Bayles cemetery is fenced in (chain link) on corner. The cemetery is located in a residential area at the end of a short dead end road.  To locate it take Coram Mt Sinai Road North (from Coram Rt 25). Turn onto Settlers Path (East side of the Road) just south of Whiskey Rd.  The cemetery is located at Maywood and Ridge Road,  This cemetery was copied by Elbert N. Carter July 1971.  Unfortunately due to the high Chain link, padlocked fence, it is impossible to get near the headstones. From the outside of the fence they appear unreadable.  It is a sad fact that this type of measure is necessary to protect what remains of a hallowed ground.



1. MARY LOYD BAYLES, Dau. of CHARLES L. & MARY A. BAYLES, d. 25 Aug. 1853 age 5 mo. f.s. (white sandstone)

2. JOHN R. H. LEE, son of WILLIAM L. & ARMANDA LEE, d. 24 March 1859 age 2 years 7 mo. 16 days f.s. J.R.H.L. (white

3. PHEBE JANE LEE, dau. of WILLIAM L. & ARMANDA LEE, d. 14 Oct. 1850 age 7 days. (white sandstone) 

4. ARMANDA LEE, dau. of THOMAS & PHEBE BAYLES, d. 26 April 1891 age 70 years 10 mo. 14 days f.s. A.L. (white sandstone) Note: she wife of WILLIAM L. LEE.

5. WILLIAM L. LEE, b. 4 March 1825 d. 25 June 1896 (white sandstone)

6. JANE S. EDWARDS, dau. of THOMAS & PHEBE BAYLES and wife of DANIEL EDWARDS, d. 22 Oct. 1888 age 80 years 1 mo 12 days. f.s. J.S.E. (white sandstone laying face up)

7. BETSEY I. BAYLES- d. 24 Nov. 1851 age 26 years. f.s.B.I.B. (white sandstone)

8. PHEBE BAYLES, wife of THOMAS BAYLES, d. 22 .11-March 1862 age 76 years 10 mo. 26 days. f.s. P.B. (white sandstone)

9. THOMAS BAYLES, son of DANIEL & JOANNA BAYLES, d. 24 Dec. 1867 age 89 years 4 mo. 26 days f.s. T.B, (white sandstone laying face up)

10. DAVID BAYLES, son of DANIEL &- JOANNA BAYLES, d. 17 April 1825 in 47th year. (white sandstone)

11. JOANNA BAYLES, wife of DANIEL BAYLES, d. 16 Feb. 1826 in 72nd year. f.s. J.B. (white sandstone)

12. DANIEL BAYLES d. 47 July (?) 1830 (white sandstone)

13. ELIZA BAYLES, dau. of JOSEPH & AMANDA BAYLES d. 4 Feb. 1818 f.s. E.B. (white standstone)

14. JOSEPH BAYLES d. 28 Aug. 1819 age 31 years 7-mo-, f.s.J.B. (White standstone)

15. AMANDA BAYLES, widow of JOSEPH BAYLES,-d. 8 Feb. 182 ? f.s. A.B. (white sandstone)

16. _____ &_______ CATHERINE, DAVIS, d. 15Jan. 1836 age 10*days (white sandstone) See Note.

Note: A foot stone was found near # 16 with V.D. which was probably for # 16.