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Camp Wickoff/Wyckoff on Montauk Point, Long Island

     After their return from the Cuban campaign. Many of the servicemen in Cuba had contracted tropical fevers, which had prompted the U.S. government to establish Camp Wickoff as a place where these soldiers could be quarantined until they recuperated. The evacuation of the Fifth Corps to Montauk was made before the camp was ready, resulting in inadequate provisions of housing, food and medical facilities. Secretary of War Russell Alger was blamed in popular opinion for the condition of the camp as well as for poor care of the troops while in Cuba, prompting President McKinley to create a special commission to investigate the conduct of the War Department during the war. By September, the situation at Camp Wickoff had improved measurably, and President McKinley visited the camp to show his approval. Over 20,000 soldiers were evacuated to Camp Wickoff before it closed on October 28; 257 died while there.

Following you will find 3 RealMedia Movies of Camp Wickoff/Wyckoff as well as 6 pages of images for your interest:

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71st Regiment, Camp Wickoff

Of the thousand and more men who left New York for the Cuban Campaign, scarcely three hundred were able to shoulder their rifles to march before the Biograph camera at Camp Wickoff. The picture shows many of the companies reduced to seven or eight men, and the whole regiment, rank and file is in a sad condition. The picture is remarkably fine in every respect. 71st Regiment, Camp Wickoff.
Filmed ca. Sept. 1898 Camp Wikoff at Montauk Point, Long Island, New York.

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President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders / American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.

This clip shows Col. Roosevelt, accompanied by Lieut. Greenway and other prominent officers of the Rough Riders, galloping up to his headquarters, where he dismounts and walks into his tent. This view was taken in the camp with the Rough Riders, and is an excellent picture of Col. Roosevelt in the environment he loves so well.
Filmed ca. Sept. 1898 in Camp Wickoff at Montauk Point, Long Island.

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General Wheeler and Secretary Alger at Camp Wickoff

This picture was taken in front of Gen. Wheeler's headquarters at Camp Wickoff during Gen. Alger's tour of inspection of the camp. The two distinguished military men are seen overlooking the immense camp ground, and then turning and walking toward the camera. The negative is very fine photographically, and the portraiture unexcelled.

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