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Caledonia Hills Cemetery
Van Nostrand - Bigelow Farm Huntington, Long Island, New York

    Mrs. Scudder called this cemetery the "Daniel Nostrand Farm" cemetery and located it in "South Dix Hills" when she did her inventory ca. 1912. The 1990 "Huntington Historic Cemeteries" booklet uses the name "Nostrand-Bigelow Farm" as well as the term "Caledonia Hills" for this cemetery. This historic graveyard, now a Town of Huntington Local Historic Site, is located on Dix Hills Road between Hunter Court and Livingston Place, just south of the Northern State Parkway, in the Dix Hills section o  the Town of Huntington. Data on this cemetery may be found in the "Scudder Collection of Long Island Genealogical Records" available at the Huntington Historical Society or on L. D. S. microfilm. Most of this his data group was submitted by David Roberts.

Data copied from the "Scudder Collection" pp. 1448 - 1449

Phebe, d. 19 March 1872 - 62 years


William Raymond, son of Francis S. & Frances C.     [no dates given]
Francis S., d. 20 March 1870 - 54 years

Elizabeth {HYATT}, daughter of William C. & Abigail F. HYATT, wife of George S., d. 2 July 1863, 32 yrs 4 mos 16 days

Theron H., d. 8 November 1841 - "13th year"
William H., son of Theron & Almeda. d. 30 June 1848 - "26th year"
Mary E., daughter of Theron & Almeda, d. 3 November 1845 - "21st year"
Melancthon, son of Alexander & E. C., d. 20 January 1838, 22 yrs 11 mos 12days

End of data submitted by David Roberts

Additional Data:

Alexander, son of Alexander & Elizabeth Catharine, d 2 Jan 1838 ae 22 y 11 m 12 d
Alexander d 10 Mar 1831 in 53rd y

Charles J., son of Alexander & E. Catharine, d 23 Dec 1816 ae 5 y 9 m 14 d

Elizabeth Catharine., w of Alexander, & dau of Rev. Joshua & Abigail Hartt, d 26 Apr 1849 ae 75 y 3 m 18 d

Abijah d 15 Sept 1831 in 37th y

Rev. Joshua first buried here but remains removed to Northport Rural Cemetery about 1928 according to Henry Smith and Mrs. Hubbs.

Abigail F., w of William C., d 28 Feb 1857 ae 56 y 4 m 23 d broken stone base nearby probably husband's

Francis d 4 Aug 1857 ae 33 y 6 m 7 d

Phebe, w of Francis, d 26 Oct 1874 ae 52 y 5 m 3 d
Warren, son of Francis & Phebe, d 2 Nov 1859 ae 6 y 9 m 24 d

An infant son of Brewster & Abigail d 29 Sept 1837 ae 7 m 19 d

Mr. Amos d 21 Feb 1771 in 64th y

Melancthon d 1 Feb 1847 in 76th y
Rebecca, w of Melancthon, d 23 May 1836 prob 1856 ae 86 y very worn stone next to Mr. Amos's stone - totally illegible