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Selden, LI, NY

This small family burying ground is located south of Middle Country Road on Janice Lane Selden. It is between two houses and is in very poor shape. Stones have been broken and removed over the years. Data has been supplemented with some copied in 1914 by Leroy Smith.

1. DORINDA, wife of JOSEPH B. ROE, d. 22 May 1820 age 34 years red stone

2. Red stone broken off at base. Nothing readable.

3. Red stone, face.all broken off, nothing readable.

4. DANIEL ROE d. 11 Jan. 18 age 79 years. red stone leaning against a tree. NOTE : He served in the French and Indian War and the Revolution. Had rank of Captain.

5. A marker of some type.

6. ELIZABETH, wife of JESSE J. PORTER and daughter of the late SIMCON VAANWINKLE, ESQ. of (broken) was laying face doom. See #7.

7. Base of #6.OHIO( location where VAN WINKLE was from) d. 30 June 1835 in 23rd. year of her age.

8. LABAN WORTH d. 19 Dec. 18,114 age 48 years 4 mo. 6 days. red stone

9. Pieces of broken - possibly Joanna (Roe) Worth

10. MARY, consort of JOHN WICKS, d. 4 March 1828 age 32 years 8 no. wss.

11. JOSEPH B. ROE died on his birthday, 8 Sept. 1831 age 67 years.  Note: He was son of Capt. ROE. (red stone)

12. SAMUEL, son of JOSEPH & POLLY ROE, d. 8 Dec. 1801 age 2 years  6 mo. 13 days.  (red stone)

13.  FANNY ???  nothing else readable

14. Reu stone with face broken away

NOTE: the following and #4 and #11and I1 were copied by Leroy Smith in, 1914, Many of the following are still in the cemetery but cannot be read today.

15. DEBORAH, relict of DANIEL RO E, d. 2nd. Jan. 1832 aged 89 years. Note: She was a daughter of JOSEPH BREWSTER (1709 -1760)

16. MARY, daughter of DANIEL & DEBORAH. ROE who died 3 May 1792 age 15 years 10 mo & 10 days.

17.  REBECCA daughter of DANIEL & DEBORAL ROE who died 7 Oct 1785 age 5 years & 24 days..

18. JOEL W. ROE d. 29 Dec. 1859 age 62 years 9mo. 19 days.
NOTE: According to the DAR application of Mrs. Amy Roe Whitehead, her grandfather, John Wesley Roe, the son of Joseph B. and Polly (Hammond) Roe, died 29 December 1859.  Since number 19 is Ruth, wife of John W. Roe, her dates appear correct, and they did live in Selden, I would have to believe that number 18 should be John Wesley Roe.

19 . RUTH K . , w ife ofJOHN. W . ROE, d. 21 gar. 1851 age 50 years 8 mo. & 5 days.

20. POLLY, wife of JOSEPH  B. ROE, d. 11th April 1810 in the 39th year of her age.