Long Island Home For Dr. Booker T. Washington

A News Item in the New York Times
New York Times, April 2, 1911
Famous Negro Educator Buys an Estate on The Most Aristocratic Sections
The Property Passes into His Possession After a Series of Transfers of Title

    Dr. Booker T. Washington will spend his Summer hereafter, it is expected, in one of the finest sections of Long Island -- a neighborhood where many wealthy New Yorkers have large estates. He has just purchased the J. Cornell Brown property overlooking Long Island Sound at Fort Salonga, in the Town of Huntington. The sale to Dr. Washington was made through William J. Fallon of Manhattan after several transfers of the property. First it was bought by Judson Snyder of Northport, L.I., then trarderred to Benjamin Cozart of Manhattan, and by him, in turn, to the famous negro educator.
    The property consists of two and one-half acres, with 250 feet of shore front on the Sound. The land is on a knoll and commands a fine view of the Sound and surrounding country, including Smithtown Bay and Crane Neck Point. On the property is a new twelve-room house. The price that Dr. Washington paid for the place is not known.
    For near neighbors Dr. Washington will have Francis B. Swayne, a prominent Manhattan lawyer; Miss Farman, a niece of the late Bishop Potter; D. Killette, a New York physician; C. O. Wetmore, and H. D. Tremain. Adjoining b a piece of property owned by Willard N. Baylis, another prominent lawyer. Not far away is a tract formerly owned by the late Duchess of Marlborough and maintained as her American home. There she resided during a certain part of each year in order to retain her property rights in America.
    Dr. Washington's purchase is also near the famous Indian Head Farm, owned for many years by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brown. This farm was well known for the extensive horse breeding that was carried on on it.
    It was at first thought that Dr. Washington contemplated the erection of an institution similar to Tuskegee Institute on his newly acquired Long Island tract, but it is not now thought that he will carry out such a project, as it is not large enough for an institution of any size. It is said that he will make the place his Summer home.
     Dr. Booker T. Washington was a famous and successful attorney. His sucess is proof to all those that have considered a life in the legal profession that anyone willing to put in the time and commitment can succeed.