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Graveyard of Gershom Smith
adjoining that of Joseph Smith II, on Bartlett property.

1. Mortimer Smith, died January 20, 1867 in his 54th year.
2. Elizabeth, wife of Fordham Smith, died May 26, 1844 in her  72nd year.
3. Fordham Smith, died February 21, 1843 in his 74th year.
4. Hiram Smith died July 8, 1849 in his 49th year.
5. John H., son of Fordham and Elizabeth Smith, died November 22, 1821 in his 18th year.
6. Mr. Gershom Smith, died March 16, 1816 in his 58th year.
7. Treadwell Smith, son of Mr. Gershom and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, died October 27, 1823 in his 24th year.
8. Cornelia, wife of Obadiah Smith and daughter of Micah Smith, died July 17, 1831 in her 32nd year.

Above stones numbered 1 to 5 have been removed to the Methodist graveyard. This yard extends 25 feet beyond the iron-fenced yard toward the Harbor (Hill) Road.

Note on Grave 8 - Obadiah was married again to Rebecca Davis, and they are buried in the St. James Episcopal Cemetery.

Gershom Smith 2nd married Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. and Catherine Smith. William Smith was the son of Obadiah of St. Johnland Road.

The will of Gershom 2nd mentions his two sons, Obadiah and Treadwell, and his two younger sons, Gershom and William, both under sixteen, and a daughter, Hannah. He referred to a sloop, Suffolk, of which he was half-owner, and to a farm bought from Wm. Blydenburgh.

Gershom 3rd died unmarried and was buried in the Gershom Smith burying ground at the Harbor.

Obadiah married first Cornelia Smith, daughter of Micah Smith, and second Rebecca, daughter of Jedediah and Joanna Davis. Cornelia was buried in the old burying ground at the Harbor, and Obadiah and Rebecca were buried in the St. James Episcopal Cemetery.

Treadwell (married?) was buried next to his father in th old family burying ground.

William married Jane Davis, daughter of James Davis of Andes, Delaware County, New York.

Hannah, daughter of Gershom Smith 2nd, married Captain James Rosemond and they were buried in the Charles Smith burying ground.

The iron fence around the old Joseph Smith 2nd burying ground at the Harbor was erected by Captain Lewis Davis who worked for Captain Jonas Smith, son of Daniel. Captain Jonas Smith's father, Daniel,was buried in this burying ground. It is located near Obadiah's Creek on the property owned by Barent and Isabella Lefferts (now Bartlett.) Captain Jonas, who was a wealthy shipbuilder in Stony Brook, was Daniel's only child. Captain Jonas had no children. His mother, Hannah Satterly, remarried to John Rosemond as Daniel was only 43 when he died. "Captain Jonas of Stony Brook" was not the Head of the Harbor Jonas Smith of White and Wetherill property. "Captain Jonas Smith of Stony Brook" was born in Head of the Harbor, but went to Stony Brook as a boy with a broad axe and one dollar. He went to work in the shipyard there, and made a fortune.

With Notes and Comments Compiled by Norman O'Berry