Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


V Surnames


VAIL Herbert

d. 5 March 1896; Aheart disease@; funeral Glen Cove; interment St. Paul=s Episcopal Churchyard, Glen Cove; survived by widow and two sons


d. 17 December 1897 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. H. H. Washburn; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; brother-in-law of Charles Gottert of Hicksville; unnamed widow was a former resident of Hicksville; father of one son

VAIL William

d. 20 April 1891 at Riverhead; found dead in the pig pen; son of Charles Vail


d. 20 August 1900 at Woodbury; father of Stephen Valentine of Halesite


d. Arecently@; Westbury item 31 January 1891 paper

VALENTINE Andrew K. 74 y 5 m 20 d

d. 25 March 1891 at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; son of Israel Valentine; father of I. Whitson Valentine; Aone of our oldest and best loved citizens@; native of Woodbury


d. 1 March 1896 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; widow of Richard Valentine

VALENTINE Elizabeth 65 years

hit by L. I. R. R. train and killed at Yaphank while crossing the tracks in a wagon driven by her daughter, Jean Turney, who was also killed in the accident; resident of Wading River; 3 August 1900 paper

VALENTINE Evangeline S. 37 yrs 5 mos

d. 24 July 1893 at Northport; cancer; wife of H. Frank Valentine; former resident of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


d. 26 March 1893; Westbury item

VALENTINE Hannah 98 yrs 3 mos

d. 8 December 1895 at Woodbury; funeral Woodbury M. E. Church; interment at Valentine Burying Ground; Awas probably the oldest person on Long Island@; widow of Robert Valentine; native of Wilson=s Point, Connecticut; come over to Long Island to visit her sister, who was living at Woodbury, and met her future husband at a prayer meeting; Ashe never returned to Connecticut but married and settled@; she and her husband Awere among the earliest members of the [Woodbury] M. E. Church and he was one of its first officers@; she and her husband were aunt and uncle of Mrs. Melancthon Sammis of Huntington and the late Robert V. Baldwin, both of whom they adopted when they were little children; survived by Mrs. Sammis and great-nephew Robert Henry Baldwin, husband=s nephews: John Wesley Valentine of New York City, Isaac Valentine of New York City and Isaac Baldwin of Locust Valley and her own nephews: Henry Thompson of New York City and William Thompson of Huntington


interment 28 December 1892 at East Northport; Aremains were brought from the South side of the Island@; widow of Israel Valentine; mother of Mrs. Henry Ketcham

VALENTINE Jackson 49 years

d. 27 June 1893 at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; interment at Hempstead; former resident of Westbury; died in the insane asylum at Poughkeepsie

VALENTINE Julia A. 51 years

d. 9 April 1896; funeral at Lattingtown; interment at Townsend Burial Plot, near Glen Cove; widow of George Valentine

VALENTINE Kezia Whitson 84 years

funeral 1 September 1897 at Matinnecock Friends= Meetinghouse, Matinnecock; daughter of Thomas and Amelia Coles; widow of Charles Valentine; sister of Isaac Coles and William H. Coles

VALENTINE Letty 82 yrs 13 days

d. 24 December 1896 at West Hills; mother of Ruth Jarvis of Huntington


d. 9 September 1891 at Roslyn; proprietor of the Roslyn Paper Mill, Awhich he claimed to be one of the oldest mills in the state, George Washington having visited it at one time@

VALENTINE Philip 70 yrs 6 mos

d. 2 March 1892 at Dix Hills

VALENTINE Rachel Whitson 72 yrs 5 mos

d. 5 January 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor; heart failure; funeral at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; sister of Edgar Whitson of Plain View and Hannah (Mrs. Harry) Rogers; widow of Andrew K. Valentine; mother of Whitson Valentine and Phebe Valentine; aunt of Mrs. Irving Baylis

VALENTINE Mrs. Samuel T. 77 years

d. 8 September 1899; funeral of Brooklyn; aunt of Benjamin C. Kirk; native of Glen Cove; resident of Brooklyn

VALENTINE William 22 years

d. 28 August 1891; funeral at Westbury; interment at Brookville; consumption; son of Jackson Valentine


drowned in surf off Point Lookout; body recovered 13 July 1895 off Point Lookout Light; brother-in-law of Dr. Hammond, with whom he Awas bathing in the surf .... [when] caught by the undertow and carried out to sea@; resident of Freeport

VALENTINE William 56 years

drowned 14 November 1900 in Long Island Sound when schooner Margaurette of Port Jefferson capsized and sunk; body found in the forecastle of the schooner, after it was raised; remains sent to Port Jefferson, where a funeral was held 9 December 1900 at Port Jefferson M. E. Church by Rev. Harris K. Smith; survived by an unnamed widow, six sons and three daughters; resident of Port Jefferson; former resident of Northport

VALENTINE William R. 35 years

d. 29 July 1897 at Oyster Bay; abscess in the head; reporter for New York World and Aother metropolitan papers@


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; dateline 28 December 1891; school teacher; resident of New York City; 9 January 1892 paper

VAN BRUNT Holmes 60 years

d. 26 September 1896 at Mineola; following a visit to the Queens County Fair, he was standing at the Mineola station of the L. I. R. R. Awhen he was suddenly taken ill and fell to the station platform@ and soon Aexpired@; brother of ex-Judge Van Brunt of Brooklyn; Ahe was one of the men who shot Mosher and Douglass, the abductors of little >Charlie= Ross, of Philadelphia, some twenty years ago .... the men had crossed over from Staten Island or New Jersey in a row boat and attempted to rob@ a house on the Brooklyn shoreline; Aan alarm was given, and both men were fatally wounded by Van Brunt@; his ancestors settled New Utrecht Anearly two centuries ago@

VAN BRUNT James A. 65 years

d. 21 April 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; father of Allison Van Brunt and Mrs. W. F. Haight; shipping broker in New York City; vestryman at All Saints Episcopal Church, Brooklyn; owner of farm in Long Swamp

VAN BRUNT John A. 68 yrs 7 mos

d. 22 April 1891 at Comac; Adropped dead while walking out doors@

VAN CAMP Grace 8 years

d. 17 November 1897; Ablack diphtheria@; interment at Brookville; daughter of Cornelius Van Camp; Glen Cove item

VAN COTT Ella 37 years

d. 2 October 1899 at Brookville; funeral at Brookville by Rev. Scudder; interment at Brookville Cemetery; wife of Henry Van Cott; mother of three children; sister of William Mitchell

VAN COTT Florence G. 1 2 years

d. 28 July 1899; daughter of William Van Cott; Oyster Bay and East Norwich item

VAN COTT Garrett

d. 29 January 1892; interment at Westbury; Aan old resident of Hempstead@

VAN COTT Nicholas 72 years

d. 21 February 1897 at Glenwood; interment at Brookville; former resident of Greenvale; Ahighly respected@


d. 12 September 1899 at New York City; son of William H. Vanderbilt; [husband of Alice C. Gwynne], who survives; father of Alice G. Vanderbilt, William H. Vanderbilt, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Gertrude Vanderbilt, Alfred G. Vanderbilt, Reginald C. Vanderbilt and Gladys Vanderbilt; son-in-law of Abram E. Gwynne; native of Staten Island (b. 27 November 1843); Aa man of great public spirit@; favorable editorial obit in 23 September 1899 paper; see Fortune=s Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt by Arthur Vanderbilt II [1989] for details on this Cornelius and other Vanderbilts


d. at Gryme=s Hill, Staten Island; dateline 20 March 1893; husband of Euphemia Maria Banta; father of Ellen (Mrs. Horace D.) Caesar, Clara (Mrs. James) McNamee and Jacob H. Vanderbilt; brother of Cornelius Vanderbilt; native of Staten Island, b. 2 September 1807; AFor nearly 40 years he commanded steamboats plying between New York and ports on the Hudson, on Long Island Sound and in New Jersey. Later he became president of the East Shore Railroad@

VANDERBILT [Maria Louisa Kissam] 75 years

d. 6 November 1896 at Scarborough-on-the-Hudson, N. Y.; widow of William H. Vanderbilt; mother of Mrs. Elliott F. Shepard; grandmother of the Duchess of Marlborough


d. 5 November 1894; injured 19 October 1894 at Jamaica, when L. I. R. R. train started to move before passengers could get off; she was thrown to the floor of the car and died from injuries received in the accident; resident of Long Island City

VAN DUYN Charles

d. 8 September 1894 at Cutchogue; accident on a railroad handcar; Van Duyn, a railroad foreman, had been putting up a fence prior to the accident

VAN DYKE Capt. William 57 years

d. 20 June 1898; apoplexy; funeral at R. C. Church, Northport; unnamed widow and five children survive; Aat one time engaged in the making of brick at the Fresh Pond brickyards and was also for many years in command of a schooner from this port [Northport]@


d. 22 October 1898 at Sea Cliff; cancer of the liver; survived by unnamed widow; father of three daughters and two sons


d. 9 June 1898 at Locust Valley; Aillness of four years@; funeral at Reformed Church, Brookville, by Rev. Smock; survived by unnamed widow and three children

VAN NOSTRAND George W. ca. 40 years

d. 29 September 1896 at Brooklyn; Aseized with severe pains@ while attending the county fair at Mineola; sent to Seney Hospital in Brooklyn for an operation, but Agastritis had already set in@; son of Cornelius Van Nostrand; he and father were in the shoe business; Glen Cove item

VAN NOSTRAND Juliette Wood 33 years

d. 28 February 1891 at Northport; funeral at Greenlawn; wife of David Van Nostrand

VAN NOSTRAND Lydia A. 50 years

d. 27 January 1897; funeral at Reformed Church, Brookville; wife of John Van Nostrand; resident of Wheatley

VAN NOSTRAND Sarah 82 years

d. 14 November 1894 at Syosset; interment Van Nostrand farm, Anow owned by the Sisters of Mercy@; sister of Daniel Van Nostrand; aunt of John Van Wicklin


drowned Athis week@ at Astoria; classmate of Rev. Ernest Gutweiler of Hicksville; preached the installation sermon on 4 March 1885, when Rev. Gutweiler was installed as pastor of the Hicksville Reformed Church; 26 October 1900 paper

VAN RIPER Alexander

d. 16 April 1897 at New York City; Bright=s disease; unmarried resident of Sea Cliff, who lived with his widowed mother

VAN RIPER Mildred Anna infant

d. 25 August 1894 at Sea Cliff; daughter of F. Van Riper of Long Island City; parents are summer residents of Sea Cliff

VAN SCHAICK Jenkins 67 years

d. 19 April 1899 at West Neck; Bright=s disease; funeral at Grace Episcopal Church, New York City; interment at Albany, N. Y.; son of John Van Schaick and Elizabeth Jenkins; husband of Maria Bradford, who survives; father of Mrs. William R. Dockrell of London, England, Charles Van Schaick, John Van Schaick and Singleton Van Schaick, all of New York City, and Edward J. Van Schaick and Mrs. Robert Kelly, both of Huntington; native of Albany, N. Y., b. 1831; Aprominent figure in Wall Street financial circles@; purchased a seat on the Stock Exchange in 1857; served as president of the reform board of alderman of New York City, following the downfall of the Tweed Ring; formed partnership with A. S. Gorham in 1881 as Van Schaick & Company; trustee of the Brooklyn Bridge Company during the construction of the bridge; member of many clubs in New York City; director of the College of the City of New York; member of the Holland Society; president of the Long Island Livestock Fair; purchase AKalmia Park@ overlooking Lloyd=s Harbor about 1870 for his summer home; Aa great lover of books and had an extensive library. He was also a great fancier of dogs, especially collies, and was awarded many prizes at various dog shows@; son John Van Schaick is to take over Van Schaick & Company

VAN SICKLEN Abram 79 years

d. 27 February 1898 at Coney Island Creek; uncle of Athe Van Sicklens of this place [Mineola]@


d. 5 January 1898; Apainful illness of some months@; Mineola item


d. 19 February 1898; son-in-law of John A. Hewlett; Arecently returned from Colorado where he went for the benefit of his health but his search for health proved fruitless@; Hicksville item

VAN SISE child 2 years

d. 28 July 1900 at Huntington; cholera infantum; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Tomlinson; daughter of William Van Sise


d. 25 February 1892; interment at Brookville; Aan old resident of this place [Syosset]@; Syosset item

VAN SISE Mrs. Caleb

funeral 8 December 1898 at Syosset; mother of Mrs. Elbert Cheshire

VAN SISE Charles 69 years

d. 22 December 1895; interment at Woodbury, next to first wife; son of Cornelius and Phebe Van Sise; survived by second wife and three daughters; former resident of Woodbury


funeral Alast week@ at M. E. Church, Farmingdale; interment at Bethpage; daughter of Martin Van Sise of Brooklyn; 23 March 1895 paper

VAN SISE George Van Cott 5 days

d. 26 April 1900 at Huntington

VAN SISE Ketcham 62 years

d. 5 March 1898 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funeral at Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Washburne; interment at East Norwich; brother of Mrs. Stephen Townsend of Oyster Bay and Andrew Van Sise of Woodbury

VAN SISE Laura 40 years

d. 20 June 1900 at St. John=s Hospital, Long Island City; gone for peritonitis operation, but she died before the operation was performed; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Bowman and Rev. Russell; interment at Youngs Cemetery, Oyster Bay Cove; wife of Edward H. Van Sise; daughter of George Baylis; sister of Samuel Y. Baylis; president of the Ladies= Aid Society at St. Paul=s Church; Aan earnest Christian worker .... a leading member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church@; member of the Oyster Bay Choral society; former resident of Woodbury; account of funeral in 8 June 1900 paper

VAN SISE Nathan 64 years

d. 30 October 1893 at Manetto Hill; funeral at Plain View; interment at Woodbury; Alingering illness from a cancer@

VAN SISE Rebecca A. 76 y 5 m 7 d

d. 1 January 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; widow of Israel Van Sise (m. 1 April 1839); mother of Mary Emma Van Sise (d. 1852 at age 5 yrs.), Mrs. Sarah A. Latting (d. 1891) and C. Edwin Van Sise of Huntington; native of Woodbury, b. 8 July 1822 as Rebecca A. Cheshire; after her marriage she lived in Plain View until about 1877, when she and her husband moved to Huntington, where he ran a butcher shop; member of the Huntington M. E. Church former member of the M. E. Churches at Woodbury and Plain View

VAN VALKENBERG Isaac 25 years

d. 3 May 1893 at Oyster Bay; Bright=s disease

VAN VALKENBURGH Mary E. 61 years

d. 28 January 1897 at Niverville, Columbia County, New York; mother of Lambert Van Valkenburgh of OysterBay

VAN VELSOR Charles Edward Anot quite 20@

d. 28 March 1897 at Oyster Bay; rheumatism and pneumonia; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of William Van Velsor; memorial notice from Woodbury I.O.G.T. in 17 April 1897 paper in which he is called AEdward Velsor@

VAN VELSOR Mary E. 60 y 7 m 3 d

d. 9 April 1894 at East Norwich; widow of Mortimer Van Velsor

VAN VELSOR William H. 81 y 4 m 3 d

d. 4 January 1895 at Freeport; interment at Huntington; father of Mrs. Richard Ackerly of East Northport

VAN WAGNER [Roy Judson] ca. 1 year

d. 7 November 1894; pneumonia; interment Green-Wood, Brooklyn; son of Thomas Van Wagner [and Nettie Conklin Van Wagner]; grandson of [Isaac Conklin and Emma Martling Conklin] and great-grandson of Jesse Conklin [and Eliza Jane Munson Conklin]; Roy had been the Acentre of attraction@ at his great-grandparents= 50th wedding anniversary; see 13 October 1894 paper for account of wedding anniversary


d. 11 March 1893; Asuddenly of apoplexy@; resident of Jamaica; member of Board of Managers of the Queens County Agricultural Society

VAN WICKLEN Elizabeth Ann/Betsey 90 years

d. 24 April 1899 at Brookville; funeral at Brookville Reformed Church by Rev. Scudder; widow of Daniel Van Wicklen; mother of Mary Hageman; mother-in-law of the late William Hageman; grandmother of Henry Hageman; Aoldest member of the Reformed Church@ at Brookville

VAN WICKLEN Jacob 78 years

d. 25 February 1899 at Syosset; funeral at Union Chapel, Syosset, by Rev. Schofield of East Norwich; interment at Brookville; Aveteran hack driver@


d. 26 September 1900 at Jones Institute, Brookville; son of Peter Van Wicklen; owner of a farm in Brookville at one time; former Oyster Bay Town collector

VAN WICKLIN Annie 33 years

d. 27 April 1898 at Brookville; wife of Henry Van Wicklin, who had been keeper of the Jones Institute, Brookville; mother of five children

VAN WICKLYN Peter 82 years

d. 14 November 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Brookville


d. 28 January 1891 at Woodbury; daughter of Theodore and Maria Van Wyck

VAN WYCK Charles W. 82 years

d. 5 January 1900 at Mamaroneck, N. Y.; Amember of the Van Wyck family formerly residing in Huntington@

VAN WYCK Selah 68 years

d. 23 March 1896 at Woodbury; interment at Huntington; son of Theodorus Van Wyck; great-great-grandson of Barent Van Wyck, early settler of Woodbury; brother of Mrs. William H. Griffin

VAN WYCK Theodore

funeral Alast week@ at Brooklyn; brother of Mrs. Charles Colyer of Woodbury; 30 January 1892 paper


funeral 25 April 1899 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Brookville; resident of Brooklyn; former resident of Glen Cove

VEGEL Mr. 68 years

killed 17 September 1900 at Greenpoint by his son-in-law Harry Colbach, a former resident of Oyster Bay; Colbach Acame home very much intoxicated and got enraged at the old man and struck him@

VEILE Walter 25 years

d. 9 May 1897 at New York City; had undergone appendicitis operation at Presbyterian Hospital, New York City; resident of Smithtown Branch

VELSOR infant

d. 19 November 1900 at Oyster Bay; diphtheria; interment at Woodbury; child of Elijah Velsor

VELSOR Alittle boy@ 5 years

d. 25 November 1896 at New York City; membranous croup; child of Clarence Y. Velsor; Oyster Bay item

VELSOR Abigail 77 years

d. 4 October 1898 at Glen Cove; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes (M. E.) and Rev. Russell (Presbyterian); interment at Woodbury; widow of Elijah Velsor; mother of Elbert Velsor, Theodore Velsor, Alfred Velsor, Daniel Velsor, Elijah Velsor, Mrs. Alexander Lewis of Oyster Bay Cove, Jennie Velsor and Lavinia Velsor, both of Glen Cove, the late Mrs. Jacob Bumstead, and Aseveral other children@ who have died; member of the Woodbury M. E. Church Afor many years@ and since 1861 a member of the Oyster Bay M. E. Church; Amost highly respected@

VELSOR Burton nearly 24 years

funeral 11 December 1898 at Amityville or AMassapequa Episcopal Church@ by Rev. Wooley; lockjaw from the accidental discharge of a shot gun; Athe wound appeared to be doing well until the Monday before his death, when the symptoms of lockjaw appeared@; half-brother of George W. Robbins; Ahighly respected young man@

VELSOR Charles 22 years

d. 6 March 1896 at Woodbury; funeral at Woodbury M. E. Church was Alargely attended@

VELSOR Charles A. 57 y 6 m 7 d

d. 15 August 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; son of Charles and Lucinda Velsor; husband of Celia Guinand; no children survived; native and long-time resident of Long Swamp; moved to Huntington Aa few years ago@

VELSOR Ebenezer J. 78 years

d. 10 April 1897 at Centreport; found dead in bed; funeral at Centreport M. E. Church; interment at Northport Rural, Northport; Mason


see: Charles Edward Van Velsor

VELSOR Ellsworth 3 years

d. 10 June 1900 at Oyster Bay Cove; funeral at M. E. Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Bowman

VELSOR Elsie 3 years

death noted in 19 January 1895 paper and called Alast week@ in 26 January 1895 paper; daughter of William Velsor of Oyster Bay; Woodbury item

VELSOR/VAN VELSOR Frederick 78 years

d. either 28 January 1895 or 1 February 1895 at Bayville; Aone of the oldest and most respected residents of Bayville@; Ait is supposed he caught cold@ at the funeral of his daughter Mrs. Brush, Aas he was taken down with the grip@ Note: called Velsor or Van Velsor in different accounts

VELSOR Hannah Elizabeth 65 years

d. 20 March 1899 at Northport; death was Aquite unexpected@; funeral at Northport by Rev. Holden of Trinity Episcopal Church; maiden name was McIntyre; wife of Capt. James Velsor

VELSOR Capt. James

gravestone erected Alast week@ at Northport Rural Cemetery, Northport; 26 July 1897 paper

VELSOR John Dudley 61 years

d. 21 November 1897; heart disease; funeral M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. A. B. Cheshire, Mrs. C. C. Painter and two unmarried daughters; builder; member of Matinnecock Lodge F. & A. Masons; native of Woodbury

VELSOR Lavinia 40 years

d. at Brooklyn; suddenly; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes of the M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment 18 February 1900 at family plot, Woodbury; daughter of Capt. Elijah Velsor; sister of Alfred Velsor, Jennie Velsor and Theodore Velsor

VELSOR Lewis 59 years

d. 14 July 1896 at Brooklyn; Asuddenly@; funerals at New York City and Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; Aburied with Masonic honors@; brother of Joseph H. Velsor, Warren Velsor and Albert Velsor; [Albert Velsor should be Alvin Velsor]; [also brother of Jeanette Velsor Hall and John C. Velsor]; survived by widow [Mrs. Caroline Goldin Velsor]; former resident of Cold Spring

VELSOR Mrs. Losea

funeral 28 October 1896; Amother of a large family of children@; Old Westbury item

VELSOR/VAN VELSOR O. Wallace 70 years

d. 30 July 1898 at Oyster Bay; heart disease; found dead in chair; funeral at Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. Elsie Green of Vine Valley, N. Y. Note: called Velsor or Van Velsor in different accounts

VELSOR Olive 14 years

d. 29 January 1892 at Huntington; consumption; daughter of Jonas and Olive Velsor; niece of Dr. F. Burgess

VELSOR Phebe 85 years

d. 22 November 1900 at Oyster Bay; mother of Horace Velsor

VELSOR Phebe B. 65 years

d. 17 April 1900 at Oyster Bay; cancer; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Wightman; wife of Capt. David Velsor; mother of Mrs. Sidney B. Walters of Oyster Bay and Mrs. Florence Hayden of Great Neck; active member of Oyster Bay Baptist Church; Aheld in high esteem by a large circle of friends@

VELSOR Raymond

funeral 27 January 1893 at Woodbury; son of Elijah Velsor

VELSOR Rebecca 84 years

d. 2 December 1891 at Huntington Harbor; widow of John W. Velsor; mother of Alvin Velsor of Huntington and Joseph Velsor of Cold Spring Harbor; [also of Warren P. Velsor, Jeanette Hall, Lewis Velsor and John C. Velsor]; b. Cold Spring 1807; member of Woodbury M. E. Church over 50 years

VELSOR Seymour

d. 13 June 1894 at Woodbury; pneumonia; son of George Velsor

VELSOR Sherman

funeral 12 June 1894 at Woodbury; grandson of Charles Velsor; brother of Mrs. Robert H. Baldwin; Aquiet unobtrusive character@

VELSOR William H. 42 y 1 m 26 d

d. 3 April 1891 at Brooklyn

VERITY infant

born dead 10 September 1895 at Woodbury; son of S. Smith Verity

VERITY Augustus ca. 40 years

funeral 27 December 1892 at Bayville; son of Stephen Verity; brother of Albert Verity of Bayville; Mason; Aextensively engaged in the oyster business@

VERITY William

d. 31 March 1897; interment at Bayville; member of Daniel W. Downing Post, G. A. R., Glen Cove; Afor many years an engineer at the Glen Cove starch works@

VERMILYA infant son

d. 4 January 1893 at Edgewater, New Jersey; son of Irving and Ida L. Vermilya

VERMILYEA Irving 33 years

d. at New York City; interment at Scarsdale, N. Y.; 1 August 1896 paper

VERNON Eliza 55 years

d. 1 November 1895 at East Norwich; funeral at East Norwich; interment at East Norwich; wife of Henry Vernon


funeral Alast week@ at East Norwich; 12 March 1898 paper

VERNON Thomas 76 years

d. 8 March 1899 at Glen Head; father of Mrs. Daniel Simonson of Glen Head; resident of East Norwich; former keeper of Jones Institute, Brookville

VINETTA E. F. Lauretta 8 mos 2 days

d. 23 July 1892 at Comac

VINETTE Lauretta 4 months

d. 7 August 1893 at Comac

VOIGT infant 5 weeks

d. 16 February 1899; child of Charles H. Voigt; Hicksville item

VOIGT Amelia Louisa 33 y 5 m 8 d

d. 15 March 1895 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville, of which she was a member; daughter of Charles G. Voigt

VOIGT Charles George

d. 25 July 1900 at Hicksville; had suffered two paralytic strokes in January; had another Abad spell@ on 25 July and soon died; funeral at German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; widower of Mary Nickolaus (m. 1856; she d. 1876); father of Charles H. Voigt, Henry P. Voigt, Jacob Voigt, Mary Catheuser and Johanna Ruther; brother-in-law of Henry Nickolaus of Hicksville; native of Leipsic, Germany (b. 26 December 1828); came to the United States in 1851 and soon settled in Hicksville; Aone of the first settlers of Hicksville@; carpenter in partnership with Charles Rech and later with August Schaefer, with whom he built the Lutheran Church in Hicksville; in 1862 he opened a sash and blind factory; in 1870 an undertaking business; organized the Protection Hook & Ladder Company, Hicksville, in 1867 and the Chemical Engine Company in 1876; member of the German Lutheran Trinity Church since 1864; member of the New Bridge Mutual Aid Society and the Oyster Bay Agricultural Society

VON STROMER Louis 32 years

d. 15 May 1899 at Oyster Bay; suddenly of heart failure; brother of Landlord Von Stromer of the Audrey Avenue Hotel, Oyster Bay

VOORHEES Archibald C. 68 y 4 m 20 d

d. 20 October 1892 at Huntington; native of Monticello, Sullivan County, N. Y.;moved to Melville ca. 1869; Half Hollows ca. 1877; and since ca. 1888 a resident of Huntington; member of Melville and Second Presbyterian Churches

VOORHEES Elmer 35 years

d. 21 May 1899 at Northport; congestion of the lungs; short funeral service at Northport; funeral at M. E. Church, Melville; unnamed widow survives; father of one child; brother of Edward Voorhees and Joseph Voorhees, both of Northport; employed in J. M. Dunn=s book bindery at Northport; former resident of Melville

VOORHEES Mary E. 56 years

d. 19 September 1893 at Huntington; daughter of John Haskins; widow of Archibald C. Voorhees; mother of Joseph Voorhees, Charles Voorhees and Edward Voorhees, all of Huntington, and J. E. Voorhees of Farmingdale; b. Newburgh, N. Y. 1838; former resident of Brooklyn and Melville; member of Second Presbyterian and former member of Melville Presbyterian Church

VOORHES Floyd Edward 5 months

d. 21 September 1895 at Northport; cholera infantum; child of Edward Voorhes