Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


J Surnames


JACK Charles 28 years

d. at Glen Cove; funeral 29 June 1896; interment at Bridgeport, Connecticut; resident of Port Washington


funeral 12 February 1898 at Oyster Bay


funeral at New Haven, Connecticut; 18 January 1896 paper; brother-in-law of Mr. Pettit of Fair Ground

JACKSON Rev. Anthony *

funeral 16 October 1891; Hempstead item; Aa colored man of rare ability and was esteemed by both white and black@

JACKSON Charlotte * 9 mos 11 days

d. 19 July 1897 at Huntington

JACKSON Elizabeth M.

late resident of East Rockaway; will proved at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; sister of Phebe A. Weekes of New York City and Louisa Bond and Clara Discoll, both of Oceanside; 29 April 1899 paper

JACKSON Georgina 65 years

murdered 11 December 1893 at Farmingville; pitchfork stuck into her back and her house Aburned to hide the crime. In the fire the body was almost incinerated@; long account of crime and house fire in 16 December 1893 paper

JACKSON Irene 7 y 1 m 20 d

d. 14 January 1891; interment at Westbury; daughter of William H. Jackson

JACKSON James Edward ANed@ * 35 years

d. 18 August 1894 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington; Aemployed by ex‑Supervisor Elbert Arthur ever since he was eight years of age@; Aindustrious, honest and frugal@; Aowned several acres of valuable land near the [Greenlawn] railroad station@; survived by wife and three children


d. 24 August 1900 at Halesite; stricken with apoplexy while bathing on the afternoon of 23 August 1900; died the next morning at Archer=s Hotel, Halesite; head of W. Jackson=s Son, mantel manufacturers of 246 Front Street, New York City

JACKSON Mrs. Lewis * 22 years

d. 30 January 1900 at Hauppauge; consumption; funeral at Hauppauge by Rev. Cuthbert; survived by husband and three Asmall children@


d. 5 May 1891; interment at Westbury; wife of John Jackson

JACKSON M. Franklin 25 years

d. 3 November 1895 at Jericho; Aconsumption of the kidneys@; interment at Jericho; son of Sidney W. Jackson; son-in-law of Ansel T. Jackson; Aassociated with his father as a farmer and stock raiser@; Avery quiet disposition and very fond of home and the association of older people rather than to be among the young people@; survived by unnamed widow


funeral 26 January 1892 at Glen Cove; son of Samuel Jackson of Westbury

JACKSON Townsend

d. at New York City; funeral 5 March 1896 at Quaker Meetinghouse, Jericho; son of Jacob Jackson; son-in-law of Jacob Willets; survived by unnamed widow and two sons; Aowner of the finest kept farm on our turnpike@; Woodbury item


d. Asix weeks ago@; Hempstead item; resident of Oceanville; member of Moses A. Baldwin Post, G. A. R. Hempstead; 14 February 1891 paper


d. 28 April 1895 at Holbrook; pneumonia; funeral Episcopal Church, Sayville; native of Scotland who left his money and farm to Charles Neilson of Patchogue, who had befriended him; had been valet to General [Winfield] Scott Aof Mexican War fame@

JACKSON Mrs. William

d. 27 April 1895 at Holbrook; pneumonia; funeral Episcopal Church, Sayville

JACKSON William L. 86 years

d. 1 May 1893 at Huntington

JACKSON Willie 10 years

d. 16 October 1897; spinal meningitis; grandson of Jeffrey Jackson; Smithtown item

JACOBS Andrew 82 years

d. 18 October 1899 at Babylon; father of Frank J. Jacobs; Aa capable yacht captain@; his father served in the War of 1812

JACOBS William 70 y 2 m 18 d

d. 9 February 1893 at Huntington

JAEGLE Christopher 80 years

d. 22 May 1897 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville, which was Aone of the largest ever held in that church@; survived by three daughters and one son; born 28 April 1817 at Elmendinger, Baden, Germany; immigrated to America ca. 1840 and settled in Hicksville in 1849, when there were only three houses in the village; Aone of the first settlers of the village of Hicksville@; Aone of the original organizers of the German Lutheran church in this village [Hicksville] and a liberal supporter of the same@; memorial notice from German Lutheran Aid Society in 19 June 1897 paper


d. 10 May 1894 at Hicksville; heart failure; wife of Christopher Jaegle; immigrated to the U. S. about 1840 and Ahas spent 47 years on the old homestead here at Hicksville respected and beloved by everyone who knew her@

JAMES Bernice

d. 15 October 1895 at Oyster Bay; paralysis; funeral Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; maiden name was Bernice Holmes; sister of Sylvester Holmes, William Holmes, Mrs. John Walters, Mrs. George Townsend and Mrs. William Higgins; first husband was Charles Johnson, Awho died some years ago@; wife of Stephen James, who she married Aabout a year ago@

JAMES Catharine R. 57 y 10 m 5 d

d. 2 January 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; wife of John James

JAMES Fannie * 47 years

d. 7 May 1898 at East Norwich; Asuddenly@ of heart disease; funeral at A. M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; wife of James James, coachman for Mr. Boyce of East Norwich

JAMES John 63 y 11 m 26 d

d. 9 February 1895 at Sailor=s Snug Harbor, New Brighton, Staten Island; Awithout warning he fell back and ..... was dead from heart trouble@; funeral Cold Spring Harbor M. E. Church; interment at Huntington; father of Florence E. James of Rochester, John F. James of Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory, Frederick James of Rochester and Mortimer W. James of New York City; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor; native of Brazil; came to Cold Spring Harbor in 1860 in search of his cousin, Manuel J. King; served in Union Navy during the Civil War; after the war, he married his cousin=s widow, Mrs. Catherine R. King

JAMES Louisa C.

funeral 21 June 1895 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport; interment at East Northport; daughter of William G. Gardiner of Huntington; wife of D. W. James of Orange, New Jersey

JAMES Stephen 53 years

d. 17 May 1896 at Oyster Bay; funeral Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor: member of J. C. Walters Post, G. A. R., Huntington

JAMES Mrs. Stephen

d. 6 January 1893; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Cold Spring; Awell known in Oyster Bay, Cold Spring and other places@

JAMIESON Mrs. Capt. 18 years

drowned 4 August 1894 in Long Island Sound on board a steam canal boat towing a boat when it collided with a schooner east of Execution Light; Mrs. Jamieson was knocked overboard and drowned; her body was found floating in the water near Glen Cove on 6 August 1894; native of Canada who had been married only 6 months; resident of Rouses Point, N. Y.; long account of accident in 11 August 1894 paper; account of inquest in 18 August 1894 paper

JANDER infant

d. 3 August 1897; Mineola item

JANSEN Stephen

d. after a Afew days= illness with pneumonia@; funeral 17 April 1897 at German Church, Sea Cliff

JARVIS child

d. Athis week@; [Huntington] Village item; child of William Jarvis; 18 August 1894 paper

JARVIS Capt. Alonzo 68 years

d. 6 December 1899 at Centreport; Asuddenly@ of neuralgia of the heart; funeral at the Protestant Methodist Church, Centreport; widower; father of Eugene Jarvis, Grant Jarvis, Mrs. Frank Morris and Stella Jarvis; native of West Neck; Aspent greater part of his life on the water@; captain of Aseveral sailing vessels, among them the schooner Martha King, A. J. Miller and D. C. Foster. His last position was that of captain of the sloop yacht Corsair, owned by Elbert Arthur of Northport@; Astaunch Republican,@ serving on the Huntington Town Republican Committee; served as postmaster of Centreport

JARVIS Anna 45 years

d. 18 February 1894 at Centreport; interment at Northport; widow of Ira Jarvis mother of Rosa Jarvis and Herbert Jarvis; native of Maryland and Afirst became acquainted with Capt. Jarvis during the War of the Rebellion. He was left wounded on one of the battle fields and was founded and cared for by this lady who afterwards became his wife@

JARVIS Carrie L. 22 y 10 m 9 d

d. 29 July 1892 at Half Hollows; daughter of Erastus Soper; wife of Frank Jarvis

JARVIS E. Franklin 33 y 11 m 3 d

d. 13 August 1899 at West Hills; brief illness; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church by Rev. Schwartz; son of Henry Jarvis; husband of Bertha Jarvis, who survives; native of West Hills; Awell known in this village where he had a milk route ... resided on the farm celebrated as the birthplace .... of Walt Whitman@

JARVIS Ebenezer 77 years

d. 1 May 1891 at Huntington; m. 1836 Fannie Kelsey; 2m. 1873 Hannah A. Kelsey; father of Mrs. H. V. Baylis; carriage maker; b. at East Neck 11 December 1813

JARVIS Edith 20 years

d. 17 March 1899 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; daughter of Hezekiah Jarvis; niece of Henry Jarvis of Huntington

JARVIS Edna Sammis 10 yrs 6 mos

d. 19 November 1895 at Huntington; typhoid fever; daughter of Capt. Joseph R. Jarvis and the late Emily H. Jarvis; Huntington native, b. 22 May 1885; attended Second Presbyterian Church Sunday School

JARVIS Elizabeth 72 years

d. 8 April 1899 at West Hills; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church by Rev. Schwartz; daughter of Jesse and Hannah Oakley; widow of Henry Jarvis; mother of Mrs. Homer Totten of West Deer Park, Mrs. Seaman Post of Farmingdale, Alice Jarvis, Jesse Jarvis and E. Franklin Jarvis, all of West Hills, George Jarvis of Connecticut and Charles Jarvis of Nebraska; resident of the Walt Whitman Homestead; member of the Melville Presbyterian Church; lifetime resident of West Hills; Aa kind wife and mother and an agreeable neighbor@

JARVIS George*

d. 21 July 1900 at Greenlawn; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; son of Aaron Jarvis; brother of Townsend Jarvis

JARVIS Hannah 83 years

d. 12 January 1894 at Huntington; widow of Moses Jarvis; Afor a number of years blind and almost entirely deaf@; Aesteemed Christian, a member of the Second Presbyterian Church@ (13 January 1894 paper); Afond of attending the services of God=s house in the Huntington Baptist Church of which she was a consistent member and of which she was a constituent at its organization over twenty‑five years ago@ (20 January 1894 paper)

JARVIS Hannah M. 59 years

d. 3 February 1899 at Centreport; [badly torn obit in 11 February 1899 paper, Centreport item]

JARVIS Henry 74 years

d. 18 October 1898 at West Hills; paralytic stroke; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church by Rev. Carter of Huntington; son of Carlton Jarvis and Susan Everett; native of Melville, b. 21 November 1824; husband of Elizabeth Oakley (m. 1845); son-in-law of Jesse Oakley; father of four daughters and three sons; uncle of Baylis brothers of Woodbury; member of Melville Presbyterian Church

JARVIS Capt. Henry 65 years

d. 21 June 1899 at Centreport; funeral at Centreport; father of four daughters and one son

JARVIS Herbert 22 yrs 11 days

d. 5 September 1896 at Brooklyn

JARVIS Herbert 40 years

d. 26 September 1896 at Fort Salonga; heart disease; funeral M. E. Church, Commack; survived by an unnamed sister

JARVIS Jesse 80 years

d. 4 July 1897; funeral at Northport; father of Mrs. Charles K. Sammis; Mrs. J. W. Bell; Mrs. Charles Ackerman; J. Udall Jarvis; James Jarvis and Benjamin Jarvis; Afor many years the proprietor of one of the largest ship building yards in our village [Northport] and employed a large number of men. He retired from the business when steam vessels took the place of sailing vessels in the coasting trade@

JARVIS John 83 years

d. 14 April 1893 at Central Park; interment at Bethpage; father of Whitson Jarvis; native of Melville, b. 10 September 1810; resident of Central Park over sixty years;Athe [Hempstead] plains at that time [1830s] were not covered with farms as now ... Mr. Jarvis could stand on the plains at Central Park and see as far as Hempstead as there were no houses or fences to obstruct the view@

JARVIS Capt. Jonathan 97 y 1 m 13 d

d. 14 May 1899 at Huntington; following the recent death of AUncle Tommy@ Scudder, Capt. Jarvis was the oldest person in Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem (Presbyterian) and Rev. Walter (M. E.); son of Simon Losea Jarvis and Keturah Conklin; husband of Ann West of Middletown Point, New Jersey (m. 28 May 1829), she d. Atwenty years ago@; father of Emilous Jarvis of Huntington and late Sarah W. (Mrs. Frederick) Manson; brother of Emilous Jarvis, age 83, and William H. Jarvis, age 81; of his deceased siblings, many reached very old ages Esther d. at 80, Phebe d. at 91; Philetus d. at 84 and Almira d. at 80; native of Centreport, b. 1 April 1802; learned blacksmith trade from his father; resided briefly at Commack; moved to Huntington, where he lived ever since; captain of a packet line between Huntington and New York City; afterwards, he owned two very good coasting vessels, Mary Howell and Standard, and was engaged in the coasting trade; following his retirement from the sea, he operated an ice cream and candy saloon; a Astaunch Democrat@ ... who cast Ahis first vote ... for Andrew Jackson ... and it is said that he has voted for every succeeding Democratic candidate@

JARVIS Capt. Lemuel

d. Alast week@ at Bristol, Pennsylvania; son of Asa Jarvis; former resident of Centerport; 13 February 1897 paper

JARVIS Philetus C. 84 years

d. 4 March 1891 at Huntington; recently fell on icy stoop; son of Simon Losee Jarvis and Keturah Conklin; m. 1830 Almeda B. Scudder; father of S. Lee Jarvis and Joseph Jarvis; captain of coasting vessels until retirement 1886; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; b.1 December 1806

JARVIS Rachel 75 y 8 m 19 d

d. 25 June 1893 at Sunk Meadow; funeral at Commack; widow of Charles W. Jarvis

JARVIS S. Annie Smith 36 years

d. 6 August 1900 at East Neck; Bright=s disease; funeral at Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington; interment at Melville; daughter of Ezra Smith and Miriam Colyer; wife of D. Carll Jarvis (m. 26 November 1884); mother of Ezra Jarvis, age 14; Nellie Jarvis, age 10; and an infant boy, age 5 weeks; a member of Central Presbyterian Church; Aa woman of lovable disposition@; her husband managed the estate of George Shaw on East Neck

JARVIS Sarah Adaline 84 years

d. 19 December 1894 at Brooklyn; funeral Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; widow of Ichabod Jarvis; grandmother of Mrs. J. Gilbert Ebbets


d. 10 May 1891 at Greenvale; killed in L.I.R.R. train wreck; funeral at Oyster Bay

JARVIS Stella ca. 34 years

d. 25 October 1896 at Northport; Ainjured when only 5 or 6 years of age by the explosion of some firecrackers and never recovered from the effects of the accident@; daughter of Jesse Jarvis; member of Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport

JARVIS Susanna 81 y 6 m 25 d

d. 1 January 1894 at Melville; daughter of late John V. Hewlett of Woodbury; wife of Woodhull Jarvis

JAYNE Benjamin 52 yrs 1 mo

d. 12 May 1896 at Smithtown Branch; funeral [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church; members of Jephtha Lodge #494, F & A Masons of Huntington attended the funeral; had been active with the Huntington lodge for twenty-five years Note: see JAYNE W. Benjamin

JAYNE Brewster 92 yrs 4 mos

d. 14 April 1896 at Old Westbury; interment at Huntington; native of Dix Hills; former resident of East Neck, Huntington, where he at one time operated a brickyard; later in life owned a farm at Old Westbury; member of Roslyn M. E. Church

JAYNE Elizabeth ca. 83 years

d. 21 July 1896 Asuddenly@; interment at [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church yard; sister of James Darling; mother of W. Benjamin Jayne and Mrs. J. B. Conklin; Ahad lived in Smithtown for many years@

JAYNE Matilda 71 y 11 m 10 d

d. 31 March 1891 at Norwalk, Connecticut; interment at Huntington; widow of Richard Jayne; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor

JAYNE Mrs. Peter 80 years

d. 25 October 1898 at St. James; mother of Edward Jayne of St. James, another son and two daughters; Aseveral brothers and sisters@ also survive

JAYNE W. Benjamin

d. Aseveral weeks ago@; son of Elizabeth Jayne; brother of Mrs. J. B. Conklin; son-in-law of Mrs. Satterly of Northport; resident of Smithtown Branch; member of the firm Jayne & Conklin; 18 July 1896 and 25 July 1896 papers; Smithtown items. Note: see JAYNE Benjamin Note: also called JAYNES

JEFFRIES Mrs. Lester 25 years

d. 18 November 1900 at Glen Cove; Avery suddenly@; funeral at Glen Cove by Rev. Gammack; interment at Westbury; daughter of Philo Beers


Episcopal funeral 20 July 1896 at South Glen Cove; interment at Westbury; survived by unnamed widow and one son; member of Seawanhaka Council #362 Royal Arcanum, Daniel Downing Post # 365 G. A. R. and Pembroke Lodge # 73, I. O. O. F.

JENKINS Elizabeth 51 y 4 m 4 d

d. 18 April 1891 at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; wife of George Jenkins

JENKINS Elizabeth 53 y 4 m 10 d

d. 10 December 1895 at New York City; funeral Reformed Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain View; mother of Henry C. Jenkins and five daughters; former resident of Hicksville, who had just moved to New York City in hopes of finding employment for her daughters

JENKINS George D. 6 mos 6 days

d. 21 March 1896 at Brooklyn

JENKS Mrs. Frederick

d. Alast week@ at New Haven, Connecticut; sister of Sara Sperry of Glen Cove; resident of New Haven; 25 May 1900 paper


d. 8 August 1891 at Redding, Connecticut; mother of C. J. Jennings, principal of Huntington Union School


d. 1 April 1900 at Bristol, Connecticut; brother of Charles J. Jennings, former principal of Huntington Union School, now of Jamaica High School; lawyer, with Newell & Jennings of Bristol; Aprominent in educational matters, being at one time superintendent of schools in Bristol@; active Republican

JENNINGS Oliver Burr

d. 13 February 1893 at New York City; AIn conjunction with John D. and William Rockefeller, [Benjamin] Brewster and others, he established the Standard Oil trust@

JENNINGS Philander R.

d. 14 January 1894 at Sag Harbor; Justice of Sessions for Suffolk County

JENNINGS Rev. William J.

d. 5 October 1895 at Bristol, Connecticut; father of Principal C. J. Jennings of Huntington; memorial resolution from Hale Donation, South Coventry, Conn., dated 20 October 1895, copied from the Bristol Press of Bristol, Conn., published in 16 November 1895 paper

JEONNOT August Albert 56 years

suicide Alast week@ at Brooklyn; Aturned on the gas in his room@; funeral 4 Sep- tember 1896 at Brooklyn; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn; survived by unnamed widow; father of Afour grown children@; brother-in-law of Louis Kunz of Hicksville; resident of the United States for thirty years; member of the firm Jeonnot & Shiebler, watch case manufacturers, of Brooklyn; owned Aa fine home@ at Jericho, where his wife was when he committed suicide at their Brooklyn residence; Hicksville item

JEROME Elizabeth McAllister

d. 10 October 1896 at Morris Park; wife of Leonard W. Jerome; niece of General Wood, Awho was prominent in the Mexican War@; former resident of Lattingtown

JEROME John Vanderbilt

d. Alast week@; son of Thomas A. Jerome; Asurvived his father but a few weeks@; 22 August 1896 paper; Glen Cove item

JEROME Thomas A. 86 years

d. 26 July 1896 at New Brighton, Staten Island; acute gastritis; funeral at Church of the Holy Communion, New York City; brother of Lawrence Jerome, Leonard Jerome and Addison Jerome, Aall well known club men@; husband of Emma Vanderbilt; Athey celebrated their golden wedding a few years ago@; father of Aseveral children,@ among whom are Kate (Mrs. Clarence B.) Dinsmore of New York City and Gertrude Alexondre, whose husband owns the French steamer line [also John Vanderbilt Jerome]; formerly owned a farm in Locust Valley

JERVIS Mrs. Scudder C. 80 years

d. 21 September 1897 at Amityville; funeral at Amityville; sister of Seth Purdy and Jesse Purdy; aunt of Albert Purdy and of Athe children of the late Gilbert Smith .... many of whom now reside in this village [Huntington]@; Aa woman of fine character

JOHNSON infant

d. 18 April 1894 at East Norwich; dead in bed with mother when she awoke; son of Jennie Johnson


d. 10 October 1893; cancer; interment at Northport


d. 1 February 1899 at Oyster Bay; mother of Jerome B. Johnson, Queens County Superintendent of the Poor

JOHNSON Abigail 84 y 8 m 8 d

d. 7 March 1894 at Huntington; daughter of Jacob Jarvis; widow of Abiatha Johnson (m. 1830); mother of Matilda (Mrs. John) Scudder, Reuben Johnson of Greenpoint, Jarvis Johnson of Roslyn and Ida Johnson of Huntington; sister of Betsey, Susan, Ann, Jeanette and Jacob; native of Centreport Cove b. 1809; member of Centreport M. E. and Huntington M. E. Churches and later Second Presbyterian Church

JOHNSON Aimee Platt 3 y 1 m 3 d

d. 2 January 1892 at Bay Shore; daughter of Editor of the Bay Shore Journal [Frank A. Johnson]

JOHNSON Bertha May * 10 mos 22 days

d. 9 February 1891 at Huntington

JOHNSON Charles 35 years

d. 5 June 1891 at Lloyd=s Neck; interment at Huntington; Swede who immigrated to USA only three months ago; had a sister who lived on Lloyd=s Neck

JOHNSON Cora 23 years

d. 5 April 1898; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Northport by Rev. Ellis; interment in Iowa; wife of H. E. Johnson; mother of Aa child two weeks old@; former resident of Chicago, Illinois; had been a resident of Northport for about a year; memorial window installed at the Presbyterian Church, Northport, 4 June 1898 paper

JOHNSON Cornelius 83 years

d. 31 July 1897 at Glen Cove; Asudden@; grandfather of Charles Johnson

JOHNSON Elizabeth Huntting 70 years

funeral 14 September 1895; interment at Smithtown; sister of late John S. Huntting of Smithtown; widow of Stephen L. Johnson of Jamaica; mother-in-law of Frank H. Pahde; Northport item


drowned 19 June 1896 in Great South Bay off Babylon; son of Jere Johnson, Awell-known real estate dealer of Brooklyn@

JOHNSON Frank A. 40 years

d. 2 March 1895 at Philadelphia, Pa.; funeral Universalist Church, Huntington; interment at Huntington; son of Samuel and Sarah Johnson; grandson of Charles White of Moriches; husband of Mary E. Stanwood (m. 2 January 1882); b. 19 August 1854; starting at age 15, he worked for some years with the Long Islander; in 1884, he purchased the Northport Journal and after a few years moved to Bay Shore and took the paper with him as the Bay Shore Journal; he was the editor of that paper at the time of his death; Republican

JOHNSON Gertrude* 45 years

d. 25 March 1900 at Northport

JOHNSON Henry * 37 years

d. 25 June 1895 at Huntington; Aneuralgia about the heart@; drove Raymond Selleck=s passenger stage from the depot to Huntington Harbor; Aon Saturday evening as he was driving Mr. Selleck=s team with a stage load of passengers from the depot, he was taken with a pain in his side which became so violent that he was scarcely able to complete the drive to the harbor@

JOHNSON J. Jarvis 60 years

d. 19 October 1898 at Huntington Harbor; heart disease; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington by Rev. Seem; son of Abiatha and Abigail Johnson; native of Huntington Harbor, b. 1 July 1838; brother of Dr. Reuben Johnson of Great Neck, Ida Johnson of Huntington Harbor and the late Susan Matilda (Mrs. John R.) Scudder; never married; much of his career was spent as a clerk on steamers from Long Island Sound ports to New York City, including the ill-fated Seawanhaka; later in life, ran a silk mill and a large farm at Roslyn; long obit in 22 October 1898 paper


suicide at Cleveland, Ohio; jumped from fourth floor window of Lennox apartment house Asuffering from an attack of melancholia@; wife of Walter F. Johnson; former resident of Huntington; article copied from 26 June 1893 Cleveland News & Herald; 1 July 1893 paper

JOHNSON Jere 70 years

d. 14 February 1898 at Thomaston, Georgia; Adeath no doubt somewhat hastened by the accidental drowning of his son Fran at Babylon about a year ago@; Awell-known real estate dealer at Brooklyn@; Aan auctioneer and real estate broker, he making a specialty of buying suburban property, cutting it up into building lots and selling the same at auction@


d. 21 April 1897; Bright=s disease; resident of Greenlawn

JOHNSON John 19 years

d. 16 April 1899 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Ellis; pallbearers were Afellow members@ of the Young Peoples= Society of Christian Endeavor of Northport Presbyterian Church; son of Frank Johnson; employed by the Edward Thompson Publishing Company, Northport

JOHNSON John* 44 years

d. 27 July 1900 at Huntington; hasty consumption; son of Peter Johnson, who survives at age 81; brother of Mrs. David Cisco

JOHNSON Josephine * Aold@

found dead 29 May 1891 at Jericho; interment at Pine Hollow; Alived alone and was very eccentric@; Ahad not been seen since before Easter@; landlord had house broken into; she Aprobably [had] been dead about two months@

JOHNSON Lee ca. 50 years

d. 20 February 1895 at Garden City; son of Edward Johnson, a native of Louisiana; nephew of Bradish Johnson; Edward and Bradish Johnson bought Aan immense tract of land in Islip town, upon which is now built the greater part of the village of East Islip@; brother of Edward Johnson, with whom he had a malt business in New York City; husband of Fannie Nicoll, who graduated from Huntington Union School in 1865; son-in-law of William Nicoll; Islip native who had been an Ainvalid from paralysis for some 15 years@

JOHNSON Mary S. 64 yrs 9 mos

d. 15 March 1894 at Huntington Harbor; daughter of Samuel Johnson; sister of Abathia Johnson, William Johnson, Alexander Johnson, Hartt Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Henrietta Johnson, Mrs. Henry Ketcham and Mrs. Merrill; native of Huntington Aresided here all her life@; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church

JOHNSON Peter * Aaged@

d. 5 October 1893 at Jericho; funeral at Westbury; b. a slave near Richmond, Virginia, in 1810; escaped from slavery at the age of 20 with the help of Isaac Hooper, who hid him on a ship; sailed off from Virginia on sloop bound for Oyster Bay and was sent to Henry Willis of East Woods; later worked for many years for Edward L. Frost of Cedar Swamp; before Emancipation, lived in fear that slave catchers from Virginia would find him and return him to slavery; resident of Jericho in his old age; son, grandson and great‑grandson of Edward L. Frost attended the funeral; long obit and article on slavery in antebellum Virginia in 21 October 1893 paper

JOHNSON Richard* 49 years

d. 1 November 1899 at Riverhead; ulcer of the stomach; died in his cell at the Suffolk County Jail; had been on trial for the murder of John Bunn at Bay Shore, but due to his illness, the trial was postponed until 29 January 1900

JOHNSON S. Eugenie 20 yrs 4 mos

d. 25 January 1894 at Bay Shore; interment at Huntington; daughter of Samuel C. and Sarah C. Johnson; Huntington native and member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington

JOHNSON Samuel C. 70 years

d. 21 December 1897 at Huntington Harbor; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; son of Samuel Johnson; brother of Henrietta Johnson of Huntington Harbor, Sarah Merrill and Iantha Ketcham; husband of the late Sarah White, who d. Aabout seven years ago@; father of Frank Johnson, Alexander Johnson and Eugenia Johnson, all deceased, and Edward Johnson, Charles Johnson and Burt Johnson, who survive; grew up on East Neck, Huntington; followed the bay for his living; Aa man with a warm heart@


d. 27 April 1893 at Huntington; daughter of Charles White; wife of Samuel C. Johnson; mother of Editor [Frank A.] Johnson of the Bay Shore Journal; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church; Aan esteemed resident of our village all of her life up to within a very few years past when she removed to Bay Shore@


d. 28 February 1894 at Aiken, South Carolina; Aaccidentally shot and killed@ by Joseph Quinn, a groom employed by H. K. Vingot of Westbury; Westbury item

JONES Mrs. Alfred 47 years

d. 15 August 1895; tumor; interment at Locust Valley; husband called AConductor@ Jones

JONES Benjamin 72 years

d. 22 September 1891 at Jersey City, New Jersey; interment at Huntington

JONES Edmund 76 years

d. 10/11 February 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; pneumonia; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Baker; interment in St. John=s Cemetery, Anear the church@; grandson of Major Jones; brother of David Jones of Flushing and Charles Jones and Edwin Jones, both of Wisconsin; never married; seaman who was a mate on Aseveral ocean going vessels@; lived for several years in the silver mining district of Montana

JONES Elizabeth 25 years

d. 29 April 1892 at New York City; burned in apartment house fire; sister of Mrs. William Alexander

JONES Emma Louise 39 years

d. 21 May 1896 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; consumption; funeral at Stony Brook; interment at Port Jefferson; daughter of Rev. Daniel and Harriet Jones; sister of Mrs. B. Powell of Stony Brook

JONES Harriet Howell 18 months

d. 15 June 1896; funeral Chapel at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; daughter of Walter M. and Ellen S. Jones of New York City

JONES Isaac Watts 72 years

d. 21 March 1899 at San Francisco, California; knocked down while crossing O=Farrell Street Aand trampled upon by a spirited horse and run over by the buggy@; son of Walter Jones; brother of Capt. W. J. Jones and the late Capt. E. M. Jones; former resident of Cold Spring, where he was a store clerk with J. H. Jones & Sons; later he ran a general store and drug store in Cold Spring; went to California in 1858; never married

JONES John D. 83 years

d. 22 September 1895 at Massapequa; funeral at Trinity Church, New York City; Athe funeral cortege crossed the river to New York and proceeded up Wall Street in carriages. The street on both sides was lined with flags at half staff. At the offices of the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, 51 Wall Street, all the employees were formed in two lines and marched beside the hearse to the church. The great church was packed with friends of the deceased@; Bishop Littlejohn of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island conducted the funeral; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of John H. Jones; nephew of Walter R. Jones; brother of Walter R. T. Jones; Samuel Jones, Mrs. Stewart; Townsend Jones; William E. Jones and Mrs. Charles B. Moore; brother-in-law of Edward Floyd Jones; native of Cold Spring Harbor; president of the Atlantic Insurance Company Afor the last 40 years@; known for Amany acts of charity .... for the purpose of advancing the cause of science@; donated land for the fish hatchery and the Abiological school@ at Cold Spring Harbor, as well as 40 acres of land to establish Memorial Cemetery, where he was buried; donated money to Eye and Ear Infirmary of New York City and several other hospitals and churches; member of New York Chamber of Commerce; Aaccumulated a large fortune, reckoned among the millions, during his long business career@; account of Acostly and beautiful monument@ erected at Memorial Cemetery in 3 October 1896 paper, Cold Spring itemNote: See Long Island: A Guide to New York=s Suffolk and Nassau Counties [1988] for description of Amagnificent@ Tiffany windows at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, in memory of members of Jones family.

JONES John T. * 44 years

d. 29 October 1900 at Greenlawn


d. 30 May 1893 at Patchogue; Adared by her girl companions to cross a railroad track in front of a train@

JONES Mary Esther Mott 71 years

d. 3 July 1898 at Cold Spring; funeral Episcopal Church, Cold Spring; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; daughter of James Mott, late of Manhasset; wife of Samuel A. Jones; Aan estimable lady whose many friends mourn their loss@

JONES Capt. Noah H.

funeral 23 August 1892 at Rocky Point

JONES Sarah 82 years

d. 4 January 1899 at West Hills; funeral West Hills M. E. Church

JONES Susan M.

d. 29 May 1900 at Huntington; short illness; widow of Samuel W. Jones; daughter of Joseph Lawrence Hewlett and Elizabeth Van Wyck, late of Great Neck; mother of Samuel O.W. Jones, William Robert Jones, Helen Jones, Elizabeth H. (Mrs. W. Wilton) Wood, and Susan M. (Mrs. William )Negley; a resident of Huntington for 32 years

JONES Townsend 70 y 1 m 23 d

d. 21 December 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; son of John H. Jones; brother of Samuel Jones and William E. Jones; father of Townsend Jones and Thomas Jones; Agreater part of his life was spent in business in New York as auctioneer, he being a member of the firm of Rudder, Jones & Company in Warren Street@; Aduring the wartimes [Civil War] his income was very large, he paying the highest income tax of any man in Suffolk County@; retired to Cold Spring Aabout nine years ago@; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring

JONES W. Robert 35 years

d. 20 December 1900 at Maracaibo [or Caracas], Venezuela; brain fever; interment in Venezuela, Aas Venezuelan law forbids the removal of a corpse from the country within one year of death@; son of Samuel W. Jones and Susan Hewlett; brother of Mrs. W. Wilton Wood and Helen Jones, both of Huntington, Mrs. William Negley of Eagle Pass, Texas, and Samuel W. Jones of Mexico; attended Huntington High School; long time resident of Mexico Aengaged in the coffee trade, representing Hard & Rand, of Manhattan, at Arazaba, Mexico@; at the time of his death, he was in Venezuela with Louis Hewlett, son of Walter R. Hewlett, of Cold Spring Harbor, representing S. Matherson, Jr. & Company Aa large coffee house@ of Boston, Massachusetts

JONES William E. *

drowned 2 April 1893 at Oyster Bay; body found morning of 3 April 1893 between dock and schooner Dunbar on which he was a seaman; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; resident of Northport; commonly called ABuck Bill@ Jones; b. Liberia, Africa; AHe had been in nearly every part of the world as a sailor. He was well able to earn a good living but for his love of liquor@

JORDAN David C. 69 y 1 m 3 d

d. 3 February 1892 at Centreport; funerals at Centreport and Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; tragic mix‑up in names; Dr. Willis arrived at home of a Mrs. Jarvis and Ashe was unable to tell the doctor where he was needed.@ The doctor returned to Huntington Awithout seeing the patient,@ who died of the grippe; father of Mrs. Martens of Brooklyn

JOST Mrs. Augustus

murdered 16 October 1892 at Glen Cove; shot by husband who was sentenced 8 February 1893 to life at Sing Sing Prison


body recovered from a well at Lakeville and Agiven a Christian burial@; 17 September 1892 paper; Westbury item


telegram received 16 April 1895 announcing her death in Connecticut; mother of Rev. H. Q. Judd of Huntington M. E. Church, who had just visited her Alast week after the adjournment of Conference@

JUDGE Mrs. Aold lady@

d. 27 March 1892 at Glen Cove; hit by railroad train while crossing tracks on her way to church

JUDGE Thomas 15 years

d. 26 November 1896 at Glen Cove; Ajumped off from the front car and fell under the wheels, and the entire train passed over his legs, cutting them both off above the knees@; accident happened at the Sea Cliff station of L. I. R. R.; taken back to Glen Cove; Ahe was placed under the influence of ether, but expired before the mangled limbs could be dressed@; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; son of Patrick Judge; resident of Glen Cove