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  Cherry Valley Cemetery
    Manorville, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

    This cemetery is located on the south side of Mill Road (South Road) about 1.0 miles east of the intersection with Halsey Manor Road.  It is about 0.1 miles south up a dirt road which can no longer be driven on.  The Hallock Genealogy by Lucius H. Hallock, states that this cemetery contains 42 graves.  Very few have legible stones at this time.   This cemetery was copied by Leigh Philips on June 22, 1971 and checked at a later date by Elbert N. Carter.  There were only seven stones that were legible .  The other data listed came from the Hallock Genealogy on the pages listed.   (f.s. means foot stone)

1.   JOHN ROWLAND   d. Dec. 25, 1853   age 47 years.  Note: Stone broken off at the base.  He was the husband of PAMELIA, daughter of WILLIAM & MARY (OSBORN) HALLOCK.  Ref: Hallock Genealogy pg. 528-529.

2.   FANNY MARIA TAYLOR, wife of CHARLES TAYLOR, d. Feb. 10, 1855 age 25 years 7 months.

3.   PHEBE H. HOMAN, wife of ISAAC HOMAN, d. May 3, 1837 age 80 years 8 months.  f.s. P.H.H.

4.   ISAAC HOMAN   d. April 29, 1825 age 50 years 8 months 8 days.  f.s. I.H.

5.   MARY HALLOCK, wife of WILLIAM HALLOCK, d. Aug. 17, 1825, age 42 years 5 months 3 days.   f.s. M.H.  Note: Hallock Genealogy says she was MARY OSBORN, first wife, Page 617.

6.   WILLIAM HALLOCK   d. Feb. 23, 1875   age 88 years 9 months 28 days.  f.s. W.H..   Note:  He was the son of JONATHAN & MARY (DICKERSON) HALLOCK.  Hallock genealogy pg 425-426.

7.   HULLDAH HALLOCK, wife of WILLIAM HALLOCK, D. Sept 13, 1865 age 49 years 5 months 29 days.  f.s. H.H..   Note: She daughter of JOSIAH RAYNOR.  Hallock Genealogy pg 617.

8-14.   Local rocks and field stones marking possible grave sites.

The following data has been taken from the Hallock Genealogy which states that they are buried there.   The page numbers listed refers to the Hallock Genealogy.

15.   JONATHAN HALLOCK, son of ZEBULON & MARTHA (REEVES) HALLOCK, d. 1824, age about 86 years.  (Pg. 425 & 643)

16.   NATHAN REEVES HALLOCK, son of JONATHAN & MARY (DICKERSON) HALLOCK, d. Oct. 9, 1859 age about 92 years.    (Pg. 425 & 550)

17.   JONATHAN HALLOCK, son of JONATHAN & MARY (DICKERSON) HALLOCK, d. 1830 age about 58 years   (Pg 425-426)

18.   ABIGAIL AMANDA CHAPPELL, d. about 1865 age about 80 years.  She was daughter of JONATHAN & MARY (DICKERSON) HALLOCK and was married 1st to SAMUEL W. BENJAMIN and 2ND to JOHN CHAPPELL.   (Pg145 & 425)

19.   SAMUEL BENJAMIN, son of SAMUEL W. & ABIGAIL AMANDA (HALLOCK) BENJAMIN, d. Aug. 23, 1829, age about 3 years.  (Pg. 145-146)

20-21.  Additional field stones and possible grave sites.