From: <>
I would appreciate any information on
b. 6 Mar 1808 Dutchess Co, NY
d. 26 Mar 1869, a 61, Coldwater, Branch, Michigan
m. Mary (unknown) in NY and had three children born there
 Harriet 1833
 Ruth 1836
 Betsey 1839

Davis Smith first appears in MI on 1850 census

Davis was the son of URIAH SMITH b. 1771 and MOLLY LESTER
their children: (not proven)
 Valentine Hewlett Peters

Uriah Smith was the son of JACOB SMITH b. 1746 Hemstead and REBECCA
they m. 1767 St George's Church, Hemstead
their children (not proven)
 Ruth bp 8 Feb 1769 St George's Church
 John S.
 Margaret Platt
 Anne Horsefield
 Rebecca Peters
 Jane Peters
Other than the baptism of Ruth, there is no information on the other

Thank you in advance for any help, leads.
Joyce Scott

From: <>
Searching for information on Jennie LAWSON, born Queens/Nassau County, August 1885.  May have married into WOODHULL family.  I am descended from her brother, George Henry LAWSON.
Thelma Lawson Cudmore

From: <>
I am currently working on a research project. I am in need of information on Sylvester T. Wines. He was born in 1829 and died July 31, 1874. He was 45 years old and lived in Port Jefferson on High Street. He was married to Miami Tooker, who died March 26, 1909. I really need a picture of him as well as information on him. Anything you could do to help would be great. Thanks


From: <>
Hi, I am trying to find someone who knows, or can find) the citizenry of Cutchogue in the early 1900s. I am specifically looking for Wood and Field.
Thanks, Barbi

From: <>
I have photos of the following Hendrickson's buried at St. Johns in Elmont. If anyone would like me to email copies to them, my email is
Agnes               b 8/29/1879
Albert                     d3/17/18??
Angus J.              b 1896        d 1920                             (With John H., John H.Hensler, Harriet B. Hensler and Arthur J. Hensler)
Annauche                    d 1/6/1888                                        (Hendrick's wife)
Charles E              b 1853        d 1921
Drucella              b 1843        d 1913
Edgar E.  or F?              b 1884        d 1915
Edna & Nelson (twins)   b1918           d 1918
Ellen Jane Could not read
Elizabeth               b 1853 d 1931                                  (With John H.)
Elizabeth A.               b 1873 d 1954                                        (With John H. William W.  & George E.)
Emma J.               b 1862 d 1900
Emma M,               b 1870 d 1932
Essie B.               b 1883 d 1958                            (With Charles E. &  Henrietta)
Florence A               b 1874 d 1884                             (With Remsen, Susanna E, & Maynard H)
Foster  D.          b 1880        d 1909
Foster                      d 12/11/1889                    27 yrs   (Son of John &  Sarah)
Franklin A.               b 1873 d 1876
George E.               b 1908        d 1963                                   (With Elizabeth A, John H.,  & William W.)
Hamilton B.        b 1860        d 1930
Hendrick                d Oct or Dec/3/1849?        37yrs
Henrietta               b 1867 d 1928                             (With Charles E. &   Essie B.)
Henry                      d 12/7/1915               76 yrs.   (with Mary)
John               b 9/26/1826 d 7/7/1909                             (With Sarah Ann)
John H.               b 1849 d 1926                             (With Elizabeth)
John H.               b 1872 d 1925                             (With Elizbeth A.,  William W.   and George  E.)
John H.               b 1917        d 1918   (With John H., John H. Hensler, Harriet B. Hensler and Arthur J. Hensler)
Joseph                     b 1840        d 1902
Joseph S.               b 1905        d 1905
Kate Estelle              b 1865        d 1950
Margaret b               b 1902        d 1886
Mary                            d 12/15/1890            49 yrs         (With Henry)
Mary A.                      d 7/29/1914              81 yrs        (With Samuel D. the  Surname Kearsh also  Appears on this stone)
Mary M.        b 3/16/1855        d 5/19/1904                             (With Charles E.)
Maynard        b 1882               d 1885                             (With Remsen, Florence A. & Susanna E.)
Phoebe A.       b 1879               d 1957
Remsen                  b 1842        d 1929                             (With Susanna E, Florence A. & Maynard B.)
Richard B. or R. Could not read
Samuel D.  d 6/16/1911 91 yrs   (With Mary A. the surname Kearsh also appears on this stone)
Sarah Ann        b 4/18/1831        d 4/12/1922                             (With John)
Sidney N.        b 1877               d 1935
Smith Cornell        b 1871        d 1952
Susanna E.       b 1847               d 1948                             (With Remsen, Florence A. & Maynard B)
William S.        b 1863        d 1944
William W.        b 1907               d 1962                             (With Elizabeth A., John H and and George E.)
Wilmer               b 1904          d 1974

From: <>
Any direction/help would be appreciated...
TITUS,Isaac b. abt 1798 father possibly James Titus Mother possibly Rheu Aimy/Rheumy HILL

Thank you
Sandy Tyler

From: <>
I am looking for Parents & Siblings of CHARLES EDWARD BROWER/BREWER b.16 Dec.1854 in Babylon,N.Y. M. Libbie Joy of Northport,N.Y. abt.1878. d.27 Jan.1919 in Northport,N.Y.
Jessie Joy Brower b.9 Mar 1879 mHenry L.Brush
George Harvey Brower b.29 Mar. 1884 M. Ida Shotwell
Bertern Henry Brower b.24 Nov.1889 M. Hazle Combs
Leslie Arthur Brower b.20 June 1892 M. Lola Skidmore

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Joan (Brush)Baumgarten email

From: <>
    I am looking for information on James LANE.  His marriage to Patience Raynor was recorded in the Westhampton Presbyterian Church records on 23 February 1801.  He, or his father James LANE, is listed on the Church Subscription List of December 17, 1765.
    Byron F. Lane, Sr.

From: <>
Can someone suggest where a German Lutheran who died in Flushing, Queens, Dec. 1900 might likely be buried?  Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks,  Jeanne

From: <>
I am looking for the ancestors of Susan Maria Weeks who was born in Patchogue, NY in 1823.  She married Edward Johnson in 1842 but I do not know where. Susan and Edward lived in Cromwell, CT.  My source for this limited information about Susan Maria Weeks is her son's Civil War Pension application.  Her son's name was Edward Tracy Johnson.  I have looked at published Weeks genealogies and can not make a connection.  I have looked through old school records and a few other records in the Brookhaven Historical Library and can not make a connection. Susan Maria Weeks is my great great grandmother.
Graham Johnson

From:   <>
I am looking for any information on Erwin Schiff and any family. He lived on long island in the 1940's and was commander of the VFW lodge in the mid 1940's at the Franklin Square post. My grandmother was a great old friend and I am researching her history. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at . Thank you.

From:  <>
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has information about the BIRDSALL family. My maiden name is Birdsall. I know the family intermarried with other families on Long Island and have found some information about them from other internet sites. I would love to hear from anyone else who is researching this family.

Anna Birdsall Seley

From: <>
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather.
his name is john david kiebler. i know that he came here from germany in the late 1800 and came into ellis island and that he then moved to ashland nd and then moved back to the bronx and that he died and was buried on long island all we know is that my grandfather told us he was buried in the biggest cemetry on long island. my grandfather died 12 years ago and he didn't give much information on his family and we are trying to locate any information we can find to help us in our quest. we are running into blockades in our search. i've tried looking for immigrations records from where he came into ellis island and can not find anything. please any information that you can help with will help in our search for my great grandfather.thank you

From: <>
Surname: Noon/Rhodes                                                                                                                                            Looking for gg grandparents Henry Noon and Mary Seaman Noon m. Nov. 11 1828 in Christs Pres. Church. Their children are Elizabeth b. 1832, William b. 1835 d. June 17, 1863, Elbert b. 1836 d. Dec. 13, 1865 m. Catharine Gritman Aug. 1863, Cordelia b. 1839, Leroy b. 1841, Charlotte b. 1843, Martin b. 1847 d. 1875 and Mary Ann b. Sept. 11, 1854 d. Feb. 21, 1939. She was my g grandmother. She married George Hildreth Rhodes b. Aug. 1847 d. Dec. 1934. They married I believe Dec. 1873. Children are William Henry b. March 17, 1872 d. May 29, 1937, George Washington b. Feb. 28, 1875 d. July 29, 1875, Sarah Elizabeth b. Dec. 13, 1876 d. March 21, 1952, Julia Ann b. Feb 17, 1880 d. Feb. 20, 1958, Augustus Mott b. Oct 21, 1882 d. March 27, 1883, Franklin Bulmer b. May 5, 1884 d. July 1, 1956, Asa Elbert b. Feb 15, 1887 d. May 19, 1955 and Mary Alice (my grandmother) b. Jan 14, 1895 d. Dec 15, 1977.

Surname: Sliker/Schleicher/Slyker - Karr/Carr/Caar/Kaar
Reason: When did Schleicher come to America and from where?
Reason: When & where did Anthoni Kaar/Caar come to America, I saw that he was possibly born in 1639 to James Caar who purchased land on the Stillwell property. The Kaar/Caar's were DRC members with the Van Dykes'. Where did Johann Kaar remove to? Would he have been John Kaar of Dutch Valley/German Valley NJ, with Welsh/Welsch/Welch and others?

Answers: email to ISLEIB204@MSN.COM
Thank you, Kathy Isleib, PA USA

From: <>
Seeking information on Alfred Jerome Raphael,MD. He was a physician who practiced in Elmont, NY, and who died on March 14, 1974.  I think he lived in Franklin Square. Any information on ancestors and decendants would be appreciated.  Contact:Doug Freeman, PO Box 458, Port Ewen, NY 12466

From: <>
I am looking for information on the Raynor/Penny family of Long Island.  Raynor's first names are either John, Edward, or Edwin and I have no first name for his wife, ___ Penny.  One of their sons, William Edward Raynor, was born in 1837 and was kidnapped at age 12 from a NY wharf and taken on a whaler for 6 years.   Any information on the Raynor/Penny connection would be greatly appreciated.

Ellen Gray

From: <>
William Smith married to Mary C. Williams
Florence Smith
Mary E Smith  b: abt 1876
Had a home in Little Neck,LI NY
Mary E. Smith married George Buell Marvin b:25 Oct1874
Children: Sereno 13Mar 1899
          Victor  abt 1908 -d: abt 1943 @ age 35
          Dorothy  abt 1919
Sereno was my maternal grandfather and information on the family is extremely limited. Family lore is that we are of the Smithtown Smith's.
I have been told by the family that the daughter of Sereno Ralph Marvin.(Margery Marvin Howard ?perhaps) Recieved in inheritance the "Williams" house,which she donated to the Old Bethpage Villiage restoration.
Would anyone have any geneology information that would help me piece together my Marvin/Smith/Williams family search. I live in Maine but was born and raised in Lake Ronkonkoma. I am sure there is a get deal of information if I could get to New York but I am doing what I can from home.
Any help would be extremely appreciated.
Thank you,

From: <>
I am seeking information about Ruth Conklin, wife of Henry Chadeayne, a Rev. soldier. She was bapt. and marr. Huntington , Long Island  First Church. Would like parents. Is she from the Ananaise of John Conklin line. Any information VERY appreciated.
Aileen at

From: <>
Would be interested in any information pertaining to the surname WALLENSTEIN (Sp), located in Jamaica, Long Island, during the 1930s.  My mother had me stay with them for a short time when I was a child.   Thank You.
Everett Thorpe, Jr.
El Paso, TX

From: <>
Looking for information on John Tomkinson,wife Mary Anne, daughter Mary Jane, all left England and lived in Hanfords Landing Rochester 1844, Mary Anne died 1847 and is buried'Kings Cemetery' I have no further information on John and daughter, does anyone have him in their family?

From: <>
Where are the records for the Commack Methodist Church kept and how may they be accessed?   Also where would birth records for Amityville be frome the late 1800's? - I had heard that some may be under Huntington rather than Babylon.  Were there any estates for a family named Olcott in the early 1900's on LI - perhaps Queens?
Thank you.

From:  Leola <>
Am looking for information in regard to a Boltis Moore who was an Uncle to George Lorillard, founder of the Lorillard Tobacco Company.  My
great-great grandfather was Boltis Moore and may have been named after him.

From: Mary Hentschel <>
Trying to find the obituary of BURNS, John, who died between 1960-1970. He and his wife Mary Ann, resided on Middle Country Rd. in St. James, Suffolk Co.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Mary Hentschel

From: Lorraine <>
Ok--I can find all my anscestors in the Robert Williams pages back to Maria Hammann and Frederich Brunner with everyone in between.  What I don't know is how do they fit in the Williams family tree?  I do know that the Hoerning farm in the 1800s was in the area of the Old Bethpage restoration which makes it pretty much the same area but then I'm stumped.  I am trying to find if any anscestors were in the Revolution.  (Know they were in the Civil War)  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


From: Michael VanWyck Whitson <>
Im looking for any information on the THIERGARTNER family. My grandfathers name was William James Thiergartner, his wife Adeline aka Susie,he had a brother named Fred.Lived in the Freehold area in the 20s/30s.
Thank you
Michael VanWyck Whitson

From: Al BEASLEY <>
BEASLEY-REVERE Searching for parents and siblings of Leonard BEASLEY. The Tappan DRC record of his marriage to Elizabeth SNEDEN on 12/1816 states he is from Long Island. Also searching for parents and siblings of Isaac REVERE. His death certificate states he was born in NY City 7/27/1795 and that his parents were born in NY. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Al BEASLEY

From: QUARITIUS,Nancy Erb <>
I am interested in finding any desendents of the John & Friederica Quaritius who arrived from Germany in the 1800's and settled in Hicksville. One son George Henry , married Elizabeth Blyman. There were six children in all. All the Quaritius family is buried in Hicksville Lutheran cementry. Also any information about the Quaritius name would be welcomed.

From: <>
Trying to find parents names for Thomas Farrington, born 1801, Middle Village, Newtown, L.I. Buried Springfield Gardens, L.I.
Helen Farrington

From <>
Searching for info on Benjamin Gould, cousin of Azariah Gould of Fairfield Co., CT, likely born on Long Island about 1792, Married 1817 to Martha W. Bruce in Carteret Co., NC, and likely perished in at sea about 1827.  Willing to share further family data on this line.

From <>
Seeking further information on the John GRAY of Brookhaven who appears in "Papers of the Lloyd Family of the Manor of Queens Village, Lloyd's Neck,
Long Island, New York 1654 - 1826", Vol 1 1654 - 1752

John Gray appears in these records many times from 1685 (page 67, Vol. 1)  Lease to John Gray of a Farm on Lloyd's Neck, 1685"  through 1697 (page 137, Vol. 1) "By 3 heifers received of John Gray".
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your kind attention,
Bobbi Needham

From <>
I am looking for any information on the name KEENAN.  Thomas and Margaret (Sweeney) Keenan owned a hotel/bar/livery in Greenwich Village, NY in the early 1900's.  Their son, Thomas Keenan,became a NY State Supreme Court Justice.  Apparently they had a connection in Amityville, LI.  I don't know if it was Judge Keenan or his parents who had a home there.  My Grandmother, Annie White was Thomas and Margaret's daughter born appx. 1888 in Brooklyn.  Annie's sister Mary married George Fitzgerald.  Annie married Sidney White.  Before marriage Annie and Mary worked at their parents hotel cleaning rooms and taking care of the hotel.  Should anyone have any info it would be greatly appreciated.  After both girls got married the two families moved to Panama as their husbands worked at the canal.

Thank you,  Patty

From ptomko@
Thos. B Wells married Cecilia L Field 12/24/1851. A witness was Emily J Field. Does anyone know anything about them or Arthur Field, the son of Leonard Field. Arthur had a daughter,Harriet VR Field. here's hoping!
Barbi ptomko@

From: <>
Date: Thur, 30 Jan 2003
Hi, I am looking for any information you have on the following family: Moger family of Long Island (mostly suffolk county, brookhaven, blue hill, islip areas).

John Moger (born around 1790-1800)
Known Children:

Albert Moger1 (born 1824, married Amanda Pryor (Prior?)
Christopher Moger (born unknown, marriage unknown, five children)
Phebe Moger
Selah Moger

The Albert Moger above married Amanda Pryor and had the following known children:

Byron Moger (born in 1860, married Arabella Wheeler and had one known children (probably had more) Albert Moger2)
Sadie Moger (born in 1857)
Newton Moger (born in 1869)
Charles Moger (born in 1874, married to unknown)
George (born in 1848, married Elizabeth unknown and had Carl Moger, perhaps more children)
Ida (Born 1857, died 1949)
John (born 1853, married Francis unknown, had one known child Eva Moger, perhaps more children)
Carrie (born uknown)
Lovella (born unknown)

Alber Moger2 (born 1880 in Patchogue, married Elizabeth Ryder and had the following known children:
Bryon Monroe Moger (Born 1903 in Patchogue, married Mary Alice Annable)
Abert Moger3 (Born in Long Island in 1894 and married to Marion uknown)

Bryon Monroe Moger (Born 1903 in Patchogue, married Mary Alice Annable and had the following known children:)

Byron Joseph Moger (born 1903 in Patchogue, and died in New Hampshire in 1977 and married Claudina Hernandez)
Robert Annable Moger (born in 1922)

Byron Joseph Moger (born 1903 in Patchogue, and died in New Hampshire in 1977 and married Claudina Hernandez) had the following children

Byron Luis Moger
Adrian Carlos Moger

If you have any information on any of the Mogers above, please contact me at

Sincerely, Leonie Moger

From: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 21:17:34 EST
Looking for descendants of Noah and Julia Hart Hallock, married December, 1819, Smithtown, Suffolk County.

Robert Raynor" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 9:22 AM
Subject: Abraham Wright's Will

Seeking a copy of Abraham Wright will dated 1795. Abraham is the son of John Wright and Sarah Pemberton. He married Hannah Raynor b 1708 , the daughter of Samuel Raynor and Mary. They had the following children Abraham, Milicent, Benjamin, Martha and Amy.  Amy married Sylvanus Raynor. He is mentioned in the will also his heirs. they has two children Martha and Matthew. Would greatly like to receive a copy, or contact with someone with the will or family member.

Bob Raynor

From: "Yo and Ken McDonald" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 17:03:43 -0700

My Mother and Dad went Westhampton in 1939 to visit my father's family.  My parents were divorced in 1940.  We are looking for information on a Locke, Cooper or Willingham family who had an interior decorating business and a daughter named Victoria.  She would have been around 15 in 1939.  Mother now is 87 and helping with our genealogy search.

From: "Brian Sammis" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 14:57:51 -0500
I am searching for information about Alexander Sammis who was married to Amy Gould, George Sammis who was married to Ruth Conklin, Warren Gould who was married to Narcissa Titus and Alice Hewitt, and info about Hewett Gould Sammis who was married to Emma Tuthill.  I am trying to do a family tree project and I need information about what they did in life, where they worked, and other facts about them.

R. Sammis

From: "Elizabeth A. Feigon, M.D." <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 19:48:33 -0500
Margaret Golden was born about 1790 and married Joseph Carpenter. They probably lived on Westchester County. I am looking for any information about her.

Elizabeth A. Feigon, M.D.

From: "pamela lawson" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 12:47:42 -0500
Any  information on the Gavitts family  (Widow Gavitts Road, Easthampton).
Please send to  Thanks.

From: "LeRoy McGrew" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:10:51 -0600
Looking for Thomas S. Miller m. Laura Manger (Manzer)
Thomas S. was born  1 april, 1846 in Dexter, Jefferson, NY
and his father Samuel C. Miller was born 29 sept., 1795 in Long Island, Suffolk, NY.

I would appreciate an information on this family.
thank you,
Carol McGrew

From: Annie Short <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 23:00:25 -0500
I grew up in North Babylon on Throop Street.  I always wondered who "Throop" was and which "Throop" my block was named after. Any ideas or links would be appreciated. Thank You-Annie Short

From: "Jan Walker" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 23:49:55 -0800
Subject: Halliday-- Smith
I am looking for any information on Selah Halliday and his wife, Armenia Smith. Their youngest child, Oscar Smith Halliday was my great-great-grandfather.

Thank you for your time.

Jan( Graham) Walker

From: <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 11:39:05 EST

Deacon Benjamin Cornish b.) 25 Jan 1765  d.) 05 Feb 1825   married to
Experience Cornish b.) abt 1770 ? d.) 12 Feb 1846 .

The tombstone of this Benjamin Cornish is found in Queens, L.I.

Does anyone have the ancestry of This Cornish line, or a reference to James
Cornish who is found in Census Images for 1830 - 1860 in Newtown, Queens Co.,
Long Island?

My interest is in connecting George H. Cornish who is found in 1850 and 1860
images to ancestry of Cornishes in this county.

From: Elizabeth Smythe <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:03:11 -0700
Subject: Search for family of William P. Earle origin St. John's Newfoundland

I am searching for William P. Earle, or his descendants. William was the son of Ellen and John Earle of St John's Newfoundland Canada. Known to have left Newfoundland as a young man in the 1940s to settle in Long Island where he worked in a refrigerator factory.  William has one surviving younger sister Josephine (86), in St. John's.  I am his neice, daughter of Margaret Earle, deceased in 1996. Would like to know more about William Earle's life and any cousins that may be in the Long Island area.

Elizabeth Smythe

From: "Jen Herlihy Rakeman" <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 13:46:37 -0500
Hi.  I am researching the family of Ananias Conkling and Mary Mapes.  They were married abt. 1790 somewhere on LI (possibly Huntington or Southold).  Mary is the daughter of Thomas Mapes of Southold and I am trying to locate the parents of Ananias who was born abt. 1770.  I have found numerous references to Annanias Conklins, a number of whom could be Ananias's father, but I do not know which is which.  Is there anyone available who could help me figure this out?

Jen Herlihy Rakeman

From: "Cheryl Richman" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 12:13:04 -0600

I am researching Mrs. Jeanie Gooch.

Mrs. Jeanie Gooch was the cook/housekeeper for Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada for the years 1946 to his death in the 1950's.

According to the Prime Minister's diaries, the following information on Jeanie Gooch was obtained:

October 22, 1946 - dictated letter to Mrs. Gooch of Long Island seeing if she is willing to be engaged as a cook.  The following are passages from his diaries which mention dates and places in New York, Long Island, Jamestown and Hamilton and a club called the "Tamahac" (or Tamarack) in Hamilton (does it  exist today?).

I presume her children's surnames are "Simpson".  I believe her maiden surname was Hunter and that she may have remarried a Gooch when she was in South Africa.  Anything anyone could do to put me in the right direction to find her and her descendants in New York would be greatly appreciated.  Regards Cheryl.

October 25, 1946 - when I got back to the Biltmore, I was pleased to discover that Mrs. Gooch, who had been cook at the Tamaharic (Tamahak) (Tamarack) Club of Hamilton, had come in answer to a letter. ...There is no question in the world about her efficiency as a cook.   She has been twenty years at the Tamaharic Club, (lived in Scotland).  When she left the club the members voted her congratulations on a motion by General Newbourne.  Mrs. Hendyne (Hendrie) knows her well and feels satisfied she will be exceptionally good for Laurier House.  I am sure that the fact that she came in from her son's residence today to speak about the position makes clear her readiness to take the position.
November 5, 1946 - special delivery letter from Mrs. Jean Gooch from N.Y.L.I.

December 30, 1946.  Letter from New was from a Mrs. McLaughlin with whom Mrs. Gooch has been employed as a cook ever since.  She went to N.Y. at a salary of $50, a week.

February 23, 1947 - Tonight Mrs. Gooch came up and talk for a little while.  She is kindly and quite entertaining.  She told us tonight of having lived with the Duke of Roxborough in Scotland and later to have gone to South Africa with Lord Chamberlain.  I wish I could have secured her services about 10 years ago...

April 26, 1947 - ...Lily Hendrie, of Hamilton, and Brigadier and Mrs. Farmer, with whom she is staying, come for afternoon tea.  Lily went out to speak to Mrs. Gooch.

June 2, 1947 - ...spent a little time with Mrs. Gooch planning dinner for the President (of USA) and luncheon for the Cardinals....

June 15, 1947.  ...had a talk with Mrs. Gooch.  ...It gave her great pleasure to know what others thought of the President's dinner.  ...She then gave me a little history of her early life and of her Aunt who had been as a mother to her and who was now very old. (Aunt, Maria Hunter, was housekeeper for Duke and Duchess of Roxburgh, at Floors Castle in Scotland).

September 20, 1947 - took (Lady Sybil) to see Mrs. Gooch.  Lady Sybil's brother, Lord Howick, had been a.d.c. in South Africa to Lord Selbourne when he was G.G.  Mrs. Gooch was then Mrs. Simpson and was on the staff.  She had known Lord Howick very well.

January 25, 1950 - ...Mrs. Gooch's son who had dropped in to see his mother on coming around this way from New York.

October 28, 1949 -Mrs. Gooch's neice and her husband, on their wedding trip from Hamilton, dropped in to thank me for the telegram.  I thought she was a perfectly lovely girl.  They were both exceedingly nice.

August 29, 1949 - Mrs. Gooch's grandson and granddaughter (sic) - 19 and 21 years of age had motored from Jamestown. N.Y. (left about 3 this morning).  She introduced them to me, then later tonight to ..and me - They are spending the night at Mountain Lodge.  I had not thought about them and Mrs. Gooch said nothing. I arrange(d) to have them as my guests for the night, breakfast.  Later planned the day for Ottawa tomorrow for Mrs. Gooch to take them to Laurier House for luncheon - then go on to Toronto (Exhibition) and Hamilton and then to Jamestown.

From: "Paula Mauer" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:54:40 -0500
Hello my name is Paula Mauer from Flushing,Genesee County,Michigan. My Grandfather was Morton Jarvis Albro b-1878 in Genesee, Michigan Died-1913 Mt. Morris,Genesee county,Michigan  He was the son of Jarvis Albro and Margaret L. Carpenter Married only know they were married in Genesee County, Michigan. Margaret L Carpenter was born 1857 in Michigan, according to the 1880 United States Census her parents born in New York.She had 6 children. If you could please tell me what to do to try and find her parents names I would be thankful everywhere I go it dead end. I got this sight thru a match site of her name in
Thank You

From: <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:15:19 EST
I am looking for information on the STELLENWERF family, particularly colonial
era.  Secondly, does anyone know where the people who were originally buried
in Doxee's Grounds (South Shore, around Islip) are now interred?  Thank you.
Cathy Akel

From: Joe Weiss <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 08:08:49 -0500

I am researching the history of Awixa, Bay Shore
Information concerning the Clock, Thurber, and Mildeberger families is requested
Also early histories of South Awixa Avenue, Bay Shore
Thank you

From: <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 21:14:55 EST

I am looking for any dates or names for Nancy Lockwood, parents, siblings etc.  All I know is that she died around  1851 in New York State.  She married Gilbert Rogers.  Gilbert Rogers was born in 1771 in Beekman, New York and died  in Prince Edward Co., Ontario.
Any help would be appreciated.
Susan Sills Scriver

From: "Christopher Moore" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:18:50 -0600
Allen Moore born 4/18/1828. Immigrated to Long Island 1850 from Liverpool on sailing ship West Point with new wife Mary Reynolds.  Eventually settled in Oakland Villa, Central Park, Long Island.  Had son Allen E. Moore who had son Edwin B. Moore (32 Oak St. Framingdale).  Had son Alfred E. who managed a produce farm at 40 Pinelawn rd in Melville.  Alfred E had son Alfred R.  I am the son of Alfred R.

Looking for any information on life and times from 1850 on.

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Does anyone know the names of the children of Abraham Cook, born about 1715 and his wife, Sibyl Burnett, she was the daughter of Ephraim Burnett.  They both were probably born at Southampton, Suffolk, LI, NY.  They married on October 3, 1740 in Southampton, LI, NY.  They removed to Hampton, Morris County, NJ, but I am not sure when.  They also lived in the Parsippany, Morris, NJ area.
Colleen Yates