Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


U Surnames


UBANK infant

d. at Vernon Valley; interment 16 July 1896

ULMER Gottlieb 16 years

d. 15 June 1900 at Hicksville; hit by cart driven by Henry/William Schlimm, who was trying to avoid a group of bicyclists racing at night on Broadway, Hicksville, without any lights; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; son of Jacob Ulmer; Justice William M. Simonson exonerated Schlimm, but arrested and fined six boys for causing the accident by racing on bicycles without lights; each of the following were fined $5.00 by Justice Simonson: Edward Scheiber, Fred Peters, Daniel Kinsella, Charles Rohrbach, Joseph Schmitt, and Tony Orden

UMBERFIELD Eliza H. 66y 6 m 2 d

d. 24 August 1894 at Comac; Awidow lady@ who Afell out of her chair and immediately expired@; mother of Mrs. Brewster Burr

UNDERHILL child 4 years

d. 28 December 1891 at New York City; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn son of Francis T. Underhill of Huntington

UNDERHILL Ann Elizabeth 84 years

d. 14 April 1896 at Locust Valley; widow of George R. Underhill; mother of Robert T. Underhill of Orange, New Jersey, John H. Underhill of Flushing, Francis U. Underhill of Locust Valley and Mrs. Georgianna Downing, widow of Benjamin W. Downing

UNDERHILL Charles 49 years

d. 18 March 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Locust Valley; father of Charles Underhill of Brooklyn; Aat one time a prosperous farmer in [Locust Valley]@

UNDERHILL Daniel 74/75 years

d. 9/10 February 1899 at Jericho, Aon the farm where he was born and on which have been born five generations of the Underhill family@; interment at Friends= Burying Ground, Jericho; son of Samuel Jackson Underhill and Mary Willets; grandson of Samuel Willets; son-in-law of James Post; husband of Caroline Post [d. 1882] and Catherine Post, sister of first wife, who survives; father of Samuel J. Underhill, former Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay; Alifelong resident of Jericho .... identified with the Society of Friends@ of which he was a member; on board of managers of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania; trustee of Roslyn Savings Bank; director of Glen Cove Mutual Insurance Company

UNDERHILL Edward B. 66 years

d. 27 November 1899 at Bay Shore; funeral at Bay Shore Episcopal Church; husband of Lydia F. Underhill; father of Rawson Underhill and Gerard B. Underhill, both of Bay Shore, Jacob Berry Underhill of New York City and another son; Adistant relative@ of the Underhill family of Huntington; Mrs. Underhill is a cousin of Mary Gaines of Huntington; Wall Street stock broker with a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, Aretiring, according to his own statement, .... with a fortune of $1,000,000@; account of his will in 19 January 1900 paper

UNDERHILL Frank 23 years

d. at Bayvile; survived by unnamed widow and one child; Oyster Bay item, 4 May 1900 paper


d. 12 July 1891 at Long Island City; interment at Foster=s Meadow; son‑in‑law of Samuel C. Hendrickson; brother‑in‑law of Charles Hendrickson of Huntington; former proprietor with father‑in‑law of Grand Central Hotel, Hicksville

UNDERHILL Letitia 65 years

d. 7 February 1897 at Oyster Bay; consumption; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; widow of Daniel Underhill; mother of Samuel Underhill, William Underhill, Daniel Underhill, Mrs. George Duryea, Mrs. Valentine Baylis and Mrs. Frank Baylis


d. Alast week@ at New York City; pneumonia; wife of Kirk Underhill; former resident of Glen Cove; 9 December 1899 paper

UNDERHILL Mary M. 74 years

d. 5 August 1899 at Oyster Bay; dysentery; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; wife of Capt. William Underhill; mother of Edward M. Underhill of Glen Cove, Frank Underhill of Locust Valley and Charles N. Underhill and Jennie Underhill, both of Oyster Bay; resident of Oyster Bay; member of Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay

UNDERHILL Percy L. 17 yrs 5 d

d. 2 December 1898 at Huntington; Bright=s disease; funeral at M. E. Church, Huntington by Rev. Walter; son of Charles Underhill; newsboy who sold the Brooklyn Times; see 10 December 1898 paper for account of his funeral

UNDERHILL Phebe A. 66 years

funeral 2 February 1894 at Mill Neck; widow of Benjamin C. Underhill; sister of John Cashaw and Daniel V. Cashaw

UNDERHILL Richard 61 years

d. 3 March 1897 at Greenvale; abscess in the stomach; funeral at Friends= Meetinghouse; interment at Friends= Burying Ground [not stated which Friends= Meeting]; son of Thomas and Sarah Underhill; survived by unnamed widow; father of one son and five daughters; Aowned and conducted a large dairy and stock farm .... well known throughout Queens County@

UNDERHILL Susan D. 75 years

d. 8 April 1893 at Huntington; widow of Alfred B. Underhill; mother of Mrs. Downs and Mrs. Douglass Conklin; sister of Platt Titus, Buel Titus, Ruth Wood and Ianthe Fowler; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Ahighly esteemed resident of our village@

UNDERHILL Thomas F. 85 years

d. 27 December 1898 at Locust Valley; heart failure; unnamed widow survives

UNDERHILL Townsend 23 years

d. in California; consumption; funeral 30 May 1894 at Locust Valley; interment at Mill Neck; son of Francis Underhill; Awent to California some time ago hoping that a change of climate might be beneficial@

UNDERHILL Townsend Jones

d. Alast week@ at Denver, Colorado; pneumonia; funeral at Mill Neck, Oyster Bay; son of Abram/Abraham C. Underhill of Mill Neck; grandson of late Israel S. Jones of Wantagh; 30 August 1900 paper

UNSER child

interment 17 February 1892 at Melville; daughter of Frederick Unser of Queens

UPTHER George *

drowned 11 March 1896 off Eaton=s Neck; Acolored cook@ aboard schooner Kate Scranton, which was driven ashore east of Eaton=s Neck Lighthouse during a snow storm; interment at East Northport


death reported Hicksville item; mother of Stephen Utley; 28 January 1893 paper

UTLEY Stephen 62 years

d. 26 February 1898; died in a carriage driven by John Pine of Westbury on a trip home from Sea Cliff; funeral at M. E. Church, Brush Hollow; resident of Hicksville