Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


H Surnames



HAAB Arthur 11 months

death reported; son of G. Haab; Farmingdale item 17 August 1895 paper

HAAB Jacob ca. 86 years

d. 11 June 1896; interment at Melville M. E. Churchyard; father of George Haab; Farmingdale item

HABB young woman ca. 20 years

d. Ashort time since@; typhoid fever; daughter of George Habb; Melville item; 13 October 1894 paper

HABB child 8 years

d. 5 October 1894 at South Melville; typhoid fever; daughter of George Habb

HACKNER Thomas 67 yrs 5 mos

d. 16 March 1892 at Hicksville; comsumption; German Lutheran Church Choir and Hicksville Quartette Club sang at funeral; resident of Hicksville Aover thirty six years@

HAFF Jacob

d. Alast week@; 10 October 1891 paper; Aserved this village [Hempstead] with milk for a number of years@; resident of Uniondale

HAFF Matilda S. 57 years

d. 15 April 1897 at Babylon; interment at Huntington

HAGGERTY Ansel John 10 y 10 m 9 d

d. 2 October 1893 at Huntington; run over by runaway horse and buggy 29 September 1893 at Mineola, while family was at Queens County Fair; horse driven by Mrs. George E. Schryver of Floral Park became frightened and went out of control; Ansel's father and Albert Schryver, riding in buggy with his mother, were also injured in accident; Ansel Anever regained consciousness@; son of James Haggerty; see 7 October 1893 paper for account of accident


d. 2 August 1896 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay; daughter of J. R. Haggerty; resident of Brooklyn

HAHN Emma Wilhelmme 36 y 1 m 10 d

d. 5 September 1895 in private ambulance while traveling on Jericho Turnpike on way home to Hicksville from New York City; English funeral at Reformed Church, Hicksville; German funeral at Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Hicksville; Afully one hundred carriages in line@ for the funeral; daughter of Frederick Herzog; wife of John H. Hahn (m. ca. 1884); mother of Jennie Hahn (age 9) and Harold Hahn (age 4); native of New York City, b. 26 July 1859; came to Hicksville at the age of 4; long account about unsuccessful treatment for lung disease in 7 September 1895 paper; account of funeral and memorial notice from Hicksville Council #1159, Royal Arcanum in 14 September 1895 paper

HAHN Lena 28 years

d. 3 May 1891 at Brooklyn; wife of William T. Hahn; former resident of Hicksville

HAIGHT Francis S. 6 days

d. 11 May 1897 at Huntington

HAINES Louise 54 years

d. 6 October 1895 at Little Neck [Town of Huntington]; interment at East Northport; widow of Theodore Haines; mother of Capt. Charles Haines

HAINESFELD Mrs. Frederick E. 21 years

d. 14 February 1899 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Russell and Rev. Estes; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Mrs. Esther Ludlum Golding

HALL Ann A. 77 years

d. 18 January 1899 at Bayville

HALL Dr. Charles J. 53 years

d. 29 March 1900 at Glen Cove; stroke; funeral at Glen Cove; interment at Jamaica; son of the late Dr. Henry Hall; unnamed widow survives; Mineola native who enlisted in the 63rd New York at age 18 in 1864 Aand served in the closing campaign of the war in Virginia@; Aa skillful physician@

HALL Emma L.

d. 15 December 1896 at New Haven, Connecticut; Ait is believed that she was in a demented condition when she wandered away from her home .... her body was found in the afternoon of Dec. 20, in a river in the vicinity of her home@; interment at Huntington; daughter of Scudder and Elizabeth Hall; sister of G. W. Hall and W. B. Hall

HALL James 40 years

d. 26 August 1899 at Glen Cove; Bright=s disease; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Glen Cove; interment at Locust Valley

HALL John Roe 70 years

d. 19 May 1897; interment at Kensico Cemetery, near White Plains, N. Y.; son of Asa Hall; uncle of Mrs. Milton Smith; Northport item

HALL Julia Ann 78 years

d. 12 August 1900 at Glen Cove; funeral at Glen Cove by Rev. McNichol; interment at Locust Valley; widow of William E. Hall; mother of George H. Hall; her maiden name was Hyde

HALL Julia M.

suicide Alast week@18 March 1893 paper; funeral 12 March 1893; resident of New Canaan, Connecticut; Atalented young lady@ whose Amind became unbalanced ..... In this gloomy condition of mind she was conveyed to an asylum and while out on a walk with an attendent@ she Arushed away and threw herself on the track in front of [a] locomotive and was .... killed in an instant of time@; Anear friend@ of Rev. C. B. Ford, pastor of Huntington M. E. Church who preached Athe principal address at the funeral@

HALL Mary A. 68 years

d. 22 September 1893 at Greenvale; funeral at Huntington; daughter of George Searing; widow of Thomas J. Hall; mother of Theodore Hall, Frank Hall and Mrs. Carrie Merrill; sister of Mrs. Price of Glen Cove, George Searing, Robert Searing, Theodore Searing and Mrs. Sarah Smith; b. at Newark, N. J. 1825; school teacher in early life; former resident of New York City and Mamaroneck, N. Y.; moved to Huntington about 1866

HALL Mary S. B. 3 y 9 m 6 d

d. 1 April 1899 at Brooklyn

HALL Oliver

funeral 28 April 1896 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; Athe old gentleman who lived for two years in the old deserted vessel moored alongside of the Huntington Lumber & Coal Company=s dock@

HALL Sarah ca. 87 years

d. 27 May 1894 at Hicksville; apoplexy; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; native of New York City (b. 1807) who Awas fond of relating stories of old New York and could give many delightful reminiscences@

HALL Theodore S. 40 y 5 m 26 d

d. 21 June 1891 at Huntington; son of Thomas J. Hall; worked as special messenger between Huntington and New York City; see 27 June 1891 paper for biography

HALL William 3 months

d. 23 August 1891 at Northport; son of Seely and Olivia Hall

HALLETT Mabel W. 19 years

drowned 28 July 1893 at Rockville Centre; resident of Brooklyn

HALLETT Ruth A. 3 months

d. 3 April 1897 at Flushing

HALLIGAN John 19 y 10 m 11 d

d. 16 October 1895 at West Neck

HALLIGAN Mary 65 years

d. at West Neck; 17 February 1894 paper

HALLIGAN Michael 68 years

d. 15 March 1898 at West Neck; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York

HALLIGAN Patrick 50 years

d. 22 April 1895 at West Neck; went to feed his horses; Awas missing for some time and his friends going out to the barn found him lying unconscious .... in a fit of apoplexy@; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church; interment at West Neck


executed 23 December 1892 at Jersey City, N. J.; hanged for murdering his mistress

HALLOCK child ca. 3 years

funeral 25 February 1893; son of Frank Hallock; Smithtown item

HALLOCK [Clara Brush] 28 years

d. 26 October 1895; typhoid fever; daughter of Theodore Brush [and Mary Jane Darling]; wife of Luther Hallock, who she m. Asix years ago@; native of Smithtown; Aregular attendant@ of Smithtown Presbyterian Church


d. Athis week ..... after a long and painful illness@; resident of Melville; leaves husband and five children; 9 February 1895 paper

HALLOCK Emily M. 19 y 4 m ? d

d. 14 May 1891 at Manorville; daughter of Edgar Hallock of Huntington; school teacher in Manorville

HALLOCK Henry L. 54 years

d. 7 September 1900 at Northville; Ahad hired a large steam machine to thresh out his grain .... was standing on the feed board in front of the fast moving cone, when his foot slipped ... and both legs went into the machine ... his right leg was torn off below the knee and his left leg was badly crushed@; funeral at Northville Presbyterian Church; Supervisor of the Town of Riverhead; Aa strong Democrat and very popular@; Aa prosperous farmer at Northville@

HALLOCK Maria U. 61 years

d. 4 January 1896 at Huntington; pneumonia; widow; mother of Charles A. Hallock and William Hallock; native of New York City


d. 6 June 1900 at Laurel Hill; hit by L. I. R. R. train while walking on track with his co-workers

HALSEY Evelyn A. 46 y 2 m 3 d

d. 12 September 1896 at Providence, Rhode Island; funeral Huntington; interment at Huntington; sister of Henry T. Seaman of Huntington; resident of Providence, R. I.; former resident of Huntington

HALSEY Hannah E.

d. Alast week@ at Orange, New Jersey; former resident of Cold Spring; 17 December 1892 paper

HALSEY Oscar A. 53 years

d. 1 October 1898 at New York City; Aheart weakness@; taken ill on the Third Avenue Elevated train and died Ashortly after being assisted to the platform of the 28th Street station@; funeral at New York City; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; husband of Lizzie Pierson (m. 1895), a former resident of Huntington, who is his second wife; father of two sons and one daughter by his first marriage; son-in-law of Caleb Pierson of Sayville; brother of William Halsey; salesman for Billwiller Brothers, a New York City lace importing firm

HAMILTON Ann Maria 64 years

d. 24 October 1892 at Northport

HAMILTON Helen 40 years

d. 25 December 1898 at Cornwall Landing, N. Y.; funeral at Cornwall Landing; interment at Oyster Bay; daughter of John T. Hamilton; former resident of Oyster Bay

HAMILTON Mrs. John L. *

murdered Alast year@ at Winfield by husband, a Acolored ex‑preacher@; 11 March 1893 paper; Mineola item

HAMILTON John T. Awell advanced in years@

d. probably at Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y.; interment 23 February 1899 at Oyster Bay; father of Laura Hamilton; owned large amounts of land in Oyster Bay

HAMILTON Laura 64 years

suicide 25 November 1900 at Berry Hill, Oyster Bay; drowned herself in a pond on the Suydam farm; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell; following the death of her father, she moved to Oyster Bay to live with her relative Ann Suydam; following Miss Suydam=s death, Miss Hamilton said AI am of no use to anyone, my relatives are dead, I have no friends@

HAMILTON Walter I. 1 y 3 m 11 d

d. 6 June 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; son of Fred Hamilton

HAMILTON Theodore B. 56 years

d. Alast week@ at Queens; son of Dr. Frank Hamilton; 9 December 1893 paper


d. 8 June 1897 at New York City; Asuddenly@; father of the daughter-in-law of Rev. J. W. Simpson of Smithtown; Awell known builder@

HAMMOND Henry 78 yrs 1 mo

d. 31 March 1892 at Lloyd=s Neck

HAND Nehemiah

d. 19 November 1894 at East Setauket; father of George E. Hand, Mrs. John Henry Smith of Old Field, Mrs. John R. Bayles of Echo, Mrs. W. H. Brewster and Mrs. Scudder Jayne, both of East Setauket; survived by unnamed third wife, the others having died; ship builder in Setauket from the 1840's through the 1870's; list of ships built in 24 November 1894 paper


d. from whooping cough; funeral 20 July 1896 [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church; daughter of John P. Handshaw [Note: This child is recorded in the editor=s Handshaw notes as Sarah Dorothea Handshaw or Sarah Louisa Norton Handshaw]

HANDSHAW Dorothea C.

d. 15 July 1896 at Northport; [widow of George B. Handshaw, who d. in the Civil War]; mother of James E. Handshaw and John [P.] Handshaw, both of Smithtown, [Julia Frances] Mrs. Edward Rowland and [Sarah Amelia] Mrs. Sherman Haff, both of Northport, [Annie Elizabeth (Mrs. Richmond A.) Thompson of Kings Park, George B. Handshaw of Maine, and Mary Emma (Mrs. Furman W.) Velsor of Cold Spring Harbor]; former resident of Smithtown

HANGER Ella 8 y 4 m 21 d

d. 10 October 1892 at Northport; interment at South Northport; daughter of Charles J. Hanger

HANNAS Warren F. 5 mos 18 days

d. 19 October 1892 at Hicksville; interment at Brookville; son of Prof. Warren F. Hannas

HANSCOM Emma 70 years

d. 26 January 1892 at Oyster Bay; interment at East Norwich

HARBACH little child

d. Alast week and was buried on Sunday@; [badly torn sheet of newspaper probably from the 8 January 1898 issue]; child of Frank L. Harbach; Hicksville item

HARDENBURGH Phebe A. 22 y 10 m 13 d

d. 17 June 1891 at East Northport; daughter of John D. and Sarah Hardenburgh

HARDING Stephen T. 77 years

d. 31 January 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn; father of Mrs. E. P. Frost of Brooklyn and two sons; resident of Sea Cliff

HARMON George Ayoung man@

d. 27 April 1894; funeral at Smithtown Branch; accidentally shot and died Aafter suffering intensely for nearly two weeks@

HARMS Mrs. Herman

d. 20 December 1896; Ahad been sick ... but was so much improved that she wanted to get up, at least to have her bed made, when she felt a suffocating feeling, followed by a gasping for breath, and in a few minutes passed away@; survived by husband and four children; Farmingdale item

HARNED Flora L. 22 years

d. 27 July 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Commack M. E. Churchyard; daughter of Obi Harned; former resident of Huntington

HARNED Jacob 61 years

d. 1 February 1891 at Comac

HARNED John 30 years

d. 23 March 1899 at Northport; consumption; funeral at Northport by Rev. Holden; interment at Commack; unnamed widow and two children survive; former resident of Centerport

HARNER Diana 70 years

d. 9 February 1891 at Dix Hills

HAROLD Mrs. James

d. 9 March 1891 at New York City; Glen Cove item

HARPER Philip J. A.

d. 6 March 1896 at Hempstead; Aheart and kidney trouble@; father of James Harper; senior member of Harper & Brothers; native of New York City, b. 21 October 1824; resident of Hempstead for 40 years; made generous donations to Hempstead Fire Department, including funds to build a fire house; account of Masonic funeral in 14 March 1896 paper


death reported as a Glen Cove item in 26 February 1898 paper; brother-in-law of Dr. Charles H. Hall of Glen Cove; husband of the former Florence Hall; station master for LIRR at Jamaica for 41 years; torn newspaper

HARRIS Blanche 7 yrs 14 days

d. 25 July 1897 at Centreport

HARRIS Carlyle W.

executed 8 May 1893 at Sing Sing, N. Y.; poisoned his wife

HARRIS Ellenora 70 y 7 m 4 d

d. 28 October 1899 at Huntington; widow of William Harris; mother of Mrs. Searing of Huntington, with whom she lived, and Mrs. Daniel J. Nostrand; native of West Hills; long-time resident of Oyster Bay

HARRIS Louisa 63 y 9 m 17 d

d. 1 December 1894 at Jamaica; wife of Morgan Harris; mother-in-law of Samuel H. Cornell; resident of Huntington; died while visiting Mrs. A. H. Beers of Jamaica

HARRISON [Caroline L.]

[d. 25 October 1892 at the White House, Washington, D. C.; interment at Indianapolis, Indiana]; First Lady of the United States; wife of President Benjamin Harrison; death reported in 29 October 1892 paper


murdered 28 October 1893 at Chicago, Illinois; Chicago mayor assassinated by Acrank@ office seeker named Prendergast

HARRISON Eliza P. 66 years

d. 11 September 1895 at Jones Institute, Brookville; Afell off a chair and injured her hip@ which fractured and Ashe never recovered@

HART Frank 33 years

d. 18 October 1900 at Cold Spring; found dead in his room at Van Ausdall=s Hotel; Brooks, the Acolored man@ working for the hotel, knocked on his door; receiving no answer, Brooks entered the room and found Hart dead in bed; his father arrived from Red Hook, Dutchess County, N. Y., and had the body shipped to Red Hook for the funeral; unmarried man, who had been living in Cold Spring for the past three years; employed by Capt. Bingham and John D. Hewlett

HART John 23 years

drowned 22 July 1899 at East Moriches, while bathing in the surf; Asank from sight@; lawyer; unmarried; resident of New York City


d. 12 June 1900 at Hauppauge; digging well on his farm, when it caved in and he was buried Ato a depth of thirty feet@

HARTMAN Frederick Christian 73 y 10 m 26 d

d. 18 September 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Hempstead; native of Schumburg Lippe, Germany; came to Hicksville about 1856

HARTMANN Peter Joseph 67 y 11 m 12 d

d. 13 April 1896 at West Hills; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at West Neck; son of Peter Hartmann; husband of Mathilda Kuefen of Dusseldorf, Germany (m. 11 December 1866); father of five children, two of whom survive: Henry J. Hartmann and William Carl Hartmann; native of Cologne, Germany, b. 1 May 1828; career in Germany as a builder and architect before immigrating to the United States in 1880; resident of Brooklyn until 1891, when he moved to West Hills; the community has lost Aan upright, enterprising and honored citizen@; long obit in 18 April 1896 paper

HARTOUGH Benjamin V. D. 40 yrs 10 mos

d. 4 August 1891 at Wichita, Kansas; brother of Mrs. Joseph S. Tillot; former resident of Huntington

HARTOUGH Benjamin V. D.

d. 11 December 1892 at Huntington; husband of Deborah H. Wood (m. 1838); son‑in‑law of Brewster and Matilda Wood; father of Oscar Hartough, Jeanette (Mrs. Joseph) Tillot, William Brewster Hartough, who d. Civil War, John Henry Hartough, Benjamin Hartough, Edwin Hartough and Mary Hartough; b. at Middlebush, N. J. 24 February 1812; learned wheelwright trade at Flatlands; went into business in Huntington and later in Flushing; lived for a time in Dix Hills before returning to Huntington in 1848; member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

HARTRIDGE Dorothy Mary 4 mos 24 days

d. 25 January 1896 at Huntington

HARTT Alice M. 34 years

d. 19 May 1897 at Northport; consumption; Awent South for the benefit of her health. She returned about two weeks ago@; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery, Northport; daughter of Edward Matthias; wife of Charles Hartt; mother of one child

HARTT Charles

d. 8 October 1897 at Huntington; survived by his second wife, the former Mrs. Shields; father of Clark Hartt, Charles Hartt, Charity Hartt and Mary (Mrs. DeWitt) Conklin, all of whom are dead, and Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert) Hunn, Martha (Mrs. Jesse D.) Smith, Caroline Johnson (former wife of Oscar Johnson) and Emma Hartt; farmer; one time resident of Amityville and longtime resident of Huntington, having lived Anearly fifty years in the same house@

HARTT Charles/Charlie 28 years

d. at Orange, New Jersey; suddenly from an abcess in his ear; news received at Huntington 10 June 1899; widow and 3 children survive; son of Clark Hartt; grandson of Charles Hartt; employed by the Prudential Life Insurance Company; resident of East Orange, New Jersey; former resident of Huntington

HARTT Charles S. 86 years

d. 30 April 1900 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Ellis; father of Elbert Hartt of Northport; Afor many years engaged in the building business and many of the older houses in this village [Northport] were erected by him. Recently he was a farmer residing at Crab Meadow@

HARTT Hannah J. 86 yrs 6 mos

d. 15 July 1895 at Northport; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport by Rev. Cox, Baptist, and Rev. Saunders, M. E., jointly as Baptist Church was not large enough for the funeral; interment at Northport; sister of Devine Burtis, Afamous ship builder of South Brooklyn@; widow of Prior Hartt; mother of Erastus Hartt and Mrs. Ebenezer Bryant of Northport, Mrs. Brewester G. Conklin of Huntington, and John D. Hartt, Samuel Hartt and Mrs. Emily Harrison, all of Brooklyn; native of West Hills; moved to Northport in 1838; Aher husband established the shipbuilding business in this village [Northport] in the yard subsequently owned by Jesse Jarvis@; AMrs. Hartt united with the Methodist church first, but prefering the Baptist denomination, afterward joined that society, and it was mainly through her instrumentality that the Baptist church in [Northport] was organized. When the pulpit was supplied by ministers from the city, they were entertained in her home.@

HARTT Lawrence 4 years

d. 11 October 1897; spinal meningitis; son of Henry Hartt; Northport item

HARTYE Henry 58 y 10 m 11 d

d. 4 December 1895 at Hicksville; English funeral by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville Reformed Church; German funeral at Christopher Street Lutheran Church [no place given]; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; Asufferer from paralysis ... part of the time being unable to move his lower limbs@; Awell known in this village [Hicksville], having been a visitor here for years, being a friend of Henry Done@; resided in Hicksville for about one year

HASBROUCK H. E. 68 years

d. 22 July 1900 at Hicksville; kicked in the head by his horse while unhitching the horse in his son-in-law=s barn after returning home from church; survived by an unnamed widow; father of Mrs. Frederick L. Shillat, with whom he and his wife were visiting at the time of the accident

HASS Annie 9 years

drowned 15 January 1900 at Jamaica; had been playing out on the ice, when she fell through and was drowned; daughter of Paul Hass

HASS Joseph 6 years

drowned 15 January 1900 at Jamaica; had been playing out on the ice, when he fell through and was drowned; son of Paul Hass

HASSETT Mrs. John 65 years

d. 1 December 1899 at Oyster Bay; apoplexy; an Aestimable lady@ and a Adevout member of St. Dominic=s R. C. Church@ [Oyster Bay]

HAUSER infant

d. 30 January 1899; child of August Hauser; Hicksville item

HAUSER Hannah 20 years

d. 26 February 1895 at Brookville; pneumonia; funeral at Brookville Reformed Church; daughter of Sherman Hauser

HAVEMEYER Charles F. 35 years

d. 9 May 1898 at Roslyn; shot in a gun accident; Aa revolver ... discharged, inflicting a fatal wound in his right temple@; son of Theodore A. Havemeyer, late Amillionaire sugar king@


death reported in editorial AA Friend of Long Island Gone@ 1 May 1897 paper

HAVENS Angeline * 75 yrs 3 mos

d. 24 December 1891 at Centreport; wife of Thomas Havens; resident of Centreport since her marriage ca. 1833

HAVENS Phebe Tuthill ca. 70 years

d. at Amagansett; mother of Mrs. J. B. Edwards of Amagansett; sister of late David Tuthill of Huntington; aunt of William, Agnes, Harriet and Lemuel, all of Huntington; 10 March 1894 paper

HAVENS Thomas * 87 years

d. 3 November 1894 at Centreport; interment at South Northport; Aa very religious man ..... he united with the Union Church in this place [Centreport] in 1842 and has continued faithful ever since A


funeral 29 February 1892 at Islip; grandmother of Mrs. William H. Jones; Woodbury item

HAWKINS Mrs. Alfred 81 years

d. at Lake Grove; Aill for some time@; interment 27 June 1899; widow of Alfred Hawkins

HAWKINS Caroline 57 years

d. 20 April 1891 at New York City; interment at Huntington

HAWKINS Edward 37 years

d.3 March 1899; son of former Senator Edward Hawkins; brother-in-law of Congressman Joseph M. Belford; widower; one child survives; resident of Jamesport

HAWKINS Hannah J. 85 years

d. 25 April 1899 at Smithtown Landing; funeral at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; widow of Capt. Edward Hawkins; mother of Edward Hawkins and Frank Hawkins, both of Smithtown, Emmett Hawkins, Gilbert Hawkins and Mrs. George Peters, all of Huntington

HAWLEY Nellie Adams

d. at San Francisco, California; suddenly: Athe cause of death resembled apoplexy@; word of her death reached Huntington on 11 October 1897; interment at San Francisco, California; daughter of Isaac Adams; wife of M. J. Hawley of San Francisco (m. Aabout@ 5 years ago); mother of two children, the youngest Aonly six months old@; graduate of Huntington High School and normal school, Ataking up teaching@

HAWLEY Rachael A. 83 years

d. 6 March 1891 at Huntington


d. at Glen Cove; funeral 28 December 1894 at Glen Cove; interment at East Norwich; daughter of John Hawxhurst (mother, resident of Oyster Bay, survives); sister of Mrs. Huffman of Glen Cove; former resident of Oyster Bay

HAWXHURST Ann 83 years

funeral 14 July 1898 at Friends= Meetinghouse, Westbury; daughter of William T. and Mary Weeks; native of Brookville; resident of Brooklyn

HAWXHURST John 56 years

d. 15 April 1894 at Oyster Bay; consumption; interment at East Norwich


d. 18 August 1894 at Oyster Bay; daughter of John Hawxhurst

HAWXHURST Mary ca. 63 years

d. 18 April 1892; Oyster Bay item; widow of Nelson Hawxhurst

HAYDEN [ ]bert

d. at Locust Valley; brakeman in a L. I. R. R. Train, who fell from train and was run over; torn obit in 25 February 1899 paper


d. Alast week@ at Kings Park; mother of Mrs. B. H. Roozen of Hicksville; Aan old resident of this village [Hicksville] and highly respected@; 10 September 1898 paper

HAYES Hugh 64 years

d. 24 February 1895 at Jones Institute; interment at Westbury; blacksmith who Aformerly was employed by John Valentine of Wheatley@

HAYES Nettie 3 yrs 6 mos

d. 15 November 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington; daughter of William Hayes

HAYES Rutherford B.

d. 17 January 1893 at Fremont, Ohio; former President of the United States [1877‑1881]; long obit in 21 January 1893 paper


d. 5 August 1898; consumption; Greenlawn item


d. 22 May 1895 at Albuquerque, New Mexico; consumption; interment at Huntington; son of Mrs. John Wood of Huntington Harbor; father of Fred Hazzard of Albuquerque, N. Mex.; survived by unnamed widow, his second wife; former resident of Huntington; in pharmacy business in Brooklyn; went to Texas ca. 1892 because of consumption; came back to Huntington in April 1893, seemingly better, but the consumption got worse and he went to Colorado, California and finally New Mexico for his health

HEADLEY Albert Ogden

d. 21 December 1898 at Newark, New Jersey; funeral at Newark; brother of Mrs. Nelson May

HEALY Ann 73 years

d. 19 March 1895; funeral R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; resident of Hicksville for forty years Awhere she was beloved by all who knew her@

HEALY Rose 19 years

d. 26 March 1900 at Glen Cove; Aa protracted illness@; daughter of Daniel Healy of Glen Cove

HEANEY Olive B. 2 y 6 m 6 d

d. 16 July 1899 at Brooklyn; dysentery; funeral at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of William Heaney of Brooklyn

HEANEY Thomas Lloyd 1 mo 17 days

d. 11 April 1895 at Brooklyn; son of William M. and Lucy S. Heaney; grandson of late Thomas Gildersleeve of Cold Spring


d. 8 December 1892 at Crab Meadow; spinal meningitis; adopted daughter of Elbert Heartt


funeral 1 August 1893; Hicksville item; Noble Heath of Philadelphia, Pa., a former resident of Plain Edge, was visiting in Hicksville after attending his brother's funeral

HEBERER Joseph H. Anot quite a year@

d. 13 April 1894; interment at Hicksville; son of Andrew B. Heberer; b. 21 May 1893

HEDGES Esther M.

d. 18 December 1898; resident of East Hampton; aunt of Mary Downing; account of contested will in 10 June 1899 paper

HEENAN John 27 years

drowned 1 July 1894 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington; glass blower by trade who was on excusion sponsored by the East Side Benevolent Association to Denniston=s Grove


d. 31 May 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment in Aone of the cemeteries@ near New York City; housekeeper for Mrs. Daniel Murray for the last 25 years

HEGEMAN Mrs. Daniel

d. 19 April 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Roslyn; daughter of Mrs. Abraham Dickinson, who died two days earlier

HEGEMAN Elbert 59 years

d. 4 December 1894 at Sea Cliff; father-in-law of Coles A. Carpenter; native of Greenvale; Afor many years a highly respected resident of Glen Cove@

HEGEMAN Elbert 57 years

d. 26 November 1899 at East Norwich; consumption; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; son of Jacob Hegeman; brother of Margaret Hegeman of East Norwich and Sarah Hegeman; uncle of Fred M. Hegeman; native of East Norwich (b. 1842); Civil War veteran; served with 2nd New York Cavalry 1862-1865 at AGettysburg, Fredericksburg, Fairfax Station, Centerville, Culpeper and Piedmont and for months operated against Mosby=s Guerillas@; Town of Oyster Bay tax collector; clerk in Queens County Treasurer=s office; served two terms as Queens County Treasurer; director of Oyster Bay Bank; Mason; letters of administration granted, 9 March 1900 paper, to his sister Margaret; AMajor Hegeman was once well-known and prominent in Queens County politics@

HEGEMAN Jacob 89 years

d. 28 February 1892 at East Norwich


d. Alast week@ at Greenvale; father of E. A. Hegeman; 30 April 1892 paper


d. November 1895 at Roslyn; burned to death in an accident; 14 December 1895 paper

HEGEMAN Rutger 58 years

d. 4 October 1893 at East Norwich; Civil War veteran of the Afamous 14th Regiment@

HEILMAN Lorenzo 67 y 6 m 3 d

d. 23 January 1893 at Huntington; paralysis


d. 19 April 1897 at St. Catherine=s Hospital, North Amityville; interment at Bethpage; fell from his wagon on 8 April 1897 Astriking upon the back of his head and shoulders ... paralyzed from his chest down@; brother of Mrs. James Kennedy; Farmingdale item


d. 1 November 1891 at Lawrence; Aold and highly respected@

HEINZ Mrs. Aaged@

d. 28 January 1899 near Pittsburgh, Pa.; mother of H. J. Heinz; Aall factories and offices of the company in this and foreign countries were ordered closed on the day of the funeral@; Hicksville item

HEINZ Sallie

d. 28 November 1894 at Pittsburgh, Pa.; wife of H. J. Heinz, senior member of H. J. Heinz Company; Hicksville item


d. 15 May 1897 at Farmingdale; engineer at R. Bausch & Son=s factory; Awas about to start the engine .... the throttle burst and a piece of it struck him ... the escaping steam with full force direct from the boiler struck him in the neck, chest and on both arms ..... he inhaled much of the live steam .... suffered intense pain@; funeral at Farmingdale; interment at Bethpage: survived by unnamed widow, three small children, three brothers and three sisters; member of the Farmingdale Fire Department

HEISER Jacob 72 years

suicide 1 April 1896; hanged himself; Ahad often threatened to hang himself, but owing to his unbalanced mind, his neighbors thought nothing of it@; Farmingdale item

HEITZ Frederick N. 26 years

d. 22 November 1891 at Hicksville; Adeath was unexpected@; son of Mrs. J. F. Heitz; memorial notice from Primrose Lodge No. 267 I.O.O.F. Hicksville in 12 December 1891 paper

HEITZ Jane 54 years

d. 3 March 1893 at Hicksville; pneumonia; widow of John F. Heitz; mother of Arnold G. Heitz and Mrs. John Menken; Aresident of Hicksville for the past thirty‑five years@

HELING Peter 16 years

d. 2 November 1894 at Lindenhurst; hunting accident while shooting rabbits with his brother John

HELMES Phebe Ann 86 or 87 years

d. 20 August 1900 at Woodbury; wife of Stephen Helmes, to whom she was married for 68 years; funeral at Woodbury M. E. Church; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery

HELWIG Walberga 59 years

d. 19 November 1897 at New York City; heart disease; interment at Astoria; mother of Mrs. Nicholas Schmitt of Hicksville; Awas present at the confirmation of her grandson at St. Ignatius R. C. church in this village [Hicksville] on Monday of last week and was taken ill during the services but it was not considered anything of a serious nature@

HENDERSON A. Celia 18 years

funeral 21 November 1898 at Green Island, N. Y., near Troy; niece of Mrs. J. Wightman of Greenlawn; former organist at Greenlawn church, while living in Greenlawn with her aunt, Mrs. Wightman

HENDERSON Harriet 81 years

d. 24 February 1892 at Northport; wife of John Henderson

HENDERSON John 73 y 6 m 19 d

d. 17 May 1892 at East Northport; native of Scotland, Aeducated as a landscape gardener near Edinburgh@; studied daguerreotyping in New York City and followed that business a number of years before settling in Northport; partner with Peter Henderson, a relative, in seed business; AHe was a voluminous writer on the various varieties of grasses of this country and Europe. His masterpiece The Grasses of United States and Europe is an acknowledged authority on the subject. His other books and writings are many.@

HENDERSON Mrs. John 39 years

d. 30 August 1899 at Sea Cliff; dropsy; survived by her husband


d. Alast week@; interment at Oyster Bay; 24 August 1895 paper

HENDERSON William 78 years

d. 13 July 1898; catarrh of the stomach; funeral at Northport by Rev. Holden; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; survived by an unnamed widow and three children; native of Scotland; resident of Northport


perhaps the William Henderson above; late of Northport; contested will in 6 May 1899 paper; George Henderson, William Henderson, James Henderson and John Henderson, sons by his first wife, were contesting the will, which left all his property to his second wife and her sons Joseph Henderson and Robert Henderson

HENDRICKSON child 6 years

interment 25 June 1893 at Oyster Bay Cove; tonsilitis; child of John Hendrickson


death noted 11 August 1894 paper; child of Herbert Hendrickson; [Huntington] Village item

HENDRICKSON infant 14 days

d. 20 July 1895; child of Edward V. Hendrickson; Oyster Bay item

HENDRICKSON child 6 months

d. 17 July 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; whooping cough; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor

HENDRICKSON Anna J. * 27 years

d. 4 March 1894 at Huntington

HENDRICKSON David S. * 1 y 5 m 17 d

d. 4 June 1895 at East Neck

HENDRICKSON Edward 1 y 5 m 10 d

d. 25 August 1891 at Northport

HENDRICKSON Fidas [?] C. 66 years

d. 1 October 1892 at Jamaica; Aone of the best known men in Queens County@

HENDRICKSON Freelove 64 years

d. 18 July 1892 at Northport

HENDRICKSON Irene 12 years

funeral 16 May 1894 at Glen Cove; daughter of Mrs. John Hendrickson

HENDRICKSON Jennie Golding 27 years

d. 25 July 1895; funeral Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; daughter of Mrs. Golding of Oyster Bay; wife of Edward V. Hendrickson; mother of infant who d. 20 July 1895

HENDRICKSON Joshua F. 62 y 3 m 4 d

d. 8 November 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; brother of Joseph Hendrickson of Cold Spring; unnamed widow and daughter survive; former resident of Cold Spring; Afor many years in the employ of the Union Ferry Company of Brooklyn@

HENDRICKSON Julia Ann 93 years

d. 23 March 1897 at Sea Cliff; mother of Mrs. George Whitfield Cox of Sea Cliff; aunt of A. R. Coles of Cincinnati, Ohio; native of New York City; former resident of Brooklyn; resident of Sea Cliff for the past fifteen years

HENDRICKSON Lindsay 21 y 7 m 20 d

d. 18 February 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

HENDRICKSON Martha 70 years

d. 16 January 1899 at Sea Cliff; heart disease; funeral at Sea Cliff by Rev. Weston and Rev. Collard; wife of Richard Hendrickson; mother of two sons and two daughters; native of Jerusalem

HENDRICKSON Martha S. 93 years

d. 2 January 1892 at Northport

HENDRICKSON Maude C. 11 months

d. 25 February 1900 at Halesite


d. 2 September 1897 at Farmingdale; suddenly while eating a pear; funeral at Farmingdale by Rev. Lounsbury of the M. E. Church; interment at Walters Family Cemetery [no place given]; father of two daughters and one son; brother of Mrs. Raymond Nostrand of Farmingdale; former proprietor of Grand Central Hotel, Hicksville; employed by John C. Merritt

HENDRICKSON Sarah J. 58 years

found dead 7 January 1893 on floor of her house at Hempstead; last seen alive on 2 January 1893; had been dead for several days; daughter of Bernardus Hendrickson; member of Hempstead Presbyterian Church; Apeculiar@

HENDRICKSON Thomas Henry 64 y 4 m 21 d

d. 26 May 1899 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; funeral at Brooklyn by Rev. Dr. Farrar of the First Reformed Church on the Heights; interment at Huntington, with graveside service by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; unnamed widow, three sons and one daughter survive; son of Henry Hendrickson; brother of Matilda Sammis; brother-in-law of John Sammis of Huntington; native of Huntington; Asome twenty years ago he inaugurated a system of personally conducted excursions to different parts of America and Europe, in which business he has been very successful. For the past sixteen years he has taken to Europe each July from 100 to 250 people, dividing this number into parties under the care of competent assistants .... he enabled many people who had but a moderate amount of money to see some of the wonders and beauties of their country ... they had only to see and enjoy. He did the rest@; two of his sons will take over father=s business; favorable obit copied from the Brooklyn Eagle found in 3 June 1899 paper


suicide at Hicksville; inquest held 4 June 1892

HENNESSY Mrs. Thomas

d. 5 October 1896 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; interment Hauppauge M. E. Churchyard, Hauppauge; daughter of Cornelius Brush; survived by husband and a Alittle@ daughter; Ahighly esteemed@; Smithtown item

HENRY infant 8 months

d. 25 August 1893 at Glen Cove; child of J. Henry

HENRY Armstead C. 71 years

d. 9 January 1891 at Long Island City; interment at Cypress Hills; Sheriff of Queens County 1871‑1874; active with Republican Party in Queens County


d. 1 May 1894 at Hempstead; stroke of paralysis; Aold and respected citizen of this village@ [Hempstead]

HEPP Johanna

d. 3 May 1897 at Plain View; funeral at Reformed Church, Hicksville; maiden name was Schultz; Aan amiable Christian lady@

HERBERT Emeline Rushmore 81 years

d. 25 May 1896 at Westfield, New Jersey; funeral at Brooklyn; daughter of Judge William and Rebecca Gould Rushmore; widow of Isaac H. Herbert (m. 1831), who d. 1846; mother of Wilbur F. Herbert, George R. Herbert and Isaac H. Herbert; sister of Mary R. Hanford of Westfield, N. J.; native of Babylon, b. December 1814; former long-time resident of Huntington


suicide 21 December 1897; jumped from third story window Asuffering from acute melancholia@; daughter of Navy Secretary [Hilary A.] Herbert, [served 1893-1897, under President Cleveland]

HERK Mrs. Theodore

funeral 3 March 1898 at Patchogue; cousin of George W. Duryea of Elwood

HERNDON Mabel * 4 mos 18 d

d. 30 November 1898 at Huntington

HERRING John A. 68 years

d. 12 October 1895; funeral R. C. Church, North Amityville; interment at North Amityville; native of County Limerick, Ireland; had lived in the U. S. for the past 50 years; Alived for many years in the vicinity of Riverhead,@ then for Aabout 27 years@ had been a resident of Melville

HERRMANN Ernestina Louisa 46 years

d. 2 November 1898 at Hicksville; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; wife of William Herrmann


d. 14 May 1898 at Mount Vernon, N. Y.; hit by a railroad train while crossing the tracks near his home; brother-in-law of A. Kolb of Hicksville

HERZOG Carrie W. S. 31 years

d. 22 November 1896; Acomplication of diseases, the principal one of which was dropsy@; funeral German Lutheran Trinity Church, Hicksville; interment at Hicksville; adopted daughter of Henry Done; wife of William C. Herzog; mother of four boys Athe youngest only about six months old@; memorial notice from Hicksville Council # 1159, Royal Arcanum in 28 November 1896 paper

HESS Elizabeth

funeral 11 November 1898 at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove by Rev. Gammock of Glen Cove and Rev. Grooves of Sea Cliff

HETHERINGTON Esther Rutledge 60 years

d. 14 July 1891 at Comac


d. 6 September 1893 at Meadow Brook; funeral at Westbury; wife of Harry Hewitt

HEWITT Eliza 90 y 8 m 17 d

d. 24 February 1895 at Huntington; widow of William Hewitt (m. 1827); mother of Mrs. Henry T. Funnell and Mrs. W. G. Sammis; b. at Borden, England, 1804; came to USA in 1832 and resided in New York City and Brooklyn before coming to Huntington in 1851, where she had resided since; her husband opened the first apothecary in Huntington in 1852; widowed since 1866; a member of the M. E. Church Afor over seventy five years@

HEWITT Samuel 84 years

d. 1 April 1896; Glen Cove item


resident of Norfolk, Virginia, and former resident of Woodbury; account of life insurance settlement; John Hewlett of Plainview was one of the heirs; 27 January 1894 paper; Woodbury item


d. 29 November 1897 at Bocas del Toro, Colombia; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor

HEWLETT Harriet A. 83 years

d. 27 April 1900 at Babylon; funeral at Rev. Churchill of Woodbury; daughter of Richard Colyer, late of West Hills; widow of Edgar Hewlett, late of Woodbury; mother of Julia E. Sammis of Greenlawn and Mary W. Bassett of Babylon; long-time resident of Woodbury

HEWLETT Henry L. 78 years

d. 19 June 1891 at Westfield, New Jersey; interment at Cold Spring

HEWLETT Jane Withenbusy 75 years

d. 9 March 1892 at Wilmington, North Carolina; widow of Abram Van Wyck Hewlett; daughter‑in‑law of John V. Hewlett

HEWLETT Mrs. Joseph 39 yrs 10 mos

d. 10 May 1900 at Stockton, California; bronchitis; daughter of the late Francis M. A. Wicks of Brentwood; step-daughter of Martha Wicks of Huntington; mother of Mattie Hewlett and Mayme Hewlett; sister of Fred L. Wicks of Huntington and the late Mrs. Richard C. Colyer; husband survives; family owns Aa large estate@ at Stockton, California; native of Thompson Station (b. 21 July 1860)

HEWLETT Marian 78 years

d. 17 March 1892 at Woodbury; daughter of John V. Hewlett; Awith Miss Hewlett=s decease, the family which for nearly two centuries have been owners and dwellers in this place [Woodbury], becomes extinct in this vicinity@; AThe Hewlett burying ground in this place has some of the most ancient tomb stones on record@


d. 19 March 1892 at Saranac Lake, N.Y.; funeral at Hewletts

HEWLETT William 54 yrs 4 mos

d. 16 February 1897 at either Pleasanton or Stockton, California; son of late Henry Hewlett of Woodbury; brother of John Hewlett, Henry Hewlett, Joseph Hewlett, Samuel Hewlett and Lewis Hewlett; native of Woodbury; his elder brothers went to California in 1849 and Athe younger children, as they grew up, followed after their brothers until all were residents of Stockton@; AWilliam accumulated a fortune by silver mining and for several years was part owner of a large farm in this place [Woodbury], which had been in the Hewlett family over one hundred years@

HEWMANN Phebe 61 y 8 m 8 d

d. 31 October 1895 at Huntington; wife of George Hewmann; mother-in-law of David S. Ireland

HEYNEN Catherine L. 73 years

d. 13 June 1898 at Huntington Harbor; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Cypress Hills; widow of Charles W. Heynen; resident of Brooklyn who was boarding at the Kissam House at the time of her death; former resident of Huntington


d. 22 February 1895 at Oyster Bay; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; sister of Mrs. A. J. Luyster of Oyster Bay

HICKS Benjamin

d. Alast week@ in New York City; interment at Westbury; son of Joseph Hicks; 28 February 1891 paper

HICKS Hannah 94 years

d. 5 December 1896 at Jericho; drank ammonia instead of cough syrup one night and Ait is supposed that that mistake was indirectly the cause of her death@; interment at Friends= Meetinghouse Cemetery, Jericho; mother of John J. Hicks and James K. Hicks; Aoldest resident of Jericho@

HICKS Isaac 85 years

d. 13 March 1900 at Westbury; Ahead of the well known nursery firm of Isaac Hicks & Son@; Ahighly esteemed among the Friends as a preacher and a consistent member of the Society@

HICKS Rachel [*?] 42 years

d. 17 September 1895 Aat the hospital in the city@; cancer; interment at Acolored people=s cemetery at Westbury@; daughter of James Seaman; wife of Theodore Hicks; Ahas been in the employ of the family of Mrs. Dr. Jones for a quater of a century@; lived in Woodbury for 16 years; Cold Spring and Woodbury items


Alate of Roslyn@; letters of administration granted to Lewis Hicks of Locust Valley by the Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 10 August 1900 paper

HICKS Samuel

d. 5 May 1898; Ain feeble health for some time@; brother of Isaac Hicks; AWestbury lost one of its oldest and most respected citizens ... resided in this vicinity [Westbury] nearly all his life@

HICKS Sarah Rushmore 102 years

d. 15 March 1893 at Old Westbury; interment at Westbury; Aoldest living person on Long Island@ at time of death; b. at Cedar Swamp 10 September 1790; daughter of Stephen and Sarah Rushmore; wife of John D. Hicks; daughter‑in‑law of Isaac Hicks; mother of John D. Hicks, Stephen R. Hicks and Isaac Hicks, Aall of whom are well advanced in years and prosperous and active in business@; lived on large estate at Old Westbury, Athe old homestead has been in the family over seventy‑two years@

HICKS Stephen R.

d. 21 January 1892 at Westbury; philanthropist; Aprominent member of the Society of Friends@; b. at Westbury 18 February 1823; survived by 102 year old mother, Sarah R. Hicks

HICKS Rev. Walter [*?]

d. 12 February 1894; resident of Roslyn; former pastor of Westbury A.M.E. Zion Church; Awell known and highly respected throughout the town of North Hempstead@

HIGBEE Angelina Lloyd 78 years

d. 16 December 1894 [perhaps at New York City]; funeral at Church of the Incarnation, New York City; interment in Afamily vault@ at Lloyd=s Neck; daughter of John Nelson Lloyd of Lloyd Manor; widow of Joseph M. Higbee; mother of Mrs. O. Egerton Schmidt and Mrs. Stevens; Alargely identified with the management of the Home for the Blind and other charitable institutions in New York@; obit from 20 December 1894 New York Evening Post in 29 December 1894 paper

HIGBIE Harriet 63 years

d. 6 June 1897 at Vernon Valley; Ainvalid for ten or twelve years@; funeral at Vernon Valley; wife of Israel Higbie; mother of Richard Higbie, Israel Higbie of Huntington, Alfred Higbie, Mrs. William Carll and a daughter who died in a house fire Aabout two years ago@; Mrs. Higbie Abarely escaped with her life@ from that fire; a granddaughter also died in the fire

HIGBIE Israel 74 years

d. 29 January 1899 at Vernon Valley; grip; funeral at Vernon Valley; Aborn on the farm where he died@; father of Richard Higbie, Altamont Higbie, Israel Higbie and Mrs. William Carll; a granddaughter Aperished in the flames@ when the house burned Aa few years ago@

HIGBIE Mary Minerva 45 years

d. 10 July 1895; funeral M. E. Church, Centerport; interment at Northport; wife of Charles Higbie

HIGBIE Richard

d. 10 April 1900 at Babylon; heart disease; taken ill at the Republican Assembly District convention at Amityville; was able to make it to his home at Babylon, where he died; funeral at Babylon Presbyterian Church by Rev. Long; son of Richard and Keziah Higbie; his mother survives him; husband of Annie S. Robbins (m. 2 June 1885); father of John R. Higbie and Edwin Higbie; brother of Louise Higbie and Samuel A. Higbie; son-in-law of John Robbins; brother-in-law of Clinton Robbins; native of West Islip (b. 11 July 1857); partner, with his brother-in-law, in the general store Higbie & Robbins; elected Supervisor of the Town of Babylon four times; represented Suffolk County in the New York State Assembly 1892-1894; elected to the New York State Senate to represent Richmond and Suffolk Counties in 1895; elected in 1898 to the New York State Republican Committee; served on the Babylon Village Board of Education; director of the Babylon Electric Light Company, Sumpwams Water Works, Babylon National Bank and the Bank of Amityville; member of Babylon Presbyterian Church; member and past master of Babylon Lodge #793, F & A Masons; editorial in 13 April 1900 paper

HIGBIE Samuel J.

letters of administration given by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 24 June 1899 paper

HIGGINS Harriet * 85 years

d. 23 February 1898 at Huntington


d. 30 September 1900 at Mineola; cancer of the liver; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Washburne

HIGGINS Sarah Maria

d. 16 December 1897 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; wife of Algernon S. Higgins, who was first principal of the Union School in Huntington

HILD Willie 9 months

d. 8 March 1891 at Hicksville; Avery suddenly@ while sitting in his chair; son of William Hild

HILDEBRAND Amiel 22 years

d. 1 May 1898 at Smithtown Branch; Apoor health for some time@; interment at Maspeth

HILL Rev. Arza

d. Alast week@ at New Britain, Connecticut; former pastor of Hempstead M. E. Church; 2 May 1891 paper

HILL Rev. Francis C. 74 yrs 8 mos

d. 13 December 1898 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington M. E. Church by Rev. Van Alstyne, Presiding Elder of Brooklyn North District, assisted by Rev. Stansbury of Northport, Rev. Walter of Huntington M. E. Church, and Rev. Seem of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; interment at Riverhead; native of Huntington, b. 14 April 1823; son of Phineas Hill and Sallie Lockwood; one of 13 children; husband of Sarah Baker (m. 19 January 1843); father of Clinton Fiske Hill of Huntington, Mrs. Frances Johnson of Hollis, and the late Anna Langdon Hill and the late Nettie (Mrs. David J.) Weeden; grandfather of four; educated in the public schools of Huntington; self educated Athrough much study@; called Athe Boy Preacher@ when licensed at the age of 19 by the M. E. Church; member of the New York East Conference, M. E. Church, for 53 years; served these appointments: 1844 - Cornwell, CT; 1845 - Bloomfield, CT; 1846 - Newington, CT; 1847- Smithtown; 1848/49 - Orient; 1850/51 - Bridgehampton; 1852 - Newtown; 1853 - Riverhead & Jamesport; 1854 - Dean Street, Brooklyn; [1855-1857 not listed]; 1858 - Amagansett; [1859 not listed]; 1860 - Whitestone; 1861/62 - Glen Cove; 1863/65 - Carleton Avenue, Brooklyn; 1866/68 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn; 1869/71 - Jamaica; 1872/74 - Johnston Street, Brooklyn; 1875/77 - Rockville Centre; 1878 - Woodbury & West Hills; 1879/80 - Alanson Church, New York City; [1881 not listed]; 1882/83 - Huntington; 1884 - Stony Brook & Setauket; 1885 - Freeport; superannuated in 1885; Apresided occasionally as a supply@; last long term supply was during winter 1896 and spring 1897 at Stony Brook & Setauket; last preached A2 months ago@ at Huntington M. E. Church; resident of Huntington during retirement

HILL Mary 80 y 10 m 15 d

d. 14 October 1893 at Elwood

HILL Sophia R. 88 years

d. 31 July 1896 at Jamesport; apoplexy at camp meeting; funeral Riverhead M. E. Church; interment at Riverhead; daughter of Dr. Oliver Brown, Afor many years a prominent practising physician in this town [Huntington]; sister of Emeline (Mrs. Charles) Lockwood, late of Norwalk, Connecticut, Jane (Mrs. Ezra) Conklin, late of Huntington, and the late Rev. Oliver E. Brown; widow of William H. Hill, who she m. 1829 (he d. 1876); daughter-in-law of Phineas Hill; sister-in-law of Rev. Francis C. Hill; mother of M. Louise Homan of Brooklyn and the three AHill Brothers@ of New York City; native of Huntington; resident of Danbury, Connecticut, 1829-1847 and Riverhead 1847-1876; since death of husband in 1876, a resident of Brooklyn; Afor a number of years she had been accustomed to attend the yearly camp meeting at Jamesport, occupying there a pleasant and commodious cottage ....the services of the meeting from year to year were greatly prized by her ...>Could I have my wish, I would be glad to die here= @....following the closing exercises of the camp meeting, she suffered apoplexy and Apassed out of this mortal life to her >mansion not made by hands=....@

HILLER Hannah 23 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; cousin of Samuel Hiller; resident of Brooklyn

HILTON Henry 75 years

d. 24 August 1899 at Saratoga, N. Y.; former judge; his wife was a cousin of late A. T. Stewart; he had been Alegal adviser@ to Stewart; Aowned the immense store at Broadway and Tenth Street, conducted by John Wanamaker@

HILTON James 50 years

d. 19 April 1896 at New York City

HINDS Jesse 30 years

d. 22 August 1897; interment at Genola Cemetery, East Northport; Northport item

HINES infant

d. 15 April 1892 at Jericho; daughter of Patrick Hines

HINES John 15 years

d. Alast week@; pneumonia; funeral 26 February 1895 at R. C. Church, Westbury; interment at Westbury; son of M. S. Hines

HINES Margaret

d. 22 January 1895 near Jericho; funeral at R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; wife of Patrick or Michael Hines; sister of James Hogan of Oyster Bay; survived by nine children Note: husband called Michael Hines in Oyster Bay column and Patrick Hines in Hicksville column of 26 January 1895 paper


d. 15 April 1891; wife of Richard Hingle; Hempstead item

HINTON Catherine 48 years

d. 23 November 1896 Aafter a long illness@; funeral Brookville Reformed Church; interment at Locust Valley; wife of John Hinton, Aengineer at Bridge=s canning factory@; mother of four children


d. 24 October 1897 at Sea Cliff; funeral at Unionville; mother-in-law of Charles Wolf of Sea Cliff; resident of New York City

HIRSCH Baron Maurice de

d. 20 April 1896 at Presburg, Hungary; stroke of apoplexy; philanthropist who has given $2,500,000 to help Russian and Rumanian Jews in America improve their lives with academic schools, mechanical training schools, public baths, etc.; established a community at Woodbine, New Jersey for Jewish immigrants; worth $150,000,000 and has given $15,000,00 to philanthropy; obit in 25 April 1896 paper

HIRSCHFELD David W. 18 y 7 m 12 d

d. 7 October 1891 at Huntington; interment at Cypress Hills; son of Simon Hirschfeld; consumption

HIRST Samuel G. 55 years

d. Athis week@ at Brooklyn; survived by widow, two sons and a daughter; former resident of Jericho, where Ahe ran the Jericho Hotel for a few years@; ex-policeman in Brooklyn; member of Mansfield Post G. A. R.; Mason; 31 August 1895 paper

HIRTS Bernard 60 years

funeral 30 September 1895 at Plain Edge, conducted in German by Rev. Matschat of Hicksville; interment at Plain Edge


d. 5 December 1892 at New York City; Asuddenly@; commander in United States Navy

HOAG Jacob 52 years

d. 22 August 1891 at Round Swamp

HOAGLAND Dr. Cornelius N.

d. Alast week@ in Brooklyn; father-in-law of C. O. Gates; owned Atwo beautiful cottages@ in Glen Cove; Glen Cove item, 7 May 1898 paper

HOBAN Catherine 66 years

d. 7 December 1900 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Father York; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; wife of Richard Hoban (m. 1860); maiden name was Catherine Smythe; native of Athe north of Ireland@; came to the U. S. at the age of 16; Amany of her early ancestors being prominently connected with the Catholic Church. Archbishop Hughes of New York was a relative@; ASt. Patrick=s Church has lost one of its most zealous friends ... no one in the church had been more solicitious of [Father York=s] welfare and the welfare of the church than the departed@; Akind, thoughtful, benevolent@


late of Oyster Bay; brother of Edward Hoban; letters of administration issued by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 19 January 1900 paper

HOBAN Mrs. John 80 years

found dead 21 December 1898 at Pine Hollow; Alying on the floor of her house@; Dr. Hall Asaid that in his opinion the woman died in an epileptic fit and had been dead at least forty-eight hours@

HOBAN Margaret

d. 13 January 1899 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, by Fr. York; widow of Matthew Hoban; native of Kilkenny, Ireland, b. 1811; came to Huntington in 1835 Awhere she has since resided@; AThe first Catholic service ever held in the town [Huntington] took place at the home of the deceased in 1838, and for ten years thereafter she freely gave the use of her home to Catholic missionary priests who came to Long Island to minister to the spiritual wants of the comparatively few Catholics here at the time@; Aa woman of benevolence and charity@

HOBART Garret Augustus 55 years

d. 21 November 1899 at Paterson, New Jersey; Vice President of the United States [1897-1899]; [interment at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Paterson, N. J.]; long editorial and obit in 25 November 1899 paper; [b. 3 June 1844 in Monmouth County, New Jersey; resident of Paterson, N. J., most of his adult life; lawyer; member of the New Jersey House of Assembly 1872 -1876 and the New Jersey State Senate 1876-1882]; Aa man of uncommon business ability@; involved with railroads, banks and utility companies; philanthropist; Aall these duties added to those of the arduous political campaign of three years ago did much to break him down permanently@

HODGKINS Thomas G. 89 y 1 m 5 d

d. 24 November 1892 at Setauket; estate left to the Smithsonian Institution; AMr. Hodgkins gave $200,000 to the Smithsonian Institution and a large amount to other institutions and individuals. By this will the Smithsonian Institution receives $12,000.@ Philanthropist who gave $100,000 to Royal Institute of Great Britain for scientific research; $100,000 to be split between the S.P.C.A and S.P.C.C. and $14,000 for a public library at Setauket; native of England; candy manufacturer in New York City; retired in 1859 and settled at Setauket

HODGSON Joseph 68 y 4 m 11 d

d. 18 June 1892 at Oyster Bay

HOEBEL Katie 21 y 9 m 21 d

d. 9 June 1894; Asuddenly@; funeral at Hicksville; daughter of Peter Hoebel


d. 14 November 1892 at New York City; former president of Adams Express Company

HOFFMAN small child

funeral 20 July 1894 at Northport; child of G. L. Hoffman

HOFFMAN child ca. 5 years

d. Aa few weeks ago@; interment 4 February 1897 at Northport; child of Lawyer Hoffman; grandchild of Nicholas Dickerson of Northport

HOFFMAN Mrs. 40 years

probable suicide by drowning 17 September 1897 in Long Island Sound off Kings Park; body found in Sound off Setauket the following day; both Mrs. Hoffman and her husband were employed at Kings Park State Hospital


d. Alast week@ at New York City; former resident of Hicksville; 26 February 1898 paper

HOFFMAN Baltheimer

d. 2 November 1897 at New York City; brief illness; former resident of Hicksville

HOFFMAN Elizabeth 61 years

d. 10 August 1893 at Northport; wife of John Hoffman

HOFFMAN John 40 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn


suicide 9 August 1895 at Vernon Valley; hung himself in an apple tree; a conflict with his daughter Mrs. Schaeffer, her husband, and Professor Newmann, a boarder at Mrs. Schaeffer=s house, Aworked upon his mind and it is thought led to his committing suicide@; widower; father of several grown children; native of Germany, who had lived in Northport Aa number of years@

HOFFMAN John K. 35 years

d. 23 November 1894 at Riverhead; gun accident while scalloping on Peconic Bay with Acolored companion@ George Meade; the pair had a gun with them in case they saw any game; Hoffman asked Meade to hand him the gun, which went off; Athe side of [Hoffman=s] head being frightfully shattered by the charge@

HOFFMAN [A]Lawyer[@]

d. 30 January 1897; peritonitis; interment at Northport; Aremains .... brought up from the city@; son-in-law of Nicholas Dickerson of Northport


d. 27 January 1896 at Glen Cove; pneumonia; mother of John Hoffman; memorial notice from Progress Lodge #798, I. O. G. T., Glen Cove in 22 February 1896 paper

HOGAN Caleb P. 83 y 5 m 16 d

d. 29 October 1894 at Long Swamp

HOGAN Edgar Townsend 10 months

d. 7 August 1897; cholera infantum; funeral at Catholic Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Westbury; son of James Hogan

HOGAN Hattie E. 30 years

d. 23 January 1895 at Smithtown Branch; interment at Huntington; wife of George Hogan

HOGAN Johanna

d. 27 January 1895 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; interment at Westbury; wife of John Hogan; mother of James Hogan, Mrs. Hines of Jericho who died Alast Tuesday at Jericho of the same terrible disease@ and Mrs. William Pettit of Oyster Bay

HOGAN John Anearly@ 70 years

d. 31 January 1895 at Oyster Bay; Aovercome with grief at the loss of his wife and his daughter, Mrs. Hines of Jericho, gave up all desire to live and expired on Tuesday of heart failure@; father of Mrs. William Pettit

HOGAN Marietta 69 y 7 m 21 d

d. 22 February 1891 at Long Swamp; wife of Caleb Hogan

HOGAN William E. 1 yr 21 d

d. 27 December 1893 at Ozone Park; interment at Huntington

HOHORST Diedrich Anearly@ 71 years

d. 31 July 1894 at Hicksville; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; resident of Hicksville Afor many years@; member of the Odd Fellows


d. 4 April 1894 at Huntington; native of Woonsocket, Rhode Island; vestryman and Sunday School superintendent at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington

HOLDRIDGE Henry Eugene

d. 5 May 1894 at Mount Vernon, N.Y.; diphtheria; son of E. P. Holdridge of Mount Vernon, N. Y.; brother of Mrs. Charles H. Babcock of Minneapolis and of Muriel M. Holdridge, who died the day before; taught in a private boys= school in Brooklyn before studying law; practiced law in Minneapolis and New York City


d. 4 May 1894 at Hutchinson, Kansas; daughter of E. P. Holdridge of Mount Vernon, N.Y.; sister of Mrs. Charles H. Babcock of Minneapolis and Henry Eugene Holdridge, who died the following day; niece of Mrs. A. B. Caldwell of Hutchinson, Kansas, who she was visiting when she died; teacher in Hackensack, New Jersey, schools and had taught at Huntington Union School, Grammar Department 1888‑1889


d. 27 December 1896 in Melville; interment at Jamaica; Ahas lived in this neighborhood [Melville] off and on for the last fifteen years@

HOLMAN Marjorie L. 8 years

d. 13 November 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

HOLMES Ella M. 54 y 1 m 1- [?] d

d. 25 April 1898 at New York City; funeral at Zion and St. Timothy=s Church; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of Aa Baltimore clergyman@; third wife and widow of Charles P. Holmes; sister of Mrs. S. Smull of New York City; former resident of Huntington; Aa lady of refinement and of kindly heart@

HOLMES Charles B. 62 years

d. 14 January 1894 at Huntington; native of New York City; son of Luke H. Holmes; son‑in‑law of Rev. Dr. J. W. McJilton of Baltimore; president of Huntington, Norwalk & Bridgeport Steam Ferry Company; vestryman of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; former resident of Hempstead and New York City

HOLMES Joseph M.

resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who died and left $50,000 to Nate Holmes and sister; Hempstead item; 20 February 1892 paper

HOLMES Mrs. Sylvester

d. 5 March 1892 at Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; sister‑in‑law of William Holmes of Cold Spring


d. 3 May 1893 at Oyster Bay; funeral at New York City; interment at Flatbush; mother of Mrs. Moore of Oyster Bay

HOLT Mr. Aover@ 70 years

d. 25 February 1891 at Smithtown; native of England


d. 9 February 1891; funeral at Smithtown

HOMAN Bessie 10 years

death reported from diphtheria; daughter of L. B. Homan, Editor of the Port Jefferson Times; 12 October 1900 paper

HOMAN Harriet

funeral 30 May 1896; wife of Alonzo Homan; Mount Sinai item

HOMER infant

funeral 3 October 1897; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; child of Mrs. John Homer

HOMER Albert

funeral 1 August 1891 at Oyster Bay; interment at Evergreens, Brooklyn

HONTZ Rev. A. W.

d. Aa week previous@ in California; funeral 27 October 1898 at the home of his parents in Pennsylvania; second funeral 30 October 1898 at M. E. Church, Centreport; interment in/near Centreport, where he Awished to be buried@; husband of Buelah Bunce, who survives; father of a four year old child; son-in-law of Charles Bunce; former pastor of Centreport M. E. Church

HOOGLAND Sarah 40 years

d. 4 October 1899; funeral at Reformed Church, Brookville, by Rev. Hamilton of De Kalb Avenue M. E. Church, Brooklyn; wife of Augustis Hoogland; mother of William Hoogland; resident of Brooklyn

HOOLAHAN Patrick 70 years

d. 5 May 1894 at West Neck

HOOLAHAN Richard ca. 25 years

drowned 29 August 1893 off Lloyd=s Neck; struck by boom and knocked off schooner Annie E. Derrickson; resident of West Neck

HOOPER George A. 40 years

d. 26 October 1894 at Amityville; consumption; New Jersey native who served three terms as Town of Babylon supervisor

HOPE Mrs. Charles G. 36 years

d. 28 October 1897; funeral at Glen Cove by Rev. Groves of St. Luke=s Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff; interment at Roslyn; mother of five children

HOPKINS George Betts * 7 years

d. 12 April 1892 at Huntington; son of James Hopkins; Aa bright little lad@

HOPKINS John 21 years

d. 29 December 1892 at Long Island City; civilian killed in massive dynamite explosion in downtown Long Island City, accidentally set off during construction of railroad tunnel to Manhattan


d. 5 February 1891; Glen Cove item; resident of North Hempstead; account of legal protests to his will in Mineola column 23 May 1891 paper

HOPPER Alonzo 60 years

d. 22 February 1894 at Huntington; son of John Hopper, Aone of the pioneers in the hat business in this place@; husband of Clara M. Hudson; son‑in‑law of Robert E. Hudson; brother‑in‑law of Frederic Hudson; father of a son and a daughter; b. Huntington 17 February 1834; teacher and principal in Morrisania and Upper Morrisania and later principal at Grammar School #11 in New York City, until retirement in 1892; >highly esteemed in educational circles@; long obit in 3 March 1894 paper

HORAN child

interment 15 February 1891 at Westbury; child of Hugh Horan of Jericho

HORN Julius

d. 14 September 1900 at Northport; Afrom injuries received by falling from a wagon@; his doctor Awarned him to be careful and not go out too soon ... he thought he was able to go to work in the field. He was soon taken ill ... he grew worse until death ensued@; survived by unnamed widow and 8 children

HORNBUCKLE Rebecca 75 years

d. 27 October 1894 at Cold Spring Harbor

HORR Roswell G.

d. 18 December 1896 at Plainfield, New Jersey; bronchitis and Bright=s disease; funeral Plainfield, N. J.; interment at Wellington, Ohio; native of Waitsville, Vermont (b. 1830); represented Michigan in the U. S. House of Representatives [served 1879-1885]; [assistant editor of the New York Tribune since 1890]; obit in 26 December 1896 paper

HORSEY Mrs. Samuel F. 60 years

d. 27 July 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; widow of Samuel F. Horsey; mother of Mrs. Cock; step‑grandmother of Miss Sutton; member of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church

HORSFIELD William 64 years

d. 7 September 1900 at New York City Aafter a lingering illness@; funeral at Manhasset; for many years a dentist in Glen Cove

HORTON child 9 months

d. Alast week@ 30 April 1892 paper; interment at Huntington; daughter of Garrett Horton of Greenpoint; granddaughter of Mrs. George Bennett of Cold Spring

HORTON Alfred Aaged@

d. 15 February 1899 at Massapequa; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; father of Albert J. Horton of Massapequa; former resident of Hicksville and Jericho

HORTON Albert J.

d. 27 November 1899 at Massapequa; Bright=s disease; funeral at Massapequa by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville; survived by his widow, Metora Horton; father of Alfred Horton of Brooklyn; leader of the Democratic Party in the Town of Oyster Bay; Internal Revenue collector; inspector for Brooklyn City Water Works; member of Primrose Lodge #569, I. O. O. F., Hicksville; former resident of Hicksville; memorial notice from the Primrose Lodge in 2 February 1900 paper

HORTON Elizabeth T. 27 y 6 m 21 d

d. 22 October 1897 at East Norwich; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington, by Rev. B. V. Putnam; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; daughter of George Rogers; wife of Elbert W. Horton; mother of Hazel Horton, Aa small child@ only one year old; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; former employee of the Long Islander

HORTON Horace 2 y 5 m 29 d

d. 14 December 1893; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Cold Spring; son of Alfred Horton

HORTON Mary L. 84 y 1 m 7 d

d. 23 February 1899 at Brooklyn; stomach cancer; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington, by Rev. Seem; daughter of George and Letty Lefferts; niece of John Lefferts; widow of [ ]mes Horton, who d. 1872 at Buffalo, N. Y.; mother of Julia Johnson of Buffalo, N. Y., Mrs. Orlando Sammis of Brooklyn, and the late Emily Jarvis, who d. 1888; mother-in-law of Capt. Joseph R. Jarvis of Huntington; native of Huntington, b. 6 January 1815 on Southdown Avenue; former resident of Huntington and Buffalo, N. Y.; resident of Brooklyn since 1876

HORTON Webley 84 years

d. 17 October 1900 at East Norwich; Ain feeble health for several years@; funeral at M. E. Church, East Norwich, by Rev. Wasson; father of D. V. Horton of East Norwich


lynched in Georgia for killing a white man and Aoutraging the wife of the dead man@; his ears and fingers were cut off; his heart and liver cut out and carried off by the mob; kerosene poured over his body, which was set afire; Aone special and two regular trains bearing 4000 people went out [from Atlanta] to the scene of the affair ... the mutilation of Hose was below the grade of crimes and warfare of the Apache or Sioux Indians in their most savage days. It shows a spirit of brutal savagery, a spirit of cruelty that has broken through the veneer of civilization and shows that in the hearts of the Southern whites there is at all times a demonical spirit that would outdo in deeds of cruelty even the Malay or negro in his African wilds. The fact that four thousand residents of the city of Atlanta would go to see such an affair, that a railroad company would run special trains to carry people to see such a revolting spectacle ... are striking commentaries on the state of law and order in the South@; editorial 20 April 1899 paper; Rev. Dr. Boughton, Baptist preacher in Atlanta, Georgia, protested the lynching, and his church was attacked by vandals; Athe doors of one of the finest Baptist churches of the South were torn from their hinges and destroyed. Paint was poured over the carpets and floors and furniture destroyed. The assault on Dr. Boughton=s church is but a logical result of lax administration of the law and the criminal indifference of governors, courts and sheriffs to the committing of such gross crimes as murdering respectable and inoffensive colored men for alleged crime when there was not a particle of evidence to connect the prisoner with them@; editorial 6 May 1899 paper

HOTCHKISS Thomas Woodward 69 yrs 8 mos

d. 17 December 1895 at Northport; Arecently moved to this village [Northport] from Elmira, N. Y.@

HOUGHTON Julia Rhinelander Hoban

d. 4 July 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; daughter of Matthew and Mary Hoban; wife of Mr. Houghton, a Arising young architect in the city of Brooklyn@ who was Astricken with blindness and was totally incapacitated for carrying on the work of his profession@; 1865 graduate of Huntington Union School; member of St. Mary=s Star of the Sea R. C. Church, Brooklyn; four priests celebrated the Mass at her funeral; AThe Rev. J. J. Crowley who had been her pastor during the early years of her life ... was so affected as to be unable to say a word at the grave@


d. 4 January 1896 at Pine Hollow; interment at Pine Hollow

HOWARD Farnum 81 years 7 months

d. 30 July 1900 at Norwich, Connecticut; abscesses in the head; funeral at Huntington at the Universalist Church by Rev. Tomlinson; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Jonathan Howard and Clarissa Crossman; native of West Neck

HOWARD Mrs. Rev. [Robert T.]

d. at Brooklyn; interment 8 May 1897 at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; widow of Rev. Howard Awho was for a number of years rector of St. John=s Episcopal Church in this village [Cold Spring]@; mother of Mrs. Robert H. King; Mrs. T. B. Linnington and Mrs. T. Jones

HOWARD Isaac *

d. in prison [not stated which prison]; sent to prison for two years for breaking into Morey & Powers cellar and stealing liquor; interment Aa few days ago@ at the Acolored people=s cemetery,@ Oyster Bay; 8 December 1894 paper

HOWARD Katie* Aaged@

funeral 2 October 1897 at A. M. E. Z. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; widow of Isaac Howard; an Aaged colored woman@


funeral at Nyack, N. Y.; Ahas not been well since last August@; interment 21 October 1899 at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of late Thomas Howard of Nyack

HOWARD Sarah 78 years

d. 5 January 1892 at Monmouth Junction, [N.J.]

HOWARD Thomas 52 y 2 m 25 d

d. 3 August 1893 at Huntington; husband of Susan Smith; son‑in‑law of Platt Smith; native of England; former resident of Nyack, N.Y.; carriage builder in Huntington with Ebenezer Jarvis, William T. Downs and Mr. Vail; afterwards worked as a carpenter; member of I. O. O. F.

HOWARTH Mary 53 yrs 3 mos

d. 21 August 1895 at Greenlawn; widow of George Howarth

HOWELL Charles H. 50 years

d. 28 July 1896 at Glen Cove; funeral Glen Cove; interment Mount Olivet, Middle Village; member of Glen Cove Lodge #580 F&A Masons


funeral 11 April 1892 at Smithtown Branch; Aan old resident of the Branch@

HOWELL Jemima 59 years

suicide 10 November 1894 at Northville; hung herself at the home of Chauncey O. Howell, her brother-in-law; resident of Riverhead

HUBBS Amelia

late of Farmingdale; will admitted to probate 1 August 1900 at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; mother of Edgar Y. Hubbs of Brooklyn and George H. Hubbs of Maspeth; grandmother of 4; money left in her will to Farmingdale M. E. Church

HUBBS Charles

Asupposed to have been murdered or drowned on or about July 25 [1900] in Long Island Sound@; left St. James Harbor in a sailboat with Benjamin Tuttle, Aa colored man,@ who Ahas been arrested and ... is now confined in Riverhead jail awaiting the action of the grand jury@; the boat was found capsized in Long Island Sound off Wading River

HUBBS Mrs. Charles

funeral 2 June 1892 at Cold Spring; resident of Norwalk, Connecticut

HUBBS Charles A. 57 yrs 9 mos

d. 26 August 1892 at Cold Spring; consumption; interment at Huntington; son of Selah Hubbs; returned to Cold Spring Aabout two months ago@ from Norwalk, Connecticut; AThe afflicted family have lost a daughter‑in‑law, a father and a son in a few months= time@

HUBBS Clark 81 years

d. 21 November 1893; funeral at Commack; uncle of Ira P. Hubbs; AHe attended the funeral of his nephew Ira P. Hubbs and on his way home was taken sick and rapidly grew worse@; Aold resident of Commack@

HUBBS Emilie 61 years

d. 28 May 1900 at Northport; interment at Commack; widow of Lester Hubbs; mother of William Hubbs and George Hubbs, both of Northport; sister of Richard E. Germain of Lakewood, N. Y.

HUBBS Mrs. Ethelbert

funeral at Central Islip; interment 5 April 1899 at Commack; resident of Tampa, Florida

HUBBS Gladys 31 years

d. 15 October 1896 at Philadelphia, Pa.; paralysis of the heart; interment at Huntington; wife of Arthur Hubbs; resident of Philadelphia; former resident of Cold Spring, Flushing and Norwalk, Connecticut

HUBBS Hannah 45 years

d. 26 November 1897 at Commack; typhoid fever and heart failure; funeral at M. E. Church, Commack; wife of Andrew C. Hubbs; resident of Commack

HUBBS Hannah R. 84 yrs 5 mos

d. 26 March 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; widow of Selah Hubbs


d. 11 November 1893; funeral at Commack; Awell known marketman@ who Ahad been in poor health for some years....[He] fell to the floor in a swoon from which he never recovered@

HUBBS Mrs. James

d. 24 January 1897 in New Jersey; funeral Hauppauge; daughter of Rev. Thomas B. Cornell of Hauppauge

HUBBS John Aold@

d. 25 December 1900 at Jericho; interment at Friends Burying Ground, Jericho

HUBBS Leon Watson 3 days

d. 26 August 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor

HUBBS Lester 57 years

d. 12 June 1899 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Holden; interment at Commack; unnamed widow survives; son of Uriah and Susan Hubbs; father of William A. Hubbs and George Hubbs; former resident of New York City, where he was superintendent of stables for the Hamilton Avenue horse car line; resident of Northport

HUBBS Mary E. 34 years

d. 20 March 1895 at Flushing; interment at Huntington

HUBBS Oliver 15 months

d. 4 September 1899; cholera infantum; son of Fred and Annie J. Hubbs; Cold Spring item

HUBBS Richard

d. 10 July 1894 at Jericho; Aone of the oldest inhabitants of Jericho@

HUBBS Robert 75 y 3 m 25 d

d. 13 July 1894 at Huntington

HUBBS Ross H. 3 days

d. 6 March 1899 at Huntington; suddenly in his cradle beside mother=s bed; son of Samuel B. Hubbs

HUBBS Samuel 73 years

d. Aon Tuesday at Brooklyn@ [badly torn sheet which appears to be from 8 January 1898 paper]; native of New York City; proprietor of Suffolk Hotel at Huntington, 1875-1884.

HUBBS Selah 85 yrs 7 mos

d. 13 June 1892 at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; father of Charles Hubbs of Norwalk, Conn.; Hauppauge native; came to Cold Spring Aabout sixty years ago@ and worked in woolen factory of John Jones; later put in charge of whaling ships owned by Jones Awhen these vessels came in it was his business to see that they were refitted and made ready for sea@; worked 8 or 9 years in the oyster business and served as constable and overseer of highways for the Town of Huntington

HUBBS W. Henry 28 years

d. 8 February 1896 at New York City; construction accident at 707 Broadway; head crushed by elevator while he Awas doing something about the elevator shaft@; funeral Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; son-in-law of Capt. Edward Baker; survived by widow and two young children; resident of Oyster Bay; member of Matinecock Lodge F & A Masons

HUBBS William 52 years

d. 22 January 1900 at New York City; interment at Hauppauge; survived by an unnamed widow and three children; Aspent a large portion of his life in this vicinity@ [Smithtown]


d. 16 April 1892; step‑daughter of Mrs. Dorius L. Hudson of Eastport; niece of Benjamin Frank Wells of Mattituck; former resident of Mattituck who kept notions and fancy store at Patchogue; account in 10 February 1894 paper of finding will among a pile of old papers in a barn and resulting confusion caused by uncle's settling estate while the will actually left the entire estate to the step‑mother

HUDSON Lorenzo W.

funeral 14 January 1900 at Mount Sinai; kidney disease; brother-in-law of Capt. Abram S. Hutchinson; former resident of Oyster Bay

HUDSON Mrs. Sandford

d. at East Northport; funeral 6 April 1896; mother of W. Hudson; former resident of Greenlawn, who had lived in that village for 15 years

HUDSON Sarah 91 years

d. 30 December 1898 at Farmingdale; funeral at Farmingdale; mother of Lewis Craft of Huntington; native of Glen Cove and former resident of Northport

HUDSON W. Sanford 63 yrs 9 mos

d. 12 October 1896 at East Northport; attack of paralysis; father of Mrs. Casper Pierson, Mrs. Benjamin Bentley and W. S. Hudson; brother-in-law of Carll S. Burr of Commack; Akept the hotel at Greenlawn for many years@; proprietor of East Northport Hotel, Aopposite the railroad station@; Huntington town collector for four years; Aa great number from [Smithtown] attended the funeral@

HUGHES child 9 months

d. 20 August 1898 at Oyster Bay; cholera infantum

HUGHES Ann M. 74 years

d. 6 March 1893 at Elwood

HUGHES Edward 76 years

d. 10 February 1893 at Elwood

HUGHES John 28 years

d. 22 November 1892 at Long Island City; found dead in his room; he had forgotten to turn off the gas

HUGHES Margaret Anna

d. 19 February 1899 at New York City; funeral Aat the Cathedral@; widow of Eugene Kelly; mother of Robert Kelly of Huntington

HUGHES Judge Thomas

d. 22 March 1896 at Brighton, England; author of Tom Brown=s School Days

HULL Mrs. 91 years

d. 12 July 1899 at Fair Grounds; paralytic stroke; mother of Emma Hull

HULL James 82 y 11 m 17 d

d. 1 March 1892 at Huntington

HULSE Eliza 88 years

d. 27 December 1898; grip; funeral [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church; interment at Northport; widow of John W. Hulse

HULSE J. Madison

d. 4 May 1892 at Mount Sinai

HUMBERT, King of Italy 56 years

assassinated 29 July 1900 at Monza, Italy, by anarchist Angelo Bresci of Paterson, New Jersey; AThe Italians in this country have almost unanimously expressed their sense of horror at this deed and in the large cities have held public meetings at which they have passed resolutions of sympathy with the widowed queen@; editorial favorable to the memory of King Humbert and critical of the anarchist Agang@ from Paterson, N. J., in 3 August 1900 paper

HUNT Ann Aletta R. 59 y 1 m 12 d

d. Bethpage; 14 May 1892 paper

HUNT George

d. 4 April 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Mount Vernon, N. Y.; brother-in-law of Mrs. I. W. Roe of Huntington; his son married a daughter of Emilous Jarvis; AMr. Hunt was quite well known in this village [Huntington]@

HUNT John B.

d. 15 or 19 May 1896 at Baiting Hollow; interment at Cypress Hills; survived by unnamed widow; father of E. C. Hunt of Manhattan Beach and Eugene Hunt of Louisiana; former resident of Glen Cove, who for Anearly twenty-five years@ was superintendent of Duryea Starch Manufacturing Company at South Glen Cove

HUNT Lester Wallack 15 mos 7 days

d. 24 August 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

HUNT Phoebe

d. 18 December 1895 at Brooklyn

HUNT William C. 71 years

d. 1 April 1891 at Huntington

HUNT William G.

d. 8 December 1892 at New York City; Awealthy capitalist@

HUNT Zeba 95 years

d. 28 December 1898 at New York City; former resident of Glen Cove

HUNTER George A. 73 years

d. 14 December 1895 at Commack; Afound dead in the woods near his house,@ where he had gone Afor the purpose of cutting wood for fuel@; Milton Nichols found the body

HUNTING John S. 74 years

d. 21 November 1893 at Smithtown; Astroke of paralysis@; father of several children, one of whom is John S. Hunting. Jr., Arecently appointed Post Master at the Branch@; Smithtown Justice of the Peace; member of Smithtown Presbyterian Church; Ahighly respected@

HUNTINGTON Mr. 24 years

d. 30 November 1891 at San Angelo, Texas; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; Agone [to Texas] for the benefit of his health@; son of Randolph and Lizzie Huntington of Oyster Bay Cove

HUNTINGTON Collis P. 75 years

d. 13 August 1900 at Camp Pine Knott, Adirondack Mountains, N. Y. Amillionaire railroad magnet@; native of Connecticut; migrated to California in 1849 and soon made a fortune; involved with the Central Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Chesapeake & Ohio railroads; controlled a rail route from San Francisco to Newport News, Virginia; AHuntington eventually became one of the richest men in the country. His estate today is estimated to be worth $100,000,000@; long editorial in 24 August 1900 paper


d. 9 April 1898; rheumatism; funeral at Locust Valley; interment at Clinton, Massachusetts; Aa man of considerable ability and influence@


d. 14 December 1895 at Southold; wife of H. H. Huntting; sister of Mrs. J. G. Huntting of Huntington


funeral 16 December 1896 at Southold; uncle of Dr. J. G. Huntting of Huntington; left bulk of his estate to Southold Academy, Awhich he helped organize@ and to the Southold Presbyterian Church; Dr. Huntting received $3,000.00 from the estate; Aa prominent and beloved citizen of Southold@

HURD Catharine Bostwick 9 mos 4 days

d. 18 September 1894 at Huntington; daughter of Russell and Edna S. Hurd

HURD Emma 6 years

d. 5 October 1898 at Fair Ground; bronchial pneumonia; child of Joshua Hurd

HURRELL James 70 years

d. 7 March 1899 at Flatbush; former proprietor of the East Norwich Hotel

HURST Kate 36 years

d. 20 August 1899 at Huntington; heart failure; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; wife of David Hurst of Brooklyn; mother of Aa little daughter@; servant of Dr. Walter Lindsay

HUSTED William 34 years

remains brought from Connecticut to Oyster Bay for funeral; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son-in-law of David Hendrickson; unnamed widow will move to Oyster Bay to live with her father [date of paper not copied: February to April 1899]

HUTCHIN Matilda M. 53 years

d. 4 October 1894 at Greenlawn; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; daughter of Rev. Hiram Hutchin; sister of Mrs. Thomas Webb of Greenlawn; Afor six years a missionary in New York City connected with the mission of the Epiphany Baptist Church@


Arecent death@ at Manhasset; 25 April 1891 paper

HUTTON Richard 18 years

d. 31 August 1892 at New York City; interment at Oyster Bay; son of the Rev. Dr. Hutton, former rector of Christ Church, Oyster Bay

HYAMS John C. 19 y 8 m 12 d

d. 22 May 1896 at West Hills

HYATT James W. 55 years

d. 13 March 1893 at Norwalk, Connecticut; native of Norwalk; appointed U.S. Treasurer by President Cleveland in 1887


d. 14 January 1893 at Huntington; mother of Mrs. W. H. Stoyle Note: death notice badly torn in 21 January 1893 paper

HYDE Anne L. 61 years

d. 11 March 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

HYDE Frank 16 years

funeral 20 April 1898 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; resident of Glen Cove

HYDE [Henr]y B. 65 years

d. 2 May 1899 at New York City; heart disease; president of Equitable Life Assurance Society; account of estate filed with Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court in 4 November 1899 paper; $1,647,415.61 was Asubject to tax@; estate tax paid was $16,674.15

HYDE John S.

suicide 7 January 1894 at Hempstead; shot himself below the heart; brother of Henry Hyde of Hempstead; resident of Brooklyn

HYDE W. E. 60 years

d. 3 May 1896 at Babylon [Northport column states d. at Brooklyn]; interment at Huntington; memorial service to be held 10 May 1896 at Northport Baptist Church; former resident of Northport