Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


P Surnames


PAFF James

interment 19 March 1891 at Hempstead; fell from 4th story of a building in Brooklyn; resident of Brooklyn; formerly of Hempstead

PAHDE Charles 47 years

d. 31 May 1900 at Jersey City, New Jersey; funeral at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat; survived by an unnamed widow and one adopted child

PAHDE William 45 years

d. 17 March 1897 at Hicksville; Acomplication of diseases@; interment at Hicksville; never married; life-long resident of Hicksville (b. 11 December 1851); Acarpenter by trade@

PAINTER Isabella ca. 30 years

d. 11 February 1892 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; daughter of Dr.Jaynes; wife of John Painter


d. 24 March 1900 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay M. E. Church; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; wife of Job Painter

PAINTER William Edgar

d. 28 August 1893 at Glen Cove; apoplexy; found dead sitting under a tree on Pearsall Avenue

PALAIO Domenico

d. 9 July 1892 at Roslyn; jumped in front of train at East Williston to save son who was on tracks; account of mishandling of the body by undertaker Thorne of Roslyn in 16 July 1892 paper Note: surname is spelled in various ways in different accounts of the event.


body found 17 May 1893 in Hudson River opposite Sing Sing, N. Y.; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; escaped from Sing Sing Prison 20 April 1893 with F. W. Roehl, who may have murdered Pallister and then committed suicide


funeral 5 December 1892 at East Orange, N. J.; mother of Huldah (Mrs. Fred W.) Pennoyer; former resident of Huntington

PALMER Eugene P. 60 years

d. 23 August 1897 at Sea Cliff; heart and lung trouble; funeral at New York City; resident of New York City

PALMER Jacob Williams

d. 8 August 1897; cholera infantum; interment at Westbury; child of Frank Palmer; Mineola item


d. 1 March 1897 at Brooklyn; unnamed widow and three sons survive; resident of Woodbury Afor a number of years@

PALMER General John M. 83 years

d. 25 September 1900 at Springfield, Illinois; [interment at Carlinville, Illinois]; [native of Scott County, Kentucky]; [served in the Illinois legislature and as a Republican elector for Lincoln in 1860]; Aone of the great generals of the Civil War@; Governor [of Illinois, as a Republican, 1869-1873] and U. S. Senator [from Illinois, as a Democrat, 1891-1897]; Ahe was the candidate of the Gold Standard Democrats for President in 1896@


d. 11 January 1895 at Coxsackie, New York; native of Coxsackie, but for many years as resident of Syosset; went back to Coxsackie for a visit after an absence of twenty years, took sick and died

PALMER Walter 73 years

d. 23 May 1895 at Somers, Westchester County, N. Y.

PALMER Mrs. Wilson

d. 17 March 1898 at Arlington, Massachusetts; wife of former editor of the Oyster Bay Pilot; mother of Mrs. Henry W. Bullard of Arlington; former resident of Oyster Bay for fourteen years and, at that time, a member of the Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church and the Ladies= Literary Circle

PARISH Mrs. Roswell 93 years

d. 22 September 1896 at Littleton, New Hampshire; interment at Littleton, N. H.; daughter of Capt. Thomas Smith; mother of Mrs. J. Hutchinson of Littleton, N. H.; native of Smithtown, b. 1803; long-time resident of Hartford, Connecticut, Abut spent the last years of her life with her daughter@; Smithtown item


d. 22 December 1892; interment at Mount Sinai; daughter of Lewis M. Rowland; wife of Wallace Parker

PARLIMAN Alice 26 years

d. 25 August 1896 at Brooklyn; funeral Glen Cove, by Rev. Gilman of the M. E. Church; daughter of John H. Parliman of Glen Cove


d. 19 March 1895; resident of Glen Cove Landing

PARNELL Delia Tudor Stewart

d. 27 March 1898 at Avondale, County Wicklow, Ireland; clothing caught fire the day before; daughter of Admiral Charles Stewart [of the U. S. Navy]; wife of John Howard Parnell; mother of Charles Stewart Parnell, late Irish political leader; native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PARRAGA Mary Louise 38 years

d. 29 March 1896 at Huntington Harbor; interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City; wife of J. L. Parraga

PARRISH Richard L. 87 years

d. 16 February 1893; funeral at Matinecock

PARSELLS George 92 years

d. Alast week@ at Long Island City; Athe oldest public official in Queens County@; first Long Island City justice of the peace when city was incorporated; previously Recorder of Village of Astoria and Town of Newtown official; 9 January 1892 paper


d. at Peekskill, N. Y.; proprietor of Eagle Hotel at Peekskill; died after hearing his landlord had been shot in Brooklyn Alast Thursday@ by a jealous husband. AThe shock was too great for him@; son of W. P. Parsons; former resident of Huntington 7 November 1891 paper

PARSONS John G. 67 years

d. 24 April 1894 at East Northport; peritonitis; interment at Evergreens, Brooklyn; brother of Fred S. Parsons of East Northport; former resident of community near Buffalo, N. Y.; secretary of a building & loan association

PATON small child

d. 20 July 1900 at Oyster Bay; complication of diseases; interment at East Norwich; child of Mrs. James Paton of Brooklyn; grandchild of Mrs. A. Hawxhurst of Oyster Bay

PATTEN child 2 years

d. 9 August 1898 at Oyster Bay; bronchitis child of Mrs. James Patten, former resident of Oyster Bay; grandchild of Abraham Hawxhurst of Oyster Bay


drowned 16 October 1896 at Mill Neck Creek;; Asome persons near by heard his cries for help but could not get to his assistance in time@


d. 24 July 1894 at Middletown, N. Y.; interment at Glen Cove; former Glen Cove resident who was an inmate at Middletown Insane Asylum

PATTON Thomas 80 y 4 m 27 d

d. 17 February 1891 at Huntington; husband of Charlotte W. Scudder, who he m. 1843; brother‑in‑law of Rev. Moses L. Scudder; father‑in‑law of A. B. Gildersleeve; active Methodist; b. Boston, Massachusetts 21 January 1810; resident of Huntington since 1845

PAUL Charles

d. 10 October 1891 at Hicksville; resident of Hicksville for the Apast 15 years@; in cigar business

PAULDING Anna Maria 85 y 5 m 27 d

d. 7 January 1894 at Huntington; widow of Rear Admiral [Hiram] Paulding; mother of Anna Paulding, Emma Paulding and Hiram Paudling, all of West Neck, Tattnall Paudling of Philadelphia, Rebecca (Mrs. Commodore Richard W.) Meade and Mary (Mrs. Major Robert L.) Meade; about 1837, Admiral Paulding purchased a farm on West Neck as a home for his family while he was away at sea and Mrs. Paulding resided at West Neck for most of those years; in recent years, due to ill health, she remained at home on her farm

PAUSEL Elizabeth 69 years

d. 9 November 1895 at Oyster Bay; Asuddenly...heart disease@; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; wife of A. H. Pausel; mother of 1 son and 1 daughter; member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; former resident of Northport; Aa lady highly esteemed for her quiet, unassuming, but earnest Christian character@

PAYNE infant son

funeral 22 January 1897 at South Glen Cove; interment St. Paul=s Episcopal Churchyard, Glen Cove; son of Edward T. Payne

PAYNE Frank ca. 80 years

d. at Long Island City; funeral 6 May 1897 at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; father of Mrs. John Moir; Aspent nearly all his life as a resident of Smithtown@

PAYNE Mrs. Jonas

d. 24 May 1892; cancer; interment at Northport; Smithtown item

PAYNE Oscar *

interment 22 July 1894; Ayoung colored man who has been in the employ of A. T.Jackson at Jericho@

PAYNE Sophie E. 61 years

d. 24 November 1899 at Brooklyn, from caring for her brother during his final illness; funeral at Brooklyn; sister of the late Rev. Thomas Webb, former pastor of the Northport Baptist Church; mother of four, two of whom, Mrs. Andrew Mitteaur and Alice Payne, are residents of Northport; former resident of Northport


funeral 14 October 1897 at Friends= Meetinghouse, Searingtown; Astricken with paralysis .... and never recovered consciousness@; resident of Mineola


d. Aonly a few years ago@ at Upola, Navigator=s Group, Fiji Islands; native of Pearsalls, who left Long Island Anearly 30 years ago@ on a whaling ship; deserted at Pago Pago in Samoa with a companion, ‑‑‑‑ Seaman of Sag Harbor; Afor years they lived a roving life among the islands of Polynesia, finally settling down at Upola .... where they took unto themselves native wives and adopted the manners and customs of the islands@; 4 August 1894 paper

PEARSALL Mrs. Hiram B. 34 years

d. 4 April 1896; typhoid fever; funeral Oyster Bay M. E. Church, conducted by Rev. Russell of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; daughter of late Charles Sammis of Oyster Bay


d. 26 January 1897 at East Amityville; native of Half Hollow Hills (b. 1831); Aquite extensively engaged in the charcoal burning business .... was about the last person to continue in that line of industry in this section@

PEARSALL Robert Frary infant

funeral 10 December 1893 at Glen Cove; son of Thomas Pearsall

PEARSALL Thomas Buchanan

d. 26 October 1897; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; son of General James B. Pearsall of Glen Cove; member of Royal Arcanum Council of Glen Cove

PEARSALL William 79 years

d. 28 December 1897 at Huntington; memorial notice from the Official Board of the Huntington Methodist Episcopal Church in 12 March 1898 paper

PECK Eliza Langdon 98 years

d. Aa few days since@ at Kensington, Connecticut; grandmother of Mrs. Thomas Pearsall of Glen Cove; 20 April 1900 paper

PECK Nancy H.

d. 3 January 1893 at Southold; widow of Israel Peck; mother of Mrs. J. G. Huntting of Huntington

PECKHAM Harold L. 4 years

d. 9 December 1900 at Cold Spring; diphtheria; son of Charles Peckham; memorial service for Harold and 3 other children who died of diphtheria on 23 December 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor Baptist Church

PEDRICK May B. 16 years

death reported in 15 June 1895 paper; resided with Mr. and Mrs. C. Donley; daughter of Emma Pedrick and granddaughter of the late Samuel Pedrick; Farmingdale item

PELL Marion

d. 13 March 1897 [probably at New York City]; Aaccidentally knocked a lamp from a mantel. It fell upon the stove and exploded, setting fire to her clothing immediately. She was alone .... was taken to the hospital where she died the following day@; aunt of Samuel George and John George, both of Huntington; resident of Harlem, New York


d. 29 March 1895 at Oyster Bay; funeral at R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville

PENDERGRAST Mannie 20 years

d. 18 March 1892 at Oyster Bay; consumption


d. 19 April 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Northport; graveside service by Rev. Holden of Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport; summer resident of Northport; Amany years ago@ a resident of Huntington


d. at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; mother of Dr. Perkins of Smithtown; Ashe had recently visited the doctor at his home in this village [Smithtown] and left here in good health@; 17 April 1897 paper; two grandchildren who had been in her care are now in care of Dr. and Mrs. Harold Perkins of Smithtown; 7 August 1897 paper

PERKINS Maria F. Beecher 94 years

d. 14 March 1900 at Hartford, Connecticut; sister of the Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, who d. the same day, the late Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, [and the late Harriet Beecher Stowe]

PERKINS Marion 89 years

d. 14 April 1891 at Riverhead; widow of John Perkins; Athe first Methodist that appeared in this part of the County@ [Riverhead]


d. 25 February 1900 at Arlington, New Jersey; survived by widow, the former Mattie Pidgeon; father of three children; former resident of Northport

PERRY Mrs. Joseph 36 years

d. 6 June 1900 at Oyster Bay; heart failure; survived by her husband and nine children, the youngest of whom is Aan infant a week old@

PERRY Louisa

d. 5 October 1891 in New Jersey; run over by a horse car; interment at East Norwich; daughter of Isaac and Jane Bockus; native of Oyster Bay

PETER Mrs. Jacob

d. Asuddenly of heart disease@; funeral 12 January 1896; interment at Westbury; resident of Plain View

PETERS infant

funeral 11 December 1893; interment at Northport

PETERS Augustus W.

d. 29 December 1898 at New York City; Manhattan Borough President; Ahe was a Tammany man@

PETERS Bernard

d. 13 July 1899 at Marbledale, Litchfield County, Connecticut; stricken with paralysis in 1895; funeral at All Souls Universalist Church, Brooklyn, E. D.; unnamed widow survives; father of Thomas P. Peters, editor-in-chief of Brooklyn Daily Times, Mrs. James A. Sperry and Mrs. William Cullen Bryan; native of Duerkheim, Germany (b. 1827); owner of the Brooklyn Daily Times in partnership with his son and two sons-in-law, B. Peters & Company; resident of Brooklyn and summer resident of Marbledale, Connecticut

PETERS Dr. John C. 74 years

d. at East Williston; funeral 25 October 1893 at Garden City; Awell known authority on cholera and germ diseases@; in medical practice since 1842; extensive study on cholera in 1873 which was published by Congress; worked on the yellow fever epidemic of 1878

PETERSON infant child

d. 18 April 1897; child of Christopher Peterson; Northport item

PETERSON child 3 years

murdered by its mother Hilda Peterson, a Swede, at Rockville Centre in March 1898; child was illegitimate; trial at Queens County Courthouse, Long Island City, ended 14 December 1898 with a verdict of temporary insanity; mother sent to Matteawan Auntil further examination can be made into her mental condition@; mother released from Matteawan Asylum, 11 March 1899 paper

PETERSON Axel 31 years

suicide 3 July 1894 at Oyster Bay Cove; shot himself through the heart following a quarrel with his wife over his being late for supper; Swedish immigrant per 7 July 1894 paper or Danish immigrant per 14 July 1894 paper

PETERSON/PETERSEN Charles/Carl/Christjohn 78 years

drowned 24 or 26 August 1895 at Bayville; Avery fond of bathing and had been accustomed to go in bathing daily. It is supposed that heart disease caused him to fall helpless into the water@; father of Mrs. Henry C. Wollenhaupt of Bayville, a former resident of Hicksville, whom he was visiting at the time of him death; native of Denmark

PETERSON AUncle@ Peter * 100 years

funeral 5 January 1896 at Acolored church@, Amityville; Aserved as drummer boy in War of 1812 and as a soldier in the War of 1847 [Mexican War]@; Abesides being a prominent local character, Uncle Peter was known throughout Long Island as a stump speaker. He left considerable property@

PETRY child 2 years

d. Alast week@ at Westbury; diphtheria; daughter of Adam Petry; 11 June 1898 paper


d. 17 April 1897; interment [probably] at Jamaica; resident of Sea Cliff Afor several years@

PETTIT infant

d. at Hempstead; interment 30 June 1891 at Westbury; daughter of Eugene Pettit

PETTIT Ann Rebecca 59 yrs 11 mos

d. 10 January 1896 at Huntington; widow of Joseph Smith Pettit, who she m. [ca. 1853]; his death Awas a sad blow to his wife ... her own grief was so deep that she could not recover from its effects@; mother of Mrs. George Ferguson and Mrs. George Mills; native of Brooklyn; maiden name was Ann Rebecca Wood; resident of Brooklyn until ca. 1870, when she moved to Huntington; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington

PETTIT Daniel T.

d. 16 September 1892; Aformerly proprietor of Pettit=s Hotel@; funeral was Alargely attended@; Hempstead item

PETTIT Ira 83 years

d. Arecently@ at Salt Lake City, Utah; former resident of Oceanside; Athe first Long Islander to embrace the doctrine of the Latter Day Saints@; Aremoved [to Salt Lake City] in order to spend his last days with its chosen people. He was the means of converting several families to Mormonism during his residence in Oceanside, and these families still continue in the belief and hold services in that neighborhood@; 25 January 1896 paper

PETTIT Mrs. John B.

d. 21 April 1891 at Hempstead; widow who ran hotel in Hempstead with son Daniel Pettit

PETTIT Joseph Smith 59 yrs 8 mos

d. 8 April 1895 at Huntington; native of Brooklyn, b. 7 July 1835; brother of Mrs. Amos Bouton; husband of Anna Rebecca Ward (m. 1853); father of Mrs. George Mills and Mrs. George Ferguson; worked for Westcott=s Express Company Aover thirty-five years@; a resident of Brooklyn most of his life, he briefly lived in Huntington; his wife and children resided in Huntington and he would come Aup to visit them as often as his business would permit@; Awas a man of very quiet and retiring manner and led a moral life, always being careful in his observance of the Sabbath, was never known to swear and drink ... exceedingly neat in his habits and personal appearance@

PETTIT Kate Hogan 29 years

d. 4 February 1895; pneumonia; funeral R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Westbury; daughter of John and Johanna Hogan and sister of Mrs. Michael Hines, Aall of whom have died within ten days= time@; sister of James Hogan and Mrs. Johanna Griffin; wife of William Pettit; mother of three unnamed children

PETTIT Peter 76 y 8 m 16 d

d. 26 November 1898 at Fair Ground; suddenly; funeral at Fair Ground by Rev. Walter of Huntington; interment at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead; unnamed widow survives; father of A. S. Pettit of Fair Ground and six other sons; resident of Fair Ground Afor the past few years@ having Aspent most of his life in the town of Hempstead .... owning a farm at East Meadow@; former member of M. E. Church, East Meadow; member of M. E. Church, Huntington

PETTIT Samuel L.

d. 13 January 1892 at Westbury; Ala grippe@

PETTY Capt. Jeremiah E. 43 years

d. 3 May 1896; meningitis; funeral Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Church; was thrown from his wagon last winter and Athe heavy wheels passed over his side and head ... it is believed that the result of this accident led to his death@

PETTY Robert L.

d. 1 October 1896 at Bellport; former Sheriff of Suffolk County; candidate for Republican Party nomination for Suffolk County Treasurer in the fall election


d. 28 April 1897 at Haddonfield, New Jersey; Apromoter of the Centennial Exposition of 1876@; short obit in 1 May 1897 paper

PHELPS Edward J. 78 years

d. 9 March 1900 at New Haven, Connecticut; former U. S. minister to Great Britain; Awas very popular in England@

PHILIP Rear Admiral John W.

d. 30 June 1900; survived by an unnamed widow and two sons; commandant at the Brooklyn Navy Yard; Aa man greatly beloved in naval circles@; commanded the battleship U. S. S. Texas during the Battle of Santiago Harbor, Cuba, during the Spanish-American War; had taken charge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 14 January 1899, following a long career in the U. S. Navy; native of New York City, b. 1840

PHILLIPS two children *

d. 6 January 1893 at Stony Brook; killed in house fire; children of William Phillips

PHILLIPS S. Wells 72 years

d. 8 July 1899 at Greenport; son of Samuel Phillips, founder of the Republican Watchman; native of Sag Harbor; Awell-known Long Island newspaper man@;


lost at sea during a cyclone 22 April 1899 off the coast of Florida; interment at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead; first officer of the steamer General Whitney which ran between New Orleans and New York; son of Capt. Samuel Phillips, president of Rockville Centre Bank; former resident of Cold Spring

PHILLIPS Susan 87 years

d. 17 December 1899 at East Norwich; old age and bronchial trouble; funeral at East Norwich M. E. Church; widow of Peter Phillips; mother of David Phillips of Staten Island, Nicholas Phillips of Brooklyn, Peter Phillips of Oyster Bay and William Phillips of East Norwich; former resident of Westchester, N. Y.; Abeloved by all@

PHOERTNER Otto 16 years

d. 4 November 1894 at Bowery Bay; killed in hunting accident while shooting ducks; resident of College Point


d. 3 June 1892 at Hempstead; father of Mrs. C. R. Bergen of Hicksville

PIDGEON Ann 62 years

d. 2 December 1898 at Northport; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Northport Presbyterian Church; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; widow of John Pidgeon of Dix Hills, a Civil War veteran; mother of Edward Pidgeon, Nelson L. Pidgeon, Charles J. Pidgeon, Mrs. Emma Soper, Mrs. Mattie Perkinson and Mrs. Annie Benjamin

PIDGEON Lizzie J. 2 mos 2 days

d. 2 October 1892 at Northport; daughter of Nelson L. and Lizzie Pidgeon

PIDGEON Lizzie R. 24 yrs 11 mos

d. 2 August 1892 at Northport; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; wife of Nelson L. Pidgeon; member Suffolk Lodge, Daughters of Rebeccah

PIERCE Charles A.

suicide 12 March 1899 at St. James; shot himself; unnamed widow and 2 children survive

PIERCE Lemuel 74 years

d. at West Farms, N. Y.; funeral 24 December 1899 at West Farms, N. Y.; interment at Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City; husband of Sarah Rogers; son-in-law of the late Henry Rogers of Cold Spring

PIERSON Lottie E. 36 years

d. 20 November 1897 at Brooklyn; funeral at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; daughter of Sanford Ketcham; wife of C. H. Pierson Note: Aformerly Miss Lottie Hudson@ 27 November 1897 paper, Greenlawn item; [? perhaps Ketcham was her step-father]

PIERSON William S. 7 mos 26 days

d. 18 July 1892 at Brooklyn

PIGOT Henry 13 years

d. 10 July 1898 at Brooklyn; peritonitis; had been spending the week in Oyster Bay before being taken ill; Asuddenly ... after eating cherries and ice cream@


interment Arecently .... in the burying ground near by@; Aquite talented in music to which in former years she devoted herself@; 4 July 1896 paper Woodbury item

PIGUET Mrs. Ely 60 years

d. 27 October 1900 at Woodbury; stroke of paralysis; two funerals held at Woodbury; one at home conducted in French by her former pastor and the other at the Woodbury M. E. Church by Rev. Churchill; mother of 10 children, 9 of whom survive; 5 sons, one of whom, Leopold, is deceased, and 5 daughters, two of whom, Nellie and Leonia are teachers; native of Switzerland; came to the U. S. at the age of 15 and resided in New York City; after marriage, she moved to New Jersey and later to Woodbury

PIGUET Leopold

d. 13 January 1895; Ataken seriously ill one evening six weeks ago, while returning from prayer meeting@; son of Ely Piguet, a Swiss immigrant; active in Woodbury M. E. Church, where he was a member of the Epworth League, sang in the choir and was organist for the Sabbath School; Athe floral offering was the largest ever seen in the little church [Woodbury M. E.]@

PIKE child

d. 27 August 1895; child of H. Pike; Farmingdale item


d. 4 September 1897 at Farmingdale; interment at Amityville; brother of Mrs. John Allen of Farmingdale

PINE Elmira 76 years

d. 8 March 1892 at West Brighton, Staten Island; wife of Charles M. Pine


see: Peckham, Harold L.


d. 17 July 1893 at Glen Cove; wife of Rev. Isaac McK. Pittenger of Raleigh, North Carolina, former rector of St. Paul=s Episcopal Church at Glen Cove; Mrs. Pittenger was on a visit to Glen Cove when she died

PITTLEKOW Charles Anearly@ 80 years

d. 22 February 1899 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; head assistant at Henry Wollenhaupt=s tailoring establishment; member of Newbridge Mutual Aid Society

PLACE Harold 4 years

d. at Marshall, Missouri; reported 6 April 1900 paper; son of Prof. Edgar S. Place of Missouri Valley College, a former resident of Huntington; nephew of Mrs. Clinton F. Hill

PLACE Mrs. Howard

funeral 18 December 1895 at Brooklyn; summer resident of Cold Spring

PLACE Ida Mildred

murdered by her step-mother, Martha Place of Brooklyn, who was sentenced to death in the electric chair; 16 July 1898 paper

PLACE Julia L. 51 yrs 1 mo 14 days

d. 10 December 1899 at West Hills, Asuddenly while sitting in a chair@; funeral at West Hills by Rev. Seem of Huntington; daughter of Ketcham and Ruth Baylis; Mrs. Baylis survives her daughter; wife of Philo R. Place; sister of Chester Baylis, Van Wyck Baylis and Mary Baylis, all of whom reside in Brooklyn; mother of Treadwell K. Place, Awho conducts a large livery business in this village [Huntington]@

PLACE Martha

executed 20 March 1899 at Sing Sing, N. Y.; Athe first woman in the State of New York to die in the electric chair@; she murdered her stepdaughter on 7 February 1898 at Brooklyn and later attempted to kill her husband with an ax, but he escaped

PLACE Mary *

d. 6 May 1897; funeral at Chapel, Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; Arespected colored woman of this place [Oyster Bay]@

PLATT Bradford R. 78 years

d. 10 January 1900 at Huntington; son of Obadiah Platt; husband of widow Mrs. Ira Gould; he had no children; native of Huntington; published the Long Islander for six years, starting in 1847

PLATT Eugene J. 57 years

d. 26 January 1891; funeral at Smithtown Branch; Supervisor of Town of Smithtown

PLATT Col. J. H.

drowned 19 August 1894 at Grand Lake, Colorado; colonel in Civil War; president of Platt & Washburn Company, oil refiners in New York City; former resident of Queens; Aprominent in politics on Long Island,@ having run for the U. S. House of Representatives in 1884; moved to Colorado in 1888 and at the time of his death was a resident of Denver and operated the Denver Paper Mills

PLATT James N.

account of will in 21 July 1894 paper; lawyer with firm of Platt & Bowers who left estate over $1,000,000, the largest ever filed in Suffolk County, Anearly the whole of his estate being given to a sister, Mrs. Bliss of New York@; resident of South Haven

PLATT Lavinia

d. 18 January 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; daughter of David and Sarah Platt; sister of Henry C. Platt and Edgar Platt, both of New York City, and David Platt and Mrs. John Hurd, both of Huntington, and the late Ebenezer Platt, who Adied several years ago of fever in the South@; member of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington

PLATT Milton

d. 7 December 1896 at Stapleton, Staten Island; consumption; funeral Presbyterian Church, Smithtown; son of Elias Platt

PLEINES infant

d. 1 September 1900 at Hicksville; interment in Athe city@; daughter of Peter Pleines

POGUE Edna 3 years

d. Alast week@; Adisease of the kidneys@ following an attack of scarlet fever; daughter of John Pogue; 27 April 1895 paper

POGUE Mrs. John 44 years

d. 1 March 1900 at Oyster Bay; Aa complication of diseases@; funeral at Oyster Bay M. E. Church by Rev. Estes and Rev. Russell, with the Odd Fellows lodges of Oyster Bay and Glen Cove present at the funeral; husband and two daughters survive; native of Glen Cove; Aa quiet and unassuming member of the M. E. Church@


d. at Red Bank, New Jersey; thrown from a wagon and killed; 2 January 1892 paper

POLLEY Thomas W.

killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; dateline 28 December 1891; resident of Boston, Massachusetts; 9 January 1892 paper


d. 30 January 1899 at New York City; customhouse inspector and former secretary to the U. S. Consul to Austria; Asome fifteen years ago he purchased a large tract of land one mile east of Hicksville after laying it out into lots and erecting for himself a handsome summer residence, sold hundreds of lots to city people who erected residences and one factory was built and operated the place called Waldorf Park in honor of William Waldorf Astor@

POOLE Hannah 84 years

d. 18 September 1896 at Plain View; funeral service by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville; mother of Samuel P. Poole of Plain View

POOLE John 48 years

d. 1 February 1898; fell through a hatchway at Atlas Stables on Vestry Street and was killed in fall; funeral at Syosset; interment at Jericho; brother of Mrs. Henry C. Zeuner of Hicksville

POPE infant

funeral 5 November 1900 at Elwood; child of A. Pope

PORTER Admiral [David Dixon]

[d. 13 February 1891 at Washington, D. C.]; Union naval commander during the Civil War; Aour country owes a deep debt of gratitude@; editorial 28 February 1891 paper; Syosset item 21 February 1891 paper

PORTER John Addison 44 years

d. 15 December 1900 at Putnam, Connecticut; former private secretary to President McKinley; at one time was the owner and publisher of the Hartford Post; unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Connecticut in 1894

PORTER Kingsley Eden 2 mos 8 days

d. 14 March 1895 at Albany, N. Y.; interment at Huntington; son of Ira and Clifford Kingsley Eden Porter

POST Anna L.

d. 27 December 1895; appendicitis; wife of Michael Post; mother of four sons and one daughter; Farmingdale item

POST Capt. James 80 years

d. 6 June 1898 at Glen Cove; funeral at Friends= Meeting House, Westbury; interment at Friends= Burying Ground, Westbury; former captain of the steamer Idlewild, on the Glen Cove to New York City route; director of the Glen Cove Bank; official of the Glen Cove Mutual Fire Insurance Company; called ACharles Post@ in the Westbury column of 11 June 1898 paper

POTTER child 6 months

d. Alast week; consumption; child of Mrs. Richard Potter; Oyster Bay item, 28 January 1899 paper

POTTER Edward * 38 years

d. Alast week@; interment at Pine Hollow; Oyster Bay item 11 February 1893 paper

POTTER Richard

d. Aabout three months ago@; Oyster Bay item, 28 January 1899 paper

POTTER Samuel * ca. 60 years

d. 26 November 1891 at Alms House, Yaphank; consumption; Aan old colored man well known in this place [Cold Spring]@

POTTER Samuel P. ca. 50 years

d. 14 July 1892 at Sunken Meadow; funeral at Jamaica; son of Pierepont Potter, former Clerk to Queens County Board of Supervisors

POWELL Andrew 82 y 1 m 6 d

d. 12 January 1894 at West Hills; stroke of apoplexy; nephew of Joshua Wood; father‑in‑law of Benjamin Willis and George Bolzenthal; native of Bethpage and former resident of Brooklyn, were he was involved in carting business; came to Huntington ca. 1868 and in partnership with son‑in‑law Benjamin Willis ran the Huntington House until 1875

POWELL Charles S.

d. 22 March 1897; consumption; funeral Amityville; interment at Bethpage; brother of Wilmington Powell of Amityville; had spent the winter in South Carolina for his health; resident of Farmingdale

POWELL Charles V. 65 years

d. 6 February 1893 at Lloyd=s Neck; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville former resident of Oyster Bay

POWELL Jackson 81 years

d. 14 April 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Westbury; former resident of Westbury

POWELL Jacob S. 55 years

d. 26 April 1896 near Manhasset; son of Stimson Powell, Aa well known preacher in the Society of Friends@; active in Democratic Party politics; former Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead; trustee of the Jones Fund


death reported in 2 April 1898 paper; Farmingdale item

POWELL Mrs. James

death reported in 2 April 1898 paper; Farmingdale item

POWELL Josephine 86 years

funeral 1 April 1898; widow of Ephraim Powell; resident of Plain View

POWELL Leonard C.

funeral 19 September 1892 at Hempstead; brother of Mrs. Hendrickson of Hempstead; Awas a superintending carpenter, any many fine residences in Hempstead were built under his supervision@

POWELL Sarah Ann 77 years

d. 2 July 1897; funeral at Central Park or Bethpage; interment at Woodbury; widow of John Powell; mother of Mrs. George Powell of Central Park; sister of Charles A. Van Sise and Israel W. Van Sise; Athe first to break by death the family circle of five girls and two boys@; Ahighly respected@

POWELL Stephen 68 years

murdered 7 March 1896 at Hempstead; Awealthy shoe merchant doing business on Main Street, Hempstead@; Abrutally murdered@ on Fulton Street, near his home; Ahis skull had been crushed in by a blow from some hard instrument, supposed to be a bar of iron@; he was found Ain a pool of his own blood@ by William G. Lowe, a neighbor; victim of a robbery, as he was known to carry large sums of cash on his person; Aseveral years ago,@ $500.00 in cash was stolen from him and on other occasions he lost various sums of money; had been in the shoe business for forty years; president of the Hempstead Gas & Electric Company; treasurer of the Hempstead & Jamaica Plank Road Company; long account of the murder and arrest of various suspects in 14 March 1896 paper; Queens County grand jury indicted John Wayne and Arthur Mayhew, Atwo colored men@ for the murder of Powell 21 March 1896 paper; see AThe Negro Murderers@ in 2 May 1896 paper; Arthur Mayhew convicted of murder in the first degree and John Wayne of manslaughter at a trial held at Long Island City

POWELL Mrs. T. C. 61 years

d. 14 March 1895 Aafter a long and painful illness@; Farmingdale item

POWELL William 76 years

d. 14 July 1892 at Sunken Meadow

POWERS infant 4 mos

d. 27 July 1896; child of George Powers; Oyster Bay item

POWERS Bernard 84 years

d. 17 January 1892 at East Meadow; funeral at Westbury; cousin of Bernard Powers of Westbury

POWERS George A. 81 years

d. 28 December 1899 at Brooklyn; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; brother of Henry G. Powers of Huntington; father of George Powers, a former resident of Huntington, William Powers, Thomas Powers, Mrs. George Keep and Mrs. Edward J. O=Flyn; prominent real-estate speculator; left an estate valued at $2,000,000

PRATT Calvin E. 68 years

d. 3 August 1896 at Rochester, Massachusetts; [interment at Rochester, Mass.]; resident of Brooklyn; former member of the Massachusetts militia; Aserved through the [Civil] War with distinction and was promoted to the position of brigadier general by President Lincoln for gallantry on the field@; [wounded in the face during the Battle of Mechanicsville, Va., 1862]; elected to the Supreme Court in 1869 and re-elected Aat the expiration of each term@; Awhen the new appellate division was created ... he was transferred by Governor [Levi P.] Morton to that bench@ Note: for more details on his military career see General in Blue: Lives of the Union Commanders by Ezra J. Warner (1964)

PRATT Charles

d. 4 May 1891 at New York City; great philanthropist; benefactor of Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn and founder of the Pratt Institute; had a Asplendid@ home in Glen Cove; account in 4 August 1894 paper of re‑burial in a mausoleum at Glen Cove, having previously been in a vault at Green‑Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn

PRENDERGAST Michael 53 years

d. 23 January 1894 at Cold Spring Harbor; cancer in the ear; interment at West Neck; survived by widow, three daughters and a son

PRENDERGAST Thomas 24 years

d. 15 July 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; Afor several years in the employ of L. C. Tiffany in New York City@

PRENTISS John 26 years

d. 30 June 1894 at Brooklyn; killed when wall of burning store fell on him; employee of Brooklyn Ferry Company who was moving coal cars out of the way of the fire when the wall fell on him and others; son of Owen Prentiss; native of Huntington, formerly employed by Temple Prime and Raymond Selleck; resident of Giford Station, Staten Island

PRENTISS Letitia 70 years

d. 26 October 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery

PRENTISS Owen 65 years

d. 25 December 1894 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; father of Ayoung man@ [John] killed in warehouse fire; resident of Huntington for Amore than twenty-five years@

PREST Helen 67 years

d. 10 October 1893 at Crab Meadow; interment in Monmouth County, New Jersey

PRESTON Virgil L. 4 mos 2 days

d. 19 September 1897 at Lloyd=s Neck

PRICE Eliza 84 yrs 10 mos

d. 29 December 1893 at Huntington


memorial notice from Elwood Lodge # 982, I. O. G. T.; father of Mabel Price, a member of the Elwood lodge; resident of New York City; 10 December 1898 paper

PRIME Charles Saundys

d. Alast week@ at Hartford, Connecticut; brother of Temple Prime and Nina Prime, both of Huntington; 12 December 1896 paper

PRIME Ezra C. 87 yrs 2 mos

d. 17 February 1898 at Amityville; bronchial pneumonia; funeral at Huntington; son of Ebenezer Prime; husband of Charlotte Seeley of Bridgeport, Connecticut (m. 1842), Ashe lived but two months@; husband of Martha Smith of Smithtown (m. 1859), Anow dead@; father of Theodore Prime of Huntington, William L. G. Prime of Huntington, E. Rose (Mrs. Abner) Beatty of New York City and the late Clarence Prime; b. 20 December 1810 at New York City; began a thimble factory at Huntington in 1836; Aowner of the Prime estate, one of the largest properties in the village [Huntington]@; Aowing to an unfortunate mental affliction he entered the Amityville home where he has lived for some fifteen years@; long obit in 26 February 1898 paper

PRIME Major Frederick E.

d. 12 August 1900 at Litchfield, Connecticut; funeral at Grace Church, New York City; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; son of Rufus Prime; brother of Temple Prime and Cornelia Prime, both of Huntington; grandson of Nathaniel Prime; born 24 September 1829 at Florence, Italy; graduated from West Point, at the head of the Class of 1850; member of the U. S. Corps of Engineers; retired from the service in September 1871; 17 August 1900 paper has detailed biography of Major Prime=s activities during the Civil War and his post-war career as an Army engineer.

PRIME Margaret infant

d. 2 May 1894 at Pittsburgh, Pa.; daughter of Frank N. and Margaret B. Prime

PRIME Mary C. 79 years

d. 13 May 1898 at Huntington; Arather suddenly of pneumonia@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; mother of Mrs. George Lush of Flatbush, Mrs. Horace Chatfield of Washington, D. C., Arthur M. Prime of Brooklyn, Mortimer Prime, who Alives in the West@, Juliette Prime and Robert Prime, both of Ridgewood, New Jersey; aunt of Mrs. Rudolph Sammis, Theodore Prime and William Prime, all of Huntington

PRINCE Mrs. George S.

d. Arecently@ at Bridgeport, Connecticut; former resident of Jericho; 10 September 1898 paper

PRINGLE Nichols 42 years

d. 26 June 1892 at Hempstead; Bright=s disease; funerals at Hempstead and New York City

PRINTZ Caroline 52 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn


found drowned 6 February 1894 at the Landing [Glen Cove]; wife of Herman Protz


d. 19 October 1897 at Chicago, Illinois; Asuddenly of heart disease@; unnamed widow survives; father of Sanger Pullman, George M. Pullman, Mrs. Carolan of San Francisco, California, and Mrs. Frank O. Louden of Chicago, Illinois; Adone more than any other man in the world to improve railroad travel and lessen its discomforts@; president of Pullman Palace Car Company; biography in 23 October 1897 paper

PUNDERSON George 57 years

d. 2 March 1891 at Port Jefferson; father of Mrs. R. L. Davis of St. James and Mrs. Amasa A. Petty of Newark, N. J.; yacht captain

PURDY Eliza 79 yrs 4 mos

d. 8 November 1897 at West Hills; pneumonia; funeral at M. E. Church, West Hills by Rev. Churchill of Woodbury M. E., and Rev. Gunton of Cold Spring M. E.; widow of David H. Purdy; sister of David Brush; for many years a resident of Woodbury; Aa prominent member of the M. E. Church@