Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


T Surnames


TAFT George W. 36 years

d.23 February 1900 at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; interment at Riverhead; son of William H. Taft of Riverhead; formerly with the Riverhead News and the Northport Record and later with Aseveral large Manhattan printing houses@; employed by the Irving Press, Dobbs Ferry, at the time of his death

TAGG Charles F. 20 yrs 10 mos

d. 11 April 1896 at New York City; interment at Huntington; resident of New York City, who was Awell-known@ in Cold Spring

TAGG William Henry 59 years

d. 22 August 1893 at New York City; funeral at Brooklyn; interment atHuntington; brother‑in‑law of Edward Holmes

TAHEPPE Adolph 4 months

d. 19 July 1891 at Huntington


d. 13 November 1895; Aafter a long and painful illness@; interment at Amityville; mother of Thomas J. Talbot


d. 8 April 1891 at East New York; found dead in bed; funeral at Northport

TALIAFERRO Dr. Fountain Newton 33 years

d. 15 January 1895 at Aiken, South Carolina, where he had gone for Aa few month=s rest among the southern pines@; funeral 20 January 1895 at Hicksville German language funeral by Rev. Matschat of the Lutheran Church and English language funeral by Rev. Scofield of Woodbury M. E. Church; Aone of the largest funerals ever held in [Hicksville]@; husband of Johanna Augustin (m. ca. 1889); son-in-law of Julius Augustin; father of one son; native of Shelbina, Saline County, Missouri; raised in Virginia; graduate of the University of Virginia and the medical college at the University of City of New York (grad.1888); he located at Hicksville, where he built a large medical practice; long obit in 19 January 1895 paper; memorial notice from Hicksville Primrose Lodge I. O. O. F. in 23 February 1895 paper

TALMADGE Eliza 39 years

funeral 1 March 1896 at Glen Cove; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; wife of Dr. Thomas G. Talmadge; Aleaves six children@

TALMAGE Col. David Miller 73 years

d. 7 September 1900 at Whitestone; son of Thomas G. Talmage, former mayor of New York City; father of the pharmacist in Oyster Bay

TALMAGE Mary Jane 61 y 8 m 15 d

d. 5 April 1896 at Huntington; pneumonia; daughter of Rev. Dr. Robert and Adelaide T. Davidson; father was president of Transylvania College, Lexington, Kentucky, and pastor of Mc Cord Church, Lexington; granddaughter of Rev. Dr. Robert Davidson, president of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania; sister of Dr. H. Davidson of Northport, E. D. Davidson of Huntington and the late Mrs. Charles Kellogg, who d. of fever while in Italy in 1870; widow of Thomas A. Talmage, who she m. 24 October 1860 at New York City; he developed consumption and died in July 1861, Aher married life was less than a year@; cousin of Rev. W. W. Knox of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Afor many years the beloved pastor of Second Presbyterian Church of Huntington@; native of Lexington, Kentucky, b. 16 July 1834; she grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where her father served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, following his service in Lexington; father became pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, in 1863, and, as a young widow, she moved to Huntington to be near her father; she was a resident of Huntington since that time; benefactor of the Huntington Public Library

TAPPAN Jackson 81 years

d. 25 October 1899 at Brookville; Afor many years a very successful grower of strawberries, sending large quantities of them to the Boston market@

TAPPAN John 68 years

d. 15 March 1895; funeral at East Norwich M. E. Church; interment at Locust Cemetery, between East Norwich and Jericho; Civil War veteran and member of Glen Cove Post G. A. R.


interment 29 February 1892 at East Norwich; former resident of Oyster Bay

TARPY Peter E.

d. dateline 7 January 1893 at New York City; principal in the Long Island City public schools

TAYLOR Agnes E. 46 years

d. 4 April 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; daughter of William Wood, late captain of the steamer Croton which ran between Cold Spring and New York City; sister of the late Mrs. Leonard Turner; former resident of Cold Spring


d. 24 August 1899 at Yeadon, Pennsylvania; survived by husband and three Asmall children@; sister of Rev. J. C. Hume, formerly of Northport

TAYLOR Annie Lillian * 5 mos 3 days

d. 11 September 1896 at Huntington


d. 21 October 1894 at Westbury Aafter an illness of two weeks@

TAYLOR Edmund Dick 89 years

death noted from 5 December 1891 Chicago paper; father‑in‑law of Isaac Rogers, formerly of Huntington; Acousin of President Zachariah Taylor@; operated a general store in Springfield, Illinois; Athere he became acquainted with Abraham Lincoln, who was then a clerk at [New] Salem and Stephen A. Douglass, who was teaching a country school@; retired after long career to farm near Mendota, Illinois in 1876; long obituary in 19 December 1891 paper

TAYLOR Edward * 81 years

d. 15 November 1896 at Huntington; found dead in bed from heart disease; Alast Sunday he was not seen about at his usual hour, and it was noticed that the little house in which he lived remained darkened. Fearing that the old man might be sick, Townsend Jarvis, his nearest neighbor, sent his boy over to Taylor=s place. The boy found the door locked and could get no response to his knocking. Later in the day Jarvis went to the house ...... he broke the door down@ finding Taylor dead in the bed; Aan old colored man who was a familiar figure about our village@; a former slave, Aat the close of the Rebellion he came to this place [Huntington] and has since lived here@; servant of General Woodbury

TAYLOR Francis J. 84 years

funeral 3 December 1900 at Farmingdale M. E. Church; survived by an unnamed widow; father of Mrs. William Denton of Farmingdale, Frank Taylor of Pennsylvania, John Taylor of Jersey City, N. J., and Samuel Taylor of Syracuse, N. Y., a professor of philosophy at Syracuse University; native of Oldham, England; a resident of the U. S. for about 50 years; for Amany years@ a member of the Farmingdale M. E. Church

TAYLOR Mrs. Hugh W. 80 years

funeral 21 May 1893 at Mill Neck; her first husband was Thomas A. Cock


d. 14 March 1897; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville; Civil War veteran and member of Daniel L. Downing Post, G. A. R., whose members were pall bearers at the funeral; Ahad been a resident of this place [Glen Cove] nearly forty years@

TAYLOR John Sherman 61 years

d. 14 May 1897 at Greenlawn; Agreat-grandson of Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and first cousin of John Sherman, the present Secretary of State@; Afor many years prominent in financial circles in New York and Brooklyn, but about ten years ago retired from business and sought a quiet home in this place [Greenlawn]@

TAYLOR Louisa E. S. * 79 y 4 m 18 d

d. 25 February 1896 at Huntington; interment African M. E. Church burial ground, Huntington; funeral by Rev. Judd of Huntington M. E. Church; widow of Abram A. Stokeley, who d. 1864; after 18 years of widowhood, she m. Edward Taylor, ca.1882; mother of 11 children, 9 of whom were still living: Mary J. Stokeley, Julia A. Stokeley, Virginia E. Stokeley, Catharine L. Stokeley, Mrs. Isabella Frazier, Mrs. Silas Simms, Abram M. Stokeley, Luybram E. Stokeley and Herbert H. Stokeley; deceased children were Harriet L. Stokeley and Allen I. Stokeley; sister of Mrs. M. J. Simonds of Brooklyn and Rev. George A. Mill of Allentown, New Jersey; native of Jerusalem; resident of Huntington since childhood; had been an invalid for a number of years; Aone of the .... most respected colored people in this town@

TAYLOR Patrick

murdered 10 July 1892 by Frederick Flemming, son of Agnes Flemming, Athe authoress@; Flemming found guilty of second degree murder by a jury in Brooklyn 12 January 1893

TAYLOR Sarah Pope 81 years

d. 6 September 1897 at Huntington; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; widow of George Taylor

TAYLOR Washington E. 14 y 5 m 27 d

d. 18 (28) July 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; [28 July date from Cold Spring column appears more accurate because it mentions days of the week which match this date]; appendicitis; guest at Gerard=s Hotel; specialist from Athe city@ came to operate, but the boy died; remains were taken to Athe city@

TAYLOR William 30 years

d. 4 August 1895 at Northport; consumption; interment at Northport; grandson of Capt. Mapes

TEMPLE Kate C. 44 years

d. 21 April 1900 in a New York City hospital; surgical operation; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; husband is probably James H. Temple of Huntington; mother of James Temple, a student at Yale College, Kate Temple and Mary Temple; daughter of Mrs. Isaac Brown, who survives; Aeasily won and retained friends@; Aher charities were many .... [and] endeared her to the whole community@; letter of thanks and appreciation in 27 April 1900 paper from James H. Temple of Huntington


d. 6 October 1892 at London, England; famous poet; see biography in 8 October 1892 paper

TERAHIN John 31 years

d. 21 October 1898 at St. John=s Hospital, Long Island City; hit by railroad train at Mineola on evening of 20 October 1898; his wagon was wrecked and he was thrown out and had his skull crushed; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville, by Father Fuchs of Hicksville and Father Crowley of Brooklyn; son of Thomas Terahin of Hicksville; son-in-law of Peter Butterly of Jericho; native of County Waterford, Ireland; came to America as an infant


Arecent death@; member of Board of Highway Commissioners of the Town of Hempstead; 2 November 1895 paper

TERRY Albert

d. 16 March 1897 at Melville Aafter a long and painful illness@; funeral at Melville; interment at Amityville; unnamed widow survives; father of one unnamed son, Mrs. Charles White of Huntington and Sadie (Mrs. George S.) Thompson; Awell known in the towns of Huntington and Babylon@; Afor many years [he] conducted successfully a meat market in Amityville, but sold out his business in order to run the large farm belonging to his father-in-law Samuel Bedell@

TERRY Capt. Albert 68 years

d. 19 December 1897 at East New York; funeral at M. E. Church, Mattituck; interment at Mattituck; father of Fannie (Mrs. Jacob S.) White of Oyster Bay; Ida (Mrs. H. H.) Porter of East New York, Edward Terry of Flatlands, Laura Terry of East Marion and Ira Terry of Riverhead; Aspent most of his life as a sea captain and was on several whaling voyages to the Pacific Ocean@

TERRY John Smith 65 years

d. South Norwalk, Connecticut; interment at Stony Brook; former resident of Sayville; 13 August 1892 paper

TERRY Mary 37 years

d. 2 July 1895 at Hempstead; Asuddenly@ of heart disease; interment at Hempstead; daughter of Mrs. Henry Schuckmann; was widow Mrs. Mary Miltenberger when she m. Robert Terry on 23 June 1895 at Hempstead; leaves four small children; Awide circle of friends .... were surprised and pained to hear of her death@; former resident of Hicksville

TERRY Rachael J. 59 years

d. 28 April 1892 at Riverhead; consumption; interment at Mattituck; wife of Albert H. Terry; mother of [Mrs.] Jacob S. White

TERRY Timothy J.

late of Amityville; grandfather of Mrs. Alma White, Mrs. Sarah W. Thompson, Timothy J. Terry and William H. Weed; account of contested will in 6 May 1899 paper

THALL Mrs. Richard 33 years

d. 9 June 1896 at Brooklyn; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; daughter of J. O. Brownell; former resident of Glen Cove

THAYER M. G. ca. 35 years

d. 4 November 1895 at Hicksville; railroad man Aat the H. J. Heinz Company=s side track@; Awas standing on the rear platform of the caboose and he gave the signal to the engineer to back up the train. As the cars came together, he lost his balance and fell on the track ... The caboose and the freight cars passed over him, killing him almost instantly@; Ahad only been employed on the Long Island road a short time@; survived by unnamed widow who resides at Hartford, Connecticut; detailed account of the inquest 16 November 1895 paper; Hicksville item

THEALL Mary V. 63 yrs 10 mos

d. 4 January 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Cypress Hills; mother of Mrs. Balowsky, a summer resident of Cold Spring

THOMAS Abel 73 years

d. 2 April 1891 at Wheatley Pond; found dead on the floor of his bedroom

THOMAS Albert 62 years

d. 17 December 1896 at Westbury; Awhile assisting some men kill and dress his hogs in the barnyard [,] without any premonition he fell to the ground and was picked up lifeless@; father of Albert Thomas and Kate Thomas; Awell known and highly respected citizen of this place [Westbury] where he has resided for many years@

THOMAS David 77 yrs 3 days

d. 1 September 1891 at Huntington; father of Mrs. Dr. Walter Lindsay of Huntington, Rev. William H. Thomas Aeminent minister of the M. E. Church,@George Thomas of San Francisco, David Thomas of San Francisco, Maggie Thomas of Huntington and Ella Thomas of Huntington; b. Wales; came to USA at the age of 6; left as an orphan at an early age; sail maker and for 20 years foreman of a sail loft in New York City; resident of Huntington since ca. 1873; Methodist; Republican


d. 21 May 1896 at Huntington, suddenly from apoplexy; daughter of late David Thomas; sister of Mrs. Dr. Walter Lindsay and Maggie Thomas; Along been a member and active worker in the [Huntington] M. E. Church, where for years she acted as organist and choir leader@

THOMAS George W.

d. at San Francisco, California; news of death reached Huntington 15 November 1894; blood poisoning; brother of Mrs. Dr. Lindsay of Huntington; nephew of David Thomas of San Francisco; graduate of Huntington High School in 1878; resided in Mamaroneck, N. Y. and Santa Fe, New Mexico, before settling in San Francisco

THOMAS Isaac W. 52 years

d. 2 September 1898 at Wheatley

THOMAS John Peter 79 y 7 m 25 d

d. 17 February 1892 at Plainview; funeral at Hicksville; shoemaker and farmer resided over forty years in Plainview; [native of Breitenborn, Hessen, Germany]

THOMAS Mary 88 y 11 m 22 d

d. 17 February 1895 at Huntington; sister of David Thomas

THOMAS Mary 54 years

d. 10 February 1899; funeral by Rev. Gammack of St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; widow of Solomon Thomas; resident of Lattingtown

THOMASSEN William ca. 45 years

drowned 4 February 1900 at Sag Harbor; had been digging clams; walked across the ice; it broke and he fell through; survived by an unnamed widow; father of eleven children


d. 6 March 1894 at Roslyn; pastor of Roslyn M. E. Church; during the Sunday evening service on 4 March 1894, he Asuddenly fainted and fell in his pulpit@ from

apoplexy and Aafter lingering two days he passed away@


funeral 29 November 1899 at New York City; Mrs. S. S. Kissam of Greenlawn attended the funeral

THOMPSON Frank 58 years

d. 5 June 1899 at Merion, Pennsylvania; president of the Pennsylvania Railroad


drowned 11 July 1892 at Glen Cove Landing; AHe had gone out about eleven o=clock to mend his eel‑pots in his boat near the wharf, promising to return about three in the afternoon@; body was found by some boys who were clamming that afternoon

THOMPSON Jesse 90 years

d. 25 May 1896 at Smithtown Landing; Aoldest man in the town [Smithtown], having been born here in 1806. He had a wonderful memory and was able to relate things that took place over eighty years ago@; married twice; survived by second wife and ten of his twelve children; grandfather of nineteen and great-grandfather of four

THOMPSON John 18 years

drowned 23 February 1892 while duck hunting; resident of St. James

THOMSON Rev. Thomas

death reported at meeting of the Nassau Presbytery, held at First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; 7 October 1899 paper

THORMAN Henry 47 years

d. 15 December 1899 at Hicksville; paralysis of the heart; funeral at German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville; unnamed widow survives; father of ten children, ranging in age from 2 to 22 years; member of the Hicksville Council, Royal Arcanum and the Hicksville Mutual Benefit Association

THORN Alfred *

d. 3 February 1900 at Cold Spring; Ahighly respected@; employed by Dr. O. L. Jones, at whose home he died; previously employed by the late Charles H. Jones

THORNE Capt. Charles

d. 16 January 1897 at Alameda [?California]; former resident of Glen Cove

THORNE Mrs. James

interment 4 February 1894 at Oyster Bay


executed 1 August 1898 at Sing Sing, N. Y., for the murder of William Guldensuppe in May 1897

THORNE Winfield

d. 11 January 1897; son of John L. Thorne; proprietor of a hotel in Roslyn

THURMAN [Allen G.]

death noted among those Apatriots@ who had died during 1895; [served in U. S. House from Ohio 1845-1847, Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court 1854-1856, APeace Democrat@ during the Civil War; U. S. Senator from Ohio 1867-1879, sponsored the Thurman Act of 1878 to protect U. S. government financial investments in the Pacific railroads, and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States in 1888]; 28 December 1895 paper

THURMAN Mrs. Judge [Mrs. Allen G.]

d. Aearly part of this week@; funeral at Columbus, Ohio; mother of Mrs. Richard McCormick of Jamaica; [husband was U. S. Senator from Ohio and Democratic candidate for Vice President in 1888]; 24 October 1891 paper

THURSTON Annie D. 17 years

drowned 9 August 1893 at Huntington Harbor; daughter of William S. and Mary E. Thurston; long account of drowning in 12 August 1893 paper; proposed memorial bell in her memory for the Aharbor chapel@ of St. John=s Episcopal Church; 4 November 1893 paper


d. at Sea Cliff; former resident of Brookville; 23 November 1900 paper

THURSTON John 79 years

d. 6 April 1892 at Hempstead; Aa well digger and worked at that business for a number of years, a large number of the wells hereabouts [Hempstead] being dug by Mr. Thurston@

THURSTON Louis Marion 90 y 11 m 20 d

d. 13 October 1895 at Huntington; Aabout four years ago ... he fell down stairs backward, from which shock he never fully recovered@; interment at Huntington in the Episcopal Cemetery Aby the side of his long deceased wife@; son of Robert J. and Abigail Bogert Thurston, b. 23 October 1804; husband of Elizabeth Brewer (m. 19 April 1836, she d. 10 January 1879); father of Marion Thurston (d. 1864), Robert Thurston (d. ca. 1875), William Thurston of Huntington Harbor, Charles Thurston of New York City and John Thurston of Denver, Colorado; Ain his early business life was engaged as a broker in Wall Street, N. Y. City@; moved to Huntington in 1836 and operated a farm near Huntington Harbor; former member of the Huntington Board of Education; Awas an earnest worker in St. John=s Episcopal Church, acting as vestryman for thirty years, from 1840 to 1870, and being especially active when the church was rebuilt@; owned a portrait of George Washington Aof which he was most proud .. one of only three known to exist in the country@; long obit in 19 October 1895 paper

THURSTON Samuel W. Anearly 70 years@

d. 17 Mat 1898 at Locust Valley; Ataken suddenly ill with heart disease and died@; interment at Locust Valley

THURSTON Sarah M. 36 years

d. 20 January 1898; funeral at Brookville; wife of Eugene Thurston

TIERNEY Daniel 35 years

d. 26 August 1891 at Northport

TIFFANY Anna Olivia 4 years

d. 23 April 1892; scarlet fever; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; daughter of L. C. Tiffany; Cold Spring item

TIFFANY Mrs. Charles L. 80 years

d. 14 November 1897 at New York City; funeral at New York City; mother of Louis C. Tiffany, Awho has a summer residence on the west side of our [Cold Spring] harbor@

TILDEN Annie M. 47 years

d. 17 December 1892 at Huntington

TILDEN Phebe Stevens

d. 30 March 1894 at Huntington; daughter of Israel Tilden; Abeloved member of Second Presbyterian Church@ and its Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Society; 1893 graduate of Huntington Union School; two memorial tributes in 7 April 1894 paper

TILESTON George M. 65 yrs 9 mos

d. 25 March 1897 at Huntington; stroke of apoplexy; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; interment at Huntington; son of Charles S. Tileston and Cornelia Slawson; native of New York City (b. 1 July 1831); husband of Caroline C. Gay (m. 2 November 1852 at New York City); son-in-law of Leonard Gay; brother-in-law of William Conant; Awhen quite young became identified with the wholesale and retail clothing trade in New York City ... he came to Huntington in 1856 and engaged in the general store and Conant & Stuart .... Mr. Tileston formed a partnership with William Conant .... and conducted a general store under the firm name Conant & Co. .... until 1870@; postmaster of Huntington from late 1860=s to mid 1880=s; involved in the insurance business; elected Supervisor of the Town of Huntington 1889-1896; served as Chairman of the Suffolk County Board of Supervisors 1893-1896; activist in the Republican Party; involved in many civic affairs in Huntington; member of Jephtha Lodge F&A Masons; long obit in 27 March 1897 paper

TILLEY Ellen 86 years

d. 30 March 1896; Glen Cove item; resident of Bayville

TILLEY Sadie 19 years

d. 12 August 1893 at Northport; interment at Locust Valley; daughter of Mrs. Sarah M. Tilley; stenographer at Edward Thompson Publishing House

TILLOTSON Benjamin ca. 30 years

suicide 30 June 1895 at Brentwood; drank carbolic acid; employed on the farm of Charles Freund and said to be Asober and steady and seemed bright and intelligent@

TILLOTT Mary Jane 60 years

d. 24 March 1891 at Northport

TILLY George H. 36 years

d. 20 May 1899 at Escalanta, Philippine Islands; son of George E. Tilly of Jamaica; captain in the U. S. Signal Service; Adecoyed ashore by the natives under a flag of truce and the treacherously attacked by the savages. Tilly was murdered by a blow upon his head .... seems a terrible sacrifice to make for the subjugation of the savage races of the Philippines .... we must all stand by our country and patriotically assist in subjugating these islands in the cause of humanity and civilization@ (editorial in 3 June 1899 paper); resident of Helena, Montana, after leaving Long Island

TILTON Ada Frances 28 years

d. 23 December 1898 at Queens; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of William Shanks of Huntington; wife of William W. Tilton; former resident of Huntington, who Aremoved to Queens@ when she married

TITUS Andrus 68 y 8 m 22 d

d. 28 November 1897 at Cold Spring Harbor; heart failure; funeral at Cold Spring by Rev. Cox, Baptist, and Rev. Gunton, M. E.; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; son of Isaac Titus; brother-in-law of Joseph Bunce and Henry C. Bunce; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. I. Whitson Valentine; Afor many years one of the most earnest members of the Baptist Church in Cold Spring@

TITUS Edith Estelle Moffat ca. 30 years

d. 23 December 1892; funeral at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; Ajust eight days before her death she underwent an operation but did not survive it ... she had been sick several years@; wife of Rudolph Titus; resident of Brooklyn

TITUS Edward F.

d. 1 September 1892 at Denver, Colorado; interment at Westbury; Aold resident of Jamaica@; Awas a Quaker by birth@

TITUS Ellett L.

suicide 17 October 1894 at Sea Cliff; shot himself after finding his fiancee, Mary Duff, dead; son of Henry Titus, founder of Titusville, Florida

TITUS Frederick

drowned 25 July 1891 off Watch Island; body found 28 July 1891 and brought to Patchogue


funeral 27 May 1896 at Roslyn; resident of Roslyn, cousin of John Ed. Titus of Cold Spring

TITUS Jacob W. 34 years

d. 16 January 1895; pneumonia; son of Samuel M. Titus of Glen Cove; survived by widow and one child; representative of the Brooklyn Times at Glen Cove; secretary of the Queens County Republican Committee; had just been appointed general committee clerk in the New York State Assembly, but Ahe did not live to enter upon the duties of the office .... one of the most prominent and worthy young men of Queens County@

TITUS Margaret G. 80 years

d. 15 November 1896; interment at Westbury; resident of Lattingtown

TITUS Mary 89 years

d. 31 December 1898 at Mineola; congestion of the lungs; Quaker funeral by Mary Post of Westbury; interment at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead; mother of Esther Titus of Mineola and Martha J. Willis of East Williston; native of Jericho, b. 20 March 1809; resident of Mineola Asome thirty five years@; Amanifested an interest in the welfare of the Agricultural society and until very recently has been one of its largest exhibitors, more particularly in the floral department ..... Mrs. Titus loved the beautiful, her home life being surrounded by flowers@

TITUS Mary Ann 72 y 1 m 3 d

d. 5 October 1897 at Cold Spring; Astricken with paralysis several months ago@; [widow] of Buel Titus; aunt of Mrs. Myron Mahan, Hattie Titus, Nellie Titus, Rudolph Titus and Herbert Titus; had no children of her own

TITUS Mary W. 92 years

d. 11 January 1900 at East Williston; widow of Robert Titus; mother of George P. Titus of East Williston, President of the Queens-Nassau Agricultural Society; member of the Society of Friends at Old Westbury

TITUS Nancy 61 years

d. 2 January 1895; funeral at Friends= Meetinghouse, Westbury

TITUS Sarah * 18 years

d. at Northport; interment 15 November 1895 at Setauket

TITUS Virginia 46 years

d. at New York City; funeral 23 February 1896 at Tappentown; interment at Brookville; former resident of Tappentown

TODD Mrs. George 78 years

d. 11 June 1897 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; widow; mother of Stephen G. Todd and William Todd, both of Huntington


d. 19 July 1894 at College Hospital, New York City; Cold Spring item

TOMER William G. 64 years

d. 25 September 1896 at Phillipsburg, New York; Awriter of hymns and sacred songs. One of them God Be With Us Till We Meet Again is sung all over the world@

TONER child 5 years

d. 28 September 1892 at Westbury; killed in house fire; daughter of John B. Toner

TONER Mrs. John B. 28 years

d. 28 September 1892 at Westbury; killed in house fire

TOOLE Michael

d. 6 July 1898; Aprostrated by the heat@; resident of Manhattan who died on his way to visit his sister in Westbury

TOOKER Gilbert L. 74 years

d. 6 July 1900 at Long Swamp; funeral at Long Swamp by Rev. Mitchell; interment at Cypress Hills; resident of Huntington Town for 12 years; member of Huntington Baptist Church


d. Aa few days ago@; brother-in-law of Abram S. Hutchinson of Oyster Bay; 28 December 1900 paper

TOPPING Robert E. 64 years

d. at Brooklyn; interment 13 April 1891 at Water Mill; son of Dr. Nathaniel Topping; graduate of Amherst College 1849; member of New York City Bar since 1854; trustee of Sag Harbor Savings Bank; native of Bridgehampton


d. Alast week@; 13 February 1892 paper; mother of Charles E. Topping; former resident of Hempstead

TOPPS Anna 50 years

d. 18 May 1897 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; brain fever; interment at Bridgeport, Connecticut; widow of George Topps; sister of Mrs. Charles Gottert of Hicksville

TOTTEN Alexander

letters of administration granted to Homer Totten, 25 May 1900 paper

TOTTEN Elizabeth 70 y 11 m 12 d

d. 19 April 1891; interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City; widow of Charles Totten; mother‑in‑law of J. M. Schlissman; Central Park item

TOTTEN Elizabeth Ellen 71 yrs 9 mos

d. 9 March 1898 at Cold Spring; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; wife of John C. Totten, who survives, m. 45 years; daughter of Gilbert Weeks, late of Hempstead; mother of two unnamed sons and one unnamed daughter; native of Hempstead; resident of Cold Spring for past 33 years; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor

TOTTEN Mrs. William

d. 6 September 1896 at St. Catherine=s Hospital, [North Amityville]; Aleaves a brother and a husband and two children@; Farmingdale item

TOWNSEND infant *

d. 18 February 1895 at Jericho; found dead in bed; child of George Townsend

TOWNSEND Alexander

d. 25 October 1892 at AGenevah@; brother of Mrs. A. P. Areson; Mineola item

TOWNSEND Amos Littell

d. 4 December 1896 at New York City; interment at Glen Head; son of James E. and Adelaide Schram Townsend; grandson of Timothy Townsend and William Schram; native of New York City (b. August 1863)

TOWNSEND Augustus E. 48 years

d. 27 March 1896 at Eustis, Florida; husband of Emma Williams, former teacher at Huntington Union School; brother of May E. Townsend; nephew of Mrs. Nelson Sammis

TOWNSEND David* ca. 70 years

d. 27 November 1899 at Huntington; Bright=s disease; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. A. G. Lane; Aa widow and several children survive@; native of Roslyn and long-time resident of Huntington

TOWNSEND Dwight 73 years

d. 29 October 1899 at New York City; suffered a stroke of paralysis two years earlier; Oyster Bay item


d. 20 February 1900 at New York City; father of Fred Townsend, John Townsend, Mrs. Teresa Wood of New York City, Mrs. Edith Bates, and Mrs. John Seaman; Aold and highly respected resident of this village [Oyster Bay]@

TOWNSEND Frank H. 20 yrs 5 mos

d. 19 December 1896 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

TOWNSEND Gansevoort

d. 30 November 1894; interment at Albany. N. Y.; son of Gustave McKay and Catharine Townsend

TOWNSEND Harriet A. 102 y 7 m 11 days

d. 7 July 1899 at Roslyn; funeral at Roslyn; interment at St. Paul=s Churchyard, Glen Cove; widow of Walter A. Townsend; mother of Mrs. Henry Thurston of Roslyn, Nathaniel Townsend of Jersey [ ]; grandmother of Mrs. Alexander Kilpatrick of Roslyn and 9 others; great-grandmother of a Alarge number@ and great-great-grandmother; native of Locust Valley, who spent most of her life at Glen Cove

TOWNSEND Helene De Kay 74 years

d. 3 February 1895 at Oyster Bay; heart failure; interment at Albany, N. Y.; daughter of Charles De Kay Townsend; widow of Solomon Townsend (m. 1849); mother of Solomon S. Townsend, ex-member of New York State Assembly; De Kay Townsend, New York City lawyer and ex-Queens County Surrogate; Robert Townsend, Assistant District Attorney, New York County; Maurice E. Townsend, ex-editor of the Oyster Bay Pilot; Edward N. Townsend, ex-Supervisor Town of North Hempstead; and Maria G. Townsend of Oyster Bay; sister of Mrs. Edwin Coles of Oyster Bay; aunt of C. De Kay Townsend of Huntington

TOWNSEND Isaac 87 years

d. 17 February 1895 at Locust Valley; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove


d. 13 October 1896; paralysis of the heart; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; interment at St. Paul=s Churchyard, Glen Cove; wife of James H. Townsend; mother of six children; Aan active Christian woman and greatly esteemed for her many virtues@; member of St. Paul=s Church, the Women=s Relief Corps, the W. C. T. U. and the I. O. G. T.

TOWNSEND Josephine * 51 years

d. 26 December 1896 at Oyster Bay; found dead on the sidewalk; Acause of death was not shown but was evidently from natural causes@; funeral at A. M. E. Zion Church, Oyster Bay; wife of Elbert Townsend, Aan industrious colored man@; mother of six Agrown up children@; AMrs. Townsend had been employed as a cook for Com. Wm. L. Swan for several years and was faithful and industrious@


d. 23 April 1893 at North Brother Island; typhus fever; general secretary of the Girls= Friendly Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church; Afew ladies will be more deeply missed from charitable circles@; former resident of Glen Cove

TOWNSEND Mary A. 84 years

d. 12 September 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; widow of Isaac Townsend; mother‑in‑law of John M. Sammis; former resident of Oyster Bay Cove

TOWNSEND Philip E. 80 years

d. 10 September 1898 at Sailors= Snug Harbor, Staten Island; funeral at Glen Cove; interment at Townsend Cemetery, Glen Cove; brother of Mrs. George W. Cocks of Glen Cove; Aspent most of his life on the sea@


d. Arecently@; peritonitis; interment at Locust Valley; Afor many years .... a resident of [Woodbury] .... was much respected and the oldest colored person in these parts@; Woodbury item, 28 January 1899 paper

TOWNSEND Robert Cooper

d. 1 April 1897 at New York City; pneumonia; funeral at St. Bartholomew=s Episcopal Church, New York City; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; son of Edward M. Townsend

TOWNSEND Sarah Jane * ca. 60 years

d. 6 December 1893 at Oyster Bay Town Poorhouse; in wash house alone when clothes caught fire; before help arrived she was Aburned so badly that she died within a few hours suffering untold pain@; had been resident of the town poorhouse for the past 35 years [since ca. 1858]; Hicksville item

TOWNSEND Stephen 55 years

d. 18 February 1892 at Oyster Bay Cove; interment at Oyster Bay; pneumonia

TRACEY William J.

d. Aa few days ago@ at Scranton, Pennsylvania; consumption; survived by unnamed widow; former employee of Edward Thompson Publishing Company of Northport as writer for the Encyclopedia of Law; went to Colorado for his health, but Ahis disease was too deeply seated@; retired to Scranton [date of paper not copied]

TRAINOR James 53 years

d. 14 July 1895 at Hicksville; Ahe had been apparently in good health; he was preparing to go to church and was sitting in a chair ... and smoking his pipe; he said to his wife that he felt dizzy; she answered that he probably smoked too much; a few moments after that he fell over in his chair and when his wife reached his side, he was dead@; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; Awell known farmer@


d. 21 January 1897 at Alameda [?California]; former resident of Glen Cove

TREADWELL Olmstead O. L. * 1 yr 5 mos

d. 22 April 1898 at Huntington

TREDWELL child 1 yr 10 mos

interment Alast week@ at Westbury; son of Daniel Tredwell; 28 March 1891 paper


d. 27 February 1892; interment at Hempstead; daughter of David Schneider; wife of Louis Trope, who she m. A12 years ago@; b. New York City 21 January 1856; Westbury item

TRYON Frank Clarence 20 yrs 27 days

d. 16 January 1900 at Huntington; Bright=s disease; funeral at New York City; son of Frank Tryon of New York City; native of New York City; superintendent at the power house at Halesite; the Astudy of electricity was his hobby and when a mere youth [he] took an electricity course in the Pittsburg Correspondence School@; Asoon after the installing of the machine at the power house at Halesite, he accepted the position of engineer under Superintendent Charles G. Wingate. This was a decided honor for so young a man@; following Wingate=s removal to New York City, Tryon was promoted to head the power house

TUNNELL Millie* Asaid to be@ 111 years

d. 5 January 1896 at Jamaica; Awas a slave in the South in antebellum days@

TURNER infant

d. 18 December 1895; child of C. H. Turner; Farmingdale item

TURNER child 2 years

d. 14 July 1900 at Farmingdale; child of Philip Turner

TURNER Freelove 40 yrs 10 mos

d. 27 April 1895 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral Union Baptist Church, Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington; daughter of Capt. William Wood; sister of Capt. Amos Wood, George Wood, Thomas Colyer Wood, Mrs. Agnes Taylor and Mrs. Annie Leuckenback; wife of Lemuel Turner, keeper of the Cold Spring Harbor Lighthouse; mother of Blance Turner (ca. 17 yrs) and Lemuel Wood Turner (ca. 12 yrs); Awas one of the most active members of the [Union Baptist] church and Sunday School@

TURNER Henrietta

Ajust died@ at Mount Vernon, New York; Alast survivor of the >flower girls= who met Lafayette at Woodbridge, N. J. on his last visit to this country in 1824@; Awas the youngest of the sixteen girls who, attired in costumes of flowers, formed the words >Welcome Lafayette.= She represented the last E in Lafayette=s name, and was clad in marigolds@; 7 December 1895 paper

TURNER Hilda Matilda 72 years

d. 14 February 1900 at Cold Spring; interment on Staten Island; widow of Charles M. Turner, late of Tottenville, Staten Island; mother of Mrs. George W. Denniston of Cold Spring

TURNER William 37 y 7 m 7 d

d. 21 January 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; consumption; interment at Staten Island, N. Y.; brother of Mrs. George W. Denniston of Cold Spring Harbor, at whose house he died; resident of New York City

TURNER William H.

d. 15 January 1894 at Hackensack Meadows, N. J.; killed in railroad accident due to fog on Delaware, Lackawana & Western Railroad; bookkeeper for Dill, Chandler & Seymour Aknown to a number of our villagers@

TURNEY Jean 40 years

hit by L. I. R. R. train and killed at Yaphank while crossing the tracks in a wagon; Elizabeth Valentine, her mother, was riding in the wagon and was also killed in the accident; the wagon was destroyed and the horse was killed; resident of Wading River; 3 August 1900 paper

TUTHILL Agnes A. 52 y 4 m 24 d

d. 3 November 1898 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington; daughter of David Tuthill; sister of William Tuthill, Lemuel Tuthill and Henrietta Tuthill; native of Huntington; interested in temperance work and Agave valuable assistance to the local union@


funeral 19 January 1899 at Wading River; cousin of Gilbert Carll of Elwood


d. 25 September 1900 at Fair Ground; funeral at Fair Ground by Rev. Carter of Huntington; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Cuyler B. Tuthill of Jamaica; grandson of William H. May of Fair Ground

TUTHILL Freddie ca. 9 years

d. 4 March 1894; son of Alfred T. Tuthill; Shelter Island item

TUTHILL James H. 66 years

d. 18 January 1894 at Riverhead; Adropped dead ... just as he was about leaving the office of Surrogate Petty before whom he was trying a will case@; son of Nathaniel Tuthill; brother of Rev. George M. Tuthill, Dr. Franklin Tuthill, Ellsworth Tuthill and Sara Tuthill; husband of Maria D. Foster; son‑in‑law of Herman D. Foster; graduate of Williams College; lawyer in Riverhead with firm of Miller & Tuthill; served two terms in New York State Legislature from Suffolk County; served three terms as Suffolk District Attorney; Suffolk County Surrogate 1880‑1892; 30 years as superintendent of Riverhead Congregational Sunday School; president of Suffolk County Historical Society and Riverhead Library Association; Memorial Notice from Suffolk County Bar Association in 9 June 1894 paper

TUTHILL Phebe A. 87 years

d. 18 August 1895; cancer; widow of Ezra Tuthill; Shelter Island item

TUTHILL Warren L. 55 years

suicide 13 June 1900 at Mattituck; drowned himself in Mattituck Creek; Aprolonged ill health had deranged his mind@; unnamed widow survives; father of Howard Tuthill of Rockville Centre


d. 22 June 1898; Ainvalid for some time@; funeral at Morristown, New Jersey; father of Walter Tuttle of Huntington

TUTTLE James A. 79 years

d. 12 April 1897 at Northport

TYLER Addie M.

d. 24 June 1896 at [Smithtown] Landing; typhoid fever; funeral Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; daughter of Benjamin Tyler; teacher at Crab Meadow School; member of M. E. Church, W. C. T. U., and Smithtown Praying Band

TYLER Capt. Benjamin

d. 4 March 1895 at Smithtown Landing; Aan old and respected citizen@

TYLER Charles H. 62 y 2 m 22 d

d. 27 August 1893 at Northport; funeral at Smithtown Landing; former resident of Smithtown


death recorded with obit copied from Wayne Independent of Honesdale, Pa.; 21 May 1892 paper; father of Mrs. J. W. Book of Huntington