Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


W Surnames


WADDING Griffin* about 80 years

d. at Jericho; found in the woods Anearly dead@; moved to a nearby house, where he died; resident of Old Westbury who Ahad been working around among the farmers in that vicinity [Old Westbury] for years@; 29 October 1898 paper, Hicksville item; inquest ruled he died from pneumonia, 5 November 1898 paper

WADDINGTON Mrs. 87 years

d. 19 April 1896 at Brooklyn; grandmother of Mrs. B. F. Carr; Central Park item

WADE young man 20 years

killed at Morris Park Alast week@ when he was hit by a railroad train; son of Charles Wade of Hicksville; 4 February 1899 paper

WADE Eliza 63 years

d. 28 July 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; cancer in the face; Asuffered greatly from her disease@; funeral at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; wife of John Wade; mother of John DeGray; Aa worthy member of the M. E. Church of the village [Cold Spring Harbor]@

WADE William A. B. 75 years

d. 13 December 1895 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

WADE William H. 41 years

d. 16 February 1897 at New York City; interment at Huntington; son of late William Wade; survived by unnamed widow and three children

WAGNER Barbara 64 years

d. 20 June 1898 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; Achildren of the deceased are all grown and part of them married@; Aone of Hicksville=s most estimable ladies@; resident of Hicksville for 25 years

WAGNER Charles 55 years

d. 20 August 1895 at Frankfurt, Germany, while on a visit; Aremains will be brought to Lindenhurst@; native of Germany; resident of Lindenhurst for 20 years; served as Justice of the Peace for the Town of Babylon and postmaster of Lindenhurst; Aa rich merchant and prominent in Democratic politics in Suffolk County@

WAGNER Paul 25 years

suicide night at 30-31 August 1897 at Hicksville; hanged himself in barn; conflict with his parents over his proposed marriage to Miss Lizzie Soffel, who was Anot of their religious views@; caused Aa breach between father and son@; account of suicide in 4 September 1897 paper; son of Adolph Wagner

WAHLSTRON Mary Charlotte 80 years

d. 28 April 1891 at Huntington

WAKEMAN Miss ca. 70 years

d. 29 October 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; Ashe came to this village [Oyster Bay] to make a visit and was taken sick@; funeral at residence of Elbert Ludlum of Oyster Bay


murdered by his wife Annie Walden, who received a life sentence 29 April 1892 from a court in New York City


d. at Centre Island; 27 August 1892 paper

WALDRON Isaac 93 years

d. 5 February 1893 at Jericho; interment at Brookville

WALKER Annie 70 years

d. 3 February 1893 at Commack; wife of George Walker

WALKER Clara J. 10 months

d. 12 August 1891 at Fresh Pond


d. at New York City; 14 November 1891 paper; daughter of Louis A. Walker; Mount Sinai item

WALL Patrick Aold citizen@

d. 29 October 1891; interment at Westbury; Hicksville item

WALLACE Elizabeth 54 years

d. 8 April 1900 at Hicksville at the home of Henry J. Molloy; funeral at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

WALLACE Jane 80 years

d. 3 December 1892 at Marquette, Michigan; interment at Huntington; widow of Robert Wallace; former resident of Cold Spring

WALLACE John 61 years

d. 14 April 1899 at Marquette, Michigan; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; graveside service by Rev. Seem of Second Presbyterian Church; native of Cold Spring Harbor, Agoing to Michigan many years ago and engaging in the mercantile business, in which he gained quite a competency. He never married@

WALLACE John 52 years

d. 25 April 1899 at De Land, Florida; consumption; had gone to Florida for his health; interment at Brooklyn; unnamed widow and 7 children survive; brother of Mrs. Matthew McGunigle of Hicksville; resident of Brooklyn

WALLACE Lydia 13 years

d. 13 June 1893; scarletina; interment at Plain Edge; daughter of John Wallace; granddaughter of Stephen Wallace; Hicksville item

WALLACE Mary Jane 65 years

d. 20 April 1891 at Comac; sister of Mrs. George Walker

WALLACE Stephen 69 y 11 m 24 d

d. 17 January 1894 at Hicksville; interment at Plain Edge; former teacher at Hicksville and employee of the Queens County Clerk=s office at Jamaica; resident of Hicksville for 35 years


d. 15 August 1897 at Westbury; interment at Friends= Cemetery, Westbury; child of Alexander Wallmuller; cousin of Mrs. Wigel of Mineola; Hicksville and Mineola item

WALSH William

d. Alast week@; Riverhead item 24 January 1891 paper

WALTER child 3 years

d. 21 February 1898; diphtheria; child of Frank Walter; Glen Cove item

WALTERS Capt. Abram ca. 70 years

d. 25 February 1900 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funerals at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn and at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Baker; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; father of Mrs. Florence Herbert of Oyster Bay and Mrs. Henry Stilwell of Huntington; brother of Capt. Albert Walters and Mrs. George Van Ausdall, both of Cold Spring Harbor, George Walters of Brooklyn, and the late John Walters


d. 30 March 1891 at Oyster Bay; widow of Treadwell Walters; sister of Mrs. Ludlum of Oyster Bay; former resident of Syosset

WALTERS Elizabeth 16 years

drowned 28 July 1893 at Rockville Centre; resident of Brooklyn

WALTERS George J. 15 years

d. 24 August 1900 at Oyster Bay; typhoid fever; Asick but a short time@; funeral at St. Dominic=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay, by Father Powers; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Brookville

WALTERS James 80 years

d. 6 January 1893 at Pearsalls; Aleaves eleven children@; celebrated 58th wedding anniversary in the summer of 1891; resident of Mineola who Afor many years kept a grocery store at Mineola@; Democrat who voted for every Democratic Acandidate for President since Andrew Jackson=s time@

WALTERS Mrs. James

d. 26 January 1896 at Brooklyn; mother of Sidney Walters of Oyster Bay

WALTERS Jessica 18 mos 15 days

d. 13 September 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Samuel A. and Mary I. Walters


Ainstantly killed@ 14 June 1900 at Floral Park; struck by lightning during an Aunusually severe electric storm@; John, his brother Charles Walters, and Jacob Statel hid beneath a farm wagon, while out working in a large field; lightning struck and killed the two farm horses attached to the wagon; it traveled through the wagon, killing John and seriously injuring the other two

WALTERS Louisa 3 years

d. at New Hyde Park; drank water in which poisonous fly paper was soaking; daughter of Herman Walters; 10 October 1891 paper


d. at Brooklyn; interment 21 January 1896 at Plain Edge; widow of James Walters

WALTERS Mrs. Samuel

d. 15 November 1893; funeral at Cold Spring

WANSOR Mrs. Edward

d. 25 March 1900 at Sea Cliff; funeral at St. Boniface R. C. Church, Sea Cliff

WANSOR Elisha 40 years

d. 13 March 1895 at Locust Valley; funeral Reformed Church, Locust Valley; resident of Locust Valley

WANSOR Sarah E. 7 years

d. 18 September 1900 at Locust Valley; daughter of Charles Wansor

WARD Blance May 11 months

d. 11 April 1891 at West Neck

WARD Mrs. Elijah

d. 18 January 1893 in California, where she had gone Afor the benefit of her health@; interment at Riverside, N. Y.; General Ward=s body was disinterred 24 January 1893 from Roslyn Cemetery and taken to Riverside for re‑burial next to his wife; AThe Elijah Ward Post, G. A. R. escorted the General=s body to the depot and a guard of honor accompanied the body to New York@; Westbury item; [Elijah Ward buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York City, according to Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971]

WARD Ellen E.

d. 18 January 1893; widow of Lt. A. Ward, U. S. Navy; account of her will in 18 February 1893 paper left $5,000 to Children's Home of Mineola; estate of $3,000,000 admitted to probate at Queens County Surrogate=s office 27 April 1893; list of religious and charitable bequests in 6 May 1893 paper; resident of Roslyn; memorial gifts presented by her children to Trinity Episcopal Church, Roslyn 5 August 1893 paper; [see Weidman and Martin Nassau County Long Island in Early Photographs 1869-1940 (1981) which states Athe famous Roslyn Clocktower, erected in 1895 in honor of Ellen E. Ward, widow of Elijah Ward@ (p. 15); this would indicate that these two WARD citations refer to the same person. It is unclear who Lt. A. Ward, U. S. Navy, would be]


d. 3 December 1891 at Hempstead; interment at Cypress Hills; daughter of J. K. Gittens; sister of William Gittens

WARING Col. George E.

d. 29 October 1898 at New York City; yellow fever, which he caught in Cuba; returned from Havana, Cuba, Awhere he had been sent by President McKinley to inspect the sanitary conditions of that city@; former street cleaning commissioner for New York City

WARING Robert 57 years

suicide AWednesday morning@ [badly torn page, probably from 8 January 1898 issue] at Hicksville; took Paris Green; native of Kent, England; [badly torn obit indicates that he had something to do with the Garden City Cathedral, but due to condition of page, it is unclear what his connection was]

WARNER Charles Dudley 71 years

d. 20 October 1900 at Hartford, Connecticut; Adropped dead@; Aeminent author@; Acompetent as an editor, novelist, essayist and poet@; following the death of George William Curtis in 1884, he took over the AEditor=s Easy Chair@ at Harper=s Magazine


death recorded 21 May 1892 paper; interment at Roslyn; resident of East Williston

WARNER Dr. Egbert

d. 1 January 1892 at Seymour, Ohio; brother of Mrs. George H. Brock of Huntington

WARREN Mr. Anearly@ 60 years

d. 23 October 1896 at Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; father of two daughters and one son; veteran of the Civil War

WARREN Adelia Green 1 y 11 m 26 d

d. 7 December 1896 at Flatlands; daughter of Isaac Warren

WARREN Charles ca. 43 years

suicide 31 August 1900 at Cold Spring; shot himself in the head; keeper of the Cold Spring Memorial Cemetery; found dead in the keeper=s cottage in the cemetery; Ait is thought that the death of his parents and his being alone .... had worked upon his mind and partially unbalanced it@; funeral at Cold Spring at the home of Mrs. William Warren by Rev. Cain; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; never married; account of the suicide in 7 September 1900 paper

WARREN Clarissa H. 77 years

d. 14 November 1895; Ahad been sick a long time from a stroke of paralysis@; funeral M. E. Church, Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; wife of Henry Warren

WARREN John Henry 82 years

d. 10 September 1899 at Oyster Bay or Cold Spring Harbor; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Chapel at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Nash; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; widower of Clarissa Terry of Sayville, who d. 1895; father of George Warren of New Haven, Connecticut, Esther M. Archer of Huntington, Charles F. Warren of Cold Spring and the late William H. Warren; Aa number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren survive him@; life-long resident of Cold Spring; member of M. E. Church, Cold Spring; member of Ellsworth Lodge I. O. O. F, Huntington

WARREN William Henry 55 y 5 m 23 d

d. 17 April 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Baker; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Henry Warren, who survives; unnamed widow and one daughter; brother of Charles Warren

WARRINER Rev. Edwin 59 years

d. 29 August 1898 at Stepney, Connecticut; cancer; Ain ill health, was put on the superannuated list by the Conference last spring@; funeral at M. E. Church, Stepney, Conn.; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, with a service by Rev. F. C. Hill, M. E. clergyman; survived by an unnamed widow, two sons and two daughters; Apossessed considerable literary ability@; author of book The Old Sands Street Church, Brooklyn; member of the New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; served these appointments: 1864 Durham, CT; 1865-67 Forestville, CT; 1868 Hamden, CT; 1869-70 Sag Harbor; 1871-73 Southold; 1874-75 Huntington; 1876-78 Glen Cove; 1879-81 Great Neck; 1882-84 Clinton, CT; 1885-87 Port Washington; 1888-89 Rockville Centre; 1890-91 Whitestone; 1892-93 Trinity Church, Meridan, CT; 1894-95 Easton, CT; 1896-98 Stepney & Long Hill, CT; Adearly beloved by his people@

WASHBURN Mrs. Henry S.

d. 1 January 1900 at Boston, Massachusetts; wife of Henry S. Washburn, author of the popular poem >The Vacant Chair=; mother of the Rev. Henry H. Washburn, rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay

WATERS Mary 15 years

d. 18 September 1899; typhoid fever; funeral at North Amityville M. E. Church by Rev. Wright

WATERS Mrs. Michael

d. 16 February 1892; resident of Brooklyn; former resident of Cold Spring

WATERS Sarah 42 y 1 m 8 d

d. 30 March 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; consumption; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Greenvale; wife of Peter Waters

WATSON Lulu 18 days

d. 22 July 1896 at Huntington

WATTS young man

drowned 19 June 1896 off Babylon in the Great South Bay; resident of Brooklyn

WEAVER infant

interment 30 January 1892 at Plain Edge; child of James Weaver of Brooklyn, formerly of Central Park; child=s uncle is Alexander S. Robinson of Central Park

WEAVER infant

d. Alast week@ at Greenpoint; interment 2 January 1893 at Plain Edge; child of George Weaver, former resident of Central Park

WEAVER James 36 yrs 11 mos

d. 15 November 1893 at New York City; funeral at Plain Edge; interment at Central Park; native of Central Park

WEAVER Oliver M. 14 yrs 6 mos

d. 18 April 1895; interment at Central Park; son of J. S. Weaver, formerly a resident of Central Park

WEBB Louisa

death reported in article on arrest of Dr. Henry G. McGonegal for having Acriminally operated on@ Mrs. Webb; Dr. McGonegal was Alocked up in the Queens county Jail. Suspected as accomplices are Mr. Webb and Mrs. Marion A. Dale, an accoucheuse@; wife of Frank Webb of Ravenswood; 30 July 1892 paper

WEBB Robert H. 46 yrs 9 mos

d. 2 May 1891 at Northport

WEBB Robert M. 80 y 2 m 14 d

d. 21 November 1891 at Northport; interment at Rockaway; father of Rev. Webb, former pastor of Northport and Huntington Baptist Churches

WEBB Rev. Thomas 59 years

funeral 17 November 1899 at Brooklyn; unnamed widow survives; father of 3 daughters and 2 sons; brother of Sophie E. Payne of Brooklyn; native of Brooklyn; former pastor of Northport Baptist Church; summer resident of Centreport and Greenlawn; Adevoted the last eight years of his life to evangelistic work@; Mrs. John Tilden of Greenlawn attended the funeral

WEBBER Henry 21 years

d. 28 December 1900 at Sunken Meadow; shot in a hunting accident by his 14 year old brother, Philip Webber; the young men were hunting birds along the beach, when Henry stood up just as Philip fired at the birds; Henry almost bled to death waiting for medical help to arrive at the beach; he lost so much blood that Ait was impossible to save his life@; funeral at Northport; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport


suicide 16 May 1893 near Newburgh, N. Y.; jumped from steamboat on route to Troy and was drowned in Hudson River; resident of Brooklyn

WEBER Charles

drowned Alast week@ at Greenport; sailboat found capsized, but Anothing has since been heard from him@; resident of Long Beach; 8 December 1894 paper


d. 5 May 1895 at Glen Cove Landing; consumption; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; member Daniel L. Downing Post G. A. R.

WEEKES Charles B. 63 y 2 m 15 d

d. 21 June 1897 at Cold Spring; paralysis; funeral at Cold Spring M. E. Church by Rev. Guton, M. E. of Cold Spring, Rev. Cox, Baptist of Cold Spring, and Rev. Wightman, Baptist of Oyster Bay; interment at Huntington; survived by unnamed widow and a son; native of Hempstead, who had resided in Cold Spring for the Alast twenty-five years@


d. 20 January 1892; resident of Locust Valley

WEEKES Margaret Onderdonk 30 years

d. 27 October 1894 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; interment at Trinity Cemetery, New York City; daughter of William Onderdonk; sister of Mrs. Charles de Rouge; wife of Arthur D. Weekes; former resident of Short Hills, New Jersey

WEEKS Alanson 58 years

d. 1 [?] June 1894 at Babylon; heart disease; d. sitting in a chair, talking to

his friends; Acame from a family remarkable for large people@; brother of late Albert Weeks, who Awas claimed to have been one of the largest men in the state@; bottler of beer and carbonated beverages

WEEKS Daniel V. 67 years

d. 4 April 1897; cancer; funeral at Lattingtown; interment at Locust Valley; secretary of Glen Cove Mutual Fire Insurance Company; Aactive member@ of Locust Valley Reformed Church

WEEKS Edward 67 years

d. 20 December 1898 at Locust Valley; funeral at Locust Valley Reformed Church; survived by unnamed widow; father of two children; native of Locust Valley; steamboat engineer Aand when the steamer Seawanhaka was burned in the East River eighteen years ago, he was badly burned and scalded about the face and hands and barely escaped with his life@


d. 29 January 1894 at Glen Cove; daughter of late William M. Weeks, proprietor of Pavilion Hotel

WEEKS George 70 y 8 m 24 d

d. 29 December 1892 at Huntington; member of the Baptist Church; Athoroughly honest and industrious citizen and a true Christian@

WEEKS George

d. 28 December 1894 at East Norwich; Acame home and sat down in a chair and immediately expired@; interment at Brookville

WEEKS Rev. George Edgar 45 years

d. 29 November 1896 at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; typhoid fever; funeral Baptist Church, Huntington by Rev. Cox (Baptist), Rev. Putnam (Presbyterian) and Rev. Judd (M. E.); son of George Weeks; brother of Lillie Weeks of Huntington; survived by unnamed widow and a son and a daughter, both by his first wife; his first two wives both d. of consumption; native of Norwalk, Connecticut, b. 19 November 1851; moved to Huntington Aat a very early age@; graduated from Huntington High School, Class of 1869, as valedictorian; attended Madison University; joined Cold Spring Baptist Church at age 16; served in the Baptist ministry for 21 years at Bellmont, Watkins, Newark Valley and Troy, New York, and Cold Point and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania; left pastorate at Bloomsburg for health reasons and retired to Lewisburg in hopes of regaining health; in the summer of 1895 he preached in the Baptist and M. E. churches at Huntington Athat time being the last occasion on which he visited this place@

WEEKS Henrietta E. 74 y 11 m 6 d

d. 24 August 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; widow of John B. Weeks (m. 1845); mother of Emma (Mrs. Philip) Pearsall and a son, who d. in his youth; native of East Neck, Huntington; member of First Presbyterian and later Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington

WEEKS Hobart 82 years

d. at Hempstead; funeral 13 January 1895 at Hempstead

WEEKS Janet 80 years

d. 24 September 1899 at Locust Valley; maiden name was Bailey; widow of Samuel C. Weeks; mother of Albert Weeks, Townsend B. Weeks, Sidney Weeks, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. William C. Merritt and Mrs. Samuel Matthews; native of Brookville

WEEKS John B. 86 y 6 m 18 d

d. 18 April 1899 at Huntington; son of Joshua Weeks and Sally Bennett; husband of Sarah Hendrickson and secondly, Henrietta White, who survives; father, by first marriage, of Mary (Mrs. E. H.) Dodge of Great Neck and Sarah (Mrs. George K.) Dodge of Manhasset; father, by second marriage, of Emma (Mrs. Philip) Pearsall of Huntington; native and life-long resident of Huntington, b. 1 October 1812; Aearly in life he learned the mason=s trade ... he assisted in the construction of dozens of buildings in the village and vicinity@

WEEKS Mary Ann about 70 years

found dead in bed 6 December 1900 at Oyster Bay; funeral by Rev. Wasson of East Norwich; interment at Afamily burial ground@ Oyster Bay=

WEEKS Maryetta 72 years

d. 20 June 1900; funeral at Oyster Bay at the home of Lena Underhill; resident of Mill Hill, Oyster Bay

WEEKS Millicent P. 90 years

d. 11 November 1899 at Farmingdale; mother of 4 sons and 2 daughters, one of whom is Mrs. Charles Hall of Farmingdale; member of Farmingdale M. E. Church; former resident of Melville

WEEKS Sarah J. 82 years

d. 28 February 1900; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Ludlum Burial Ground, Mill Neck; wife of Samuel Weeks; mother of Mrs. Joseph S. Ludlum

WEEKS Susan Cock 68 years

funeral 20 October 1894 at Locust Valley; widow of John J. Weeks

WEEKS Theodore S.

d. 9 June 1900; heart trouble; funeral at Reformed Church, Locust Valley; life-long resident of Locust Valley

WEEKS Townsend B.

d. 6 July 1900; funeral at Locust Valley; unnamed widow survives; father of Edward S. Weeks, Townsend B. Weeks and Charles Weeks


death reported from diphtheria near Stewart=s Brickyards, between Farmingdale and Bethpage; child of Frederick Weghaus; 8 December 1894 paper

WEICKMANN Conrad 59 years

d. 22 June 1898 at Hicksville; dropsy; Aone of the pioneer manufacturers of silver leaf in this village [Hicksville]@


d. 6 September 1900 at Jersey City, New Jersey; hit by a trolley car earlier in the week; father of Mrs. Henry Braun of Hicksville; brother of Mrs. August Scheiber of Hicksville; former resident of Hicksville

WEISBERG child 5 years

d. 10 March 1895 at Northport; interment at Cypress Hills; son of Emil Weisberg


interment 27 February 1891 at Westbury; former resident of Roslyn

WELLING Charles 66 years

d. 9 August 1891 at Richmond Hill; Alife long resident of the Town of Jamaica@; editor and proprietor of the Long Island Farmer for over 30 years; the paper was Afor many years about the only representative of Republicanism in Queens County@; postmaster of Jamaica 1861‑1877; trustee of Jamaica Presbyterian Church

WELLS Cornelia Baldwin 22 years

d. 29 June 1896 at Stony Brook; spinal meningitis; funeral Asermon was preached by the pastor of the M. E. Church, under whose ministry the deceased was converted about one year ago@; interment at Stony Brook; wife of Thomas M. Wells, to whom she was married Aonly a year last March@; former resident of Elwood

WELLS Mrs. J. N.

funeral 18 January 1891 at Riverhead; Ahad both breasts removed on account of cancer@

WELLS Keziah

d. 30 March 1891 at Baiting Hollow; widow of George Wells; mother‑in‑law of Samuel H. L=Hommedieu

WELLS Robert 50 years

d. 30 January 1895 at Stony Brook; Astricken with paralysis of the heart@; leaves a widow and three children

WELLWOOD Joseph 64 years

d. 20 June 1899 at Sea Cliff; dropsy; brother of John Wellwood of Sea Cliff; native of Ireland; resident of New York City

WELSH David 62 years

d. 22 July 1900 at Plain Edge; interment at Brooklyn; father of Mrs. M. O=Hearn of Plain Edge


d. 19 February 1891 at Brooklyn; summer visitor to Northport


funeral 9 June 1900 at Cypress Hills; former resident of Kings Park


d. Aa few weeks ago@; son-in-law of Samuel Hewlett; brother-in-law of Mrs. Wallace Velsor; survived by unnamed widow; the widow, formerly a resident of Oyster Bay Abut some years a resident of Chicago@ has returned to live at Oyster Bay with her sister, Mrs. Velsor; Oyster Bay item, 10 September 1898 paper

WEST Charles L. 56 years

d. 5 September 1894 at Bayville

WEST Elizabeth P. 73 y 9 m 3 d

d. 18 February 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; wife of William West; daughter of Samuel Pedrick; sister of Edgar Pedrick of New Haven, Connecticut, Elbert Pedrick of Babylon, Mrs. Platt Gildersleeve of Fort Salonga, and 10 others now deceased; mother of Mary A. (Mrs. C. Edgar) Pearsall and Juliette West, who died in childhood; native of New York City; raised in Farmingdale, where she m. Mr. West in 1847; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; Ahighly esteemed by those who knew her@

WESTERVELT Eliza Ann 87 years

d. 26 December 1898 at Glen Cove; Aa life long resident of this place [Glen Cove]@


d. 2 June 1894; Locust Valley item; Aone of our oldest residents@

WESTERVELT Martha 92 years

d. 27 August 1896 at Garvies Point; funeral M. E. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Locust Valley; sister-in-law of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Westervelt; Aa member of the M. E. Church for a great many years@

WETTERAU George W. 75 years

d. 16 August 1897; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; father of Mrs. P. G. Grosjean of Tottenville, Staten Island, by his first wife, and by his second wife, father of Daniel Wetterau, baker, Frank Wetterau, farmer, Emma (Mrs. John) Christ, Charles Wetterau, farmer, all of Hicksville, and Mattie (Mrs. Frank) McLean of Hempstead; native of Germany; m. 1843 to first wife; second wife was Annie Katherine Schuster, who d. 1889; baker in Hicksville for 45 years; Oyster Bay Town tax assessor; Aa staunch Democrat@

WETTERAU Henriette Christina 47 years

d. 1 June 1893; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn Ahad been ill but a few days@; widow of George Wetterau; member of Hicksville Reformed Church

WEYRICH Jacob 56 years

suicide 21 May 1895 at Oyster Bay; shot himself in head while out in his barn; Ano reason can be assigned for the rash act@; shot fired in the barn was heard by Mrs. Haggerty, his daughter; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; native of New York City; barber by trade, first in New York City, and later in Oyster Bay; ca. 1891 he gave his barber shop to his son and opened a livery stable; survived by a widow and eight children, of whom only Mrs. Haggerty is mentioned by name

WHALEN Catherine 70 years

d. 3 April 1895 at Cold Spring Harbor; Astricken down by a paralytic stroke@; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at West Neck; wife of James Whalen


d. Athis week@ at the State Asylum, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; resident of Cold Spring Afor many years until a few years ago, when him mind became deranged and he was taken to the asylum@; 31 December 1898 paper

WHALEN Michael 35 years

d. 21 November 1892 on the Hudson River; deckhand on schooner A. G. Lawson; AThe schooner was loaded with brick at it is supposed that Whalen, who was in the cabin when the vessel was struck by a squall, was crushed beneath the shifting cargo@; resident of Huntington

WHALEY Clarence

death reported 15 February 1896 paper; interment at Plain Edge; son of Joseph Whaley

WHALEY Lester 84 years

d. 22 August 1898; funeral at Central Park; interment at Central Park; survived by unnamed widow, four sons and one daughter

WHALEY Rev. Samuel 87 years

d. 14 April 1899 at Riverhead; funeral at Congregational Church, Riverhead by Rev. Chalmers of Riverhead and Rev. Lawrence of Westhampton Beach; several other ministers of the Long Island Presbytery assisted in the service; interment at Riverhead; Aone of the oldest and best known Long Island ministers@; Presbyterian minister who Apreached for fifty years previous to his retirement in 1885@; served 12 years as president of the Long Island Bible Society


d. 16 September 1892 at New York City; wife of Charles Wheatleigh; former resident of Hempstead

WHEATLEY Alice 17 y 2 m 10 d

d. 1 April 1900 at Huntington; hasty consumption; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; daughter of Henry Wheatley of Port Chester, N. Y.; granddaughter of George Ireland of Huntington

WHEATLEY Mary W. 65 years

d. 29 June 1891 at Woodbury; daughter of James Lush; granddaughter of James Place; wife of William H. Wheatley


funeral 21 June 1893 at Brooklyn; brother of J. W. Wheeler; Northport item

WHEELER Mr. ca. 73 years

d. at Athe city@; funeral 6 November 1899 at Commack; Aformerly kept the store at Commack@

WHEELER Alice Stansbury 69 years

d. 17 August 1897 at Lattingtown; wife of John A. Wheeler; mother of Mrs. Edward T. Latting


late of Huntington; will proved 6 May 1899

WHEELER Carleton

funeral at New Village; son of Mrs. Charles L=Hommedieu; engineer on Roosevelt Street ferryboat; 2 July 1892 paper

WHEELER Edna 7 years

death reported; daughter of Capt. Charles Wheeler; his third child to have died; 29 June 1895 paper Smithtown item

WHEELER Ellsworth W. 24 years

d. 28 August 1897 at Head of the River, Smithtown; typhoid fever; funeral at Landing M. E. Church, Smithtown Landing, of which he was a member; interment at M. E. cemetery, Smithtown Landing; letters of administration granted to Georgiana Doughty of Smithtown on 18 September 1897 by Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court

WHEELER Elnathan 94 years

d. 17 March 1900 at Westport, Connecticut; Aold age@; funeral at Westport; father of Elbert Wheeler and Henry Wheeler, both of Bridgeport, Connecticut, the late Mrs. Isaac Adams and the late Mrs. George R. Rogers

WHEELER Frank ca. 60 years

d. 3 April 1896 at Smithtown Landing; grippe and pneumonia; funeral Landing M. E. Church; father of Ellsworth Wheeler of Kings Park and Mrs. Doughty of Athe City@

WHEELER Mrs. Frank

d. 20 January 1896; internal tumor; Aan operation was performed Sunday [19 January 1896]. She did not survive it@; funeral [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church; survived by husband and one son

WHEELER George W. 59 years

d. 25 November 1896 at Northport; interment at Northport; AMr. Wheeler conducted for many years a large livery and stage business in this village [Northport]@


d. 24 November 1894; hit by railroad train; mail carrier between Woodhaven and Clarenceville

WHEELER Julia A. 70 years

d. 1 September 1898; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Hauppauge M. E. Church; widow of Richard B. Wheeler (d. ca. 1891); resident of Hauppauge for fifty years


drowned 7 September 1898 at Montauk while bathing; [interment at Wheeler, Alabama]; son of General Joseph [AFightin= Joe@] Wheeler, [Confederate general during the Civil War and U. S. general during the Spanish-American War]; young Wheeler was with father, whose troops were at Camp Wikoff at Montauk; see From Shiloh to San Juan: The Life of AFightin= Joe@ Wheeler by John P. Dyer [1961] for details on family

WHEELER Wickham 64 years

d. 23 March 1898 at Smithtown; paralysis; interment at Commack; unnamed widow survives; father of Anna Wheeler; brother of Harvey Wheeler and Charles Wheeler

WHEELER William J. Aaged@

d. 14 November 1900 at Vernon Valley; funeral at Northport; father of Jacob P. Wheeler

WHEELER Mrs. William J.

d. 26 October 1897 at Brooklyn Aat the home of friends@; went on a visit to Brooklyn and suffered a stroke of paralysis while there; funeral at Vernon Valley; interment at Hauppauge

WHIPPLE Edward K. 1 y 10 m 16 d

d. 5 January 1898 at Huntington; see George K. Whipple

WHIPPLE George K. 1 year

d. 5 January 1898 at Huntington; see Edward K. Whipple

WHIPPLE Job T. 77 years

d. 27 March 1895 at Dix Hills; suffered Afive strokes of paralysis@; funeral at Commack M. E. Church, of which he was a member; father of V. C. Whipple; brother of Henry Whipple of Fair Ground and Mrs. Helen J. Williamson of Keyport, New Jersey; native of Greenwich, Washington County, N. Y.; resident of Dix Hills for 38 years or a resident Anear Comac for 39 years@

WHIPPLE Volney 44 years

d. 27 December 1897 at Huntington


d. 25 May 1900 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; sister of Mrs. Frank Edwards; aunt of Mrs. Jay A. Churchill of Woodbury; Awell known in this vicinity [Smithtown]@

WHITAKER Mrs. 60 years

d. 29 October 1894 at Northport; Aneuralgia of the heart@; not feeling well, she Arose to go to the sofa. She immediately fell to the floor and expired almost instantly@; interment at Evergreens, Brooklyn; widow; mother of a son, who is a brakeman on the L. I. R. R., a son who was killed 13 years ago while coupling cars on the L. I. R. R., a daughter, resident of Chicago, Illinois, and a daughter, resident of Point Pleasant, New Jersey

WHITE infant

d. at Oyster Bay; child of Charles White; account of poverty of family, which formerly lived in Bay Shore, due to father=s alcoholism; Oyster Bay item 19 August 1893 paper


Arecent death@ at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; insane patient removed from Queens County Asylum at Mineola to State Asylum at Poughkeepsie; 31 March 1894 paper

WHITE Catherine J. 82 years

d. 15 November 1892 at Elwood

WHITE Charles

d. 25 February 1892 at New York City; fell from 13th story of the Havermeyer Building being constructed at corner of Cortland and New Church Streets; had an insurance coupon in his pocket which entitled his widow to $500; son of John White; native of Huntington

WHITE Charles A. 86 years

d. 25 January 1891 at Elwood

WHITE Clifton 17 years

d. 24 June 1899; shot by Dr. William McCord, a physician of Astoria, L. I., for stealing cherries

WHITE Mrs. Daniel 88 years

d. at Cedar Rapids, Iowa; funeral 31 March 1895 at Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; interment at Oyster Bay; former resident of Oyster Bay Afor many years@

WHITE Deborah Ann 70 y 10 m 11 d

d. 15 December 1891 at East Northport

WHITE Elbert K. 11 yrs 20 days

d. 20 September 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; son of Charles N. and Aimee S. White


d. 15 November 1898 at Brooklyn; Asuddenly of heart failure@; brother of Charles H. White of Huntington

WHITE Franklin

d. 22 February 1892; thrown from his horse which then fell over onto him; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; Aproprietor of a large stock farm at Syosset@

WHITE George N. 56 yrs 14 days

d. 18 March 1891 at West Hills

WHITE Grace F. 31 years

d. 12 October 1898 at Brooklyn following an operation at Long Island College Hospital; funerals at Brooklyn and Huntington; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of Francis Mayo, Aa musician of note@; wife of Charles H. White; mother of Bartley White; niece of Mrs. John DeForrest; Brooklyn native; Ahad a fine contralto voice@; member of Ladies= Cecilia Singing Society of Brooklyn and sung at a number of churches in Brooklyn and Huntington; resident of Huntington for Aabout five years@

WHITE Hannah 74 y 4 m 8 d

d. 26 September 1897 at Greenlawn; sister of Smith Biggs; probably mother of Mrs. D. V. Horton of East Norwich [see East Norwich column 2 October 1897 paper]; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Aa woman possessing fine traits of character@


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; dateline 28 December 1891; Acolored porter on Wagner [Palace] Car@; 9 January 1892 paper

WHITE James Frank 50 y 10 m 17 d

d. 1 December 1900 at New York City; pleurisy; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of James White Aaged@ who survives; husband of Lucy Sammis; son-in-law of John Sammis; father of Nellie (Mrs. Dr. Russell) Fowler of Brooklyn, Florence White, Ray White and Hannah White; connected with Nesbitt & Co., a Manhattan printing firm; summer resident of Huntington

WHITE James J.

d. 16 August 1891; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; son of William White; Aformerly engaged in the oyster packing business@


d. 16 February 1892 at Hicksville; acute pneumonia; interment at Locust Valley

WHITE John 55 years

d. 14 September 1892 at Queens; hit by railroad train Aand instantly killed@; worked at Callister=s Carriage Shop at Queens

WHITE John 82 years

d. 10 June 1896 at Northport; brother of Nathaniel White; had worked for Rinaldo Sammis Afor many years@

WHITE John C. 51 years

d. 15 December 1894 at Sayville; Adropped dead upon the street in front of his residence@; father of Daniel D. White; Islip Town Collector; resident of Sayville for thirty years

WHITE Joseph 70 years

d. 15 February 1899 at Oyster Bay; father of Mary S. White; native of Oyster Bay; Aat one time member of the firm White, Luyster & Jones@; member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church

WHITE Maggie

d. 26 October 1894; cancer of the stomach, Asuffered greatly@; funeral at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington

WHITE Mary Jane

d. 15 June 1897 at Sayville; Anever recovered from the shock@ of her husband=s death; daughter of ex-Sheriff George W. Downey; Oyster Bay item

WHITE Nathaniel

d. Aa few weeks ago@; brother of Peter C. White; 5 September 1896 paper; Northport item

WHITE Peter C. 78 years

d. 26 August 1896 at East Northport, while Aon a visit to friends here@; funeral East Northport; interment at Stratford, Connecticut; brother of Nathaniel White; uncle of Mrs. Andrew Shotwell of East Northport; former resident of Northport, Abut for some years has made his home in Stratford, Conn.@

WHITE Phebe 84 y 6 m 3 d

d. 15 December 1893 at Babylon; interment at Huntington; widow of Charles White; mother of Frank White of Huntington, Joseph H. White of Brooklyn, Mrs. John B. Scudder of Babylon and the late Mrs. Samuel Johnson; former resident of Huntington

WHITE Sarah M. 59 years

d. 5 February 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; daughter of George Cornell; wife of John M. White; native of Huntington; memorial letter in 12 February 1898 AVillage Notes@

WHITE Susan E. 89 y 10 m 28 d

d. 31 January 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington

WHITE W. Frank 40 years

found floating Ain a clump of reeds and rushes on the shore of the little stream known as White Pot Creek, which empties into Flushing Creek@ on 14 March 1895; discovered by two boys, Michael Vallmer and George Steele; had disappeared from Flushing on 25 December 1894; funeral at Episcopal Church, Flushing; interment at Oyster Bay; son of Coles W. White; real estate and insurance broker in Flushing; AThere is little doubt that his death was the result of his being under the influence of liquor@; second version says when he came home from Jamaica, he slipped and fell getting out of the carriage at his mother=s house. AIt is supposed that Mr. White received a blow when he fell getting out of the carriage that partially stunned him and that while laboring under a temporary aberration of mind, he wandered off upon the meadows and falling into the creek was drowned@; Aa colored man the next day [26 December 1894] startled the village [Flushing] by stating that he had seen a body in the creek ... several men instituted a search ... but did not find anything and many doubted the colored man=s story@

WHITE Mrs. William 65 years

d. 1 August 1892 at Oyster Bay; cancer of the stomach; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; former resident of Brooklyn

WHITEHOUSE Thomas 68 years

d. 12 September 1899 at Cold Spring; Avery suddenly@ of heart failure; funeral at Chapel at Memorial Cemetery; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; Aa seafaring man all his life@; a native of England


found dead 22 February 1899 at Long Island City, under a market wagon; valvular disease of the heart; son of Henry L. Whiting of Mill Neck


Alate of Smithtown@; brother of Ann Whitman; Suffolk Court Surrogate=s Court proceedings 28 November 1900 and 30 November 1900


d. 26 March 1892 at Camden, New Jersey; AGood Gray Poet@; long obit on front page of 2 April 1892 paper mostly copied from the New York Tribune; Aas the founder of the Long Islander we owe a special tribute to the memory of this grand old good man who broke down his health in striving to alleviate the suffering of the sick and wounded soldiers of the Army of the Potomac@; native of West Hills; see Walt Whitman: A Life by Justin Kaplan [1980], Walt Whitman=s America: A Cultural Biography by David S. Reynolds [1995]. Walt Whitman on Long Island by Bertha H. Funnell [1971] and Walt Whitman: A Gay Life by Gary Schmidgall [1997] for additional details on Whitman=s life and literary career.

WHITNEY Dr. Darling B. 88 years

d. 11 June 1898; father of two sons; native of Commack Awhere he commenced the practice of medicine but later moved to this village [East Norwich] where he had a large practice for many years@; letters of administration grated by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court, 29 July 1899 paper; heirs listed: sons Edwin R. Whitney and Selah B. Whitney, who was blind; grandsons Stanton J. F. Whitney and Roger N. Whitney; granddaughters Harriet F. Soper and Jennie W. Carll


d. 6 May 1899 at Wheatley Hills; funeral at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, Garden City by Bishops Littlejohn, Potter and Doane; interment at Douglaston; Aparalysis due to an accident while riding in a hunting expedition at Aiken, S. C.@; [former Mrs. Randolph]; second wife of William C. Whitney, former U. S. Secretary of the Navy, m. 2 September 1896 at Bar Harbor, Maine; see Whitney Father, Whitney Heiress by W. A. Swanberg [1980] for additional details

WHITNEY Flora Payne

d. 5 February 1893 at New York City; wife of William C. Whitney, former U. S. Secretary of the Navy; account of her will in 18 February 1893 paper; see Whitney Father, Whitney Heiress by W. A. Swanberg [1980] for background on family which lived in Nassau County during the early 20th century

WHITNEY Howard Clausen 9 months

d. 12 March 1898 at Plainville, Connecticut; son of Rev. Henry C. Whitney, pastor of M. E. Church, Plainville, and Fannie G. Whitney; funerals at Plainville and Woodbury; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; see 19 March 1898 paper for account of funeral service in Woodbury column


d. 11 September 1892; dropsy; Aformerly employed by the L. I. R. R. Co. as station master at Syosset and Far Rockaway@; Deer Park item

WHITSON Mrs. Edgar 63 years

d. 24 October 1899 at Plain View; interment at Friends= Cemetery, Bethpage; wife of Edgar Whitson for 40 years, he survives; mother of Henry Whitson of Plain View and Mrs. E. K. Reddington of Bay Shore


funeral 18 July 1898 at Melville; interment at M. E. Churchyard, Melville; grandmother of Whitson Duryea of Melville

WHITSON John White 85 years

d. 3 April 1897 Avery suddenly@; funeral at M. E. Church, Melville; survived by unnamed widow, daughter and grandson

WHITSON Martha 81 yrs 4 mos

d. 29 December 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Baker; interment at Old Cemetery, Huntington; sister of the late Youngs Whitson and the late John Whitson; invalid for many years


late of Old Westbury; will admitted to probate at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 12 August 1899 paper

WHOLLAHAN Rebecca 85 years

d. 12 January 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Old Burying Ground, Huntington; sister of Harry Sammis and Smith Sammis

WICKES George F. 63 yrs 6 mos

d. 1 March 1896 at Brooklyn; Quaker funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; father of Ormond Wickes, Ferdinand Wickes and Genevieve Wickes; unnamed widow survives; native of Lloyd=s Neck, d. 6 September 1832; resident of Brooklyn for 40 years; superintendent with H. B. Claffin Company of New York City; member of the Republican Party

WICKES Henry S. 54 yrs 28 days

d. 9 October 1891 at Half Hollows; apoplexy; husband of Mary Ann Howard (who d. 23 January 1874); b. Huntington 11 September 1837; resident of Half Way Hollow Hills since the age of two years

WICKHAM Louise Floyd

d. at Brooklyn; funeral 22 January 1899 at Presbyterian Church, Smithtown, by Rev. Gray; interment at Smithtown Branch; daughter of Jesse Floyd; widow of ex-Mayor Wickham of Brooklyn

WICKS infant

d. 7 June 1891; interment at Westbury; son of John Wicks


d. 16 November 1893; diphtheria; resident of Half Hollows

WICKS Alfred Titus 80 years

d. 12 December 1896 at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Aold age and debility@; interment at Old Burying Ground, Huntington

WICKS Angeline 79 years

d. 16 November 1891 at Comac; wife of Luther Wicks

WICKS Clara R.

d. at Mount Sinai; funeral 31 May 1896; resident of Port Jefferson

WICKS Mrs. Clark

d. 17 February 1891 at Port Jefferson; Avery suddenly@


d. 16 February 1896; funerals at Farmingdale by Rev. Lounsbury and at Woodbury by Rev. Scofield [both M. E.]; interment at Plain View; daughter of Francis M. Wicks; sister of Mrs. Richard C. Colyer; Aa bright little girl of seven years@ when she Ahad a fall, which left her bereft of her reason, as well as a sufferer all her life@

WICKS Ethalinda 56 y 7 m 18 d

d. 28 January 1895 at Huntington

WICKS Howard 10 years

d. 3 October 1892 at Northport; diphtheria; son of Charles J. and Florence Wicks

WICKS Jesse 77 years

d. 28 December 1893 at Yaphank; Suffolk County [Alms] House

WICKS Josephine 35 years

d. 28 August 1896 at Greenlawn; heart disease; interment at Huntington; wife of Theodore Wicks, who survives; mother of two children

WICKS Katurah 68 years

d. 12 January 1892 at New Haven, Connecticut; interment at Huntington; wife of Platt Wicks; resident of Norwalk, Connecticut; former resident of Huntington

WICKS Sarah A. 96 years

d. 8 February 1898 at East Norwich; funeral at Babylon; widow of Charles Wicks; mother of Mrs. Jackson Hoagland of East Norwich, Mrs. Sidney Bunce of Babylon and Mrs. West of Wheatley Hills; grandmother of Frederick Bunce of Babylon; Alarge number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild@


d. 11 February 1898; diabetes; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; painter; former resident of Hicksville, living in New York City at the time of death


funeral 14 October 1900 at Greenlawn by Rev. Ellis; resident of Brooklyn note: see Bedell, Mrs.

WIEDNER child 8 months

d. 24 August 1900 at Syosset; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Westbury; child of Frank L. Wiedner

WIGGINS Mrs. George W. 37 years

d. 13 August 1891 at Jamaica; fell down cellar stairs and broke neck; aunt of Willis Travers

WIGGINS Jane 85 years

d. 15 October 1898 at Ozone Park; funeral at Reformed Church, Brookville, by Rev. Scudder; resident of Brookville for many years; Aone of the ladies who organized the Sunday School connected with the Reformed church@


d. 24 October 1894; interment at Roslyn; son-in-law of Benjamin Nicols; resident of Brooklyn; Cold Spring item


late of Jericho; heirs were William P. Hegeman of Jericho, Benjamin W. Hegeman of New Hyde Park, Harriet B. Titus of Jericho, Mary S. Wiggins of Great Neck, and John R. Wiggins and Benjamin P. Wiggins, both of Freeport; 16 November 1900 paper

WIGHTMAN Mrs. 90 years

d. Aa few days previous@ to 31 January 1897; mother of Rev. Charles Wightman, pastor of Oyster Bay Baptist Church

WIGHTMAN Ellsworth infant

funeral 23 July 1899 at Presbyterian Church, Greenlawn; son of Wallace Wightman


d. 9 December 1896; interment at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; mother of Mrs. J. W. Fehleisen; Farmingdale item

WIGHTMAN Stillman King 96 years

d. 27 May 1899 at New York City; funeral at New York City; interment at Cromwell, Connecticut; son of Rev. Frederick Wightman, Baptist minister; father of Rev. Charles S. Wightman, Baptist preacher at Oyster Bay; native of Scituate, Rhode Island (b. 8 January 1803); graduate of Yale College,1825; lawyer at Middletown, Connecticut; served as surrogate, state=s attorney, state assemblyman and state senator in Connecticut; served as speaker of the Connecticut House; moved to New York City to continue law career; Aoldest lawyer in New York City@ at time of death; member of First Baptist Church, New York City

WILCOX Charlotte 85 years

d. 22 May 1893 at New Haven, Connecticut; Adrank aqua ammonia in mistake for a nerve tonic@


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; dateline 28 December 1891; lawyer with Johnes & Wilcox; resident of New York City; 9 January 1892 paper


funeral 3 June 1894 at Brooklyn; Sea Cliff item

WILCOXSON George 64 years

d. 16 April 1898 at Glen Cove; Along illness from cancer@; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; survived by unnamed widow and one daughter; native of England, who Acame to this country when very young and has resided here ever since@

WILDE infant 3 weeks

d. 13 January 1891; interment at Westbury; son of Frank Wilde


d. at Brooklyn; funeral 13 January 1895 at Brooklyn; relative of Joseph Hubbs; summer resident of Cold Spring


d. 9 March 1895 at Northport; Awell known colored resident ... she was formerly from the South@

WILLARD Frances E.

d. Arecently@ [at New York City]; M. E. minister Rev. H. Q. Judd to preach on 27 February 1898 about her Alife and example@ and Aher .... record of a noble life@; (26 February 1898 paper); memorial services were held in Huntington on 6 March 1898, led by Mrs. S. L. Cox [wife of Baptist minister in Huntington]; [Willard was President of National Women=s Christian Temperance Union, an organizer of the Prohibition Party and involved with the woman=s suffrage movement]

WILLDRIDGE Matilda M. 54 years

d. 30 May 1898 at Locust Valley; funeral at M. E. Church, Locust Valley by Rev. Weston of Sea Cliff and Rev. Gillies of Greenwich, Conn.; daughter of George M. Bennett; widow of Joseph Willdridge; niece of John Baylis; member of Sea Cliff M. E. Church; account of contesting of her will in 30 July 1898 paper


will admitted to probate; 12 March 1892 paper; heirs: Phebe E. Willetts and Agrandchild Duryea@; resident of Hempstead; death benefit due from Hempstead Mutual Benefit Association; 9 April 1892 paper

WILLETTS Sarah A. 79 years

funeral 16 July 1896 at Friends= Meetinghouse, Old Westbury; mother of Edward Willetts of Old Westbury, Walter R. Willetts of Roslyn and Mrs. Charles F. Frame of New York City; resident of Roslyn Afor several years@


d. Alast week@ at New York City; interment at Westbury; sister of Mrs. Cordell Willis of East Williston; 28 February 1891 paper


d. 5 November 1892 at Huntington; killed by a falling tree blown over by a Aviolent gust of wind@; son of Gilbert Williams; father of Gilbert Williams; b. Westport, Conn. 14 February 1831; came to Huntington as a young boy Aand lived in this village the remainder of his days@

WILLIAMS Sarah E. 53 years

d. 8 April 1898 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkin of St. John=s Episcopal Church

WILLIAMS Sarah J. 54 y 4 m [?]d

d. 29 April 1898 at Commack

WILLIAMS Susanna 79 years

d. 25 February 1900 at West Hills


d. in France; word of his death reached Sea Cliff on 6 January 1897; treasurer of All Souls Summer Home at Sea Cliff

WILLIS Albert S.

d. 6 January 1897 at Honolulu, Hawaii; U. S. minister to Hawaii appointed in 1893 by President Cleveland; account of his mission to Hawaii in 23 January 1897 paper

WILLIS Charles 74 years

d. 31 October 1894 at Farmingdale; funeral at Old Westbury; interment at Westbury; father of Mrs. Jesse Merritt; former resident of Port Jefferson

WILLIS Fayette

funeral at Winchester, New Hampshire; brother of Dr. C. B. Willis of Huntington; 27 August 1892 paper

WILLIS Frances

d. 2 March 1893 at Winchester, New Hampshire; widow of Fayette Willis; sister‑in‑law of Dr. C. B. Willis of Huntington

WILLIS Georgiana

suicide; dateline 15 April 1893 at New York City; jumped in front of an elevated train; resident of Astoria


d. 20 February 1898; Asuddenly@; son-in-law of Mary Titus of Mineola; survived by an unnamed widow and a daughter; resident of Mineola for Amany years@


Arecent death@ at Roslyn; 25 April 1891 paper


Arecent death@ at East Williston; 25 April 1891 paper

WILLIS Townsend C. 86 years

funeral 20 July 1899 at Jericho; resident of Jericho

WILMOT Ira 18 years

d. 11 January 1895 at West Babylon; along with father and brother-in-law, was digging out a large oak tree on Great East Neck Road; the tree fell too quickly, injuring two of the men and killing Ira; son of Denton Wilmot; brother-in-law of Henry Gerard

WILSON young boy 8 years

death reported; son of Louis Wilson of New York City; 29 July 1899 paper


d. at New York City; funeral 23 February 1896 at Farmingdale M. E. Church; interment at Plain Edge; Ahad been sick some time with a cancer and went to the New York cancer hospital, but the disease proved fatal and she died while in that institution@; sister of E. Baldwin


found dead 27 April 1894 at Hempstead; coroner=s jury found the death to be accidental

WILSON Gertrude A. 61 years

d. 1 January 1900 at Malden, Massachusetts; Aone day after the death of her mother ... sudden bereavement gave her a shock that resulted in her own death@; double funeral with her mother at Oyster Bay Baptist Church by Rev. Wightman and Rev. Russell; daughter of Henry B. and Mary E. Cock Wilson; sister of Sarah B. Northrup of Rockville Centre and Nancy Hanscom of Malden, Massachusetts; Oyster Bay native, b. 1837

WILSON Mrs. John 89 years

d. 13 November 1896; funeral Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church; mother ofMrs. Egbert Mills; a widow who Ahad lived many years at the Branch@

WILSON Lewis L. O. 92 years

d. dateline 23 July 1892 at Norwalk, Connecticut; Aoldest male resident of [Norwalk]@


late of Huntington; will proved 3 July 1899

WILSON Mary E. 92 years

d. 31 December 1899 at Malden, Massachusetts; double funeral at Oyster Bay Baptist Church with her daughter Gertrude Wilson, who died the day following Mrs. Wilson=s death; interment at Oyster Bay; daughter of late Jacob Cock of Locust Valley; sister of Solomon Cock of Port Washington, the late Ebenezer Cock of Locust Valley and Charles Cock; widow of Henry B. Wilson, late of Locust Valley (m. 25 October 1836); mother of Sarah B. (Mrs. George H.) Northrup of Rockville Centre, Nancy (Mrs. Richard) Hanscom of Malden, Massachusetts, and the late Gertrude Wilson of Oyster Bay; AMrs. Wilson=s home here on East Main Street [Oyster Bay] is said to be more than 250 years old@


d. 8 February 1896; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; former resident of Huntington

WILSON William L.

d. 17 October 1900 at Lexington, Virginia; congestion of the lungs; interment at Charles Town, West Virginia; native of Jefferson County, [West] Virginia (b. 3 May 1843); Aserved with distinction under Lee in the Civil War@; [President of West Virginia University 1882-1883]; served six terms in the U. S. House [from West Virginia 1883-1895]; Postmaster General of the United States under President Cleveland [1895-1897]; president of Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, at the time of his death

WINCKLER Faith Marian 17 days

d. 5 September 1900 at Hicksville; intestinal catarrh; daughter of Postmaster John G. Winckler

WINDOM Secretary [William]

interment at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.; Northport post office closed and draped in mourning on 3 February 1891; favorable editorial 7 February 1891 paper; [Congressman and U. S. Senator from Minnesota; served two terms as U. S. Secretary of the Treasury 1881 and again 1889‑1891]

WINKS Elizabeth 59 years

d. 18 November 1899 at Greenlawn; sister of Mrs. A. Rae; aunt of Jessie Wightman of Greenlawn


funeral 1 October 1896 at Brooklyn; relative of Mr. and Mrs. James Moore of Oyster Bay; Aconnected with the county court of Kings County for 27 years@


body found 26 May 1895 in pond at Glen Cove; post-mortum ruled that while partially intoxicated, he fell into the pond and drowned; coroner=s jury ruled the death to be accidental drowning; native of Poland; had a wife in Poland who had expected to immigrate to America soon; employee of the Starch Works at Glen Cove

WITHERS David Dunham

death dateline 19 February 1892; thoroughbred horse breeder; operated ABrookdale@ Aabout 800 acres of fine land@ six miles from Monmouth Junction [N.J.] AIt is the model stock farm of the country.@


d. 27 September 1892 at Mount Vernon, N. Y.; interment at Westbury; Aformer resident of this vicinity [Westbury]@

WITZEL August 73 years

d. 4 April 1899 probably at Hicksville Aafter a brief illness@; funeral at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat; father of Lawrence Witzel of Brooklyn and Charles Witzel and Ernest Witzel, both of Hicksville; grandfather of Lawrence Bergold, Frederick Bergold, Frank Bergold and Joseph Bergold, all of Hicksville

WITZEL Mrs. August 65 years

d. 10 February 1898 at Hicksville; cancer of the stomach; funeral at German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; resident of Hicksville for the past 45 years; member of German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville; [her first name is lost due to a torn corner of the obit]


d. 19 March 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; sister of Mrs. B. Hoffman

WOHLTMAN Christopher 76 years

d. 11 August 1898; funeral at the Tabernacle, Sea Cliff; interment at Linden Hill Cemetery, Maspeth; father of Mrs. Henry Korten; native of Germany; came to America at the age of 16; resident of Brooklyn; summer resident of Sea Cliff; a founder of the Sea Cliff German Camp Meeting Association


d. 11 February 1894; funeral at Sea Cliff; interment at Cypress Hills; Abadly burned a few weeks ago@ when a lighted candle caught her clothing on fire


d. 13 September 1893; interment at Hicksville; daughter of Jacob Christ; wife of C. Otto Wolferts (m. 29 August 1861); resident of Hicksville since 1845

WOLLENHAUPT child 1 1/2 years

d. 14 October 1891 at Arlington, New Jersey; daughter of William Wollenhaupt; granddaughter of Henry Wollenhaupt of Hicksville


child of Annie Wondolowka, Polish immigrant girl in USA for only three months; body buried on premises of Morris Sandman near Sea Cliff where the mother was a domestic; criminal charges being brought against mother; 20 January 1894 paper

WOOD infant

d. 6 July 1896 at Northport; child of Charles Wood

WOOD Col. Alfred M.

d. 28 July 1895 at Queens; husband of Sarah Kelsey of East Neck, Huntington (m. 1852, she d. 1871) and Mary A. Wheeler of Islip (m. 1873); brother-in-law of Jesse Kelsey; father of Mrs. Kellogg of Hollis and William L. Wood of Queens; native of Hempstead; former resident of Brooklyn; Aentered political life in Brooklyn several years before the war@; served as colonel in the 14th Brooklyn Regiment and was wounded at the Battle of First Bull Run [1861] and captured by the Confederates; Along confinement at Richmond,@ during which time he was Ain danger of being executed in reprisal for the threatened hanging of a number of rebels@; eventually exchanged and returned to Brooklyn, where he served as internal revenue collector; elected Mayor of Brooklyn and served two years; appointed U. S. Consul at Castellamera, Italy, in 1878 by President Hayes, and served 16 years; member of the G. A. R. at an officers= post at Washington, D. C. and the local post at Jamaica; Mason; long obit in 3 August 1895 paper

WOOD Alpha M. 7 mos 25 days

d. 12 August 1891 at Northport; son of James H. and Luella Wood; grandson of Edward Wood; Atwin brother to this child died only six weeks ago@

WOOD Edward 70 years

interment 9 October 1898 at Northport Rural Cemetery; resident of Brooklyn; former resident of Northport and former member of Northport M. E. Church

WOOD Edward A. 36 years

d. Alast week@ at Roslyn; funeral 27 June 1891; son of Sarah Wood of Roslyn; son‑in‑law of Samuel Longman of Hempstead; resident of Rockville Centre; 4 July 1891 paper

WOOD Eliza (Rogers) 92 y 9 m 27 d

d. 28 November 1896 at Huntington; funeral by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; widow of William J. Wood; native of Clay Pitts, b. 1805; maiden name was Eliza Rogers; was a widow when she m. William J. Wood; Ain her younger days Mrs. Wood joined the First Presbyterian Church in which she was very active as long as she was able to be about, her home always being thrown open to the use of the church in its social and missionary work. She was of a very charitable nature to the poor and distressed and took an active part in charitable enterprises@

WOOD Emma 37 years

d. 20 June 1896 at Northport; heart disease; daughter of Capt. James Velsor; wife of James S. Wood, Awho disappeared suddenly from Northport, while holding the position of assistant postmaster, four years ago@

WOOD Eugene C. 56 mos [sic] 4 days

d. 22 June 1891 at Brooklyn

WOOD Floyd 69 years

d. 22 December 1898 at Northport; grip; survived by unnamed widow; father of Aseveral children@

WOOD Freelove

d. 21 August 1897 at Oyster Bay Cove; funeral at M. E. Church, Locust Valley; interment at M. E. cemetery, Locust Valley; widow of Sylvanus Wood

WOOD George Conklin 79 y 2 m 19 d

d. 1 January 1894 at Brooklyn; apoplexy at elevated railroad station; interment at Huntington; husband of Catharine Monfort (m. 18 May 1840); husband of Anna Funnell (m. 7 August 1884); father of William Wood, Augustus Wood, Brewster Wood, Jeremiah Wood, Eliza Wood, George Wood, Clarence Wood and Edward Wood, of whom only Jeremiah survives; Huntington native, born at Cold Spring Hill; musician with Huntington Brass Band; ran livery business in Williamsburgh and worked for Montague Street Stage Company in Brooklyn; lumber dealer for Rope & Company and later in life worked for the elevated railroad

WOOD Helen J. 59 y 9 m 9 d

d. 24 April 1891 at Northport; stomach cancer; wife of Edward Wood; called AEllen M. Wood@ in 9 May 1891 paper

WOOD Isaac

d. Alast week@ at Mineola; interment at East Meadow; inmate of the Queens County Asylum; 15 October 1892 paper

WOOD AOld Uncle@ James *

funeral 10 May 1896 at Huntington Harbor; Aaged and respected colored citizen@ known for his Ahonesty and integrity@

WOOD Mrs. Dr. James R.

d. 29 November 1899 at Garden City; a widow who owned Aa fine country residence at Laurelton@

WOOD James Rushmore 38 years

d. 4 May 1899 at Garden City; lingering illness; son of late Dr. James R. Wood of Laurelton

WOOD Jane 77 years

d. 4 January 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Huntington by Rev. H. Q. Judd [M. E.]; widow of Theodorus Wood; mother of Wilton Wood of Brooklyn and Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob) Kelsey; Ashe lived a good many years on the west side of the harbor, and upon the death of her husband about two years ago, moved to Brooklyn to live with her son@

WOOD John 70 years

d. 1 June 1894 at Glen Cove; Awent out to his yard to saw a stick of wood and immediately expired@; father of five daughters and three sons, Aone of whom is Constable Wood of [Glen Cove]@

WOOD John 83 years

d. 13 December 1895 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Baptist Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; father of Jarvis A. Wood of Merchantville, N. J.; native of Melville, b. June 1812; resident of Oyster Bay more than 65 years; active in Baptist Church at Oyster Bay and a deacon since 1856; Ahad but recently given up his trade of a shoemaker@; Aall who knew him respected him for his honesty and consistent Christian character@; survived by unnamed widow

WOOD Martha M.

d. 22 July 1899 at Huntington Harbor; Acomplication of diseases@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; daughter of John Lewis; wife of John Hazzard, who drowned; wife of John W. Wood (m. 1852); mother of George W. Wood of Huntington Harbor, the late Charles Hazzard and three other deceased children; native of Northport (b. 29 August 1833)

WOOD Sarah Ann 60 y 3 m 23 d

d. 16 August 1893 at Northport; Astricken suddenly with apoplexy@; daughter of Daniel Slote and 93 year old widowed mother who survived her; widow of John F. Wood (m. 20 September 1854 at New York City); mother of Josie Wood (d. 1872), Maggie Wood (d. 1881) and Carrie Lowrey Wood, Annie Wood and Alonzo Wood (all of whom were dead) and John F. Wood and Daniel Wood, who survived their mother; sister of Henry L. Slote, Alonzo Slote, John Slote, Mrs. Pershall and Daniel Slote; moved to Huntington in 1871; Aattendant@ at First Presbyterian Church; native of New York City b. 1833

WOOD S. Sloat

d. 14 November 1900 at Locust Valley; stroke; unnamed widow survives; wounded several times during the Civil War; active in Republican Party politics; served as postmaster of Locust Valley under President Harrison and was re-appointed under President McKinley

WOOD Sarah C. 58 y 6 m 18 d

d. 4 June 1892 at Greenlawn

WOOD Theodore B. (Doras) 79 yrs 5 mos

d. 16 April 1894 at Huntington; cancer in his face; father of William Wood and Mrs. Jacob Kelsey, Aafterwards Mrs. Wardell@; native of Huntington and shoemaker by trade; lived at Cold Spring, Northport and Centreport before returning to Huntington ca. 1854; Afrom his early years a consistent and devoted member of the M. E. Church@

WOODCOCK Elizabeth Ann B. 10 yrs 11 mos

d. 22 June 1896 at Huntington; diphtheria; interment at Huntington; daughter of Professor Woodcock

WOODEND Mary Jane 64 years

d. 5 December 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; pneumonia; funeral at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Taft; widow of Calvin Woodend; mother of Rudolph Woodend, Joseph Woodend, Mary Woodend and Sarah R. Woodend

WOODEND Joseph C. 35 years

d. 25 January 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; hemorrhages from severe cold; funeral at M. E. Church, Cold Spring, by Rev. Nash; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Calvin and Mary Woodend

WOODEND Dr. William D.

d. 8 March 1893 at Washington, D. C., where he had gone to attend President Cleveland=s inauguration; funeral at Huntington; husband of Iantha D. Wood [m. 27 April 1859]; son‑in‑law of Edwin Wood; father of Matilda Woodend and George Woodend, both of whom died young, Dr. William E. Woodend of Harlem, N. Y., and Mrs. Henry G. Clock of Islip; native of Portsmouth, Virginia, b. 1832; graduate of University of Pennsylvania 1855; medical doctor in Philadelphia before moving to Huntington, where he bought the practice of Dr. Sturgis and remained in active practice for 35 years Alonger continuously than any other physician in our place@; active in Democratic Party politics; member of Suffolk County and New York State Democratic Committees; Suffolk County Coroner; member New York State Medical Society; Master Mason, Jephtha Lodge F & A Masons; member of Huntington School Board; Deacon of Second Presbyterian Church; Awell known and respected and beloved@

WOODHULL Caleb Smith 65 yrs 10 mos

d. 1 September 1893 at Brooklyn; son of Smith Woodhull; brother of J. Amherst Woodhull and Mrs. Jarvis Rolph; native of Comac and former resident of Huntington; lawyer

WOODHULL Dr. Lawrence Swan 24 years

d. 8 June 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at St. Martin=s Church, Brooklyn; interment at Huntington, with graveside service by Rev. Aitkin of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; son of Fannie D. Woodhull and the late Caleb S. Woodhull; unnamed widow survives; native of Huntington; graduate of Williams College and graduate of Long Island College Hospital, 1896


funeral 21 August 1892 at Miller=s Place

WOODRUFF Charlotte R. 84 years

d. 8 November 1892 at Huntington; widow of Rev. Horace Woodruff


d. 15 May 1896 at Elwood; interment at Comac; Aafter a long and painful illness@; survived by widow, two sons and two daughters

WOOLEY Jane 99 years

d. Alast week@ at Lakeville; daughter of John Peters; wife of John Wooley m. ca. 1812; he d. 1862; mother of John T. Wooley, former Supervisor of Town of North Hempstead; Aenjoyed remarkably good health until two weeks before her death@; 1 October 1892 paper

WOOLSEY Sarah C. Platt 81 y 4 m 28 d

d. 22 January 1896 at Cambridge, Illinois; widow of William S. Woolsey (m. 13 March 1838); mother of William H. Woolsey of Vincent, Iowa, John P. Woolsey and Sarah M. Woolsey, both of Cambridge, Illinois, and the late Ida N. Woolsey, who died seven years ago [17 February 1889] and three others who died in infancy; native of Huntington, b. 25 August 1814; following marriage, she made a three week journey to her new home in Illinois, settling first at Andover, Illinois, where she remained until 1882, when she moved to Cambridge; member of the Andover Presbyterian Church, which she joined in 1840, and later of the Cambridge Congregational Church; Ain the hardships and trials as well as the joys of pioneer life, she bore a large share@; obit copied from the Cambridge Chronicle

WOOLSEY William S.

funeral 25 April 1891 at Cambridge, Illinois; m. Sarah C. Platt 13 March 1838; father of Sarah M. Woolsey, J. P. Woolsey and W. H. Woolsey; b. Huntington 4 February 1807; migrated to Illinois in 1835 and lived in Andover and Cambridge, Illinois; obit copied from Illinois paper in 2 May 1891 paper

WORTH Mrs. J. 73 years

d. Arecently@ at Geneva, New York; diabetes; AHer relatives here [Sea Cliff] went to Geneva to attend the funeral@; mother of Joseph Worth of Geneva, N. Y., and Mrs. J. A. Jewett of Sea Cliff; Afor many years resided at Hempstead@

WORTH Reuben 68 years

d. 28 March 1900 at Sea Cliff; pneumonia


interment 28 March 1895 at Melville; Awell known [in Melville] as he has been in the habit of stopping during a portion of each summer at the home of John H. Colyer@

WORTMAN Mary 95 years

d. 1 February 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Plain View in a Aprivate burying ground@; native of Melville, b. 23 August 1802; wife of Henry Suydam, who d. 1835; later she was wife of John S. Wortman; she had five children by Mr. Suydam; Mr. Wortman was a widower with five children when he married the widow Mrs. Suydam; together they had four more children, a total of 14 children between them; among her children is Rev. Dr. J. Howard Suydam, Aa well known clergyman of the Dutch Reformed Church@

WRIGHT Alice Simpson 48 years

d. 11 March 1898 at Glen Cove; paralysis; funeral at Glen Cove by Rev. Gammack; interment at St. Paul=s Episcopal Churchyard, Glen Cove; wife of Dr. Fred A. Wright; mother of Bertha Wright and Elsie Wright

WRIGHT Catherine 80 years

d. 26 February 1892 at Oyster Bay Cove; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; sister of David Wright; aunt of James Wright of Cold Spring

WRIGHT Daniel D. 83 years

d. 30 April 1892 at New York City; Aeither assaulted or fell and received fatal injuries, fracturing his skull@; interment at Jericho; former resident of Jericho

WRIGHT David 83 years

d. 18 February 1892 at Oyster Bay Cove; found dead in bed; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; father of James Wright of Cold Spring

WRIGHT Mrs. Edgar

d. 17 December 1894 at Glen Cove; funeral Episcopal Church, Glen Cove

WRIGHT Mrs. George

d. at Sing Sing, N. Y.; interment at Northport; 14 January 1899 paper

WRIGHT George W.

d. 18 October 1893; funeral at Northport; interment at East Northport; father‑in‑law of David H. James; [torn item in 21 October 1893 Northport column]; will admitted to probate; daughter Mrs. James, a resident of Northport; 20 January 1894 paper, Northport item

WRIGHT Hattie 12 years

d. 19 February 1892 at Oyster Bay Cove; interment at Cold Spring Harbor daughter of William Wright; granddaughter of David Wright

WRIGHT Higbie W. 64 years

d. 23 April 1900 at East Norwich; actue gastritis; funerals at East Norwich by Rev. Wasson and at Springfield M. E. Church by Rev. Wasson and Rev. Breen

WRIGHT Lena Cocks 2 1/2 years

d. 15 March 1894 at Oyster Bay; whooping cough; interment at Cove Neck; daughter of Joseph W. Wright; granddaughter of Thomas Smith who died Aa few days previous@

WRIGHT Maria B. 72 years

d. 6 January 1894 at West Hills

WRIGHT Mary Elizabeth ABessie@ 12 years

d. 1 January 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; scarlet fever; funeral by Rev. Baker of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Capt. James Wright

WRIGHT Patrick 75 years

d. 12 December 1896 at Glen Cove Landing; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville; father of William Wright and Mrs. Abraham Cox; Aone of our [Glen Cove=s] most well known and highly esteemed citizens@

WRIGHT Richard 60 years

d. Alast week@; Ahad been ill nearly two years@; Mineola item 28 July 1894 paper

WRIGHT Tamer (Native American) 85 years

d. 4 February 1898; Asupposed to be the last full blooded member of the tribe of Montauk Indians .... born in a wigwam on Montauk Point ... married an Englishman and has lived most of her life in Brooklyn@

WRIGHT William 73 years

d. 15 April 1891 at Jericho; Aan old and highly respected resident of Jericho@


d. 17 June 1896 at New York City; daughter of General D. P. Woodbury; wife of Dr. G. H. Wynkoop

WYNKOOP Aurelia Mills 91 years

d. at Washington, D. C.; widow of Rev. S. R. Wynkoop; mother of Rev. Theodore S. Wynkoop, former pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; 2 January 1892 paper