Images of Cooper House and surrounding Buildings
Supplied by Van Field

Sketch of Grounds

Church Accross the Street in 1991


Annex and Barn

Cottage and Annex

Dinning Room and Fireplace

Cooper Cottage

Cooper House Kitchen redone as a Home

Waitresses by Fireplace - 1930s  Names: Left to Right
Alice Connelly, Conn, Teresa Judge, Williamstown, MA
Helyne Ryswick, NY City, 
Helen Wheeler Head Waitress ,  Josephine Connelly
Maude Wheeler, last 3 from Williamstown, MA

East Porch and Boardwalk.

Dining Room moving Old South end

Dining Room in Westhampton.

Dining Room Moving to Westhampton

Dining Room added to house Beach Lane

Horse by Cooper House


Old store Room and ice box 1991 (has changed since)