated.

October 20, 2001
Kathie Alblinskil <kathie10@optonline.net>
I am looking for information on my uncle, Arthur Rielly. He has 2 sisters, Frances and Mary (Terry). His brothers are Ed, Bob, Joe, Billy, John (Red). Their mother's name was Rita. Arthur left home when the siblings were young. They lived in St. Louis, NY & Connecticut.

October 19, 2001
Kim Watson <Noahsgram@hotmail.com>
I am looking for the parents of my g. Aunt,Elsie Lenore Copeman born 2/16/1892. She and her sister,my maternal grandmother, Marguerite Francis Copeman, born 1880 or 1890,[both born in NY somewhere] lost their parents and were raised by the Frank H. Foster's of Long Island. They lived on Manor Ave, Woodhaven, Long Island in 1916. I would be grateful for any help. Their mother may have been Nana Rowe Copeman.

October 18, 2001
Lily <lilykintner@hotmail.com>
Looking for info on Tony & Margaret Crisci They lived at Far Rockaway in 1955?any info. is appreciated.
Thanks Lily

October 18, 2001
Lily <lilykintner@hotmail.com>
Looking for info on Tony & Margaret Crisci They lived at Far Rockaway,any info. is appreciated.
Thanks Lily

October 17, 2001
Joanne Emus <jremus0322@aol.com>
looking for info on a Mary Emus

October 16, 2001
E. Elkins <mainepet@msn.com>
Nathan Miller (son of Uriah5, Nathan4, George3) b. 1743
in East Hampton, married Mary Mulford in 1773. Their daughter, Mary, b. Sept. 25, 1775 married Jeremiah Parsons.

I'm looking for place of marriage and marriage records of Nathan Miller and Mary Mulford as well as any information on their daughter's, Mary Miller, birth place.

Any information regarding the marriage place and documentation on Mary's marriage to Jeremiah Parsons would also be appreciated.

October 14, 2001
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
I am looking for the family,(including ancestors) of Preserved Field from the Southold area. He was married to Naomi Overton. In that family, in the late 1800s-early 1900s, there was a female named Harriet Van Ranst. I would like to know to whom she was married.
Thanks, Barbi

October 12, 2001
Cindy Clifford <Cliffy4@charter.net>
Dorothy Clifford is our Grandmother who is just shy of 102. She has one son Richard Clifford. Has never and will not tell family who Richards father is. Lived in Bayshore circa 1930's. Do not know if Clifford is maiden name or ? Husbands name. Dorthy had a close friend named Elsie who helped raise Richard. Any Information.

October 11, 2001
debbie <shasta11@tampabay.rr.com>
looking for anyone who knew or knows the butschkau family,or the adams family from east islip. thank you

October 09, 2001
Michael Schroeder <mike2sails@aol.com>
Searching for the ancestors of Joseph Havens b. 1752-53 Long Island, d. Apr 1, 1833 Cohocton NY

October 07, 2001
Aurelia <a.r.brooks@worldnet.att.net>
Would someone do a look-up in the 1900 LI, New York census - Greenlawn area, for Mary Cavanaugh/Cavenaugh, age aprox. 54, living with daughter, Minnie Ellis. OR in a city directory 1900-1904. Would really appreciate this. e-mail me if you can.

October 07, 2001
Eileen <Goldenei@aol.com>
Loooking for assistance/info on William and Mary Wilson who lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in the early 1940's through 1950's. They moved to Huntington, LI with their daughter Midge and sons William, Thomas and Jimmy. They are our cousins. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

October 06, 2001
Norman Valentine <NJVSr@aol.com>
Searching for CHARLES E. VALENTINE 1856 Brooklyn, NY to 1918 Norwalk, CT. In 1879 Married Annie McCloskey b.1852 "England" d. 1910 Norwalk, CT. Had seven children, 5 accounted for.

October 06, 2001
George Van De Water <gkvandh20@netscape.net>
Would like to find information on Daniel Van De Water, father of William J. Van De Water who married Margaret J. Seim on 17 Mar 1887. Daniel (David?) married Rebecca Fleming. Any help appreciated.

October 05, 2001
Lisa <darlingfamilytree@yahoo.com>

I'm looking for information on the genealogy of the Montauk indians. In specific I'm looking for references to a Mary Ann NICOLS/NICHOLS/NICOLLS who was b. 1817 Groton, CT d. 1851 Waterford, CT. She may be the daughter of a Harvey NICOLS who is listed as being of Southport, CT. Mary Ann married Jonathan Rogers KING in 1830. Mary Ann most likely had a sister Abby Jane NICOLS/NICHOLS/NICOLLS b. 1819 Groton, CT d. 1892 New London, CT who also married Jonathan Rogers KING in 1851.

Any help with this line is very much appreciated. If anyone knows of any good sites for tracing Montauk genealogy I would appreciate it if you would pass that information along to me.

Thank you,

October 01, 2001
Mary Hickey <gib1@hotmail.com>
Looking for information on GILMORE family before 1783 aspecifically Joseph Gilmore who served with DeLancy's brigade and went to New Brunswick as a Loyalist.

October 01, 2001
Joan Bray <MNOptimist@aol.com>
I have the Benedict family sailing from Southhampton, England in 1638 and settling in Southhold, LI. Anyone else know of this family? Thanks

September 29, 2001
Dee Wells <DWells1481@aol.com>
Looking for John WEST's parents. He was born in 1759 in Huntingdon, Suffolk, NY. Anyone have information on this family?

September 29, 2001
Nancy Soper <jsoper@voyager.net>
I am looking for information regarding Charity Cossaboom [her given and surname could be spelled many different ways, such as the Dutch name for Charity and Cassiboom/Cosaboom/Karseboom] She married Return Soper in 1745 in L.I. [his name was spelled as Sopar on their marriage record]. I would appreciate any help. Nancy

September 26, 2001
Jessica Logan <rnrlogan@adelphia.com>
I'm trying to find out who was the captain of the Suffolk County, N. Y. milita in 1775

September 25, 2001
Jacqueline <isobarbaraharris1944@yahoo.com>
ISO Barbara Harris born in 1944. She is 1 of 9 siblings. She lived in NY from 1965 - ? Please forward to any Harris families. Thanks,
Jacqueline isobarbaraharris1944@yahoo.com

September 24, 2001
Gwen <GMoreySOI@aol.com>
Does anyone have information on Sanford Ellis Smith born 19 Aug 1858, maybe in Brookhaven. He married Ella Davis and lived in Stonybrook, but that's all I know. Thanks for any help.

September 23, 2001
Bruce Danz <BruceDanz@aol.com>

I am seeking information on Arnold Perkins Danz b1888 d1957, Arnold married Elizabeth Nisbet b1887 d1978

They were married in 1910 in Rome, Oneida, NY

Both are buried in Southold, Long Island, NY together in a family plot along with John Danz b1863 d1897, Julia Anna Lemmer Danz (wife of John) b1857 d1943, Elias D. Perkins d1868, Deziah G. Perkins (wife of Elias) d1891, Nellie Danz Mitchell b1892 d1961 and Elizabeth Lemmer b1859 d1924.

Any information on the above individuals would be greatly appreciated, this is my brick wall and I am trying to make the Perkins-Danz connection, willing to share whatever information I have, mostly descendants of Arnold & Elizabeth and quite a bit of Elizabeth's lineage.

September 22, 2001
Elaine Friedman Nugent <enugent12128@webtvnet>
My stepmother Beatrice Eldridge was born in Good Ground, now called Hampton Bays!..She was born circa 1898...My father was Nathan Friedman..

September 22, 2001
G. FITTON <gfitton@impluse.net.au>
Bendigo Victoria australia
Looking for information on HOEFNER and KOPF
last know address was 115 Atlantic Ave Oceanside
they are my grand parents

September 21, 2001
Lucille MacNaughton <macnaughl001@hawaii.rr.com>
Does anyone out there know of any book or publication which gives a genealogy beyone the first two or three generations for Richard Brown of Southold, 1650, m. Dorothy or Hannah King. I have seen works which contain the first two or three generations but need something that goes further by a generation or two and might also contain any information on any of his siblings. If anyone has or knows of any material on this family would they notify us here.

September 21, 2001
Dottie West <walk-ins@juno.com>
Looking for information on Julia M. Wickham b. 11 June 1789 Long Island, NY and d. 27 Apr. 1852. She m. 24 Sept. 1807 Jessee Janes. He d. in Pembroke, Genessee Co., NY. Do not know where she died. Does anyone out there know of Julia Wickham?

September 21, 2001
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
i AM TRYING TO TRACK DOWN THE FAMILIES OF PRESERVED FIELD & RICHARD M WOOD.P.Field was in the Rev. War but don't think R.Wood was born until 1820?.Lydia Field & Henry Wood became my gr-greatgrandparents. Any help would be much appreciated. Barbi

September 19, 2001
Lillian Arends <tug@netcnct.net>
Does anyone know how Charles Arends born in Fulton County Illinois ended up in the Long Island New york CD? I'm doing genealogy on this family and would appreciate any info. Thank you very much

Lillian Arends

September 16, 2001
Judy Woody <mjwoody@sky1.net>

September 15, 2001
Michael Hofmann <kidsdr3@hotmail.com>

September 15, 2001
Stephanie <steph@bushnell.net>
Looking for Samuel Wells b. abt. 1780 d. 1832.He married Sara May b. 1788 d. 1873 in PA. I've been told that Samuel came from Southhold Long Island. He lived in Susquehanna Co. PA and died there.

September 14, 2001
joelle VENGUD <joelle.vengud@worldonline.fr>
I saw in " Ship Building in Setauket " : " he had been six ships under construction at the same time , one by Joseph Wells in Vingut's Cove on the west side of the harbor..."
Any information about Vingut ? I' ll appreciate
joelle from France

September 08, 2001
Dorothy <jhair123@gte.net>
Seeking info on Louise Ergens SCHULTES, wife of Martin F. SCHULTES. Lived in Kings Point, Great Neck, LI around 1940's -1960's. Martin died in March 1951. His funeral service was held at All Saints Episcopal Church, in Great Neck. I cannot find the address of this church. Does anyone know if the church is still there and if they have a church cemetery. I would appreciate any info where I can contact the church or cemetery to see where they are buried. I need birth and death date of my aunt, Louise Schultes. Many thanks to anyone that can provice information. Dorothy

September 08, 2001
Doug Fletcher <dfletche@optonline.net>
Ichabod B. MEEKER arrived from NJ in Smithtown LI about 1835.Mostly we wish to discover what is his middle name. Would welcome any info about the two LI boatmen (NEWTON, YOUNG) his daughters married

September 08, 2001

September 07, 2001
Nina Robertson/Havins <ninaer@yahoo.com>
Am looking for Daniel Horton b.1798 or 99 in New York.
Married Rebecca ? Had daughter Elizabeth C. b.11/12/1828 who married John Robertson of ILL

September 07, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Any suggestions greatly appreciated, how to locate French immigrants to New York 1880's. I have received negative results from the regional archives in NY.

September 07, 2001
Iris Beecher Smith <reylee@bellsouth.net>
William Robert Beecher born September 1829, married Mary Rebecca Smart 1882, Beaufort County, SC. Death date and place unknown. Family lore is that william was a ships captain.

September 07, 2001
Barbara Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
I am trying to find the family of Henry Kirkland Wood b.jan 28 1842. He was married to Lydia W Field. They lived in Cutchoque,LI. I would appreciate any info anyone has- Thanks, Barbi

September 05, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
O'Brien family/Quogue, LI, NY/1900. Thank you in advance for any help in locating members of the above family who show up in the 1900 US census at the above location. Parents were Patrick and Elli who arrived in this country in 1885. Children were John 1886, Mary 1888 and Josephine 1890.

September 05, 2001
Debbie St.Germain <gaia11@home.com>
I am looking for information on the name Donley. Edith Donley, born 1894, Farmington perhaps; Parents were Charles Donley(b 1847) and Josephine Bolton(b 1859). Josephine's parents were Thomas Bolton and Phebe Willmouth. If you have any of these names in your line, please email me. I am also looking for any information on a James Scott(b 1857), married to Phebe Loper(B 1853), From Amagansett area.

September 04, 2001
Melanie Eddy <maeddychar@aol.com>
Looking for information for TOWNSEND/TAYLOR/PILGRIM/SHAWS. Believe to have been in the New York/New Jersey area but can't find connections
yet. I have dates, but limited info on places. One story is that my gr-gr-grandmother, Hannah Oosterhoudt
wanted to move to Long Island but have no facts to prove yet. Any help? THANKS!

September 04, 2001
Lois Pondolfino <cherokee13825@yahoo.com>
I'm looking for my biological father Michael Gallo last known address was in the 1970's in Riverhead. I was born in Mather Hospital in August 1962. Can anyone help me with this please e-mail me at cherokee13825@yahoo.com thanks

September 02, 2001
T Fullam <thetribe@catskill.net>
I am looking for the lineage of a Vernon venners and Alice venners. My mother was born Dorothy Venners and there were three other siblings a Blanche an Alice who may be in texas A vernon Venners jr Vernon passed away in las vegas nevada and Blanche who was married to a gill passed away also. Alice's fate is unknown. Dorothy passed away april 14th 1983 vernon 1977 thereabouts and Blanche in the sixties. I am trying to find my mothers and also my own lineage. My mother was given away in adoption as so was Blanche and Alice and vernon. Vernon had to be born in the very early 1900's or before Alice most likely 1910 maybe before give or take 4 years or so. I have found a grave of a one Vernon Shaw Venners in Long island cemetary. his birthdate is in the realm of the Vernon I am looking for. My mother was adopted by the klavers. A recent hint by someone who's e mail I sent further questions to did not respond but he said that the Vernon I am looking for was indeed the same vernon in the grave at Long island cemetary. Can anyone shine any light on this lineage. I only know their names and would like to know more.

September 01, 2001
Maria A. Hessman <Cashelmare@aol.com>
Hello, I am looking for anyone who is also researching or can add info to the genealogy of John Weekes and Ruth Baker,Quakers. They married in Dec. 29, 1779. Ruth was the daughter of Samuel Baker and Maryanne Palmer of Long Island. John was the son of John Weekes Sr. of Sommestown and before that Oyster Bay, LI. My information comes from a family bible. Is there anyone who recognizes these names and can connect John Weekes to the other Weekes of LI. Thank you. Maria

September 01, 2001
Danny Mc Laughlin <aileach@irishnation.com>
Seeking information on Florence Mc Namara,b.Belfast, Ireland 1940s/50s. Living in Long Island 1968. Married name unknown. Husbands name Jim, and children are : -
Alice Marie,b.1968,Long Island; Bert,b.1970,and Jimmy JR., B.1978. Any information gratefully received.

September 01, 2001
AMELIA MEIRING <ruach@webmail.co.za>
Seeking info on the surname "Aarloo or Arloe".


August 31, 2001
charles r. boyd <boydsnw@centurytel.net>
looking for info on William John O'keefe and Anna Vossler babalon area 1850-1890

August 31, 2001
Robert Combs <w2b2i4nb@coastalnet.com>
My Lupton and Combs ancestors intermarried with the Raynors on Long Island.
I have recently been told that a Mrs. Lowery did an exhaustive research for the
Raynor Family. I would like very much to contact the Raynor Family Association
that has Mrs. Lowery's work, with the object of obtaining a copy of it, or ascertaining
if it has been published. Robert J. Combs, JD in North Carolina

August 31, 2001

August 30, 2001
Sheila Pannitti <sj.pannitt@verizon.net>
Sarah Elizabeth Pilkington was born in Farmingdale, LI, New York on approximately April 11, 1883 to parents of Henry Pilkington and Mary Elizabeth Cullmann. Have been unable to find a birth record of any kind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

August 30, 2001
Bob Raynor <boray51@hotmail.com>
Seeking information on Descendants of Walter Raynor s/o Alanson Raynor s/o Daniel Raynor b 1791. Please any descendant of Walter or knowledge of his descendants contact me.

August 29, 2001
Aurelia Brooks <a.r.brooks@worldnet.att.net>
I would like to request a look-up for a family that lived in the Greenlawn,Long Island area 1890 - 1920>.
Mary Cavenaugh and her daughter Minnie Ellis. Mary is my ggrand-aunt. The family lost touch but knew that they lived in Greenlawn part of the time period listed above. Hoping to find any descendents from the family.Mary's middle initial will be either F. or H.

Thanks to anyone who will check directories, etc...


August 28, 2001
V. Walker <vicwad_2000@yahoo.com>
Looking for information on Edward Paul Kelly & Mary Grennan Kelly (first wife) about 1880 to 1900 -- Sag Harbor, L.I., N.Y.. They were the parents of my grandmother, Mary Kelly Swezey b 1896 d 1972.

August 27, 2001
Victoria C. Hoagland <hoaglandv4314@msn.com>
seeking to confirm burial PARKER NORTON, son of Charles
Benjamin NORTON, Brevet Brig. Gen. (1865),Union Vol., Am. Civil War:B.1825, CT;D. 1891.Parker should be in PLAINLAWN Cem, Hicksville, LI,NY. He died 30 Sept 1909

August 27, 2001
E Craft <pichardo@aol.com>
Looking for descendants of Nassau County, Long Island CRAFT and PETTIT families. Have lots of info, looking to connect some info. Also heading a restoration of the Lawrence Cemetery, Lawrence, NY. Anyone?

August 26, 2001
Carolyn Nygren Curran <cncpots@adelphia.net>
Looking for parents and grandparents of William Woodhull Sammis of Huntington. He was married to Louisa Baylis in 1870. Thank you in advance.

August 25, 2001
Randy Hicck <pasolargo@hotmail.com>

August 24, 2001
C Grostick <grostickc1@aol.com>
Looking for information on Parshall Howell who was born in New York on March 23, 1788, moved to New Jersey and then to Michigan. He was married on September 2, 1810 to Elizabeth Horton. From what I can see his parents were Parshall Howell and Charity Mather. Have seen several published accounts, but am looking for proof. Willing to share information.

August 24, 2001
barbara starkey-pollard <starkey@la-tierra.com>
seeking info about thomas stockford and elizabeth de mott......i know descendants....need parents and pedigree of.....i believe they wre also loyalists...thanx

August 23, 2001
Barbi Tomko <ptomko@accessus.net>
I have been researching the Field family of Southold
(Cutchoque). I have found some info containing the name Harriet Van Ranst. Would anyone be able to tell me who she was and where she came from? Thanks B

August 23, 2001
Patty Blanton <bobpjbad@mindspring.com>
I am searching for any information about my GGGgrandparents, Eliance MILLER and Elizabeth BEDDELL. I believe they lived in Hempstead. I have nothing but their names from the Death Certificate of their son, William B. Miller, b. 1833, d. 1917.

Thank-you for any help you can give me.
Patty Blanton
Pittsboro, NC

August 22, 2001
Doug Mullins <dlmullins6@aol.com>
Looking for info on Charles Thon died Feb 1922, married to Lorreta Geiss and was a Brooklyn Police Officer

August 22, 2001
Anne Goddard <cbbeckre@sover.net>
Am interested in purchasing "The Southold Town Records" Vol. I, II and III. Please contact me if you know how or where I could do this.

August 21, 2001
Alannah Mackay <mackayl@wvi,com>
I am looking for any information on my gggrandfather SAMUEL BOYLE.His wife Mary Ann died in Dec. 1887 and is buried at the Smithtown Landing Methodist Cemetery.They lived in the Hauppague, Smithtown Landing area from around 1883-1888. After Mary Ann's death,there is no trace of Samuel. They had 3 children: Agnes Clara, John (My ggrandfather) and Thomas. I do know that Agnes lived in Salem, NY and John in first the Hauppague area and then in Central Islip. As for Thomas, I have no info.
I know I must have some cousins out there as the Boyle family was large and all are on Long Island. I am out here "in the wilds of Oregon" trying to make a connection. Please help!!!

August 21, 2001
Ginger Young <gingerkyoung@hotmail.com>
Trying to help a friend locate Jeryl Clifford McKinney SR and JR. They are part of the the LI Genealogy tree and there is additonal information that should be added.

August 21, 2001
Bill Goldstein <WGOLDST135@aol.com>
Does anyone have the parents of William Masten living in Delaware in the early 1700's? He supposedly was the son of Cornelius Masten, who in turn, was the son of John Masten of Long Island. I can be reached directly at WGOLDST135@aol.com.

August 21, 2001
joanne toth <joje3@aol.com>
I am looking for information on the Johnson family, from Hempstead LI, early to mid 1900's. And earlier. My grandmother Grace Conway married Clarence Johnson, s/o Sylvanus Johnson. Need info. about the rest of the Johnsons, I know nothing about them.

August 20, 2001
Pat Anibal <john.anibal@gte.net>
BRUSH-CORNISH. Abraham Cornish born 1773. Married by a presbyterian minister To Keziah Brush in Newtown LI Nov,23.1799. ( See vol 42 p. 56 New York GenealogicalRecord) He served in the war of 1812. He died at the home of his granddaughter MArgaret Smith who lived on Perin St Fairport (NY) when he was 100yrs & 20 days old. Keziah Brush was born in 1766, d . May 10, 1842. Fairport (NY) ( I quote from a genealogy done in 1928 By Delphine Hanna )Can anyone help me find the families of Cornish and Brush?

August 20, 2001
Carol Wallace <carw2sq@aol.com>
I am looking for an article printed in ther 5th Avenue Coach Line Newsletter about my grandfather, Thomas Tyrrell. Does anyone know where copies of these newsletter would be found.

August 20, 2001
Sue Storck <pied14@aol.com>
Looking for information on Grace Buchanan Van Velsor, married to Elijah Van Velsor

August 20, 2001
Joe Markovich <joe_markovich@emcorgroup.com>
I am seeking to find the exact burial place or any information on:
John L. Cort, b. 1860? the son of a Newark, New Jersey minister, d. 11-18-1929 in Stamford, Connecticut and was buried in Middle Village, Long Island.
John L. Cort was one of the six founders of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (initially the "Order of Good hings") and the first Grand Aerie President.
He was half of a vaudeville act "Cort and Murphy". Then he owned a chain of vaudeville houses. He also became a prominent theatre owner/producer.
The Cort Theatre on Broadway in Manhattan, New York, New York was built for him in 1912.
He also served as president of the National Theatre Owners Association.

Thank you, in advance, for any help.

Joe Markovich
Connecticut State Secretary
Fraternal Order of Eagles

August 19, 2001
Paul Bruce <ppers@aol.com>
I'm looking for any information on Ella BELL, b. 1866 in New York. She married William BRUSH of Long Island, New York.I have info on the BRUSH line, but nothing more on the BELL line. Thanks for the help. Paul

August 19, 2001
Jean Spicker <putergal12@aol.com>
I am looking for information on HANNAH DIXON ROCKWELL (my g g grandmother) or SAMUEL HULSE, born about 1804, who married Susan ? She is possibly Hannah's daughter. They came from CT, but are all living together in Patchogue by 1860 according to the census.

Hannah states she was married twice, so I don't know if she was married to a DIXON, or if that was her maiden name. Any info would be very much appreciated.

August 19, 2001
Laura <mackinac@htdconnect.com>
CHICHESTER - Looking for any information on the parents of a Daniel L. Chichester b. 1851, Long Island, d. 1882, Oakland County, MI. His parents might be William Chichester & Cornelia Vanderborgat, but that's not confirmed.

Daniel has no death record on file and I need a lead to his parents.

August 19, 2001
Sue <Sue0248@msn.com>
I am looking for any information on my GGGrandfather, Henry Hendrickson. He was married to Catherine Sprague in Oyster Bay, 1839. They had a son Charles who was born in Cold Spring Harbor in 1845.
Thank you,

August 17, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Thank you in advance for any information regarding this request. Does anyone know if there was a town, village, hamlet called NEWTON on Long Island in the 1600's?

August 16, 2001
Peter Ejewall <peter.ejewall@ub.uu.se>
I am looking for information about my g g grandfather Konrad Lindmark who ended his days at the Suffolk County Home, Yaphank. He was from Sweden. Thank you.

August 16, 2001
Terry <terry.bengeo@btinternet.com>
I'm trying to find info from the 1910/20 census Bronx 374 East 135th Street. Looking for my Grandad's sister Anne Diamond, born 1872, near Foxford, Co Mayo. She may even go under the name of Anne Irving (as she has a boy shown with that surname on passenger lists). Any hep would be wondrful.
Many thanks

August 15, 2001
Dee Morrone <dee@alaska.net>
I am looking for information about the Williams family. My ggg grandfather was William Williams who married Phoebe Seaman. They had a son William Henry Williams, who was my gg grandfather. Does anyone have any information about this Williams family? Thank you.

August 13, 2001
j richmond <richmondranch@ocweb.com>
SCHUYLER, Mary Elizabeth, born 4 June 1816 Oyster Bay, Queens Co. m. Alonzo Morris Merwin. 1837, NY. Mary E. mother's maiden name was SCHENK, SHENK, SHENCK. Need parents full names to trace further.

August 13, 2001
Linda Haynes Hardy <lhhardy@attglobal.net>
Looking for any info regarding James Haines who came from England to Salem in1637 then to Southhold around 1641. I am a direct descendat. Thank you, Linda Hardy

August 12, 2001
Karen Gauvin (formerly Karen Theisen) <kgauvin@optonline.net>
Looking for my aunt who was a resident of Greenport (or nearby area) in 1965. My mother, who was living in the mid-west at the time, lived with her in Greenport and gave birth to me on March 9, 1965. Have been hoping for any information for many years. Thank you!

August 11, 2001
Pat Jaquay <hcpaj@aol.com>
Looking for Stephen Seaman WRIGHT, may have resided with relative Elias NELSON in Blue Point or BayShore during the late 1880's. Any help appreciated.

August 11, 2001
NANCY WITZGALL <witzgall@earthlink.net>
Looking for info on WILLIAM DOUGHTY born
12-19-1807 died 11-18-1885 married to
ELIZA COMBS born abt.1810 in the LONG ISLAND
and NEW YORK area also willing to share any info
I have on the DOUGHTY'S............THANK YOU

August 10, 2001
Danny Mc Laughlin <aileach@btinternet.com>
Seeking information on Florence Mc Namara, born Belfast, Ireland, 1940's. Arrived in Long Island during the 1960's. Husbands name Jim, surname unknown. Children, all born Long Island are, Alice b.1969, Bert b.1970,and Jimmy Jnr.b.1978. Photographs available.

August 09, 2001
Elaine Campbell <ehcampbell@sybercom.net>
WRIGHT: Looking for information on Daniel Wright Born July 4, 1798 Queens, Long Island, New York. Married: Mary unknown last name. They had at least one daughter Sarah Born: 27 Sept 1820 who married 22 Feb. 1844 Abraham "Abram" Gabriel Guion of Rye, Westchester, New York.

August 09, 2001
susan belyea <RbelyeaA@shentel.net>
I am very interested in corresponding with someone who has inf. on the VALENTINE family of Hempstead. I am trying to find the lineage of George VALENTINE born in1803 in Hempstead.Susan

August 09, 2001
June Wardell Mason <masonjun@norwich.net>
Seeking ancestry of Mary Elizabeth Wick(e)s, born 1830/31 (censuses give birthplace only as "N.Y."), married between 1849 and 1850 to John Wardell. Lived in New York City,,had children Josephine Elizabeth (1851-1912)(marr.Jensen); Adelaide Eudora ( 1853-bet.1880-1884); William Henry (1855-1903, married Gertrude DeGroff); and possibly Romaine Hudson in 1857.
Mary Elizabeth (Wick[e]s)Wardell died at age 29+ in 1860 of tuberculosis and is buried in GreenWood Cemetery,Brooklyn. She may have had a sister Hannah, born about 1836. Delighted for any clue!

August 08, 2001
Eileen <frngdwlr@mhtc.net>
seek any references to Thomas Eaton, of Suffolk Co. NY(1777-1859) in any Long Is. or Family records between 1777-1810. Attempting to establish birthplace of first 4 children and maiden name of his wife, Phebe.Thank you. Eileen

August 07, 2001
dean l eddy

August 06, 2001
maxine boyce buckman <nutmeg272@netzero.net>
Any information on the HAMMOND and DAVIS families in early Long Island history would be greatly apperciated. Also, I may have other postings on this site but my e-mail address is changed! and may be again!

August 05, 2001
Jan Balsinger <ttmyghum@aol.com>
I'm looking for information about where I can find the grave site of Barnabas Horton, Southold, LI Horton Point/Horton Point Lighthouse. Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks!

August 04, 2001
Bob Tuthill <RET823@aol.com>
I am trying to find information on Willis Wickham Tuthill and his wife Jennie(Curry)Tuthill. Willis was born in Mattituck, NY on 8/20/1862; Jennie b.3/16/1868. They were married on 3/30/1887 in NY city. He was the son of Seth Wickham Tuthill(b.1834) of Mattituck. He lived most of his life in a house(old Corwin house built in 1763) on Main Road in Mattituck across the street from Ira Tuthill's house which is now the Mattituck Historical Society. They may have moved up Island in their later years to live with their daughther May Emily(Tuthill)Huber[1894-1965] in New Hyde Park, NY. I have been unable to find out when and where the died. Any information on these two would be greatly appreciated

August 04, 2001
VALERIE BARR <valrosebud62@yahoo.com>

August 04, 2001
VALERIE BARR <valrosebud62@yahoo.com>

August 04, 2001
Barbara Ward <bobandbarbara1@juno.com>
Searching for Abbott family. James, m. 23 Aug 1798 to Charlotte Evens, migrated to IN; d. 1836. Any help would be appreciate very much!

August 03, 2001
Mallory Leoniak <MalloryLeoniak@netscape.net>
We just got a computer in the office. Now the Historian's Office has an email address:townhistorian@brookhaven.org. I will be working on some of the information from the office that you might post on your site, as much as I can. I also have at least one addition to make--will send that next week.

Your website seems to be going great, I'm glad. Will emila you next week.


August 03, 2001
MORRIS,GLENDA OF LEE CO.KEOKEE,VA. <ormondlady@msn.com>
HATON MORRIS,SR.BORN BEFORE 1745 montgomery co.nc. looking for info re. his father;perhaps a Thomas Morris from Wales.need ship or port of entry. pls.e-mail me if you have info.

August 03, 2001
glendamorris <ormondlady@msn.com>
looking for haton morris,sr.from montgomery county nc born before 1743. perhaps father named thomas morris came from wales. dont know location in wales or port of entry. pls e-mail me if you have info. thx

August 03, 2001
Dorothy <trouble4u@rocketmail.com>
Hurlbert, Julia Louise m 10 Jun 1943 to Donald Lee Landrum at The Univeralist? Church in Floral Park NY. by Rev.
John Z? Wood, witness by Bertha and Louis Hurlbert

Julia Parents were Bertha and Louis Herlbert.
Louis Herlbert was the owner of a construction co. so I have been told.

Julia gave birth to Donald Lee Landrum Jr. 10 May 194? and then again to unk male before 1949. At the time of the
divorce Julia had cousty of the unk male child and my half brother went with my father Donald Lee Landrum Sr.

As Of Feb 1949 My brother was born to Donald Lee Sr. and Ethel (Means) Landrum.

My brother is looking for more information on his mother and brother. His Brothers name might be Robert Louis

Thank You


August 02, 2001
Lissette Villarrubia <lvc_6@hotmail.com>
I want to know where to write and the fees to get a Birth Certification of a person who was born in Brentwood, Long Island...Urgent!!!
Thank You...

August 02, 2001
Robert M. Henderson <76572.2524@compuserve.com>
In researching my wife's VALENTINE ancestors, I came across this website. Her family tree has many Long Island associations, including HALSEY, LINDSLEY, and TOWNSEND. I am most interested at present in the TOWNSEND connection. According to my information, Joseph Manson VALENTINE married Julia TOWNSEND about 1855 (I have a copy of a letter written by Julia's father dated 16 March 1853, addressed to Mr. Joseph VALENTINE giving his blessing to the marriage of his daughter. However, in the family sheet of John TOWNSEND (1786 - ?) on this site, the name of Julia's husband is given as James M. VALENTINE. Included in the children of John TOWNSEND and Maria DURELL is also Sarah TOWNSEND who married M. P. DAYTON. From several sources I have found that my wife's great-grandfather, Joseph Henry VALENTINE and Frank DAYTON, son of Miln P. DAYTON and Sarah F. TOWNSEND were cousins and roomed together for a time in Portland, OR as shown on the 1880 Federal Census. Obituaries of both men confirm their parentage and relationship.
What I don't have is the date and place of the marriage of Joseph Manson VALENTINE and Julia TOWNSEND, although I know the couple eventually settled in Morrisania, NY where Joseph Henry VALENTINE was born in 1856.
Joseph Henry VALENTINE married Blandina Felicia LINDSLEY, b. 6 Mar 1858, Salem, NY, in Portland, OR. in 1883. They had two children in OR and removed to Stafford Springs, CT ca. 1895. Blandina's father was the Rev. Dr. Aaron Ladner LINDSLEY (1817 - 1891), descendant of Francis LINDSLEY and Thomas HALSEY, early settlers of Long Island.

Any information regarding the date and place of marriage of Joseph Manson VALENTINE and Julia TOWNSEND would be much appreciated.
Bob Henderson

July 31, 2001
Dorothy Tredwell <Dtredwell@yahoo.com>
Am interested in surname- Tredwell from Long Island,
especially a william B-1803 and a Harriet b-1854.
Please contact me if you have info on either one.
Thank you.

July 29, 2001
peter reeve hendrickson <peterreeve@webtv.net>
Would anyone know parentage or children of a Treadwell Hendrickson? He lived in Northport,Oysterbay and Queens.He lived to be 94, was born late 1700 and had a few wives .Any information would help.

July 29, 2001
Fullam <Thetribe@catskill.net>
in my previouse searches I may have had the wrong town and some of the family I have found and they had moved to arizona. The brothers were George Fullam Joseph Fullam his wife was margaret James""Jimmy"" Fullam John ""Jack"" Fullam Edward ""Eddie"" Fullam David Fullam His wife was Marta Thomas C Fullam his wifes name was Jane and a sister Betty her Husband was George Trama. Joseph's wife was margaret boot and they had a son his name was Robert Joseph Fullam he married a enid Neeb and they moved to Arizona and had children
Thomas and Jane would move also to Arizona on or about 1966 they also have children who are living on the island Thomas C passed away in oct 1986 and Jane passed away march 2001. JOseph francis Fullam and Margaret also had moved to Arizona where both passed away Josephs final address was yuma Arizona. Robert Joseph sr also has passed away three years ago Dec 1998
Margaret has also passed away Oct 1980 Joseph Francis after marriage had resided in Astoria queens and that is where Robert Joseph was born Robert Joseph also had a sister named Peggy no info on her. George K Fullam sr married a Dorothy Klaver and had two sons. They had resided at Brentwood and massapequa and queens ny. James Fullam had resided at lindenhurst but he hass passed away also July 1983 David Fullam I belive resided in west islip and his wife marta her status is unknown. He passed away april 1974 John ""Jack"" Fullam I believe resided in west islip also and he passed away in march 1977 wife unknown. Eddie where abouts unknown Betty Fullam Trama and her husband status unknown. George K dissappeared some 44 45 years ago never to be heard from again. Dorothy klaver passed away under her new married name of nagy and she passed away april 1983 her new husband also passed away Elmer nagy oct 1983. I am seeking to find the complete lineage beyond the brothers aforementioned I am looking to find their parents names and parents before that. which would be my grandparents and great grandparents. I have recieved some news of family ties from some family members which I have found. I also know that Thomas C Fullams children live on the Island currently and as far as I know are alive he had one son and four daughters. I will leave their names out at this time but I do know their names. Can anyone help me with this search to find the grandparents and great grandparents. The family does not seem to discuss anything with each other and relatives like me who they never have known they clam up sois there anyone who can enlighten me further.

July 28, 2001
MaryD <MaryDthatsme@cs.com>
Have you ever heard of the names Buhavac or Franny??
Can't find them anywhere.

July 28, 2001
Peggy <hgruenbauer@earthlink.net>
My maternal grandmother, Isabel McCoun Guilfoyle, was born in 1896 in Munson, Queens County (later Nassau). She was the daughter of George McCoun and Deborah
Jane Powell.

Deborah Jane was born in Farmingdale, NY in 1861 or 1862; her parents were Thomas Powell and Clarissa Rebecca Ketcham.

According to his death certificate, Thomas Powell was born in 1819 in Hempstead; he died in "Norwood" in March 25, 1891. His parents are listed as John and Catherine

I'd like to learn more about this line of Powells. I'd appreciate any help.

July 27, 2001
Carolyn Nygren Curran <cncpots@adelphia.net>
Am co-lateral descendent of Colonel Nathaniel Woodhull of Rev. War fame and would like info on lineage plus any info on his involvement in the French and Indian War. My mother's family came from Huntington, LI, and my primary source of info on family is a Conklin geneaology which does not include Nathaniel Woodhull.

July 27, 2001
Stacey <stacey382@delphi.com>
THRESHER and HEATH. Looking for anyone who would have know Mary Elizabeth THRESHER who lived in Brookhaven possible Manorville in 1900. She was a boarder of Robert HEATH.

July 27, 2001
Adrian Martyn <martyn@netaccess.ie>
Hi there. I'm looking for some long-lost cousions of mine in Long Island who go by the name of Hughes and Martyn. My Great-Great Grandaunt, Catherine Martyn (born about 1879) married her second cousion, John Hughes, in New York. She emigrated with her sister Mary, brothers Jamesy and Jack. Jamesy, my great-great grandfather, later returned to Ireland. Jack was killed on a construction site in N.Y. in 1922, and was unmarried. Mary married a Jewish bloke called Winn, who later deserted her. Their parents were John Martin (1842-1908) and Catherine Hughes (1850-1927). Mary's mother was John's first wife, Honor Finn (1838-1875). Both Catherine and Mary and believed to have died in Long Island about 1949.

In addition to this, there are descendants of John Martyn's father's half-brothers, Thomas and Larry Martyn, known to be living in Long Island, or at least somewhere in New York. I'm not entirely sure of their names just yet, but I will look them up if anyone contacts me. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Adrian Martyn

July 27, 2001
marge allman <locust811@msn.com>
search:ELIZABETH(ELISABETH)VOGEL born in Darmstadt germany in 1860, came to US in 1861 at age 11months with parents BALTHASAR and CATHERINE VOGEL. The family lived in Baltimore, Maryland. I understand she married and moved to NewYork, either Brooklyn or Queens. I do not know who she married and would love to talk to anyone who might have information on her. I am willing to share the information I have of her family in Baltimore. Thank you

July 26, 2001
Dell <askind@optusnet.com.au>
Looking for William Askin, born Northern Ireland died 1903 at Smithville, Long Island.Wife Ellen. Daughter Jane[ Jenny] Elizabeth[Tilly]and Margaret.Also in 1900 a grand-daughter Margaret McDermott. William in the shipping business?

July 26, 2001
mary Gray <magray@capecod.net>
Looking for information on Ada Susan Tyler born 1877 married Edward Clayton Connolly and died 1905 in New Britain Ct.

July 25, 2001
Roger D. Woodruff <roger.woodruff@tinker.af.mil>
Looking for information on James Payne Woodruff b. 1799/1800 Long Island,Ny. Father was reported to be a seaman and lost at sea just prior the the birth of James. Also James was supposed to have a brother John, rumor James/John's Mother married a Jessup after death of his Father. Any help appreciated.......Woody

July 24, 2001
Gwem Morey <GMoreySOI@aol.com>
I'm looking for the parents of John Ellis Smith born in 1831 and died in Brookhaven in 1912. He's my great grandfather,but I know nothing more about him. thanks for any help

July 24, 2001
mildred perrotta <Mmbny@aol.com>
I have been researching family looking for HEYM/WEIDENHAFT/RICHTER/MCGUIRE/BRAUN

July 24, 2001
F. Cleary <cleary@racc2000.com>
Looking for info. on LINDQUIST family of Long Island. Anna Gustafva Carlsdotter (b. 1 Mar 1862) came to US from Sweden in the late 1880s. She married Frank Lindquist, a Finnish man, and had two children: Roy and May (or Nancy). This is a "lost branch" of the family being searched for by relatives in Michigan and Sweden, and the names other than Anna's may not be accurate. Any help would be appreciated.

July 24, 2001
Pacifico Francesco <pacifico54@hotmail.com>
searching for Pacifico Francesco, Borrello Francesco, Borrello Maria Francesca, from S.Agata d'Esaro (CS) Italy

July 20, 2001
Franhk Kautsky <fKautsky@tampabay.rr.com>
searching on Haff families Christina Styntie, Laurens Juriance.
Meet Family1700's

July 19, 2001
Mary Butler <maryabutler@aol.com>
Is Ed's fishing station still there? I think it was around Freeport. Pls help!

July 19, 2001
Richard Albertson <tag@qconline.com>
Looking for info on John G Albertson and Hanna Yocum I think John's mother was a Doak or Doaks.They
lived in Columbia county Pa. I hope this will correct my e-mail address that was wrong in my last querie.
Becouse Im still at a brick wall.

July 18, 2001
I'm trying to help a friend find her birth parent or parents. She was adopted at the age of 3. She was told her mother had died around 1970 or 1971 at Smithtown General Hospital (which is now defunked).The where about of her father Ralph Howard and her mothers name was Jean Abel. She herself is very sick right now and needs to know her family medical backround. They lived in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, towns around Hauppauge,Commack and Smithtown. Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Some how her adoptive parents are related to her and know alot more then they are saying. Nothing! Please contact me if you know these people and have any info. JSDFOLL@AOL.COM

July 16, 2001
Gordon Brown <brown_gordon@hotmail.com>
Looking for the Surname of Schwaibold/Swibold from the 1850 to 1900.

July 15, 2001
Dell Bond <askind@optusnet.com.au>
Looking for information on William Askin, occupation shipping, lived Smithville, Long Island 1900. Died 1903.Irish, married, two daughters Jenny and Tilly.Born County Antrim, Ireland.

July 15, 2001
Camilla <cmlos@bellatlantic.net>
Lookimg for the gravesite of Michael Howard in or around Bridgehampton or Sag Harbor Long Island, NY. What I can tell you about Michael Howard is that he was probably Catholic. He may have been born about 1820 in Ireland or England according to the 1865 Suffolk County census. He lived in Brigehampton while married to his first wife Mary (last name unknown). They had children, - John, James, Helen, David and Michael. Sometime after 1865 Mary died. Michael remarried a Mary Flynn sometime before 1873. Mary Flynn's children, Edward, Thomas and Philip grew up in Sag Harbor. In 1893 Edward and Philip moved to Elgin Illinois. In 1903 Mary Flynn Howard and son Thomas Howard moved to Illinois as well.

We have a possible match in the 1880 census which would indicate that Michael was a farmer (although he is listed as age 49 which would make his birth date around 1830) and his children were all born in Bridgehampton. I have not been able to find on the 1900 census Mary Flynn Howard, her husband or her sons Philip, Thomas or Michael even though all indications are that they were living in Suffolk County NY in 1900.

Michael Howard most likely died after 1893 and before 1903 when Mary Flynn Howard moved to Illinois.

Any help regarding old Catholic churches in Bridgehampton or Sag Harbor area about 1850's - 1900 would be appreciated. Also, cemeteries in Brdgehampton or Sag Harbor in this time frame would be appreciated. Any suggestions on who to contact regarding marriage certificates, death certificates and possible obituaries would also be appreciated.

July 13, 2001
Bob Raynor <boray51@hotmail.com>
Searching Edward Raynor line and related surnames.

July 12, 2001
Diana L. Mohrhauser <dinamo@zianet.com>
Looking for information regarding the name of Hildebrant or Von Hildenbrand who may have entered the U.S..through Ellis Island from Germany

July 12, 2001
Michael John Mohrhauser <mikemo@zianet.com>
Looking for information on John A. Mohrhauser who may have entered the U.S. through Ellis Island from England

July 12, 2001
b j jones <reelokie@aol.com>
Looking for birth death records for Samuel Barnes, and son Gilbert Barnes, m. Eliz Hatfield.

July 11, 2001
Ken Spooner <knapphistory@spoonercentral.com>
Looking for any information on the following families of the Mastic's area from 1850 - 1950
Knapp, Tolfree, Lawrence all originaly held large pieces of land that eventualy became parts of Mastic Beach and Shirley

July 09, 2001
lisa jones <lmj9054@msn.com>
I am looking for any information on kathleen mae taylor,depson,dollinger miller.
Born 6aug1953 died 10sept1997,she was from long island (nassau county?)new york lived in texas and florida.
three children Doris Lisa Depson,Bruce Wayne Dollinger
and Timothy Joe Dollinger
I am Doris Lisa,the last time i saw my mother was in 1974
in Harris county texas.
She said that she and her second husband bruce and timothy were going to florida to find a place to live and would return in about three months.
before they returned the people me and my brother bruce were staying with moved to michigan,my long hair was chopped off and died from golden blonde to brown and we were given their last name.
any one that can help with information please do so i want to know about my mother and her family.
thank you . lisa.

July 09, 2001
Donna Cutcher <dubby88@cfl.rr.com>
I need some help from anyone living in the Farmingdale or Uniondale areas. I'm trying to get any information on my Fathers family. His name was Philip Bernard Stafford and he was born in Uniondale on March 13, 1924 to Edward Micheal Stafford and Grace Murrey Stafford. Grace passed on giving birth to my dad but she also had another son older then my dad named Edward. On my fathers application for his ssn it has a address of 40 Marion Street in Farmingdale which is the lady that raised my dad after his mother died. I remember this address because this is where I spent many a day growing up as a child. The lady that raised him was Cathine Schliecher this lady had three daughters of her own: Trudy,Lil, Flossy. I would love any information I can get on these people.
Both of my parents have passed on and I dont have any other links to my past. Please Help me if you know any of these people!!!

July 08, 2001
Frances D'Alseeio <fdalessio@msn.com>
Does anyone know where Molasses Gap is/was? An ancestor, on a day trip from CT., fell overboard and his body was found there a week later. Am just curious where it is. Thanks, in advance!

July 08, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Frazer, Amelia-1862-1915, subject resided in Patchogue, NY early 1900's. Originally from France, trying to locate the ship she arrived on in New York, 1888-89. Thank you.

July 08, 2001
Colin <cstev23@aol.com>
Reverend Luke Ruland-1731-1809- Thank you in advance for any information regarding what religion or church Reverend Luke Rowland served.

July 06, 2001
Rebecca Walch <walchfamily@qwest.net>
I am searching for information on a Loyalist named Morrell who left Long Island in 1783 and went to New Brunswick.

July 06, 2001
Barbi <p.r.tomko@worldnet.att.net>
I would love some info on Harriet Van Ranst Field - I just discovered her in a family book -she was around in 1900 but I have no clue as to which Field she married. The Fields lived in Southold apparently.Thanks

July 05, 2001
Yvette Nelson <ynel@idirect.com>
Seeking info for JOSEPH F.A. BLAIR, b 1863, Lawrence. Married KATIE E. KENT about 1895 Fermoy, Irelandm Landed Boston, 1891. moved to Stoneham, MA 1896 2 sons, 1 daughter. Possible brother Pierce Kent b 1878 Ireland

July 05, 2001
Marie Jurecki-Tiller <Phil_MarieTiller@compuserve.com>
Looking for any leads to the parents of Enos Tooker, b. May 1767 possibly in Orange Co., NY. Possibilities include John Tooker and Abigail Thompson's sons John, William, Anthony, Eliphalet, or Nathaniel (Enos had two sons named Eliphalet and Nathaniel), or Charles Tucker's sons Charles, John, Rueben, Joseph, or Phillip, who moved to Orange Co from Long Island. Any help gratefully appreciated - this has been a 15 year brick wall!

July 05, 2001
Wes Wistoft <wes.wistoft@mindspring.com>
Need any information on Cock/Cocks/Cox Family.
Especially, Charles Townsend Cock [Cox ] Sing Sing NY,
his wife,Camilla Baker, His father and mother Jacob Townsend cocks/ Ella Turner.Early 1900's late 1800's

July 04, 2001
Deb Hanowell <HtRdr1@aol.com>

Looking for these names in Long Island in 1800s

July 04, 2001
Linda Smith Gorham <usgorhams@juno.com>
Searching for information about ancestors, Isaiah Smith (b:1733/34) and Johanna Davis (b; abt. 1755),
both of Long Island.

July 02, 2001
Jean R. Rentmeister <JRent9835@aol.com>
Does anyone have information on Loyalist, Thomas White who served in the New York Volunteers and left Ny with his family on the Spring Fleet. He married Doratha Brass in Feb. 1761 at Hempstead, L.I. Any information would be helpful in this area.

July 02, 2001
Jean R. Rentmeister <JRent9835@AOL.COM>
very interesting items to look at and read - wish there was more

July 02, 2001
Andrea Weiler LaPorte <legends412@msn.com>
Looking for Weilers who would be related to my father Andrew Weiler, his parents are William and Florence Mays Weiler.I am doing a genealogy search any info would be helpful. thank-you andrea

July 01, 2001
Camilla Los <cmlos@bellatlantic.net>
Looking for information on FANNY FINCH. SHe was born in England about 1857. She came to Long Island Ny in 1892 with her Uncle Jonadab Finch and his family. Jonadab Finch and family settled in the Nassua County area (Hemstead area). Jonadab Finch and his family are listed as living in Hemstead on the 1900 NY census. Fanny is missing from the household. I suspect she may have married between 1892 - 1900. If anyone has a Fanny (Francis?) Finch in their family who might be this Fanny Finch, please contact me.


June 30, 2001
cam Meyer <cam2ken@gateway.net>
I am looking for information about my parents and grandparents who lived on Long Island. My father was
Henry Fred Meyer (1920-1975). My mother was Agnes Carolina Carlson (1921-1987). My father's
parents were Henry Meyer (1888-1967) and Hannah Waetje (1891-1969). My mother's parents were
Carl Werner Carlson (1885-1946) and Maria Mattson (1892-1958).

June 30, 2001
Pat Holler <patholler@home.com>
I am trying to find a connection to the Holler's on this site and my Joseph holler in N.C. He is supposed to have decended from one of the 4 original John's. Can you tell me how all the Holler's on this ssite connect? Pat Holler

June 29, 2001
RITA MACKAY <ritamackay@uworld.net>
Looking for information on our grandfather Tidore Kurhan married to Sally Kurhan formerly Sally Pluta
from Coledale Pennsylvannia. Tidore Kurhan born in
Europe possibly Austria on March 1, 1893. Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to obtain information. My grandfather died in a hospital in Islip Long Island. Please help.

June 29, 2001
Rena Harrison <rhharrison@yahoo.com>
Looking for information on my grandfather who died
May 1968 in a hospital in Islip. Tidore Kurhan
born 3/1/1893 #115-10-9182 SS I have been told he was born in Austria came to the US and lived in the Bronx on 125th st. then became ill and was put in a hospital in Islip Long Island. I would appreciate any help given. Thank you

June 26, 2001
bridiewoods <bridiewoods@hotmail.com>
http:// dont have one yet
looking for the surname duke from ireland to ellis island

June 26, 2001
Debi Cooney <tecooney@aol.com>
I'm looking for info on Peter Husted may have been born 1706. May have been married to Eunice Lyon. His Father is Moses Husted b.1659, mother is Suzanna Mead. Mose's father was Angell Husted, mother Rebecca Sherwood. Angells father was Robert Husted b.1596 mother Elizabeth. Roberts father was Lawrence Husted b.1545 mother Joanna Smith.Lawrence's father is John Husted b.1510. Would appreciate any info you can give me. Trying to find out if my info is correct. Thank you. Debi

June 26, 2001
Margaret J. Horton <jmhorton@skat.net>
I'm researching the name VANDERBECK. I'm trying to locate an Isaac Vanderbeck, wife Sarah, my great-grandparents. They were in Brooklyn in the 1850/1860 Isaac, it is told died in the Brooklyn shipyard, and Sarah died shortly thereafter, abt 1860. They had 3 children, Adeline, Isaac, and John, who after the parents died went to live in upstate New York, with the mothers relatives. I find it very hard to obtain information out of the state of New York... If someone could advice me as how to obtain birth certificates for the three children I would be so grateful... Thank you for any information or help. Margaret

June 25, 2001
Michael W Pettit <cigarswhiskey@aol.com>
Any information on Pettit immigrants 17?? would be appreciated

June 25, 2001
Carol Olive <Mom220804@aol.com>
PETERSON'S of Long Island 1700's through current
Any and all information needed

June 25, 2001
Pattiann Richards <pattbrd1@aol.com>
Maiden name Richards, born in Bay shore 1958

June 24, 2001
Eileen Morange <moranger@belmont-hill.org>
Request information on David Robinson of Brookhaven/Riverhead, LI, NY b 1768 possible marriage to Molly/Polly Tutthill (Yarrington) and their children Floyd Robinson b abt 1825 ny d 1894
Fredericksburg VA who married 22 Aug 1843 Aquebogue LI NY Mary L. Warner b abt 1824 d oct 1902 Fredericksburg VA( father David T 5, Daniel4,Nathaniel3,Daniel2,Andrew1); Bartlett Robinson who married Harmony Warner (sister of Mary)and moved to Southampton; and Bouker/Bowker Robinson d 29 Mar 1894 married Jemima ? d 13 Jun 1902 -both burried Manorville NY with sons John W. and Henry S. Thanks to anyone who can help.

June 24, 2001
Arthur W. Day <artday3@juno.com>
I have a lot of genealogy on the Everett families of Long Island,NY. Looking for more. Also related families. Starting with Richard Everett of Jamaica.

June 23, 2001
Julia Mayotte <julia_mayotte@yahoo.com>
WRIGHT, of Queens County, Long Island, prior to 1783, searching for information or direction.
Any help would be most appreciated.

June 22, 2001
Jockers Dockendorf <landn@starmail.com>
Looking for info on my maternal grandparents ,College Point. Amelia Dockendorf to Albert Jockers approx.
1905 to 1948. Children included Albert jockers, Miriam, Helen,Madeline, and Norman.

June 22, 2001
Dean L. Eddy RN <mrhotpepperrn@webtv.net>
decendants of Joseph & Hanna Carpenter of Musketo Cove. One of the "Five Proprietors of Musketo Plantations." Attaempting to find more info. on the area at that time (1660's on);and personal family info.

June 21, 2001
tracy horowitz <tah42@mediaone.net>
looking for ancestors of Benjamin and Hannah Horowitz.
their children were born in Brooklyn but some generations settled in Long Island.

June 19, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
[PHILLIPS] The Phillips Genealogy For 300 Years was written by James Phillips Hoyt July 28 1886 Newtown C.T. I am interested to know if any Long Island Phillips family besides ours has in their possession the original or a copy of it. A SPECIAL NOTE; IF YOUR FAMILY LINE DOES NOT HAVE IN THEIR POSSESSION THIS DOCUMENT OR A COPY OF IT, THEN THIS POST AND THE DOCUMENT IS OF NO VALUE TO YOU.

June 19, 2001
Richard Fulghum <RWFULGHUM@AOL.COM>
Looking for Information - Rev. Zacchariah Greene. What Demonination? in Stoney Brook 1801, Huntington South 1809, Setauket 1825-1826, Smithtown 1808, and 1814. Related to Caleb Smith Family Marriages. I think maybe Quaker but could be wrong. Help.

June 19, 2001
John Murphy <jmmurphy@washingtonnc.com>
Trying to identify a woman known only as Mrs. S. W. Bedell of West Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, Long Island in the 1910-1920 era. Who was she and who was her husband. Have found items previously owned by her and would like to see if she connects uip with our Bedells.

June 19, 2001
Leslie Austin Redling <lredling@hotmail.com>
I am trying to locate information on John Covert Austin born in 1862. His son (my Grandfather) Percy Covert Austin listed his place of birth as Amityville, LI on his WWI draft records. I can find no record of this birth or ANY information on my great-grandfather. Has anyone seen any information on the Austin family in the late 1800's in Long Island? I appreciate any help I can get.

June 16, 2001
Robert A. Badgley <rbad832654@earthlink.net>
I am Looking for information on a William Phillips who was Married to a Mary ? William Died in 1776 in Southampton or Quoque I have copy of his orginal will but have no clue as to his parents. have lots of info on his decendents if anyone interested.

June 16, 2001
dorothy liberti <dotliberti@yahoo.com>
Is anyone working on the horton's from patchogue. If so would you contact me.

June 16, 2001
penny austin <paus8@harborside.com>
Looking for Manwaring and Slusser marriage and arriage of Polhemius and Hunt families any and all help greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening and taking your time to listen. It's a busy world we live in today. till later Penny

June 16, 2001
Pat Button <patbutton@ozemail.com.au>
Looking for anyone with information on the SANDFORD family in the Jericho, Hicksville area in the mid 1800's.

June 15, 2001
Laura Harrison McBride <richwriter@starpower.net>
I am looking for information concerning the family surname Box; I think the family lived, after 1900 at least, near Port Washington. It is rumored that the family was there before the Revolutionary War. I will appreciate any information anyone can give me. Thanks.

June 15, 2001
Calvin Craig <wcoelho@email.msn.com>
looking for a John Craig, supposedly died in a whaling ship sinking. Whaler was based from Long Island. No name of ship or town it sailed from. oral family history says he served in War of 1812 and then went to Long Island to serve on a whaler. Looking to verify this info. with any help at all!!
Calvin Craig

June 13, 2001
Debbie <mistofdreams7@cs.com>
I am looking for anyone who know's anything about the last name Wuest. I know there were some that lived in the Bronx's, some possibly in Staten Island and Long Island. Any information would be appreciate in my family tree search.
Thank you

June 13, 2001
Chuck Havens <chuckhavens@earthlink.net>
My name is Charles Andrew Havens s/o Charles Thomas Havens (his brother is William, sister is Virginia)who is s/o Charles Ellsworth Havens. Charles Ellsworth Havens was married 2 times before he married Virginia Carr Blair, and I know he had at least 2 sons with each previous wife, one Charles, the other William. I know Charles Ellsworth Havens was in the Air Force and has lived in Boca Raton, FL and Biloxi, MS. If anyone can help me trace my fathers half-brothers and half-sisters, I would appreciate it.

June 12, 2001
Pamela Povey <robsam69@aol.com>
POVEY, Edward Alfred. He was my Great Grandfather, and came over from England. I have found him in the N.J. census, 1900. It gives his birth date as March 31, 1862. I also found him on the Ellis Island web site, and the birth date for him there, was March 31, 1873. The latter date is probably right. His first Wife, my Great Grandmother, was supposed to have been named Anna or Annie Bryne. She died, place unknown, somewhere between 1905 and 1907, we believe. She was from Ireland. He was supposed to have become a U.S. Citizen, in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1902. He moved to New York, Long Island,somewhere after 1914, we believe. He was supposed to have been hit and killed, by a vehicle, on March 24, 1956. His second Wife's name, was Mary Nalezynski Smith Seckler. They had four children together. George, Mary Merz/Mertz, Robert, and Francis Richard. I know where Francis Richard is, and he's still alive, but he doesn't know where his Father is buried. Would anyone please help me? I need to know where he is buried, and what the tombstone says, or if anyone will try and do a lookup of newspapers from 1956, for his death, or anything at all. I heard that his wife Mary, died about 1960. He worked at the Einson Freeman Company, a Lithographing business, as an elevator operator, until the Company moved to N.J. He also worked there, with a relative, named Charles Povey. No one knows who he was. The address that we knew he last lived at was 53.30-35th St Long Island City New York. From his first marriage, his first Son, was my Grandfather, Frederick George Povey, and he also had a Daughter, named Flora. Flora is 101 years old, and still lives in Long Island.I live in K.Y. and am trying to transcribe all the cemeteries that I can, here. I know that George had a Son, named George also, and Mary and Eddie Merz/Mertz had at least two children, Edward Jr. and Steven. Robert is supposed to have had a Daughter, named Barbara Povey Walters as well. ANY help, VERY much appreciated, thanks,

June 12, 2001
Marie O'Neill Kravette <Goodgrl53@aol.com>
I am trying to locate informaion on Camp Upton in yaphank LI NY. My grandfather Thomas O'neill was in the army and stationed there. Is there a list of soldiers names who served in WW1 and was there? Irving Berlin was there also.

June 11, 2001
Wayne Sturdevant <sturde1@ev1.net>
Looking for William Sturdevant/Sturdivant in Long Island during the 1600's. Probably around Southold
and maybe with a man named Thomas Benedict. Both men died in Norwalk, CT in the early 1700's
and both may have been born in Nottingham England.

Any help would be appreciated.

June 11, 2001
Maryann <gtaylor@grossgear.com>
Looking for any information on A.A. Housman of Island Home Farmm, Babylon, LI. Owned and raced horses.

June 09, 2001
Robert J. Combs <w2b2i4nb@coastalnet.com>
Correspondent wrote: Samuel of N.Y. Jailed at Kingston, N.Y., 1777, during War.
He said, "on way to visit Uncle at Long Island." Anyone know who this was, and
who his Family on Long Island was? I'm missing a Great-great-great-grandfather
at that time. Bob Combs in N.C. 252 447-7489 301 Trader St. Havelock, N.C. 28532

June 09, 2001
Bonnie <Bfrandall@AOL.com>
Researching both families. Judge John Garrison resided in Brooklyn b. 1764 at Gravesend and died 1831. He was buried under Sands Street Methodist Church. His son John Fletcher Garrison m. Sarah Capron and resided at 161 Washington St. in Brooklyn. Their daughter Sarah was the first wife of Samuel Warren Sneden b. 1815 NY, NY and died 1885 at home on Prospect Place. Samuel was president of Metropolitan Savings Bank in Brooklyn.

June 09, 2001
Kathy Rocker <krock321@aol.com>
Looking for any information on the Hagan family from late 1800's, early 1900's. Harry, sister Emma, brother Charles(?). They also had an Uncle Connie. I believe they lived in Harlem and then the Bronx.The family came to New York from Ireland through Australia. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Kathy Rocker

June 09, 2001
Donald L. Armstrong <DandyMame@aol.com>
Looking for Dunning family information for Long Island, or maybe Staten Island. Circa 1795-1800. Thanks

June 08, 2001
peter reeve hendrickson <peterreeve@webtv.net>
would like to know the parentage of Jesse Reeve b.1777 at Southhold m.Polly Parshall and had 10 children.They are my ggg grandparents.Daniel & Eliza Lane .David & Emily Megill,Franklyn & Louise Carbin are in my line.All and any help I would like to receive.

June 07, 2001
joanne <joje3@aol.com>
I am looking for information about the Conways who lived in Rockville Centre in 1900. I believe the fathers name was Daniel (although I had been told it was Isaac) His wife's name was Hannah (nee VanWickler), childrens names included Ruth, Charles , Grace, Bessie, Mamie. I'm actually looking for information on the father (Daniel? or Isaac?) and his family. He's my great grandfather. Thank you.

June 06, 2001
Gail Moore <burn@epix.net>
Looking for parents, family of Stephen Hopkins b. Aug 9, 1765 Long Island d. Jan 1 1822 Greenburg, Westchester Co. NY.
Also looking for parents and family of his wife Susan Lawrence. b. Dec 1 1766 Long Island, d. 1816, Westchester Co,
Greenburg, NY. The only son I have is Richard Lawrence Hopkins b. 1809 in Long Island, d. 1890 Westchester
Co, Greenburg, NY. Anyone with anything on this family please contact me. I've been looking for years.
my e-mail is burn@epix.net. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

June 06, 2001
Emily <emily.lyman@parks.nyc.gov>
I'm writing a historical sign for "Luke J. Lang Triangle," a sitting area in Queens named for a World War One casualty. ANyone have any information on him?

June 04, 2001
Roberta <bert334@hotmail.com>
Looking for any links to the Rider family. I have found Barnabas Rider, born abt. 1786....is this correct? Does anyone know any ancestors linked to him? Please email me.

June 04, 2001
Ralph H. Nye <rhandmenye@peoplepc.com>
Seeking information about parents of Christopher GOULD, reportedly born 1790 on Long Island to Unknown GOULD and Annie BROWN. Unknown GOULD apparently died about 1800 and mother and children moved to Albany, New York vicinity.

June 02, 2001
Eileen <frngdwlr@mhtc.net>
Need maiden name of ancestor PHEBE born 1775-1780 probably on Long.Is. possibly Suff Co. She married Thos Eaton ca 1802 and by 1810 they are found on NY Census in Orange County at Walkill and by 1820 at Ulysses in Tompkins County. The given names of their children were: Apollos, Nelson, Eliza, MaryAnn, Adaline, Harvey and Chauncey. Anyone researching Long Is. families have a Phebe that might be "my" Phebe?? Thanks for any clues or ideas. Eileen in WI

June 01, 2001
Stephanie Walker <walkersj1@excite.com>
Looking for information on descendants of James Hampton who was at Southampton, LI about 1652, possibly from Salem, MA - possibly Quaker. Any info appreciated.

June 01, 2001
Pat Keller <pat.kell@bigfoot.com>
I was using your list of New York State Historical Societies. Your phone n. for N.Y.State Hist.Assoc. in Cooperstown is wrong. It is (607)547-1478. Thanks for the list. Pat Keller

May 31, 2001
June Williams <junew928@yahoo.com>
Looking for Roseanne Savino (maiden name from Deer Park, West Islip, Ny area. Gave birth to a son approx 1976-1978. My husband is the biological father and desperately would like to know this boy.

May 31, 2001
joanne corso toth <joje3@aol.com>
I am looking for information on Isaac Conaway (Conway?) Jr. He married Hannah Van Wickler sometime in the late 1800's in Hempstead, they had about 8 children including Grace (who married Clarence Johnson), Mamie,. Bess, Charles, .

May 30, 2001
Ronald kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
HULSE [Brookhaven or Fireplace] David O Hulse 1777 1849 and Sarah Hallock 1790 1884, lived in Brookhaven Hamlet [Fireplace] They are buried with their children in a family cemetery on Fireplace Neck Road. I am interested in this family line for my research in the early beginnings of Brookhaven Hamlet or Fireplace as it was known until the late 1800's

May 29, 2001
Donna S. Henderson <jth1@bellsouth.net>
Looking for information on William Byrne and Elizabeth Sweeney. They married and had 5 children, James, Elizabeth, Margaret, Frances (Fran), Francis (Frank). At least part of the children were born in Woodside, Long Island. Can anyone help with this family? Thanks

May 29, 2001
Richard B. Hook <r.hook@ieee.org>
We are seeking the parents of Capt. Josiah Lupton, b. Bridghampton, NY 1729 Oct 21; appointed Capt. in the Suffolk County NY Militia 1773 Feb 16; m. Sarah (Sally)Fanning 1775 May 4; d. 1803 Apr 20 in Wading River, NY.

Would appreciate your thoughts and help in this regard?

Comments regarding your genealogy of Christopher Lupton of North Sea. He was born in England and arrived in Boston in 1630 with his father Thomas Lupton, (mother unknown). This family relocated quickly to Wethersfield, (Hartford) CT where Thomas and his spouse had a second son Thomas-2.

The family relocated to Branford, CT and from there, Christopher relocated to North Sea, LI, NY about 1654 and shortly thereafter married Lidiah. Your data on the WEB says that he married Abigail. I believe this is incorrect. While these two ladies were the daughters of Thurston Raynor, Lydia daughter of Thurston, by his first wife Elizabeth, (per Christopher's will) was the lady he married and who remained with him and alive till after his death and their production of seven children. After having 6 children, born in England, Thurston emigrated to Boston where he and his first wife Elizabeth had a 7th child. . Lidiah was their 6th child. Then Elizabeth died and Thurston married Martha Wood. Thurston and Martha had 5 more children of which one was Abigail.

This information is apparent from Thurston's will. Incidentally, The Raynor History by Stuart Payne Howell is incorrect as he attributes Abigail to be Christopher Lupton's wife and unfortunately this has been used by a couple of other authors predicated on Howell's statement. Thus leaving a confusion on the part of Thurston's wives and their children but his will I believe should be the deciding factor in this matter.

In Thurston's will, le leaves bequests to Martha Wood and all of his living children, one of which was Lydia. Someone (probably Howell) stated that Abigail's spouse was Christopher Lupton but she is presumed dead by 1667 because she was not mentioned in the will AND Lydia was mentioned for 10 pounds. These bequests were distributed in 1667 and Christopher was at the distribution and received the 10 pounds for his spouse Lydia.

I will be pleased to provide more specific information if you desire. This is contained in a short paper I wrote on the early Luptons in my quest for the parents of Capt. Josiah Lupton.

Now then, the children you attribute to Christopher Lupton are correct but there are five spouses that were omitted and I have their names if you are interested. In fact, if I can find the parents of Capt. Josiah Lupton I will be pleased to provide the descendants charts for the Luptons, Stanbroughs, Fannings, Smiths and Raynors and I believe these are correct as far as I have gone. The only "disconnect in these is at Capt. Josiah Lupton and I would like to get that corrected before distribution erroneous data.

With warm regards,
R. B. Hook

May 28, 2001
Carolyn B. Kenny <cbkenny@imagina.com>
My ancestor is Capt Josiah Lupton of Wading River, NY. I am looking for information about his parents and ancestors

May 28, 2001
Gail Breitbard <Gailbreitbard@aol.com>
Any help needed on background of David SWEEZY,born 1783 Suffolk Co,NY,served in War of 1812,died 1857 in Perry Co,Pa.,married Mary,daughter of Solomon BROWN & Catherine SMITH.

May 27, 2001

May 26, 2001
What about the Horton house on Hortons Lane My Grandfather Lyle Horton lived in that Horton House all his Life, I know I spent my summers there 60 years a go
E. J. Horton

May 26, 2001
michelle <macorn@hawknet.com.au>
abigail baker born1 june 1658 esthamtom daughter of thomas baker ans alice dayton

May 26, 2001
Donna Cutcher <dubby88@cfl.rr.com>
Looking for a family from Hemstead New York. The family name is Stafford. My fathers name was Philip and his fathers name was Edward. His mother passed away giving birth to my father so I dont know her name. My father had a brother also named Edward and he had two sons. If there is any information out there on this family would you please get in touch with me I would really love to find out anything. Thank You Donna

May 25, 2001
sussabel <sussabel@AOL.com>
Query - researching Ruland/Rowland, Nehemiah Hand, Adelaide and Anna Garrison (former owners of what is now Thompson House Museum), Sneden, Satterly - all of Setauket area on Long Island. Would like to exchange information with others researching same lines.

May 25, 2001
Charles W. Potter <betcha4442@aol.com>
Searching for the parents of Mary Mulford, b. 1732, Southampton, L.I.

May 25, 2001
Vincent Edward Summers <vsummers@nrao.edu>
Hi. I am interested in the family MARTIN that came from Antigua to the town of Hempstead and built
a house that is now the Rock Hall Museum. They were earlier from Surinam and from England and
before that from Ireland. If anyone has any information they can share -- especially documented data,
I would love to know about it, no matter how trivial. Also, I would be glad to share with you what I
have! This Martin surname was closely connected to other names in Antigua and maybe in England,
such as Yeamans, Byam, Fitzgerald, Wyke, Thomas, Fonblanque, and many, many others. We
are talking 1500's in Ireland to 1600's in England and 1700's in Antigua with later 1700's for Long
Island, New York.

Vince Summers

May 25, 2001
Margie Gard Gray <gardguru@hotmail.com>
Need birthdate, date desth, parentage for Elsabeth or Elizabeth Davis, married Daniel Gard 1737 Southold; lived Hanover, Morris Co. NJ.

May 24, 2001
David Butler <dbutler@wowconsulting.com>
Looking for any information on Hampton M Brown, who married a Harriett Davidson from NYC, was born in Long Island approx 1838 and had a daughter named Ella G. Brown who was born on 384 Dean St, Brooklyn. appx. 1868

May 23, 2001
Tycora <Tictoc0703@aol.cm>
I would like to know how many children were born in Massapequa, Long Island in the year 2000.

May 23, 2001
ron <tizz39@aol.com>
Hi I would like to know about GLENWOOD ROAD in East Flatbush could you tell me any information on that.

May 22, 2001
Bill Howard <billhoward2@erols.com>
Looking for information on William Barkuloo. Born about 1828 Brooklyn NY. First wife Elizabeth, second wife Maggie Anderson who had son Willie. Mother Maria Barkuloo.

May 22, 2001
Jennifer Campbell <mythwidow@hotmail.com>
I am looking for information on the Morrell family. They fled Long Island in 1786 for Canada. Prudence Morrell married Thaddeus Scribner

May 22, 2001
Toni Horodysky <usmm@tdl.com>
On our website American Merchant Marine at War www.usmm.org we have a list of 8,000 men and women held prisoner on the British prison ship Jersey in Wallabout Bay. Many were privateers, but there are others.

May 22, 2001
Edna Sue (Terry) Schulze <sschulze@sat.net>
I am looking for a connection between David Terry (of Halifax and Pittsylvania Co., VA, father of John H. Terry (of VA and AL) and Champness Terry of VA. Does anyone have any information on this family.

May 22, 2001
Elaine Scantlebury <keepit@weserv.net>
I am lookinf for info on Florence Searing Wells. She Died in Nassau County in 1945. Shse was married to William Wells. She is my Husband's Great Aunt. We are trying to find any info on her. I have a copy of her will probate, it was done here in Hamilton County, NY.
Does anyone know where she is buried??
Any info appreciated.Please e-mail me

May 22, 2001
Renee Rozsa <toritoo@home.com>
I`m looking for info on the children of Benjamin Hicks(1763-1819)and Rachel Willets.William or Joseph? William marriedRuth Jackson and had Edward Hicks, my grandmothers(Rosana Hicks) grandfather????

May 21, 2001
Jacqueline Bunnell~Ogden <j1029@webtv.net>
I am searching for Holmes VAN BRUNT who was a witness in a Judgement brought against my ggrandfather, William J. BUNNELL, in connection with Thomas HOLMES', Will in 1865 New York City. Thomas is my gggrandfather...and the VAN BRUNT'S may be related. Any information appreciated... Jackie

May 21, 2001
jim calista <jimcalista@aol.com>
address find

May 20, 2001
alma huttie <klatcher4u>
http:/huttie, seitz,hilker,kollenbaum
i would like information on the sur names hilker, huttie, seits schwartz. all lived in middle village, n.y.

May 19, 2001
BJ Kendrick <bjken2@home.com>
Can anyone connect Sarah Budd b. abt 1732 Cortlands Manor NY; m to Samuel Dusenberry, Jr to Joseph Budd b abt 1675 Rye, NY, m Sarah Underhill? Or how is Sarah connected to the Budd family?

May 19, 2001
Marie Elmen <Jelmen@Systec.com>
I am searching for my Schmidt/Schmitt relatives in the Brooklyn/L.I. area. My GGreat grandfather was Lewis (Louis) Schmidt who emigrated from Germany along with his wife Maria (Redig,Reddig, Redick) Schmidt, aroung
1879-80. They had two children Adam (from his first marriage) and Elizabeth with Maria. They had another daughter Catherine (my grandmother) and more sons, George, Joseph, Louis and William after they moved to the U.S.

Elizabeth married August Schmitt in l898/99in Bklyn. They had about ten children. Their names are Viola, Helen (Minnie) Albert, Ruth, May, Anna, Abbie, Joseph, Warren, Henry. Helen married a man named Schwabbe, May married Joseph Mc Namara, and Abbie married a Lloyd Hall. All of the children are dead now except Warren, I believe. I would like to hear from some grandchildren.

Lizzie died in l922 and August died in l934.

My grandmother Catherine, Married John Schroder and they had ten children also, Catherine (Mamie) Henry, William, Lottie, Tessie, Myrtle, Ethel, Elsie, Margaret, Helen.My mother was Myrtle and she married Charlie Rizzo. Aunt Mame married Frank Mir, Lottie married Bill Purdoski, Helen married Ed Drebing, margaret married Henry Stiedenrod Ethel married Salvatore (DUD) Villane.Elsie married Walter Siegenthaler.

My grandmother was born in Troy New York, where my ggrandparents owned a farm. When my grandmother was l0 or l2 she was sent to live with relatives in Bklyn because my grandfather Schmidt, lost his farm. He had been a gentleman farmer in Germany. They probably left their farm there because of the political unrest due to Bismark's decision to draft young men for the army and/or because they were Catholic, whom Bismark disliked.

I am trying to locate the town in Germany from which they came to further pursue our family history in Germany as well as here in the U.S. Grandma said we were related to the Krupp munitions family. She also said her family came from t
he town in Germany that had a large bridge destroyed during WWI. My knowledge of German history is limited so if anyone can come up with the name of that bridge (It was mentioned in the newspaper at that time), I would appreciate it.

May 19, 2001
Marie Eelmen <Jelmen@Systec.com>
I am searching for my Schmidt/Schmitt relatives in the Brooklyn/L.I. area. My GGreat grandfather was Lewis (Louis) Schmidt who emigrated from Germany along with his wife Maria (Redig,Reddig, Redick) Schmidt, aroung
1879-80. They had two children Adam (from his first marriage) and Elizabeth with Maria. They had another daughter Catherine (my grandmother) and more sons, George, Joseph, Louis and William after they moved to the U.S.

Elizabeth married August Schmitt in l898/99in Bklyn. They had about ten children. Their names are Viola, Helen (Minnie) Albert, Ruth, May, Anna, Abbie, Joseph, Warren, Henry. Helen married a man named Schwabbe, May married Joseph Mc Namara, and Abbie married a Lloyd Hall. All of the children are dead now except Warren, I believe. I would like to hear from some grandchildren.

Lizzie died in l922 and August died in l934.

My grandmother Catherine, Married John Schroder and they had ten children also, Catherine (Mamie) Henry, William, Lottie, Tessie, Myrtle, Ethel, Elsie, Margaret, Helen.My mother was Myrtle and she married Charlie Rizzo. Aunt Mame married Frank Mir, Lottie married Bill Purdoski, Helen married Ed Drebing, margaret married Henry Stiedenrod Ethel married Salvatore (DUD) Villane.Elsie married Walter Siegenthaler.

My grandmother was born in Troy New York, where my ggrandparents owned a farm. When my grandmother was l0 or l2 she was sent to live with relatives in Bklyn because my grandfather Schmidt, lost his farm. He had been a gentleman farmer in Germany. They probably left their farm there because of the political unrest due to Bismark's decision to draft young men for the army and/or because they were Catholic, whom Bismark disliked.

I am trying to locate the town in Germany from which they came to further pursue our family history in Germany as well as here in the U.S. Grandma said we were related to the Krupp munitions family. She also said her family came from t
he town in Germany that had a large bridge destroyed during WWI. My knowledge of German history is limited so if anyone can come up with the name of that bridge (It was mentioned in the newspaper at that time), I would appreciate it.

May 17, 2001
Bill Williams <sportart@voyager.net>
Looking for ancestry of Ebenezer Samis/Sammis b. abt 1750 probably Huntington NY. Married Sarah Tuttle
and moved to Cobourg Ontario, Canada 1807. Was in DeLancey's Brigade during Rev. War. Had children:
Abijah; Davis; Benjamin; Michael; James; Israel; Ebenezer; and Annie. Thanks.

May 17, 2001
Sandra Cleaves <joncl4444@aol.com>
Could your Nancy Penniman (b. 16 Feb 1789, daughter of Ellas Penniman and Ann Jenks, been the same Nancy Penniman I have married John Gotham (b. dec 16 1782)? You do not list her spouse, and I have no other information on Nancy Penniman except her name.

May 17, 2001
Carol A. Pusano <cpusano@aol.com>
Looking for Ruth Krems' e-mail address re Abrams of Lynbrook

May 17, 2001
milka bukilic <mikab44@hotmail.com>
I am looking for my husband's great grandfather,his name was Vule Mitric ,came from Montenegro to United States in 1907,his final destination was Chicago.We'de like to know if he had a family in America,anyone who has more information please contact me !!!

May 16, 2001
Nick Sheedy <nsheedy2@yahoo.com>
Looking for Mathew Hughes b. abt 1678, likley at Oyster Bay; also may have lived at Southampton and was of Buckingham Twp., Bucks Co., PA after 1696; possible son of Humphrey and Martha Hughes who removed to Cape May, NJ before 1700. Looking for info on Humphrey and other Hughes of LI, NJ, MA and PA.

May 16, 2001
Barbara Wich <WichRichard@msn.com>
Seeking grave of Elizabeth Paterson Crosby, died age 24 about 1793-1796. Supposedly buried at Holbrook,NY.

May 16, 2001
Dale Morris <mtsage@hotmail.com>
Looking for info on Hammond Morris who moved from Richmond Co., Va. in 1778(?) to N.C.(Surry-Stokes Co. area).

May 14, 2001
fredddy parr <froderick@earthlink.net>


May 14, 2001
fredddy parr <froderick@earthlink.net>

May 14, 2001
Elisa Stabellini <elisa_ciao@yahoo.com>
I search a new Guglielmo Zignego (born in Portovenere (La Spezia) Italy 1899- 1900 - death unknow).
Him username was Paride.
Thanks Elisa Stabellini

May 13, 2001
Shirley Shatrousky <apache@cswnet>
I am searching for information on my father and a sister both of whom I never met.The story I was told is that he died on the toilet in a rooming house in long island or across the way in nj.His name is John Lukaschunis;and I was told he shortened his name when he moved there.
I was also told he was not a very nice man,but he left me a sister that I would very much like to meet.He was dead 8 years before I found out who I was;Please she would be in her 40's im guessing.Thank you ;anyone with any information God Bless You

May 12, 2001
perry davis <davisvideo@earthlink.net>
Looking for any family information concerning walton perry davis, jr....related to oliver hazard perry, george davis, richard davis.....family owned a moving and storage company in locust valley that still exists. Family history records recently destroyed. Please contact us if you have any insight. Thank you.

May 10, 2001
Robert Conklin <robert.conklin@t-online.de>
I am looking for information on Harry Conklin who died around 1967, his son Donald Edwards Conklin was born March 12 1921. Donald passed away leaving 4 sons. Harry Conklin owned a boat the Donna Lee and made his living fishing Long Island Sound and the Block Island area.

May 10, 2001
Thomas J. Radke <thomas_j_radke@hotmail.com>
James Fisher. Seeking information on James Fisher. Approx. age:46 yrs. Last known address: 11 Eisenhower Ct., Coram, L.I. Last know employment: diesel mechanic, Jefferson Bus Lines, Port Jefferson, L.I.
Served with him in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Co. C, 79th Engr. Bn. 1975-1977 Gerszewski Barracks, Karlsruhe, West Germany. He's an old friend. Ron Sarachilli (Czar) and I would like to establish contact.
Please contact via e-mail: thomas_j_radke@hotmail.com or at 1560 Oakdale Ave. W. St. Paul, MN 55118

May 09, 2001
Cathy Teevan <cteevan@milbank.com>
Seeking information on Clarice Burrell Doble Williams and her son, Roger Williams (born in Glen Head). Found scrapbook in my house! rsvp!

May 08, 2001
Cathy Akel <Hwaet131@cs.com>
Seeking information regarding a Louise Oakley born 1841 in Islip. Louise married John Stellenwerf approximately 1865. Historian Seversmith has a Sarah Louise Oakley married to a John Stellenwerf, first child named Louisa. Either this is a different couple, or Seversmith is incorrect. Any assistance greatly apprecicated.

May 07, 2001
Steve <parkcitysteve@hotmail.com>
Looking for information on a Sarah Lucretia Mott allegedly related to Lucreatia coffin Mott... Sarah probably born 1790-1825. Please email me if you have ANY info... thanks

May 06, 2001
John Rastaetter <ojaijlad@aol.com>
Jackson Heights

May 06, 2001
Camilla Los <cmlos@bellatlantic.net>
Need help from anyone who is researching the Bakers, Edwards and Bennetts of Long Island. I am trying to resolve conflicting information which appears in East Hampton History by Jeanette Edwards Rattray (1953).

The widow of Nathaniel Baker (he died in a cannon accident during a celebration Feb 23, 1815) married on July 16, 1816, Henry Bennett (b.1789 d. 1873) . There is conflicting information concerning if the WIdow Baker was Sally Edwards or her sister Abigail Edwards. Both sisters married Bennetts, but Mrs. Rattray has Sally listed as marrying Samual Bennett and Abigail ( widow of Nathaniel Baker) listed as marrying Henry Bennett. In another section of her book she states that Sally was the widow of Nathaniel Baker.

Sally (b. 1795 d. 1871) and her sister Abigail were the daughters of Silas Edwards and Phebe Conkling. I would appreciate any information which might clarify which sister married Henry Bennett.


May 05, 2001
Robert Pearsall <rpearsall29@hotmail.com >
My ancestor, John Pearsall left Queen's County NY around 1820 and settled in what is now Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada. I understand Queen's County remained largely loyal to the British and was wondering were the Pearsalls Loyalists?

May 02, 2001
Vickie Prows <vprows@deseretonline.com>
Jemima Crum md. John Butler about 1726 Hopkington, Rhode Island. Trying to verify their son Truelove Butler and the connection to Truelove Butler, Loyalist who settled in Canada. Another group of Butlers in Schoharie County, New York seem to be connected. Each family carries the "Truelove" name. Jemima was buried in Glen Falls, New York, but is somehow connected to Long Island.

May 01, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
BROWN[CENTER MORICHES] Stephen Brown of Main St. Center Moriches, was a private, Co. K, Development Battalion 3, Camp Upton. He died at Camp Upton on 8 Oct.1918. His name appears on the Brookhaven Hamlet Memorial of WW1. Would like to know more about this person and his descendents.

April 29, 2001
Eileen Irish <irish@netexp.com>
I am looking for any information on Fenimore Smith, Brother of Vinton and Mary. He is listed in "The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island" by Frederick Kinsman Smith. I am a granddaughter of Fenimore and know very little about him because of a divorce between my grandmother and Fenimore. I never knew him and need anything about him I can find especially records that could be accepted by the DAR. Thanks

April 29, 2001
Robert Joseph Combs <w2b2i4nb@coastalnet.com>
I have a John and Robert Combs who came to N.C. c. 1700, apparently looking for
land. Robert and his issue, Robert, died; so no descendants there. I descend from
a Samuel, son of John, who sold his birthright and apparently went N. Where did
the Combs (var. spellings) who settled on Long Island come from and when? My
GG-grandfather, Capt. William Combs, son of Samuel and Sophie, returned to N.C.
with his brother, Capt John, c. 1790's. Any help out there? Bob Combs in N.C.

April 28, 2001
Juback <jmmep@aol.com>
Looking for family history from Ellis Island

April 28, 2001
Watson <jmmep@aol.com>
Looking for family history for Ellis Island

April 28, 2001
Carol Garitty <cpgaritty@aol.com>
Does anyone have a connection to David Forbes of NY, who married Hannah Brush (born 1814 in LI to Moses and Abigail Wheeler Brush)? I have no other information about him.

April 28, 2001
Carol Garitty <cpgaritty@aol.com>
Does anyone have a connection to Hannah Blaisdell/Blasdell/Blazden who married Arden M. Hallock in NYC in 1846? Or to her brother, Scott, who was born ca. 1830 in NY?

April 27, 2001
Richard Cummings <imagemaker4x5@att.net>
Looking for info on Leroy Latham, Plandome, New York.
My Grandmother worked for the Lathams 1917-1920+?

April 26, 2001
Larry Clark <lc@ida.net>
Looking for information On Joseph Pugh born 1760 in Ky. Died in Wisconsin. Married Elizabeth Hunt in 1782.

April 26, 2001
Trisha Hamilton Leo <D_T_Leo@msn.com>
I am looking for any information on John Martin FitzRandolph who in 1853 married Anna DeCamp in Newark, NJ. I think he was born in 1830 and died in the Civil War in 1865. John is my ggg grandfather and I have no family information on him and would appreciate anything

April 25, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Homan [YAPHANK] The Homan family of Yaphank are all related, the question is how? Thomas Homan 1780 1860 married Christina Smith 1787 1866. Their child Nathaniel S Homan 1811 1851 married Betsey Maria Overton 1816 1899. They had four children Hannah Maria Homan 1835 1908, Alonzo P Homan 1840 1908, Nathaniel S Homan 1842 1843 and Betsey Mordecai Homan [died young]. All are buried in The Yaphank Cemetery. Have completed this family line to present day. Would like to match family to other Homan families who are buried in Yaphank or are descendents of Yaphank Homan families.

April 25, 2001
carolyn Strong <chellers@dha.ca.gov>
I had a relative in the Civil War named George Templeton Strong. Where can I receive information on him and his family? Thank you, Carolyn Strong

April 25, 2001
Vale <valbiasi@tin.it>
i would like to know if my ancestors went to USA

April 25, 2001
Daniel F. Murphy <randdmurphy@webtv.ne>
If anyone knows where the first apartment house built
Long Island,is or was I would apprectiate the address.
My mother Christine and her twin Patricia Obrien were born there on 11/28/1914.Thanks

April 24, 2001
Myrna Lazenby <mhlazenby@c-gate.net>
Is the Abraham Horton in Bucks Co., PA ca 1723 related to the family of Barbabas Horton. He is listed in Quaker records and might have moved there with other Quakers from Long Island. He migrated to NC with his family before the Revolution.

April 24, 2001
Robert C. Grimm <oilspill@i-2000.com>
Grimm from Tyrone,Pa

April 23, 2001
Ronald Kinslla <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Smith [SMITHTOWN] Sybil Smith 1720 1767 married William Phillips 1706 1778. Sybil Smith comes from Smithtown [Smith's] and William Phillips comes from the Phillips line of Rev. George Phillips of Setauket and the Rev. George Phillips of Rainham Norfolk Co U.K 1593.

April 23, 2001
Janice Bernath <JBern68078@aol.com>
Does anyone know the name of the wife of Thomas Wickes (Wilkes) of Huntington, the immigrant from England in the 1600s? I've been helping a friend with his genealogy, and the info they have has Thomas Wickes' wife as Isabella Harcutt (Harcourt), but she wouldn't have been born yet (my info shows she was b. abt. 1662), and she was probably the wife of the son of Francis Weekes, Thomas (b. abt. 1651), of Oyster Bay (Francis is my direct ancestor, as is one of the Harcourt daughters, Meribah Harcourt [Townsend]). My friend's genealogy shows that Thomas Wickes and wife had a daughter Martha, who m. Timothy Conklin, b. 1640 at Southold, son of John Conkling (immigrant from England, b. ca. 1600) and his wife Elizabeth Allseabrook (b. 1608)who lived in Suffolk County. Wickes d. abt. 1683 in Huntington; his wife d. ca. 1670 at Southold. (I've also seen a website that has Sarah Scudder as the wife of Timothy Conklin.) Timothy and Martha had a son John, b. 1672, Huntington, m. Rebecca Talmage, b. 1698. Their son Nicholas Conklin b. 1722 at E. Hampton m. Martha Unknown. Their son Joshua Conklin b. 1770 at Mattituck m. Deborah Thorne, b. 1780. They apparently removed to Newburgh, Orange Cty, NY. Their son James Ostram Conklin was b. 1814 at Middlehope, Orange, NY; he married Rebecca Millard Purdy b. 1823 at Marlboro, Ulster, NY. Their daughter Lydia Wygant Conklin b. 1861 at Newburgh, m. William Wallace Ewing, b. 25 Dec. 1866 at Rochester, NY. They were married at Minneapolis, MN 22 August 1895. WWE was a trade commissioner for the Department of Commerce before 1920 and travelled extensively in S. America. (The family is looking for any evidence of this employment, but don't know quite where to look--possibly the Library of Congress? They do have a number of newspaper clippings, and copies of his gov't. reports.) His parents were William T. Ewing, born 1833 somewhere in Scotland, another brick wall since the location is unknown, but Dundee has been considered. His wife, Grace Hill, was born 1834 in Auchterhouse, Angus, Scotland. They are thought to have immigrated to Rochester, NY, in 1866 or shortly before. If any of this is even vaguely familiar to anyone, please contact me? My interest is in the Harcourt/Harcutt connection, if there is one, or in finding the surname of Thomas Wickes' wife, and the wife of Timothy Conklin. My other question is, are there passenger manifests for Great Lakes Ports (possibly/probably Rochester??) for 1866 or shortly before? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

April 23, 2001
cathy <bedfordcathy@aol.com>
looking for descendents of brother and sister George VALENTINE and Anne FINLEY (nee VALENTINE)who emigrated from Bedfordshire to Australia in 1860s. George was married to Annie Maria HIGHT and Anne was married to Julius Joseph FINLEY.

April 23, 2001
Donna Cutcher <dubby88@cfl.rr.com>
I'm looking for any connection to either the Stafford or Morton families of Long Island.

April 23, 2001
Joanne <joje3@aol.com>
I'm looking for information on Isaac & Hannah Conway from Hempstead LI, in the late 1800,s. They had 10 children, one, my grandmother, Grace married Clarence Johnson. I don't have any information on Isaac and Hannah, I would like to know if Isaac's fathers name was also Isaac, as I'm looking for relatives in the Civil War. Thank you to anyone that could help.

April 22, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Baker [YAPHANK] Eliza A Baker 1827 1863 daughter of Apollos Mills and Urania Phillips [Mills]. Eliza A married James I Baker M.D 1829 1886. Were there any descendents?

April 22, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsela@aol.com>
Phillips [YAPHANK] William Phillips 1823 1891 and his brother Philletus Phillips 1834 1919 had large farms in the Yaphank and Middle Island area. Know the Philletus lineage, but know of no lineage of William?

April 22, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Duffee [SOUHAMPTON] Robert s Dufee 1859 1938 and Inez d Duffee 1858 1951 and their three children Doris, Genevieve and Stanley all lived in Southampton. Does anyone in Southampton remember the family and the house they lived in.

April 22, 2001
Joseph Minogue <ccam458@yahoo.com>
Looking for any information of the marriage of my real mother (I'm adopted) She was born in 1912. Married to a Mr. Minogue in 1941. She was Catholic and Of Italian decent. Both my mother's parents came from Italy. My maternal grandfather and uncle were employed as cooks. My real mother was employed as a embroidery factory worker and chambermaid. They had one femail child prior to my birth (July 24, 1946) Mr Minogue was a heavy drinker and was put into a tubercular sanitarium.
My mother began living with my real father (name unknown) He was a Catholic and of Dutch descent and employed as a taxi driver. I was placed in a foster home at the age of 3 to Rose Marie and Joseph Mirenda, Bellmore Long Island. My adopted mother says she tried to adopt me early on but my real mother would not sign the release papers. At 16 the Mirenda's took me to an attorney and to court. I was emanacipated and adopted at 16 by the Mirenda's. I was not told at that time that it would seal the records so that I would never know my real mother, father, sister. If any of this sounds familiar, please email me. My mother is now 88 (born 1912) and father is now 91 (born 1909). I doubt they are still alive, but my sister must be. Thanks, John Joseph Mirena, real name Joseph Minogue

April 20, 2001
Catherine Akel <Hwaet131@cs.com>
Seeking in particular info re the marriage of John Stellenwerf (b. 1834) to (Sarah?) Louise Oakely (b. 1846?), both of Islip. John's parents are Amos R. Stellenwerf (hotelkeeper of Lake House Inn) and Jane Travis Stellenwerf. Louise's parents may be Eliphalet Ward and Josephine Smith Oakley. Any help greatly appreciated.

April 20, 2001
Sue Kashow <suedk@juno.com>
We are looking for any Kashow ancestors who may have entered the USA by way of Long Island or any other ports. We have been told they came on a voyage with Peter Stuuyvesnt(not sure on the spelling) We have also been told the name may have been changed from Casheau. We think the name if German but not sure. If you have any information on ANY Kashow surname please respond. Thanks, Sue & Russ Kashow

April 20, 2001
Joop Godschalk <histo@online.be>
Hello all,

I'm researching the roots of my family. During my research I found a picture of family-member called Jacobus 'Koos' Godschalk who was a civilian Cook at Camp Upton, NY during 1917/1918.
We received a picture from him in 1917. On the picture he is with soldiers of the 305 Inf. Regiment (Division). Since WW1 we never heard from him again.
We like to know any information on him, Camp Upton, 305 Inf. (rgt or Div.) or the 152 Depot Brigade at Camp Upton in 1917. We like to know what happened to him in the US.
Hope to hear from you,

Yours faithfully,

Joop Godschalk,

April 20, 2001
Tom Stoll <TomS@hfmgv.org>
WALKER family: Looking for information on my great-grandfather GUY WALKER; Navy pilot during WWI; born 1886; died 1918 at Bayshore, Long Island; daughters: Marion (Stoll), Adele (Pocotte), Mable (Lucas), Florida (d. as a child).

April 20, 2001
Roxann Polzine <nchs@frontiernet.net>
I'm looking for information on James Middaugh who was born August 4, 1816 and died in January 1906. any information would be appreciated

April 20, 2001
David Tileston Edsall <dedsall@crocker.com>
Would much appreciate any information of Samuel Edsall who m. Ruth Woodhull ca. 1682 and his descendants on Long Island as well as New York state and New Jersey. Many thanks. David Edsall

April 19, 2001
Peg Luvera <pegluvera@aol.com>
Philander Cook m Theresa Barton about 1840. Can't seem to locate correct info on them. Son was Frank Cook and born in 1860. All around the Hempstead/Queens area. Help greatly appreciated

April 19, 2001
Ronald Kinsella <ronkinsella@aol.com>
Stephen Brown of Brookhaven Hamlet died in WW1. His name appears on a memorial plaque in Brookhaven Hamlet. I haved gathered information on all those who have died in the service from Brookhaven Hamlet except for Stephen Brown. Looking for any information on him and if there were any descendents.

April 19, 2001
Sherill <redworms@aol.com>
HANCOCK family. My great grandfather was Orrell Hancock- his father I believe was Albert Hancock married to Emma Inslee. His father was George Hancock married to Sarah Wilan(?) Greely. His father supposedly was Samuel Hancock married to Lydia Gilbert. I know Orrell has a connection to L.I. (founded Lynbrook Public Library) but not sure where his parents are from or if I've got the line correct (I got this info from Orrie, Jr.'s scrawled notes from many moons ago). Any information is appreciated. Thank you.

April 19, 2001
sakky stanton <mallardhen67@hotmail.com>
I am told that my mother-in-law came from something called Alms House in Suffolk County LI, NY She was born May 1, 1900 in Ammergassett of Shinnecock heritage. Her name was Cecelia May Oldock or Oldack married to Norman F. Stanton. Any information on Cecelia or Alms House would be appreciated.

Sally Stanton Wife of youngest son Robert F. Stanton

April 19, 2001
mike guadagno <mat2056@netzero.net>
I'm trying to locate the gravesite of my grandmother,JOSEPHINE GUADAGNO (maiden name HOYT).she died in 1939 & is buried in the "selden union cemetery". there are no longer any markers there & so far no one seems to have any records. any help would be greatly appreciated.

April 18, 2001
Lynn Wooldridge <bugsmom@eaze.net>
Crites family search

April 18, 2001
Pat Driscoll <grandmag@atlantic.net>
My maternal grandparents moved to Hicksville in 1905 from Buffalo, NY. Their names were Michael and Anna Strozak (Strozuk)and lived on 10th Street. In 1925 they built a home on the corner of 9th Street and Jerusalem Ave. My mother was born in Hicksville, as was I. My father was a Brooklyn boy. His name was Frank Koziuk.
I am researching my family tree and have found links to Mellynchuks, the Toleszs (grandma's maiden name) and am searching for the link to the Litwins.
If anyone out there has information about Koziuk, Strozak or anyone else in my family, please drop me a note.

April 18, 2001
Marian Burridge <scotty@mary.big.net.au>
My aunt Annie McNab married ? McAllister approx. 1900. Annie born circa 1880 died circa 1953. Four children, Hector, Archie, Ann, Jessie. Last known address 1950 was 154 Main Street, Long Island. Trying to trace my cousins.

April 18, 2001
Marian Burridge <scotty@mary.big.net.au>
My Annie McNab married ? McAllister approx. 1900. Annie born circa 1880 died circa 1953. Four children, Hector, Archie, Ann, Jessie. Last known address 1950 was 154 Main Street, Long Island. Trying to trace my cousins.

April 17, 2001
Nan Brennan <jbfour@mindspring.com>
MCCourt,McEvoy search by relatives in Chicago and Ireland
Re: Hugh McCourt, from County Down, married to Sissy or Kitty
worked for Lord and Taylor. May have had a sister Annie in NY.
Hugh May have died in the mid 70's
Close cousin of my mother, Elizabeth McEvoy (Brennan) from Ballymagrehan
Ballymaginahy, Rathfriland & Castlewellan. My mother came to Chicago in 1926.
Lost touch in late 1976 or early 1977. Have picture of Hugh in Chicago at worlds fair
in 1933.
don't know when Hugh immigrated to NY from Down. May also be related to
McCartans. Any info would be appreciated.

April 17, 2001
Barbara Marvinwww <www.wretchedrefuse_20016@yahoo.com>
http:// no home page
Query: My Jedediah Marvin (b.1748) m. Anna Hulse, dau. of Henry Hulse (1715-1795) and Mary SMITH (d. before 1776) of Brookhaven Township, L.I. Through Miss unknown Biggs & Miss unknown Helme (at hulse/fam 01147 and 01148), was my Anna descended from Thomas HELME, mentioned as a trustee in the patent granted Brookhaven 27 December 1686 and from Thomas BIGGS, whose 1680s residence on Lake St. is stop no. 30 on the Walkinh Tour of the Setauket Historic District? Which local SMITH family did her mother Mary (Smith) Hulse come from? Barbara Marvin, 4629 Tilden St. N.W., Washington DC 20016-5617. email www.wretchedrefuse_20016@yahoo.com

April 17, 2001
Barbara Marvin <wretchedrefuse_20016@yahoo.com>
Seeking the Hulse Family Network, previously reached through longislandgenealogy.com

April 17, 2001
Virginia Streader <streader@prodigy.net>
Any information re:Hall family of Smithtown - sometime in the 1800's before Civil War. Interested in finding
Mary Ella Hall b. in Virginia married William H. Darling 1869.Thanks

April 17, 2001
Virginia Streader <streader@prodigy.net>
Any information re: Darlings in Smithtown,L.I. and
Nantucket Is.MA starting with ADAM an JOHN. abot 1730-
1740. Researching this line.
Any infor appreciated. Especially ADAM - he is the mystery. His son I can find. Think he died about 1776.

April 17, 2001
Janet Newman <janet.t.newman@att.net>
Information about Robert Dingee, schoolmaster of S. Hempstead) who witnesed the 1786 will of John Rainor of Hempstead L.I. He was b.est1720 and last known living in 1797. Many children but wife's name unknown.

April 16, 2001
Kevin Howell <golfsaball@aol.com>
I am looking for an Isaac Howell, Circa 1837 abt. He was descended from Edward Howell,who came to Lynn, Mass then to on to Found Southampton, L.I. 1639. There may also be ties here to Vanrensalear Howell, or Captain Edward Howell of Moriches.
Thank You

April 14, 2001
E.J.Karcher <JuliusBen@aol.com>
Need"proof" Henry Southard b1776 Hempstead & Jerusha Spragg of Hempstead are parents of Maryann Poulson nee Southard b1817 Hempstead.Need for DAR & SAR.

April 14, 2001
Aurelia Brooks <a.r.brooks@worldnet.att.net>
I am searching for any information relating to Mary Cavanaugh who had a daughter Minnie Ellis 1880's to 1900's. They lived in Greenlawn, LI during this time.
Also may have live in the Cohoes/Waterford area of NY.
I do not know the spouses name of either.
Thanks for your help.

April 13, 2001
Alberta Joy Freidus-Flagg <rf@aloha.net>
Seeking information regarding my great-uncle Emanuel Joseph LEAVITT, member of the Associated Physicians of Long Island. Probably born in 1870s, died attending to others in 1918-1919 influenza epidemic when overcome himself. Address 728 Bushwick Ave (Brooklyn?) Would be very appreciative of any clues.

April 12, 2001
D. Anderson <dander8953@msn.com>
Good site

April 12, 2001
Betty Murray <Bettinamur@aol.com>
Researching Samuel Mills,Sr.,who m Susannah Palmer,dau
of William Palmer and Judith Feake.Need proof.Also looking for info on his fa, George Mills and wife,Rebecca Tanner.

April 11, 2001
Meriwether Rhodes <MRh1248@aol.com>
Looking for Miller Wood, who settled "Wood's Neck" on LI in the 18th century

April 10, 2001
K. Hebert-Rodriguez <BBNRS@AOL.COM>
Looking for information on William Smith born in "New York" in 1820. Parents listed as coming from Holland and New York (names unknown). Married a woman born in New York in 1823 named Abbe/Abby (?Abigail) Coleman/Kollman?? Had a son named Albert Smith born in 1844 in New York. The family moved to Wisconsin baout 1850. Any info appreciated.

April 10, 2001
K. Hebert-Rodriguez <BBNRS@AOL.COM>
Looking for info on William Smith born 1820 in "New York" . Parents' places of birth listed as Holland and New York (names unknown). Married a woman whos first name was Abbe/Abby ?Abigail Coleman/Kolmann?. They moved to Wisconsin in the 1850s. Had a son Albert born 1844 in New York

April 10, 2001
Brooke Fry <b-fry@usa.net>
Surnames: Campbell, Webber, Austen-Austin

Looking for data on Clinton Mather Campbell and descendants, b. late 1800's. Lived on Long Island, m. Carolyn Webber. Issue: 1. Clinton Frederick Campbell, b. early 1900's, possibly 1913; issue: Andrea, Jean, & Heather Campbell; 2. Virginia Carol Campbell, b. early 1900's, m. Austen, children - Robert & Diane Austen.

April 09, 2001
Brett DeMott <its4brett@aol.com>
DeMott-Simonson, Looking for DeMott, Simonson, relatives from LI
John DeMott b.03-12-1771 married;
Margaret Simonson b.04-12-1771 In Hempstead LI.
their children are;
Abraham b.09-16-1790 Hempstead LI
Samuel b.12-18-1792 Hempstead LI
Maria b.03-28-1795 Hempstead LI
Eliza b.11-15-1797 pl. unknown
Isaac b.07-24-1799 pl. unknown
William b.04-03-1802 pl. unknown
Isaac b.04-07-1804 pl. unknown
John H. b.01-05-1810 Saugerties, Ulster co. NY
Elbert b.04-07-1812 Saugerties, Ulster co. NY

April 07, 2001
robert kovarik <rgkovarik@jot mail.com>
Researching my grandparents from Bayshore. Frank and Mary nee Healy LOUGHLIN. m

April 01, 2001
John Cubeddu <cubeddu@msn.com>
Irene McSherry, James McSherry, Ann Hughs

April 01, 2001
John D. Connolly <conn@northrim.com>
Searching for information on: John Philip Connolly, Emma Connolly (Nee: Millen) Clara Ann Connolly, Emma Jane Connolly, George Richard Connolly, John Tunstall Connolly, William Zehander Connolly. Long Island (Richmond Hill and Woodbury areas. Thanks.

March 31, 2001
Lina <cour.el@sympatico.ca>
A father, possibly Owen or Michael, who travelled with
3 sons, Peter, Owen and John. John Treanor/Trainor married a woman by the name of Bridget Margaret McKenna and had a son Patrick, born in New York around 1842. John and Bridget than move to PEI Canada and had more children. Anyone with information regarding these Trainors and their family history, could you PLEASE contact myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Lina

March 26, 2001
Jim Johnson <jimjody@aol.com>
I am researching the Thomas,Samuel,and William Johnson family which I believe resided in the Long Island area inthe late 1600.I believe they moved to the Greenwich Connecticut area inthe early 1700.Any information would be greatly appreciated.

March 25, 2001
DONNA DUNNING <dunnings@usaor.net>

March 22, 2001
gerald davis <artisans1@aol.com>
looking for any info on dencey davis fitzgerald.originaly born yaphank area.relocated to danbury ct abt 1920.dau of frank e and dencey corwin davis. old family obits show her as davis in 1926,,next obit shows fitzgerald in 1936 to 1952 on staten island.may have relocated to long island after, had sister martha rhodes in great river.thank you

March 12, 2001
Susan Winters <Flsu40@aol.com>
http://www.my-ged.com ( look under Dennis)
I am seeking the parents of Sybil King b about 1765, possibly in Orient LI. She m Moses Griffing/Griffin on Jan 22, 1788 in Southold NY and settled on Shelter Island. Any help with the KING family of this area would be appreciated.

Thanks, Susan

March 12, 2001
Dorothy Liberti <DotLiberti@yahoo.com>
Looking for George Joseph Myers born Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY 1900 I know of only one sons name Leonard Joseph Myers born Oct 1935 George's wife names was Rose Woener from Freepor LI NY

March 09, 2001
katie Doherty <fiolar00@aol.com>
I am looking for any info of my gr. uncle-Arthur Simpson (d.Jan 14,1980). His address at time of death was :248 Coventry Rd. North,Lakeview W.Hempstead.According to Nassau county property records- his wife "Sarah" sold the property -Dec 1980- and left for parts unknown. I have checked obits, sent letters to funeral homes..etc (to no avail).I am unable to obtain his death certificate (by NY laws)as he is not deceased more than 50 yrs and i am not a "direct decendent". I have hit every stone wall imaginable.
Arthur's parents were; James Douglas Simpson and Georgianna Lacroix- both of Quebec. Arthur and his siblings were born in LIC-Queens. I'd appreciate any help . Many thanks in advance. Katie

March 08, 2001
susan linthicum <susank@toad.net>
looking for mother joesphine thomspon she lives in maryland some where

March 03, 2001
Jim Johnson <jimjody@aol.com>
I am looking for information on Thomas Johnson,I believe Thomas lived in the L.I.area in 1700-1715 time frame and moved to Connecticut. Thomas was a Ship builder.

February 21, 2001
wendy smith <wsmith@zeuter.com>
SAMIS / TUTTLE surname
SAMIS / SAWYER surname
Looking about 1750-1820
name could be spelled SAMMIS

February 20, 2001
Diana Anderson <bobanddiana@aol.com>
Do you have information about James Landon-Mary Vail?
Landon is my surname.

February 19, 2001
Bernie Cunningham <bcunning@gpcom.net>
I am looking for John Gallagher, married to Ellen
(Gallagher) Gallagher. They left Ireland around 1847 to

February 16, 2001
Susan(ketcham) Ryder <pshr@customnet.com>
I am trying to find some information on my grandmother Helen Susan (Pape) Ketcham. She was born 1895 And died April 8,1925 having my father. She is Buried in Amityville And was married to Wesley Ketcham. I only know of one brother Adolf Pape. Any information would be helpful.

February 15, 2001
Terry McCubbin <tcmccubbin@worldnet.att.net>
Can anyone substantiate the marriage of Elizabeth Gildersleeve, born 1628, Flushing Queens,
died 1665 in Newtown, LI. She is the daughter of Richard Gildersleeve who died in 1680/81 in Hempstead
New York and was born in 1601. Her mother was JoAnna Appleton. There are a number of references on
internet to her marrying two or three different individuals. Thank you.

February 08, 2001
debbie <dmoeller@optonline.net>
de saulles

February 08, 2001

February 06, 2001
Anita N. Koller <kolleranita@hotmail.com>
I am looking for my biological parents and siblings. I have approximately 9 brothers and sisters. My biological parents name was Daniel & Agnes Marcotte.
Agnes had a sister Mary Marcotte. The oldest of the siblings was a girl - Linda Marcotte. I know 2 other siblings names were Danny & Tommy. They lived in Islip, New York. Please - if anyone has information on this family, please contact me at the e-mail address.

February 05, 2001
Judith Carlson <bjcarlson@cybermesa.com>
Am looking for any information on the Combs family of Lynbrook,LI. also looking for anything on the Wildey-Lehne-Foster families of Rockville Centre and surrounding area of Long Island 1700'a to present

February 05, 2001
Lafeldt,Dietmar <Dietmar.Lafeldt@t-online.de>
Would like to know if anyone has information on Lafeldt
families in USA. (1700-....) Thank you

January 30, 2001
Thomas R. Martin <pmoops@hq.c5.army.mil>
Flanders, LI NY anybody looking for old (1843-1875)cem.
with HAVENS and BENJAMANS in it. Only about dozen headstones in it. Off the road and abandoned.

January 29, 2001
Melton and dane

January 27, 2001
Yvette Nelson <ynel@idirect.com>
Searcing for info on Joseph A. Blair (may be F.A.) b Oct. 1863, Lawrence, N.Y marr Kathleen E. Kent (Ireland) had 1 daug and 2 son. once Augustus Pierce Blair my father. bro William Joseph. and dau. Kathleen Blair. Any help most appreciated, Yvette

January 27, 2001
Gussie Young <gus4to@tampabay.rr.com>
Looking for parents of GEORGE BAILEY m. ELIZABETH

January 26, 2001

January 26, 2001
John Coghlan <coghlanjohnj@yahoo.com>
A correction for your site; Richard Bolles Paddock .. his wife Grace Pershing was General Pershings sister and you have her kids wrong. See Pershing Family in America pg 405.

January 20, 2001
Alan Walter Dowling <alan@dbscaffolding.freeserve.co.uk>
do you have any info 4 us on our family

(walter fredrick dowling)
(son john henry dowling)
thank you

January 09, 2001
Dorothy Liberti <dotliberti@yahoo.com>
Looking for my GGGGrandfather Nathan Horton born 1790 Ma Where in Ma? who are his parents? He had 11 children lived in Patchogue LI NY
My GG Grandfather James H.Horton born 1827-Killed in Civil War His wife Catherine Mott lived in Patchogue LINY
G Grandfather Jessie Arden Horton born 1857 married Letitia Sweezey live in Patchogue
Grandfather Frank Chester Horton born 1885 married Augusta Judson. She was from Montgomery NY. They lived in New Suffolk LI NY
Need help with Nathan Thanks Dot

January 07, 2001
T Fullam <thetribe@catskill.net>
I am looking fo any information on a couple of families one is Venners. My mother was adopted but her birth name was Dorothy Venners her father was Vernon Venners sr her mother was Alice, Dorothy had other siblings she had two sisters one was Blanche she married a Gill, Blanche passed on in the early sixties, Dorothy also had a sister named Alice whereabouts unknown, I am seeking information on Alice I think she may be in Texas but I do not know for sure I wouldlike to talk with her for family knowledge or anyone who can give me information on the venners family related to this family. Dorothy also had a brother his name was Vernon Venners jr he also has passed away. I am looking for anyone who knew Blanche Gill, there may be information there I can use. Dorothy was adopted by the Klavers, Steven and a Theresa, Steven passed away from TB, Theresa Remarried. Theresa married a Francis Hennessy. Theresa passed away from complications from diabetes and Francis died a year later at the little sisters of the poor in brooklyn and this took place in the early sixties. I am looking for any relatives or friends to Steven and Theresa Klaver that can fill in an awfull lot of gaps in my mothers side of the family. I am also interested in talking to anyone related to Francis and Theresa Hennessy or friends to help me fill in the gaps. The Hennessy's resided in Springfield grdns queens and the Klaver's I do not know. Francis Hennessy built the house in queens. I know that after marriage Dorothy Klaver now named Fullam resided in Brentwood and then Massapequa and eventually ended up in Queens at the family house.

January 07, 2001
Fullam <thetribe@catskill.net>
I am looking fo any information on a couple of families one is Venners. My mother was adopted but her birth name was Dorothy Venners her father was Vernon Venners sr her mother was Alice, Dorothy had other siblings she had two sisters one was Blanche she married a Gill, Blanche passed on in the early sixties, Dorothy also had a sister named Alice whereabouts unknown, I am seeking information on Alice I think she may be in Texas but I do not know for sure I wouldlike to talk with her for family knowledge or anyone who can give me information on the venners family related to this family. Dorothy also had a brother his name was Vernon Venners jr he also has passed away. I am looking for anyone who knew Blanche Gill, there may be information there I can use. Dorothy was adopted by the Klavers, Steven and a Theresa, Steven passed away from TB, Theresa Remarried. Theresa married a Francis Hennessy. Theresa passed away from complications from diabetes and Francis died a year later at the little sisters of the poor in brooklyn and this took place in the early sixties. I am looking for any relatives or friends to Steven and Theresa Klaver that can fill in an awfull lot of gaps in my mothers side of the family. I am also interested in talking to anyone related to Francis and Theresa Hennessy or friends to help me fill in the gaps. The Hennessy's resided in Springfield grdns queens and the Klaver's I do not know. Francis Hennessy built the house in queens. I know that after marriage Dorothy Klaver now named Fullam resided in Brentwood and then Massapequa and eventually ended up in Queens at the family house.

January 07, 2001
Fullam <thetribe@catskill.net>
I am looking for a family named Fullam that I do believe resided in either Brentwood or Bayshore, I am looking for a family that had several sons and one daughter the sons were 1.George 2.Thomas. 3.James.4.Jack.5.Eddie.6.Dave and a daughter Betty. I am trying to put together a family lineage for my family and I need the history of this family to complete it. I am looking for anyone who can fill in some gaps for me. Thomas had a wife named Jane and Dave had a german born wife named Martha and George had a wife named Dorothy and was seperated a few years later. I would like to know who is alive and who has passed on. it has only been 2 generations since the family split up.

January 03, 2001
clarice phillips <clarice@discover-net.net>
Searching VanVleets who left NY, went to Medina county Ohio & lived IL & WI. Given names..Hannah, Alfred,Benjamin, Stephen..believed to be family of Benjamin who may have moved IL & then back again. Crush Cemetery possibly his burial place in Medina county, OH.

January 02, 2001
ronni Howard <ronniwho@yahoo.com>
WIGGINS, Thomas b. approx. 1613-15 in England immigrated to Reading, MA then to Jamaica, NY in 1656. Married to Sarath in MA and then Joanna, had Thomas, Josiah, Gersham, sarah, Elizabeth and Benjamin, my GGGGGG. They also lived in Hempstead atleast til 1744 then moved to Ulster Co.

January 01, 2001
Greg Everett <greg99@ptd.net>
Looking for any information on Everett's during 1500, 1600, 1700.

Thanks Greg

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