Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


S Surnames


SABIN  Alva T.                                                                                 74 y 8 m 9 d

d. 3 March 1897 at Huntington; interment at Augusta, Michigan; father of Mrs. H. J. Du Bois of Huntington; Aremoved to this place from Augusta a few months ago@

ST. JOHN   children

d. 7 April 1899 at New York City; house fire due to a gas explosion; three children of Mrs. Gamaliel St. John

ST. JOHN   Mrs. Gamaliel

d. 7 April 1899 at New York City; house fire due to gas explosion; sister-in-law of Mrs. Wallace C. Andrews, also killed in the fire

SALKY  Bannat                                                       67 years

d. 10 September 1892 at Hempstead; funeral at New York City; resident of Hempstead since 1858, Acoming here with only a few dollars. He died leaving an estate valued at nearly $75,000"

SALKY  Tillie

d. at New York City; daughter of Bannat Salky; 18 April 1891 paper Hempstead item

SAMMIS  infant

d. Alast week@; child of E. E. Sammis; Athrown from a wagon in consequence of being run into by two intoxicated men on the highway near the waterworks  ..... the child came to its death by the criminal negligence of the said John Benham and James Howard@; 8 July 1893 paper Northport item

SAMMIS  child                                                         7 weeks

                        d. 19 July 1895; interment at Northport; child of Edward Eugene Sammis

SAMMIS  Adelia B.                                                  70 y 7 m 19 d

d. 20 March 1892 at Huntington; Aat one time carried on a large dressmaking business at her residence on Wall Street@ [Huntington]

SAMMIS  Alberta                                                     26 years

d. 11 August 1898 at Huntington; suddenly; Aaccute Bright=s disease@; funeral at M. E. Church, Huntington; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery;  daughter of William Conklin; wife of George W. Sammis; she and husband joined the Methodist church Aunder Mr. Judd=s pastorate@

SAMMIS  Mrs. Alexander                                      Aover 90@ years

                        interment 8 April 1896 at Comac; former resident of Head of the River

SAMMIS  Annie J.                                                   24 years

d. 19 November 1893 at Commack; consumption; wife of George Sammis; maiden name was Annie J. Bryan

SAMMIS  Charles A.                                               61 years

d. 17 July 1892 at Hempstead; former Sheriff of Queens County, elected 1877; lived in house built by great‑great‑grandfather, which was used by British as headquarters during the Revolution and later visited by General Washington

SAMMIS  Clarence E.                                             1 y 10 m 4 d

                        d. 30 June 1891 at Brooklyn; son of Brewster G. Sammis


d. 23 July 1893 at Huntington; daughter of Edgar Sammis; Aregular attendant@ of First Presbyterian Church

SAMMIS  Daniel P.                                                  79 years

d. 11 March 1896 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; brother of Nelson Sammis; father of Nelson Sammis, Daniel Sammis and Mrs. Thomas Swift; former resident of Huntington; shoe merchant at Grand and Centre Streets, New York City for 30 years; retired ca. 1885; active in politics earlier in life, serving as representative of the 13th Ward on the City Council [New York City ?]1850-1854; former Democrat, who switched to Republican Party at the time of the Civil War due to his admiration of Abraham Lincoln

SAMMIS  David C.                                                  69 y 5 m 20 d

d. 18 April 1891 at Huntington; Acancer in the face@; brother of John D. Sammis; farming parnership with brother

SAMMIS  David Sturgis Sprague                       77 years

d. 19 May 1895 at Babylon; Bright=s disease; son of Daniel Sammis, who served in the War of 1812; father of Joseph M. Sammis and five daughters; proprietor of the Surf Hotel on Fire Island; went into hotel business in New York City in 1848 and in 1856 built a hotel on Fire Island for 100 guests, which he soon enlarged; he introduced gas [lighting ?] and made the hotel AFirst Class@; sold his interest in New York City hotels in 1858, to devote himself fully to the Surf Hotel and real estate ventures in Babylon; built a street railway for transporting guests from the railroad depot to the steamboat dock at Babylon; served as postmaster at Fire Island; organized the Babylon National Bank and the Babylon Water Company; leader in the incorporation of Babylon Village; sold his hotel property on Fire Island to New York State in 1892 to be used for a cholera quarantine station; this upset the people of Babylon, causing of Governor of New York State to call out two regiments of troops to keep order; left estate of $300,000 to his widow, son and five daughters

SAMMIS  Della M. Earle

d. 28 March 1894 at Oyster Bay; Bright=s disease; interment at Locust Valley; daughter of James Sidney Earle; wife of Edgar T. Sammis

SAMMIS  Edward M.

d. 15 June 1893 at Babylon; brother of D. S. S. Sammis; AHe was interested with his brother in the management of Fire Island, was quite an inventor, and in  his early days in California was a correspondent for the Alta Cal[ifornia]@

SAMMIS   Elizabeth A.                                           80 y 11 m 25 d

d. 28 February 1899 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; daughter of J. Douglass Jackson; widow of Stephen Sammis, who Ahas been dead a number of years@; sister of Lucy Jackson, Luther Jackson and Delia (Mrs. Smith) Sammis, all deceased, and Hannah Jackson of Patchogue and Eleanor Jackson of Florida

SAMMIS  Ellen                                                         59 years

d. 10 December 1897; blood poisoning; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. A. G. Russell; interment at Brookville; wife of Richard A. Sammis; mother of Mrs. Wilbur F. Kaylor; native of Brooklyn, who Ahas resided with her husband in this village [Oyster Bay] many years@; Agreatly beloved by a large circle of friends@

SAMMIS  Eva E.                                                      8 y 9 m 17 d

d. 15 December 1891 at Comac; daughter of William H. and Katie Sammis

SAMMIS  Foster M.                                                 38 years

d. 5 April 1891 at East Hartford, Connecticut; interment at Huntington; son of William and Naomi Sammis; Huntington native

SAMMIS  Frederick G.                                           76 yrs 8 mos

 d. 13 February 1892 at Huntington; son of George Sammis; brother of Stephen Sammis, Warren Sammis and Mrs. Nathan Conklin; father of George A. Sammis and Frederick B. Sammis; carriage maker until 1866; later involved in real estate and land development; developed building lots between New York Avenue and Nassau Avenue and along Fairview Street; Aat the time of his death left about the most valuable real estate property of anyone in this section@; see 20 February 1892 paper for biography

SAMMIS  Harriet                                                      75 yrs 4 mos

                        d. 10 October 1894 at Commack; wife of Israel Sammis

SAMMIS   Capt. Harry                                            81 years

d. 6 August 1900 at Huntington; Athe result of a fall from a wagon several weeks ago@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; son of Henry Sammis and Elizabeth Best; brother of Smith Sammis and 4 others, now deceased; husband of Elizabeth Scudder, by whom he had eight children, and of Mrs. Cecelia Humphrey of West Haven, Connecticut, by whom he had one son; father by his first wife of Henry H. Sammis and Ada (Mrs. Walter) Beardsley, and six others now deceased, and by his second wife of Isaac Sammis

SAMMIS   Henry                                                      81 years

                        d. 28 September 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter and Rev. Carter; neuralgia of the heart; son of Smith Sammis and Mary Rogers; husband of Rebecca Ketcham (m. 16 January 1845); father of John K. Sammis of Northport, Henry S. Sammis of Huntington, Rebecca P. Wilson, of South Norwalk, Connecticut, and George Conklin Sammis, who d. in infancy; brother of George L. Sammis of Huntington and Sally Buffett of Woodbury; native of Cold Spring Harbor (b. 26 January 1818); life-long resident of Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington, except for a brief period when he lived at South Norwalk; Aenthusiastic Republican .... voted for both William Henry Harrison and his grandson Benjamin Harrison for the presidency@; member of the Methodist Church since 1842

SAMMIS  Henry C.                                                  54 y 7 m 27 d

d. 31 January 1893 at Northport; interment at New Rochelle, N. Y.; son of Lyman Sammis; husband of AMiss Roe@ of Brooklyn; Northport native; in grocery business in New York City, timble manufacturer in Huntington, owned  jewelery store and was optician in Northport; deacon of Northport Presbyterian Church

SAMMIS   Israel                                                       85 years

d. 10 July 1899 at Commack; built the house in which he died in 1837 and had lived in it since that time; Aa staunch Republican@

SAMMIS  Isaac                                                        72 y 4 m 25 d

d. 29 April 1891 at Northport; master of several vessels; involved in coastal shipping Aup to last ten years@; general manager of Northport Clay and Fire Sand Manufacturing Company

SAMMIS  Jesse                                                       83 yrs 12 days

d. 11 March 1892 at Huntington; native of West Neck; printer in his youth; worked on the Portico Aone of the first news papers published in our town@; cabinetmaker in Huntington Aearly in the Forties@; moved to Brooklyn about 1860 and ran the Globe Hotel and later a boarding house in Oyster Bay, before returning to Huntington

SAMMIS  Joel                                                          53 y 6 m 16 d

                        d. 21 March 1891 at Comac; pneumonia


d. Aa short time ago@ at Dubo, New South Wales, Australia; brother of George T. Sammis of Hempstead; Hempstead native who left for the California Gold Rush [1849] when Ascarcely eighteen years old@; left California for the Australian Gold Rush [1851] in New South Wales and made a fortune, which he invested in sheep ranching; he remained in Australia but lost touch with his family on Long Island; George T. Sammis tried to locate him through newspapers in Sydney, N. S. W., but without success; Aafter thirty‑three years of silence, however, George received a letter from his brother John, informing him of his prosperity and whereabouts. Since then, the brother kept up a correspondence@; 28 July 1894 paper

SAMMIS  John                                                         86 y 11 m 7 d

d. 7 November 1895 at Nantucket, Massachusetts; interment at Huntington; native of West Neck; Aa quaint and somewhat eccentric character ... he always wore a very long white beard and was of rather striking personal appearance@;  sold his farm to Jenkins Van Schaick, Athe proceeds from the sale ... afforded Mr. Sammis a comfortable competence for his use during his declining years@; boarded with Mrs. Conklin Kelsey for some time; Aseveral years ago he left Huntington and took up his residence with his married daughter [unnamed] at Nantucket, Mass.@


death reported 3 November 1894 paper; Asuddenly of heart disease@; resident of Brooklyn; Elwood item

SAMMIS  Lucy A.                                                    2 yrs 7 mos

d. 15 February 1896; interment at Commack; daughter of William H. Sammis

SAMMIS  Lyman                                                     91 years

d. 9 January 1899 at Northport Aof old age@; funeral at Northport by Rev. Knesal; father of B. L. Sammis and Moses Sammis; Afor many years a member of the Northport Methodist Church@

SAMMIS  Margaret A.                                             79 y 3 m 10 d

d. 21 March 1895 at Oyster Bay; funeral Baptist Church, Huntington; native of Oyster Bay; maiden name was Bennett; widow of Jesse H. Sammis, a shoemaker, who d. about A20 years ago@; sister-in-law of John M. Sammis and Richard Sammis, both of Oyster Bay; former resident of Huntington

SAMMIS  Margurette                                              1 yr 5 mos

                        d. 2 July 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor

SAMMIS  Maria Louisa                                          35 y 6 m 26 d

d. 27 November 1894 at Huntington; daughter of George R. Rogers; wife of Fred B. Sammis (m. 1884); mother of one unnamed daughter; native of Westport, Conn., b. 1 May 1859; graduate of Huntington Union School 1876; member of  First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SAMMIS  Maria Platt                                               74 yrs 4 mos

d. 2 December 1891 at Huntington; daughter of Erastus Harvey Conklin; wife of Frederick G. Sammis; mother of George A. Sammis, Frederick Sammis  and Anna Maria Sammis (d. 2 November 1867); b. Huntington 1817;  member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SAMMIS  Mary                                                         81 yrs 4 mos

d. 20 April 1896 at Huntington; interment at Huntington; widow of Nelson Sammis, who d. 1878; native of Astoria; former resident of New York City; resident of Huntington since ca. 1869; member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SAMMIS  Mary A.                                                    75 yrs 15 days

d. 8 March 1896 at Huntington; wife of David Sammis; Athe quiet simplicity of the [funeral] services were all in keeping with the gentle spirit of the deceased@

SAMMIS  Montford E.                                            54 yrs 4 mos

d. 9 March 1896 at Huntington; son of George Sammis; brother of Mary Sammis of Huntington and George Smith Sammis of Bloomfield, New Jersey; Huntington native; Aengaged in marketing small fruits and vegetables which he grew on his property on the Hollow Road@; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Aof quiet and retiring disposition@


d. 12 June 1896 at Huntington; daughter of Phebe [Conklin] Fleet; widow of William Sammis; mother of Foster Sammis, Ellwood Sammis, Fleetwood Sammis and Elizabeth Sammis; sister of John Fleet; Ahow well we remember >Aunt Naomi= as we saw her come down to do her morning shopping, and we doubt if there is a merchant in the place, in business at that time, who did not enjoy her morning call, simply because she was always pleasant and had a kind word for all@

SAMMIS  Noah S.                                                   51 years

d. 11 March 1895 at Huntington; Aof paralysis of the left side with which he was taken ... while walking across the room@; son of John Sammis; nephew-in-law of George F. Nesbit; father of two unnamed sons and three unnamed daughters; entered the dry goods business early in life in Brooklyn and New York City; went to Havana, Cuba, in 1865 to recover health, eventually returning to Huntington; m. 29 September 1865 an unnamed niece of George F. Nesbit, who survived her husband

SAMMIS   Rebecca                                                 81 years

d. 25 June 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; widow of Henry Sammis; daughter of Conklin Ketcham and Katherine Smith; mother of John K. Sammis of Northport, Henry S. Sammis of Huntington, and Rebecca (Mrs. Moses) Wilson of South Norwalk, Connecticut; native and long-time resident of Huntington; member of the Methodist Church, Abefore the infirmities of age prevented was a faithful attendant and earnest worker@

SAMMIS   Reginald                                                16 months

                        d. 11 August 1900 at Huntington; cholera infantum; funeral at Huntington at the home of Capt. Cicero F. Sammis by Rev. Tomlinson; son of Percy Sammis; grandson of Cicero F. Sammis

SAMMIS  Ruth A.                                                    76 years

d. 7 November 1897; funeral at M. E. Church, Centerport, by Rev. Adams of Northport; her first husband was John Chalmers; wife of Charles Sammis (m. Afive years ago@); mother of A. B. Chalmers of New York City, M. C. Chalmers and Mrs. Scudder Sammis; native of Commack

SAMMIS  Rynald Gordon                                     3 years

                        d. 6 September 1895 at East Northport

SAMMIS   Sarah C.                                                 81 years

d. 6 June 1900 at West Neck; funeral at West Neck by Rev. Carter; aunt of William S. Sammis, Watts R. Sammis, Adelia Scudder, Juliette Brush and Caroline K. Sammis; AMiss Sammis was born and had always lived in the house in which she died@

SAMMIS  Stephen Conklin                                   80 y 5 m 11 d

d. 30 January 1899 at Huntington Aafter a long illness@; stricken with apoplexy and was left an invalid for five years; son of George and Ruth Sammis; brother of Mrs. Nathan B. Conklin and Warren G. Sammis, both of Huntington, and the late Frederick Sammis; unmarried; native of West Neck, b. 19 August 1818; learned thimble trade in New York City and went into business there until he retired in 1875; lived at Hoboken, New Jersey, during the winter and at Huntington during the summer, until his stroke; since that time he lived with his sister Mrs. Conklin until his death

SAMMIS  Susan Elizabeth                                   22y 1 m 22 d

d. 20 October 1895 at Huntington; Aacute attack of diabetes@; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington by Rev. Putnam, assisted by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian and Rev. Russell of Oyster Bay Presbyterian; daughter of W. Woodhull Sammis; member of Second Presbyterian Church; graduate of Huntington High School, Class of 1891; long obit in 26 October 1895 paper; memorial notice from Society of Christian Endeavor of Second Presbyterian Church in 2 November 1895 paper

SAMMIS  Willard W.                                                36 y 10 m 24 d

d. 10 August 1892 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington; son of Edgar Sammis; Huntington native; Athrifty farmer@; member of Greenlawn Presbyterian Church and Superintendent of its Sunday School; see 13 August 1892 paper for biography

SANDS  Cornelia Ann

                        d. 24 September 1896 at Huntington; mother of Jennie (Mrs. R. J.) Sutton

SANDS  Nelson                                                      78 years

d. 13 or 14 December 1896 at Syosset; found dead in his barn 15 December 1896; Ait is supposed that he fell from the mow the night before and died without assistance@; uncle of the late Nelson Duryea of Oyster Bay; great-uncle of EdnaDuryea, daughter of Mrs. W. Woodhull Sammis of West Neck; Edna is Asole heir of the property of the deceased, valued at $40,000 .... she will not acquire the property until she is 21 years of age@; Aan old and higly respected man@; see accounts in Woodbury and Oyster Bay columns 19 December 1896 paper

SANDS  Townsend Treadwell *                          70 years

d. 26 August 1894 at Jericho; Aseveral years ago@ both legs Awere amputated at knee@ due to frostbite; Aafter that Sands became a familiar figure walking about on the stumps of his legs@

SANFORD  Claude A.                                            ca. 29 years

d. 23 June 1895 at Northport; interment at Commack; son of Charles S. Sanford; Ajust returned home from a bicycle trip when he was taken violently ill with convulsions and after an hour and a half of intense agony expired@; proprietor of a Aprosperous coal business@; member of Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport; member of Lodge 523, I. O. O. F. and Lodge 426 F & A Masons; long account of his death and funeral in 29 June 1895 paper

SANFORD  Mary                                                     15 years 7mos

d. 6 February 1898; Along illness from hip and spine trouble@; funeral at Episcopal Church, Glen Gove; daughter of Henry T. Sanford                   

    SANTO  Mangona                                                        33 years

d. 6 August 1893 at Northport; probably the same person as Aan Italian employed at Godfrey=s gravel works@ who drowned going ashore from a schooner; 19 August 1893 paper; Northport column

SARONY  Napoleon

d. 9 November 1896 at New York City; Asuddenly@; Aregarded as the best photographer and sketcher in charcoal in the world@


d. [22] March 1893 at Dover, Delaware; elected U. S. Senator from Delaware 1871, 1877 and 1883; obit in 25 March 1893 paper


d. 30 May 1896 at Port Jefferson; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; father of Mrs. George Mc Kane; brother of Mrs. Thomas Mott and Mrs. Isaac Devoe, both of Glen Cove; Awell-known@ Methodist pastor, serving with the New York East Conference of the M. E. Church; served these appointments: 1863-1865 Stony Brook; 1866-1867 Islip; 1868-1869 Babylon; 1870-1872 York Street Church, Brooklyn; 1873 Warren Street Church, Brooklyn; 1873-1875 Willett Street Church, New York City; 1876-1878 Jamaica; 1879-1880 South Norwalk, Conn.; 1881 Rockville Centre; 1882-1884 Wesley Chapel, New York City; 1885-1887 Amityville; 1888-1890 Sheepshead Bay; 1891-1892 Amityville again; 1893-1894 Seventh Street Church, New York City; 1895-death Port Jefferson

SAUNDERS  Lawrence J.                                    18 years

d. 3 April 1893 at Northport; interment at Hamden, Connecticut; son of Rev. Frederick (of Northport M. E. Church) and Sara Saunders; Ahe was studying for the ministry@; funeral services by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, Smithtown M. E. and Rev. C. B. Ford, Huntington M. E. Churches

SAVAGE  John                                                                                54 years

d. 13 January 1898 at Locust Valley; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; unnamed widow and five sons survive; Afor the last 25 years he has been the foreman on the farm of Hon. Townsend D. Cox@

SAXTON  George D.

shot 7 October 1898 at Canton, Ohio, by Mrs. Anna George; ASaxton promised to marry her, and then upon his refusal to do so, she used the revolver@; funeral at Canton, Ohio; brother-in-law of President William McKinley; resident of Canton, Ohio; see In the Days of McKinley by Margaret Leech (1959) for background details on this sordid affair

SCALLY  Mary Pilkington                                     34 years

                        d. 18 June 1896; funeral St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, North Amityville; wife of Hugh J. Scally; native and life long resident of Farmingdale; Athose who knew her loved her for her kind and gentle disposition@; memorial notice from I. O. G. T. of Farmingdale in 27 June 1896 paper

SCHAEFER  August                                              74 y 8 m 21 d

d. 25 May 1895 at Hicksville; English language funeral by Rev. Gutweiler, German language funeral by Rev. Matschat; native of Frankennan, Germany b. 1820; immigrated to the America in 1844; met his wife (who d. 1873) on the voyage to America; settled in Hicksville in 1850; carpenter; Aloved and respected .... was a good neighbor and friend to the poor@; survived by one son and two daughters


                        death noted in 4 April 1896 paper; Central Park item


d. 12 September 1892 at Mineola; interment at New York City; daughter of Peter Schauss; Anever recovered from a severe attack of the grip of last year@

SCHEAFER  Frank                                                 ca. 40 years

suicide in a field at Bethpage; shot himself in the head; body first seen 7 September 1895, when it was thought to be Aa negro man,@ out in the field; coroner=s jury found the body 8 September 1895 Abadly decomposed@; interment at Apauper=s cemetery@ [no place given]; employed by Mr. Runge of Farmingdale; Ahe was weak minded and frequently said he would shoot himself@; left Mr. Runge=s  employ and said he was moving to Canada; native of Germany


                        d. 15 July 1896 at Farmingdale; Asuddenly@; Aleft the field at 4:30 p.m. ..... and went to the house to prepare the evening meal for himself and two sons@; one son saw him sitting by the window reading his newspaper; when the sons returned from the field in the evening, they found their father Alying on the floor dead@;  father of Lewis Scheirer, another son and four daughters

SCHEIRER  Mrs. William

AMrs. Scheirer was found dead sitting in her chair ... about two years ago@; from account of sudden death of her husband on 15 July 1896

SCHELLINGER  Sarah J.                                     85 years

d. Arecently@ at Amagansett; daughter of Samuel Jennings of Shelter Island; widow of Alfred Schellinger; Alived in Amagansett for over fifty years ..... probably the oldest inhabitant of that village@; 12 July 1895 paper


funeral 11 April 1897; Aremains were brought from the city@; former resident of Syosset; Oyster Bay item                                                            

SCHENCK  Benjamin H.                                       87 yrs 7 mos

d. 26 September 1891 at Oyster Bay Cove; interment at Cold Spring Harbor

SCHENCK   Isabella                                              51 years

d. 7 July 1899 at Oyster Bay; consumption; funeral Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Russell; interment at Schenck Burial Ground, Syosset; wife of William Schenck; mother of Minnie Schenck and Ada Schenck

SCHENCK  Maria A.                                               83 years

                        d. 6 April 1896; mother of Philip Schenck; Glen Cove item

SCHEURER  Charles P.

d. 3 January 1891 at Farmingdale; interment at Bethpage; village butcher in Farmingdale; Union veteran of Civil War; chief bugler of 1st New York ALincoln@ Cavalry

SCHIEMAUSKY  Laura                                         14 years

d. 21 February 1893 at Bethpage; funeral at Farmingdale; daughter of Mrs. Rudolph Dorn; mother and daughter were riding in bakery wagon which upset in snow bank; Laura was thrown out and wagon landed on top of her; mother=s arm broken in accident


                        d. 3 January 1897; apoplexy; interment at Amityville; Farmingdale item

SCHLACHTER  Mary L.                                        15 y 9 m 11 d

d. 20 August 1891 at Comac; runaway horses upset the wagon she and two others were riding in; daughter of Julius C. and Mary A. Schlachter


d. 16 September 1897 at New York City; funeral at Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; interment at Glen Cove; Aengaged in saloon and hotel business in [Glen Cove] for many years@; father of Mrs. George Fox of New York City, three other daughters and two sons

SCHLEPREGRELL  Mrs.                                      66 years

                        d. 24 July 1894; Rockville Centre item; wife of Athe music composer@


Alate of Kings Park@; letters of administration granted to his widow, Ida Schlesinger, 23 Ocyober 1900 by Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court


d. 21 April 1891; nephew of August Fleischbein of Hicksville; Hicksville item

SCHLIMM  infant                                                     7 months

death recorded 16 April 1892 paper; child of William Schlimm of East Meadow

SCHLIMM  Miss [?]

funeral at Brooklyn; sister of Henry Schlimm; 6 June 1896 paper; [Huntington] Village item


d. Alast week@ at New York City; suddenly Ain the prime of life@ while riding a streetcar, Ahe was taken suddenly ill and soon after being removed he died@; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; former resident of Hicksville [date not copied]

SCHMIDT  Mrs. Louis W.

                        d. 2 June 1895 at Melville; funeral Melville Presbyterian Church


late of Farmingdale; will admitted to probate at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 19 January 1900 paper

SCHNEIDER   August                                           22 years

d. 21 December 1900 at Hicksville; consumption; funeral at Hicksville Reformed Church by Rev. Gutweiler

SCHNEIDER   Mabel                                              21 years

                        d. 16 September 1899 at Glen Cove Landing; wife of John Schneider


murdered 15 January 1894 by August Ruppel; Schnitzer was a shoemaker by trade; Mineola item

SCHOENHUT  Lizzie                                             9 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; niece of Caroline Printz; resident of Brooklyn

SCHOLTZ  Oscar                                                    46 years

d. 28 January 1895 at Cold Spring Station; railroad accident; train hit wagon loaded with wood, killing Scholtz, an Austrian immigrant, and his two horses  Ainstantly@; Scholtz worked for Alonzo Buffett and Morris R. Brush; Aa man of considerable intelligence and education ..... had no relatives anywhere near@

SCHRAMM  [Vale?]ntine                                      54 years

d. 26 March 1897 at Flushing; resident of Whitestone; former resident of Huntington


d. 26 August 1898 at Farmingdale; brakeman on L. I. R. R. train which was hit by a freight train on the evening of 25 August 1898; splinter of wood struck him in eye and went into his head; resident of East New York

SCHROEDER   Frederick A.

d. 1 December 1899; native of Germany, b. 1833; came to the U. S. at age 15 and worked in a cigar factory; opened his own factory and Aamassed a fortune@; elected mayor of Brooklyn in 1875 Aand his administration was one of marked cleanness and efficiency@; elected to the New York State Senate in 1878

SCHROEDER   Mary C.                                         62 years

d. 19 March 1899 probably at Commack; interment at Jamaica; wife of John Schroeder; resident of Commack

SCHULER  child

d. at Arlington, New Jersey; interment 15 July 1891 at Central Park; child of Tony Schuler; grandchild of Peter Nibbe of Central Park; Afour within a year@ [deaths of children in family]

SCHULER  child                                                     14 months

funeral 9 December 1897 at Central Park; interment at Plain Edge; son of Tony Schuler of Arlington, New Jersey; grandson of Peter Nibbe of Central Park; parents Anow have only one child out of nine, a daughter four years old@

SCHULER  Anton                                                   ca. 73 years

d. 25 October 1892 at Central Park; father of Henry Schuler of Brooklyn, Anton Schuler of Arlington, N. J. and Mrs. Mary Lavelle; lived in Oyster Bay Town over 30 years; Aafter coming to this country he was for a long time in the grocery business on Avenue B, between 7th and 8th streets@


d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic


d. at Arlington, New Jersey; interment 13 July 1897 at Central Park; son of Tony Schuler; grandson of Peter Nibbe of Central Park

SCHULTZ  Amelia E.                                              88 y 9 m 25 d

d. 25 May 1895 at Hicksville; coroner=s inquest said she Adied from old age@; interment at Hicksville; mother of Ludwig Schultz; native of Germany, who lived in Hicksville Aover twenty-five years@

SCHULTZ  Annie                                                    35 years

d. 22 June 1898 at New York City; funeral at Hicksville; daughter of Mrs. Hengler of Hicksville; sister of Gussie Hengler


                        d. 16 October 1892; Hicksville item

SCHULTZ  John W.                                                25 y 3 m 9 d

d. 14 March 1894; interment at Westbury; son of John Schultz of New Cassell

SCHULTZ   Mrs. L. F.

d. 15 August 1899 at Hicksville; pneumonia; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; husband survives; mother of Minnie Schultz and Louis Schultz

SCHWALLE   William H.

d. 13 March 1899; treasurer of Greenlawn Cemetery Association; Half Hollows item


d. 29 July 1899 at Brooklyn; brother-in-law of Charles Voigt of Hicksville; member of Hicksville Council, Royal Arcanum, a delegation of which attended the funeral

SCHWARTZ  Mr.                                                   Aaged@                                                     

d. 13 January 1897; father of John Schwartz, station master at Farmingdale


d. 14 November 1891; thrown from horse he was teaching to jump fences; broke leg which had to be amputated; resident of Elmont; [New] Hyde Park  item

SCHWARZ   Susanna L.                                       69 years

d. 30 October 1900 at Melville; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church by Rev. Seem of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington; interment at Melville Cemetery; wife of Rev. Philip A. Schwarz, pastor of Melville Presbyterian Church; mother of Lydia Reichmann, Mrs. Albert Steuerer, Mrs. Adolph Polhaus, Emily Schwarz and Rev. August Schwarz of Canton, Minnesota

SCHWAVER  Martin                                               70 years

d. probably 18 February 1897 at Melville; Afound dead in the stall with his horse@ 19 February 1897; Abody was in a horrible condition having been trampled by the horse=s hoofs@; Aa poor, unfortunate, old man, who has been receiving assistance from the town for a long time@

SCHWIND  John                                                     50 years

d. 23 November 1895 at Hicksville; Aa sufferer from heart disease and rheumatism@; interment at Westbury; native of Germany Aand was a soldier in the great war of 1871@ [Franco-Prussian War]

SCOLLY  infant

death reported; daughter of Lawrence Scolly; Farmingdale item 27 July 1895 paper

SCOTT  infant

                        d. 19 July 1893; son of E. Scott;  [Huntington] Village item

SCOTT  Catherine P.                                             87 yrs 6 mos

d. at Elizabeth, New Jersey; interment 3 May 1898 at Huntington; widow of John Scott; mother-in-law of Charles Sturgess

SCOTT  Rev. John W.

d. 29 November 1892 at the White House, Washington, D. C.; interment at Washington, Pennsylvania; son of Rev. George M. Scott; father‑in‑law of President Benjamin Harrison; b. Beaver County, Pa. 22 January 1800

SCOTT  Margaret

funeral 9 February 1897 at New York City; cousin of Thomas Aitkin of Huntington

SCROGGINS  Jane *                                              93 years

                        d. 21 August 1892 at Queens; interment at Springfield; Afor more than seventy years has been in the service of the Rodman family ..... she was a faithful and trustworthy woman@

SCUDDER  child                                                    3 years

                        funeral 25 November 1895 at Glen Head; son of P. Halstead Scudder

SCUDDER  Catharine                                           38 years

                        d. 27 January 1894 at Huntington; wife of George Scudder

SCUDDER  Dr. Charles Davies

suicide 19 July 1892 at Northport; stabbed himself with a knife; interment at Windsor, Vermont; son of Mrs. Henry J. Scudder; brother of Rev. Henry T. Scudder; husband of Louisa W. Evarts; son‑in‑law of William M. Evarts, former U. S. Senator from New York [and U. S. Attorney‑General and Secretary of State]; doctor in New York City; overworked; went for rest at wife=s family=s home in Windsor, Vermont, and then to his mother=s in Northport where he committed suicide; b. 24 September 1856 at New York City; see 23 July 1892 paper for biography

SCUDDER  Charles Fleet                                     51 y 4 m 19 d

                        d. 9 September 1891 at Northport

SCUDDER  Emma Willard

d. 23 May 1893 at New York City; interment at Northport; daughter of John H. Willard; widow of Henry J. Scudder; her father founded Willard Seminary at Troy, N. Y., where she was principal until her marriage Aabout 25 years ago@; had a Afine country home@ in Northport where she spent the summers; donated the land for the Northport Episcopal Church

SCUDDER   George A.                                          86 years

d. 11 October 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Tomlinson; son of Jesse Scudder; widower of two wives, Mary Rolph and Elizabeth Chichester;  father of Juliettte Hendrickson of Huntington and the late Reuben R. Scudder, who d. 20 years ago; grandfather of Charles B. Scudder; brother-in-law of late Jarvis R. Rolph;  native of Crab Meadow (b. 24 June 1813); at age 13, was clerk in store of  Zophar B. Oakley at Huntington; went into partnership with Oakley and later with George H. Shepard; formed partnership with Isaac Rogers and O. Smith Sammis  as Scudder, Rogers & Sammis, until he retired in 1868; Auniversally respected .... Perhaps no pleasanter eulogy can be paid the deceased than the remark recently made by a man now in middle life. The remark was this: >When I was a young man I took George A. Scudder for a patern, and whatever he did I put a mental label upon it as being right=@; Aprominent member of the Universalist Church@

SCUDDER  Gilbert

d. Alast week@ at South Norwalk, Connecticut; grippe; former resident of Northport; 9 April 1892 paper

SCUDDER  Harriet Heermans                            53 years

d. 5 April 1893 at Greenwich, Connecticut; interment at Huntington; native of Richmond, Virginia; daughter of Sylvanus Heermans; wife of Henry G. Scudder; sister of Rev. Nile W. Heermans of Indiana; Aan artist of distinguished ability@


d. 5 July 1900 at Binghamton State Hospital, Binghamton, N. Y.; brother of Israel Scudder, who had died shortly before the news of Henry=s death reached Huntington; although Henry died in July, news of his death didn=t reach Huntington until early December; 7 December 1900 paper

SCUDDER   Israel W.                                             76 years

d. 6 November 1900 at Kings Park; funeral at Huntington in the home of Mrs. Abel Vail by Rev. Carter; brother of Mrs. Abel Vail and the late William C. Scudder; former resident of Commack, who moved to Huntington about 1865; had been Acommitted because of derangement of mind@ to Long Island State Hospital, Kings Park

SCUDDER  Josephine                                          48 yrs 2 mos

d. 20 October 1892 at Huntington Harbor; wife of David Scudder, m. ca. 1862; Oyster Bay native; daughter of Alexander and Phebe Sammis; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington

SCUDDER  Martha Maria AAunt Maria@             84 y 2 m 10 d

d.15 March 1898 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; widow of Jesse Platt Scudder (m. 1842), Adead many years@; daughter of Joseph S. Roe; sister of Thomas Smith Roe; resided with Mrs. I. W. Roe, at the time of her death; Huntington native, b. 5 January 1814; she was born in, married in, and buried from the same house; except for a few years spent in Brooklyn, she lived all her life in Huntington; a member of the Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington, Asince its organization@; Akindhearted, patient, generous in wood and deed, >Aunt Maria= has long been a favorite with her friends and neighbors@

SCUDDER  Rev. Moses L.                                   77 years

d. 7 June 1891 at Washington, D. C.; father of Charles Scudder, Newton Scudder, Lewis Scudder and Henry Scudder; Huntington native; worked during youth 1825‑30 on local newspapers in Huntington; educated at Middletown, Conn., for M. E. ministry; served churches in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Washington, D. C., including Brooklyn, Hempstead and Glen Cove; Presiding Elder of New Haven District 1865‑1871 and Bridgeport District 1872‑1875 of New York East Conference; candidate for M. E. bishop; gave dedication sermon for Huntington M. E. Church Athirty years ago@

SCUDDER  Ralph                                                  2 mos 6 days

d. 5 August 1898 at Huntington; cholera infantum; funeral by Rev. Aitkin of St. John=s Episcopal Church; son of Sherwood Scudder

SCUDDER   Russell                                              13 years

                        d. 16 May 1900 at Huntington; diphtheria; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; son of James B. Scudder; Abefore he was 10 years of age had a milk route and attended to it with a fidelity that would have done credit to one twice his years@

SCUDDER  Sarah B.                                             79 yrs 3 days                   

 d. 25 November 1892 at Huntington Harbor; badly torn obit in 26 November 1892 paper

SCUDDER   Sherwood B.                                    31 y 1 m 7 d

d. 15 June 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; son of Jane Scudder; husband of Grace Olcott; father of four

SCUDDER  Susan Matilda                                   62 y 11 m 17 d

                        d. 17 March 1895 at Huntington; daughter of Abiatha Johnson; wife of John R. Scudder; mother of two daughters and one son; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SCUDDER   Thomas  AUncle Tommy@             97 y 9 m 20 d

d. 7 April 1899 at Huntington Harbor; Adeath was due simply to a wearing out of the physical machinery@; funeral at Huntington Harbor by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; son of Thomas Scudder and Ruth Conklin; husband of Margaret Long; father of James L. Scudder, the painter, now deceased, Thomas W. Scudder of Topeka, Kansas, who left Huntington in the 1850=s, and two children who died in infancy; grandfather of Thomas L. Scudder, who cared for his grandfather in his old age; great-grandfather of Thomas W. Scudder; native of East Neck, Huntington (b. 17 June 1801); captain of packet boats which Aplied betwen Huntington and New York@; later in life he was a farmer; had an excellent memory; told stories of War of 1812 incidents in Huntington; was warned by a doctor at the age of 45 to stop smoking; he immediately quit smoking; Ait is said that he he never further away from home than New York City@; AHuntington=s oldest resident@

SEAMAN  child *                                                     6 years

                        d. Alast week@ at New York City; funeral A. M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; child of John Seaman; 22 February 1895 paper

SEAMAN   infant                                                     15 months

d. 26 November 1899 at Oyster Bay; fell into a tub of hot water and was badly scalded; child of Wright Seaman

SEAMAN  Mrs. *                                                      Avery aged@

funeral 3 May 1896 at Jones Institute, Brookville; interment at Roslyn; former resident of Glen Cove

SEAMAN  Andrew                                                  41 years

                        d. at Oyster Bay; interment 29 July 1893 at Bay Shore

SEAMAN  Clarence W.                                          21 y 8 m 16 d

d. 17 August 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor; Aemployed at his trade of a blacksmith when on last Saturday [8 August 1896] he was overcome by the heat while at work. He was able to come home on the train and remained until Tuesday [11 August 1896] morning, when he decided to return to Kings Park and go to work again .... but was obligated to quit work again and return home .... he was taken very ill ... the excessive heat made his recovery exceedingly doubtful .... typhoid fever set in@; funeral Cold Spring; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; son of Edward Seaman

SEAMAN  Mrs. David

d. 9 April 1892 at Flushing; Adropped dead in Main St. Station@; resident of Great Neck

SEAMAN  Faith Frances                                       9 months

d. 22 October 1898 at Glen Cove; funeral at Glen Cove with addresses by Isaac Sherwood and Elias W. Underhill; interment at Friends= Cemetery,  Jericho

SEAMAN  Hannah                                                  36 years

d. 2 March 1896 at Jericho; convulsions following birth of baby daughter earlier in the day; interment at Friends= Meetinghouse, Jericho; daughter of Daniel Willets; wife of Robert Seaman

SEAMAN   Jacob*

                        d. 3 June 1900 at Brooklyn; consumption; Aa respectable colored man who for many years was in the employ of John A. Weeks@; a summer resident of Oyster Bay


                        auction of estate 28 March 1895 at Wantagh

SEAMAN  Mrs. John

                        d. 4 February 1898 at Jericho; Avery suddenly@

SEAMAN   John Enoch                                         72 years

d. 26 February 1899 at Locust Valley; kidney disease; funeral at M. E. Church, Babylon; interment at Babylon Cemetery;  widower whose wife died Aa few years ago@; father of William Seaman, George Seaman, Arnold Seaman, Solomon Seaman, Mrs. Letitia Fancher of Brooklyn, Mrs. Charles Powell of Jersey City,  N. J., Mrs. William C. Townsend of Locust Valley, Mrs. Horatio Anderson of Utica, N. Y. and one who died in infancy; native of Jerusalem; lived much of his  life at Seaford, where Ahe was engaged in the milling business@; later Aengaged in  the grocery business@ at Babylon; Afor years a member of Babylon M. E. Church@

SEAMAN  Mrs. John J.

d. Asuddenly of neuralgia of the heart@; mother of Mrs. Fred Van Sise; 18 August 1894 paper  Woodbury item

SEAMAN  Mahlen                                                   21 years

drowned 25 June 1896 at Hempstead; sailing on log raft in reservoir Aconnected with the Brooklyn city water supply@; brother of Stephen Seaman,  who also drowned

SEAMAN   Maria                                                      70 years

d. 11 November 1900 at Brookville; Along illness@; wife of Benjamin Seaman; mother of Aseveral children@; she Aleft an example worthy of imitation@

SEAMAN  Martha J.                                                80 years

                        d. 31 July 1894 at Greenvale;  interment at Glen Cove

SEAMAN  Matilda W.                                              41 years

d. 1 May 1896 at Brooklyn, as a result of an operation; interment at Friends=  Burial Ground, Matinnecock; daughter of Mary V. Willits of Jericho; wife of  Samuel J. Seaman

SEAMAN   May V.                                                   infant

d. 7 September 1899; interment at Bethpage; daughter of Alfred Seaman of Central Park


d. 14 November 1896 at Glen Cove; Abuilding a fence around his garden when stricken with paralysis. He was found unconscious .....@; funeral at Glen Cove; interment St. Paul=s Episcopal Churchyard, Glen Cove; father of William H. Seaman, Edward Seaman and Howard Seaman

SEAMAN  Stephen                                                 19 years

drowned 25 June 1896 at Hempstead; sailing log raft in reservoir Aconnected with the Brooklyn city water supply@; brother of Mahlen Seaman, who also drowned

SEARING  Alfred                                                     60 years

funeral 24 January 1893; resident of Queens; Awell known in Queens County and highly respected@

SEARING  Mrs. Carll

d. at Brooklyn Aafter a long and painfull illness@; interment at Farmingdale; daughter of Mr. Strambalk of Farmingdale; [date of paper not copied - late spring/  summer/early fall 1897]


funeral 25 November 1894 at Greenvale; interment at Glen Cove; widow of George Searing; Aan active worker in all benevolent schemes@


                        d. 20 March 1897 [probably at Oyster Bay]; widow of Silas Searing; mother of Whitson Searing, Coe Searing, Mrs. William Townsend, Mrs. Carman A. Vernon and Mrs. Lou Townsend


funeral 4 March 1892 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; former resident of Oyster Bay Awho left New York City very mysteriously some time last fall@;   body was found in Virginia Ain rather a decomposed state .... it was supposed from the appearance that he had been dead about six weeks. He had evidently  committed suicide@; Sidney Walters and Lizzie Weeks went to Virginia to claim the body

SEARLES  Rev. John E.

d. 13 February 1893 at Brooklyn; native of Bedford, Westchester County, N. Y.; for 50 years a member of the New York East Conference of the  M. E. Church

SEARY  Patrick                                                       73 years

                        d. 11 August 1896 at Syosset

SECOR  Antoinette

d. Aat the hospital on Staten Island@; funeral 12 January 1896 at M. E. Church, Melville; daughter of David Smith of Melville; wife of Charles Secor

SECOR  John Wesley                                           71 years

d. 24 February 1891 at West Hills; Union veteran of Civil War; member of G. A. R.

SEEBECK  infant

                        d. 3 February 1898; Asuddenly@; child of George Seebeck; Northport item

SEELMAN  Mrs. Edward

                        d. 13 March 1893; Westbury item

SEIDL  Anton

d. 28 March 1898 at New York City; food poisoning from eating bad fish; unnamed widow survives; Afamous musical director [who] wielded the baton at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, for many seasons@; native of Hungary

SEIMS  Seabert                                                       78 years

funeral 16 June 1892; interment at Hempstead; father of Mrs. William Vandewater; veteran of the Civil War

SEISS  Elizabeth                                                    76 years

d. 12 November 1897 at Cayterfield, New Jersey; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington

SELLECK  John Sarles                                        47 years

d. 14 April 1897 at Brooklyn; son of Daniel C. Selleck, late of Oyster Bay; Oyster Bay item

SELLICK  Catherine M.                                         84 years

d. 14 August 1898 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay; widow of Daniel C. Sellick

SELLICK  Theodore

d. 5 December 1895 at New York City; Aassisting to set cars under the sheds at New York. He gave the signal for the engineer to start ahead ... when he found that his foot was caught in a frog. He tried to extricate it but could not, and the engineer ran over him, cutting off one arm and one leg. He survived only one hour@; funeral at Reformed Church, Locust Valley; interment at Locust Valley; grandson of the late D. C. Sellick of Oyster Bay; had worked on both the Long Island and the New York & New Haven railroads

SEWELL   Alfred*

killed by a lynch mob in Georgia for protesting the lynching of Sam Hose, a black man accused of killing a white man; editorial 29 April 1899 paper

SEXTON  Ann                                                          86 years

d. 21 December 1895 at East Neck; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; former resident of Eaton=s Neck

SHADBOLT  Alfred W.                                           4 mos 16 days

d. 6 August 1898 at Huntington; funeral by Rev. Seem of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; son of Alfred W. Shadbolt

SHADBOLT   Betsey Amelia                                74 years

d. 26 August 1899 at Huntington; Avery suddenly@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Dr. Tomlinson; daughter of Alanson and Betsey Shadbolt; sister of Mrs. Ebenezer Lefferts and Amanda Shadbolt, both of Huntington, and Jesse Shadbolt of Stamford, Connecticut

SHADBOLT   Clinton

d. 12 October 1900 at Cold Spring; inflammation of the throat; son of Edwin Shadbolt; memorial service for Clinton and 3 other children who died of diphtheria on 23 December 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor Baptist Church

SHADBOLT  Genevieve                                        1 y 3 m 24 d

d. 16 September 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral Cold Spring M. E. Church; daughter of Ed Shadbolt

SHADBOLT  Maria Louisa                                   34 y 9 m 11 d

d. 1 September 1894 at Huntington; daughter of Clark Hartt; wife of Samuel B. Shadbolt (m. 1881); survived also by unnamed daughter

SHADBOLT  Mary Caroline                                 53 yrs 7 mos

                        d. 11 September 1892 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; sister of William Shadbolt of Brooklyn and Henry Shadbolt of Huntington; Afor many years a member of the Huntington Baptist Church ... Her last words were >Tell my pastor that I am going home ‑ the way is all clear= @

SHADBOLT  Mary L.                                              66 years

d. 29 July 1896 at Brooklyn; funeral Huntington, with Rev. W. S. Ballou of the Universalist Church officiating; maiden name was Mary L. Gould; widow of Samuel F. Shadbolt, who d. Anearly thirty years ago@; mother of Minnie Shadbolt and Charles Shabolt, both dead, and Frank Shadbolt; sister of Mrs. [Jeanette] Grumman of Huntington and Henry E. Gould of California; aunt of Edward C. Grumman of Huntington; native of Huntington, where she spent most of her life; an attack of rheumatism left her an invalid; she went for treatment to Fordham, N.Y., and spent the last six years at St. Martha=s Sanitarium, Brooklyn;

SHALEN  Bertha                                                     infant

                        funeral 7 September 1894; Hicksville item

SHARPE   Francis J.                                              78 years

d. 31 July 1900 at Huntington; Asubject to fainting spells .... and it was in one of these that he died@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Mitchell; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; survived by an unnamed widow, age 80; had no children; member of Huntington Baptist Church


                        d. 7 May 1900 at Locust Valley; killed in a fire in a barn; Aremains of a human body .... found in the ruins of the barn that was burned ... are supposed to be those of Shaughasey, a laborer .... he was seen near the barn about half an hour before the fire was discovered, and he was apparently under the influence of liquor. Shaughasey was a stranger ..... and but little was known about him@

SHAW   George                                                                                                                                                                                                          49 years

d. 27 September 1900 at New York City; funeral at St. Matthew=s Church, New York City; widower, whose wife died Alast June@; father of 6 children; native of Scotland; partner in the firm Auken Sons & Co., 873 Broadway, New York City; summer resident of Huntington

SHAW  John                                                                                                                                                                                                                60 years

d. 2 April 1895 probably at New York City; Acrushed under the wheels of a New Haven train in the tunnel of the New York Central road@; resident of Flushing

SHAW   Margaret

d. 17 June 1900 at New York City; funeral at St. Matthew=s Church, New York City; wife of George Shaw; mother of six children; summer resident of East Neck, Huntington; Ahighly esteemed among the summer colony here@

SHAW   William                                                       44 years

d. 30 May 1900 at East Northport; funeral at East Northport by Rev. Lawrence of Northport


executed 11 February 1896; Ahe committed the dastardly crime of shooting and killing Robert Ross while he was engaged in defending the ballot box from Shea and his gang of repeaters@; long editorial in 15 February 1896 paper

SHEFFIELD  Charles Henry                                38 years

                        d. 5 June 1894 at Brooklyn

SHEFFIELD  Edward Cleveland                         1 yr 6 mos

                        d. 11 July 1894 at Huntington; son of Mrs. Charles Sheffield


d. 7 July 1896 at Brooklyn; fell from the second story window of a boarding house at 50 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, and fractured skull; a known Asomnambulist and it is supposed that while walking in his sleep he fell from the window of his room which opened nearly to the floor@; funeral and interment at Jamaica; nephew of  George C. Gardiner; native of Jamaica; Aspent most of his life in the West@; resident of Omaha, Nebraska, with Aa fine country home at Annapolis, [Maryland], facing the naval academy@; Aprominent railroad man and financier .... largely interested in the promotion of the Union Pacific Railroad and was its treasurer  when Jay Gould was in control@; interested in the development of Nebraska; Apresident of some of the largest financial corportations in that section@; Athe climate [in the East] did not agree with Mrs. Shelton,@ who was residing in Omaha at the time of her husband=s death; son a midshipman at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis; Aby energy and judicious investments he amassed a considerable fortune. He was a gentleman of fine character and a member of the Episcopal Church@

SHEPARD  Ada *                                                    18 years

                        d. 2 January 1893 at Huntington

SHEPARD  Cynthia                                               74 years

d. 25 March 1893 at West Cornwall, Connecticut; widow of Elbert Shepard


                        d. 6 May 1891 at West Cornwall, Connecticut

SHEPARD  Elliott Fitch

d. at New York City; dateline 25 March 1893; operation for bladder stones; son‑in‑law of [William H.] Vanderbilt; father of Mrs. William Schieffelin; native of Jamestown, N.Y. who set up depot at Elmira, N. Y. during Civil War for Aorganizing, equipping and forwarding to the field nearly 50,000 troops@ and organized 41st New York, known as AShepard=s Rifles@; Editor of The Mail and Express; obit in 1 April 1893 paper

SHERIDAN  infant

funeral 13 March 1895 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; child of John Sheridan

SHERIDEN  William S.

d. 24 January 1893; consumption; interment at Hauppauge; formerly held Aa good position in the New York City Post Office@

SHERMAN  Amy St. Clair                                     15 years

                        d. 17 May 1894 at Huntington

SHERMAN   Clayton

                        d. 12 August 1899 near Groton, N. Y.; killed by lightning


d. 25 July 1898 on ferry boat between New York City and Jersey City, N. J.; funeral at St. Mary the Virgin Church, New York City; survived by unnamed widow who, with family, resides at East Neck Ato which place he had been in habit of paying weekly visits@; in real estate in New York City


                        d. 22 October 1900 at Washington, D. C.; funerals at Washington, D. C., and Mansfield, Ohio; interment at Mansfield, Ohio; [brother of General William Tecumseh Sherman]; native of Lancaster, Ohio (b. 10 May 1823); Aone of the ablest statesmen Ohio ever produced@; Aheld public office continuously for forty-three years@; U. S. Representative [from Ohio 1855-1861]; U. S. Senator [from Ohio 1861-1877 and 1881-1897]; Secretary of the Treasury [1877-1881, under President Hayes] and Secretary of State [1897-1898, under President McKinley]; favorable editorial on his life and political career in 26 October 1900 paper

SHERMAN  General [William Tecumseh]

 [d. 14 February 1891 at New York City]; famous Union General of the Civil War;  Aour country owes a deep debt of gratitude@; editorial 28 February 1891 paper and Syosset item 21 February 1891 paper; see Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman [The Library of America, 1990], Sherman: A Soldier=s Passion for Order by John F. Marszalek [1993] and Citizen Sherman: A Life of William Tecumseh Sherman by Michael Fellman [1995] for details on General Sherman=s life and career

SHERRY  Morgiana S.                                           64 years

d. 11 May 1898; wife of D. W. Sherry; mother of Walter B. Sherry and Etta Sherry; resident of Stony Brook

SHORTELL/SHORTIE   Catharine                      ca. 75 years

                        d. 23 February 1900 at Dix Hills; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; wife of Thomas Shortell/Shortie; blind for a number of years; memorial notice in South Dix Hils column, 2 March 1900 paper

SHOTWELL   Sarah/Phebe                                  78 years

d. 25 December 1898 at Northport; mother of Mrs. Louisa Conklin; Aone of Northport=s old and respected citizens@

SIEMAN  Michael                                                    89 y 5 m 20 d

d. 18 February 1892 at Hicksville; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village father of Mrs. Henry Rohrbach; native of Germany

SILBERG  Joseph                                                  38 years

suicide 2 May 1892 at Queens County Jail, Long Island City; jailed for contempt of court; funeral Long Island City and/or Hempstead; former Westbury resident who owned Grand Central Hotel on Post Avenue; Hempstead resident who failed in business as a clothing merchant; AHis business misfortunes so preyed upon his mind ....@ (Westbury item); AIt is supposed that despondency over financial matters was the cause of his death@ (Hempstead item)

SILLS  Cornelia D.                                                  28 y 10 m 20 d

d. 24 February 1892 at Huntington; Aconfined to her room and her bed for nearly a year and a half@

SILLS  James W.                                                    87 y 3 m 13 d

d. 23 February 1898 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Adams, M. E.; unnamed widow and daughter survive

SILLS  Jemima                                                        77 years

d. 22 December 1893 at Yaphank, Suffolk County [Alms] House; resident of Northport

SILLS  Washington B.                                           66 yrs 6 mos

 d. 13 December 1891 at Northport; interment at Huntington; Awell known well digger@

SILLERS  Julia                                                        3 months

                        d. 18 December 1891 at Huntington

SIMMONS   one twin                                              21 days

                        d. 17 September 1899; child of Edward Simmons; Northport item

SIMMONS  Rev. Ichabod

d. 14 April 1898 at Hartford, Connecticut; former Presiding Elder of the Brooklyn North District, New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church

SIMONS  Mrs. L. D.

d. 23 July 1894 at East Rockaway; Aevery store and saloon in the place [East  Rockaway] was closed at the time of the funeral@

SIMONSON  Andrew                                              61 years

d. 4 September 1894 at Roslyn; interment at Oyster Bay; brother of John Simonson; Brookville native who had charge of Roslyn steamboat dock for a number of years

SIMONSON  Bergen H.                                         45 years

d. 13 March 1897 at Mineola; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Hempstead; son of William H. Simonson, Awho for many years kept the old Four Mile Road House on Jamaica Avenue, Bedford@; unnamed widow survives; father of eleven children; member of Morton Lodge F&A Masons

SIMONSON   James M.                                          70 years

                        d. 11 July 1900 at Glen Head; Astarted to go into the fields and soon after was noticed lying down under some trees. When approached, it was found that he was dead@; under care for heart disease; funeral at Glen Head


d. 14 August 1891 at Huntington; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; widow of Henry Simpson; mother of Mrs. Oscar Kissam; former resident of Brooklyn

SIMPSON  Rev. J. W.                                             70 yrs 10 mos

d. 13 February 1898 at Smithtown; heart failure; had preached the morning of his death at his church at Kings Park; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; unnamed widow survives; father of Fanny Simpson; native of Baltimore, Maryland, (b. 1826); 47 years in the ministry of the M. E. Church, coming to the Smithtown Circuit in 1895, serving the M. E. churches at Smithtown Branch, Smithtown Landing and Kings Park; had planned to retire and take up residence in Huntington Awhere he had built a house@; served the following appointments in the New York East Conference, M. E. Church: 1851-52 West Hartland & Hitchcockville, Conn.; 1853 East Hartland, Conn.; 1854-55 Windsor, Conn.; 1856-57 Bristol, Conn.; 1858 Berlin & Kensington, Conn.; 1859-60 Burlington, Conn.; 1861-62 Stratford, Conn.; 1863-64 Southbury & South Britain, Conn.; 1865-67 West Granbury, Conn.; 1868-70 Windsor Locks, Conn.; 1871-73 Clinton, Conn.; 1874-75 Southold; 1876-78 Northport; 1879 Astoria; 1880-81 Rockaway & Foster=s Meadow; 1882-84 Williams Avenue, East New York; 1885-87 Flatbush; 1888-90 Babylon; 1891-92 Plainville, Conn.; 1893-94 East Chester, N. Y.; 1895- death Smithtown


drowned 9 August 1896 at Centre Island; was in a small row boat which capsized off George Bullock=s estate; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; survived by unnamed widow and two children; employed by George  Bullock and Ahad entire charge in the absence of Bullock@


resident of Farmingdale who left $30,000 in will to William M. Simonson of Amityville, a former resident of Hicksville; 15 July 1893 paper

SINCLAIR  Ellen                                                      79 y 4 m 22 d

d. 25 August 1893 at Hicksville; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; wife of John Sinclair (m. 19 September 1833); native of Scotland who came to USA in 1821

SINCLAIR   John                                                    92 yrs 8 mos

d. 14 December 1900 at Brooklyn; native of Glasgow, Scotland (b. 6 April 1808); immigrated to Canada in 1826; moved to New Hartford, New York, where he was a weaver; m. 1833 and moved to Seneca Falls, New York, as superintendent of the Seneca Falls Power Mills; moved in 1836 to Troy, New York, to become superintendent of the Ida Mills; in 1850 he established the Eagle Mills at Columbus, Georgia; moved to Brooklyn in 1852 to work for the Overton Brothers; during the Civil War, he went to Beaufort, South Carolina, to oversee Aone of the great Sea Island cotton plantations@ for the U. S. government; remained in South Carolina until 1869, when he retuned to Brooklyn to again work for the Overton Brothers; he retired in 1873 and bought a small house in Hicksville; following the death of his wife, he lived with the family of James De St. Legier of Hicksville; Aproud of the fact that he had never been sued [and] never sued anybody@

SINDLE  Sarah A.                                                   75 y 1 m 12 d

                        d. 17 April 1891 at Comac

SINLEY  William

d. 20 February 1892 at Hawleyville, Connecticut; freight conductor for New England Railroad killed while coupling cars; funeral at Jamaica; resident of Jamaica

SINN   Col. William E.                                             72 years

                        d. 9 August 1899 at Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Aveteran theatrical manager .... began theatrical enterprises in about 1850, and during his career managed play houses in Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati and in Brooklyn from 1875@;  manager of Montauk Theatre and Columbia Theatre, both in Brooklyn

SKELLY  Martin                                                      64 years

                        d. 13 January 1893; resident of Westbury

SKIDMORE  infant                                                  10 months

d. Athis week@ at Fort Salonga; interment at East Northport; child of Charles Skidmore; 10 August 1895 paper

SKIDMORE  infant

interment 4 July 1898 at West Hills; child of Brower Skidmore of New York City, a former resident of Long Swamp

SKIDMORE   Abigail                                              96 years

                        interment 3 March 1899 at Amityville; widow of Brewster Skidmore; mother of                                            Woodhull Skidmore of New York City and Charles B. Skidmore of Hempstead; former resident of Huntington


d. 15 February 1897; resident of Babylon who was Aarrested twenty years ago as the supposed murderer of his father Hoyle Skidmore. Old Mr. Skidmore, a man named Wright and a woman named Jackson were burned to death in a lonely house where they lived north of Babylon  .... There was no direct evidence against  young Skidmore. He protested his innocence, but was held by the coroner to await the action of the grand jury. He was not indicted and was released from jail@

SKIDMORE  Charles M.                                        81 y 4 m 15 d

d. 19 October 1892 at East Northport; Aan old and much respected resident@

SKIDMORE  Frances Ann                                    68 years

d. 12 October 1898 at East Northport; funeral at East Northport by Rev. Ellis; widow of Capt. Eliphalet Skidmore

SKIDMORE  Hannah                                             72 years

                        d. 22 May 1898 at Northport; apoplexy

SKIDMORE   Capt. Henry                                     82 years

                        d. 2 April 1899 at Northport; attack of dropsy

SKIDMORE  John S.                                              10 months

                        d. 12 March 1891 at Northport; son of Woodhull and Maria J. Skidmore


late of Cedarhurst; will admitted to probate in Nassau County Surrogate=s Court;  9 December 1899 paper

SKIDMORE   Capt. William B.

d. 14 April 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Christ Church, Brooklyn; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; father of William E. Skidmore and J. C. Skidmore, both of Brooklyn, and Mrs. J. Cruikshank; native of Northport (b. 28 May 1821); ship=s engineer; learned trade starting at age 15; served on the steamship United States of the Black Ball Line; chief engineer for the Pacific Mail Steamship Line; stationed at Yokohama, Japan, repair shops of this line; later superintendent of the Brooklyn Ferry Company engineering shops until his retirement in August 1898. AHe superintended the construction of most of the company=s iron boats at Chester, Pa., and Wilmington, Del. .... During his life he made two hundred voyages on regular lines and went four times around the world@; long obit copied from the Brooklyn Eagle in Northport column, 22 April 1899 paper

SKIDMORE  William H.                                          64 y 2 m 7 d

d. 1 December 1896 at Huntington; Asudden death@ from apoplexy; brother of Mrs. Robert Rogers of Brooklyn and Mrs. Charles Reeve of North Sea; father of Elizabeth Skidmore of Mattituck, child of his first wife; brother-in-law of David G. Velsor; husband of Antoinette Buffett, formerly of Woodbury; other wives were Georgianna Hudson of Wading River (m. 1857), who soon died and Mary Velsor;

SKIDMORE   William H.

native of Franklinville, Town of Southold, b. 1832; as young man was engaged in menhaden fishing industry; moved to Huntington in 1865 and engaged in the butcher business; later went into express business on steamboats between Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor and New York City; Ahad charge of the express office in this village [Huntington] nearly twenty years@; served as under-sheriff of Suffolk County; Aone of the most widely known men in Suffolk County, particularly in political circles@; Auncompromising Republican@; member of Suffolk County Republican Committee; member of Jephtha Lodge F & A Masons; long obit in 5 December 1896 paper

SLADE   James B.                                                  68 years

d. 25 November 1899 at Riverhead; survived by unnamed widow; father of Everett T. Slade of Brooklyn and Eliza Slade of Riverhead; native of England, who came to the U. S. at the age of 4 years; resident of Riverhead since ca. 1863; founded the Riverhead News, Anow one of the most prominent papers in [Suffolk] County@; he sold the paper in 1875 to William R. Duvall and retired; an artist whose Aworks in oil, pencil and crayon are worthy of mention@

SLATTERY  Charlotte                                           37 years

                        d. 19 June 1895 at Lloyd=s Neck

SLESSOR  Elizabeth                                             75 yrs 10 mos

                        d. 7 September 1898 at Centreport; funeral at Centreport


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; dateline 28 December 1891; resident of Lockport, N.Y.; 9 January 1892 paper

SLUSH  Capt. James                                             ca. 73 years

d. 2 August 1895 at Mount Sinai; Awill be greatly missed, not only in this village [Mount Sinai], but in Port Jefferson, where his work took him@

SMALL  Charles

d. 21 May 1895 at Huntington Harbor; interment at Brooklyn; Aa prominent Republican of the [E]astern [D]istrict of Brooklyn,@ who had been ill for some time; he came to Huntington Harbor Awith the hope that the delightful situation and clear, bracing air would have a beneficial effect on his health@

SMALLEY  Ira                                                          14 years

                        d. 19 August 1892 at Babylon; hit by railroad train

SMALLING  infant

                        interment 24 February 1896; child of James Smalling; Oyster Bay item

SMIDT  Joseph

d. 25 February 1893 at East Northport; L. I. R. R. trainman killed while switching cars Ato the side track@; his brother was also injured in this accident; resident of Jamaica

SMITH  infant                                                           4 weeks

                        d. 8 June 1891; interment at Plain Edge; son of Samuel Smith

SMITH  infant                                                           4 months

                        d. 28 January 1894 at Jericho; pneumonia; child of Mrs. Lydia Smith

SMITH  infant  *

d. 15 July 1894 at Huntington Harbor; cholera infantum; interment at Acolored peoples= cemetery@ at Cold Spring; child of Samuel Smith

SMITH  infant girl                                                    ca. 6 months

d. from acute pneumonia; interment 11 March 1897 at St. James; daughter of Caleb E. Smith

SMITH  boy                                                              9 years

drowned 24 June 1895 at Plum Gut; son of Capt. James J. Smith; wrestling with his 12 year-old brother on deck of Manhanset, while on its daily trip from Greenport to New London, Connecticut; young boy slipped under guard rail and was swept away

SMITH  child

                        d. 13 September 1895 at Northport; child of Henry Smith

SMITH  child

d. 9 August 1897; drank water from poison fly paper; child of Charles H. Smith of Mills Pond, Smithtown

SMITH   child                                                           13 months

d. 26 March 1900 at Oyster Bay; spasms; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; child of Frank Smith; grandchild of Amanda Denton; see Oyster Bay column, 6 April 1900 paper, for ensuing problems suffered by mother and grandmother as a result of the child=s death

SMITH  young man

                        drowned 27 July 1891 at Glenwood; resident of Glen Head


                        d. 20 April 1892 at St. James; mother of Milton Smith of Northport


d. at Washington, D. C.; funeral 26 November 1897 at Prince Street Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn; former resident of Westbury

SMITH  Rev. Father

d. 7 December 1897 at Boston, Massachusetts; killed in a bicycle accident; Aconducted a mission last winter in the Church of Our Lady of Loretto, at Hempstead@

SMITH  Abigail Tuthill                                            107 years

d. 15 August 1895 at Patchogue; mother of Mrs. J. Smith of Patchogue; Aone of the oldest residents of Long Island ... leaves a large number of descendants@; member of  Patchogue M. E. Church

SMITH   Adrian                                                        58 years

d. 8 June 1899 at New York City; operation to remove abcess from his side; funeral at Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church by Rev. Gray; unnamed widow and one son survive; son of Lyman B. Smith; brother of Coe D. Smith

SMITH  Agnes *                                                       11 mos 26 days

                        d. 9 February 1891 at Huntington

SMITH  Alice L.                                                        18 yrs 3 mos

d. 3 April 1896 at Huntington; daughter of T. William Smith; granddaughter of Mrs. Isaac Brown; sister of Effie Smith; native of Stony Brook, b. 3 January 1878; member of Methodist Episcopal Church

SMITH  Arden and Mrs. Arden

Aremains of Arden Smith, and also of his wife, the former deceased about twelve years, the latter eight years, and who for many years were residents of this village [Smithtown], were removed Monday from the burial ground adjoining the Presbyterian Church, and interred in the cemetery adjoining. This was done to permit the enlargement of the church@; 12 September 1896 paper; Smithtown item

SMITH  Benjamin                                                    13 years

d. 29 August 1893 at Mineola; fell off bicycle and was run over by market wagon driven by Willet Titus; son of Daniel Smith

SMITH  Carll                                                             ca. 19 years

d. at Aone of the New York City hospitals@; funeral 22 October 1897 at East Islip; had an operation at the hospital and Ahad been sick about a month but his death was sudden at the hospital@; son of Timothy Smith, formerly of Dix Hills; cousin of Mrs. D. L.Whipple; resident of East Islip

SMITH  Carll

d. 12 January 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn by Rev. John Coleman  Adams of All Soul=s Univeralist Church; widower; father of Carll V. Smith, Mrs. E. Walton and two other married daughters; native of Huntington, b. 1824; Aowned a valuable farm at Long Swamp, where he used to spend considerable time in the summer@; this farm now [1898] owned by E. Walton, his son-in-law

SMITH  Carman

funeral 10 August 1895 at Milburn; uncle of Mrs. D. D. Smith; Aone of the oldest residents of that place [Milburn]@; Oyster Bay item

SMITH  Charles                                                       60 years

                        d. 23 August 1896 at Long Island Home, Amityville; funeral Northport Presbyterian Church; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; brother-in-law of George W. Wheeler of Northport; former resident of Greenport and recently of Northport; Awas taken to the home about three weeks ago after showing signs of insanity. At one time, he was engaged in the ship building business and at his yards many well-known vessels were built@; members of Greenport and Northport Lodges I. O. O. F. attended funeral

SMITH  Mrs. Charles

d. at New York City; funeral 23 April 1894 at Northport; interment at East Northport; sister of Egbert Lewis; resident of Greenpoint, formerly of Northport

SMITH  Charles D.

suicide 22 April 1892 at San Francisco, California; shot himself in his room at the Palace Hotel; son of Selah C. Smith Alate of Babylon@

SMITH   Charles E.                                                 37 years

d. 26 June 1899 at Brooklyn; peritonitis; funeral at Greenlawn by Rev. Voorhees; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; brother of H. I. Smith of Greenlawn

SMITH  Chatfield                                                     53 years

d. 20 April 1896 at Kings Park; Bright=s disease; funeral Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church; survived by unnamed father, aged about 80 years, a widow, two sons and one daughter; Athe owner of a fine farm@; member of the Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church

SMITH  Chetfield                                                     over 80 years

interment 19 July 1895 at Northport; brother-in-law of George W. Wheeler of Northport; resident of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, New York

SMITH  Clara                                                            1 mo 13 days

                        d. 16 August 1898 at Huntington

SMITH   Mrs. Clinton E.                                         39 years

d. 4 February 1900 at Port Jefferson; sister of Mrs. Otis Payne of Northport

SMITH  Daniel

d. 14 January 1893 at Huntington; son of William and Elizabeth Smith; husband of  Grace Kentfield (m. 1837 Oyster Bay); father of Elizabeth (Mrs. I. W.) Van Sise, D. Webster Smith, George Smith, Florence (Mrs. Winfield) Roe, Emma Smith and Mrs. Fannie Lewis; Awell known miller who ran the mill at the head of Huntington Harbor for nearly half a century@; native of Oxforshire, England (b. 1812); came to USA ca. 1830 and settled in Delhi, N.Y.; moved to Jericho and later to Oyster Bay, where he worked in mill of George Townsend; moved to Huntington in 1845 and ran tide mill with John Wood for Aseveral years@ and then as Asole proprietor@ until 1 June 1890 when sold mill to son D. Webster Smith and retired; AMr. Smith's name was a synonym for honesty and square dealing .... known everywhere as >the honest miller= @;  abolitionist and Astraightforward@ Republican

SMITH  Daniel

funeral 3 March 1896 at Melville M. E. Church; brother of John Smith and E. K. Smith

SMITH   Daniel W.                                                   73 years

d. 10 August 1899 at Oyster Bay; Afailing health for several years@; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay; son of Richard Smith of Cove Neck; husband of Sarah E. Smith; father of William W. Smith and Lena R. Cocks and Sallie (Mrs. E. K.) Hutchinson, both of Oyster Bay; brother of Thomas Smith; grandfather of Richard Smith and Daniel W. Smith; Amost of his life was spent on his farm at Cove Neck@

SMITH  David *                                                        60 years

funeral 14 May 1893 at Westbury; Aemployed for many years by John A. Weeks and was very much respected@; Oyster Bay item

SMITH  Mrs. Ed H.                                                  83 years

d. 28 August 1897 at Smithtown; had been in Aill health for some time@; funeral at St. James Episcopal Church, St. James; widow; mother of Richard B. Eliot, Nathaniel Smith and Mrs. Caleb Smith

SMITH  Edmund                                                     53 years

d. 31 May 1898 at Head of the Harbor; funeral at St. James Episcopal Church, St. James; unnamed widow survives

SMITH  E[dmund] Kirby

d. [28] March 1893 at S[e]wanee, Tennessee; Confederate general; see General Edmund Kirby Smith, C. S. A. by Joseph H. Parks [1954, 1982] for details on Kirby Smith=s life and military career

SMITH  Edmund T.                                                 ca. 70 years

d. 29 November 1895 at Smithtown; typhoid fever; funeral at St. James Episcopal Church, St. James; father of Dubois Smith of New York City and Mrs. Mott; Ahad a very fine residence on the Nissequogue River@; Aone of the largest real estate owners of the town [Town of Smithtown] .... one of the largest taxpayers in the town, his taxes averaging about $500 per year@

SMITH  Elizabeth                                                    75 years

d. 30 April 1895; funeral M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; widow of Henry Smith; mother of Mrs. Douglass Lee, Oliver Smith and Sidney Smith; step-mother of Charles L. Smith and Henry Frank Smith; member of St. Paul=s  M. E. Church, Northport; a Avery estimable lady@

SMITH  Elizabeth                                                    95 years

d. 22 April 1898 at Brooklyn; widow of Moses Smith; former resident of Westbury

SMITH   Elizabeth *   AAunt Elizabeth@ AAunt Lizzie@   80 years

                        d. 3 January 1899 at Suffolk County Alms House, Yaphank; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. Lane; interment in the Old Cemetery, Huntington; widow of Nelson Smith; originally buried in Athe pauper=s plot@ at Yaphank, but Awhite friends promised her that she should be buried with her husband@ and they had her removed to Huntington to Arepose beside ..... her beloved husband@

SMITH   Elizabeth Willis                                        75 years

d. at Babylon; funeral 21 March 1899 at Smithtown Presbyterian Church by Rev. Gray; sister of Ebenezer Smith; spent Amost of her life@ at Babylon

SMITH  Emily M.                                                      1 yr 5 days

d. 22 July 1892 at Northport; spinal meningitis; interment at Comac; daughter of Sidney Smith

SMITH  Emma Frances Buffett

d. 25 January 1892 at Comac; funeral at Dix Hills; stomach cancer; wife of Eugene Smith

SMITH   Epenetus                                                  88 years

d. 29 June 1900; resident of Centerport; Atwenty-six years ago, he placed the order with H. & C. Lockwood of this village [Huntington] for a head stone. He had it all lettered save the date of his death and it has been on exhibition at the marble yard since that time. It will now be placed where Mr. Smith had ordered 26 years ago.@

SMITH  Mrs. Epenetus                                          77 years

d. 2 December 1897 at Smithtown; interment at Smithtown Branch; widow of Epenetus Smith; mother of George A. Smith, Mrs. Augustus Silliman, another son and another daughter

SMITH  Esther                                                         80 years

d. 25 January 1896 at Jamaica; funeral Baptist Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; widow of John W. Smith; mother-in-law of Charles [  ]owning; Afor many years a resident of this village [Oyster Bay] and a member of the Baptist Church@

SMITH  Ethel V.*                                                      Achild@

                        d. 4 July 1896 at Northport; interment at Setauket

SMITH  Etta Elmira                                                 20 y 4 m 1 d

d. 20 April 1893 at Greenlawn; wife of Edward Smith; memorial sermon preached 24 May 1893 at Elwood by Rev. Daiziel, former pastor of Elwood M. E. Church

SMITH  Eva Frances                                              21 y 9 m 14 d

d. 6 February 1899 at South Hadley, Massachusetts; bronchial pneumonia; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem, her uncle Rev. Smith and Rev. Carter; daughter of J. Abner Smith; niece of Rev. Sidney K. Smith; student at Mount Holyoke College; native of Huntington; long obit and description of the funeral service in 11 February 1899 paper

SMITH  Evie M.                                                        16 y 11 m 5 d

d. 21 February 1893 at Greenlawn; scarlet fever; daughter of David R. and Mary A. Smith; Avery popular amongst the young people of the church@

SMITH  Fannie

funeral 29 October 1896 at East Norwich; interment at Bowery Bay; wife of Edward Smith

SMITH  Felix

d. 24 August 1898; interment at Lynbrook; brother of Mrs. August Fleischbein of Hicksville

SMITH   Frances                                                     75 years

d. 4 October 1899 at Greenlawn; acute pneumonia; funeral at Greenlawn by Rev. Carter of Huntington

SMITH  Frances E.                                                 64 yrs 8 mos

d. 24 July 1898 at Jamaica; cancer; had unsuccesful operation in February 1898; funeral at Jamaica; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of John and Mary Hudson; first husband was George Ferguson, who d. after four years of marriage; second husband was Timothy Smith (d. ca. 1865); mother of George Ferguson of Huntington, John Ferguson of Huntington, Mrs. Charles Conklin of Northport, Mrs. Henry Brush of Oyster Bay, Mrs. Edward Remsen of Jamaica, Mrs. George Howland of Jamaica and Warren G. Smith of Cairo, N. Y.; native of New York City; former resident of Greenlawn and Fair Ground

SMITH  Frank

                        d. 23 August 1892 at Mineola;  parlor car conductor on L. I. R. R.; Awell known to the traveling public on Long Island  and especially on the Port Jefferson Branch@

SMITH  Franklin

                        d. 1 October 1892; paralysis of the brain; Smithtown item

SMITH  Freeman

death reported from typhoid fever while at college; son of Rev. I. E. Smith, former pastor of Huntington M. E. Church; 6 January 1894 paper

SMITH  George E.                                                   48 yrs 9 mos

                        d. 10 March 1895 at Huntington

SMITH   George Enoch                                         71 years

d. 27 November 1899 at Greenlawn in the house where he was born; Avery short illness@; stragulated hernia; funeral at Greenlawn by Rev. Carter of Huntington; son of Enoch and Hannah Smith; last surviving of ten siblings; brother of the late Phebe Smith, Newbury Smith, Seabury Smith, Phebe A. (Mrs. Urban) Smith, Israel Smith, Irena Smith, Warren Smith, Abigail (Mrs. Benjamin) Sammis and Frances Smith; uncle of H. I. Smith of Greenlawn and Frank Sammis of Huntington; never married; Aa man of very peculiar habits@

SMITH  George K.                                                   39 yrs 9 mos

d. 3 June 1893 at Rockville Centre; Adriving across the track at a point between Rockville Center and Pearsalls. The crossing at this point is a dangerous one as a clump of oaks hides the tracks from view from the west@; Smith=s farm wagon was hit by the Babylon Express, which killed Smith and destroyed the wagon, but Smith=s horse survived the accident unhurt; funeral at Huntington; son of Daniel Smith; husband of Henrietta Wicks, formerly of Northport; brother of Daniel W. Smith; brother‑in‑law of Charles J. Wicks;  native of Huntington; Aprosperous boss mason and contractor@

SMITH  George Treadwell [*?]                             35 years

d. 3 January 1899 at Huntington; convulsions; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. Lane; interment at A. M. E. Cemetery, Huntington; son of Mrs. David Townsend; lived separately from his wife; father of four children; Afaithful servant@ of George C. Hendrickson

SMITH  George W.                                                  32 years

d. 15 November 1894 at East Islip; shot 12 November 1894 while deer hunting at Bohemia; Hiram Raynor of Manor mistook his friend Smith for a deer; son of Timothy Smith; cousin of Lewis Smith of Huntington; resident of East Islip; foreman of East Islip Hook & Ladder Company

SMITH  George Washington                                67 y 1 m 17 d

                        d. 6 April 1891 at Long Swamp

SMITH  Georgiana

                        funeral 14 January 1891 at Smithtown Branch; sister of Coe D. Smith

SMITH  Gilbert C.                                                    66 y 3 m 14 d

d. 14 May 1898 at Huntington; found dead on the floor of his store about 5:00 in the afternnon; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem and Rev. Hill; son of Carman Smith; husband of Sarah J. Ketcham (m. 12 February 1852 at Larkfield); father of Mrs. John S. Caire; b. 2 February 1832; member of Jarvis, Smith & Conklin in the sash and blind business; later in life went into retail business; Democrat; member of  Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; member of the Huntington Board of Education; Aa man of plain speech, of fairness in business@

SMITH  Hannah                                                       89 yrs 7 mos

                        d. 16 October 1895 at Melville

SMITH  Hannah M. M.                                            64 years

                        d. 25 April 1891 at Huntington

SMITH  Harry Clinton                                            29 years

                        d. 3 September 1894 at Huntington; long illness of consumption and Bright=s disease; had gone to the Catskill Mountains and Colorado Springs, before returning to parents= home in Huntington; son of J. N. Smith; husband of Lily Muir; native of Brooklyn (b. 28 August 1865); Aheld responsible position in the employ of the Standard Oil Company@

SMITH  Helen                                                           6 mos 7 days

                        d. 23 November 1896 at Lloyd Neck; daughter of Peter Smith

SMITH   Henry

d. 7 August 1899; consumption; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; unnamed widow and five children survive; son-in-law of late Richard M. Bowne; resident of Plainfield, New Jersey, and former resident of Glen Cove

SMITH  Hercules J.                                                1 year

d. 25 March 1892 at Northport; pneumonia; son of Hercules J. and Eva A. Smith

SMITH   Howard                                                      16 years

d. 15 March 1900 at Riverhead; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; son of Derrick Smith; nephew of Mrs. John Carr; employed by Beecher Hallock of Riverhead

SMITH  Ianth                                                            78 years

                        d. 6 February 1892 at Wyandance

SMITH  Ira W.                                                           Achild@

d. 24 May 1895; Abrain fever@; funeral M. E. Church, Melville; son of Samuel Smith

SMITH  Irena                                                            89 years

                        d. 7 January 1893 at Greenlawn

SMITH   James J.

death reported; resident of London, England; uncle of Mrs. Abram Gallienne of Huntington; AIt is said that he is a wealthy bachelor and by his demise Mrs. Gallienne falls heir to an estate valued at $250,000@; 15 April 1899 paper

SMITH  Jane I.                                                         80 years

                        d. 10 July 1898 at Greenlawn; funeral at Greenlawn; wife of Israel Smith

SMITH   Jane T.

late of Smithtown; inventory filed at Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court on 28 September 1899

SMITH  Jeffrey A.                                                    ca. 57 years

                        d. 31 January 1891 at St. Johnland; funeral at Smithtown Branch

SMITH  Jesse

d. 8 March 1894; survived by widow, ten children, 16 grandchildren and four great‑grandchildren; Aprominent citizen of Selden and Blue Point@

SMITH   Jesse M.                                                    52 years

d. 11 March 1899 at Smithtown Branch; pneumonia; son of Edmund Smith; brother of Leroy Smith

SMITH  John                                                            27 years

d. 9 May 1891; wagon accident; thrown out and fractured skull; Hempstead item

SMITH  John H.

funeral 3 April 1894 at Smithtown Landing; resident of Kings Park; wife and daughter Anow managed the store formerly kept by himself@;  5 May 1894 paper  Kings Park item

SMITH  John H. *                                                    46 yrs 6 mos

d. 21 January 1897 at Huntington; Awell known and respected colored resident of our village@

SMITH  Mrs. John R.

d. Athree weeks ago@; summer resident of Huntington; 27 August 1898 paper

SMITH  Joseph*                                                      25 years

d. 9 January 1899; consumption; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. Lane; son of Samuel Smith; Afaithful employee in the livery stable of Stephen G. Todd@

SMITH  Julia                                                             46 y 5 m 7 d

                        d. 22 October 1891 at Huntington; daughter of Elias Smith; Aconfined to a sick bed ever since childhood@; member First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SMITH  Latton                                                         87 years

d. 23 May 1891 at Hempstead;  an organizer of the Hempstead Fire Department in 1832

SMITH   Lewis                                                         68 years 9 months

d. 3 April 1900 at Dix Hills; funeral at Dix Hills by Rev. Schwartz of Melville; son of Alexander Smith; husband of Sarah A. Conklin (m. 1860); son-in-law of Gamaliel Conklin; father of Edward Smith of Dix Hills, Mrs. David Whipple and Mrs. Isaac Wicks, both of Fair Ground, and Lewis B. Smith of Huntington; brother of Timothy Smith of East Islip and twin brother of Ansel Smith of Dix Hils; native (b. 3 July 1831) and life long resident of Dix Hills; Aone of his pleasantest pastimes was deer and fox hunting@

SMITH  Lillian May                                                  13 years

d. 11 July 1898 at New Haven, Connecticut; crushed between excursion boat and wharf; interment at Huntington; daughter of Wilbur Smith; granddaughter of Benjamin Sammis; niece of Frank Sammis of Huntington

SMITH  Lillie                                                             23 years

d. 21 August 1895 at Freeport; proprietor of the Globe Laundry at Freeport; former resident of  Oyster Bay

SMITH   Lottie                                                          43 years

d. 24 March 1900 at Blue Point; funeral at Baptist Church, Blue Point; daughter of Rebecca Smith; former resident of Glen Cove

SMITH  Louis                                                           5 years

d. Athis week@ at Head of the River; son of Milton Smith; 14 January 1893 paper

SMITH  Louisa *

funeral 4 August 1895 A. M. E. Church, Huntington; interment at Huntington; daughter of Samuel Smith of Mill Neck, Oyster Bay

SMITH  Louise

funeral 3 December 1897 at Islip; daughter of Herbert Smith; niece of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jones; Woodbury item

SMITH   Lozanna                                                    72 years

d. 2 July 1899 at Jamaica; funeral at Dix Hills M. E. Church; mother of Eugene Smith of Omaha, Nebraska

SMITH  Mrs. Lyman Beecher                               89 years

d. 12 August 1895 at Smithtown; interment at Smithtown; sister of Arden Smith; widow of Lyman Beecher Smith; mother of Adrian Smith and Coe Smith

SMITH  Mapes M.

d. 18 September 1895 at Woodbury; funeral at New York City; brother of Charles T. Smith; survived by unnamed widow and at least one son; employee of R. H. Macy & Company; Ahead of gentlemen=s furnishing department and was highly respected by the firm@

SMITH  Marcellus                                                   77 years

d. 19 October 1897 at Northport; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; father of Augustus Smith, Chester Smith, Frank Smith, Marcellus T. Smith, Hercules Smith and Mrs. Charles Wicks; Aone of our oldest and most respected citizens@

SMITH  Margaret                                                     70 years

                        d. 27 February 1894 at Yaphank; [Suffolk] County [Alms] House

SMITH   Maria L.

                        late of Huntington; will proved 9 October 1899

SMITH  Martha P.                                                    55 years

 d. in Missouri; daughter of George Johnson; widow of John P. Smith;  daughter‑in‑law of Joshua Smith; former resident of Huntington; account of husband=s career in death notice 14 November 1891 paper

SMITH  Mary                                                            5 months

d. Hicksville; interment 29 June 1891 at Westbury; daughter of John Smith


d. 20 January 1898 at Kings Park; funeral at Kings Park by Rev. Simpson, M. E., of Smithtown; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; daughter of Capt. Washington Smith of Centerport; wife of George Smith of Kings Park; mother of five children; former resident of Centerport

SMITH  Mary                                                            82 years

d. 21 February 1898 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes, M. E.; interment at Hempstead; mother of Samuel A. Smith of Oyster Bay

SMITH   Mary

                        d. at Bayside; funeral by Rev. Estes of Oyster Bay M. E. Church; interment 11 March 1899 at Oyster Bay; mother of Mrs. Alfred Velsor of Oyster Bay

SMITH   Mary                                                           50 years

                        d. 11 March 1900; wife of Samuel Smith; Oyster Bay item

SMITH  Mary Ann                                                    52 y 5 m 22 d

d. 1 December 1896 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington; Aher funeral was largely attended@; daughter of Lemuel Soper of Melville; wife of Joel Smith; mother of four sons and one daughter

SMITH   Mary C.                                                      67 years

d. 5 November 1900 at Northport; Asuddenly@ at the home of her sister, Phebe Smith; funeral at First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, by Rev. Carter; daughter of Thomas Bunce Smith; sister of Mrs. William H. Sammis and Phebe Smith, both of Northport, and I. Thaddeus Smith of Larkfield; spent the Agreater part of her life@ in Huntington until moving to Northport Aabout ten years ago@

SMITH  Mary E.                                                        59 years

                        d. 18 July 1892 at Long Swamp

SMITH   Mary M.                                                      65 years

d. 7 November 1899 at Northport, while on a visit to see her son; Bright=s disease; interment at Hudson, N. Y.; widow of Alexander Smith; mother of Frank J. Smith, proprietor of the Northport House

SMITH   Matilda Harned                                        75 yrs 4 mos

d. 22 April 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; widow of Elias Smith; mother of Susan (Mrs. Jesse E.) Oakley, Hattie Smith, and Elias Smith, all of Huntington, and the late Julia Smith; native of Commack; long-time resident of Huntington; member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Apossessed the sterling qualities of true womanhood@

SMITH  Moses R.                                                    81 years

d. 15 July 1896 at Head of the River, Smithtown; following surgical operation ...Athe patient was unable to endure the shock@; funeral Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church; father of Wilmot M. Smith, Supreme Court Justice, Theron L. Smith, Aex-supervisor@ and member of board of managers of Long Island State Hospital, Herman T. Smith, Mrs. J. Newell Sammis and Mrs. Ethelbert Arthur; long political carrer as assessor, supervisor and justice of the peace for the Town of Smithtown and justice of sessions for Suffolk County; officer of Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church for many years@

SMITH  Mrs. Nathamel

d. 22 November 1898 at St. James; paralysis; widow; mother of Alice Smith; Aearly life was spent at the Branch@ [Smithtown Branch]

SMITH  Nathaniel                                                    101 yrs 5 mos

                        d. 3 June 1891 at Hempstead; Athe oldest resident of Hempstead@

SMITH  Nathaniel                                                    24 years

d. 7 August 1897; typhoid fever; funeral at M. E. Church, Smithtown Landing; interment at Landing M. E. Cemetery, Smithtown Landing; son of Norman Smith

SMITH  Mrs. Norman

                        funeral 1 January 1894 at Smithtown Landing

SMITH   Mrs. Oliver

interment 11 March 1899 at Van Sise Burying Ground, Woodbury; Abrought from New York@; daughter of Dudley P. Brown; niece of Israel W. Van Sise

SMITH  Orville                                                          4 years

d. 14 November 1892 at Coram; burned to death in a barn fire, which he set while playing with matches

SMITH  Oscar

d. 23 September 1897 at Greenport; funeral at Greenport; son of Mrs. F. J. Taylor; survived by unnamed widow, two daughters and one son; native of Farmingdale; went to work for the L. I. R. R. early in life and Athe company soon saw he was apt and trustworthy and promoted him until he was made conductor of one of the Greenport freight trains, which position he had held over twenty years@

SMITH  Patience Elizabeth                                  86 y 5 m 20 d

d. 9 April 1895 at Huntington; widow of Eliphalet Smith; Aan esteemed resident@

SMITH  Paul T.

 death reported; father of Caleb Smith; Aaged and respected citizen of Smithtown@; 6 January 1894 paper

SMITH  Percy M.                                                     48 yrs 3 mos

d. 4 December 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; inflamation of the bladder; native of England; served as justice of the peace and postmaster of Cold Spring Harbor;     real estate and insurance agent; member of the Huntington Town Board;  memorial resolution from Huntington Town Board by Supervisor Tileston in 10 December 1892 paper

SMITH   Peter *

d. 5 October 1899; peritonitis; unnamed widow and two children survive; Aa good natured industrious colored man@; Northport item

SMITH  Phebe C.                                                    61 years

d. 13 February 1896; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; wife of Thaddeus Smith; resident of East Northport

SMITH  Phoebe Ella                                               34 y 5 m 5 d

d. 3 March 1898 at Huntington; funeral by Rev. S. T. Carter, Presbyterian, assisted by Rev. Sidney K. Smith of Marlborough, Massachusetts, her uncle; daughter of J. Abner Smith of Huntington; paralyzed as a young child; lived her life in a wheel chair; member of Second Presbyterian Church; active with Gospel Messengers, Aa home missionary organization connected with the church@; member of Dorcas Circle of King=s Daughters and the Shut-in Society of Invalids; active with religious and humanitarian efforts; long obit in 5 March 1898 paper

SMITH   Platt Howard                                            76 years

d. 21 December 1899 at Huntington; Ageneral collapse of the system@; funeral at Huntington at home of his daughter Mrs. Carr; son of Isaac and Hannah Smith; brother of Ira Smith and Jacob Smith, both of Babylon, and Mary Ketcham and Samuel Smith, both of Melville; widower of Edna M. Ireland (d. 1884); son-in-law of late Derrick Ireland; father of Emma (Mrs. John S.) Carr, Hannah E. (Mrs. William) Place, Lillian (Mrs. Edgar) Hogan, Derrick I. Smith and Edward Smith, all of Huntington, Mary (Mrs. Oliver) Strickland of Flatlands, Cornelia (Mrs. Samuel) Bouton of Northport, Ella (Mrs. William) Wade and Isaac Smith, both of Brooklyn, William P. Smith of Amityville, and Henry Smith of East Williston; native of Lower Melville

SMITH  Richard W.                                                 30 y 11 m 14 d

d. 12 September 1892; funeral 15 September 1892 at Smithtown; son of Victor F. Smith of Comac; elected Supervisor of the Town of Smithtown in 1891; forced to resign due to poor health

SMITH  Samuel

                        d. 7 March 1893; assistant postmaster at Brooklyn

SMITH   Samuel

late resident of Freeport; will proved at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 29 April 1899 paper

SMITH   Mrs. Samuel                                             65 years

d. 5 June 1899 at Farmingdale; funeral at Friends= Meetinghouse, Jericho; interment at Brookville

SMITH  Dr. Samuel Francis

d. 16 November 1895 at Boston, Massachusetts; Avenerable author of the national hymn America@; native and resident of Newton, Mass., b. 1808; graduated from Harvard College in 1829; proficient in fifteen languages; Ahe supplied the words for the music of many of the songs and hymns of Lowell Mason, the well known composer@; AThe national hymn America has been officially adopted as a part of     the hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church and will hereafter be sung by every choir of that denomination in the United States. Other sects would do well to take similar action with regard to that inspiring anthem@; editorial 23 November 1895 paper

SMITH   Sarah J.                                                    

d. 27 December 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; Awith careful forethought Mrs. Smith selected the pall bearers and hymns to be sung at this service@; daughter of Phineas Ketcham and Phebe Ann Smith (b. 10 May 1831); widow of Gilbert C. Smith (m. 12 February 1855); mother of Mrs. John Caire; Along ... a member of the Central Presbyterian Church,@ Huntington

SMITH   Sylvester                                                   76 years

d. 29 June 1900 at Cold Spring; funeral at Cold Spring Baptist Church by Rev. Mitchell; father of Carrie (Mrs. Eugene) Howard of West Neck, Joseph Smith, Thomas Smith, Charles Smith, Ida Smith, Bertha (Mrs. George) Mason and Anna (Mrs. Fred) Hubbs, all of Cold Spring, and Edgar Smith of Cattaraugus County, N. Y.; native of Smithtown; long-time resident of Oyster Bay and Cold Spring

SMITH  Mrs. Spencer H.

d. 6 May 1892 at San Gabriel, California; funeral 20 May 1892 at Garden City; mother of Mrs. C. H. Carpenter

SMITH  Stanly M.                                                    7 y 9 m 13 d

d. 24 February 1893 at Greenlawn; [perhaps the son of David R. Smith; Greenlawn column 4 March 1893 paper says two of David Smith=s children have died of scarlet fever]

SMITH  Theodore                                                   Aold resident@

d. 31 December 1893 at Head of River, Smithtown; Avery suddenly@; funeral at  St. James

SMITH  Thomas                                                      60 years

d. 4 March 1894 at Cove Neck; Bright=s disease; funeral at Oyster Bay; survived by widow and three children, one of whom is Mrs. Joseph W. Wright; grandfather of Lena Cocks Wright; native of Oyster Bay

SMITH  Mrs. Thomas

                        d. 15 October 1898 at Sea Cliff; funeral at R. C. Church, Sea Cliff

SMITH  Thomas B.

d. at Billings, Dutchess County, New York; funeral 24 December 1895 at Stony Brook; former resident of Commack where he kept at store; his mother was hostess Afor many years@ at the Stony Brook Hotel

SMITH   Mrs. Thomas Hugh

death reported; mother-in-law of Rev. William Irwin of Rome, N. Y.; former member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; Oyster Bay item, 4 March 1899 paper

SMITH  Thomas R.                                                 56 years

d. 29 August 1896 at Smithtown; paralysis; funeral at Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church; interment at Smithtown Branch; survived by unnamed widow, three sons and one daughter; Afor many years he was a resident of Brooklyn, later of Kings Park, and for the last twelve has made Smithtown his home@; former assessor of Town of Smithtown

SMITH  Vanderwater

d. at New York City; funeral 8 March 1896 at Freeport; brother of Luther Smith, John A. Smith and Thomas A. Smith; former resident of Hempstead; Aa man well versed in railroad matters and had made considerable money in railroad and mining enterprises@

SMITH  Mrs. Victor                                                 ca. 65 years

d. 25 March 1898 at Smithtown Branch; funeral at Smithtown Presbyterian Church by Rev. Gray; survived by husband, a son and a daughter

SMITH  Victorine Velsor                                       34 years

                        d. 10 Aprl 1898 at Kings Park; Asuddenly .... of heart failure@; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; daughter of Mrs. Thomas Smith of Oyster Bay; wife of Samuel A. Smith of Oyster Bay; mother of one 9 year old child: Aher mind had been unbalanced for several years and on March 17, by the advice of her physician, she was taken to the hospital at Kings Park@    

SMITH  Virginia G.                                                  47 yrs 10 mos

d. 6 July 1894 at Northport; daughter of Thomas Bunce Smith; sister of Mrs. William H. Sammis of Northport, Phebe Smith and Mary Smith of Huntington;  she died while visiting her sister, Mrs. Sammis;  graduate of Huntington High  School, class of 1864; member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

SMITH   Walter                                                         25 years

d. 23 April 1900 at Bayville; funeral at Bayville M. E. Church by Rev. Stevens;  unnamed widow survives

SMITH  Mrs. Walter

d. 21 April 1891 at Valley Stream; sister‑in‑law of Mrs. August Fleischbein of Hicksville

SMITH  Warren                                                        68 y 10 m 18 d

                        d. 4 August 1894 at Greenlawn; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Huntington

SMITH  William

                        funeral 28 August 1892; interment at Hempstead; Hempstead item

SMITH  Mrs. William

                        d. 24 April 1891 at Hempstead; Avery suddenly@

SMITH  Willie                                                            Ayoung man@

                        died of pneumonia; funeral 11 February 1894 at Hauppauge

SMYTHE   Frederick                                              65 years

d. 18 August 1900 at New York City; native of Ireland; Ajoined Tammany Hall and successfully filled the offices of assistant U. S. district attorney, recorder of New York City and justice of the Supreme Court@

SMYTHE   Mrs. Joseph P.

d. Athis week@; mother of Rev. Joseph P. Smythe, Jr., rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Hicksville; 6 April 1900 paper

SNEDICOR  William H.                                          27 years

d. 26 August 1898 at Wilmington, Vermont; consumption; interment at Huntington; graduate of Jamaica Normal School; was expecting to teach in the fall at Flushing; resident of Oswego, N. Y.; Aa gentleman of refined manner@

SOFFAL  Charles                                                   54 years

d. 20 March 1894 at Hicksville; Aheart clot or embolism@; interment at Westbury; father of late Joseph Soffal, two other sons and three daughters

SOFFUL  Joseph                                                    29 years

d. 16 July 1893 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; son of Charles Sofful; silver beater by trade; fireman with Protection Hook & Ladder Company; memorial notice from Protection Hook & Ladder Company No. 1 in 5 August 1893 paper

SOMARINDYCK  John W.                                    81 years

d. 12 April 1896 at Lattingtown; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove, of which Ahe was a regular attendant ... for many years@

[?] SOMER  Henry

body found 14 September 1896 on beach at Crab Meadow by Mrs. Grant; Athe body had evidently been in the water for some time@; a pawn ticket from a pawnbroker in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was found in a pocket; the pawnbroker said the owner of the ticket was Henry Somer, but he was unknown to the  pawnbroker; doctors thought Athe remains were those of a white man, while the [coroner=s] jury believed that they were those of a colored man@; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport


late of Oyster Bay; father of Charles Sommers; contested will; 7 October 1899 paper

SOPER  Alfred                                                         44 yrs 3 mos

d. 2 February 1896 at Eauclaire, Wisconsin; son of Smith Soper of Dix Hills

SOPER   Elbert                                                        63 y 7 m 15 d

d. 18 April 1900 at Elwood; consumption; funeral at Elwood M. E. Church by Rev. Nelson; son of John Soper; husband of Caroline ACarrie@ Valentine, formerly of Long Swamp; son-in-law of Israel Valentine; he had no children; native of Greenlawn; Along been a consistent member@ of Elwood M. E. Church

SOPER  Hannah                                                     71 yrs 11 mos

                        d. 6 March 1892 at Elwood; widow of Jacob Soper

SOPER  Katharine Hartt                                       3 yrs 6 days

d. 15 February 1898 at Brooklyn; drank potash last summer and never fully recovered; funeral at Brooklyn by Rev. Turner, formerly of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn; daughter of Alfred C. Soper

SOPER  Lewis

d. at Brooklyn; foot amputated on 6 August 1894 but Ahe lived only a week@; former resident of Northport; 18 August 1894 paper

SOPER  Mary                                                           80 years

d. 10 March 1897 at Centerport; funeral at Northport; widow of Lewis Soper; mother of Charles B. Soper, Mrs. Charles Ketcham of Northport and Mrs. David  I. De Milt of Centerport

SOPER  Wilson E.                                                  25 years

d. 7 November 1892 at Norwich, Connecticut; fell from a barn Aface downward on the cobble stone pavement some eighteen feet below@; AMr. Soper was for several years in the employ of Isaac Adams of this village [Huntington] and thoroughly learned the trade of tinsmith@

SOUL   young girl                                                   12 years

d. 8 August 1900 at Glen Cove; thrown from a wagon being driven by her father; the horse bolted while coming down hill near the Starch Works in Glen Cove and the wagon went out of control; daughter of Joseph Soul of Mineola


executor=s sale of property at Jerusalem South Anow called Wantagh@; 24 February 1897 paper

SOUTHARD   Anna May                                       8 years

d. at Hicksville; had fallen down the stairs, hit her head and broke her arm, while at school in Oyster Bay; family recently moved to Hicksville, where the little girl was running around when Ashe suddenly had a relapse and died@; funeral 25 November 1899 at Hicksville by Rev. Smythe of the Episcopal Church, Hicksville; daughter of Albert Southard

SOUTHARD  Eva (Eveline)

suicide 7 March 1893 at Wantagh; Aby shooting herself in the presence of her husband, who was scolding her@


d. dateline 14 November 1892 at Brooklyn; fireman killed in store fire at Harbeck Stores

SPECHT  Jacob                                                      74 yrs 2 mos

                        d. 15 May 1893 at Northport

SPEEDLING   Mrs. Stephen

d. 24 May 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at M. E. Church, Roslyn; survived by husband; mother of Benjamin Speedling, Arthur Speedling, Mrs. Edward Conklin, Mrs. Albert Stiverson, Susie Speedling and Carrie Speedling; member of Roslyn M. E. Church and former member of Huntington M. E. Church, while a resident of  Lloyd=s Neck; Agreatly respected@

SPENCER  Claude J.                                            15 y 5 m 5 d

d. 10 March 1891 at Northport following suicide attempt on 8 March 1891; shot himself following a quarrel with step‑brother; son of John J. Spencer and Hattie Spencer Smith and step‑son of Le Grand Smith


left $15,000 in will to Great Neck M. E. Church and other Abenevolent and charitable@ bequests; Oyster Bay item 20 May 1893 paper


d. 30 June 1894 at Winfield; brother of William Spontowitz of Huntington;  recent immigrant from Germany; Aa steady and industrious young man@

SPRAGUE   George                                               71 years

d. 18 May 1900 at Wading River; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, with a graveside service by Rev. Aitkins of St. John=s Episcopal Church; survived by an unnamed widow; father of Isabella Sprague and Charles Sprague, a locomotive fireman on the L. I. R. R.; mason in Huntington for Amany years@; moved from Huntington to Wading River Aa little over a year ago@; member of Ellsworth Lodge #449 I. O. O. F, Huntington

SPRAGUE  Samuel                                                87 years

                        d. 2 December 1891 at Brooklyn; b. near Hempstead 4 October 1804

SPRIGG  William                                                     84 years

d. 22 July 1894 at Dix Hills; interment at Northport; father of Mrs. Selah Gildersleeve of Dix Hills; resident of Northport and member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church, where he was at one time a trustee and church sexton


d. in wreck of schooner Louis V. Place off Moriches Aof cold and exposure@; one of seven who died in this shipwreck  [date of paper not copied: winter of 1894-95]

SQUIRES  Angeline                                               85 years

d. 10 February 1895 at Central Park; Ashe was the last member of her family as all her brothers, sisters, her husband and children have gone on before. She leaves a number of devoted grandchildren@; Farmingdale item; account of questionable treatment by Dr. Heyen of Farmingdale in 23 February 1895 paper

SQUIRES  George                                                  44 years

                        d. 19 January 1891; interment at Westbury

SQUIRES  Margaret L.                                           5 yrs 9 1/2 mos

                        d. 30 March 1895 at Undercliff, N. J.; interment at Huntington

STACEY   child

joint funeral 6 March 1900 at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay, with its mother; child of James Stacey

STACEY  Miss                                                         14 years

                        d. 7 January 1891 at Herricks; daughter of Frederick Stacey

STACEY   Mrs. James                                           35 years

d. 3 March 1900; joint funeral with her child at Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church by Rev. Russell; husband and four other children survive

STANSBURY   Charles T.

                        d. 27 June 1900 at Jamaica; acute indigestion; father of Mrs. Isaac V. Hyatt of Jamaica; brother of the Rev. J. H. Stansbury of Northport

STANSBURY  John                                               ca. 70 years

                        d. 6 November 1897 at New York City; stricken with paralysis; funeral at M. E. Church, Sea Cliff; interment at Roslyn; unnamed widow survives; father of two daughters, one of whom is Mrs. Boardman of Colorado; native of Athe south of England@; resident of Sea Cliff and former resident of Glen Cove

STANSBURY  May                                                 8 y 9 m 7 d

                        d. 18 January 1892 at Bay Shore; daughter of John Stansbury

STANTON  Bridget Dixon                                    60 years

                        d. 13 December 1896

STANTON  Philip Van Renssellear                    83 years

d. 8 August 1896 at Northport; funeral at Brooklyn; survived by unnamed widow, one son and two daughters; Aone time well known lawyer of Brooklyn@; summer resident of Northport

STARK  infant

interment 3 January 1898; funeral by Rev. Fr. Maurice P. Fitzgerald; child of James Stark; Northport item


d. 21 April 1900; funeral by Rev. Sands of Hicksville M. E. Church; resident of Jericho

STAUCH  Caroline *                                               50 years

d. 3 May 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; daughter of Benjamin Stauch; member of [Christ] Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay


d. 10 August 1894 at Hicksville; childbirth; interment at Holy Cross, Flatbush; daughter of August Fleischbein; wife of William F. Staude


                        funeral at Manchester, New Hampshire; had been ill with typhoid fever for nine weeks; son‑in‑law of Rev. Swartz of Melville Presbyterian Church; 18 August 1894 paper

STEEN   Julia                                                                                  26 yrs 7 mos

d. 16 April 1900 at Centreport; Acaused by fright@ following a woods fire near her home; funeral at Centreport M. E. Church by Rev. Walter of Huntington; wife of Thomas Steen; daughter of James Haggerty; mother of a 3 week old child; member of Centreport M. E. Church

STEENWORTH   Charles C.                                42 years

d. 30 July 1899 at Oyster Bay; Bright=s disease; cousin of William Larrabee of Oyster Bay; resident of Brooklyn

STEERS  Ann Eliza

d. 29 January 1898 at New York City; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; widow of Henry Steers, who Awas a famous boat builder@; sister of Mrs. Sarah Marshall of Huntington; AMrs. Steers leaves quite a snug fortune@; Mrs. Marshall received a new house and the investment income from $100,000 for life; following Mrs. Marshall=s death the principal will be divided among Mrs. Marshall=s daughters, nieces of Mrs. Steers: Mrs. Israel Tilden, Mrs. Minnie White and Carrie Marshall, all of Huntington

STEERS  James Rick                                            88 years

d. 17 April 1896 at New York City; Alast survivor of the old ship and yacht building firm which built the yacht America@

STEHL  Maria Elizabeth                                        77 years

d. 26 May 1897 at Sea Cliff;  funeral at her New York City residence; widow of George Stehl; Aquite wealthy@

STEIGLER  infant

death recorded  27 August 1892 paper; interment at Westbury; child of Barney Steigler; Hicksville item

STEIN  Joseph                                                        33 years

d. 13 April 1893; consumption; interment at Westbury; memorial notice from Hicksville Council of Royal Arcanum in 3 June 1893 paper

STEEN   Infant                                                                               

                        child of Joseph Stein
                        d.  31 December 1891; interment at Westbury; Hicksville item

STEINHAUER  Catherine                                     42 y 8 mos 8 days

d. 22 September 1895; funeral Jerusalem M. E. Church; interment at Jerusalem

STEINSICK  Otto                                                    37 years

d. 4 January 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; brother‑in‑law of Dr. Fuller


d. 15 April 1891; wife of John H. Stephens; married about 55 years; Hempstead item


death reported 11 November 1893 paper; sister of Mrs. Ladenbury; Westbury item


d. 16 February 1898 at Le Raysville, Pennsylvania; funeral at Stevensville, Pennsylvania; mother of Stephen Stevens and S. Ashley Stevens, both of Huntington


death reported 3 April 1897 paper; Greenlawn item; daughter of Joseph Stevens of Brooklyn; former resident of Greenlawn

STEVENS   Charles J.

d. Arecently@ in Hayti; typhoid fever; former secretary of Sewanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club; Oyster Bay item, 17 August 1900 paper

STEVENS  Harris Z.                                               6 y 6 m 4 d

                        d. 4 April 1895 at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills

STEVENS  Henry                                                   42 years

                        d. 6 January 1891

STEVENS  Robert Hubert                                    3 y 4 m 12 d

d. 12 April 1895 at Brooklyn; son of Robert H. and Alice C. Stevens; grandson of late Thomas Gildersleeve of Cold Spring

STEWART  Ann                                                      58 y 2 m 29 d

d. 24 January 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; heart failure; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Baker; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Charles Stewart

STEWART   Charles

                        d. 13 April 1900 at Cold Spring; Aone of our oldest and most highly respected residents ... has been a resident of this village [Cold Spring] for many years@

STEWART   Dr. James                                          23 years

d. 11 December 1900 at Castelton, Staten Island; typhoid fever; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of Charles J. Stewart; graduate of Friends Academy, Locust Valley and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, Awith high honors last May@; physician at the Smith Infirmary, Castleton, Staten Island, where he died; Ait is supposed that he contracted the disease from one of the patients@

STIDNER  Amelia                                                   16 yrs 8 mos

                        d. 23 December 1892 at Dix Hills

STIER   Dora                                                            52 years

                        d. 3 August 1899 at West Hills

STILLWAGGON  Rachel                                       over 100 years

interment 14 January 1891 at Flushing; Aoldest person on Long Island@; Abaptized over a century ago in the little Dutch Church in Tarrytown@ [N. Y.]

STILLWELL  William L.                                         21 years

                        d. 15 April 1896 at Brooklyn

STILWELL  Henry                                                  11 yrs 2 mos

d. 22 June 1891 at Huntington; fell out of a cherry tree; son of Henry Stilwell

STILWELL  Thomas W.                                         50 years

d. 3 April 1898 at Brooklyn; from injuries received from falling off a bicycle; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; brother of William Stilwell of Plainview; cousin of James Stilwell and George Stilwell, both of Huntington; former resident of Cold Spring


suicide 10 October 1897; funeral at East New York; son of Andrew Stilwell, former resident of Huntington

STODDARD  Catherine

d. 13 August 1897 at Sea Cliff; peritonitis; funeral conducted by Rev. Groves of St. Luke=s Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff; resident of New York City

STODDARD  Carrie Williams

d. Alast week@ at Brooklyn; niece of S. S. Kissam; summer visitor to Greenlawn;   30 January 1892 paper

STODDART  Alexander                                        76 years

d. 24 January 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn;   father of George B. Stoddart; Glen Cove item

STOKELEY  Allen I. *                                             38 yrs 9 mos

d. 26 September 1894 at Huntington; cerebral hemorrhages due to the effects of alcohol; worked at Stephen G. Todd=s livery stable; letter of protest in 13 October 1894 paper from his sister Virginia in reference to the Long Islander's charges that death was due to alcoholism; Virginia wrote ARemember a trial might come to you and yours.... Please let him rest.@


d. 4 June 1896 at Newport, New Hampshire; coachman for L. I. R. R. president Austin Corbin; both Stokes and Corbin were killed in carriage accident, when the carriage upset and they were thrown against a stone wall

STOLZENBERG  Justina                                      73 years

d. 19 August 1898 at Sea Cliff; paralysis; funeral at Church of the Holy Redeemer, New York City; summer resident of Sea Cliff

STOOTS  child                                                        10 months

funerals 30 July 1896 at Northport and Cold Spring; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; child of William Stoots

STOOTS  Elizabeth                                                56 yrs 4 mos

d. 28 August 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Benjamin Nichols;  wife of William Stoots; Alargest funeral ever attended in Cold Spring@; Awas nearly all her life a member of the M. E. Church in this village [Cold Spring]@

STOOTS  John                                                        50 years

d. 17 August 1894 at Cold Spring Harbor; Aabscess in the back of his head@; survived by widow and 7 year old child

STOOTS  Capt. William                                         76 yrs 6 mos

d. 26 October 1898 at Cold Spring; heart failure; funeral at M. E. Church, Cold Spring, by Rev. Taft; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; first wife was Abby Platt; by her he was father of Mrs. Albert Smith of West Haven, Connecticut, George Stoots of Norwalk, Connecticut and William Stoots of Cold Spring; second wife of Elizabeth Nichols, daughter of  Benjamin Nichols, late of Cold Spring; by her he was the father of Mrs. Noah Seaman and Edwood Stoots, both of Oyster Bay Cove, Walter Stoots of Cold Spring and Mrs. Frank Jarvis of Brooklyn; a native of Cold Spring, who Afor many years was master of a sailing ship running between [Cold Spring] and New York@

STORRS   Rev. Dr. Richard Salter                     79 years

d. 5 June 1900 at Brooklyn; widower of Mrs. Storrs, who d. in 1898; father of three unnamed daughters; native of Braintree, Massachusetts; graduated of Amherst College; went into the Congregational ministry at the age of 20,Ahis first charge was Brookline, Mass.@; moved to Brooklyn in 1846; pastor emeritus of the Church of the Pilgrims, Brooklyn, having retired from full time work on 19 November 1899; [important figure in Brooklyn=s civic affairs; lyceum lecturer; see biography in the Dictionary of American Biography]

STOUTENBURGH  Sarah Jane                          70 years

                        d. 1 March 1896 at Sea Cliff; funeral at Glen Head; daughter of Peter Luyster; widow of Peter A. Stoutenburgh; mother of Mrs. Eugene Rock

STOWE  Harriet Beecher                                      85 years

d. 1 July 1896 at Hartford, Connecticut; daughter of Rev. Lyman Beecher; sister of [Rev.] Henry Ward Beecher; Aworld famed as the author of >Uncle Tom=s Cabin=@


d. 3 September 1898 at Saratoga [Springs], N. Y.; apoplexy; [interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn]; Alife has probably been more intimately interwoven with the history of Brooklyn=s development than any other man of his time@; [native of Madison County, N. Y., b. 25 April 1808; member of New York State Assembly in 1838; resident of Newark, N. J. in 1840 and of Brooklyn by 1845]; Brooklyn alderman [1848]; elected to Congress in 1854 [served as a Whig in Congress 1855-1857]; delegate to several Republican national conventions; [served as Presidential elector for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and Benjamin Harrison in 1888]; president of Brooklyn War Fund Committee during the Civil War; president of the commission to lay out Prospect Park; developed both Ocean Parkway and Eastern Parkway; [presided at the dedication of the Brooklyn Bridge 28 May 1884]; long obit in 10 September 1898 paper; see also Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971 and The Great Bridge by David McCullough [1972]

STRATTON  Mary (Elizabeth)                              88 years

d. 9 December 1893 at New York City; interment at Flushing; daughter of William H. Jones; wife of Eliphalet Platt Stratton; mother of E. Platt Stratton of College Point and Mrs. Graham of New York City; sister of Hannah Woodhull of San Antonio, Texas, formerly of Woodbury; aunt of William H. Jones of Woodbury husband purchased 300 acres and established village of AStrattonport,@ later College Point; resident of College Point for fifty years, living  in the Aold Stratton mansion@ at the end of the College Point causeway

STRAUDE  Ernest Frederick William                63 years

d. 8 October 1895 at Hicksville; funeral German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Hicksville; father of Pauline Straude and William Straude; native of Germany (b. 1832);  m. 1862 to unnamed widow; resident of Hicksville for 26 years

STRAUSS  Eddie                                                    9 years

d. 17 December 1898 at Stony Brook; fell through the ice on a pond after running out on it after a ball; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Hauppauge; recently moved to Stony Brook from Brooklyn  Note: see SWARTS boy

STREESMAN  Gertrude                                        7 years

d. from diphtheria; interment at Jerusalem; daughter of E. A. Streesman; 2 October 1897 paper, Central Park item

STREET  Charles Rufus                                       69 years

d. 22 December 1894 at Huntington; son of Shallum B. Street and Naomi Scudder; grandson of Gilbert Scudder; brother of Henry Street; father of Quincy B. Street, Naomi Street Miller and Charles Hubbell Street; b. West Norwalk, Connecticut, 26 February 1825; moved to Huntington about 1834; left in 1846 and settled at Niles, Michigan, remaining there a few years before immigrating to California (account of trip to California in 29 December 1894 paper); settled in Shasta City, Calif., and was elected to California State Legislature in 1856; m. Lucy Bedford of Benicia, Calif.; ran a newspaper and was elected chairman of the California State Central Committee of the Democratic Party; following the death of wife Lucy and one child in 1865, he returned to Huntington with two remaining children; settled in Huntington, where he became a lawyer and newspaper editor; bought the Suffolk Democrat, moved it from Babylon to Huntington and changed its name to the Suffolk Bulletin, but soon sold it, only to re-purchase it in 1881; he  m. a second time  in 1869 to Josephine E. Hubbell; served as Justice of the Peace 1880-1884; Supervisor of the Town of Huntington 1883-1884 and chairman of the Suffolk County Board of Supervisors; member of the Huntington Board of Education; undertook the copying, editing and publication of the Huntington town records 1885-1886; served as postmaster of Huntington Aduring the first Cleveland administration@ [1885-1889]; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington, where funeral was held; family genealogist; AHe was probably better acquainted with the town=s history than any other of our citizens and in company with Henry S. Wood a number of years he had the old records of the town, which are almost invaluable, transcribed...@ long series article about Street in 29 December 1894 paper

STREET  Henry C.                                                 58 years

                        d. at Halley, Idaho;  19 November 1892 paper;  son of S. B. Street and Nancy Scudder; husband of Rose Himan of Carson City, Nevada; brother of Charles R. Street; father of Henry Rufus Street; lawyer and newspaper editor; Huntington native, b. 3 March 1834; went to California in 1854; later settled in Idahoand Nevada; served as judge in Alturas Co., Idaho; see 19 November 1892 paper for biography


Anegro minister@ killed by lynch mob in Georgia during the lynching of Sam Hose, a black accused of killing a white man; editorial, 29 April 1899 paper

STRICKLAND   Alma H.                                        48 yrs 3 mos

d. 28 July 1899 at Huntington; diabetes; funeral at Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington by Rev. Seem; daughter of J. Thomas Mills; wife of John Strickland; mother of one daughter and one son; member of Adah Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Northport; account of funeral 5 August 1899 paper


                        d. 6 July 1897 at Huntington

STRICKLAND  James S.                                      36 yrs 11 mos

d. 6 August 1894 at Huntington; brother of George Strickland and John Strickland; Brooklyn native; member of Second Presbyterian Church; Ayoungest carpenter of our village@; survived by widow and two children

STRICKLAND  Pauline K.                                    9 years

d. 8 March 1893 at Huntington; daughter of George Strickland; Agreatly beloved by the scholars and teachers in the Sunday School@

STRINGHAM  Dean                                                60 years

                        d. 12 July 1894 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Brooklyn; resident of Brooklyn


resident of Brooklyn; Awell known on Long Island@; account of settlement of contested will in 5 July 1897 paper

STRONG   Lena B.                                                 42 years

d. 24 May 1899 at Red Springs, Glen Cove; Ain ill health for several months@; had gone South for her health, but Ashe has been growing worse since her return@

STRONG   William

d. 19 October 1899 at New York City; struck on the head from behind on 14 October 1899 at Southampton; Sylvester Conkling arrested on suspicion of murder and taken to jail at Riverhead; Ait was alleged that the deed was committed out of jealousy for a woman named Mary Mulligan@; farm hand in the employ of Charles Dimon of Southampton

STRONG   William L.

                        d. 2 November 1900 at New York City; heart failure and Aprolonged attack of gout@; native of Ohio [b. 1827]; moved to New York City in 1853 and established William L. Strong & Co., a dry goods firm; last mayor of the old City of New York [1894-1897]; a Republican Aelected as a reform candidate@

STUKE  Gustav W.                                                 5 yrs 3 mos

d. 5 November 1895 at Huntington; Avery sudden, being caused by a heavy cold caught the Saturday previous, resulting in membraneous croup@

STURE  William

d. 11 December 1897 at Jamaica; Ainstantly killed@ by a railroad train, when he attempted to cross the track between trains; farm laborer living near Jamaica

STYLER  Margaret                                                 63 years

d. 11 June 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; wife of Solomon Styler;  mother of William Styler of Commack, Mrs. Sarah A. Korbman of West Hills and Joseph Styler, Solomon Styler and Robert Styler, all of Brooklyn

SULLY   Mrs. George                                             37 years

interment 3 November 1899 at Presbyterian Churchyard, Melville; cancer for several years; daughter of George Jarvis; former resident of Melville


d. 17 June 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; widow of Samuel Summers; mother of Oscar Summers

SUMMERS  John W.                                              88 yrs 9 mos

                        d. 9 October 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at East Norwich; native of Boston, Massachusetts, Abut came to this village [Oyster Bay] when quite young@


contested willed in 19 January 1900 paper; father of Edward R. Summers

SUMMERS  Oscar                                                  55 years

d. at Oyster Bay; paralysis of the throat; funeral 26 November 1894; interment at Locust Valley; son of Samuel Summers; survived by widow and five children

SUTCLIFFE  Sarah H.                                           21 y 3 m 9 d

                        d. 9 January 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

SUTTON  Effingham E.                                         22 yrs 3 mos

                        d. 11 February 1894 at Huntington Harbor; clerk in dry goods store of Aitkin & Son; attendant of Huntington M. E. Church; long obit in 24 February 1894 paper

SUYDAM   Catherine Ann                                     87 years

d. 2 November 1900 at Oyster Bay; sister of Joshua Suydam and Simmson Suydam; cousin of William J. Youngs; Ahighly esteemed in our community [Oyster Bay]@; relative of Laura Hamilton, who committed suicide following her death

SWAN  Benjamin

d. 11 April 1892 at New York City; pneumonia; summer resident of Oyster Bay;  brother of Edward H. Swan

SWAN   Rev. Benjamin L.                                     86 years

d. 15 February 1899 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; memorial service 12 March 1899 at Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church by Rev. Russell of that church and Rev. Estes of the Oyster Bay M. E. Church; addresses also made at service by Charles S. Wightman and Alfred Velsor; former pastor of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; cousin of Edward H. Swan of Cove Neck


drowned in millpond at Stony Book; funeral 22 December 1898; Smithtown item  Note: see STRAUSS  Eddie

SWEENEY   Clarence W.                                      32 years

d. 30 November 1900 at Brooklyn; Astricken at his desk with heart failure@; cousin of Assistant Postmaster Field of Huntington; clerk in Nassau National Bank, Court Street, Brooklyn

SWEENEY  John                                                    55 years           

                        d. 30 May 1893 at Northport

SWEEZEY   infant

                        d. 4 September 1900 at Fair Ground; child of Henry Sweezey

SWEZEY  Ernest                                                     8 yrs 4 mos

                        d. 16 July 1897 at Huntington; diphtheria; son of Ernest Swezey

SWINSON  child                                                      11 years

d. 14 November 1898; clothing caught fire when she got too close to a fire burning in the street at Sea Cliff; Ashe was terribly alarmed and ran down the street, shrieking wildly@; two men attempted to put out the fire, but she was too seriously burned; daughter of August Swinson

SWINSON  Catherine

d. 21 November 1896 at Sea Cliff; funeral R. C. Church, Glen Cove; wife of August Swinson; mother of six children, Athe youngest a little over two months old@

SWORD  George W.                                               6 mos 22 days

                        d. 25 July 1892 at Huntington

SWORN  Theodore                                               

d. 23 November 1895; survived by widow and four daughters; Elwood item

SYLERS   Jacob

                        d. 16 November 1900; heart failure; Brookville item