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This cemetery is located approximately 0.3 miles west of EDWARDS AVE. on SOUTH RIVER ROAD or MILL ROAD. It is about 70 yards south of the, road and to the East of a house and garage. The cemetery is in very bad shape and is completly overgrown with briers. Most of the stones are down.

1. In  memory of ELIZABETH  wife of  NATHANIEL DAYTON  and  JOHN EDWARDS  who died  Sept. 24, 1849  age 77 ys. 4 mo. 21 dys. Note: The stone was  broken. She was a BELLOWS. NATHANIEL DAYTON was son of TUTTLE & ELIZABETH (TURNER) DAYTON. The date given (1849) is listed as 1859 in Ref. #1.

2. JOANNA EDWARDS  daughter of DAVID & FANNY  EDWARDS died  Feb.12 1864 age 16 ys. & 5 days  Note: The stone was laying face up.

3. DAVID EDWARDS  died  March 23, 1891  age 82 yrs. 8 mo.  and 11 dys. Note: The stone was laying . face up. See Ref. #1.

4. FANNY wife of DAVID EDWARDS  died  Dec. 22, 1857  age 40 ya. 10 mo.  & 22 days  Note: The stone  was broken off the base and laying face up. She was a YOUNG.

5. ARLETTA  daughter of  DAVID & FANNY  EDWARDS  died  Aug. 18, 1839  age 1 yr. 8 mo.  13 do.

6. JEREMIAH son of DAVID & FANNY  EDWARDS died  April 1, 1836 age 1 yr. 4 mo.  24 do.

7. FRANKLIN KING  died  Feb. 2, 1849 age 40.

Other graves known to have been in this cemetery

8. JOHN EDWARDS, Sr. ---The stone disappeared in about 1930. See Ref. #1. .

9. EDGAR EDWARDS d. 1857 See Ref. #1.

10. SABRINEY DAVIS See Ref. #1 and grave #11.

11. SARAH SABRINA DAYTON, wife of WILLIAM DAYTON who was the son of NATHANIEL & ELIZABETH (BELLOWS,) DAYTON. Sarah was daughter of JONATHAN DAVIS of Baiting Hollow,L.I. She died approximately 1861  age 61 or 62 ys. Note: She is probably the same one as #10 above.  The Ref. for the above data is the "Davis Family Manuscript" by LEROY SMITH now owned.by.ALVIN SMITH OF Centereach, N.Y. (Pg. 120).   NOTE :  Her date possibly was earlier than 1861. William Dayton remarried before 1860 to Jemima as shown in 1860 Southampton, Suffolk, NY; Roll: M653_865; Pg: 198. 1870 Atlanticville, Suffolk, NY; Roll: M593_1101; Pg: 228. 1880 Atlanticville, Suffolk, NY; Roll: T9_935; Pg: 477; ED: 328

12. PHINEAS.RAYNOR born abt 1825 d. 11 Oct 1895 70 years (found dead in bed) Listed as buried here in Ref,.#1. He married MEHETABLE EDWARDS  daughter of JOHN EDWARDS,Sr of Peconic Mills (Calverton) and MEHETABLE TERRY.  Ref: Josiah Raynor Family Book #1.

Ref. #1 LONG ISLAND FORUM Vol. XXXIV, #8 (Aug. 1971) Pg. 166-169
Copied March 13, 1973 by ELBERT N. CARTER & LEIGH PHILLIPS.