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From: Harry Merrihew
My ancestor David Merrihew was taxed in the Beekman Patent until 1768 and I had found no reference to him until 1786 when he was in Albany County.  I recently found an obituary record for one of his sons which said the son was born in Long Island on August 22, 1774 and that he moved from Long Island with his parents as child.  I am looking for any information on the Merrihew family on Long Island in this timeframe.  I have checked the 1776 census for Suffolk County with no luck and David does not appear in Revolutionary War records.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

From: Betty L. Schmidt
I am looking for any and all information on my 4th great-grandparents, Ephraim and Catharina/Katrin Baker.  Ephraim Baker was born about 1750 perhaps in the Long Island, New York area.  He married Catharina/Katrin unknown before June of 1775.  In June of 1775, they purchased land in Rochester, Ulster, New York.  Ephraim’s will was probated on May 8, 1829 in Middletown, Delaware, New York.  In 1829 he and Catharina had 10 living children: Catharina, Frederick, Henry, Ann, James S. Benjamin, Sally, Ephraim, William and Mary.  Ephraim’s wife, Catharina was still living.
I am trying to locate the names of Ephraim’s parents and the maiden name of Catharina.
Thanks for any help you can provide

From: Colleen Northup
I am looking for the parents of Catharine Hill bn Long Island 1806 and Martha (Polly) Hill bn abt 1789/90 Long Island.   It is possible they are sisters.   Catharine married Severn Moulton and lived in NYC.  Martha married Stephen Baker Barnum/Burnham and lived in Litchfield County CT and Sullivan County New York.
Colleen Northup
Lake Oswego, Oregon

From: Ruth Burkholder
I am looking for the death and burial of my Uncle, Sydney Thomas Wayman, who was born in 1869 in London England.  I know little about him, but it seems that in his old age he lived with his granddaughter [name unknown] who was a doctor, on Long Island.  This is an incredible long shot, I know.  I do know that he was living in April 1946 as he appears on an Arrival list at Laguardia Airport, NY.

From: Barbara Boram
I like to know who “and others” were in the Midwout  patent of Stuyvesant to Jan Snediker, Arent van Hatten and Johann Megapolensis .  Does that mean the original document (which I believe has been lost probably to the English about 1684) said “and others” or does this mean the transcribed version simply did not list all names and concluded with “and others”?
Certanly one of the “and others” would be Thomas Swartenhout who actually had a letters patent for 116 acres in 1651.  I would appreciate any details about the receivers of this patent or individual patents for Midwout 1651/52.

From: "Seward R. Osborne"
I am seeking the burial place of the following:
 Mortimer B. Ruggles, died in St. Luke's Hospital, May 8, 1902. On his death certificate the place of burial says only; "Islip, L. I.". I have tried every cemetery I could locate and find nothing.
Does anyone have any ideas?  Many thanks for your kind assistance.

From: "Everett Thorpe, Jr."
Good evening.  I am in El Paso, Texas.  Only recently did I discover your Long Island site.  I must say - IT IS FABULOUS!
   My query possibly cannot be responded to.
   I was born in Wurtsboro, NY (Sul Co).  Due to family problems, my mother (Divorced of separated), farmed me out to various families so that she could make a go at life with limited responsibilities. 
   One place I remember was in Jamaica, LI.  She put me with a family by the name of WALLENSTEIN (Various spellings).  This was around 1935.  I don't recall their address since I was too young to remember. 
   My mother's maiden name was ROSENCRANS. 
   I remember a farm and bording house situation near Liberty - the DOMBECKS (Various spelling), where people from New York City would visit on vacation during the summer.  I sincerely believe that the Wallensteins visited this farm and that is how my mother became acquainted with them. 
   Genealogically I am interested in the Wallensteins - what possible reason could there be for my mother to place me with them. 
   I think they were Jewish?????
   Thank you Everett Thorpe, Jr. El Paso, TX

From: Marsha Mitchell <marshamitchell@localnet.com>
BEATTY, FLUCK - Looking for info on Charles Henry Fluck, Jr, son of Charles H. Fluck Sr and Lillian Beatty. He was born in Tarboro, North Carolina in 1912. I believe he may have moved to the Hempstead, NY area. Lillian's parents were Samuel Provost Beatty b. 1843 in New York and d. 1919 in Tarboro, and her mother was Lillian H. Rowe of North Carolina. Samuel's parents were James Beatty and Elizabeth Rider (or Ryder) of Bayville, NY. I am related directly to James' line through his brother William Beatty, who is my great-great grandfather. Anyone connected to these families please e-mail me.

From: IBEM1@aol.com
Searching for sisters:
Mary Louise Peek b. 1921 Kathrine Elizabeth Peek b. 1923  removed from home in late 1920's, placed with Hubbard family.  No record of girls since 1930 census, family story says they were lost in a storm on Long Island.  Supposedly they were moved to Long Island at some point.  Their father was Edwin Henry Peek, mother was Elizabeth Alger.
I have been searching for years and have no more info than this.
Thank you, Emma L Peak Smith

From: marshamitchell@localnet.com
HAWXHURST - My grandfather William Henry (Harry) Hawxhurst b. 1/23/1893 in Oyster Bay died 2/22/1955. He was buried in the Beatty family plot in Bayville Cemetery, but his body was later moved. His wife's name was Florence b. 12/16/1890 and d. March 1972. If anybody knows where he is buried please e-mail me.

From: mmmmikkimac@aol.com
Surnames of Families of Long Island Genealogy
Seeking original family members, any additional information on their parents and siblings from England. Seek dates/places of births, marriages, deaths and burials.
Primary focus is on Thomas POWELL, who married Abigail WOOD and were in Bethpage, L.I., NY, as well as William FROST and their spouses, parents, siblings and children.
I descend through Thomas POWELL, and his descendants, Moses, Obadiah, Frost, who were also in Stillwater, Saratoga Co., and Hartsville and Hornellville, Steuben Co., NY
I also descend through Isaac FROST and Mary COCKE, their daughter, b 16 Jan 1744 Oyster Bay, L. I., NY, who md Obadiah POWELL, b 16 May 1741 Bethpage, L.I., NY
I have the book written/published in 1895 by Mary Powell BUNKER, but find it lacking doucmention, referenes to soures, etc., so do not feel I am able use any of the information in it.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

From: lizgwinnett@triad.rr.com
Hello, I am looking for the last name of the daughter-in-law of Elisabeth Pearsall Ballinger and Edward Ballinger. Their son William b. 1829 married Mary Elisabeth b. 1831. I would like to verify her maiden name. Their daughter Harriet's death certificate says  Elisabeth Bodwell was born in Rahway NJ. I am trying to make sure this is the right William P. Ballinger born in NY married to my Elisabeth Bodwell. He is listed in the Flushing Meeting records but she is not.  She is not listed in the Rahway Quaker Meeting records. She might not have been Quaker. Thank you!

From: rdginc@tiac.net
Does anyone know the place that David Hazzard Payne (of Long Island) married (25 DEC 1819, NY) Eunice Catherine Middlebrook (b. 1799 Trumbull, CT) in New York city?
Robert D. Gallagher

I would like someone to look at the Caroline Church records for any Satterly & Dayton family's from 1800-1900,s Any help would be appreciated.
Terry McDonald

From:  mapfannon@verizon.net
I am researching a family by the name of Payne who lived in Amityville. I have an internment list from Amityville Cemetery which indicates that 4 of the individuals in the plot were originally buried in Fowler's Graveyard/Cemetery. Does anyone know where this graveyard/cemetery was located.
Marilyn Fannon

From: <julialamoureux@webtv.net>
I am looking for information on brothers JOSHUA SMITH and ISRAEL SMITH from Suffolk co. (Smithtown or Brookhaven?)
ISRAELl was a loyalists & went to new Brunswick, Canada.
JOSHUA was a patriot & stayed at Long Island.
This is all i know that i was told by my great aunt MARY SMITH-CALHOUN that descended from ISRAEL. She said the brothers were born in Smithtown, NY.
MARY was born at Smithtown, NB. Canada. Her father was Humphrey & his father was Benjamin & supposedly his father was Israel. Can you help me? Thank you.
Best Regards,
Julie A. Lamoureux

From: <doriswheeler@bellsouth.net>
My great great grandfather, Frederick Jaeger, and another relative, Anthon Muller, together purchased Lots 4561-4564 in the Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village, NY. The cemetery sent me a list of the 30 people buried there sometime ago and I have been trying ever since to get there (from Georgia) to transcribe the information on the stones in these 30 plots. Among the people buried there are my gg grandfather, my great grandparents and other family members, all named Muller or Jaeger except for a few I cannot identify.
I will be happy to pay reasonable expenses if someone can visit the cemetery for me and gather whatever information is available. Perhaps by seeing how the graves are grouped, I can begin to identify some of those I do not know and, of course, I hope to gain further insight from the information on the stones themselves. If it is convenient, I would also appreciate any photos of these graves, but this is a secondary need.
Thank you for your help.

From: <teichert@frontiernet.net >
Would anyone have Arminda Dayton Satterly in their tree? Trying to find out who her parents were. She was born in 1825 in Patchogue NY and married William N Satterly about 1839 they had 10 children. Selar [b] 1840 married Dorthy Sweezey, Catherine [b]1842 married Martin Alonzo Prior, William Henry [b] 1844 married Rebecca Prior
Charles [b] 1846 married Emma Jane Wolcutt , Rhoda E [b] 1847 no nothing on her
John E [b] 1850 married Eliza ? Emma F [b] 1852 married James N Cooper This is my great grandmother , Ester M [b] 1855 married William Benjamin Jaynes,
Rosetta[b] 1856 married Henry Conklin. Sarah [b] 1859 no nothing on her.
Would appreciate any help Thank You Lorraine Teichert

From: <nymets@optonline.net>
I am researching the Booth family of Stratford, CT and I am trying to determine if there is a connection with John Booth who settled in Southold at about the same time as Richard arrived in Stratford.  Does anyone have any information on the John Booth family of Southold or any of his descendants?
Bill Coley Orange, CT

From: <
I moved to Nesconset in the mid 1960's, located on Gibbs Pond Road just North of Gibbs Pond was the remnants of a old Theatre or "Speak-easy" I believe it was called the "Nescon House" There was als  an abandoned Lock factory across the street. I was a young boy at the time but was told there was quite a history associated with these sites. Is there any documentation regarding these sites? Thanks!
Andy McDonald 

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
I am looking for information involving the Smith family of Hempstead, Long Island, NY. My Great-Great Grandmother was Harriet Smith (1840-1875) who married Benjamin Franklin Sammis (1833-1881) on February 28, 1858. While doing family research at the Long Island Studies Institute, I ran across a document naming Margaret Smith the executrix of the will of Samuel B Smith. In that document all of Harriet and Benjamin's children are named along with Stephen C Smith, George A Smith and Wesley Smith. I am looking for the link between Harriet Smith Sammis and Samuel B Smith. I have checked the Census reports with no luck. In Greenfield Cemetery near Hempstead the two family plots (Smith and Sammis) are adjacent to each other although Samuel B Smith is not in the Smith plot. It would be easy to assume (a no-no for genealogists) that Samuel B Smith is Harriet's father or brother. Does anyone have information on Samuel B Smith and/or Harriet Smith Sammis of Hempstead? I am also looking for any further info on the Smith family of Hempstead. Any help would truly be appreciated.

From: <roygenny@embarqmail.com>
I am searching for information about my gggrandfather Henry Zeh. In the 1880 census he, and his wife, Louise were living in Newtown NY. Their eldest son was Theodore. Any additional information about their occupation, when the immigrated to the US, when they died etc. is most welcome. Thank you in advance for your help.

From: <sullyjay1@yahoo.com>
Hello Everyone I am in hopes some one in the East Marion Area can help me .  I would like cemetery photos from the East Marion Cemetery & Sterling cemetery   I looked on random acts of kindness and the only two people that sounded like they would help were 40 & over 50 mils from the area and wanted gas money which is fair but there must be someone closer than an hr. that could do this? Thank's please e-mail me

From: <anna@hawkshome>
Buckman Family   
I am looking for any information on my grandfather William Buckman. He was born about 1920 and died around Christmas in 1989 in Calverton, NY. I am more specifically trying to find a death record. He was married to a lady named Ruth. I do not know her maiden name. If you can help me in my search, please send email to anna@hawkshome.net with the Subject line of: William Buckman info or the email will not be answered.  
Thank you. AnnMarie

From: <JIMPUP@aol.com>
Seeking information on Emma Louise Landon born about 1863 in New Lots District Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY   Her death certficate, from 1908, indicates her father was William H. Landon and he mother was Emma _______________.   The 1880 census shows her as his child.  She married James Francis McNally in 1885 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY and later married William Dillon who was superintendent of the National Cemetery in Qeens Co, NY.  Can anyone assist with which Landon family William H. Landon, born about 1846, comes from?
Jim Malone

From: <lancer111@optonline.net , or lancer112@optonline.net>
I'm looking for information about Sadie Adams and her husband Edgar Holmes Adams. Edgar was the owner of Ferry Beach, Bayville in the 1920s. He was also a famous coin collector and had a article in the NY Sun and NY Times. He was also a swimmer in the 1904 Olymbics in St Louis. He lived until 1940 and he was born in 1868.
In addition, Peter Kelley, from Mass, a stone mason, possibly in the 37th NY Irish Rifles. Died 1894 in Philadelphia, Pa. Lived in Brooklyn. If you have any information, please contact me - John Kelley

From: <jrcrtosa@wi.rr.com>
I can't find any trace of my gggrandfather in East Hampton for the 1850 Census. He was a sailor and may have been at sea when the census was taken. Is there any provision made by the census takers for citizens in this situation? Is there any crew lists available for ships sailing from this area for the 1845-1855 time period. Thanks for any input.

   I am searching for information on Long Island concerning my ancestor, Musco Wright, who was in the First Battallion of Pennsylvania Loyalists in the King's American Regiment during the Revolutionary War. He was commanded by Col. William Allen and Capt. Joseph Swift. He spent most of the Revolutionary War in Pensacola, Florida with the British. He survived the Battle of Pensacola, Florida ( Mar. 9-May 8, 1781 ).Musco's regiment was allowed to go to Long Island, New York until the war was officially over.
    Their ship arrived in New York on July 23, 1781. The rest of their garrison had arrived a week before. All of the troops were posted to Newtown, Long Island, where they would remain as prisoners on parole for exactly a year. This inactivity would last until July 24, 1782, when the Pensacola survivors were officially exchanged and allowed to do duty. Musco Wright's rank was changed from private to corporal.
    The corps embarked on board the " Bridgewater " for River Saint John in Canada on Sept. 12, 1783. According to muster rolls, Musco Wright was in Guanis, Newtown, and Yellow Hook on Long Island in New York.
    Also with him when he came to Long Island was his wife, Mary ( maiden name unknown ) and 3 of their children ( names unknown ) who had followed him to Pensacola, Florida during the war while he was stationed there. Also in his unit was his friend, William Grier, and his wife and children.
    Could you check your Loyalist resources for any information concerning Musco Wright and his wife and children on Long Island in Newtown for the time period of 1781 - 1783, inclusive? I would be happy to pay all costs involved.    Jean Mayo   P.O. Box 566   Stratham, N.H. 03885.

From: <geniekid39@yahoo.com>
I hope I am on a roll! Have been told that Emma Wood (1871) was married to Herbert Hawkins (1870). They had one child,Mildred (1892). Emma died at the age of 49 and Herbert then married Harriet ?. This info was confirmed by a person who remembered them.
Is there any hope that someone might remember Jenny, Harry or Frank? (1866, 1873, 1878. They were the off spring of Henry K and Lydia F Wood.
Thanks, Barbi Tomko

From: <jryellott@centurytel.net>
Seeking information on the John Gould family of Huntington LI.He was a measurer of customs at the port of NY and died in Dec. 1834.His children son Jesse, Cornelia who married Capt. Lemuel Bourne and Clarissa who married Capt. John Bell.Their mother was Charlotte Suffin who died in 1812 and need to know info on that surname as I haven't run across it anywhere.Also his second wife Hannah ?.

From: <petegoldsmith@sbcglobal.net>
I need some help in identifying the mother and father of Thomas Goldsmith born abt 1760 in Southold.. He married Keturah Jennings in 1789 and both were listed as residents of Southold. Their son Thomas Davies Goldsmith was born in 1799 in Southold as well.
Thanks for any help.
Pete Goldsmith

From: <sww@thethomasgroup.com>
Looking for the family of Elizabeth Sammis, who married Isaac Jennings in Norwalk, CT on Feb. 26, 1796. A family note claims that she was born in Long Island, NY. They had the following children:
Almira Jennings, born Nov. 9, 1795, Eliza Jennings, born Oct. 14, 1797, Sally Ann Jennings, born June 6, 1799, Cornelia Jennings, born Feb. 13, 1801, Antoinette Jennings, born Mar. 18, 1803, Gould D. Jennings, bornJan. 13, 1805, William S. Jennings, born Mar. 20, 1807, Magaret Jennings, born Mar. 18, 1809, Catharine F. Jennings, born Jan. 20, 1811, Joseph H. Jennings, born April 14, 1813, Edgar A. Jennings, born June 9, 1815.
   Also in Norwalk, a Susannah "Samiss" married Nathan Benedict on May 6, 1795. I would appreciate any help identifying these Sammis family.
Many Thanks,  Scott Whitham

From: <callismith@sbcglobal.net>
I am looking for an early plat map of Newtown, Queens, Long Island.  Does anyone know if one exists, or where it might be located?
Calli Smith  Reno, NV

From: <Johnpatkim@aol.com>
I am seeking information on Samuel Townsend Wright and his wife, Joanna Weekes Wright.  They had three children Stephen, Joanna and Evalina.  Evalina was born in NY in 1800 and married Almerin Durkee. 
Joanna Weekes's parents were Stephen and Nancy Weekes who lived in Scipio, Cayuga County, New York where Stephen died in 1826.  I have confirmed that Stephen Weekes was a Quaker.  Stephen Weekes's will left his estate to his wife and three grandchildren, leading me to wonder if both Samuel Townsend and Joanna Weekes Wright had died prior to 1826.
Any information would be helpful.  Many thanks - you have a wonderful web site!!

From: <ribbens@zeelandnet.nl>

One of may ancestors Cornelis Monnee immigrated to the USA in 1846. After a few years living in Manhattan he moves to Amityville (then called Huntington) where he was buried in 1866 on the Oakwood Corporation Cemetery.  In his life he wrote letters home to his family in Holland. In one of these letters (dated around 1856) he wrote the following story: 

[… We bought a oil-refinery that costs us 600 dollars. We now live 20 hours away from New York close to the sea. This oil is not known in Holland. It is made from a wild fruit that grows in the forest nearby. We have black people, so-called Negros, that gather them for us. We sell the oil in New York for 5 dollars a pound….]

Can anybody tell me what kind of oil this might be?

Best regards  Liz Ribbens

From: <lclark7339@yahoo.com>
Looking for information for John Clark. He was born in Long Island on September 14, 1746. He moved to Schoharie, NY in 1770 and married. His marriage certificate confirms his date and location of birth. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

From: <jennishah@ihug.co.nz>
My research is focused on the following individual: James Ashmer Mullen TURNER, born between 1833-1835 in Jamaica, Long Island.  He married in about 1856 - I believe his wife’s name may have been Mary Roche(?).  James ended up in Melbourne, Australia in the 1860’s then New Zealand in the 1870’s where he married again and fathered my great-great grandfather.  I don’t know much about American vital records, but I have hope of finding information on James as his middle names are quite unusual.  Can you please suggest any avenues to follow – he has become very difficult to track down!
Best regards Jenni

From: <Paroli@worldnet.att.net>
Requesting input of researcher with working knowledge of Schenck genealogy. Difficulty distinguishing between records of Marten Schenck(son of Minne) of Cow Neck and Marten R.Schenck of Hempstead(son of Roelof Martense of Cow Neck/Flatlands,b.10/18/1696-d.5/12/1777).
Line I am researching: Marten R. Schenk- bapt. 11/14/1728 St. George's Church, Hempstead, who married Phebe Prince. Concerned I could be confusing biographical info. and military history of these two cousins.

From: <basv123@verizon.net>
Am looking for any information for Mary Jandrew, daughter of George and Mary Jandrew.  She was born 1917.  She had sisters, Anna, Eileen, Marie and one more.  She was born in Manhattan and supposedly adopted by Dr. Samuel Johnson Bradbury and his wife, Sallie, of Lynnbrook, Long Island.  These girls have cousins in the Boston area who would love to hear about or from them.  Barbara Valente of Hingham, MA

From: <mulvihill@nyc.rr.com>
Hello, good people at Long Island Genealogy 
First, hearty congratulations on a splendid website.
Re your good commentary on Gardiner's Island, is the JOHN GARDINER you mention the 17thC London merchant, John Gardiner, who was active in the English Crown's West India trade & also Warden of the Merchant-Venturers in 1626? Might you have a line on THAT particular John Gardiner, if he's NOT 'your' John Gardiner? If this is the same man, is your JG a Londoner who also traveled to Africa in the mid-17thC, either as a merchant / privateer or in some official capacity for the Court of Charles II? Have you any information at all on these matters, please? (This is part of a big & complex research project of mine.)
Maureen E. Mulvihill, PhD
Fellow, Princeton Research Forum
Visiting Professor of Global Literatures, and of Shakespeare, 2005-06
St John's University, Manhattan Campus

From: <dudley.clist@btinternet.com>
Re: Ann L Burnham-West Babylon&Albany
The family of Arnold S Burnham are seeking the family of Technical Sergeant Ann L Burnham, Ann was born in 1898 died 1986, she was married to Staff Sargeant Arnold S Burnham from Rouses Point NY he was born 1913 and died 1988, they both served in WW2. Ann was from West Babylon, they lived at 94 Grand Street Albany, Arnold was a clerk in the Albany Medical Centre.
We know that Ann is buried in the Calverton Veterans Cemetery.
We would appreciate any help or guidance.
Many Thanks
Janice Wales UK  Laurie Pelkey Altona NYS

4 June 1672 Joseph Davis have exchanged a piece of land over against his door with FRANCIS MONCY between his lot and Robert Smith the west side of the highway for so many pole in the old field next to a piece that the town GAVE the said Francis Moncy of land being a piece of the said Joseph's three acre lot adjoining to the said MUNCY -

From: <cstev23@aol.com >
I am trying to find information on the early English settlers in Dutch controlled territory in the mid-1600's.   Were they all freemen before they settled in this area?  Is there a differences between freeman and free planter?  Were they allowed to freely travel between Dutch controlled area and English controlled areas on Long Island?

From: <mleveque@tcsn.net>
I am looking for a birth record for my great grandmother born August 1847 on Long Island.  Her parents are Joseph and Susannah (Susan Cook) WALLIN.  Her parents/siblings came to New York (Brooklyn) ca Aug. 1845 from England.   She went by Carrie M. Wallin, but her name may have been Caroline or Clara originally.   The history goes she was orphaned by both parents and she and her siblings were sent to live with others.  Carrie & Mary Ann lived in Cayuga Co. NY for awhile.  They may have been put on an orphan train to go West (western NY).  Are there records of orphanages or societies on Long Island for the 1840's-1850's?  IN 1900 Census she lists place of birth as "Long Island" and this has been the tradition in our history.
Would there be a birth record for her anywhere?  Her siblings (all b. England) included: 
John T. Walling who died in Napa, CA in 1920--joined Army & served in Union during Civil War, I have all history of him.
Mary Ann Wallin who m. Horace John Christian of Mentyz, Cayuga Co., NY--I have all her history.
Richard Wallin (might have added a "g"), served in Military during or before Civil War.  Nothing more known.
Susan Wallin, nothing more known, age 11 in 1845.
Thomas Wallin or Walling, age 4 in 1845, nothing more known.
Marilyn LeVeque

From: <grannygoose3@mchsi.com>
    I am looking for background information on a Moses Reeves born New York about 1810 (he was age 40 in 1850 census of Cayuga County, NY, Town of Ledyard). He had a wife Susan age 41; sons Nelson <O> age 19; Moses age 17 and two daughters Susan age 12 and Margaret aged 11.  I have found this family in 1860 and 1870 in Lansing, Tompkins County, NY and Candor in Tioga County.  How is Moses connected to Experience (---) (Woolley) Brown, wife of Ebenezer Brown?  Experience died in Tompkins Co. 25 March 1848, had a dau. Calista who md. Charles N. Wager.  The mother of Charles N. Wager was a (Miss) Reeves; the father of Charles was Andrew Wager.  The Moses  Reeves connection came up  in the probate abstraction:  Dianna Wooley, a daughter of Experience Brown declines Adm. In favor of Moses Reeves, of Ledyard, (Tioga County is shown but it should be Cayuga Co.), NY, a creditor.
    I have not found them in the Reeve(s) book by Baker which I used for my known Reeve line;  in checking the Reeves names listed on the Long Island web-site, I feel I am in the right neighborhood.  Perhaps these Reeves were “lost” when they moved “West” to  the Finger Lakes area ? Also found in Tompkins County (cemetery) is  a Mehitable Reeves, who was age 87 when she died Aug 27, 1850.  It has been suggested by earlier research that perhaps Experience had a sister Patience; I found  a Patience  married to a Francis  Woolley .  “Mehettable Reaves” is living with them although Patience is only 49 whereas “Mahettable” is 87.
    How do any of them tie into Ms. Reeves who md. my Andrew Wager and is the mother of Charles N. Wager and siblings?
Olive Hoffman

From: <bdegennaro@yahoo.com>
I am trying to locate any information about my grandfather and have not much luck.  His name was Charles Warren Kelley and he was born 5 March 1916 and died 3 December 1958. He is buried in the Long Island National Cemetery in section U site 1482. He was married to Winifred Benham on May 6, 1951.  Can you help me locate his obituary? I have my grandmothers, she died december 3, 1984 in Saginaw Michigan. Charles was also a Commander in the US Coast Guard and served from 1939 to 1946. Any information you can find or direct me to would be greatly appreciated. I have tried the Coast guard but they sent me to NARA's website and I have no information about where my grandpather died. Thanks for you time and consideration of this information.
Sincerely Barbara DeGennaro

From: <JessDL@comcast.net>
HERNANDEZ, Steven Anthony...I'm looking for any information on Steven Anthony Hernandez.  Born around 1958.  He is of Cuban decent and had a few siblings (at least one deaf).  He was in the military and stationed in Germany in the mid-late 1970's and married a woman from Alabama. I would greatly appreciate any information.  Thank you.

From: <gdsalyer@msn.com>
I am looking for a man named in an event that happened in Jamaica Bay, Long Island, N. Y.,  His name is JOHN WAY......Jamaica bay is a regionally significant resource for fish and wildlife, it is a frequent subject of research and management of its wildlife, fisheries, waters and marshes. Much is under the National Park System's Gateway National Recreation Area and even some of it's wetland and upland areas are now a part of the John F. Kennedy International Airport. However the picture was much different in January of 1754. That year was an unusually warm an pleasant period until Monday the 21st about noon when a violent gale set in from the north-west and the temperture changed to piercing cold. Eight Men were cought out in this storm with a conoe and an eight man periauger clamming in Jamaica Bay, evening came and they had not returned and the Anxiety of their friends and familys were  running high as the weather did not warm until Friday afternoon so the search effert could be made....The periauger was discovered driven on an island of sedge where the frozen bodies of SAMUEL LEVERICH, AMOS ROBERTS, and great grandson's of Foulk Davis:  WILLIAM SALLIER III AND THOMAS SALLIER of Newtown were found, one frozen setting at the tiller in an upright position. It was not until the next Sabbath  that the canoe was recovered with the bodies of a servant-man employed by JOHN WAY and two slaves belonging to JOHN WAY and one slave belonging to JOHN BURROUGHS...................submitted by: Gerald Dee Salyer

From: <grannygoose3@mchsi.com>
Christopher Foster and Wife Frances <Stevens>
I have just finished going over all of my information on the Foster family connected to my Sayre family and nowhere have I found the surname for Frances  (<Stevens>), except in the Ancestral File.  Of course, with no source documentation unless one can view the film with the charts/information on it (I cannot), it is up for questioning:  how valid is this surname for Frances; what source(s) used?  Has anyone been able to check this out in parish registers in England or other records?  A will, perhaps?  Anything?  Have we found out for sure where in England Christopher was born – information I have by Banks says he came from Ewell Parish, Surrey, England – but of course, that does not mean that is where he was born or was residing at the time of emigration.  (The marriage given on the Ancestral File is 24 Dec 1628, in Ewell, Surrey).  Were the parents of Frances a Jerome Stevens and wife Alice (---)? Unfortunately, I am out of the loop for new findings that may be in libraries because I no longer have access to  them where I live, so wondering if something new has come to light since my first go-around with these ancestors several years ago. ?
Olive Hoffman

From: <BLaird@woodgrain.com>
I'm looking for relatives of my Great Grandmother. Her name was Orleana Valentine,born 1879, married to Adam Huff, born 1879. Thank you very much.
From: <dwirt30@optonline.net>
Looking for as much info as I can find re: Robert Rose of Southold and Watermill, L.I., NY. He is listed among the first settlers in East Hampton in the 1600's. Jeremiah Meacham is listed among the first settlers into Southold L.I. He went onto East Hampton also. Oddly enough these two familes married into each others line over 200 years later in Montgomery Co.,VA.     Diane Darmiento in Bay Shore, NY

I am looking for the mother & father of Arminda or Amenda Dayton born July 3,1825. She married  William N Satterly they had 10 or 11 Children  Found them in census in Brookhaven Long Island in 1850 & 1860.
She is my great great Grand Mother.
Thank You   Lorraine Teichert

From: <na4evr@hotmail.com>
Hi,  I need help.  I ma searching for parents of John Butler Townsend b- Orange co, NY 1796>married Ruth A Dickerson, Dickson b- NJ 1801.  This family was in Ohio 1818, back to NJ 1821, Chenango co, NY ?, Yates co NY 1830-1840, Chemung oc, NY 1850-1860.   I have been searching for a Butler connection*thinking JOhn Butler mother may be been a Butler.  While doing os I find a William J Butler married to Sophia Young in Chemung co. NY;  I dont know if this William Butler isa connected to my John Butler Townsend.  I just thought to take a chance to see if you may have seen his name in you search.  Any information appreciated,Thank you , Dotty

From: <afwoodnutt@comcast.net>
     I am not sure where to start but we are looking for the family of my grandfather, Benjamin J. Reeves, who was born in Long Island NY on March 1, 1892.  He ran away from home at age 15 or 16.  He never spoke of his family because he left as a very angry teenager.  Ben is now deceased.  All we know is that his dad owned a dairy farm, and had a shipping company.  Ben hopped aboard one of his dad's ships to run away.  Any idea who we can contact in the Thomas Reeves family to explore more?  We would appreciate any information you can offer.  Thanks.  Tom and Anita Woodnutt, Olympia WA

From: <duggin@charter.net>
Looking for information on Rhoda (Rhonda) Catherine Parsells who married Ezra Sickler.  I can't seem to find her in any census after 1870, yet your sight lists her death as before 1911.  Can you give me any  information on her whereabouts after 1870?
Thanks,  Nancy

From: <rda17terry@usadatanet.net>
I have been searching for the name of my great grand parents, but have had no luck, and I am hoping you may be able to help, or give me a place to start.  I do know that my grandfather, "Edward John Terry" was born on December 3, 1898 in Terryville, "Brookhaven,"  Long Island. Unfortunately, that is the only sure thing I know.  Any information or help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,  Ronald A. Terry

From: <mgsch1229@earthlink.net>
I am looking for the Thurston Family. The wife was Hannah Denton of Rockville Centre, Long Island.  She married my Great Grandfather Zephaniah Thurston.  They had my Grandfather Lester Thurston and a deaf daughter Hannah.  I believe they lived in Freeport, L.I., and perhaps Oceanside, or Rockville Centre, L.I., New York.  Lester married my grandmother Sara Jane
nee Johnson of New Jersey.  She was born in 1870, and her Father was John Johnson, born in 1841.  I do need help.  Anyone with answers for me?  I would appreciate hearing from you.
Margaret J. Schulte

From: <millerm@themillers.org>
I am looking for some material on an event in 1887, I have: pages 18-21 of _A Historical Overview of the Office of the Suffolk County Sheriff and His Department, Connetquot Public Library, Bohemia NY, pub 1989, re: The Murder of Cynthia Hawkins (an ancestor of my husband’s).   Is there someone who can do some research for me? At what cost?
I would like to know:
RE: the Clock family (Cynthia Clock Hawkins) – what did her father do? Where did they live?
RE: the Hawkins family: Where did they live? How did her husband die? How did he make his money? (I have names and genealogical info).
RE: Hattie Schreck – where was she from? Why did Cynthia Hawkins object to her?
I would also like to see any web-links showing pictures of Islip in 1880s-90s.
Thanks so very much, Margot Miller - http://www.themillers.org/margotmiller/index.html

From: <LWin140967@aol.com>
Searching for any information about Carl Denton m to Clara Denton, had two daughters, Blanche and Marjie.  Family lived around South Ben Ind.

From: <catherine.hind1@virgin.net>
I am tying to find out how I can locate details of a British subject who was born in Long Island in 1821 (Mary Ann Jackson) all I know is her father was called Issac Jackson.  Has anyone got any tips on how I can locate her birth certificate or get more info.  She moved back to England (not sure what date) & got married in 1842 to a Samuel Jackson from Bradley Derbyshire

From: <geniekid39@yahoo.com>
The other day I came across an item about the marriage of an Isaac Wood and a Gould.I would guess they were alive during the later half of the 1800s. Naturally, I can't find the site now! Does anyone know who and where they might be?  The Gould name is a middle name in our family.  This circle has to connect somehow!
Barbi Tomko

From: <jerrijopling@comcast.net>
Hi:  My name is Jerri Jopling.  I can fill in a little more of the Woodhull line.  My grandmother was Helen Wooodhull, daughter of Benjamin Nelson Woodhull.  She married Harvey Charles Jopling.  They had three boys William, Richard and Gary.  My father is Richard Jopling.  He was born in 1934.  I don’t know when my Uncle Gary was born.  My grandmother, Helen, died in childbirth around the time that my father was 11 years old.  She and the baby both died.  The baby was a girl named Juanita I believe.  They are both buried together in Champion, Alberta
Is there any chance anyone would be able to fill in the Jopling side for me?  I believe my grandfather’s father was named Thomas Ralph Jopling or Ralph Thomas Jopling.  They emigrated to Canada from North Dakota.  That is about all I know.  I was pleasantly surprised to find all of the Woodhull information going so far back.  Oh, also – my Aunt Florence Woodhull I think died in the early 1970’s.  I believe she served in the US Army as a nurse during World War II.  My Uncle Arthur (Edwin Arthur Forrestt Woodhull) was a house painter living in Los Angeles, California.  He came to stay with us in Visalia, CA for a little while.  He died I believe in the 1970’s as well.  I’m not sure when Aunt Gladys died ( and maybe she hasn’t – I assume so though).  I believe she was living in Cardston, Alberta.
Thanks,Jerri A. Jopling

From: <tchumphrey1@earthlink.net>
I am looking for my grandfather, Richard William Blydenburgh, who was born circa 1926 in or near Long Island NY (according to my mother's birth certificate). My mother, Alice Louise Blydenburgh Humphrey, was born in Palatka, FL, and has never met or spoken to her father. Mr. Blydenburgh has a daughter and 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren who live in North Carolina. I have been able to locate via 1930 NY census records, a Richard Blydenburgh, son of William and Louise Blydenburgh, who lived in Islip, NY.
I am 35 years old and do not know why I have just started this search. I realize that, if living, my grandfather would be near 80, and my desire would be to communicate with him before it's too late. Our family is not looking to disrupt, only to let him know that our father/grandfather has something else to be proud of. I have found a Richard W Blydenburgh with residences in Sayville, NY and Bayport, NY, but do not want to assume anything.
I have a copy of the birth certificate that I will be glad to scan and email. I am an Allstate insurance agent and a County Commissioner (you call us Legislators in NY). I can be reached via the following web sites, addresses and phone numbers are included:
Sincerely,Chris Humphrey

From: <Reobabe@aol.com>
I would like to know does any one have pictures of any Female Overtons in the late 1800's or up to 1940 I have one of my gggg grandma Jane Overton and I am not sure if it is her first or middle name that is Jane can any one help me out here.
 Sincerely Laura reobabe@aol.com

From: <garph@ihug.co.nz>
I am seeking information re the family of Zacheus Hampton. residing in Smithtown 1860 - 1900. Connected names are Haseltine and Skidmore. I live in New Zealand so not able to do research locally. Willing to do reciprocal research in NZ if anyone has connections here.

From: <tnotto@earthlink.net>
My grandparents were married in 1906.  At the time of their wedding they were living in the vicinity of Oyster Bay/Glen Cove/Hempstead.  A 3 year  search at Albany County (1906, 1907, 1908) came up negative.I have attempted to get answers from the above communities, but I keep striking out.  I do not know the day or month of the wedding.  Any suggestions are most appreciated.
Bride: Helen O'Connor  Groom: Erasmus Darwin Skinner II  Year of Marriage: 1906
 Thank you, Tonia Hannemann  Cocoa Beach, FL

From: <Roger.Woodruff@tinker.af.mil>
Looking for any information on James Woodruff listed in the 1800 Suffolk, Southampton Census, a man of 26 years, two small boys 10 or younger, one female 16, and two females 26 and one slave. If this is in fact my GGG-Grandfather the old Family tale was he was lost at sea shortly after 1800 and his widower married a man named Jessup. Any help appreciated. Woody
From: <cjefferies@rogers.com>
I was wondering if you could help us find the final resting place of John Alexander Dalton who was born in Newfoundland in 1841 married at least 3 times, he was a captain of a few schooners and when he retired he went to Long Island to work on the docks. According to his grandson he died there probably after 1920.
We would love to find out where. Thank you in advance for you time.
Carol and Tom Jefferies John is great grandfather of Tom

From: <cscoon@consolidated.net>
Looking for info on Nicholas STILLWELL family. and their connection to the BELL family (John, Samuel, James are possible male names).  These families were in Kings  CO. Long Island by mid 1700`s.  Sometime after  Rev. War, they moved around, and were in PA, KY and finally Ohio, Muskingum Co.  More recently ---1850---the families moved to East Central Illinois, where we now are concentrated.  If you have anything to add, especially re the BELL line, please email me at your earliest convenience.  They are my Brick wall, but probably came from the British Isles.  Thanks!  Caroline SIMS COON.

From: <vehood@netzero.net>
Isaiah Harrison 1st wife Elizabeth Wright Oyster Bay LI married second time by 1702 to an Abigail.....in this same year sold out and moved to Smithfield (Smithtown) Looking for leads to Agigail's maiden name...suspect Smith or Lawrence .

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
In September I will be taking a trip out to eastern Long Island and while there I will visit Sammis Beach in East Hampton. I am looking for any information on who the beach was named for and any help with Sammis family members who lived in East Hampton. Any help would truly be appreciated. I can be reached at BOBSLED46@aol.com. Thanks, Bob Sammis

From: <bberger@wayne.edu>
I am looking for descendants of David or Jesse Pierson and Nathan and Lodowick Post, all of Southampton, all born in the 1700s and dying in the 1800s.  I am writing an article on Pierson v. Post (1805), a case in which they were parties.  Thanks for any help.
Bethany Berger

From: <teichert@usadatanet.net>
Cooper Family From Long Island. My Grandmother was daughter of James N Cooper And Emma F Satterly . James father and mother was Phineas M Cooper And Harriet Goodale. Phineas M Cooper was born in [Speonk] [ Remsenburg] Long Island in 1791. Would like to find the mother and father of Phineas M Cooper ?
Thank You  Lorraine Teicher

From: <awoodnutt@comcast.net>
Reeves Family from Long Island:
We are trying to track down our grandfather's family.  He was Benjamin (either Jack or Joseph) Reeves from Long Island.  He was born 3/1/1892, and left home in 1907 at age 15 by jumping aboard one of his dad's ships.  His dad owned a shipping company and a dairy farm on Long Island.  He was one of two sisters and four brothers.  Any one have a missing Benjamin from Long Island out there?  Reply to awoodnutt@comcast.net and thank you.

From: <mic_hawkins1976@yahoo.com>
Hello, my name is James McCallister Hawkins, son of John Augustas Hawkins and Beverly Ann Ashley. My grand father's name was Foster Lee Hawkins. His father was John Foster Hawkins. Foster's wife's first name was Gertrude(I do not Know her maiden name but would like to), John Foster Hawkins' wife's name was Irene Marie Lee(father:William Lester Lee; mother's: Arminda Iantha Bales. I would like to know if you folks have any family history on my decendents, please. I have a sister named Barbara Lynn Hawkins- Duncan, husband Gary Duncan. I have one son from my first marriage to Nancy Jayne Rasnick( family from Big Stone Gap, Virginia) father John Howard Rasnick, mother Della Estelle Cox. My son's name is Abraham Victor Hawkins. He has a son out of wedlock Nathanial Howell. I also have two sons from my second marriage. James Wesley Hawkins and Leland Willis Allen Hawkins. My wife's name is Michelle Renee Schunn- Hawkins. Her father's Name is Thomas Allen Schunn and mother's name is Vera Schmink. Thomas Schunn's Father Robert Paul Schunn, Mother is Carollyn St. Louis( a direct decendent of King Louis the 9th of France). I too would like my father's sibling's name too. I was seperated from him when I was 2. I am 47 and live in Anderson, Indiana. Thank you Jim

From: <gifford924@aol.com>
I am descended from Emily Jane Mills b. April 1823 d. 1906. She married Edward England.  Her siblings were: John Mills, Zophar Mills, Angeline Mills, Elizabeth Mills m. Mr. Stokes, and Maria Mills m. Henry Stevens.  Grandma says that their parents were Zophar Mills b. ca. 1771 and Mary "Polly Dayton" but haven't any proof of that...have you ever come across the above names?
Thank you very much.
Hope Gifford

From: <HRCamacho@insightbb.com>
I am searching for a William M Miller and Kathleen or Katherine Valukaney that were married in Long Island, sometime between 1900-1910.  William was from Germany and Kathleen (Katherine) was born in Poland.  If anyone can help, I would be greatly appreciative.

From: <CSteveHill@bellsouth.net>
In 1900 my Great Grand Father and his family lived intact in Suffolk County.  In 1910 they are dispersed as servants and in Catholic homes on the Island and in Queens.  Can anyone help me find out what happened to: Edward Drum born 1869 on the Island in Suffolk. Margaret Drum born on the Island in 1894. Any information on Virginia Drum’s marriage to a soldier named “Miller” who may have been stationed on the IslandVirginia was my Grandmother born in 1897 and died 1971.
Thanks, Steve

From: <Gypsies144@aol.com>
I am looking for information on a Charles H. Bird who was killed in a fire in Brookhaven in 1914.  I have no particulars on the fire.  Anyone that can help me in any way, would be appreciated.

From: <peacemaker7@frontiernet.net>
I would be forever indebted to the person who will help me on a research.  I am looking to match a signature "A.D. Hedges" Aug. 22, 81.  I believe, but am not sure, it is that of "Deacon David Hedges was born June 15th, 1744, and died November 8th, 1817" ------- and is "COL. DAVID HEDGES, JR. 6 b. June 14, 1779, d. Jan. 1, 1856 - 77, was a man of unusual intelligence, good judgment and strong common sense. He served the public as a silversmith all his life." ----- his son??   I need to also know of any relationship between A. D. Hedges and either or President George Washington or President Andrew Jackson.
Thanks in advance. Jim

From: <mail@lydgate7.fsnet.co.uk>
I am trying to trace any reference to my grandfather's brother, Harry Lord Marshall, who I believe emigrated to the USA between 1891 and 1901 at the age of 26 to 36, and settled in Long Island. He was a Professor of Music and had some compositions published.   Harry was born in 1886 at Todmorden, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. I would be very grateful if you could help me.
Jack Marshall

From: <Sowel59@aol.com>
I am searching for any information about the family of Francis Ward Lewis born July 17, 1817.  According to the Santa Barbara Mission records(California) he was married in 1850. His parents names were given as Francisco Isac and Emilia Lewis living in New York.  Francis' birthplace was also given as New York.  In an article in a Contra Costa History Book about his grandson, the grandson is quoted as saying that his grandfather was born on Long Island and was a seaman.  In the census of 1850 for California he is listed as a seaman.  I have a lot of info on his later life but have hit a brick wall on information before he came to California.  Any help would be most appreciated.
Thank you,
Pam Lewis in California

From: <juliette.syme@btinternet.com>
I am searching for descendents of Ambrose George and Cornelia Raynor b 3.8.1813.  Their daughter Susan (Susia) Hinchman George whop is my great great grandmother married Joseph Pearson (Pierson) of NJ.  Their daughter Sussia (Susie)  Pearson b 1866 married my great grandfather Henry Partridge when he went to New York to work and they then returned to London in the 1890's. She appears to be an only child.   Susan Hinchman George appears to have 5 siblings Mordecai, Mary Eliza, Charles Edward, Emily, Thomas Jefferson and Cornelia Elizabeth.
Juliette Syme

From: <BuTTeRfLy1324@aol.com>
Looking for anyone with information on Carman Baldwin(fisherman) born 1823 in flatlands Brooklyn.  Married to Elizabeth Ryder.  Carman father's name was Samuel Carman Baldwin (boatman)  married to Rebecca.  Carman children are Nathaniel, George A., Jesse, Ann, Benjamin C, Charles V, Harriet, Alice and Agnes(twins)  Gussie, and Edith.

From: <goody2shuz43@earthlink.net>
MILLER, Elias B. (found on 1910 US Census)
Born:  ca 1855, NY Died:  ca 1942, NY
Spouse:# 1 CORRIGAN, Margaret Born:  unknown Died:  ca 1893
Twin daughters:
Margaret Born:  May 3, 1890 Southampton, Long Island, NY Died:  June 24, 1944, NY
Mary (same as above) Died:  February 1977, Pittsburgh, Alleghany, PA
Elias married:  #2 Elizabeth unknown
Two daughters:
Marian; born 1895, Adele; born 1898
Seeking information on parents, siblings, grandparents of (above) Elias B. MILLER
Gratefully yours, Lynn in CA

From: <urithv@aol.com>
Looking for parents of Mary Dominy who married John Pardee.  She was born in East Hampton, NY.  
Respond to urithv@aol.com

From: <vjensen@helmsbriscoe.com>
My family owned a large resort hotel in Glenwood Landing, Long Island on the North Shore.  It was in operation in the 20’s and 30’s as my mother remembers going there as a child and she was born in 1923.  The hotel was called Karatsonyi’s.  I don’t know when it was eventually closed, but I do know the family sold the land to LILCO, and its now were the power plant is.  I am looking for information on the hotel and its history.  Thanks for any help you can offer. 

Valerie J. Jensen, Ltd.

From: <sscotty@cox.net>
Looking for information on Francis Drake and Phebe Vail married 1723 in Southold, Suffolk Co. and their family. I am also interested in Richard Drake of Southold and how he might connect to this family. I am researching Francis Drake of Blooming Grove, Orange Co., NY. He had an Aunt Abigail Parshall and a brother Joshua. He was born ca 1735-40 and appears to have migrated to Orange Co. from Long Island between 1755-1776. He is listed as a son of Joseph Drake of Orange Co. in the book "Drake Genealogy in the line of Samuel Drake of Lower Smithfield Township, Northampton Co., PA" by Lillian Drake Avery but DNA testing has proved that he did not belong to this "Dutch Drake" line found in Orange and Sullivan Co., New York. Currently, there are three Drake lines that are very closely related to Francis Drake of Blooming Groove. One line is Francis Drake of Dansville, Steuben Co., NY who married Betsey Elizabeth Seeley in 1809. In letters written 1880, it is claimed that his father was Francis Drake who had the following children: Francis, Joshua, Samuel, Julia, Sally, Betsey, Catherine, Jemima and Peter. The second family is Francis P. Drake born 1801 who married Mary Ann Carpenter in Tompkins Co.late 1820's and migrated through Ohio and settling in Wood Co., WV by 1849. The other line is descended directly from Francis Drake of Blooming Grove through his son, Francis who Anna Corwin in Orange Co. and lived in Lansing, Tompkins Co. The names Francis, Richard, and John are carried in all of these three Drake family lines. Any info or lead greatly appreciated!
Susan Scott

From: <rbuko1630@earthlink.net>
Lemuel Soper is listed in New York G & B in 1996 issue of the Record on page 16 in a transcription of the 1798 property evaluations  as having 150  in house value, 89 acres and 566 in land value. Who are his parents, his wife and children,  Is he any relation to Joseph or Thomas Soper"?

From: <romc@texas.net>
Searching for golden wedding souvenir of  Rev and Mrs. Jeremiah R. Barnes about Sept 26, 1889.  listed on  page 30 "Catalogue of Amer Genealogies in the Libarary of the LI Historical Soceity  (Baltimore:  GPCo, 1969)
reply to romc@texas.net  Thank you.

My mother Margurite Ann Smith married James Patrick Francis O'Keeffe.  They both passed in 1988.
My mother lived in Hempstead and Freeport. Her birthday was 12/25/25.
Any ideas of where I should start?  She has one brother  named George.

I noted on the internet a listing of patriot civilian and military refugees from New York and Long Island who went to Connecticut. Among those listed were Captain Peter Stutenburgh and Isaac Stoutenburgh.  The spellings of the two  lastnames  differ, but I wonder if they are related. My ancestor was a Captain Peter Stautenburg, son of Jacobus Stautenburg and Margsret Teller.

From: <catherine.hind1@virgin.net>
I am trying to find out some information on a Mary Ann Jackson, she was born on Long Island (British Subject)in 1820/21 (father) Issac Jackson, she then moved to England & married in 1842 to a Samuel Hind. She lived in Derbyshire for the rest of her life.
Has anyone got any information that could help my family history research?

From: <Lucita13@aol.com>
I am looking for any newspaper account or obituary of the homicide of a woman from about 1958 or 1959 In Nassau County - possibly Valley Stream. Patricia Varin Jurrens, born June 1928 in Missouri,  was pushed down the stairs by a boyfriend and died. At least that was the story told to her son. The man was charged with homicide. I would like to find the news account of her death.Can someone help me with this search?
Thank you.Lucy Flynn

From: <MCGRN98@aol.com>
I am looking for information on the William ANDERSON family of Freeport, Nassau Co. found on the 1920 and 1930 Census living at 402 South Side Ave. on both census.  William married Edith Miles about 1914.  They had two boys, William Charles born 1916 and died 1962, buried in Pinelawn, Farmingdale and Ronald Edward born 1923, possibly a twin that died at birth.  Edith might have been a Long Island Indian.  I would like to know how to go about getting more information on this family.
Thank you, Marilyn

From: <IBEM1@aol.com>
searching for sisters, Mary Louise and Kathrine Elizabeth Peek, born Cortland NY early 1920's.  They were removed from their home in the late 20's, placed with a family named Hubbard from Harford NY.  Now I find they were sent to Long Island, at some unknown time, where they both lost their lives in a storm/boating accident.  Verbal reports say they drowned.  These are my Father's half sisters and I would very much like to locate them, info concerning them.
Thank you, Emma L. Peak Smith

From: <gravelgert101@yahoo.com>
My name is Joanne Platt, recently my brother did a DNA test for the Rose Family, and the results were that we are decended from Robert and Dorothy Rose ,aka,1640 of Long  Island, N.Y. Just what county of Long Island I do not know. I have been on your site and have found nothing of any roses. I do hope you can be of some help in finding this couple for me, as I have had no luck whats so ever. Till I hear from you, thank you.
Joanne Platt

From: <CrawfordR@missouri.edu>
As a child growing up on Long Island in the 1950's, I remember learning a poem, I think it was called "Thirteen Tribes", I don't recall the author. It begins:
"Thirteen tribes of common stock Peopled this isle called Paumanok (sp?) Before the white man came along And took it over for a song."
It then goes on to describe each tribe. I have tried every search engine I can think of with no success. I'm not sure this is an appropriate question to even ask this group, but since your site has a considerable amount of info on the Native Americans of Long Island, I thought I'd give it a try.
Richard Crawford

From: <tomanorton@yahoo.com>
I am trying to find information on my great grandfather Franklin C Norton he died about 1907.  Ithink he lived around Far Rockaway NY.  I know that he had at least two children.

From: <sadayton@vtc.net>
Who were the parents of Joel Wood born Abt. 1806 living out his life in the Southold/Cutchogue, Suffolk County are?
He married Esther Howell born Dec. 1811, daughter of David Howell and Joanna Wells.  George and Esther had issue George S. Wood Abt. 1837, Mary E. Abt 1841 and Henry H. Abt. 1845.  George S. married Emily A. Worth  Abt. 1837, daughter of John Worth and Mary A. Worth also of Southold/Mattituck in the US census.  (Mary H. Worth died June 1844, John married Nancy Havens Lester.)  Much of this information is referenced in various places of longislandgenealogy.com; US Census NY, Suffolk, Southold. 
George and Emily had issue Adelaide Estelle Abt. 1864, Mary C. (married Fillmore Dayton) and Lottie.  Adelaide (Addie) married David Benjamin Dayton b. 1863, d. July 1892. (David E., William, Nathaniel; Tuttle, Nathaniel, Isaac, Samuel, Ralph) and after David's death she married Joseph H. Southard (no issue.).  Adelaide and David had issue Harris Spencer, Clarence Leroy, Eugene B. and Ethel E....Clarence L. Dayton married Ella Almira Smith (Edward, Israel, Jeremiah K., Zebulon, Isaac, Samuel, Nicholas Seversmith AKA Claus Severtz Smith) they resided in Patchogue, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Huntington and Patchogue.
Clarence and Ella Dayton had sons Leroy, Walter Smith and Clarence Egbert.
IN MEMORY of Clarence (BUD) Egbert Dayton who passed January 17, 2005...the last of his line of Dayton's.  He was my uncle.
Sharon Dayton 

From: <RobertLMcDonald@aol.com>
Looking for George Brown of N.Y. Long Island who served in the 1st Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas in 1960. He was a amateur boxing champion in the 1950s.
Robert L. McDonald

From: <ejolson@earthlink.net>
I am desperately searching for any listing for SURNAME EAROMIRSKI,  Family was in EAST NORTHPORT, LONG ISLAND. as far as we can tell. This is my paternal grandmother's line. We know she and ~12 brothers and sisters born in and around E. NORTHPORT. Have not found anything close in any census thus far. Any listings for Polish Genealogy would also be helpful.
Thank you so much
Liz Olson

From: <jman@mnsi.net>
John Weeks...
I do not know who he married or date of birth.  I do know he might have a son name Amos Weeks, born 1774 in Westchester Co. New York and received land in 1796 Canada and settled here.  we are looking for any kind of connection and suspect that John Weeks, was a captain in the British Army before arriving in the States. Any help or where to go next would be appreciated

From: <gjackson@wcoil.com>
I am looking for information about the Thomas/William Jackson that married Mary Ann Cheesman 07 March 1780. These people are my 5th g-grandparents. They lived in Gloucester County, New Jersey and he died there in 1796. But, since his wife's family is from the Hempstead/Oyster Bay area I thought that I might post a query here. She is the daughter of Peter C. Cheesman and Ann Ellis. Would be willing to share information with anyone that would be a part of this family.
Gary Jackson

From: <geniekid39@yahoo.com>
Hi, I am looking for information on a GH Corwin. He was the "preceptor" for my grandfather, Charles F Wood. We assume that means some form of apprenticeship. If you know, I would love to hear.

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
My name is Bob Sammis and I am working on a family tree/history. I am looking for information on members of the Chichester family who were married to Sammis's. Abner Chichester, son of Eliphalet and Mary Nostrand Chichester, was married to Iantha Sammis. Abner was born Nov 11, 1791 in Huntington, NY and died Sept 23, 1862. Iantha was born May 4, 1794 and died on her 25th birthday in 1819. Does anyone know who her parents were and/or if this couple had any children? I also need the first name and any family history of a  Chichester who was married to Sarah Whitman, who also was at one time married to David Sammis. Estimated birth of Sarah is about 1710-1715. Finally, does anyone have any information on Ebenezer Chichester who was married to Olivia Sammis, daughter of William Sammis and Sarah Conklin. He was born about 1788. Who were his parents? Did they have any children? Any help would truly be appreciated, Thanks, Bob Sammis

From: <Wayne@demaximis.com>
I am searching for my connection to the early Barteaus and Bartos that originated in the Huntington, L.I. area.  I have noticed that there is extensive information on your web pages for these families however I do not see any reference to my relatives.  My GGGrandfather was Simeon Barto.  He was reportedly born in Tioga Co., NY in or about 1816 and died there in 1872.  I have no information about his parents and am therefore unable to trace him back to the Barteaus and Bartos of Huntington, L.I.  There was another Barto, a Benjamin B. Barto that lived in the same vicinity of Tioga Co. and was approximately the same age.  He was born in 1812 and died in 1900.  I also cannot find any information about his parents so my thought are that they very likely were brothers.  There were a number of Bartos that arrived in this portion of Upstate NY in this time frame from Vermont.  If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Wayne Barto

From: <bupdegrave@stny.rr.com>
Ezekiel Weekes born 13 May 1734 Oyster Bay Ny ,died 23 August 1777 Oyster Bay NY, his wife Susannah Whitmore Dyer Weekes  was widowed with eight children.
Was  Ezekiel's death  a result of of the war ?   and did Susannah remarry ?
Betty Updegrave

From: <Bfrandall@aol.com>
Researching names - c 1700's and 1800's -Rowland/Ruland/Rulon/Rolland, Sneden, Garrison from Long Island New Amsterdam and Brooklyn.  Would appreciate any information and would be happy to share information I have

From: <sandrawille@charter.net>
Hello, I was hoping that perhaps someone might have run across the name Humphrey.  William Humphrey was born in the Hemstead/Jamaica area of Long Island in 1704, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Clare Humphrey. I am trying to find out what happened to Thomas and Elizabeth, as I cannot locate when or where they died.  Also cannot find where WIlliam and his wife, Elizabeth Wiltse are buried. I do know they moved to Dutchess County New York, they had a son, Cornelius, who was born in 1735. Any help would be appreciated. We are considering a trip in the near future to Long Island, as we did not make it there two years ago when we were in New York. We are not very good at driving in big cities and will be looking for places to stay where we can take a bus into the city to do research. But we loved New York, and can't wait to return. Thank you for your help.
Sandy WIlle-Janesville WI

From: <JTHANDBOOK@aol.com>
I am looking for information on Captain George White, aviator and ornithopter inventor, who lived in Stony Brook in 1927/28 at least. I am guessing that he was born right around 1900. Thank you.
James Tapley

From: <rattiemom@gulftel.com>
I am looking for my husband's father burial site. He comittied suicide in FL several years ago, and was astanged from his ex-wife and children. His parents brought the body back to Long Island. However, I have not been able to find out anything more. I have reason to believe that it may be Prt Jefferson . Can anyone please tell me how I would find a list of interment for this site? His name was Edward Joseph Pesce. I can get death date and birth date if that will help. It is very important to my husband to make peace with his fatherso that he can move forward in life.
Cynthia, Sami, Heart, Chloe, and Sweet Pea

From: <w.bryson@ceva.net>
Looking for any information on William S. Taylor ( 1856-1922) married (1876)to Mary Jane Germain (1860-1939). Also Frank Arthur Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Charles E. Todd Taylor, Paul Taylor, Louis A. Taylor, Andrew Owen Taylor, Roy Mellon Taylor, Myra Martino Taylor, William David Taylor, James Harry Taylor, Elisha Taylor, Mary Taylor.
Thank you for any information or direction.

From: <rannett@suffolk.lib.ny.us>
Looking for the following:  Martin; b. 1900-1911 AND Violet Skidmore; B. Feb 1911(Brooklyn, NY) Married c. 1930's. Spouse's Parents: Walter & Johanna(Brown) Skidmore: /note: Violet H. Skidmore's children were: (by 1st Marriage:) Alfred; Earl; Dorothy - father Unknown AND Robert Edward( father:Martin & born June 13th, 1938; Mt. Kisco, NY.( by 2nd marriage.) Locations of Births would be: Mt. Kisco, NY; Brooklyn, NY and/ or Nassau County,  New York: [1929/1930/1935/& 1938 (Mt. Kisco, NY)[ for(Robert E]. Marriage of Martin & Skidmore would be c. 1930's. Input regarding this search would be welcome.
Robert E. Annett

From: <Juteshouse@aol.com >
Looking for info on David Petit or Pettit born about 1808 Long Islang N.Y. marries Eliza Nichols born around the same time in Long Island. They had 4 children also born Long Island Samuel M born about 1832, Ida born about 1833, Reginald Heber born about 1842, and James born about 1845. They moved to Danbury, Connecticut after the birth of James as David and his family are listed in the 1850 census for Danbury, Connecticut. Would like to find the ancestors of David. I know the Petit family came from LaRochelle France, don't know what year. Any info on the possible family of David will be appreciated.
Thank you
Judy Laslo

From: <KellyMeade@aol.com >
Can anyone please give me advice - I am trying to find out which church the Irish Catholics would have gone to if they lived in Islip New York in 1865.
I am looking for a marriage for that year between Nicholas Meade (Mead) and Rosanna (Rose) Connelly. I have contacted the Rockville and Brooklyn Diocese and St. Mary's and St. Patricks in Bay Shore and Huntington since the latter started before the Bay Shore church. Anyway, they all seem to be "Passing the Buck" with me. And I am getting very frustrated - If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so appreciative.

From: <margielloyd@logic.bm>
The Bermuda Historical Society would be extremely grateful if anyone were able to help us find more about the death of Captain John Stowe of Bermuda who is believed to have drowned in a blizzard off Long Island in December 1806 and to have been buried in a Suffolk County cemetery.  There is no record of this in the Bermuda newspapers and another family paper says 1815, but from other will and genealogical information 1806 is much more likely.
Margie Lloyd

From: <hsi@alltel.net>
I am searching for an obituary for Jackie Blair Walker.  Year of birth was 1937 in Tennessee.  Year of death was 2000 in New York.  Last know address was Melville, New York.  Father's name was Nicolas Swope Walker.  Mother's name was Bertie Ollie B Medlin.  Thank you
Debbie Polk

From: <WA2AUF@aol.com>
Although my ancestors are from orange county,ny,they trace back to long island. i'm having some difficulty and wonder if someone can assist me with my vail line?
   My ancestor,joseph conkling,b.-1768 married eleanor vail b.-ca.1775. i have the parents of eleanor vail as john b.1745 and mary youngs b.1740. is this correct? and can anyone take me back further?? thank you for reading my query.....walt rickett/nj

From: <pddauch@earthlink.net>
I am looking for any information on the dauch family that lived in hempstead long Island.

From: <Hoopcobb@aol.com>
McKenna, Hugh b. 1862 in Maryland.   With Dora and son Hugh P daughter Dorthy in Hempstead in 1920 and 1930 Census. Son, Hugh P. McKenna listed in FamilySearch.org as dying July 1972, in Lynbrook Nassau Co.
Any help at all in finding this family would be appriciated.
Susan Halpin

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
Sammis and Titus. I am looking for any information about marriages involving Sammis and Titus family members. On a recent trip to Brookville cemetery on Long Island I found a haedstone with the  names Jeremiah V Titus (1858-1930) and his wife Emma Sammis(1863-1935). I need information on ancestors and descendants of this couple. In the same cemetery there is a headstone with the names George Sammis Titus (1889-1969) and Edna Seaman Titus(1889-1972). Does anyone know if George has Sammis relatives? Perhaps his Mother? There are several other Titus/Sammis marriages in the Huntington area of Long Island and I would truly appreciate any ancestry or descendant information. Thanks, Bob Sammis

From: <geniekid39@yahoo.com>
I would like to find the family of Hiram Farmer and his wife, Emily J Field. They had two sons named Albert and Epher (1862 & 1869). I would appreciate any info you might have. Thanks, Barbi

From: <sreeve@TtFWI.com>
I'm looking for genealogical information for Lawrence Read (including father, mother, siblings, children, etc.) of Hempsted, father-in-law of Rev. William Vesey, first Anglican minister of Trinity Church, New York.

From: <morganplace@comcast.net>
Researching Griffing-Matheson of Oyster Bay, N.Y. Looking for info on Jane Matheson (b. 1872, Lackawanna County, Pa. & died after 1934 in Oyster Bay, N.Y.). Jame married a Harry Griffing of 137 Berryhill Road, Oyster Bay, N.Y. Jane's mother Mary Matheson lived with the Griffings from 1930 until her death in October of 1934. Mary Matheson's death certificate was signed by Arthur Griffing.

From: <Psydneyh@aol.com>
Joseph Sternberg, my cousin, has asked me to help locate the grave of his father Jack STERNBERG (possibly Jacob at birth).  He was 13 yrs old when his father died, which would make it about 1937.  He remembers only that it was a long long drive out to Long Island (from Brooklyn). Is there any hope of locating this grave?Jack Sternberg's mother was Betty Sternberg, his father Moses Sternberg/at birth,Chutko
P.Sydney Herbert

From: <sam.sylvia@wanadoo.fr>
I am looking for anyone who may be able to help me with the surname DUMPER.  My Grandfather was Charles Dumper born 1858 in England. He died 2/10/1951 in Bayshore.  He married Elizabeth Uttley who was also from England. They had 4 children.  Any help would be appreciated.   JAN

From: <sam.sylvia@wanadoo.fr>
Thomas Collins b. 11/30/1834  d. 8/11/1900 He was married to Mary Esther Pullis.   Is anyone else researching this family.  I have information to share and hope someone might have information that I can add to my research.  This family lived in BayShore, Suffolk County area.  JAN

From: <sam.sylvia@wanadoo.fr>
 Looking for parents of Alexis CHARAMEL, born ca.1793, drowned at sea 14 April 1821 (near BOSTON). He married (1) Sarah O. DOLIBER 4 July 1813 in Marblehead Essex co. Mass. Then he married (2) Mary BARNES 10 January 1819 in Marblehead, Essex co. Mass.
Thanks in advance   Jean CHARAMEL

From: <Chuckjoys@cs.com>
I am trying to find out if there are any City Directories for the town of Hempstead in the 1930's.  My mother owned a business at one time and I wanted to know if directories exist for that period and where they might be located.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
J. Riley

From: <rodjosie@bigpond.net.au>
I am trying to trace the Hurst Family,possibly from Halifax UK.
I have a Joan(e) Hurst married to a George Butterfield 1630 lilley Hertford England. also I have found a Jenet Hurst who was married to a Edmund Wood,who's daughter Susan Wood married a Thomas Butterfield.
I am wanting to know is Joan(e) and Jenet Hurst possibly sisters and I would like to know their parent names and details.Or does anyone have details on Joan(e) Hurst and George Butterfield ..this is another link I am trying to trace.
Rod & Josie Butterfield

From: <sjpannitti@adelphia.net>
Would like to know if St. Dominick's R.C. Church, North Amityville still exists. If not, do you know where the records might be (specifically funeral in 1896) found? Thanks for your help. Sheila

From: <Moeg1767@aol.com>
Looking for information on the Post and Seaman Families of Hempstead and Freeport: William H. Post (Born Aug. 1873) was a member of the JR. OUAM Freeport council no. 57.(He also might have owned a store in Freeport) Married to Edith S. Seaman (Born Dec. 1863). Trying to date my family as far back as possible (possibly to the 1600's).

From: <bobsmith@lincoln.midcoast.com>
Hannah (Smith) Selleck on 5 Jun. 1793 was the grantor (among others) of land in Canaan Parish (New Canaan, CT) to a James Smith of Islip and later Brookhaven, LI. Any information on James Smith would be appreciated.
Bob Smith

From: <seamist_06@yahoo.com>
I am looking for the genealogy of Richard Osborn born about 1659 in East Hampton married Mery Linnington of Hampstead. Her parents were Henry Linnington and Catherine Ellison. He died in Chester Co, PA. Any information would really help.
Thank you, Renee Sanders, California

From:  <wantagh@msn.com>
My great great grandmother was Mary Powell who according to the Powell family tree on your website was a descendent of Thomas Powell. She was the daughter of Solomon Powell born 1756 and had two brothers with children Thomas and Solomon. Mary marries John McFall. She is buried in Brooklyn with some of the Powell family including brother Oliver and possibly her mother. Her daughter's death certificate lists her birthplace as Babylon. I note there is a Powell's point in Babylon. If anyone has information on the Solomon Powell family Please contact me. Bill Stafford Seattle

From:  <Jun648daw@aol.com>
Could you tell me when John M. Mac Arthur of Seaford died? He was born in Brooklyn but later lived in Seaford where I believe his parents, John M. Mac Arthur and Lydia Ann Albro Mac Arthur, were from.He was born on June 15, 1901. Thank you, June Dawkins

From:  <dpsears@artelco.com>
Am looking for persons interested in the descendants of James Edmunds (Edmonds) married to Abigail Jenks.  They had a daughter named Elsa Edmunds who married Amasa King in NY abt 1790.  Elsa and Amasa had a daughter, named Candace/Dandice/Candiz King bn abt 1795 in Alexander, NY who married Gilbert Loren Nelson.  Candice King and Gilbert Nelson had a daughter named Polly/Mary Nelson who married William Morford on July 4, 1842 in Alexander, NY.  Polly Nelson and William Morford had a daughter named Anna Emira Morford bn Apr 30, 1849 in Batavia, NY.  Anna Morford married Dudley Marcus Oldswager (Oldschwager) on Nov 6, 1872 in Batavia, NY.  Anna and Dudley are my g-grandparents.  They immigrated to Genesee County, MI and are buried there.  My e-mail is dpsears@artelco.com.  I am looking for an obituary for william Morford, who died Feb 15, 1878 in W. Bethany, NY.  Anyone who is connected with this family, Please contact me.  I have alot of information on the descendants of James Edmunds and also some of his ancestors - from the LDS site - although am still proving some of this information.  Thanks, Pauli from Arkansas, USA

From:  <Hwaet130@aol.com>
STELLENWERF/TRAVIS FAMILIES   Amos and Jane Travis Stellenwerf owned the Lake House Inn in Islip from about 1850 to his death in the 1890s (Jane died in the 1870s).  Amos's family is from Kings County (Brooklyn) and Jane's seems to have originated in Oyster Bay; one of her brothers, John, was a famous sharpshooter, and another brother, Jacob, was a very wealthy "Captain."  Amos's family goes back to around 1700 in Brooklyn.  Am looking for any information on these family lines, particularly, the very early Stellenwerfs (aka Stellingwerf) of Brooklyn.  Thank you.
Catherine Akel

From:  <actmoore@bigpond.net.au>
A query from Australia. My father, Franklin Osborn came from Minnesota after WW2 and married an Aussie and stayed. His line is fascinating. His grandmother, Nora Osborn(e) is directly descended from the Thomas/Mary Osborn who first settled in New Haven, CT. Nora married a John David Osborn in Indiana before moving to MN. Tracing John D.(b.1858) to his father,James H.(b.1830) in Ohio and further back his father was James O. who came from New Jersey and settled in Auglaize Co, Ohio, probably in the 1820s. James (b.1791)married an Elizabeth ?(b.1794) in New Jersey, but have no idea who his parents were. Any clues? I have found your website very informative.
Sincerely, Bruce and Christine Moore (Osborn)
Canberra, Australia

From:  <johnlvalentine@earthlink.net>
I'm looking for information on my Grandfather  Jerry valentine  he lived in Nesconset and worked in Smithtown.  He was born  7-28-1895 he was married to Rose Worth   Children  Rose valentine, Louis Valentine, Marry Valentine, and George Valentine.   He had a brother Jimmy valentine
Thanks John Valentine

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
I am looking for anyone who can help with some FLEET family information. My name is Bob Sammis and I am working on a family tree/history. I have found some Sammis family members who I have not been able to tie to my tree who are married to Fleet family members. Nancy Sammis (born about 1777) married Augustine Fleet, son of Gilbert Fleet and Phebe Brush in 1823. Does anyone know who Nancy's parents were? Lewis Sammis married Hannah Fleet (born abt 1810) in 1848. She was the Daughter of Thomas Fleet and Naomi Smith. I need Lewis Sammis's parents. In 1764 Deborah Sammis married Jeremiah Fleet, son of Parrott Fleet and Abigail Wood. Who are Deborah's ancestors? Simon Fleet, another son of Parrott and Abigail married Ruth Sammis in 1765. Looking for Ruth's ancestors. Finally Mary Jane Sammis, Daughter of Jesse Sammis and Almira Jarvis, married John Fleet in 1849. I need John Fleet's parents. I would truly appreciate any help with any of these Sammis and Fleet families. Thanks, Bob Sammis
From: <charlane@frontiernet.net>
I am trying to find a way to get a list of patients that were in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital in 1949 or 1950   Is there a way to get into the records of the Hospital that was there.  Thank you  Helene Goetschius
From: <sjpannitti@adelphia.net>
I'm looking for any information on SCALLY's on Long Island, particularly around North Hempstead. Hugh Scally, born 1863 and several siblings, yet I find no information on these people except that his wife's name was Mary Pilkington who died in 1896. Do you know where I can search for resources on this family? Thanks, Sheila

From: <lwright@greenapple.com>
I would like to hear from anyone researching the surname of WATERS in Jamaica, LI, NY around the early to late 1600's.  I am especially interested in finding information that proves a migration from Long Island to Hunterdon, New Jersey of at least a few of the WATERS'.  Please e-mail direct at lwright@greenapple.com  Linda

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
My name is Bob Sammis and I have reached a few dead ends in my family tree/history research. I need ancestry information for the following Sammis family members, who all have a Long Island connection. John Wood Sammis ( born 1-20-1806 and died 9-13-1894), Charles Wheeler Sammis (married Polly Bentley), Ebenezer Sammis (born in New York in 1797 but moved to Canada). I have descendant info on these people but can't locate their parents and grandparents. Any help would truly be appreciated as I hope to add their branches to my family tree. I also need the ancestors and descendants of David Sturges Sprague Sammis, The builder of the Surf Hotel on Fire Island in the 1850's. I believe he came from Babylon but have conflicting family info on him. One family file has him the son of Daniel and Maria Ketcham Sammis and another has him the son of Oliver Ketcham Sammis. Anyone have definitive family information for David S S Sammis, both ancestors and descendants? I can be reached at BOBSLED46@aol.com. Thanks for any help given, Bob Sammis

From: <lfessel@hebrewacademy.net>
I am trying to find the wife's name of Jacob Wernersbach.  This would be some time in the 1800's.  I think her maiden name might have been Seiffert.  They had a son named John Valentine Seiffert Wernersbach. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Linda

From: <ms.eshea@verizon.net>
I'm searching for any information on the Bouker/Bowker genealogy.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Liz Shea

From: <joanfalk@rocketmail.com>
Looking for information on the Falk family from Queens county,ny. Frank Falk,wifes name unknown, children: Frank, May, Frances..

From: <PARKJ052@hawaii.rr.com>
Looking for any any information on a William James Park. Born 9 July 1883, he died October 12, 1915.  Buried in the Brunswick Home Plot at Amityville. { I assume Brunswick was a type of instatution, due to his having some type of brain damage after birth.} Some additional information I have is: He was taken to Haddenfield in 1889 and to a home in Amityville, Long Island, in the winter of 1894.  Can anyone tell me if there was a "Brunswick Home" in Amityville around early 1900's and if they had or have a cemetery.  Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.
Earl Park

From: <joanfalk@rocketmail.com>
I am looking for info on a rev. anderson from the salam lutherine church for around 1945...
Joan Falk

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
I am researching the Sammis Family of Long Island and have come across many Sammis families located in Brooklyn, Illinois and Canada. I was wondering if anyone knows if these families moved to these areas from Long Island or settled there directly from England. If they came from Long Island I am looking for the connection to the Long Island Sammis Family, such as the first Sammis' to move to these areas and when the moves were made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at BOBSLED46@aol.com. Thanks, Bob Sammis

From: <raybun@snet.net>
Looking for information re Moses Culver  born 1740 in Southampton and his first wife  Mary Reeves.  Especially information on Mary Reeves and her parents,  dob and death, etc.  Moses second wife was
Abigail surname unknown.  Possibly Mary's sister???   Moses left LI for Ontario Co upstate Ny in the  1790's with a Nathan Reeves.   I am a Culver and a Reeves (another line - looking for any connection between Mary and my line) descendant  - any help appreciated.   My Reeves line would be Dr. Stephen Reeves and wife Mary Howell who left LI again in 1790's with sons Elias and Paul for Wayne Co (formerly Onatario Co) also.  They all settled in relatively same area so think there is a connection with Nathan.

From: <Skrimpster@aol.com>
I'm looking for anyone related to or that has knowledge of the following individual.  Anyone who might know anything about the individual or his Warren family please contact me.  Thanks!
Zenas Southard
b. 19 Nov 1901 Suffolk County
d. Oct 1970  Seldon, NY
Walter B. Southard  buried Northport Rural Cem
Sarah Alma Warren d. 1970 buried Northport Rural Cem
One of Zenas' siblings
Oscar Southard b. 1908 d. 1980 Tampa Fl

From: <ccodger@warwick.net>
I am looking for help in locating a family member.  The father and mother and any ancestors of  Layton Smith - born about 1802 married to Elizabeth- Sons Calvin L.,William H and George.  They were in the 1850 Census of Hempstead, NY and the 1860 census of Hempstead village, NY.  Their son Calvin L is my is my greatgrandfather and is in the 1880 Hempstead census as a SaloonKeeper.
I have located Calvins wife ,Jennie Skidmore and have traced her to Seaburys and back to Aldens of Ma. but I have no luck on the Smith side.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Ron

From: <gagnolte@shaw.ca>
I am searching for information on Bernard Roy "Buck" Sparrow. The USA Social Security Death Index states that his last residence was  11590 Westbury, Nassau, New York. He died October 1967, date of birth 21 October 1893. He is listed in the 1910 census for Queens, NY.
Where is 11590 Westbury, Nassau? is this Nassau close to Albany, NY? or  where?
Agnes Nolte
Alberta, Canada

From: <wagnergenee@att.net>

From: <nemar@columbus.rr.com>
I am looking for information about 2 children that were placed in a Brookhaven orphanage around 1900. They were the children of LILLIAN GRACE DARLING and SILAS MELVILLE HUBBS. I would like to locate these cousins.

From: <nemar@columbus.rr.com>
BENJAMIN GOULD pre 1677-17??. John Roe sold 15 acres of land at Old Man's to John Franklyn in 1671. Benjamin Gould in turn, was buying some or all of the same land from J. Franklyn.
On Sept. 11, 1677, John Roe made a trade with Benjamin Gould--John would receive the land at Old Man's and Benjamin would receive 5 acres in Newtown and the promise of choice of 2 cows to be delivered in May.
The name Benjamin Gould next appears as a witness to Job Smith's will in 1715, then as registering ear marks in 1724, later as a constable.(Smithtown)
The time range gives room for 2 Benjamins and the fact that my Joseph was born in 1723 Smithown leads me to believe they are father and son.
There appears  a William Gould that perhaps can be a  brother of Joseph.
My Joseph lineage came from a family Bible and the above information is all I have found before the Bible information.
Any information about Benjamin and offspring would be greatly appreciated or any other connect, uncle, etc.

From: <Skrimpster@aol.com>
Looking for anyone that might know a little about Kings Park Hospital.  Specifically, if I were to send a request to Pilgrim for medical records, death certificates, procedures performed, and oddly enough, employee records, what can I expect in return?  Do they have documentation of experiments, autopsies and labotomies concerning specific individuals?  Do they have a record of where people were buried, or which funeral home may have handled a persons death?  It is alleged that my great grandmother Phalinia Mellisa Warren(1890-1931) passed in Kings Park Hospital from a heart attack, and "dropsy" (retaining water in the legs) and there is some mystery and question as to whether or not this is actually what happened.  The funny part is that her living children claim that she was sane and that she was actually an employee of Kings Park Hospital.  Anyone that might give me some insight as to whether or not employees were given free medical care, and what kind of records are still in existence please contact me. 

From: <mervinr@hal-pc.org>
I am trying to locate any descendants of  JACK PIERCE.  He was born  in Brooklyn, NY on June 11, 1908 to Abraham Pisterman and Elise Dorfman. He was a resident of Westbury and died in July 1972.  There is no record in the Nassau County Surrogate's Court and no obituary in Newsday.  Any help greatly appreciated.
Jean Rosenbaum
Baytown, TX

From: <jmuller1225@yahoo.com>
I am looking for any information about the parents of Thomas Cheshire (b. 1764) who lived on Long Island, New York in either Oyster Bay or Hempstead.   Thomas Cheshire (b. 1764) married Phebe (1774-1846). Their children were: Hannah, Stephen, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Abigail, Mary, and Jonas.

From: <consig@bellsouth.net>
I am trying to locate information about my grandmother, Gladys Marie Conklin Henneborn  She was born 12/24/1920 to Harold Arthur Conklin (b. 10/7/1895) and Sarah Deveau (b. 3/18/1895).  She married Gustav F. Henneborn (b. 2/27/1912), son of William Henneborn (b. 6/1883) and Jessie Sammis (b. 4/1885) in 1936.  She had three children: Gladys Marie, Deanna and Gustav J.  She disappeared some time in 1959 or 1960 and no one in the family knows what became of her.  We don't know if she is alive or dead.
Thank you for any help.  Carol

From: <bradkay@optonline.net>
I am putting together information for a documentary on Huntington's infamous Tar and feathering of Charles G. Kelsey. My hope is to speak to descendants of the major players in this story. For example, Charles Kelsey had two brothers, Henry and William and a sister Charlotte. Royal Sammis and Julia Smith (the girl Kelsey was supposedly in love with and the cause of his brutal end) were married in 1873 and resided in NYC. Did they have children? Who are they? Charles G. Kelsey also had a book of his poetry published before he was murdered called The Old Burying Hill. Any info on his poetry would be most helpful.
Julia Smith was a ward to Charlotte Oakley who was married to Gilbert Conklin Vandewater they lived on West Main St. and Spring Rd. Any info on their descendants???
There were hearings in Oyster Bay and/or Riverhead. Royal and Rudolf Sammis were found innocent on charges of assault and riot. And the murder of Charles Kelsey never made it to trial.
Any information on the aforementioned or any connections leads or thoughts would be most appreciated. For info that is used in the documentary, absolute discretion or prominent credit will be your choice. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help. Jackie

From: <annie.nolan1@btopenworld.com>
Francis A Clark,was born in Co Fermanagh, Ireland, He emigrated to New York about 1870. On 16th June,1884 he married Eliza C Darcy.  Children of Francis A Clark and Eliza C Darcy were :Agnes,Bessie,Marguerite,Francis A, Stella, Arthur,Raymond,and Lydia.  I have reason to believe that there are descendants of these Clarks in Long Island. Clarks in Stonepark, Derrylin, Co Fermanagh,would like to hear from you.    Thank you.    Annie.

From: <jmuller1225@yahoo.com>
I would like to know the maiden name of Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Terrel (b. abt 1797). She was born about 1810 and they were married about 1829.  A submission to the LDS website says that Nathaniel Terrell married Sarah Ann Coombs. This seems reasonable since these families lived in the same area. However, I can't find the documentation for this marriage and I would appreciate any help. According to the censuses of 1850 & 1860 they lived in Hempstead, LI. Their children were: Elizabeth (b.abt 1831), Nathaniel L (b.abt 1834; d. 2Jan 1901), Daniel (b. 1840; d. 1906), David (b. abt 1842), Elijah (b. 1846; d.1862) and Catherine (b. abt 1848).
Jacqueline Muller

From: <jodithomas@btopenworld.com>
I am trying to contact my Grandfather,Vivian Thomas,He departed to the U.S.A. in 1940's. His town of departure was Neath,South Wales, U.K. His son's name was Ralph(my father)Could anyone help it would be very much appreciated.
 Many Thanks
Nigel Thomas

From: <dsmart@htcomp.net>
I am looking for a civil war veteran named Lorenz Rienecker.  Have a picture, but no unit, date or place information.  I have found family members in the town of Commack, LI in the social security death index.  I assume he was from around that area in the mid 1800's.
Thanks for your help..
Best Regards..
Don Smart
Hico, Texas

From: <dacornett@att.net>
 I am looking for information on Solomon Israel.  On 29 June 1734 he married Mary Johnston at St. George's Episcopal Church in Hempstead, NY.  On 8 June 1835, their daughter Elinor was baptized at the same church.   They had two more children, John and Jesse but I could not find baptismal records for either one.  Later Solomon moved to VA and then to NC.
Am looking for any connections to him in NY, except for the marriage record and one service record I have been unable to locate any relatives, etc. Also any relatives or connections to Mary Johnston.

Kathy Cornett
Augusta, Ga

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>

I am looking for information about the Sammis family who owned and operated the Sammis Hotel in Hempstead for well over 200 years. They are my ancestors but I have gathered much conflicting information about who built the hotel and who ran it through the years. I would like to hear from anyone who might have any information about the Hotel or the Sammis family. Thanks, Bob Sammis @ BOBSLED46@aol.com




From: <Und1988@aol.com>
I am trying to locate any info on my husbands aunt:  MRS. EMMA  BONDE TRIPP. Born in Brooklyn between 1899 & 1903. Married and moved to Centereach.  At one point she lived on Rustic Road.  Would like  to know the first name of her husband and if she had any children, and if so, what their names were.  Mrs. Tripp died in 1966.
thanks, Joan

From: <pvail@peconic.net>
Where did Louis Tooker Vail reside after leafving his native Sag Harbor, and what institution holds his genealogy papers..Thank you for any information you can supply. pvail@peconic.net

From: <llostangel@worldnet.att.net>
im searching for father of wm h conklin. he was born1822 and died 1902.he was married and is buried with his wife mary a hempstead conklin in sterling cemetery,any help you send will be greatly appreciated.
david r mahler im trying to connect him to other conklin families from southold! william h conklin is my great great grandfather

From: <dzabel@waterw.com>
I'd be grateful for any information on the Whitney-Bell family of Shelter Island. My dad (William Zabel) grew up on the island, and his mom (my maternal grandmother) washousekeeper for the Whitney Bell family. My dad recalls that the Whitney-Bell family made their fortune around the turn of the century through a patent on some kind of dye, but I'm unable to find any information about this to fill in this spot of family history.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. -- Deb Zabel

From: <BradCHunter@webtv.net>
I am looking for any information on MR. Alfred H. Cosden (Southold L.I. N.Y.) ,or his estate "EASTWARD" from the 1920's. I found his 1926 Rolls-Royce in a PA. barn and am trying to find out more info on this man, his family,his estate,business activity,History and any living family members that may know more of this man + his Great Rolls-Royce Automobile.
Bradchunter@webtv.net     1 215 947 4676

From: <meg123@webtv.net>
I beleive my ancestor,Cyrile Lafricain who died between 1880 and 1900 in Hempstead Village,Queens Co. may be buried in one of their old Catholic Churches.Can anyone help me with the names of these churches.
Thank you.
Marjorie Lafrican

From: <Roger.Woodruff@tinker.af.mil>
In the Old Bridgehampton Cemetery there is a stone that reads "In Memory of Jerusha Relict of James Woodruff deceased who died Nov. 1804 in the 29th year of age". I would be very interested in finding out who James & Jerusha Woodruff were. I'm at a brick wall with my research with my gg Grandfather James Payne Woodruff born 1799/1800 on Long Island. A distant relative told me that James's Father was a Sailor lost at sea just prior to James being born leaving a Brother John and James. Any help appreciated...RDW

From: <countrylivgirl@bellsouth.net>
I am looking for any information on the Teator family. My dad was separated from his family and lost track of them at an early age. I am looking for any information anyone can give on the following people. My grandmother was Mary Cline (kline or Klein) grandfather would be Fred Teator who lived and worked in Huntington N.Y Grain and Feed Store, grandmothers name may be Mary Teator. The childrens names were Fred Teator born May 1916, Charles Teator born 1919 (my dad still alive) Stanley Teator, Howard Teator, Nellie Teator, Marie Teator born about 1921 lived in Brooklyn, New York in later days, and Lillian Teator born about 1923.

Barbara Teator

From: <Skrimpster@aol.com>
Looking for friends, family or an obit of Sarah Alma Warren Southard

b. July 27, 1874
d. 1970 and buried in Northport Rural cemetery
Her parents were Zenas Warren and Nancy Jane Huse or Hughes

She was married to
Walter B. Southard a Florist
b. August 1868
d. 1950 also buried in Northport Rural cemetery

Their children
Lillian M, Zenas, Case, Oscar V and possibly
Carll Stephen Southard buried next to Sarah and Walter with inscription that he passed at 4 and a half years of age.

skrimpster at aol dot com

From: <Kmhess03@aol.com>
My question is regarding an Ellsworth J. Horton who was born 1852 in Sag Harbor, LI, NY.  He married Carrie E. Butler and they lived in New London, CT.  Father of Ellsworth is Gilbert, b. LI.  Can anyone give me any further info on this Gilbert Horton.  He married an Adelia (?).  Does anyone have info on the family and the move to CT.?  I am at a standstill and need help.
K. Hess

From: <balladmaiden@yahoo.com>
I am looking for any information on the Ellis family of Long Island. Specifically, George A. Ellis and his wife Florence Adams Ellis. They had their main residence on 300 Park Avenue, Long Island, NY. They also had a winter home in South Carolina. I am putting together the history of the plantation the Ellises owned in Cordesville, SC. Any information or photos would be appreciated.
Thanks, Lindsay

From: <chiqita@optonline.net>
I am looking for a death date or any info for a Mrs.Connie Giorgio she lived most of her life in Floral Park on long island I know her Husband Steven giorgio died many years ago and her young son philp giorgio died in a tragic accident I beleive she has on serviving son age 45 that lives in Selden long island with grandchildren I know she lived on 9 granger  in floral park can you find her death date ? any help is most helpful she was a good and kind friend when I was very young.

From: <Moussou62@aol.com>
I'm doing family research on my Great Uncle " Claud Lapsley "!!  Much of the infomation I have comes from a June 14 1962 newspaper story in The Amityville Record. He began by selling kerosene from horse & wagon and later on was a Village Trustee and vice presdient of the First National Bank. He also served as Justice Of The Peace and was known as Judge Lapsley.
Bob Moussou

From: <ccodger@warwick.net>
I am trying to get Information on the parents of Calvin L, Smith, my great grandfather, born11-08-1848, died 9-25-1883, buried at Greenfiled Cemetary Hempstead, married to Jennie Skidmore 2-16-1875. I have traced the Skidmore/ Seabury line to John Alden/Pricilla Mullins.  My Long Island heritage also includes Richard Skidmore line, Daniel Whitehead line and Edward Stevenson line. I have failed in any attempt to locate or identify parents or lineage of Calvin L.
Any help would be appreciated.
Ron Smith


From: <Mursyr1@aol.com>
Greetings... would much appreciate your help and guidance. would your archives provide any info re War of 1812 prisoner of war camps or ships to hold British POW's ??? Thanks for your help. Cordially, John L. Murray, Syracuse,NY

From: <gemmoh20@hotmail.com>
I'm trying to locate my great grandfathers grave. He is buried in Long  Island. His details are: John J. McCarthy, died 11th April 1958.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Gemma

From: <teichert@usadatanet.net>

Looking for graves of James Nathaniel Cooper [b] 1846 and his wife Emma Francis Sattley[b] 1851.Found them in a census in 1900 they were in Southold township Suffolk county. This is my grand mother's Mary Emma Cooper Rackett partent's. Thank You , Lorraine Teichert

From: <Shropshirehouse@aol.com>
Trying to find McCabe family, who came from the townland of Waterloo, in Co Cavan Ireland.  Or any links to them or other surnames mentioned.
Thank you for any help.

From: <jet2jeth@earthlink.net>
How or where can I find information and/or photographs of a carriage building establishment at 77 7th Street, Long Island City believed to have been in business at least through the 1890's?  John J. Murphy was listed in the 1892 Directory as "carriage builder" and his son Thomas J. Murphy was "blacksmith" at least certainly in 1893 when his daughter was born and "painter" in 1899 when he died.  They worked and resided at 77 7th Street and 88 8th Street.  The Stony Brook Carriage Museum has no record of the carriages built by "Murphys"...so did the business have some other name?

Thanks for any help,
Joanie Hartman

From: <BOBSLED46@aol.com>
I am looking for any information on ancestors of my greatgrandparents, James Remson Sammis and Sarah E. Payntar. They lived in Rockville Centre for a while. Both were probably born in the 1870's and James died in 1960. My family has lived in the Baldwin Harbor, Hempstead, Merrick and surrounding areas for many years. Any help would truly be appreciated, Thanks, Bob Sammis @ BOBSLED46@aol.com

From: <thesinclairs@kos.net>
Hello folks,
I'm trying to link my Reed ancestor to any family in colonial Long Island. He was a Loyalist who fled with his family over land to Ontario in the 1780's, early stories claim the spring of 1780, or 1781. His name was William Reed and his wife, at least when he fled, was Nancy Nesbitt. He had 4 sons "grown", William Jr.,John, Samuel and Solomon. They may have been married when they left, spouses surnames of Etherly, Lake sisters and Dixon. The family also included 5 daughters, Susan, Elizabeth, Abigail, Nancy and Sarah. Samuel's obituary in Ontario, states that he was born in Long Island but a lot of the info on this family is conflicting. I would appreciate any clues anyone could give me as to how the family could have lived in Long Island when William was traditionally from Connecticut, somehow connected with the South Carolina Militia OR Prince of Wales Loyal Regiment OR Butler's Rangers OR Delauncey's Brigade AND "settled on the banks of the Delaware River!!"
Extremely Perplexed in Ontario,
Lorene Sinclair (Reid)

From: <tmcdonald@cnyconnect.net>
Hello everyone,
 This is my first time posting here.
 I would like to know if anyone out there would take cemetery photos for me?
The cemetery is the Stirling cem. in Greenport, I am looking for Louren W. Rackett ,Noah Rackett,Clarissa A. Rackett,Abby Rackett,Chauncy A. Rackett,Caroline B. Rackett,Albert C. Rackett these people are all in a family plot #082
There are lots of other Racket-Rackett's burried there but the ones listed above are the maine line for me.
I hope some one can help!
Thank you
Terry McDonald

From: <kwix@cox.net>
Long Island Wills and Death Notes, 1665-1707, posted by ( longislandgenealogy.com )  in the will of  John Rodes, Sr., of Jamaica, on Long Island,  (July 4, 1685) reports a statement as follows: "and ye little house Goody Davis keeps schoole in,"  could this be Mary the second wife of Ffoulk Davis, or his daughter in law Mary wife of Samuell Davis?...maybe some one has written the history of schools and school houses in that part of Queens......Gerald Dee Salyer

From: <ZADOCB@aol.com>
I have an original document dated the 31st of August 1771 that contains an inventory of the Estate of Benjamin Birdsall witnessed by his wife Martha and son Benjamin.  Included are the names of Samuel Townsend, Peter Underhill, Isaac Ketcham, and several others.  The Estate includes servants, farm animals, farm equipment, and furniture.  I believe this particular Benjamin Birdsall was born June 10th 1713 and died on the 20th of August 1771.  This is only speculation on my part.  I also believe that there is an Oyster Bay connection.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

From: <schref@swbell.net>
Looking for information on Long Island ancestors of Albert Benjamin Smith, born c. 1817, Long Island, New York.  He settled in San Diego, California, arriving on the whaler, Stonington, c. 1846.  He is famous in Old Town, San Diego, for spiking the cannons at Fort Rosecrans and raising the American flag in the town square.  He married Guadalupe
Machado, whose sister took down and rescued the Mexican flag.  Albert kept a ledger on which he doodled some of the following information in 1850:
"Albert B. Smith, New York City. Oram County Long Island"
"Henary Smith, North Cortland St. New York City"
"Hettey Smith, Oram Long Island, New York"
"Samual Smith"
"John M. Smith"
"Mrs. Hetty Smith.  Dear Mother, Long Island Orom Wiliams barge (?) is her rezadence yours most truly and affecionut son Albert B. Smith now living in old San Diego California"
"Hetty Smith Oram Long Island New York is ware my mother lives. I wish I was there with her today. I would be happy as a lord that I would.  Albert B. Smith, New York City is where I belong."

Martha Schreffler

From: <webmaster@salways.co.uk>
I am trying to find the year that Thomas Hutchinson became an American Citizen.
He was born in 1865, he was still in England in 1881 and he married his second wife in England in 1896, so he was in America sometime in between 1881 and 1896....but i don't know where i can look for him....can you please help me.
Thank you
Carrie-Ann Salway

From: <kingfielder@tds.net>
I am searching for information on Saimi Evelyn Laine Davidson dob 01/04/1902 Quincy , MA died 03/04/1945 on Long Island.  Where would I write for a copy of her death certificate....?? Or how could I find out more about her in NY?

From: <gumby99350@yahoo.com>
I am looking for information regarding Caroline Larsen and sons Carl Marinus Larsen, Lavrits Jensen Larsen immigrated from Aalborg,Fleskum, Denmark to USA on or about Sept.24,1891 Indirect route. I located their naturalizations records in Suffolk Co., and Riverhead New York . But unable to find any other records, very interested in locating a marriage or death record for Caroline Larsen,her full birth name is Rebekka Caroline Larsen Hammar which she shortened to Caroline Larsen when they left Denmark. Carl used Carl M. Larsen and Lavrits Jensen Larsen used the name Lars Larsen.Caroline was born June 6,1841, Carl was born Jan.11,1877 and Lars was born Aug.25,1880.They lived in this area from 1891 to about 1904 when they were found in Salt Lake City,Utah and later around 1920 in Idaho.Also interested in locating any information on Lars Larsen.My e-mail address is gumby99350@yahoo.com if anyone needs to contact me regarding these names, Thanks I have been searching about 5 years for these 3 people.

From: <kdprogr@comcast.net>
Looking for any information on Evelyn Hart born approx 1915.  She was the daughter of Cyrus T.  Hart who died in 1965, and Bertha Hart. They lived in Sag Harbor from at least 1920 to 1965?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

From: <kdprogr@comcast.net>
Looking for any information on William and Mary (Flaherty) Kelly and their sons, who lived in Brooklyn from 1889 thru 19?? .  They lived on 162 3rd Ave., South Second St., 19 Lawrence Street, and Marcy Avenue between 1889 and 1900.  They had two children:  Eugene Kelly born in Brooklyn Aug. 1891 and Walter Kelly born approx. 1893.
In 1900 Mary sought help from the Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children as she was destitute, and may have put the two children into a boys home or an institution.
Eugene Kelly lived in Sag Harbor and died in 1958.  What happened to Eugene's brother Walter Kelly?  His name may have been William Walter Kelly or Walter P. Kelly.  Family members told me that Walter had a son, also named Walter Kelly, who was in the military in WWII.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

From: <nankknits@sbcglobal.net>
Seeking info on Augusta Von Thun, who married Samuel Flavel (Flavell, Flavelle) in 1917.  Von Thun family was connected with Shoreham Inn, Shoreham.  Augusta rec’d postcard of “Long Island Sound, near Flavell’s, the Shoreham Inn, Shoreham, Long Island” from an Anna D. Von Thun, relationship unknown.  I’d love any related info.  Pls send e-mail to nankknits at sbcglobal.net.
Many thanks,

From: <Artantiques3@cs.com>
Interested in the Huguenot Families of L'Hommedieu-Sylvester who have a private cemetery on Shelter Island. Is there a geneaology line on these families. I am researching Sylvesters and this is the only line that I have found that might connect to ours. The name Gardiner appears on the tombstone and that name is also in our family tree. Our Sylvesters do not show up in the Huguenot lists and I am puzzled by this. the Clapp Family name is also connected -AmherstCollege has some info. there that I have to check. Would appreciate any help.

From: <sjpannitti@adelphia.net>
Recently discovered the maiden name of a relative - Ittin or Ittim, presumably from the Long Island area becuase that's where Freda Ittim married/lived and died. She was the wife of George Pilkington. I don't remember "ever" seeing the name Ittim/Ittin in any census. Is this name familiar to anyone on the Island? She was born abt. 1903 and married George Pilkington abt. 1921. Any information would be appreciated. Sheila

From: <a_w@telus.net>
I have recently gotten interested in my geneology and have come across some old pictures at my father in law's house and found one of Gertrude Emma Opp and her husband Elmer Boedeker.  Is there anyone who would be interested in obtaining a copy of the print? Webmaster's note:  Gertrude and Elmer are in the Coe family file on site at http://www.longislandgenealogy.com/coe/fam08509.htm

From: <geniekid39@yahoo.com>
Thanks to the answer of a query, I have discovered that Celia, Lydia, Emily and Martha were the daughters of Joel Field and Abby Goldsmith. This is the family for which I am searching. Does anyone know what happened to Emily and Martha? I would guess their birthdates would be in the 1830s in Cutchoque. thanks,Barbi

From: <GMoreySOI@aol.com>
I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of a boarding house run by Amy De Arcas in Brookhaven sometime around 1913.  As far as I know it was on South  Country Road in the house owned by George Ranken.  I'm trying to find pictures  as Amy was my great aunt.
Thank you.
Gwen Morey

From: <pvail@peconic.net>
I would like any information available on the Willis & Co. Shipyard, located on West Water St.in Sag Harbor some time in the late 1790's early 1800's.  What is the full name of the Willis connected with this shipyard?  Thank you for any help you can give me.  pvail@peconic.net

From: <FitzRandolphGenealogy@adelphia.net>
I need some help in finding my "forgot to give my name" family who came from Germany. Here is what we know as *fact*   According to New Jersey Census for daughter Rose (below )the family came over in 1888 and was Nat 1900. We also *think* they came into New York because the family is to have said they lived in Wayverly, NY. We do know that one daughter lived in Long Island, the other in New Jersey.

Mother  Carolinia Yeoman Kilian/Killian Father   Charles Kilian/Killian

Children (age in 1888)
John Kilian b 1874 Germany age 15
Rose Kilian b 1878 Germany age 11
Josephina Kilian b Sep 5,1885 Germany age 3
Lena Kilian b Sep 19,1887 Germany age 1

It has been suggested that the ship "Aller" might have them but I can not find that ship !
Please let me know if anyone can help !
Trisha Fitz Randolph

Fitz Randolph Genealogical & Historical Society of NJ

From: <jean0305@comcast.net>
I am searching for any information on the Texido(r) family. Manuel was a Sea Captain in the early 1800's, born in Spain in 1772. His son, Manuel lived most of his life in Flushing, Central Park, and Oyster Bay. There is a Texido Mansion associated with the Historical Society. Is anyone else looking for information about this family ?  I especially need documented information about Manuel, the sea captain and his shipping company.    Jean

From: <Cstev23@aol.com>
Anyone with access to 1930 US census??  Attempting to locate Patrick or Helen O'Brien, ages in their early 60's.  Area of search townships of Southampton, Riverhead, Southold.  Thank you in advance.  Colin

From: <WA2AUF@aol.com>
hi! my name is walt in nj.recently i've had research on my mother's mothers side of the family-jackson/orange county ny and found some have origins in long island. i'll list what i have and wonder if i have any "cousins"? nancy l.conkling (jackson). her parents were,joseph conkling and eleanor vail.joseph's parents were jacob conkling and mary lee. eleanor vail's parents were john vail and mary youngs. i wonder how nancy conkling is related to roscoe conkling? in early days most were from the goshen area.any feedback will be of interest to me.many thanks.

From: <marymills@hotmail.com>
I'm looking for any information on john and barbara  gaynor lived in franklin square,long island in 1880 also charles and bridget (collins) hance living in flushing ny in 1880

From: <mmouer@100m.mpr200-2.esr.lvcm.net>
Am particularly interested in any information re Phillip Udall.His daughter, Mary, married Henry Allen in abt.1701. They lived in Great Neck. Also would
like information about Henry Allen, i.e., parents, where he came from, etc. Other Long Island ancestors: Bedell and Dorland.
Marge Mouer


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