Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


M Surnames


MACKENZIE Helen I. 78 years

funeral 19 September 1898; Glen Cove item


d. 18 October 1895; Athrown from his horse and killed ... at his chateau in France@; son of John W. Mackey, the Bonanza King of San Francisco; short obit in 26 October 1895 paper

MACKEY John 82 years

d. 5 July 1896 at Port Washington; native of Glen Cove, b. 7 May 1814; Apassed his youth and early manhood in this place [Glen Cove]@; long-time resident of Port Washington

MAGAM Alfred K.

death reported; resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado; former member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; Oyster Bay item, 4 March 1899 paper


d. 20 August 1894 at Riverhead; struck by railroad train while crossing tracks train hit Magory=s wagon and threw him 60 feet; resident of Aquebogue


Awealthy banker@ who left $120,000 in real and $700,000 in personal property; summer resident of Babylon; 13 January 1894 paper


d. 27 September 1897 at Roslyn; hit by train while walking on the tracks; Abody was badly mangled and was not found until early Tuesday morning@; employed by Josiah L. Pearsall, proprietor of the hotel near the Roslyn station

MAHAN Mary Eliza Bishop 63 years

d. 27 December 1894 at Cold Spring; funeral at Cold Spring Baptist Church; wife of Henry Mahan; mother of Mrs. Smith Gardiner of Cold Spring and Mrs. Alarkus Jones of Brooklyn; native of Huntington

MAHAN Sarah Howard 78 y 3 m 17 d

d. 5 January 1892 at Monmouth Junction, N. J.; widow of Francis H. Mahan

MAHLER Henry 32 years

d. 8 November 1892; consumption; interment at Long Island City; son of Mrs. John Clause; Hicksville item

MAHON Hattie 21 years

d. 14 March 1895 at Northport; Ahas been in ill health for a long time and her death was not unexpected@

MAHON Joseph 54 years

d. 20 April 1898 at Oyster Bay; Aafter a long illness@; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; survived by unnamed widow and three children

MAHONEY Michael 25 years

d. 8 September 1891 at Oyster Bay; brakeman on L. I. R. R. train; killed when boiler exploded; funeral at Roslyn; interment at Westbury; resident of Roslyn


d. 8 June 1891 at Garden City Park; interment at Westbury; digging cistern, which caved in on him


funeral 23 January 1898 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff; interment at Roslyn; badly torn obit in 29 January1898 paper

MALCOLM Phebe U. Jackson 57 years

d. 15 March 1895 after a Along and painful illness of cancer@; funeral Friends= Meetinghouse at Jericho; wife of James Malcolm

MALLABY Francis B. 47 years

funeral 19 January 1894 at Glen Cove; son of Rev. Thomas B. Mallaby, former rector of Episcopal Church at Glen Cove; veteran of Civil War and member of Daniel L.Downing Post # 365 G. A. R.

MALLISON Henry 54 years

d. 21 March 1899 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funeral at Oyster Bay M. E. Church by Rev. Estes; interment at Locust Valley; sexton at Oyster Bay M. E. Church and janitor at Oyster Bay public school; former resident of Glen Cove


late of Oyster Bay; letters of guardianship graned to James H. Ludlum of Oyster Bay by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 3 August 1900 paper

MALLISON Sarah 75 years

pneumonia; funeral 7 January 1899 at Reformed Church, Locust Valley; interment at Locust Valley; wife of Matthew Mallison

MALLOY William H. 64 y 10 m 16 d

d. 2 July 1893 at Northport; deacon of Northport Baptist Church; AHis funeral was attended ... by a large number of friends at the Presbyterian Church, which was kindly opened by the trustees, as it was larger than the Baptist Church@

MALONE Mrs. David

d. 7 January 1897; Ahad been sick for a long time and the end was looked for at any time during the last few months@; daughter of William Nelson; sister of Edward Nelson; mother of five children, the youngest being nine years old; native of Cold Spring (b. 1854); Oyster Bay item


found dead 29 May 1899 at Poverty Hollow, Oyster Bay; father of two sons and one daughter; gardener

MALONE Mrs. James 65 years

d. 22 April 1894 at Oyster Bay; Catholic funeral; interment at Brookville

MALONE Rev. Sylvester 78 years

d. 29 December 1899 at Brooklyn; pastor of Sts. Peter & Paul R. C. Church, Brooklyn; native of Ireland; ordained a priest 15 August 1844; his first church was a Asmall congregation@ in Williamsburgh, which became Sts. Peter & Paul; Aa fine edifice was reared in 1848@; AFather Malone was a bitter enemy of slavery and always had the courage to speak his convictions..... Probably Brooklyn contained few broader minded men as far a religion goes than the good old priest@; replaced by Father John L. Belford of St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay

MALONEY Daniel 75 years

d. 21 February 1897 at Spring Hill, East Norwich; found dead in bed; neuralgia of the heart; funeral Westbury R. C. Church; interment at Westbury; survived by unnamed widow; Alived in this neighborhood [East Norwich] for many years@

MALONEY Margaret

d. Asome two weeks ago@; Woodbury item; Aaged and highly respected Irish woman@; Awell informed on the topics of the day .... she kept posted in current events@; 30 April 1892 paper

MALTON infant 10 months

funeral 13 April 1899; parents residents of East Norwich

MANCHESTER Bertha 22 years

murdered; dateline 31 May 1893 at Fall River, Massachusetts; account of murder in 3 June 1893 paper

MANGOLD Catherine E. 52 years

d. 6 January 1891 at Comac

MANLEY John A. 87 yrs 7 mos

d. 18 September 1893 at Northport

MANLEY John F. 51 years

d. 17 April 1894; interment at Hicksville; son‑in‑law of Mrs. Laurie

MANN infant

d. 28 July 1891 at Hicksville; one twin of Dr. John Mann

MANN Robbie

funeral 18 April 1899; interment at Westbury; drank a bottle of whiskey; son of John Mann of New Cassel

MANNIE Rebecca D. 79 years

d. 25 March 1897 at Morrisania; Abeen sick but a few days@; funeral at Northport by Rev. Adams of the M. E. Church; widow of Capt. Mitchell Mannie, Aat one time captain of a steamboat running between this village [Northport] and New York@; mother of 11 children of whom 5 survive: George A. Mannie of Brooklyn, Frank Mannie of Richmond Hill, Mrs. Louisa Smith of Morrisania and Mrs. Josephine Hartt and Mrs. Rose Burt, both of Northport

MANNY Ann Lee 75 years

d. 6 June 1895 at Philadelphia, Pa.; mother of Maria Kelsey; former resident of Huntington

MANNY Michael 60 years

d. 13 November 1891 at Huntington

MANNY Mitchell 74 yrs 6 mos

d. 15 June 1892 at Northport; father of Mrs. Oliver Hartt; Aveteran sea captain and at one time was master of the steamer Craton ..... and later was on the D. R. Martin@


death reported 3 August 1895 paper; resident of London, England; uncle of Ellen E. Berry, formerly of Huntington, who inherited $25,000 from her uncle

MANSON Frederick O. 85 y 2 m 10 d

d. 24 June 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; husband of Sarah Jarvis son‑in‑law of Jonathan Jarvis; Afor a number of years in business in Washington Market in New York City@ and later in business in Brooklyn

MANTON John 82 years

d. 8 August 1900 at Sayville; heart failure; Athe old hermit@ whose brother Michael Manton died and left him $50,000 worth of property, which was contested by relatives

MANTON Michael over 90 years

Aan old miser who lived at Sayville, and upon his death left an estate of about $20,000@; account of contested will in 15 October 1898 paper

MAPES Agnes P. 56 y 4 m 12 d

d. 26 December 1892 at Northport; recently had a cancer removed; wife of Gideon Mapes

MAPES Capt. Gideon ca. 65 years

d. Aa few days since@ at New York City; a Sandy Hook pilot Aand was guiding a large ocean steamer into New York harbor when he was stricken down with paralysis@; interment at Northport; native and former resident of Northport; 25 May 1895 paper

MAPES Herbert 24 years

drowned 23 August 1891 in surf at Fire Island; brother of Charles Jay Mapes; former champion inter‑collegiate high jumper of USA; captain of Columbia College athletic team; Aheld college records in several of the short distance sprints@; Awas what may be called an all‑round good athlete@

MARGOT Henry Daniel 64 years

d. 31 March 1900 at Plain View; funeral at Plain View by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville; unnamed widow survives; father of one son; brother of Mrs. E. M. Grohmann of Plain View; former resident of California; came to Plain View Alast spring [1899]@

MARGOT Louis 47 years

d. 22 December 1896 at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., at the insane asylum; consumption; funeral Plain View M. E. Church; survived by widow and a Afamily of children@; brother-in-law of Harry Jenkins of Hicksville; resident of Plain View who Aabout three months ago ... lost his reason and had to be conveyed to the asylum for treatment@

MARGOT Lucinda 70 years

d. 16 April 1900 at Plain View; pneumonia; funeral at Plain View M. E. Church by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville Reformed Church and Rev. Sands of Hicksville M. E. Church; wife of Ami Margot; member of Hicksville Reformed Church


death reported at New York City; father a former resident of Smithtown; 24 December 1892 paper


shad fishing in a boat on the Nissequogue River on 4 May 1898; intoxicated and fell overboard; rescued and Aput ashore to allow him to go home .... nothing more was seen of him@ until his body was found on the morning of 5 May 1898 in Rassapeague Trout Pond; inquest jury ruled Aaccidental drowning@; Smithtown item


d. 19 December 1900 at Nassau Hospital, Mineola; lineman of the New York & New Jersey Telephone Company; fell off as 40 foot pole in Hicksville when his strap broke

MARSHALL William ca. 24 years

d. 11 August 1892 at Long Island City; interment at Hicksville; injured Atwo weeks ago@ at Hicksville; Afell from a box car while switching cars east of the depot and one of the car wheels passed over his right leg@ which was amputated; resident of Hicksville since immigrating from England Aabout four years ago@; Ahas no relatives in this country@; account of funeral in 20 August 1892 paper

MARSLAND Ida P. 28 yrs 6 mos

d. 6 March 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; five clergymen conducted funeral at Cold Spring M. E. Church; wife of Rev. Isaac A. Marsland; native of Brooklyn

MARTIN Anna Maria 76 y 11 m 7 d

d. 15 August 1896 [probably at Hicksville]; funeral R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; wife of Frank Martin, who she m. 46 years ago Aand they shortly after sailed for America@; mother of Mrs. Josephine Hasseman of Hicksville and Mrs. Adolph Stolz of New York City; native of Germany, who has resided in Hicksville Afor nearly thirty years@


memorial gifts given to St. Paul=s School, Garden City; son of Henry I. Martin; Mineola item; 25 June 1892 paper


d. 9 August 1897; measles and pneumonia; son of Charles Martin; Farmingdale item

MARTIN Joseph ca. 68 years

d. 17 March 1898 at Smithtown Branch; funeral at Smithtown Presbyterian Church; interment at Smithtown Branch Cemetery; unnamed widow, a son and a daughter survive


d. 12 December 1894; Arheumatism of the heart@; native of Paris, France (b. 1825); immigrated to the United States in 1840 and had been a resident of Centreport since 1875, when he ran the Bay View House

MARTIN Samuel S.

d. Athis week@ at Brooklyn; school principal in Brooklyn; summer resident of Northport; 18 April 1891 paper


d. 18 October 1898 at Glen Cove; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove

MARTINEAU James 95 years

d. Arecently@; English Unitarian preacher; 2 February 1900 paper

MARTLING Ann 75 years

d. 25 December 1895; interment at East Norwich; widow of Vincent Martling

MARTLING Susan B. 70 yrs 1 mo

d. 21 April 1896 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; interment at Huntington; sister of Mrs. I. W. Roe; mother of Mrs. Isaac Conklin


d. reported ALong Island Notes@ 8 December 1894 paper; member of Jamaica Royal Arcanum

MARVIN John C. 64 years

d. 1 February 1892 at Centreport; interment at Bellport; former resident of Port Jefferson and Northport; AHis knowledge of different trades was remarkable ..... work which seemed impossible he would, in his quiet, unassuming way, undertake and accomplish.@

MASNER Mr. 72 years

d. 20 July 1894 at Glenwood; Aheart disease@; Aan old and respected resident@

MASON Alice Kenningham 4 y 3 m 17 d

d. 17 January 1895 at Huntington; funeral St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; daughter of Thomas George and Fanny Mason

MATHER Fred 68 years

d. 14 February 1900 at Lake Nebagomain, Wisconsin; former superintendent of the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery; well-known expert in fish culture; veteran of the Union Army during the Civil War and a member of the G. A. R.; at one time active with the J. C. Walters Post, G. A. R.

MATHER Henry 73 years

d. 17 April 1892 at Hoboken, New Jersey; interment at Haverstraw, N.Y.; son of Henry C. Mather; father of William Mather and Allison Mather; brother of Joanna Mather of Huntington and the late Mary Mather of Northport; son‑in‑law of Garrett G. Allison; brother‑in‑law of Michael S. Allison of Jersey City; at age 18 went to Bridgeport to learn shipbuilding under uncle Titus Mather; worked at U.S. Navy Yard at Brooklyn and for the past 40 years was a partner with brother‑in‑law Michael S. Allison as ship builders at Jersey City, N.J.; member of Hoboken M. E. Church for forty years

MATHER John R. 84 years

d. 29 July 1899 at Port Jefferson; widower; nephew of Titus Mather; father of John T. Mather, Mrs. M. L. Chamber and Irene [ ] Mather; native of Port Jefferson; Awealthy Port Jefferson shipbuilder@ who went into business in 1837 and constructed 22 vessels Anearly all of which were large two or three masted schooners@


d. 14 January 1892 at Northport; Ala grippe@; daughter of Henry Mather

MATHERSON Peter 31 years

d. 23 April 1896; Adelegation from the brotherhood of engineers of the Long Island railroad, of which he was a member,@ was present at the funeral; Farmingdale item


d. 16 December 1891 at Hempstead; daughter of Henry Mathews

MATHEWS Hannah M. 80 years

d. 19 June 1895; mother-in-law of E. B. Stehl; Sea Cliff item

MATHEWS Laura 33 y 6 m 12 d

d. 22 September 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; cancer; wife of George Mathews


d. 2 August 1899 at Roundout, N. Y.; killed by lightning

MATTHESSON Daniel 54 years

d. 14 January 1899; funeral at St. Killian=s R. C. Church, Farmingdale; interment at North Amityville; unnamed widow survives; father of one daughter and two sons; native of Norway who Aat the age of 14 .... left home and for a time followed the sea .... finally settling in New York@; a New York City policeman for 25 years; resident of Farmingdale for the past 10 years

MATTHEWS A. D. 91 years

d. 17 June 1900 at Pittsfield, Massachusetts; father of James Matthews and G. D. Matthews; native of Hinsdale, Massachusetts; moved to Brooklyn as a young man Aand in 1837 opened a small dry goods store on his own account. As business and Brooklyn grew, he enlarged his facilities and stand to suit the demand of the times. The Matthews house [A. D. Matthews & Son] now is one of the largest in Brooklyn@; his sons will carry on the business

MATTHEWS Elbert 51 years

d. 12 October 1891 at Hempstead; proprietor of Long Island Hotel; Acarried on an extensive bottling business@

MATTHEWS Elias 68 years

suicide 7 July 1893 at Farmingdale; interment at Bethpage; tailor, in failing health; Asaid to be a genuine woman‑hater@; postmaster of Farmingdale during the Civil War; member of the Republican and later the Prohibition Party

MATTHEWS Samuel 64 years

d. 23 October 1898; widower; father of George Matthews of Oyster Bay and Henry Matthews of Locust Valley; native of Jericho; builder, mason and hotel proprietor at Jericho, Syosset and East Norwich

MATTHIAS Mrs. 70 years

d. 29 April 1892 at Brooklyn; interment at Northport

MATTHIAS Jerry 57 y 10 m 21 d

d. 17 August 1891 at Northport; series of strokes since 1884; native of North Castle, Westchester County; had lived in Northport since 1853; partner with brother in J. & E. A. Matthias, a shoe and boot business in Northport; veteran of Union Army during the Civil War; member of Samuel Ackerly Post, G. A. R. and Alcyone Lodge F & A Masons

MATTHIAS Joseph AUncle Joseph@ 67 years

d. 28 March 1898 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Adams; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; unnamed widow survives; father of M. Fillmore Matthias, Henry G. Matthias and Emma D. Surre; brother of Jerry Matthias and Edward Matthias; native of Westchester County; moved to Greenlawn ca. 1853 and with father and brothers was engaged in the manufacture of shoes; moved to Northport and ran a shoe store and later a bakery, which he conducted until ca. 1894; was postmaster of Northport Aduring President Grant=s first administration@ [1869-1873]; member of the M. E. Church at Northport Afor many years@

MAURER Frederick 76 y 9 m 3 d

d. 12 November 1896 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; father of Philip Maurer and Charles Maurer

MAURER John 8 years

d. 22 June 1898 at Huntington; typhoid pneumonia; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, Flatbush; son of Philip Maurer

MAURER Samuel A. 33 y 3 m 21 d

d. 16 June 1891 at Huntington; Asudden@; barber; resident of Huntington for 8 or 9 years; memorial notice from Nathan Hale Council of Royal Arcanum in 11 July 1891 paper

MAURO Vincaluzo 34 years

drowned 25 July 1900 at Lloyd Neck; drowned in a canal at the gravel works, while Ahe was employed in supplying the engines with water@; survived by an unnamed widow and 3 children; native of Italy

MAXWELL Rev. Samuel H. 59 years

d. 31 January 1897 at Glen Cove; stricken by apoplexy in church during the morning service; Ahe informed his congregation that he was unable to deliver the sermon ... he then pronounced the benediction and dismissed his people and retired to the vestry to leave his ministerial robes. As he did not return, his wife went to look for him and found that he had fallen against the door and it could not be opened [by her]. His friends effected an entrance and it is said he remarked >I am dying.= Those were the last words he uttered@; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove by Rev. Graves of St. Luke=s Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff, and Rev. Washburn of Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pittsburgh, Pa.; father of a son and a daughter by his first wife and a 2 year old child by his second wife; had served as rector of St. Paul=s Church for about four years; Aa man of fine character and greatly beloved by a large circle of acquaintances@

MAY child

funeral 12 February 1897 at Melville; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Amityville; child of Franz May

MAY Mrs.

funeral 1 August 1900; cousin of Mrs. Piquet of Plainview; Woodbury item


d. 11 March 1892; heart failure; interment at Westbury

MAY Francis 70 y 4 m 25 d

d. 24 February 1895 at Plain View; funeral in French by Rev. Grandlienard and in English by Rev. Gutweiler; father of Francis May; resident of Plain View for 42 years

MAY Francis C. 43 years

d. 27 November 1900 at Plain View; Aafter a long illness@; funeral at Plain View M. E. Church; interment at May=s Family Burying Ground, Plain View; widower; father of 2 daughters and 1 son; Awell known and highly respected, he at one time, being postmaster of Plain View@

MAY Julian/Julius P. 31 years

d. 27 March 1891 at Plainview; brother of Francis May; resident of New York City

MAYER Dorothea

late of Hicksville; probate of will; 12 August 1899 paper

MAYHEW Arthur [*]

executed 12 March 1897 at Sing Sing, N. Y.; electrocuted for the murder of Stephen Powell at Hempstead on 7 March 1896; Ahe died protesting his innocence@

MAYHEW Ellen *

d. 23 January 1891 at Hempstead; funeral at Westbury

MC AULEY Mary 71 years

d. 28 August 1893 at Wheatley; Awhile sitting in her rocking chair@; interment at Hempstead; cousin of the late Dr. Searing of Hempstead; had lived with the Searing family Afor nearly forty years@


d. 8 August 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at West Neck; Aon Thursday of the week of extraordinary hot weather, Mary Mc Breen, in the employ of Mrs. Tiffany, was sun struck while fastening clothes to the line and did not recover consciousness in the ten days that she lived thereafter@

MC BRIEN Bernard 1 y 6 m 26 d

d. 7 July 1898 at Long Swamp; funeral at Long Swamp; son of John McBrien

MC BRIEN Daniel 23 years

d. 28 January 1898; pneumonia and appendicitis; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; Alarge number of friends were in attendance@; son of John McBrien of Long Swamp; Ayoungest brother of McBrien Brothers, Butchers@ of Huntington

MC BRIEN Jane 23 yrs 10 mos

d. 26 December 1895 at Long Swamp; consumption; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; daughter of John Mc Brien

MC BRIEN Laura A. 31 y 4 m 17 d

d. 8 November 1897 at Huntington; consumption; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; Alargely attended@; wife of John Mc Brien; mother of Aseveral small children@

MC CANNA Michael ASquealer@ 72 years

d. 13 November 1894 at Huntington; Apicturesque character who has resided for a number of years in a little shanty on Railroad Avenue ... has resided in this town about 35 years and lived a sort of hermit life@; nickname came from odd pitch of his voice; long obit on his eccentic life style; additional story about his love for a Ahandsome young girl@ who Arefused him@ in 1842 in 29 December 1894 paper

MC CARTHY Frank ca. 30 years

found 19 March 1895 at Manorville, near a fence alongside railroad track; had been released from Suffolk County Jail at Riverhead; walked along the track; d. of exposure, Athe night being severly cold@


Arecent death@ at Mineola; 25 April 1891 paper

MC CARTY/MC CARTHY Maria 67/70 years

d. 20 February 1900 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; wife of Jerry Mc Carty/Mc Carthy; Aa faithful member of St. Patrick=s Church@

MC CAULEY infant 8 months

interment 6 October 1898 at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; Cold Spring item

MC CAULEY Cornelius William infant

d. 4 September 1897; son of William McCauley; Glen Cove item


late resident of Hempstead; petition to probate will; husband of Helen Louise McCauley; father of Ralph Smith McCauley; 29 April 1899 paper

MC CLEARY James 72 years

d. 4 April 1897 at Huntington; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; father of Mrs. Margaret Butt; [Huntington] Village item


late resident of East Rockaway; petition for administration of estate; 29 April 1899 paper


d. 7 February 1892 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; adjutant general on the staff of Pennsylvania Governor [Robert E. ] Pattison; Union veteran of the Civil War; wounded at the capture of Petersburg, Virginia, 1 April 1865; native of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.; b. 1842

MC CONN Abraham 42 years

d. 28 September 1892 at Mineola

MC CONNELL Daisy Hollister

d. 29 December 1895 at Poughkeepsie, New York; convulsions after giving birth to a baby; wife of Gibson Mc Connell; m. Aless than a year@; husband was formerly employed by the Long Islander and presently at the Poughkeepsie Evening Star; both she and her husband were Adeaf and dumb@ and both were Awell known@ in Hicksville

MC CORD infant

funeral 22 July 1896; daughter of Thomas Mc Cord; Hicksville item

MC CORD Elizabeth 35 years

d. 23 July 1899 at Central Park; interment at Bethpage; wife of Thomas Mc Cord (m. ca. 1885); mother of Aseveral children@; former resident of Hicksville

MC CORMICK Ann 91 years

d. 16 April 1893 at Commack

MC CORMICK Mary Jane 46 years

d. 20 August 1897 at Brookville; Afrom injuries received the Monday previous (16 August 1897) by being thrown from her carriage by the wild antics of her horse .... at Locust Valley. Her neck was broken and her spine injured@; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Brookville; resident of Brookville her entire life; her hotel at Brookville was sold at public estate auction Alast week@; 4 December 1897 paper, Glen Cove item

MC COUN Mrs. William T.

d. 21 December 1891 at Oyster Bay; Asuddenly@ of pneumonia

MC CRACKEN Isabella 68 years

d. 18 July 1892 at Comac

MC CRACKEN Marcus 70 yrs 8 mos

d. 27 August 1891 at Northport

MC CREA Caroline 55 y 8 m 25 d

d. 25 July 1894 at Huntington; interment at Chicago, Illinois

MC CREERY Mrs. Robert S.

d. 20 September 1899 at New York City; husband is a member of the New York dry goods firm of James Mc Creery & Company

MC CULLOCH David 68 years

d. 6 March 1898 at Middletown [ADied@ column says Middletown, Conn.; AVillage Notes@ says Adied at the Middletown Asylum,@ which was at Middletown, Orange County, N. Y.]; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; unnamed widow survives; father of John McCulloch, William McCulloch, David McCulloch and Jennie McCulloch, all of Brooklyn; native of Scotland; worked as a gardener for Mrs. C. D. Stuart at Huntington; Athe old gentleman began to act strangely and was taken to Middletown@


death recorded among the Apatriots@ who died during 1895; [Comptroller of the U. S. Treasury 1863-1865; U. S. Secretary of the Treasury 1865-1869 and again 1884-1885; important economist and expert on U. S. currency and monetary policy]; 28 December 1895 paper

MC CULLOCH John H. 38 y 4 m 11 d

d. 29 October 1900 at Brooklyn; consumption; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of late David McCulloch and an unnamed mother, who survives; brother of David McCulloch, William McCulloch, and Jennie McCulloch; Huntington native; musician; served with the U. S. Navy band on a warship that went to China; band leader of the Forepaugh Circus Band

MC DERMOTT Raymond child

d. 31 January 1898; convulsions; Greenlawn item

MC DERMOTT Edward 65 years

d. 9 February 1894 at Huntington

MC DONALD Mrs. 65 years

funeral 20 June 1896 at Northport; interment at Anew Catholic cemetery opposite the Genola cemetery at East Northport .... Mrs. McDonald's remains were the first to be laid at rest in it@; resident of Fort Salonga

MC DONALD Alice A. 16 months

d. 28 August 1892 at Northport


d. 6 April 1893 at Setauket; found dead in bed; Ahad been drinking heavily for seven or eight weeks@; proprietor of Setauket Hotel

MC DONNELL Maude 20 years

d. 12 May 1898 at Northport; interment at Atlanta, Georgia; wife of Charles Mc Donnell; mother of an infant 10 months old; former resident of Atlanta, who moved to Northport only Aabout two weeks previous@

MC DONOUGH Bertha 15 years

d. 29 July 1896; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville


Alate of Huntington@; final decree issued on 30 October 1900 by Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court

MC DOUGALL Hugh 66 years

d. 27 December 1900 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; son of Rev. James McDougall, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, 1836-1855; husband of Emma Cowperthwait; father of Howard McDougall, Charles McDougall, Walter McDougall, Malcolm McDougall, Ida McDougall, and Alice (Mrs. Dr. James) Kortwright; learned thimble making under Ezra Prime; went into partnership with Edward Ketcham in the thimble manufacturing business in New York City; member of the South Third Street Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn


d. 9 October 1892 at York, Pennsylvania; interment at Princeton, New Jersey; President of York Collegiate Institute; son of Rev. James Mc Dougall and Julia Kitchell; husband of Virginia D. Coryell; b. Newark, N. J. 11 May 1836; grew up in Huntington where his father served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church 1838‑ ca.1857; graduate of Princeton College 1854 and Princeton Theological Seminary 1858; served as mathematics tutor while at Princeton; pastor of Ainslie Street Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn 1859‑1866 and First Presbyterian Church, Babylon 1870‑1873; principal of Hosack Hall Academy 1866‑1870 and President of York Collegiate since 1873


late of Huntington; decree issued by the Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court 10 September 1900

MC ELRATH Elizabeth P. 83 years

d. 12 July 1896 at Glen Cove at the home of Mrs. G. J. Price; funeral New York City

MC GEE Mary 45 years

funeral 6 September 1900 at Union Church, Centerport, by Rev. Ellis of Northport; wife of John McGee

MC GILL Henry 89 years

d. 14 October 1894 at South Glen Cove; interment at Brookville

MC GINETY Philip 78 years

d. 8 November 1897 at Smithtown Branch; Bright=s disease; interment Ain the city@


d. 22 March 1894 at Bay Shore; lockjaw Abrought on by exposure after a carouse@; found in the highway on 18 March 1894; Aanother result of rum@

MC GLONE Mrs. Robert

d. 23 March 1900 at Lloyd Harbor; pneumonia; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; wife of the keeper of the Lloyd Harbor lighthouse; five young children survive; daughter of James Spring; sister of Mrs. James Sexton and Mrs. Charles McClintock, both of Halesite; native of Eaton=s Neck

MC GOWAN John J. 5 mos 13 days

d. 21 July 1892 at Huntington


d. 24 November 1895 at Centreport; lockjaw, which developed from a wound to his foot from Aaccidental discharge of his gun while hunting@; cousin of Paul Quatlander; resident of Glen Cove

MC GUNNIGLE Margaretta 76 years

interment 11 August 1891 at Westbury; resident of Hicksville


d. 24 July 1895 at Oyster Bay; blood poisoning; widow of John Mc Henry


d. 5 September 1899 at Sheepshead Bay; funeral conducted by Rev. Churchill of Woodbury, former pastor of Sheepshead Bay M. E. Church; husband of Fannie Nostrand (m. 1865); son-in-law of Capt. Cornelius Nostrand; native of Ireland (b. 1841); building contractor; political figure in the old Town of Gravesend and Kings County; elected Supervisor of the Town of Gravesend in 1883 and president of the Kings County Board of Supervisors in 1887; sent to Sing Sing Prison 1894-1898 for Astuffing the ballot box in his bailiwick@; served 25 years years as superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School at Sheepshead Bay; Athe church stood by him in all his troubles@

MC KAY Forbes A. 87 y 10 m 21 d

d. 5 January 1899 at Frog Ponds, Huntington; widow of Duncan McKay, who d. Aabout 25 years ago@; mother of Margaret McKay, Duncan McKay and Mary (Mrs. Elwood) Crossman, all of Huntington, and John McKay of Brooklyn and the late George McKay, William McKay and James McKay; Ahad been in reasonably good health@

MC KAY William 58 y 2 m 19 d

d. 6 October 1891 at East Norwich; son of Duncan McKay; husband of Elizabeth Sammis, daughter of Richard Sammis; native of Scotland; came to Huntington in 1851; partner in Downing & McKay general store in East Norwich; superintendant of Brookville Reformed Church Sunday School; active with Chautauqua Movement; 7 November 1891 paper has account of his will: bequests to Brookville Reformed Church, Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Church; School District #2 Town of Oyster Bay; Huntington Rural Cemetery

MC KELWAY Mary A. 86 years

d. 28 January 1898 at Philadelphia, Pa.; widow of Dr. Alexander J.McKelway, Aprominent in the late war as division surgeon under Gen. Hooker@; mother of St. Clair McKelway, editor of the Brooklyn Eagle and Dr. George J. McKelway of Philadelphia

MC KELWAY Nathaniel Hutchinson 23 yrs 17 days

d. 29 July 1896 at Brooklyn; son of St. Clair McKelway, editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

MC KENNA Rosetta W. 50 years

d. 14 November 1899 at Flushing; wife of William McKenna; mother of six children; former resident of Bayville


late of Glen Cove; will admitted to probate; 27 May 1899 paper

MC KINNEY infant 6 weeks

d. 11 July 1894; child of William McKinney; Northport item


late of Westbury; heirs are widow, James McLaughlin, John McLaughlin and Margaret McLaughlin; 24 June 1899 paper

MC LAUGHLIN Robert 72 years

d. Alast week@ at Glen Cove; paralytic stroke; father of James McLaughlin; 30 March 1895 paper

MC LEAN Mary 21 years

d. 29 December 1892 at Long Island City; civilian killed in massive dynamite explosion in downtown Long Island City accidentally set off during construction of railroad tunnel to Manhattan

MC LEAN Washington

d. 27 November 1891 at Port Washington


d. 20 August 1899 at Greenport; native of Portland, Maine (b. 21 May 1806); poet; Ahis works, which reveal the nature student, include The Fall of the Indians, The Year, Poems of the Rod and Gun and Haunts of Wild Game

MC LEOD Alexander 31 years

d. 14 November 1897 at Oyster Bay; measles; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay by Rev. A. G. Russell; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; native of Scotland; resident of the United States for past five years; member of Matinnecock Lodge #806 F & A Masons; member of Welfare Lodge #695 I. O. O. F.; employed by George Thompson; engaged to be married on 15 December 1897 to Miss Mary Mc Ginnis of Yonkers, N. Y.


d. 15 October 1892; Hicksville item

MC MANN Mrs. Ross

d. 14 April 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury


d. 20 May 1898 at Lattingtown; former resident of Roslyn

MC MENOMAN William 69 years

d. 2 August 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at West Neck; found on the beach in an exhausted condition and died shortly afterwards; Aa long time resident of this place@ [Cold Spring]


funeral 12 July 1893 at Huntington; interment at West Neck; husband is foreman on Mrs. Linnington=s place on the west side of [Cold Spring] Harbor

MC MURRAY John 64 years

d. 11 March 1898 at Commack; Afound dead on his bed. He evidently had been dressing and fell over backward and died@; Coroner Rodman stated Achronic Bright=s disease@ as cause of death; funeral M. E. Church, Commack; interment at M. E. Churchyard, Smithtown; unnamed widow survives; father of Millie Mc Murray, Henry McMurray, Awho drives the mail route to East Northport,@ and Rev. John Mc Murray, pastor of Asbury M. E. Church, Springville, Staten Island; former resident of Kings Park who recently moved to Commack

MC MULLAN Lillian 15 years

d. 17 February 1895 at Greenport; she and two small children were trying to walk over the ice to Shelter Island; they all flee through the ice; she saved the children, but Aher endeavors to save herself were fruitless@; she was an orphan who worked on stock farm owned by Joseph Foley, Athe match case manufacturer@; ALillian=s only relatives reside in New York@

MC NALTY Hugh 73 years

d. 28 January 1900 at Lake Grove; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Hauppauge; Aleft a widow and several children@; Smithtown native, who had spent most of his life in the Smithtown area

MC NAMARA James 65 years

d. 20 December 1897 at Glen Cove; Ahad been in ill health the past two years@; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove by Father McEnroe; survived by unnamed widow; father of Mrs. Edward J. Campbell, Maggie Mc Namara and four unnamed sons; native of Limerick, Ireland; learned baker=s trade with the family of the Earl of Dunraven; immigrated to America and settled at Cold Spring Harbor; head baker for Union army recruits at City Island and David=s Island during the Civil War; following the war, he settled at Glen Cove

MC NEIL Mrs. Rev. J.

d. 7 August 1897; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Woodsburgh; husband is a Awell known evangelist@; mother of Mrs. S. H. Brush of Greenlawn; resident of Woodsburgh

MC NIEL John Aold@

found dead 17 November 1898 near Hicksville; James Hauser went to visit Athe old hermit@ and to take him some vegetables; Hauser found Mc Niel lying dead in his yard; coroner ruled that Ahe died of exposure@

MC NIEL Mary Eliza 72 years

found dead 1 November 1898 near Hicksville; dead over a week when the body was found; it was supposed that Ashe lost her way and wandered around until she dropped down from exhaustion and hunger@; coroner=s jury ruled Adeath from exhaustion@; she, sister and brother all died under strange circumstances, Aeach was dead a week before the public was aware of the fact@; sister of John Mc Niel; former resident of New York City; worked in bindery department of Harper Brothers publishers and at the Bible House; resided in Baptist Home, New York City, until deaths of sister and brother left crippled brother John Mc Niel alone; she came out to Hicksville to be with her brother; they Alived in an isolated house on the plains@; she and brother were Asupported by the town=

MC NIELL Agnes 77 years

d. Afirst part of last week@ on the Plains east of Hicksville; sister of John A. Mc Niell, Aone legged veteran of the late war@; Agnes took care of her crippled brother; when she died, he was trapped in the house 3 or 4 days with his sister=s dead body until Dr. Edward G. Rave called at the house Ato see what was the matter with the old people@; interment 22 February 1896 at Hicksville; brother is Aold, infirm and crippled, and now has no one to care for him@; 29 February 1896 paper


d. 16 Mach 1896; brother of John A. McNiell and late Agnes McNeill; brother John, Athe crippled veteran,@ couldn=t notify anyone of his brother=s death until 18 March 1896, similar to what had happened when his sister Agnes had died a few weeks earlier; AThe old man is now call alone in his cottage on the Plains and something should be done with him as he will soon be another case for the coroner@; Hicksville item

MC QUADE Ann 83 years

d. 15 July 1896 at Huntington

MC QUADE Mary Gertrude 2 1/2 years

funeral 6 March 1900 at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay, by Father Ferry; spinal meningitis; daughter of John McQuade

MC QUADE Peter 37 years

d. 10 March 1900 at Oyster Bay; consumption; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; son of Michael McQuade of Oyster Bay; brother of John McQuade of Oyster Bay

MC QUEEN Amelia H.

d. 19 June 1892 at Oyster Bay; found dead in bed; interment at Brookville; widow of Andrew Mc Queen; mother of James Mc Queen, Oyster Bay Town Clerk; member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church

MC QUILLAN Lizzie 3 months

d. 26 November 1896; pneumonia; daughter of James McQuillan; Glen Cove item

MC SWINEY Barbara 65 years

d. 27 October 1895 at Huntington

MEADE Rear Admiral Richard W.

d. 5 May 1897 at Washington, D. C.; funeral at Washington, D. C.; interment at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia; son of Capt. Richard Worsam Meade; grandson of Judge Henry Meigs; nephew of General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Union Army of the Potomac during the Civil War; son-in-law of Admiral Hiram Paulding; native of New York City, b. 9 October 1837; began naval career at age 13 in 1850 as a midshipman at the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland; see 15 May 1897 paper for AIncident in the Life of Admiral Meade@ describing 1853 cruise to the Mediterranean, where his ship rescued a political refugee, Martin Koszta, from the Austrians at Smyrna, Asia Minor [Turkey]; see 8 May 1897 paper for long obit describing his career following his graduation from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1856, 5th in his class; during the Civil War he served with the Union Navy, first with the North Atlantic blockade squadron and later as commander of the ironclad Louisville on the Mississippi River, where he was involved in action against the Confederates at Memphis, Tennessee, and Helena, Arkansas; he Aserved with bravery and distinction@; in 1863 he was stationed in New York where his marines helped put down the New York City Draft Riots of July 1863; later in life served as commandant of the Washington Navy Yard; Ahis services .... were of great importance to rebuilding the navy@; appointed commodore on 5 May 1892, rear admiral on 7 September 1894 and retired from the U. S. Navy on 20 May 1895; active in national affairs of the G. A. R. and a member of Lafayette Post #140, G. A. R. in New York City; Afor several years a resident of Huntington@; he Aalways took a lively interest in our village@; see Dictionary of American Biography for details on his life and those of various relatives

MEADOWS Mrs. Charles Ayoung woman@

d. at New York City; consumption; interment 23 January 1897 at Smithtown Branch; Ahad been living in Smithtown with her husband for some time@

MEADOWS John 64 years

d. 9 July 1896 at Kings Park; interment at Smithtown Branch Presbyterian Churchyard

MEEDER George 53 years

d. 24 June 1891 at New York City; son‑in‑law of Charles Bertrand; ship carpenter and New York City policeman; former resident of Plain Edge

MEEHAN Frederick F. 5 years

d. 29 December 1898; son of Daniel Meehan; Glen Cove item

MEEHAN William Lawrence 17 years

d. 1 August 1893 at Glen Cove; son of Daniel Meehan; member of Glen Cove Band

MELLER Thomas Charles 4 months

d. 3 July 1892 at Huntington; son of Charles Meller

MELME Thomas

d. 18 June 1893 at Consumptives= Home, Brooklyn; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; Aengaged in the oyster business. The exposure and hard work connected with that occupation brought on bronchitis which developed into consumption@

MENKIN John Henry 35 y 1 m 3 d

d. 18 November 1893 at Hicksville; Aheart trouble@; husband of Olma Heitz and father of two children; private German language funeral at home and public funeral in English at Hicksville Reformed Church, both conducted by Rev. Gutweiler

MERRILL Eli M. 62 years

d. 25 July 1900 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; survived by an unnamed widow and 4 children, one of whom was Laura Merrill, who has often visited relatives in Huntington; brother-in-law of the late Theodore Hall; went into the dry goods business in New York City at the age of 15 and later worked for the firm Mills & Gibbs; for 30 years he was a buyer for Arnold, Constable & Company; he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 125 times in his business as a buyer; veteran of the Civil War, serving with the 71st New York at the Battle of Bull Run; later a member of Lafayette Post, G. A. R. and the Union League of Brooklyn

MERRILL Sarah 83 y 1 m 22 d

d. 19 May 1898 at Huntington; widow of George D. Merrill (m. 23 February 1833), who d. 9 February 1871; mother of Charles O. Merrill of Greenlawn, Joshua H. Merrill, Phebe (Mrs. Joseph Ray) Hartt and Howell Merrill, all of Huntington; grandmother of Mrs. Florentine E. Shadbolt; sister of Henrietta Johnson and Mrs. Henry S. Ketcham; native of East Neck, Huntington (b. 27 March 1815); husband had been a pottery baker with Brown=s Pottery at Huntington Harbor; early in life a member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; later member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Aa consistent Christian, a kind neighbor and a devoted wife, mother and grandmother@

MERRIT John 95 years

d. 26 February 1891 at Bethpage; Aprominent member of the Friends= Meeting House at Bethpage@

MERRITT child 5 years

d. 17 December 1893 at Locust Valley; diphtheria; son of William Merritt

MERRITT Caroline 71 years

d. 26 October 1895 at Glen Cove; dropsy; interment at Glen Cove


d. 20 July 1896 at Jamaica; interment at St. Paul=s Churchyard, Glen Cove; father of Mrs. Judge Elias J. Beach; grandfather of Mrs. Lester Snediker, C. Graham Beach and Elias J. Beach; last charter member of Pembroke Lodge #73, I. O. O. F.; Ait is a sad coincidence that Thursday was the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Pembroke Lodge, a day which the members intended to devote to pleasure, but which was necessarily saddened by the burial of the last of its original members@


d. 5 September 1895; interment at Bayville; resident of Bayville

MERRITT William Henry 49 years

d. 7 May 1894 at Locust Valley; interment at Glen Cove; Ahas been very sick for sometime@

MERRY small child [*]

d. Ashort time ago@; child of Elijah Merry; 26 June 1897 paper

MERRY Elijah* 51 years

d. 7 March 1899 at Huntington; dropsy; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; father of 19 children, of whom only 4 are now alive; worked for many years for the late Frederick Sammis; Aa flickering light of the A. M. E. Church@; Rev. Mr. Lane of the A. M. E. Church Adid not care to preside at this funeral occasion .... as Elijah had some trouble with the [A. M. E] church people@; Aa man of many peculiarities@

MERRY Elijah J. [*] 17 yrs 4 mos

d. 20 June 1897 at Huntington; bowel consumption; son of Elijah Merry

MERRY Ethel*/Grace* 7 years

d. 14 February 1898 at Children=s Home, Yaphank; consumption; interment at Huntington; daughter of Elijah Merry

MERRY Gertie Elsie* 7 y 3 m 11 d

d. 2 September 1898 at Yaphank; daughter of Elijah Merry

MERRY Mary Wood * 44 years

d. 28 May 1897 at Huntington; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Huntington; wife of Elijah Merry, to whom she was m. for 26 years; leaves eight children

MERWIN Rev. John B. 85 years

d. 5 March 1898 at Port Jefferson; Aoldest member of the New York East Conference of the Methodist Church@; was a minister for 62 years; Ain 1833-5 he was stationed at Smithtown, in 1884-6 at East Norwich, and his last field of labor was at Port Jefferson. He had been on the superannuated list for two years.@

MEYER Mrs. Gottleib 68 years

d. 23 November 1893 at Island Trees; funeral at Hicksville; Awell‑known in the vicinity ... she having resided here for the past 40 years@

MEYER/MEYERS Louis 73 years

d. 28 April 1899 at Hicksville; Along illness@; father of Mrs. Charles Schaefer

MEYER Rudolph Gottlieb

late of Hicksville; letters of administration granted to his son, Gottlieb Meyer by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 6 May 1899 paper

MEYERS Amelia 31 years

d. 31 July 1899 at Hicksville; dropsy; funeral at Reformed Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; daughter of Frederick Meyers; sister of Frederick J. Myer of Woodbury Note: called Mary Amelia MYER in her death notice in the Woodbury column Note: Plain View column says she d. at Plain View, at age 28 years and her father was William Meyers

MEYERS Mrs. Louis

d. 15 July 1899 at Hicksville; a widow who Asurvived her husband only a few weeks@; mother of Mrs. Charles Schaefer


d. 23 August 1893; interment at Boston, Massachusetts; grandmother of E. Willard Roby; Westbury item

MILES James 40 years

d. 5 July 1892 at East Northport; hit by railroad train; farm laborer employed by Israel Higbie at Northport

MILLARD James Lefferts

d. 15 January 1895 at Riverhead; son of A. Orville Millard, late Brooklyn lawyer; husband of Sarah H. Butler; Civil War veteran of the 13th Brooklyn Volunteers; resident of Riverhead since ca. 1870; clerk of Suffolk County Board of Supervisors; Secretary of Suffolk County Agricultural Society; justice of the peace; member of the Odd Fellows, Masons and G. A. R.; Aknew the ins and outs of county affairs@

MILLER infant

d. 4 March 1893 at Huntington; child of George Miller

MILLER infant

funeral 12 September 1893; adopted baby of Mrs. William Miller; baby=s mother had died; baby died Aa few days after being brought to its new home@


death reported; mother of Miss Miller, teacher in Oyster Bay public school; 17 September 1898 paper


d. Asuddenly@; funeral 18 September 1898 at Hicksville; mother of William C. Miller

MILLER Albert J. 48 years

d. 1 August 1896 at Centerport; brother-in-law of Capt. John Freeman; former resident of Southold

MILLER Mrs. Butler 75 years

d. 23 February 1895 at Glen Cove; Acancer of the stomach@; funeral at Glen Cove M. E. Church

MILLER Carl 79 y 8 m 20 d

d. 31 August 1900 at Rockville Centre; interment at Hicksville; father of Wiliam C. Miller of Rockville Centre; a native of Germany who came to the U. S. in 1848; settled in Hicksville in 1868, where he lived until Alast spring,@ when he moved to Rockville Centre to live with his son; widowed since 1898

MILLER Charles Augustus 52 years

d. 4 June 1896; funeral at Garvie=s Point; interment at Craft Cemetery; Glen Cove item

MILLER Conrad ca. 35 years

d. 5 November 1894 at Hauppauge; loaded gun was packed in a wagon and it went off; Miller, a German immigrant who had Aonly been in this country a few months,@ was Ainstantly killed@

MILLER Daniel R.

d. 27 June 1891; funeral at Miller=s Place

MILLER Edmund 48 y 3 m 11 d

d. 28 June 1893 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; native of Staten Island; Hicksville resident for Anearly 10 years@; AHe was a hair jeweler .... and his customers were scattered all over the United States@

MILLER Ellen 35 years

d. 21 April 1893; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; wife of Joseph Miller; Ahighly respected by a large circle of friends@

MILLER Henry 83 years

d. 3 March 1900 at Hicksvile; funeral at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler; unnamed widow and Aa number of grown up children@ survive; Aold resident@ of Hicksville

MILLER Mrs. Jacob S.

d. 18 February 1898; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville


d. 26 April 1896; Ahad been a great sufferer for sometime@; survived by unnamed widow, two sons and two sisters; Farmingdale item

MILLER John R. 60 years

d. 22 August 1899 at Elwood; heart disease; funeral at Elwood by Rev. Nelson of Commack M. E. Church; interment at Cypress Hills; brother-in-law of John Morrell of Elwood

MILLER Nathaniel

d. 22 December 1896; cold; native of Brookhaven (b. 15 September 1815) Supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven 1862-1865; Ahe conducted an economical administration with the result that Brookhaven was the only town in Suffolk County that paid its own war debts@; Athe name of Uncle Nat Miller is known to every Suffolk County resident@

MILLER Sarah C. 75 years

d. 27 April 1899; stroke of apoplexy; funeral at West Hills M. E. Church by Rev. Churchill; interment at Methodist Cemetery, West Hills; wife of John Miller; mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters; sister of late William Brown of Huntington Harbor


funeral 17 April 1898 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove, by Father McEnroe; resident of Sea Cliff

MILLER Mrs. Thomas

d. 16 March 1900 at Glen Cove; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove

MILLER William 53 years

drowned 28 September 1897 off Garvie=s Point, Hempstead Harbor; employed by the Hempstead Harbor Yacht Club and Ait is supposed that he fell overboard from his rowboat as he was extinguishing the light on the yacht Dosoris II @

MILLER William

Aone of the victims of the Maine disaster@ [at Havana, Cuba]; son of Jarvis Miller; former resident of Glen Cove; Glen Cove item, 19 March 1898 paper

MILLS Ann Eliza 7 months

d. 1 December 1895 at Huntington; whooping cough; daughter of Alonzo Mills

MILLS Clarissa H. 2 yrs 11 mos

d. 28 June 1892 at Huntington; daughter of Alonzo W. and Elizabeth Mills; granddaughter of J. Thomas Mills

MILLS Egbert S. 64 years

d. 1 November 1892 at Smithtown Branch; pnuemonia

MILLS Frank 72 years

d. 11 November 1897 at Smithtown Landing; funeral at M. E. Church, Smithtown Landing; interment at M. E. Cemetery, Smithtown Landing; unnamed widow survives; father of two sons and two daughters; resident of Smithtown Landing for Amore than twenty years@

MILLS George A.* 82 years

d. 6 November 1897 at Allentown, New Jersey; interment at Huntington; unnamed widow survives; father of 13, of whom 11, 5 sons and 6 daughters, survive; native of Jerusalem; Amoved to Huntington in his early days@; teamster, farmer and local preacher at Huntington; later served as an itinerant preacher at Binghamton, N. Y., Owego, N. Y. and Allentown, N. J.; an Aaged and much respected resident of this village [Huntington]@

MILLS Henry Melvin 1 y 5 m 25 d

d. 9 July 1892 at Huntington; son of Alonzo Mills

MILLS Lyman B.

d. 22 October 1892 at Crab Meadow

MILLS Sarah A. 85 years

d. 22 April 1897 at Patchogue; interment at Smithtown; widow of George P. Mills; mother of James W. Mills of Patchogue; native of Smithtown, who has resided in Patchogue for the past 25 years

MILLS William Henry 63 years

d. 28 December 1900 at Smithtown; Bright=s disease; funeral at Smithtown; interment at Smithtown Cemetery; Athe family, church and community sustained a severe loss by his death@

MILNE John 24 years

d. 23 September 1897; interment at Locust Valley; foreman on AMr. Shaw=s place on Centre Island@; native of Scotland who Ahad been but one year in this country@


d. 18 June 1896 at New Brighton, Staten Island; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; former resident of Glen Cove


Asudden death@; Hempstead item 6 May 1892 paper; widow will receive $1,000 death benefit from Shield of Honor; Hempstead item 14 May 1892 paper

MINER Columbus

d. 5 June 1894 at New York City, while under surgery in a New York hospital; interment at Oyster Bay; resident of Oyster Bay

MITCHELL Rev. James H.

funeral 20 April 1898; pastor of St. Stephen=s R. C. Church, Brooklyn; Rev. John C. York, pastor of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington Aassisted Bishop McDonnell as subdeacon in the celebration of solemn high mass .... Father Mitchell was a warm friend of Father York@

MITCHELL Mary J. * 54 years

funeral 19 May 1894 at Jericho

MOAKLEY Michael 56 years

drowned 25 December 1891 at Port Eaton; employee of N. W. Godfrey=s gravel works at Port Eaton; veteran of the Civil War and member of the G.A.R.

MODDLE Minerva Brush 70 years

d. 18 February 1899 at Woodbury; interment at Huntington; mother of Mrs. James Bumstead of West Neck, Mrs. Beebe of Northport, George Moddle of Woodbury and John Moddle of Hyde Park

MOFFATT Charles 55 years

d. 17 August 1898 at Northport; funeral by Rev. Holden of Episcopal Church, Northport; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport

MOIR Elizabeth 48 years

d. 15 March 1899 at Northport; Ain failing health for a year from a complication of diseases@; funeral at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church by Rev. Smith; widow of John Moir; Aa most estimable woman@

MOIR John 47 years

d. 6 November 1895; consumption; funeral Branch M. E. Church, Smithtown; survived by widow and eight children; Awell known mechanic@

MOIR Marion E. AMamie@ 18 years

d. 13 July 1900 at Northport; consumption; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Smithtown Branch; daughter of the late Elizabeth Moir; sister of Mrs. Montraville M. Burr of Northport; employed by the Edward Thompson Publishing Company; member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport

MOLLINEAUX Irwin J. 12 years

d. 28 March 1898 at New York City; funeral at Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Friends= Cemetery, Westbury; son of Jesse Mollineaux


d. 8 May 1893; pneumonia and heart failure; father‑in‑law of Sheriff James Norton; resident of Brookville

MOLLOY twins infants

born Arecently ... but both of them have since died@; children of William H. Molloy; Hicksville item, 12 January 1900 paper

MONAHAN child 4 years

d. 21 January 1893 at Yonkers, N. Y.; got into whiskey supply at father=s saloon; drank a pint of whiskey and died of alcoholic poisoning; son of Richard Monohan, saloon keeper


funeral 18 July 1891 (no place given); sister‑in‑law of Mrs. Wicks of Woodbury; resident of Cypress Hill

MONFORT Azariah W. 70 years

d. 19 December 1899 at East New York; father of Mrs. Samuel Monfort; Cold Spring item

MONFORT Francis 8 years

d. 12 June 1893 at Oyster Bay; membranous croup


d. 14 January 1895 at Locust Valley; killed by collapse of scaffold at Friends= Academy; funeral Glen Cove M. E. Church; interment at East Norwich

MONFORT James W. 83 years

d. 15 November 1891 at East Norwich; Asuddenly@; funeral at Brookville; father‑in‑law of Walter Franklin

MONFORT Mary Ann 88 years

d. 8 April 1900 at Glen Head; letters testamentary granted to Rebecca Monfort of Glen Head by the Nassau County Surrogate=s Court, 10 August 1900 paper

MONILAWS Mary E. 35 years

d. 2 July 1898 at Newark, New Jersey; interment at Dunville [ ? state]; wife of William W. Monilaws; former resident of Oyster Bay

MONKS Sarah E. 9 mos 12 days

d. 16 August 1896 at Lloyd=s Neck

MONROE infant

d. 12 February 1897; child of John Monroe; Smithtown item

MONSELL Edward 66 years

drowned 15 December 1900 at Patchogue; Ataken with a dizzy spell while walking along the water=s edge and fell in@; body found the following morning; Ahighly respected resident of Patchogue@; member of the South Side Lodge F & A Masons

MONTGOMERY Swan H. 73 yrs 9 mos

d. 26 December 1891 at Huntington

MOONEY Matilda

d. 14 September 1899 at Hicksville; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; widow of James Mooney; letter of administration granted to James Mooney by Nassau Surrogate=s Court, 9 December 1899 paper

MOORE Ann 84 years

d. 23 February 1900 at Northport; widow of Christopher Moore; mother of Mrs. William Furman of Northport; resident of Hauppauge

MOORE Bessie 7 years

d. Alast week@ at Islip; diphtheria; daughter of Joseph A. Moore and the former Maggie Whelen, who was a former resident of Huntington; 5 October 1895 paper

MOORE Celia Stewart 79 years

d. 8 November 1899; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; mother of William S. Moore of Oyster Bay, Charles Moore of Lake Station, Indiana, and Mrs. James Denton of Oyster Bay

MOORE Mrs. Charles

d. 19 February 1900 at New York City; dropsy; husband survives; mother of two Asmall children@; sister-in-law of Mrs. Samuel S. Stewart of Hicksville; Awell known here [Hicksville]@

MOORE Charles B. 85 years

d. 9 December 1893 at New York City; interment at Cold Spring; summer resident of Cold Spring who owned a Acountry seat@ at the foot of Moore=s Hill Aon the road to Oyster Bay@; husband of Frances Maria Jones (m. 1838); son‑in‑law of John H. Jones of Cold Spring Harbor; brother‑in‑law of Townsend Jones; father of Mrs. Theophylact B. Bleecker; Avenerable lawyer@; native of Sterling (Greenport) b. 2 December 1808 to an old Town of Southold family; moved to New York City in 1825 and studied law; ca. 1844 formed law firm of Cutting, Moore & Havens; lawyer with other firms until retirement in 1883; Astaunch Democrat@ during the days of Jackson and Van Buren; became a Free Soil Democrat in 1848 and a supporter of the Lincoln administration during the Civil War; wrote editorials for the New York Evening Post during the editorship of William Cullen Bryant; genealogist of Southold families and Southold historian

MOORE Fanny 47 y 7 m 2 d

d. 30 May 1897 at Oyster Bay; cancer; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; daughter of William Moore; sister of William Moore, Jr.

MOORE [Frances Maria]

interment 1 June 1891 at Cold Spring; wife of C[harles] B. Moore; sister of Townsend Jones; resident of New York City and summer resident of Cold Spring

MOORE Gertrude

killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; 28 December 1891 dateline; resident of Medina, N.Y.; 9 January 1892 paper

MOORE Henry A.

d. 4 January 1896 at Brooklyn; Aranked as one of the ablest criminal lawyers in the state, if not in the country@; Abegan the practice of his profession in 1848@ and has seved as judge of the Court of Sessions for Kings County for the past twenty-eight years; Aduring the last three of his four continuous terms as county judge, both parties gave him their support@

MOORE William Amiddle aged@

d. 29 September 1893 near Greenlawn; hit by railroad train while walking along tracks; brother of married sister in Northport and another in Mineola; native of Hauppauge

MOORE Rev. William H. ca. 80 years

d. 15 July 1892 at Greenwich, Connecticut; interment at St. George=s Churchyard, Hempstead; father of Mrs. William Parke of Greenwich, Conn.; rector of St. George=s Episcopal Church, Hempstead since 185[?5]; native of Newport, R. I.; graduate of General Theological Seminary; ordained to Episcopal priesthood in 1840

MORAN Michael 55 years

d. 6 March 1895 at Oyster Bay; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; Aone of the best known bar tenders in the city, having served many of the first-class places, among which was Old Tammany Hall@; native of New York City; resident of Oyster Bay for the past five years

MORELAND Robert 23 years

funeral 7 January 1899 at Commack by the AEpiscopal clergyman from Brentwood@

MORGAN Thomas M.

d. 5 June 1893 at Bloomfield, New Jersey; dragged to death by team of horses frightened by railroad train; cousin of Mrs. S. Lee Jarvis of Huntington; resident of Watessing, New Jersey


Comptroller of New York State; death reported in 9 September 1900 paper, when Theodore P. Gilman was appointed Comptroller by Acting Governor Timothy L. Woodruff

MORIN Catherine

d. 10 January 1899 Aafter a long illness@; wife of George N. Morin; mother of two children; resident of Glen Cove; member of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; Aa lady most highly esteemed@

MORLEY Rebecca 76 years

d. 8 January 1891 at Elwood


d. 7 January 1891 at Hollis; Adropped dead@ on the station platform waiting for the Mineola train; resident of Mineola; brother of Daniel K. Morrell of Hollis; father of Mrs. William Dykes of Jamaica and Mrs. John Gracy of Mineola

MORRILL Justin Smith

d. 28 December 1898 at Washington, D. C.; grip and heart trouble; [interment at Strafford, Vermont]; native of [Strafford, Vt., b. 14 April 1810]; elected to Congress in 1854 [served 1855-1867]; [author of the Land Grant College Bill]; served in U. S. Senate from Vermont [1867 to death]; [combined service in the U. S. House and Senate was 43 years, 9 months and 24 days]

MORRIS Mr. 25 years

drowned 19 July 1900 at Kings Park, while bathing in Long Island Sound; several inmates of the State Hospital were in bathing under the Acharge of several attendents@ when a strong current carried Morris out into the Sound; Athe young man was to be discharged from the asylum as cured in a few days@; survived by his mother, a resident of Brooklyn

MORRIS Bertie L. 18 days

d. 23 June 1891 at Huntington

MORRIS Deborah A. 59 years

d. 16 August 1893 at Northport; wife of Stephen Morris; Aformer well known resident of Huntington@

MORRIS Mrs. George W.

d. 13 October 1896 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; widow of George W. Morris; resident of Sea Cliff

MORRIS James 21 years

d. 20 September 1898 at Camp Hamilton, Kentucky; typhoid fever; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; resident of Glen Cove; member 12th Regiment, New York Volunteers

MORRIS Nellie Van Wyck 22 years

d. 15 November 1899 at Northport; heart trouble and a series of strokes; funeral at Northport by Rev. Knesel of St. Paul=s M. E. Church; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of Stephen Morris; had started nursing training at a hospital in Newark, New Jersey, prior to the onset of her illnesses

MORRIS Susan 86 yrs 16 days

d. 3 September 1894 at Canarsie; interment at West Neck; native of Ireland; maiden name was Susan Radikin; widow of Richard Morris; mother of late John Morris, Richard Morris of Brooklyn, George Morris of Brooklyn, Thomas Morris of Brooklyn, Henry Morris of Huntington, Mary Brush of Brooklyn, widow of Edward Brush, late Ellen (Mrs. Edwin) Wood, late Carrie (Mrs. George) Weyrie and Susan (Mrs. John) Reed of Carnarsie; former resident of Lloyd=s Neck, where her late husband worked for many years for Samuel Denton and Jonah Denton; member of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington

MORRISON Henry 33 years

suicide Aweek before last@ at Washington Square; drank root beer poisoned with Paris green; AHe had trouble with his wife .... she is alleged to have told him to get out of the house@; 9 July 1892 paper

MORROW C. W. L. 70 y 6 m 8 d

d. 24 February 1895 at Huntington; son of John Morrow; brother of Rev. John Morrow of Newark, N. J., Martha L. May of Paterson, N. J., and Alicia Smith of Newark, N. J.; husband of Jane Eliza Chase, daughter of Rev. Henry Chase (m. 1849); father of John Henry Morrow of Los Angeles, Calif., Rev. Cornelius W.Morrow, pastor of Second Congregational Church, Norwich, Conn., and the late Charles Sumner Morrow and the late Sophie Chase De Forest; grandfather of Jean De Forest and nine others; native of Paterson, New Jersey (b. 1824); his father owned a large woolen mill in Patterson, which C. W. L. later owned; he also owned a mill in Brooklyn; involved in a literary club in Brooklyn and was active in the Aliterary, political and religious work@ of Brooklyn; member of Beecher=s Plymouth Church in Brooklyn and became active in the Republican Party and in anti-slavery work; diabetic; retired to Huntington, where he was a member of the First Presbyterian Church; long obit in 23 March 1895 paper


father of Stanly Mortimer of Westbury and Richard Mortimer; discussion of will in 13 February 1892 paper


d. 10 June 1892 at Hempstead; heart failure; with tobacco firm of Vega, Morton & Co. of New York; Ahad been in impaired health several months and spent last winter in Cuba. He improved .... and returned home only to be taken worse@


d. Alast week@ at New York City; interment 29 November 1900 at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; sister of Mrs. Joseph Steinert of Hicksville; 7 December 1900 paper

MOSS Charles

d. 13 August 1896 at Greenpoint Afrom the effect of the hot weather@; brother-in-law of Mrs. Christopher Freidgen and Charles Schaefer, both of Hicksville; well-known in Hicksville


funeral 4 August 1899 at Hempstead; uncle of Mrs. John Tilden of Greenlawn

MOTT Mrs. A. M.

interment 8 July 1895 at East Norwich; daughter of Andrew C. Hegeman; widow of A. N. Mott, Aa former merchant and prominent resident of [East Norwich]@

MOTT Charity *

funeral 17 February 1895 at Glen Cove A. M. E. Church; former resident of Lattingtown

MOTT Charlotte Kelsey

d. 25 September 1893 at Middletown, N. Y.; interment at Huntington; Afor nearly all her life a resident of Huntington@; Aher mind wandered at times@ and she was an inmate of Middletown Asylum at time of death

MOTT Diana 83 years

d. 23 March 1897 at Lattingtown; interment at Glenwood; widow of Isaac Mott

MOTT George

d. 21 June 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Northport; father of Mrs. Skidmore; brother of Rev. William H. Mott and Mrs. Hannah Smith

MOTT Jackson 84 years

d. 31 March 1896; interment at Brookville; resident of Glenwood

MOTT Jacob *

d. 7 October 1894; lockjaw from being struck on the head with a stone by his brother-in-law Thomas Townsend; Glen Cove item; coroner=s jury indicted Townsend for Mott's death 3 November 1894 paper

MOTT James 65 years

d. 6 February 1891 at East Norwalk, Connecticut; funeral at Northport; former resident of Northport

MOTT Mrs. James

funeral at South Norwalk, Connecticut; interment 1 October 1898 at Northport Rural Cemetery; widow of James Mott

MOTT Jesse 65 years

d. 15 April 1891 at Barnstable, Massachusetts; funeral at Brooklyn; father of Edward Mott and David Mott; steamboat captain; Northport item

MOTT Jesse 86 years

funeral 8 October 1900 at Brooklyn; son of Whitson Mott and Susan Oakley; husband of Experience Jarvis; son-in-law of David Jarvis; brother-in-law of J. Abner Smith; father of Mrs. George Hewlett, Mrs. C. J. Hewlett, Mrs. Charles Nichols, and Mrs. Myron C. Kelsey; grandfather of 13 and great-grandfather of 2; native of Melville; moved to Brooklyn at the age of 21 to start a dairy farm; at one time he owned a farm on Atlantic & Flatbush Avenues Aat present occupied by the Long Island Railroad@; retired from the dairy business Aover twenty years ago@; founding member of Embury Memorial M. E. Church and was its oldest member; a trustee and member of the board of stewards at Embury Memorial M. E. Church

MOTT Jesse E. 15 yrs 4 mos

d. 10 June 1896 at Centreport; interment at Northport; son of John A. Mott; see 20 June 1896 paper for account of funeral

MOTT John J. 59 years

d. at New York City; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; 13 August 1892 paper

MOTT Martha Walton

d. 22 May 1900 at New York City; funeral at Northport at the home of Dr. George H. Donahue

MOTT Samuel 65 years

d. 26 January 1894 at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; resident of Little Neck and former inmate of Mineola Asylum; one of a number of former inmates of Queens County Asylum who died following removal to State Insane Asylum at Poughkeepsie; see article in 31 March 1894 paper

MOTT Sidney

fell overboard and drowned 11 June 1899 at Sea Cliff; deckhand of steamer Idlewild; body found by man dredging for clams about one week later; unnamed widow and one child survive

MOTT Singleton M. 88 years

d. 24 January 1898; funeral at Roslyn; Cold Spring item

MOTT Rev. William H. 79 years

d. 21 February 1900 at Centreport; unnamed widow survives; father of John Mott, William T. Mott and James Mott, all of Centerport, George Mott and Lorin Mott, both of Brooklyn, Mrs. Frank Ketcham of Northport, and Mrs. Elisha Kissam of Greenlawn; brother of Capt. James Mott of Northport and the late Capt. Jesse Mott; uncle of Henry S. Mott, president of the Bank of Northport; native and life-long resident of Centerport; began to preach at the age of 21; long time pastor of the Union Protestant Methodist Church, Centerport, until his health failed Aabout 10 years ago@


d. 13 January 1896; Aone of Roslyn's oldest residents@

MOUNT Henry John 62 years

d. 11 September 1894 at Greenvale; interment at Setauket

MOUNT Thomas Shepard 64 years

d. 21 August 1900 at Stony Brook; funeral at Setauket Presbyterian Church; son of Henry Smith Mount and Mary B. Ford; brother of Evalina Mount and Elizabeth Mount, both of Stony Brook; nephew of Shepard Alonzo Mount and William Sidney Mount, both famous artists; native of New York City; lawyer in Brooklyn and Stony Brook; Aone of Suffolk County=s highly respected citizens and ablest lawyers@; Aa staunch and faithful Democrat@; Suffolk County School Commissioner; elder of the Setauket Presbyterian Church and member and Sunday School superintendent of Stony Brook Presbyterian Chapel; unmarried

MOWBRAY Edward B. 29 years

d. 9 December 1900 at New York City; typhoid fever; funeral at Brick Church, New York City; cremated; ashes Awill be placed in the family vault at Oakwood Cemetery, Bay Shore@; son of Dr. J. Mowbray; husband of the former Louise L. Tilton of Laconia, New Hampshire, to whom he was recently married; brother of Mary Mowbray and Etta Mowbray, both of Bay Shore, and Mrs. Ezra Tuttle of New York City; graduate of Huntington High School (1888) and Yale College; lawyer with an office in Bay Shore and another in New York City; member of the Bay Shore Board of Education; secretary of the Penataquit-Corinthian Yacht Club of Bay Shore; member of Meridian Lodge # 691, F & A Masons of Islip; Bay Shore schools were closed at the time of his funeral in his memory


d. 12 September 1899 near Pittsfield [no state given, but probably Massachusetts]; bicycle accident; hit boulder coming down Lebanon Mountain; body found 14 September 1899; funeral at Glen Cove by Rev. Gammack and Rev. Norris; unnamed widow and three children survive; foreman of Starch Works at Glen Cove; resident of Glen Cove; account of accident in Glen Cove column, 30 September 1899 paper

MOYSES Mrs. Aold@

d. 27 March 1899 at Oyster Bay; resident of Oyster Bay for 30 years

MUDGE Henry Willis 40 years

suicide 19 January 1898 at Continental Hotel, New York City; shot himself; Ano reasons are given for this rash act@; funeral at Glen Cove; husband of the former Jessie C. Jackson; son-in-law of Thomas Jackson; connected with New York Life Insurance Company; member of Glen Cove Lodge F & A Masons; resident of Glen Cove

MUGER John 49 y 11 m 5 d

d. 28 August 1893 at New York City; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Jericho; brother‑in‑law of Mrs. John Dauch of Hicksville

MULFORD Justice ca. 57 years

found dead in canoe 31 May 1891 at Sheepshead Bay; had been dead for several days; Sag Harbor native; sailed for China on clipper ship Wizard 1856; newspaper editor in California: San Francisco Golden Era 1865; a Stockton paper 1867‑68 and published the Overland Monthly; wrote for San Francisco Chronicle and, recently, for New York Graphic


interment 6 December 1897 at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; uncle of Henry Mulford and Elbert Hartt, both of Northport; resident of Greenport

MULFORD Joanna E. 94 yrs 5 mos

d. 1 June 1900 at Northport; funeral at Northport Presbyterian Church; daughter of John Gardiner, late of Eaton=s Neck; mother of William E. Mulford of Northport and another son who died in 1862

MULFORD Julia A. Campbell 62 years

d. at Northport Afrom a complication of diseases@; funeral 23 November 1897 at Northport by Rev. George Adams, Northport M. E. Church; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; widow of Albert G. Mulford, late of Fort Salonga; mother of Mrs. Jonas Mott of Northport and Henry D. Mulford; joined the Northport Presbyterian Church at the age of 19

MULFORD Phineas S. 80 yrs 7 mos

d. 17 July 1892 at Northport

MULLEN infant 2 months

d. 31 January 1897; funeral Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; child of Edward Mullen Note: name also spelled MULLIN

MULLEN Bridget 77 years

d. 3 August 1899 at Huntington Harbor; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; sister of Ellen (Mrs. Conklin) Kelsey; aunt of Anna Curtin of New York City, Josephine Daly of New York City, Mary Kelsey of Brooklyn, Awhose convent name is Patricia@, and Hannah Starr of New York City; great-aunt of Sarah Kelsey, Edmund Kelsey and Josephine Daly

MULLEN Mrs. Edward 28 years

d. 7 July 1898 at Lattingtown; consumption; funeral at Locust Valley Reformed Church; daughter of William Southard; mother of two children; resident of Oyster Bay

MULLEN Frances J. 27 years

d. 26 December 1897 at Fair Ground

MULLEN John 28 years

d. Alast week@; interment at Hauppauge; resident of Fresh Pond; 17 September 1892 paper

MULLEN Patrick

drowned 12 February 1891 in Hempstead Bay; fell overboard from sloop A. E. Willis; Northport item


suicide 6 January 1894 at Port Washington; hanged himself in blacksmith shop

MULLIGAN Frederick W. 47 yrs 4 mos

d. 4 February 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; brother of Dr. Eugene Mulligan of California, Mrs. Hiram Paulding of West Neck and Mary P. Mulligan of Huntington Harbor

MULLIN Joseph 49 years

d. 3 September 1897 at New York City; heart trouble; found dead in his room at University Club, New York City; New York State Senator from Lewis and Jefferson counties; resident of Watertown, N. Y.


d. 3 March 1897 at East Norwalk, Connecticut; funeral South Norwalk, Connecticut; first wife was Amelia Drake; brother-in-law of John Drake, George Drake and Mrs. S. D. Tillotson, all of Huntington, and William Drake and Edwin O. Drake; survived by unnamed second wife and five children; former resident of Huntington who Afor a number of years conducted a blacksmith shop at the eastern edge of this village@

MUNCEY/MUNCY Jesse 79 years

Aold man who disappeared from Babylon December 22 [1899]@; Ano one thinks that he is still alive. Ponds have been dragged, woods searched but still no trace of the little old man can be discovered@, 19 January 1900 paper; reward for the recovery of his body posted at $1,000, 26 January 1900 paper; remains found in a Alonesome spot@ near Lindenhurst on 19 November 1900 by a party of gunners; remains identified by a receipt and a key; Civil War veteran

MUNCH infant

d. 26 September 1900 at Oyster Bay; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; child of William Munch

MUNCH Joseph Hill 9 months

d. 9 August 1898 at Huntington; cholera infantum; funeral by Rev. Seem; son of William Munch


Aremains brought from Albany@ and interred 31 October 1899 at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; funeral by Rev. Churchill of Woodbury; former resident of Woodbury

MURPHY Dennis B.

d. 27 December 1891 at Yonkers, N.Y.; following train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; lawyer; resident of New York City; 9 January 1892 paper

MURPHY Edward 80 years

d. 31 October 1895 at Glen Cove; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville; husband of Mary Murphy who d. Aa few days previous@

MURPHY James 59 y 11 m 23 d

d. 12 April 1892 at Huntington

MURPHY James 26 years

d. 25 April 1892 at Hempstead; interment at Westbury; stableman who was kicked by a young horse; Awithout warning the horse kicked with both feet@

MURPHY Johanna ca. 29 years

drowned 10 October 1894 off Lloyd=s Neck; her cabin on a barge was washed overboard in a storm; interment at New York City; widowed sister of Capt. Martin Murphy; resident of New York City

MURPHY John 4 years

drowned 10 October 1894 off Lloyd=s Neck; in mother=s cabin on a barge which was washed overboard in a storm; interment at New York City; son of Johanna Murphy


d. 3 December 1898 at East Williston; horse threw him out of sleigh, leaving him injured in a pasture, where he froze to death; nephew of J. L.Pearsall; resident of Greenvale; hotel keeper at Greenvale; well known in Hicksville


d. 22 April 1895 at Cold Spring; maid of Mrs. Townsend Jones; Ataken suddenly ill .... from neuralgia of the heart@

MURPHY Mary 75 years

d. 25 October 1895; interment at Brookville; [wife of Edward Murphy]; Glen Cove item

MURPHY Michael 2 years

drowned 10 October 1894 off Lloyd=s Neck; in mother=s cabin on a barge which was washed overboard in a storm; interment at New York City; son of Johanna Murphy

MURPHY Thomas 40 years

d. 19 May 1896 at Glen Cove Landing; interment at Westbury; Aformerly the proprietor of the Central Hotel at the Landing@

MURPHY Timothy

d. 29 June 1896 at Brooklyn; appendicitis operation; funeral R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville

MURRAY child

d. 10 July 1900 at Hicksville; convulsions; child of James Murray

MURRAY Mrs. Bryan 30 years

d. 9 December 1897 at Glen Cove; lockjaw, Ahaving stepped upon a rusty iron rake tooth. She thought but little of the injury to her foot@; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove by Father McEnroe; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Brookville; Aleaves four small children@

MURRAY David 70 years

d. 1 July 1892 at Northport; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; summer resident of Northport; AMr. Murray held a position as Assessor in the New York tax office for a number of years@


Alate of Woodmere@; will was offered to Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 14 December 1900 paper

MURRAY Michael 7 years

d. 13 June 1894 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; son of Bernard Murray; Athe little fellow had suffered very much with rheumatism and it finally reached his heart@

MURREY Mary 69 years

d. 9 July 1896 at Glen Cove; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville


murdered Alast winter@ at Hempstead Farm Poorhouse by James Kelley, who was captured at Newark, N. J.; 29 April 1893 paper

MYERS Elizabeth M.

death reported, [Huntington] Village Notes, 27 April 1900 paper; resident of Brooklyn, who Arecently rented the Ripley cottage, East Neck@