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TWO documents as emailed to Long Island Genealogy Dec 8, 2003:

Grietje Jans van Groeningen ,second wife of Jan Pieterszen van Husum/Staats, was the widow of Frederick Jansen

Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 09:31:40 -0600
From: daniel blue <default56@msn.com>

Hi this shows that Grietje Jans Van Groeningen second spouse to Jan Pieterszen/Staats  was the widow of Frederick jansen who had the grant of Lot ( Block A manhattan, 1651 and who died prior to the marriage of jan Pieterszen , widower of Elsje , in May, 1652.
 This was found by review of Phelps Stke's Iconography and Laer's , and O'callagan. The papers in the Morgan Library are part of the Van Der Bergh family transmission of the land, which Jan Pieterszen and Grietje sold in 1656 to hans Steyn. Sten sold same to Lucas Dircksen Van Der Bergh that same month of June, 1656.

These land records state clearly that jan Pieterszen had the title due to marrying the Widow of Frederick Jansen.
 henry Joel Blue

Page excerpt from article  " Frederick Jansen and Grietje Jans ..." 
by H. J. Blue
Translated Original Grant to Frederick Jansen, 10 March, 1651 from the Collection of J.P. Morgan Library, NY, NY

Stuyvesant Document No. 2

 Peter Stuyvesant, by the Authority of the Noble High Mighty Lords, the States General, of his Serene Highness of the Noble Lord, Prince of Orange, and by the Authority of the Generals of the Authorized West Indian Company of the United Netherlands, Director-General of our New Netherlands, Curacoa, Benayro, Aruba and their dependencies, Captain - Admiral of our vessels and yachts in the northern part of America, make known by these presents that, on the date hereunto signed, we have granted to Frederic Jansen, ship- carpender, the premises for a house and garden situated on the Island of Manhattan on the west side of the great Gentleman's Road ( Highway), between the premises of Jan Huygen and William Fredericksen, 
wide, along the Highway, three rods : 
along the shore, or west side, wide, three rods, four feet ;
long, both on the South and North sides, nine rods, four feet ;
with the Express condition and provise that he, Frederick Jansen, or whoever may take over his rights in this, shall acknowledge as his soveriegn lord the Noble High Mighty Lords, the States General, and the Noble Lords, the rulers and patroons of this city, and to obey their Director and Council here in everything as it behoves good citizens to do. Provided that he, Frederick Jansen, or whoever may secure his rights in this, shall further submit himself to all such obligations and just regulations as already have been or may yet be framed by the Noble Lords. Granting upon these conditions to the said Frederick Jansen real and actual possession of the afore-mentioned premises, giving him, by these presents, complete Authority to enter upon said premises, to cultivate and inhabit them. as he would be allowed to do with other of his patrimonial lands and properties, without our having reserving or retaining, as grantors, in our aforesaid capacity, any further part, right or authority in the lease of same, but relinquishing all in behalf of the afore named from now on in perpetuity, further promising to maintain this transfer firmly as valid, irrefragible and irrevocable, and to carry out everything under this indenture according to the laws in such case provided. These presents are signed by us without guile or artifice and are confirmed by our seal affixed hereon in red wax.
 Done this 10th march, Anno 1651, on the Island of Manhaatan, New Amsterdam, in the New Netherland.
  P. Stuyvesant. ss.
 By order of the Noble Lord, the Director General of our New Netherland, Curacao, &c.
  Jacob Rys, Clerk


 The measure of this property indenture has been retaken and has been staked off according to this indenture.
 Manhattan April 4, 1659.
    Ja. Cortelyou
     Sworn Surveyor

This is retyped from the original translation provided to the writer by the Morgan Library, August, 2003;  true to the original as possible. Copies of the original will append the article which it is part.
 H.J. Blue

Frederick Jansen and Grietje Jans van Groeningen , Recife Brazil and New Amsterdam, article by H.J. Blue; appending document

Item #2  Bill of Sale , 23 June 1656 , Jan Pietersen and Grietje Jans, a lot and house  on Broad Way, Manhattan ,to Hans Steyn .
This lot is identified as being the Lot 9 of the  Block A , Manhattan,  the original land of Frederick Jansen, deceased husband of Grietje Jans van Groeningen who is then married to the widower, Jan Pietersen van Husum.

This item is retyped as faithfully as possible from the translation provided to the writer, H.J. Blue, by the Morgan Library of New York, NY in the month of August, 2003.  A copy of the original will be provided as an appending page to the article for reference.

Library of J. Pierpont Morgan
Thirty-Three East Thirty-Sixth Street
New York

Translation of Hans Steyn Document

  Today, June 23, 1656, appeared before me, Mathews de Vos, public Notary licensed by the Very honorable Director General and their Honorables residing at Amsterdam in New Netherland, and the witnesses hereafter named, 
the worthy Jan Pietersen, husband and guardian of Gretchen Jansen, widow of Frederick Jansen, Carpender, who also appeared, who together declared 
to have sold, 
and Hans Steyn who declared to have bought 
a certain house and lot situated in this city on the Broad Way,
which property is bounded on the southside by that of Lysbet Pietersen, widow of Jan Huygen, and on the north side by that of Dirck Jansen's
wide and long
according to the thereof existing letter of ground -grant
dated March 10, 1651.
And that at the beginning of the month of April, 1655, as at that time it was then fenced and built upon and was entered upon by the purchaser ; 
and that for the sum of 1050 guilders, to be paid in three installments,
of which the first is to be paid in coin, to wit,
the sum of 350 guilders in the month of June of the same year ; 
and the second installment in the month of June , 1656, likewise the sum of 350 guilders, one half in beavers and one half in coin ;
and the third and last installment, also 350 guilders, in the month of June, 1657, likewise one half in beavers and one half in coin,
and on the part of the Seller to hand over the house and lot clear without any additional charges ; and to carry out this agreement the parties pledge thier persons and properties without reservation for the enforcement of all rights pertaining thereto without deceit or guile. 
The aforesaid Jan Pietersen and Gretchen Jansen also declared to have recieved of the purchaser the first two payments on the days of expiration, according to the conditions herein before mentioned.

 Done thus in Amsterdam in New Netherland in the presence of 
Jacob Moesman and skipper Jacob Jansen, witnessed hereto invited , and who with the other parties appearing signed the minutes on the date as above.
  Upon collation found to be in accord with the minutes.

      Which attests

    Mathews de Vos, Public Notary, 
Certificate of Sale & Purchase of  House of Hans Steyn