Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


R Surnames


RACKETT Edna 8 years

drowned 10 September 1899 at Rowayton, Connecticut; fell into the water while carrying her father=s lunch to him; daughter of Richard Rackett and Mary Ott; mother was a former resident of Huntington Harbor

RACKOW Andrew 10 years

d. 17 November 1899 at Eastport; he and his brother were playing with a gun, while out hunting; the gun went off Ahitting Andrew in the chest and inflicting a terrible wound@; son of Jacob Rackow

RALSTON Mrs. David

d. at New York City; pneumonia; interment 16 February 1900 at Northport; husband and two daughters survive; daughter of David Wood of Northport


d. 11 January 1892 at Syosset

RANDALL Mrs. 79 years

d. 31 January 1895 at Glen Cove; interment in Herkimer County, N. Y.; mother of Mrs. Dr. Hall

RANDALL Henry 55 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn

RANDALL Marian 6 mos 14 days

d. 22 March 1899 at Brooklyn; spinal meningitis; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; daughter of Edward Randall; granddaughter of Samuel George of Huntington

RANDELL Edward 26 years

d. 11 December 1900 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; son of David Randell of Asheville, North Carolina, formerly a conductor on the L. I. R. R.; son-in-law of Samuel George of Huntington; employed by the L. I. R. R. as the assistant superintendent of tracks at Long Island City; Atrusted .... and highly esteemed@

RANKINE Laura B. 12 y 6 m 14 d

d. 6 March 1900 at Huntington; Aill for several months@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; interment at Canandaigua, N. Y.; daughter of James L. and Nellie J. Rankine

RANSOM Mary A. 86 y 3 m 9 d

d. 15 June 1893 at Fresh Pond

RAPELJE Stewart 54 years

d. 8 October 1896 at Northport; capillary bronchitis; funeral Northport; interment at Sing Sing, N. Y.; survived by unnamed widow, two daughters and one son; brother-in-law of the Hon. Benjamin W. Bonney; native of New York City; lawyer and author; graduate of Yale College; Aemployed for several years in the law publishing house of the Edward Thompson Company in this village [Northport]@; Acontributor to several law magazines and the author of seven or eight books that have become standard works in their line@

RAPELYEA Simon [*] 70 years

d. 25 November 1894 at Oyster Bay; Afuneral was attended .... at the colored church@


d. 21 April 1895; funeral Glen Cove M. E. Church

RAU George 79 years

d. 15 September 1896 at [Oyster Bay] Town Poorhouse; interment at Westbury; Ahad become helpless and having no one to look after him it was thought proper to send him to the poor house ... as far as known, he has no relatives in this country@

RAVENSBURG Grace 18 years

d. 2 September 1896 at Milton-on-Hudson, N. Y.; funeral New York City; resident of New York City; former summer resident of Huntington

RAY Clara F. 63 years

d. 10 October 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; interment at Litchfield, Connecticut; widow; mother of Mrs. Vincent Ford and Clara B. Ray, both of Huntington; native of Cincinnati, Ohio; former resident of Litchfield, Connecticut; resident of Huntington for past eight years; member of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington

RAY Louisa

d. 18 October 1891; consumption; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn

RAYMOND Mrs. Dr. 50 years

interment 24 March 1898 at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; Aremains ..... were brought up from the city@; daughter of William Gardiner of Northport

RAYNOR Bessie 78 years

d. 2 November 1900; funeral at Manorville Methodist Protestant Church by Rev. Cady; widow of Isaac Raynor; mother of Mrs. Edwin F. Arthur of Huntington and 8 other children

RAYNOR Charles L. 69 years

d. 11 May 1899 at Sayville; Bright=s disease; unnamed widow and six children survive; Methodist; Republican; former Suffolk County Superintendent of the Poor

RAYNOR Daniel 80 years

d. 9 March 1894 at Yaphank; [Suffolk] County [Alms] House


d. 25 November 1898 at Brooklyn; brother of John F. Raynor of Huntington

RAYNOR Ellen 65 years

d. 12 July 1898 at Huntington; fell down cellar stairs; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter of M. E. Church; widow of Jesse Raynor (d. 1866); mother of David E. Raynor of Greenport and George Raynor of Riverhead; maiden name was Webster; native of Oyster Bay who spent most of her life in Huntington; housekeeper for the Henry Ireland family; member of the Huntington M. E. Church; Aof kindly and sympathetic nature@

RAYNOR Jesse Anearly@ 5 years

d. 11 August 1897; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery, Northport; son of William H. Raynor, proprietor of Raynor=s Hotel in Northport


d. 6 January 1896 at Hicksville; train wreck one mile east of Hicksville; three cars jumped the track; Raynor, a brakeman on one of the cars, was Ainstantly killed@ and Ahorribly mangled@; the wreck blocked the track for eight hours, Aas the wrecking train had to be brought from Long Island City to remove the wrecked cars from the track@; Raynor was the third crew member of train #510 of the L. I. R. R. to be killed within a year; resident of Wading River; widow and three children survive

RAYNOR William H.

d. at Hempstead; funeral 29 October 1892; Aan old war veteran@


funeral 12 October 1894; interment at Brookville; Oyster Bay item

RECK Charles 80 years

d. 24 February 1900 at Hicksville; Aafter a short illness@; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; his first wife d. ca. 23 years ago [ca. 1876]; he m. his second wife ca. 10 years ago [ca. 1889]; she survives, as does one son; carpenter; Aa great many of the older houses [in Hicksville] were erected by him@; resident of Hicksville Anearly half a century@

REDDY Elizabeth 1 year

d. 23 December 1897 at Huntington

REDDY Michael

d. 13 July 1891 at Hempstead; interment at Westbury; Afor many years a resident of Westbury@


suicide 25 June 1894 at Amityville; hanged herself; Ait is alleged that seven times she attempted her life@; inmate of Long Island Home Asylum; resident of Hicksville

REED Jemima 74 years

d. 7 August 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Albany, N. Y.

REED John A. 65 years

d. 30 June 1891 at Brooklyn

REED Mrs. Joseph

funeral 9 March 1894; interment at Westbury; resident of Roslyn

REED William Francis 69 years

d. 23 December 1896 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; interment at Foxboro, Massachusetts; survived by unnamed widow and two daughters; treasurer of Glen Cove department of the National Starch Company; Aconnected with the Duryea Starch Company for many years@; native of Easton, Massachusetts

REEVE Lucy J. 50 years

d. 7 February 1900 at Echo; wife of John Reeve; mother of John Reeve and Louis Reeve; former resident of Northport

REEVES child 3 years

d. Alast week@; funeral 17 March 1895 M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Middleville; child of John Reeves; 23 March 1895


REEVES Edna 40 years

d. 29 March 1895 at Vernon Valley; killed in a house fire; interment at East Northport; daughter of Israel Higbie; sister of Mrs. William Call; wife of Floyd Reeves; mother of Harriet Reeves, also killed in fire; member of M. E. Church at Northport

REEVES Egbert 54 years

d. 4 May 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; first wife was Sarah Eaton; son-in-law of Albert Eaton; second wife was Emma Rowland; father of Marie (Mrs. Edward) Specht and Albertina Reeves, both of Brooklyn, by his first wife, and Paul Reeves of Brooklyn, by his second wife; native of Cold Spring Harbor; clerk in a store and later proprietor of the Northside House, before moving to Brooklyn, about 1880, where he worked for Westcott Express Company; during the Civil War, he served with the 127th New York

REEVES Harriet 15 years

d. 29 March 1895 at Vernon Valley; killed in a house fire; interment at East Northport; daughter of Edna Reeves, also killed in fire, and Floyd Reeves; granddaughter of Israel Higbie; had been baptized and joined the M. E. Church at Northport on probation, Sunday, 3 March 1895

REEVES Ruth A. 75 years

d. 21 May 1899; funeral at Northport; widow of Smith Reeves; mother-in-law of Oakley Rowland

REEVES William T. 78 yrs 7 mos

d. 22 June 1896 at Centreport

REEVES Willie 12 years

d. 29 September 1895; son of John Reeves; Northport item

REICHERT Charles 57 years

d. 12 October 1900 at Long Swamp; Asuddenly from heart failure@; had a premonition that he would die that day; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; survived by unnamed widow, his third wife, and 2 sons and 1 daughter; former real estate dealer in Brooklyn; resided on the McMenomy Farm in Long Swamp


funeral 16 March 1899 at Melville Presbyterian Church; interment at Melville Cemetery; father of Rev. Mr. Schwarz=s son-in-law

REICHMAN Helen 2 1/2 years

d. 4 August 1897 in the Catskill Mountains, New York State; interment at Melville; daughter of Mrs. M. E. Reichman; granddaughter of Rev. Swartz of Melville Presbyterian Church

REICHMAN Mrs. Martin

d. 2 December 1897 at New York City; consumption; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Melville by Rev. Carter, First Presbyterian, Huntington, Rev. Putnam, Second Presbyterian, Huntington, and Rev. Lounsbury, M. E. Church, Farmingdale; interment at Melville; daughter of Rev. P. A. Schwarz, pastor of Presbyterian Church, Melville; long obit in Melville column, 11 December 1897 paper

REID Rev. John

death reported at Warsaw, New York; uncle of G. E. Lawrence of Farmingdale; preached at Farmingdale M. E. Church Alast summer@; 13 March 1897 paper

REID John 70 years

d. 10 October 1899 at Kings Park; apoplexy; funeral at Brooklyn; father-in-law of J. N. Burr of Kings Park

REID John F.

d. 14 September 1900 at Sea Cliff; Aover exertion in rowing across Hempstead Harbor on Wednesday, September 12, during the gale@;

REID Mrs. Joseph

funeral at New Haven, Oswego County, N. Y.; sister of Lambert Van Valkenburgh of Oyster Bay; 28 October 1899 paper

REIFF C. A. 63 years

d. 27 August 1897 at East Northport; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; father of Mrs. King


d. 29 September 1893 at Westbury; Athe deceased son Thomas died three weeks ago@

REILLY Richard J. 5 y 2 m 11 d

d. 21 September 1892 at Brooklyn


d. 7 September 1893; pneumonia; funeral at Westbury; son of Mary Reilly

REINHARD Mrs. Aaged@

d. 17 April 1899 at Hicksvile; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; mother of Frank Reinhard of Hicksville; Aa resident of this village [Hicksville] for a long time and was highly esteemed@

REMENYI Edouard 66 years

d. 15 May 1898 at San Francisco, California; Anoted violinist, fell dead on the stage of the Orpheum Theatre .... while playing his favorite instrument@; native of Poland; Ahas played in almost every city and town of importance in the United States@

REMP Joel Smith

d. 25 March 1900 at Brooklyn; grip; funeral at Brooklyn by Rev. J. Watson Morris; unnamed widow survives; uncle of D. Woodhull Conklin and Mrs. Joseph Hendrickson, both of Huntington, and David R. Smith and Joel B. Smith, both of Greenlawn; native of Huntington (b. 1814); moved to Flatlands, Kings County, in 1836 to farm; later went into the commissions business at the Fulton Market, Aretiring with a snug competency@; account of will in 6 April 1900 paper

REMSEN Catharine A. AKate@

d. 4 February 1900 at Mill Hill, Oyster Bay; Asuddenly of paralysis@; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Estes; sister of Daniel Remsen and Sarah J. Sanderson; letters of administration granted to Mrs. Sanderson, 9 March 1900 paper

REMSEN James B. 64 years

d. 22 July 1895 at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; father of J. Fred Remsen; former resident of Brookville, where he Aresided at the old Remsen homestead near the Reformed Church@


d. 3 February 1897; pneumonia; funeral Mill Hill, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; Ahighly esteemed by his neighbors .. resident of Mill Hill, near this village [Oyster Bay], for many years@

REMSEN Wright H.

d. 28 February 1894 at Locust Valley; heart disease; interment at Jamaica; survived by widow and three children; station master for L.I.R.R. at Locust Valley and Oyster Bay; member Matinecock Lodge F&A Masons and Locust Valley Hook & Ladder Company

REMSON Mary 94 years

d. Alast week@ at Elmont; Aleft three children, the oldest being over 70 years of age@; 5 February 1892 paper

RENISEN Ethel 22 years

funeral 14 March 1896 at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; interment at St. Paul=s Churchyard; daughter of Mrs. George Robbins

RENNISON Eleanora 3 yrs 3 mos

d. 22 January 1894 at Hicksville; daughter of Robert Rennison

RENNISON Ellen 30 y 6 m 25 d

d. 9 October 1894 at New Cassel; consumption; interment at Hicksville; wife of Thomas Rennison; member of Hicksville Reformed Church

RENNISON John infant

d. 13 September 1897; interment at Friends= Cemetery, Westbury

REQUA Ann 81 years

d. 26 July 1900 at Cold Spring; funeral at Cold Spring by Baptist pastor Rev. Mitchell; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Peleg Conklin; widow of Cornelius Requa (d. 1864); mother of Mrs. Harriet Stoots, Samuel Requa, Cornelius Requa and Aitkin Requa; life-long resident of Cold Spring and Huntington

REQUA Carrie 34 years

d. 23 March 1898 at Woodbury; funeral at M. E. Church, Woodbury; daughter of Henry Beare, a blind man, who had been cared for by his daughter before her illness; wife of Samuel Requa


death reported 5 January 1895 paper; treasurer of Village of College Point; Ahis accounts were in arrears about $9,000@


murdered August 1898 at New York City by Dr. Samuel J. Kennedy of New Dorp, Staten Island; Dr. Kennedy was sentenced to death; 8 April 1899 paper


memorial notice from Central Park Thursday Night Club; adopted 27 April 1899; printed 6 May 1899 paper


interment 6 April 1894 at Glen Cove; relative of Mrs. Maxwell of Glen Cove; Aliterary gentleman of acknowledged ability@; Acontributed many articles to the leading magazines and was editor of the Washington Nation@; Aserved for many years in the consular service of the United States in Jerusalem, Rotterdam and other cities@; resident of New York City

RHODES Langdon 75 years

d. 13 December 1891 at Norwood; interment at Rockville Centre

RHODES Sidney S. 34 years

d. 28 September 1891 at Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; consumption; interment at Hempstead; Hempstead resident who Ahad been travelling for his health during the past summer@

RICE Frederick Meredith 40 years

d. 11 July 1894 at New York City

RICE Katharyn Marie 33 years

d. 24 July 1896 at Jersey City Heights, New Jersey; funeral St. Paul of the Cross R. C. Church, Jersey City Heights, N. J.; interment at Calvary, Woodside; widow of Frederick M. Rice; mother of Frederic Meredith Rice, age 12; frequent visitor to Woodbury; Aa fine vocalist, an extraordinary performer upon the piano, and one of the best elocutionists .... was very charitable, and although a Roman Catholic in faith, generously gave her talents frequently to churches of other denominations@

RICHARDSON Samuel W. 61 years

d. 27 March 1897 at Brooklyn; asphyxiated by illuminating gas while on a visit to a friend; interment at Amityville; resident of Babylon who was Awell known all over the Towns of Babylon, Hempstead and Oyster Bay@; Aformerly taught at Plain View for a number of years, and for the past ten years has been a private tutor at the Nursery Farm of the late August Belmont at Babylon@

RIDER infant

d. 29 May 1899; cholera infantum; daughter of Frank Rider; Oyster Bay item

RIDER Andrew

d. AMonday evening@ [torn page probably from 8 January 1898 issue]; inmate of the Jones Institute, Brookville; East Norwich item

RIGGER Matilda 1y 8 m 5 d

d. 30 December 1895 at Lloyd=s Neck

RIGGS Irving W. 1 mo 14 days

d. 13 August 1899 at Huntington; twin of Janet Riggs; son of Irving Riggs

RIGGS Janet/Janette F. 1 mo 11 days

d. 9 August 1899 at Huntington; twin of Irving W. Riggs; daughter of Irving Riggs

RIGGS Roseanna 85 y 4 m 4 d

d. 15 September 1891 at Huntington


d. 28 March 1896 at Glen Cove; caught in machinery at starch factory and was Aalmost instantly killed@

RILEY George

suicide at Newtown; dateline 28 March 1893; stabbed himself with pair of scissors, cut throat with knife and set himself on fire with burning newspapers; granite polisher; wife and children resident of Utica, N. Y.

RINEHART Mrs. Jesse T. 32 years

d. 22 September 1898 at Sea Cliff; consumption; funeral at Sea Cliff by Rev. Weston of Sea Cliff M. E. Church; survived by her husband and Athree small children@

RIPLEY David M. 62 years

d. 19 November 1900 at New York City; former resident of Oyster Bay

RISLEY Benjamin ca. 55 years

d. 24 January 1891 at New York City; following a cancer operation; interment at Setauket; resident of Setauket

RITCHIE Alexander M. 60 years

d. 28 April 1891 at Cove Neck; consumption

RITTER [ ]ce 17 years

d. 8 February 1899; daughter of [ ]man Ritter of Glen Cove

RITTER Casper Henry 57 y 5 m 8 d

d. 14 May 1893 at Huntington; son of Casper Ritter; native of New York City, who moved to Huntington ca. 1876; proprietor of Huntington House hotel

RITTER L. 63 y 8 m 25 d

d. 20 February 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury

ROBB William 55 years

d. 14 July 1898 at Bayville; Bright=s disease; Abeen in poor health for several years@; funeral at Bayville; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; unmarried; Awealthy summer resident of Bayville@

ROBBINS Mrs. 32 years

d. 10 December 1893; Aleaves seven children@; Hicksville item

ROBBINS Charles 5 months

d. of diphtheria; interment at Brooklyn; Commack item, 17 June 1899 paper

ROBBINS Charlotte 85 years

d. 2 January 1892; widow of George Robbins; mother of Mrs. W. H. Sobey; Westbury item


funeral 18 January 1892 at Jericho; Aold and highly respected neighbor@

ROBBINS Edwin 23 years

drowned 9 July 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; deck hand on excursion barge from Harlem; resident of New York City

ROBBINS Ephraim 78 y 5 m 12 d

d. 13 July 1892 at West Neck


funeral 19 July 1900 at Commack M. E. Church; Alargely attended@

ROBBINS George A. ca. 50 years

suicide by drowning the night of 9-10 May 1899 at Northport; body found 10 May 1899 in Northport Harbor; corner=s jury ruled Asuicide by drowning while suffering from a temporary aberration of mind@; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Amityville; unnamed widow, one son and one daughter survive; uncle of Samuel Robbins of Northport; native of Amityville; former resident and storekeeper at Amityville and Islip; resident of Northport for six years; ran an undertaker=s establishment and a furniture business in Northport with his nephew Samuel Robbins

ROBBINS Hannah S. 84 years

d. 12 July 1900 at Jericho; funeral at Jericho Friends= Meetinghouse; widow of Matthew Robbins


d. 16 July 1892 at Babylon; Babylon native Aat one time a prominent merchant in Babylon and was Post Master for sixteen years. He was a prominent Republican and well known throughout the county@


d. 5 February 1896 at New Haven, Connecticut; wife of William H. Robbins; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor; maiden name was Mary Rogers

ROBBINS Samuel 91 years

d. 25 November 1894 at Amityville; Aesteemed and prominent resident of Amityville@

ROBBINS Sarah E. 4 yrs 3 mos

d. 15 March 1895 at Huntington Harbor; daughter of William L. and Sarah E. Robbins

ROBERDEE John 86 years

funeral 31 May 1900 at Northport by Revs. Lawrence, Holden, and Stansbury; father of William R. Roberdee; former resident of Roslyn

ROBERTS infant 8 months

d. 11 May 1894 at Glen Cove; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; child of H. K. Roberts

ROBERTS Eliza L. 75 yrs 23 days

d. 8 February 1893 at Northport

ROBERTS Col. W[illiam] R[andall] 66 years

d. 9 August 1897 at New York City; [interment at Calvary Cemetery, Long Island City]; Aformerly resided in our town, having owned the Bronson property on East Neck, for a number of years@; Aminister to Chili for a number of years [1885-1889] and occupied various other public positions of importance and trust@; [native of County Cork, Ireland; president of the Fenian Brotherhood in 1865 and involved with the Fenian raid on Canada in 1866; represented New York City in the U. S. House of Representatives 1871-1875; served as New York City alderman in 1877]

ROBERTSON Elizabeth AAunt Lizzie@ 96 yrs 5 mos

d. 9 April 1900 at Greenlawn; funeral at Greenlawn by Rev. Nelson of Commack; Aabout eight years ago she had a fall from a carriage and has been in feeble health ever since@ and has been bed-ridden for the past three years; mother of B. B. Robertson of Greenlawn; grandmother of C. E. Robertson of Northport and other grandchildren and great-grandchildren; Aa consistent Christian@

ROBERTSON John H. 41 years

d. 1 January 1898 at Central Park; heart trouble; funeral at Huntington M. E. Church by Rev. Judd of Huntington and Rev. Mc Nichol of Plainview; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Burtis Robertson of Greenlawn; survived by unnamed widow and one daughter; former resident of Greenlawn; in poultry business at Central Park; member of Plainview M. E. Church


d. 11 April 1895 at Brooklyn; father of George H. Robins; native of Brooklyn b.18 September 1819; in storage warehouse business until retirement in 1870; fire warden in Brooklyn; Awas the means of preserving the identity of the old Fourteenth regiment ... greatly interested in military affairs@; former resident of Centerport and member of the Huntington Town Republican Party; long obit in 13 April 1895 paper

ROBINSON Rev. Dr. Charles S.

d. 1 February 1899 at New York City; Awell known divine and hymn writer@; native of Bennington, Vermont, b. 1829


d. Asome time ago@; see story AThe Strong Man@ in 30 March 1895 paper; resident of East Moriches who weighed 500 pounds; could lift a dead weight of 2000 pounds with his neck and shoulders; AHe was a giant of great strength ... for some years he was a whaler and sailed on several ships from Sag Harbor ..... Though whalers, as a rule, were pretty tough customers in those days, it is said Robinson was always more than a match for the roughest of them@; he would Ago to a circus and offer to do more than the strong man. This he did many times.@

ROBINSON Edith Parrish

d. 3 July 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Oyster Bay; daughter of Edward Ludlum, late of Centre Island; wife of Nathaniel Macrea Robinson


letters of administration granted to J. Vernon Robinson of Locust Valley by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 6 May 1899 paper

ROBINSON Hannah 14 months

d. 16 August 1891 at Comac; daughter of William and Katie Robinson

ROCK Eugene

d. 24 February 1896 at Glen Head; Aformerly a farmer, and supplied the village of Sea Cliff with milk for many years. About two years ago, he opened a saloon on his premises@; survived by widow and four children

ROCKWELL Charles A. 70 years

d. 8 March 1896 at Saratoga Springs, New York; husband of Eliza Blood, a former teacher in Huntington, who had charge of the primary department when the Huntington Union School opened in 1858

RODE John 45 years

Afound hanging to the limb of a cedar tree .... body had been hanging there several days@; interment at Rockville Centre; resident of Rosedale; 16 April 1892 paper Mineola item


d. 20 September 1899 at Huntington; wife of Dr. Samuel H. Rodman; mother of three children, all of whom are now dead; Ato die of a broken heart after losing her last child@; native of Chester, Connecticut

RODMAN Henry Scott 68 years

d. 23 August 1897; tumor in the throat; father of three daughters and one son; son-in-law of Jacob Lorillard; brother of S. H. Rodman of Huntington, Rev. Erskine Rodman of Plainfield, N. J., Rev. Washington Rodman of Astoria, Charles W. Rodman of Queens, T. M. Rodman of Flushing and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rodman of ACorea, Asia@; former resident of New York City; resident of Stony Brook for last seven years; obit from Brooklyn Times in 28 August 1897 paper

RODMAN Lillian M. 25 years

d. 9 July 1892 at Huntington; daughter of Coroner Rodman


d. 21 October 1898 at Glendale; hit by railroad train while driving a wagon across the tracks; resident of Middle Village

RODMAN Scott Clinton 24 years

d. 8 September 1899 at Huntington; malarial fever; son of Dr. S. H. Rodman

ROE Aaron * Aaged@

d. Alast week@ at Westbury; Aaged colored man ... respected by all who knew him@; 26 November 1892 paper

ROE Austin 85 years

d. 13 August 1893; resident of Patchogue; Aone of the pioneer hotel keepers of Long Island@; his hotel Awas one of the landmarks of the South Side and many prominent men were entertained within its walls@

ROE Charles/Charlie Weeks 50 y 6 m 13 d

d. 8 May 1899 at Huntington; typhoid fever; son of James and Clarissa Roe; native of Huntington (b. 15 October 1848); Aalways made this place his home and obtained his living by following the water@

ROE Isaac Watts 74 yrs 6 mos

d. 26 June 1894 at Huntington; Afor a number of years a trustee of the Huntington Rural Cemetery Association@

ROE Justus

d. 14 January 1900 at Patchogue; apoplexy; funeral at Patchogue; son of Austin Roe; survived by mother and unnamed widow; father of G. Howard Roe, J. Austin Roe, Henry K. Roe, Florence L. Roe and Nathaniel Roe; native of Patchogue, b. 4 November 1838 at Roe Hotel; managed the Roe Hotel Asome twenty years@; school commissioner and highway commissioner in Brookhaven Town; manufacturer of steel tape measures, Abuilt up a large business in this line@; member of South Side Lodge I. O. O. F. and the Patchogue Engine Company

ROEHL Frank W.

found 11 May 1893 in Hudson River off Rockland County; escaped from Sing Sing Prison 20 April 1893; possible murder‑suicide; see entry for Thomas Pallister

ROGERS Buel L. 51 years

d. 20 October 1891 at Waverly [N. Y.]; former resident of Huntington

ROGERS Rev. Charles S.

d. 16 July 1894 at Dorchester, Massachusetts; interment at Worcester, Massachusetts; son of William Rogers; brother of Emily Rogers, Esther Rogers and Mrs. S. O. Lee, all of Huntington, Dehlia Rogers of Mineola, Mrs. Law and Henry Rogers, both of Jersey City, N. J. and William E. Rogers of Washington, D. C.; father‑in‑law of Professor Will of Boston, Mass.; native of Old Fields (b. May 1831), educated in Huntington schools and at Amenia Seminary; graduated from Middletown College in 1858 and ordained as M. E. clergyman; served many churches in the Boston area; served 1878‑1881 as Presiding Elder of the North Boston District and was Arecently@ chosen Presiding Elder of the South Boston District with jurisdiction over more than 70 M. E. churches; long obit in 21 July 1894 paper; dedication of organ in Rev. Rogers= memory at Baker Memorial Church, Boston, on Easter Sunday 1895, copied from 17 April 1895 Zion's Herald in 18 May 1895 paper

ROGERS Charles Willets 75 years

d. 30 January 1897 at Great Neck; Afound dead in a barnyard@ from apoplexy; son of Dr. Morris M. Rogers; first wife was Sarah Hicks; son-in-law of Benjamin Hicks; second wife was Mrs. Emma Skidmore, who survives; Aa wealthy and well known real estate agent of Great Neck@

ROGERS Ebenezer H.

suicide 4 September 1897 at Massapequa; shot himself in his room at Massapequa Hotel, of which he was proprietor; Aone of the best known hotel men on the island@; Afinancial trouble caused by a disastrous season@; wet weather, followed by a whooping cough epidemic at the hotel, climaxed by a stable fire which killed eleven of his horses; former clerk at Windsor Hotel, New York City; formerly operated Argyle Hotel, Babylon, and Laurelton Hotel, Cold Spring Harbor (1875-1876); survived by unnamed widow and two children

ROGERS Edna M. 72 years

d. 6 July 1899 at Syosset; pneumonia; funeral at M. E. Church, Woodbury; interment at East Northport; mother of Lizzie Rogers; resident of Syosset

ROGERS Edwin W. 52 years

d. 6 or 7 February 1895 at Huntington; interment at Westbury; native of Westbury Aof Quaker parentage@; former resident of Brooklyn; member of Knights of Pythias

ROGERS Embie 61 y 2 m 21 d

d. 19 February 1892 at Brooklyn

ROGERS Emily E. 2 y 3 m 27 d

d. 29 March 1897 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at Cold Spring Baptist Church; daughter of Oliver Rogers Note: also called Emeline Rogers

ROGERS Frances 50 years

d. 9 October 1900 at Chemung, N. Y.; interment at Glenwood Cemetery, Chemung; daughter of Hawley B. Rogers; widow of Buel Rogers; sister-in-law of George W. Rogers of Huntington; mother of Amy Rogers and Hawley Rogers; survived by 3 unnamed sisters and 4 unnamed brothers; member of the Baptist Church, Chemung, and was in charge at the primary department of its Sunday School

ROGERS Lemuel 75 yrs 18 days

d. 29 December 1895; funeral Northport Presbyterian Church; interment at East Northport; survived by widow, eight sons and one daughter; resident of Fort Salonga; member of Northport Presbyterian Church; Amuch respected as a citizen and neighbor@


Aremains brought up from Brooklyn@; funeral 16 May 1899 at Presbyterian Church, Northport; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; widow of Lemuel Rogers; former resident of Sunken Meadow

ROGERS Mary C. 87 yrs 10 mos

d. 13 January 1895 at Northport; widow of Isaiah Rogers

ROGERS Moses C. 58 years

d. 17 December 1899 at Fordham, N. Y.; Bright=s disease; funeral at Fordham; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Stephen C. Rogers; widower of Louisa M. Bold; brother of Camillus P. Rogers of Huntington and Susan (Mrs. Charles A.) Berrian of Fordham; native and long-time resident of Huntington who moved to Fordham to live with his sister, following the death of his wife

ROGERS Orlando 64 years

d. 30 December 1898; Bright=s disease; funeral at M. E. Church, Northport; unnamed widow survives; brother of Thomas Rogers; Afor many years employed by the [L. I. R. R.] to clean the engines which stopped at Old Northport station over night. Recently he has been employed at the Northport electric power house@; memorial notice from Elwood Lodge # 982 I. O. G. T. in 14 January 1899 paper

ROGERS Phebe 90 y 6 m 24 d

d. 16 January 1895 at Huntington; funeral First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; daughter of Simon Losee Jarvis and Keturah Conklin; sister of Jonathan Jarvis, Emilous Jarvis and William H. Jarvis, all of Huntington; widow of Whitehead G. Rogers, who she m. 14 April 1829 at New York City; mother of Mrs. George C. Martling; native of Commack b. 22 June 1804; resided at East Northport after 1829, during which time she was a member of Vernon Valley Chapel; moved to Huntington in 1863, at which time she joined the First Presbyterian Church

ROGERS Raynor E. 36 years

suicide 2 February 1896 at Brooklyn; went to basement of his home and shot himself in the head; interment at Huntington; brother of Mrs. William Hogan of Huntington; unnamed widow survives; conductor on Reid Avenue streetcars, who Awas recently foreman at the Reid Avenue stables, and it is thought that his suicide was caused by his transfer to the cars as a conductor@

ROGERS Smith 79 yrs 10 mos

d. 23 February 1897 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Old Burying Ground, Huntington; father of Theodore Rogers; native of Cold Spring who had resided in Cold Spring Aall his life@; Awell known and highly respected citizen@

ROGERS Sophia Maria 68 y 3 m 12 d

d. 2 March 1900 at Huntington; embolism of the brain; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of Elnathan Wheeler, who survives at age 96; wife of George R. Rogers (m. 14 December 1854); mother of Laura (Mrs. Millard F.) Bath of New York City, the late Maria (Mrs. Fred B.) Sammis, and a daughter who died Aquite young@; sister of Elbert Wheeler and Henry Wheeler, both of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the late Emeline (Mrs. Isaac) Adams, who d. in 1856; native of Westport, Connecticut; member of the First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, Afor many years@; Aa woman of fine Christian character@

ROGERS Thomas P. 85 years

d. 17 December 1891 at Pomona, Florida

ROGERS Timothy 35 years

body found 7 January 1896 at Bay Shore Alying beside the [railroad] track in the eastern part of the village ... apparently ... frozen to death@; husband of Millie Clock; son-in-law of John Clock of Islip

ROHRBACH Henry 46 years

death was Asudden and unexpected@ following an operation at a New York City hospital; funeral 9 October 1898 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; unnamed widow survives; father of one daughter and two sons; assistant chief of Hicksville Fire Department; firemen participated in funeral services

ROLLINS Daniel G. 55 years

d. 30 August 1897 at Sommersworth, New Hampshire; former District Attorney and Surrogate of New York County; probate judge in New Hampshire at time of death


d. 6 September 1897 at Sea Cliff; interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, Flatbush; father-in-law of Harry Frank; Awas brought to Sea Cliff by his daughter [Mrs. Frank] last November in the hope that the change would benefit his health@

ROLPH Jarvis R. 81 years

d. 3 October 1894 at Huntington; Avery suddenly@; son of Moses Rolph; husband of Harriet Woodhull; son-in-law of Smith Woodhull; native of Huntington b. 4 September 1813; justice of the peace for about 25 years; member of the First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, since 1832, except for 1852-1856, when he was a resident of Brooklyn; elder and delegate to Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly

ROLPH Minerva P. 66 years

d. 2 April 1896 at Sparta, Virginia

ROMANO child 4 years

d. 27 November 1900 at Northport; diphtheria; interment at St. Patrick=s Cemetery, West Neck; daughter of Dominick Romano

ROME James 73 yrs 7 mos

d. 5 October 1897 at West Hills; heart failure; Afound dead out in his barn@; brother of Jane Rome; unmarried; native of Scotland; Aspent the greater part of his life tilling his large farm at West Hills@

ROOME Margaret L.

d. 24 August 1898 at Washington, D. C.; interment at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington; daughter of Jacob F. and Frances T. Covert of Locust Valley; wife of William Oscar Roome


d. New York City; scarlet fever; child of Dr. Roosevelt; 16 April 1892 paper Oyster Bay item

ROOSEVELT child 7 years

d. 12 June 1892 at Oyster Bay; scarlet fever; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; son of Dr. Roosevelt


d. 9 July 1891 at Mamaroneck, N. Y.; killed in railroad accident; Abrother of Elliot Roosevelt of Westbury@; [according to genealogy chart in David McCullough=s Mornings on Horseback, this is probably Alfred Roosevelt, son of James Alfred Roosevelt 1825‑1898, a brother of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. 1831‑1878. Alfred would be first cousin, not brother, to Elliott Roosevelt 1860‑1894 and President Theodore Roosevelt 1858‑1919]

ROOSEVELT [Anna Hall] 29 years

d. 7 December 1892 at New York City; daughter of Valentine G. Hall; wife of Elliot[t] Roosevelt; mother of Eleanor Roosevelt [future First Lady], Elliot[t] Roosevelt and Hall Roosevelt; sister of Valentine G. Hall; [sister‑in‑law of future President Theodore Roosevelt]; Aannouncement of her death was a shock to her friends .....Mrs. Roosevelt was well known here [Westbury] having resided here in her country home at Meadow Brook Park for a number of years. Mr. Elliot Roosevelt is in a private insane asylum where he was placed last year@

ROOSEVELT Dr. J. West 38 years

d. 10 April 1896; funeral at Church of the Holy Communion, New York City; son of S. Weir Roosevelt; nephew of J. A. Roosevelt; cousin of Theodore Roosevelt; summer resident of Oyster Bay Cove; graduate from College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1880; Aattending physician at Bellevue, Roosevelt and Seton Hospitals ...... fleet surgeon of the Sewanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club@; Acontributed valuable articles to magazines and scientific papers@; Awill be greatly missed by his many friends who reside in this village [Oyster Bay]@; long obit in 13 April 1896 paper

ROOSEVELT James A. 73 years

d. 15 July 1898 at East Williston; apoplexy; suddenly while riding on the train to Oyster Bay; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; son of Cornelius Van Schaick Roosevelt; husband of Elizabeth N. Emlin; son-in-law of William F. Emlin of Philadelphia; father of Mrs. Edward R. Merritt, William E. Roosevelt and the late Alfred Roosevelt (d. 1892); uncle of Col. Theodore Roosevelt; banker; worked since age of 20 with Chemical Bank of which he was a vice president; founded Roosevelt & Son, banking house, in 1878; director of New York Life & Trust Company; president of Roosevelt Hospital; trustee of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children; summer resident of Cove Neck; Aone of [Oyster Bay=s] best known and most highly respected summer residents@; account of his will in 30 July 1898 paper

ROSCHE Mrs. Christian

d. 18 July 1900 at Rockville Centre; sister-in-law of Mrs. Henry Menge and Mrs. [Rev.] P. G. L. Matschat, both of Hicksville

ROSENBERG Mrs. 54 years

d. 24 December 1898 at Bayville; dropsy; interment at Bayville


d. 24 August 1896 at Chicago, Illinois; appendicitis operation; funeral Chicago Temple, Chicago, Ill.; son of Morris and Jenette Rosenthal; brother of four professional men, two of whom are dentists and two physicians; one of these is Dr. A. D. Rosenthal, resident of Hempstead, with offices in Hempstead, Roslyn and Hicksville; native of Philadelphia, Pa., b. 7 December 1862; graduate of Jefferson Medical College in 1888; went into medical pratice for a few years until he left to study obstetrics and gynecology in Germany and Austria 1891-1893; established gynecological practice in Chicago in 1893; attending gynecologist at Cook County Hospital, physician for Hebrew Charities and attending physician for Jewish Orphans= Home; had Awritten extensively for various medical journals both here and abroad@; Aa host of friends and patients mourn his loss@; obit in 5 September 1896 paper copied from 26 August 1896 Chicago Evening Post


d. 6 August 1895 at Northport; dysentery; father-in-law of Frank W. Ames

ROSS Christian W.

d. 21 June 1897 at Germantown, Pennsylvania; father of Charlie Ross, kidnap victim; Athe elder Ross spent a fortune for the recovery of his kidnapped son, without avail@

ROSS Maria 77 years

d. 14 September 1896 at Glen Cove; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; mother-in-law of J. C. Bergen of Glen Cove; resident of Glen Cove for the past 13 years

ROSS Robert

murdered April 1895 at Troy, New York, by Bartholomew ABat@ Shea; Aa most brutal affair performed by a body of political thugs ..... who came to imagine that everything that was done for the sake of Democratic victory would be all right@; editorial in 12 October 1895 paper

ROSSELL Henry 79 years

d. 21 March 1900 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; widower; step-father of Mrs. H. W. Rennenburg of Chicago, Illinois; cabinet maker by trade; resident of Hicksville for 35 years


funeral 22 August 1897 at Sea Cliff conducted by Rev. Dr. Lawrence, Rev. Dr. Weston and Dr. Collard

ROTHMAN George 69 years

d. 17 March 1897; Afatty degeneration of the heart@; funeral at Sea Cliff; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; engaged in wine business in New York City; Ahad a fine residence@ in Sea Cliff

ROUSTH Anna 3 y 3 m 17 d

d. 28 March 1894 at Greenlawn

ROWE [Mrs.] Gabe

d. 18 September 1891 at Hicksville

ROWEHL Diedrich G. 71 years

d. 17 January 1897; Bright@s disease; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Hicksville; father of thirteen children, six of whom survive; native of Germany, who came to America in 1853; lived in Hicksville area Afor the past forty-two years [since ca. 1854]@; Ahonored and respected by all ... as he was a loving husband, kind father and a good neighbor@

ROWELL Mamie ca. 24 years

d. 15 December 1891 at Miller=s Place; daughter of Rev. Morse Rowell

ROWELL Morse ca. 30 years

d. 5 April 1896; consumption; resident of Miller=s Place; agent of Equitable Life Aand other assurance societies@; survived by widow and four children

ROWLAND Conductor

d. 29 December 1891 at Locust Valley; attempting to board a moving train; conductor on the Oyster Bay Branch L. I. R. R.


death reported from consumption; son‑in‑law of Capt. J. H. Smith; 27 January 1894 paper; Mount Sinai item

ROWLAND Henry 38 years

d. 1 April 1897 at Northport; pneumonia; funeral at Northport by Rev. Adams of M. E. Church; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery, Northport

ROWLAND Jared Sparks 49 years

d. 19 March 1891 at Northport; funeral at Springfield; brother of Mrs. J. W. Wheeler

ROWLAND Platt 76 years

d. 12 April 1900 at Glen Cove; funeral at Glen Cove M. E. Church; widower of Margaret Egan, formerly of Huntington; father of Albertus T. Rowland and Edward Rowland, both of Glen Cove, and Mrs. Cole A. Carpenter of Sea Cliff; native of New York City (b. 17 November 1823); spent his early years in Huntington; came to Glen Cove during the 1850=s and resided there, except for two years at Babylon, for the rest of his life; active member of Glen Cove M. E. Church and served as a members of it official board

ROWLAND Spafford

d. 16 January 1898; double funeral with wife 18 January 1898 at Mount Sinai; former resident of Oyster Bay

ROWLAND Mrs. Spafford

d. 15 January 1898; double funeral with husband 18 January 1898 at Mount Sinai; former resident of Oyster Bay

ROWLAND William N. 34 y 7 m 6 d

d. 20 December 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; grandson of late Gideon Nichols of Huntington

ROWLEY Mrs. John

d. 23 January 1898 at Farmingdale; interment at Mattewan, New Jersey; Aleaves a loving husband and six small children@


d. 28 January 1895; pneumonia; mother of Thomas Rudden of Mineola

RUDYARS Henry T. 58 y 5 m 11 d

d. 29 May 1894 at Melville; consumption; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; Aold resident of Jericho ...... for some years past held the position of foreman on the large pony farm of Oscar Jackson near Melville@

RUF Frank 40 years

d. 8 September 1900 at Hicksville; consumption; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; survived by unnamed widow and 3 children; baker in Athe city@ for many years; about 1898 he opened a bakery in Hicksvile, but gave it up due to ill health

RUFF infant

death reported 1 August 1891 paper; child of Frank Ruff; Hicksville item

RULAND infant Aseveral weeks old@

Afound dead in bed@; child of Judson Ruland; 16 January 1892 paper Melville item

RUMPH Alfred 16 years

drowned 9 July 1900 at Bergen Beach while swimming; funeral at Brooklyn; son of George Rumph of Brooklyn; nephew of Mrs. Lucille Clowes of Oyster Bay; grandson of W. H. Hoagland of Oyster Bay

RUOCCO Mrs. Petro 26 years

d. 29 December 1892 at Long Island City; civilian killed in massive dynamite explosion in downtown Long Island City accidentally set off during construction of railroad tunnel to Manhattan

RUSHMORE Benjamin F. 70 years

d. 21 April 1891; Hempstead businessman; trustee of Village of Hempstead; Justice of the Peace in 1856; under‑sheriff of Queens County 1874 and Sheriff of Queens County 1877; involved in Democratic Party politics

RUSHMORE Elbert 82 years

d. 16 April 1891 at Hempstead; m. Frances S. Fanning 1836; father of George C. Rushmore, James D. Rushmore, Mrs. L. D. Bennett and Mrs. P. B. Bronfield; ran grocery store in Hempstead with brother L. D. Rushmore; member of M. E. Church

RUSHMORE George 35 years

d. 12 January 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Hempstead; son of Elbert Rushmore of Hempstead


d. 11 October 1891 at Plainfield, New Jersey; interment at Westbury; son of Stephen Rushmore; Queens County Agricultural Society secretary 1877


d. 19 January 1892; interment at Jericho

RUSHMORE Rev. Lorenzo D.

d. at Brooklyn; funeral 20 September 1895 at Hempstead; brother of Mrs. John French of Brooklyn; father of Wilbur F. Rushmore and Merwin Rushmore, both of Brooklyn; Aordained as an elder [of the M. E. Church] fifty-seven years ago [ca.1838]. He has preached more sermons, performed more marriage ceremonies and conducted more funeral services than any other minister on Long Island. He has a record of more than one thousand marriages solemnized....@; resident of Hempstead Afor the past forty years@

RUSHMORE Louise * 35 years

d. 18 March 1892 at Oyster Bay; consumption; wife of Townsend Rushmore

RUSHMORE Martha 95 years

d. [prob.] 13 June 1893; interment at Hempstead; daughter of Thomas Gould and Abigail Sammis; native of Huntington; resident of Laurel Hill, Queens County; torn obit in 1 July 1893 paper copied from Newtown Register of 15 June 1893

RUSHMORE Townsend *

d. 10 July 1896 at Oyster Bay; Arespectable colored man ...[who] had formerly been in the employ of John Adams for many years@

RUSKIN John 81 years

d. 20 January 1900 in England; Afew men have left a greater impress upon the world of art@; long editorial obit in 26 January 1900 paper

RUSSELL Mrs. 50 years

d. 14 March 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; mother of Mrs. George Van Ausdall, Jr.; Cold Spring item

RYAN John M. 63 years

d. 15 December 1898 at Huntington; rheumatism of the heart; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; unnamed widow survives; father of William Ryan, Maggie (Mrs. Stephen G.) Todd, John Ryan and Katie (Mrs. William) Spontowitz, all of Huntington, and Mary Ryan of Brooklyn; native of Queens County, Ireland, b. 15 August 1835; came to America in 1843 and lived in Huntington ever since; kept a boarding house at Crossman=s Brickyards, West Neck; later ran the Brandagee farm at Lloyd Neck and finally a saloon on Wall Street, Huntington; Aa faithful member@ of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church

RYAN Margaret 65 years

d. 9 May 1900 at Huntington; Avery suddenly@ from a stroke of apoplexy; found dead in bed; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; mother of William Ryan, Margaret (Mrs. Stephen G.) Todd and Katie (Mrs. William) Sponowitz, all of Huntington, John Ryan of Cold Spring Harbor, and Mary (Mrs. Thomas) Lynch of Brooklyn; former resident of Lloyd Neck and West Neck who moved to Huntington Aseveral years ago@

RYAN Michael

d. 26 May 1900 at Central Islip; suffocated in a fire at workmen=s barracks at Manhattan State Hospital; one of the workmen, drunk at the time, upset a lamp, causing the fire; resident of Binghamton, N. Y.

RYAN Michael 50 years

d. 21 June 1900; survived by an unnamed widow; proprietor of the Bayville Hotel; Oyster Bay item

RYAN Patrick

d. 6 June 1900 at Laurel Hill; hit by L. I. R. R. train while walking along tracks with his co-workers

RYDER [?] child 2 years

drowned 3 August 1894 at Wreck Lead in a creek; body not recovered; niece of H. B. Ryder; Rockville Centre item

RYDER Bert Alad@

d. 15 May 1891 at Jamaica; hit by railroad train

RYDER Mrs. H. B.

d. 4 March 1891 at Mineola

RYDER Jacob L. 86 years

d. 1 May 1891 at Farmingdale; funeral at Hempstead; father of H. D. Ryder and Stephen G. Ryder