Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


I Surnames


IMLAY Nina E. infant

d. 18 May 1899 at Northport; spinal meningitis; daughter of Charles Imlay of Northport


d. 16August 1900 at Las Vegas, New Mexico; throat trouble; [interment at Atchinson, Kansas]; Athe history of his life was that of a poor boy who arose to name and fame through unremitting toil@; [native of Middleton, Massachusetts, b. 29 December 1833; moved to Kansas in 1858 and soon became involved in Kansas politics; newspaper editor in Atchinson, Kansas]; U. S. Senator [from Kansas 1873-1891 and President ProTem of the U. S. Senate 1887-1891]; resident of Atcinson, Kansas

INGELOW Jean 76 years

d. 20 July 1897 at London, England; Adistinguished poet and novelist ... has a wide popularity in the United States@; native of Boston, England; born 1820

INGERSOLL Col. Robert G.

d. 21 July 1899 at Dobb=s Ferry, N. Y.; apoplexy; funeral at Dobb=s Ferry at which his various writings were read; cremation at Fresh Pond, L. I.; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. Walston H. Brown and Maude Ingersoll; native of Dresden, N. Y. (b. 1833), son of a Congregationalist minister; Anoted infidel lecturer@; grew up in Illinois; served in the Civil War as colonel of the 11th Illinois; leading Republican party political figure; Ahis fame came through his lectures and writings antagonizing the Christian faith@

INGRAHAM Winifred 17 years

d. 7 August 1893 at Lattingtown; daughter of H. M. H. Ingraham

INMAN Robert

drowned 26 August 1895 in collision of his yacht Adelaide and the steamer Pereus in New York Harbor; all others aboard the yacht at the time of the collision were rescued; body washed ashore at South Beach, Staten Island; AMr. Inman and the yacht Adelaide were often in Cold Spring Harbor@

IRELAND Adelia E. 46 years

suicide 1 June 1897 at Huntington; locked herself in room and turned on gas jets; widow of James Edgar Beers; wife of Henry Ireland (m. 1896); step-mother of Emma Ireland

IRELAND Albert J. 29 yrs 22 days

d. 2 April 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington; repture of blood vessel

IRELAND Charles 28 years

d. 11 January 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Andrew Ireland of Oyster Bay; Ahad been married but three weeks before his death@

IRELAND Charlotte Maria 77 y 2 m 20 d

d. 18 March 1900 at Huntington; dropsy; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; interment at Commack; widow of Derrick Ireland; daughter of Isaac Smith and Polly Homan; native of Patchogue; formerly a long-time resident of Commack; resided with Townsend Brown at the time of her death

IRELAND Darrick 72 y 10 m 8 d

d. 1 October 1894 at Commack

IRELAND Eliphalet 74 years

d. 3 October 1899 at Jamaica; funeral at Jamaica; son of Smith Ireland; uncle of E. S. Ireland of Huntington; never married; carpenter; native of Long Swamp, but a resident of Jamaica since he was Aa lad@

IRELAND Eliza 20 yrs 5 mos

d. 17 May 1892 at New York City; funeral at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; daughter of Andrew Ireland of Cold Spring; worked in New York City home of Dr. O. L. Jones

IRELAND Elizabeth 51 y 4 m 10 d

d. 1 November 1897 at Melville; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Melville, by Rev. B. V. Putnam of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Alargely attended@; daughter of Elias Baylis; wife of Edward S. Ireland; Ainvalid for many years@

IRELAND Fred 1 year

d. 1 August 1894 at Huntington; son of David S. and Blanche Ireland

IRELAND Hattie J. 36 yrs 6 mos

d. 3 September 1894 at Huntington; daughter of Emilous Jarvis; wife of Henry Ireland (m. 29 January 1879); b. at Huntington 8 March 1858; member of M. E. Church, Huntington since 1875

IRELAND Marietta 77 yrs 8 mos

d. 9 October 1896 at Comac; widow of George Ireland

IRELAND Marion Emma 8 mos 24 days

d. 7 September 1891 at Huntington; cholera infantum; daughter of David S. and Blanche Ireland

IRELAND Sarah A. 64 yrs 11 mos

d. 13 March 1893 at Huntington; Astroke of apoplexy@; discovered by her neighbor Mrs. Beers Alying on the bed unconscious@; widow of David Ireland; Abeloved member of the M. E. Church of this village ... very popular as a nurse@ AIt is said that she assisted over three hundred little folks to make their debut into this rough old world of ours@

IVENS Mrs. Frank 29 years

d. 15 February 1891 at New York City; interment at Port Jefferson; operation to remove tumor