Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


F Surnames



FABRE Archbishop

funeral held during the week of 3 January 1897 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Fr. John G. York, pastor of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, attended the funeral; Fr. York was ordained into the R. C. priesthood by Archbishop Fabre on 21 December 1887

FACH Morris

d. 9 September 1900 at New Haven, Connecticut; blood poisoning; had been struck in the face with a whip during a quarrel on 20 August 1900 at Setauket by Isaac Davis of Setauket; Davis was arrested on manslaughter charges following Fach=s death, but the charges were dismissed by the grand jury

FAGAN child 5 months

d. 14 August 1898 at Huntington; daughter of W. H. Fagan

FAGAN Harold 4 mos 20 days

d. 31 May 1900 at Huntington

FAGANS Elizabeth

d. 21 August 1892; Smithtown item; Aan aged and respected citizen@

FAIN Abraham 54 years

d. 3 March 1894; funeral and interment at Oyster Bay; native of England; came to USA in 1873; a painter and decorator Askilled in his chosen business@; member of Matinecock Lodge #806 F&A Masons

FAIN Mrs. Abram 49 years

d. 28 May 1896 at London, England; former resident of Oyster Bay; Agreatly admired@

FAIR Mary Townsend Scudder

d. 24 January 1893 at Tompkinsville, Staten Island; funeral at New Brighton, Staten Island; wife of Richard Fair

FALLER Augusta 18 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn

FALLER Kate 39 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn

FALLER Kate 6 years

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; daughter of Mrs. Kate Faller; resident of Brooklyn

FALLER Otto 18 months

d. 12 August 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; killed in collapse of deck of excursion barge Republic; resident of Brooklyn

FANCHER Alanson D. 81 years

d. 22 February 1899 at Pound Ridge, N. Y.; pneumonia; interment at Village Cemetery, Pound Ridge; father of Ward Fancher of Glen Cove

FARLOW John 57 years

d. 30 September 1898 at Centerport; stomach cancer; funeral at Church of the Messiah, New York City; veteran of the Civil War; retired New York City fireman; resident of Centerport

FARRELL Mary 57 years

d. 8 February 1891 at Westbury; widow of Mathew Farrell

FARRELL Richard over 80 years

d. at New York City; interment 24 September 1892 at Westbury; Awas a resident of Westbury over thirty‑eight years. He moved to New York City about five years ago@

FARRINGTON John F. 17 yrs 5 mos

d. 16 March 1893 at Brooklyn; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; son of James Farrington; summer resident of Westbury

FASS Christina 76 years

d. 30 August 1897 at Hicksville; Afeeble for some time@; funeral at Catholic Church, Hicksville; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; mother of Mrs. Henry Puvogel; resident of Hicksville for the past 15 years [since ca. 1882]; left Aa host of friends who mourn her@


d. 13 April 1893 at Brooklyn; son of Charles Fassbender; son‑in‑law of August Fleischbien; Hicksville item

FASTERNAN Victor 65 y 10 m 15 d

funeral 12 December 1893 near Hicksville


d. 16 February 1899; apoplexy; President of France, Aelected to this high office in 1895@

FAY Jane

d. 27 November 1892; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; wife of Luke Fay

FEE Agnes 85 years

d. 24 September 1899; heart failure and old age; funerals at Northport and Trinity Church, New York City; widow of William Fee, late of New York City; mother of Harriet Lawson of Northport

FEEKS Julius

d. 21 August 1893 at Locust Valley; Aprominent in Oyster Bay town politics some years ago@; Aat one time held a position under the Government, being located at Washington@; former resident of Glen Cove

FEIDNER infant

d. 2 July 1898; daughter of Jacob Feidner; Hicksville item


d. 27 November 1892; interment at Hicksville; son of Nicholas Feidner

FEIERABEND Helena 88 years

d. 29 April 1897 at Woodbury

FERGUSON William H. 15 yrs 4 mos

d. 6 September 1897 at Long Swamp; interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, Flatbush

FERN Sarah

d. 20 January 1891 at Queens County Poor House, Barnum Island; former resident of Jamaica; vagrant, sent to poorhouse; after her death a bank book with $4,000 in deposits was found sewed into her old dress

FERNAN Dr. Rudolph

d. 21 September 1891 at Fulda, Germany; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor

FERRIS Rev. Dr. D. O.

d. 15 November 1896 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; Asuddenly Sunday night a few moments after he left the pulpit.He had opened the services and announced the opening hymn when he was attacked with a fainting spell ... He left the pulpit and staggered down the aisle ..... Two of the congregation hurried to support him. He became unconscious and in a few minutes was dead@; pastor of Summerfield M. E Church, Bridgeport, Connecticut, at time of death; Awell known in Brooklyn and throughout Long Island@; served as a chaplain with the Union Army during the Civil War (1862-1863); after war service was appointed to M. E. churches at Sag Harbor, Huntington, Hempstead, De Kalb Avenue, Brooklyn (1868-1870), Amityville, North Amityville, Washington Avenue, Brooklyn (1878-1879), Bay Shore, South Second Street, Brooklyn (1885-1887); stationed at Northport Afour years ago@; Northport item in 28 November 1896 paper says Apastor of the M. E. Church in this village during the conference year commencing April 1891@; member of the New York East Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church; Aforceful and interesting speaker@; Aan ardent Republican@

FERRIS George W. G.

d. 22 November 1896 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; typhoid fever; Amechanical engineer and inventor of a high order of merit. In 1893 he conceived the wheel which made him famous and which was one of the particular features of the World=s Fair at Chicago. It was constructed under his supervision, and had a capacity of 1,440 passengers@


interment 25 July 1894 at Brookville; child of Fritz Fetting; East Norwich item

FICKEN Louis 90 years

d. 15 August 1897 at Jericho; funeral at Jericho; m. widow Mrs. James Malcolm in 1838; father of five; native of Germany; resident of Jericho for 35 years; Aonly recently ... became slightly deaf@

FICKEN Mary Ann 80 years

d. 11 March 1892 at Jericho; interment at Muttontown; widow of James Malcolm, who she m. ca. 1834; he died shortly shortly thereafter; wife of Lewis Ficken, who she m. 1838; mother of James Malcolm and Mary Ann Ficken, both of Jericho; Mrs. Emma Brooker of McGrawsville, N.Y.; Lewis Ficken and Martin Ficken, both of San Francisco, California; and George Ficken of New Rochelle, N.Y. resident of Jericho for the past thirty years

FIELD Cyrus W.

d. dateline 13 July 1892 at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; Athe Atlantic Cable will be his everlasting monument@; long biography in 16 July 1892 paper

FIELD Eugene

d. 4 November 1895 at Chicago, Illinois; Awell known poet and humorist@; AMr. Field had established a reputation as a graceful and clever writer of stories and verse@ [especially noted for his poems for children]; native of St. Louis, Missouri, b. 1850; obit in 9 November 1895 paper

FIELD Joseph 104 yrs 6 mos

d. Alast week@ at Middletown, New Jersey; great-uncle of A. L. Field of Huntington; 10 April 1897 paper

FIELDS George 58 y 1 m 22 d

d. 14 May 1892 at South Dix Hills; moved from New Jersey Aabout 35 years ago@; Awent largely into the raising of cucumber pickles and sweet potatoes and was one of the first in this vicinity to embark in that business@; Alife‑long Republican and an earnest advocate of the party's political principles@

FIELDS John D. 79y 11m 1 d

d. 20 August 1893 at Huntington; Aworked nearly all his life at his wheelwright shop on Wall Street [Huntington village]@; member of Second Presbyterian Church Note: called FIELD in AVillage Notes@ column 26 August 1893 paper

FIELDS Rebecca 78 y 11 m 9 d

d. 23 May 1893 at Huntington

FILES Bradford R. 53 yrs 25 days

d. 31 July 1898 at Huntington; progressive paralysis, an invalid for six years; funeral at Huntington, by Rev. Judd, formerly at Huntington M. E. Church; son of James and Eliza Files; husband of Elizabeth Springsteen (m. 1868), formerly of Haverstraw, N. Y.; father of Bertis R. Files; brother of William Files of Brooklyn Mary E. Bath of Huntington, Mrs. Charles Hartt of Huntington, Mrs. George Bunce of Babylon and Lida Files of New York City; native of Newburgh, N. Y.,b. 6 July 1845; Amember of the local Methodist church in good standing@; AHuntington loses a good citizen@

FINCK Margaret

d. 5 February 1897 at Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; interment at Bethpage

FINDLEY Capt. John

drowned 4 February 1900 off Lloyd Neck; barge John Wilson sank off Lloyd Neck lighthouse in a storm; resident of Rondout, N. Y.; see 9 February 1900 paper for long account of disaster; body found at Port Eaton Gravel Works 25 April 1900 by Capt. George Carman of Port Eaton; body identified by son-in-law and sent to Rondout, N. Y. for burial

FINDLEY Mrs. Capt. John

drowned 4 February 1900 off Lloyd Neck; barge John Wilson sank off Lloyd Neck lighthouse in a storm; body recovered on 5 February 1900; resident of Rondout, N. Y.; see 9 February 1900 paper for long account of disaster

FINLAY Benjamin 70 years

d. 3 February 1899 at Huntington; third stroke since 24 January 1899; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; husband of Betsey Collins, who survives; father of Mrs. George N. Drake; native of New York State who moved to Ohio at the age of 4 years; his grandfather owned a large amount of land in Auburn Township, Grange County, Ohio; during the Civil War, he furnished 1,000 horses to the Union Army, including one used by General McClellan; moved from Ohio to Huntington ca. 1883

FINLAY Betsey Collins 77 y 1 m 16 d

d. 9 September 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; daughter of William Collins & Betsey Merrill; widow of Benjamin Finlay (m. 1845); mother of Mrs. George N. Drake; had 11 brothers and sisters; native of Murray, Ontario County, New York; moved in early life to Ohio, settling in Cleveland Athen only a village@; had been an invalid for 12 years

FINN Henry E. 29 y 7m 17 d

d. 14 April 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; survived by his mother, a resident of Cold Spring, and by a sister and a brother; member of the New York City police force; Avery highly esteemed for his many good qualities of mind and heart@

FINN Margaret 53 years

d. 16 July 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor; suddenly of apoplexy; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington

FIRTH Mrs. John 75 years

d. 18 June 1894; funeral at Westbury; mother of Joseph E. Firth of Roslyn; Mineola item

FIRTH Samuel 17 years

drowned 9 August 1897 at Sea Cliff; swimming at Hamilton=s Hall bathing pavilion Abut a short time when he got beyond his depth and sank out of sight@; resident of Brooklyn

FISH Sands Helme 78 years

d. Aon Sunday@ at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Mystic, Connecticut; brother of Mrs. Caleb S. Woodhull, a former resident of Huntington; Mystic native; grain dealer in Chicago, Illinois; dealer in ships stores in New York City after 1869; partner with J. D. Fish & Company of South Street, New York City; loose sheet in November 1899 papers

FISHER infant

d. Alast week@; interment at Brookville; daughter of Frank Fisher; Oyster Bay item; 16 March 1895 paper

FISHER Patrick 75 years

d. 1 June 1898; paralysis; Catholic funeral; Smithtown item


d. 24 July 1892; convulsions; interment at Brookville; child of John Fishers; Oyster Bay item

FISK Mary A. 75 years

d. 20 September 1893 at Vernon Valley; interment at East Northport; mother of Lyman Fisk

FITTING Jacob ca. 47 years

d. 18 March 1894; interment at Brookville; resident of Brookville

FITZGERALD Patrick 21 years

d. 7 April 1895 at Dix Hills


d. 20 December 1896; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville; resident of Locust Valley; former resident of Glen Cove

FITZSIMMONS Patrick 85 years

d. 9 January 1894 at Huntington; found unconscious in the cellar by his wife Mary; known as APaddy Gee,@ he was Athought a great deal of by the whole neighborhood@

FITZSIMONS Mary S. 75 years

d. 28 September 1894 at Huntington; widow of Patrick Fitzsimons

FLAMANT Eugenia 53 years

d. 30 July 1899 at Oyster Bay; paralysis; funeral at Oyster Bay; wife of Charles


FLANAGAN Edward 24 years

d. 4 July 1899 at Halesite; Aexcessive use of alcoholic stimulants@; hostler in the employ of George Taylor

FLEET Arthur B. 1 y 5m 21 d

d. 5 November 1893 at New York City; son of Arthur B. Fleet


d. 27 April 1894 at Huntington; consumption; daughter of Mrs. P. S. Bonner of Northport; wife of Harry C. Fleet; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; account of funeral in 5 May 1894 paper

FLEET Jane A. 63 years

d. 25 January 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; widow of Thomas Fleet; former resident of East Neck who Aremoved from this place over forty years ago@

FLEET Jane Cassley 65 years

d. 26 June 1891 at Centreport Cove or Northport; wife of Richard Fleet

FLEET John Platt 64 years

d. 14 December 1897 at Fair Ground; dropsy; funeral at Fair Ground by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian, Huntington; widower of AAunt Jane@ Fleet; father of Mrs. John Mullen; uncle of William Berry; proprietor of North Side House at Fair Ground; Afor a number of years he carried on the blacksmith business in the little shop on the Long Swamp Road@; Aabout fifteen years ago ... he took charge of the hotel@

FLEET Mary Jane 55 years

d. 25 October 1896 at Huntington; Aso well known as hostess of the North Side House@

FLEET Richard L. 76 yrs 6 mos

d. 6 April 1895 at Centreport; son of Gilbert Fleet; brother of Mortimer Fleet and Abram Fleet; father of John P. Fleet and unnamed daughter; Amost of his life a resident in the old homestead at the Cove .... his ancestors were among the first settlers of the town@


d. 25 March 1895 at Brooklyn; son of Frank Fleischbein; grandson of August Fleischbein of Hicksville

FLEISCHHAUER William 63 y 4 m 11 d

d. 27 July 1897; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; brother of Adolph Fleischhauer of Hicksville

FLEMING John 2 years

d. 8 July 1898 at Lloyd=s Neck

FLESSEL John C. 43 y 2 m 7 d

d. 9 March 1895 at Greenlawn; funeral at Elwood M. E. Church; widow and six children survive; Aearnest Republican and did good work for that party@


d. Arecently@ at Providence, Rhode Island; father of Theodore C. Fletcher of Babylon who received $25,000 inheritance; 21 April 1894 paper

FLETCHER Carrie 29 years

d. Alast week@ at Setauket; consumption; interment at Northport; sister of Frank Ketcham; 12 October 1895 paper

FLOE Mary 82 years

d. 26 August 1894 at Hicksville; Aan invalid for a number of years@

FLOH Andreas 86 years

found very ill with stomach trouble Alast week@ ... and died Aa few days later@; funeral Athis week@; no relatives other than a nephew Aand no one knows where he is@; 5 August 1899 paper

FLOWER Roswell Pettibone

d. 12 May 1899 at Eastport; Asuddenly@ from Afatty degeneration of the heart@; was on fishing trip to the Long Island Country Club, Eastport, at the time of death; funeral at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, New York City; interment at [Brookside Cemetery], Watertown, N. Y.; native of Theresa, Jefferson County, New York (b. 7 August 1835); after the Civil War, he moved to New York City and as a banker Abecame a leader in Wall Street@; elected [as a Democrat] to the U. S. Congress from the 11th District of New York City in 1881, [served 1881-1883 and again from 1889-1891]; elected Governor of New York State in 1891, [served 1891-1895]; director of Duluth & Iron Range Railroad, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, Minnesota Iron Company, New York Security & Trust Company, Municipal Gas Company of Albany and Brooklyn Rapid Transit; gave much to charity, including Flower Hospital, Trinity Parish and St. Thomas Episcopal Church, New York City

FLOYD infant

interment 23 September 1897; child of Mrs. Emma Floyd; Smithtown item


d. 24 November 1900 at Sea Cliff; funeral at St. Ann=s Church, Brooklyn; wife of Edward Floyd Jones; mother of a 5 year old son

FLOYD JONES Sarah 80 years

d. 10 August 1900 at New York City; funeral Grace Episcopal Church, Massapequa; daughter of General Floyd Jones; sister of DeLancey Floyd Jones, Mrs. John D. Jones, and Edward Floyd Jones of Massapequa; native of Massapequa; Aa very chartiable lady, having been one of the founders and most liberal patrons of the Church Charity Foundation of Long Island@

FLOYD JONES William 80 years

d. 7 February 1896 at New York City; funeral St. Bartholomew=s Church, New York City by Bishop Littlejohn; interment Floyd Jones cemetery, Massapequa; son of General Thomas Jones of Fort Neck; brother of Richard Floyd Jones, former lieutenant governor of New York State and Elbert Floyd Jones of Seaford, former New York State senator representing Queens and Suffolk counties; Aowner of one of the largest estates on Long Island, consisting of 1,500 acres of land at Massapequa ... was one of the large hardware merchants of New York City, but retired to his rural estate at Massapequa about forty years ago. He was prominent in the councils of the Long Island diocese of the Protestant Episcopal Church, succeeding his brother as vestryman. He was a member of the standing committee of the diocese and a warm personal friend of Bishop Littlejohn@

FLYNN Michael

drowned 31 July 1892 at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; brickyard worker who Acame from New Jersey a little over a week ago@ Note: called James Flynn in 13 August 1892 paper

FODELL Charles

d. 11 December 1896; funeral at Melville; father of Phillip Fodell of Melville; resident of Lower Melville; Civil War veteran of Co. E, 127th New York Vols.

FOHS Leonara E. 40 y 2 m 15 d

d. 21 November 1899 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; daughter of late Walter Adams; wife of Alfred D. Fohs, noted band leader; had been a resident of Huntington during her childhood


funeral Athis week@ at Boston, Massachusetts; former school teacher in Smithtown who went into the pickle business in Boston; Amade a practice of visiting this town [Smithtown] often to buy up pickles for his Boston factory@; Smithtown item, 11 June 1898 paper

FORD Everlyn H. 36 y 7 m 3 d

d. 9 February 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; daughter of the late Henry Wicks of Half Hollows; Aspent most of her life at that place [Half Hollows]@

FORD Kittie

funeral 11 May 1896 at St. Patrick=s Church, Glen Cove; resident of Sea Cliff FORD Lizzie killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; 28 December 1891 dateline; resident of Brooklyn; 9 January 1892 paper

FORD Susanna L.

d. 5 July 1896; funeral Glen Cove M. E. Church; interment at Roslyn

FORGIE John over 75 years

d. 5 March 1893; funeral at Hicksville; native of Scotland; Aresident of our village [Hicksville] forty years@

FORKIN Bridget 48 years

d. 18 July 1891 at Huntington

FORSTER William J. 48 years

d. 15 November 1895 at Louisville, Kentucky; Asuddenly of heart failure@; found dead in his room at the Galt House [Hotel]; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; brother of Charles Forster; native of New York City; former resident of Huntington; resident of Brooklyn; employed by Garrison, White & Company; Aone of the best known and most popular salesmen who frequent the South@; Mason and member of the I. O. O. F.

FOSS Mrs. 79 years

d. 5 September 1895; interment at Locust Valley; mother of Julius Foss

FOSS Julius

d. 14 October 1895; saloon keeper; Ahad been in poor health for a long time@; Glen Cove item


widow Mrs. Henry Foster received $215 death benefit from Hempstead Mutual Benefit Association; Hempstead item; 9 April 1892 paper


found dead in bed on 8 September 1891 at Southampton; Justice of the Peace for Town of Southampton

FOSTER Paul 57 years

d. 10 April 1895 at Oyster Bay Cove; pneumonia; interment at Cold Spring Harbor

FOSTER Prince Hiller 82 years

d. 21 July 1895 at North Babylon; Acelebrated nurseryman@ who established nursery business at Babylon in 1864; obit in 3 August 1895 paper

FOSTER William R.

d. 4 January 1891 at Brooklyn; retired New York City flour merchant

FOWLER Abby J. Anearly 76@ years

d. 12 April 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Glen Cove

FOWLER Emma E. 39 years

d. 22 September 1891 at Northport; interment at Brooklyn

FOWLER William D.

d. 15 March 1891 at Brooklyn; burned to death; grandnephew of Daniel Fowler of Uniondale and Hannah Powell of Hempstead

FOX Adaline E. 92 years

d. 22 December 1900 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Ellis; interment at Northport [Rural?] Cemetery, with six grandson as pallbearers; sister of Eliza Ritter of Huntington and Martha Gates of Greenlawn; mother of six unnamed sons; husband was a veteran of the War of 1812; her grandfather served in the American Revolution; Agreatly beloved@

FOX Lizzie 22 years

d. 5 August 1898; typhoid pneumonia; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; daughter of William Fox; former resident of Northport

FOX Mary 26 years

body found 2 March 1896 on beach at Lloyd=s Neck; employed as a domestic in Brooklyn; when she failed to return to work, her employer contacted her sister, Katie Fox, on 27 February 1896, but she knew nothing about her sister=s whereabouts; following reports in city newspapers of the discovery of a body on the beach at Lloyd=s Neck, Katie Fox came to Huntington and identified the body as that of her missing sister; Katie stated Mary was carrying a large sum of money, which she planned to use to buy a ship=s ticket for a sister in Ireland and Katie stated that she thought Mary was robbed and murdered; coroner=s jury failed to establish murder as a cause and stated Asaid Mary Fox came to her death from cause to the jury unknown@; interment at Holy Cross, Flatbush; native of Ireland; formerly employed as a domestic at Locust Valley; see 14 March 1896 paper for account of investigation into possible causes of her death; see 21 March 1896 paper for account of exhumation of body at Holy Cross Cemetery, Flatbush; autopsy showed that death by drowning, but nothing to show murder; suspect in possible murder of Mary Fox, being held at Glen Cove, was released

FRANCIS John 24 years

d. 16 September 1892 at Jamaica; brakeman on Port Jefferson branch L. I. R. R., killed Awhile coupling two freight cars loaded with long iron which projected over the ends of the cars@


funeral 7 February 1897 at East Norwich; interment at Brookville; daughter of Townsend U. and Annie Franklin


funeral 23 April 1896 at Oyster Bay M. E. Church; interment at Woodbine Cemetery; son of William Franklin

FRANKLIN John 73 years

suicide Alast week@ at Oyster Bay; hanged himself in his barn; Aaberration of mind.... had acted strangely for some time@; Civil War veteran who had lived in Oyster Bay since the end of the war; 1 April 1893 paper

FRANTZ Elizabeth

d. 7 January 1892 at Hicksville; Aafter a spell of sickness covering a period of over five years@; wife of Fritz Frantz

FRAZIER Abraham *

murdered 1 October 1892 at Huntington; stabbed in the neck by Lewis Gildersleeve, a white man, on the corner of Main and Green Streets, Huntington, as the result of a quarrel begun in a saloon. Gildersleeve said AI will fix you, you black ‑‑‑ of a ‑‑‑‑@ and went off to a grocery store and asked for a knife Aany kind as long as it was a d‑‑n big knife and sharp@; AThe knife which was a sharp bread knife had made horrible work ... some arteries were cut which caused the great hemorrhage resulting in the death@; Gildersleeve was sent to the Suffolk County Jail at Riverhead; AOne of the worst crimes that has ever darkened the annals of our village. It was the result of a hot temper re‑enforced by rum.@

FRAZIER Arthur * 5 mos 10 days

d. 9 April 1897 at Huntington

FRAZIER Henry 49 years

d. 16 August 1896 at Huntington


funeral 21 June 1897; Aemployed by the old lumber firm of Wood & Carll for many years and afterwards by W. W. & J. F. Wood.....held in high respect by his employers@; [Huntington] Village item

FRAZIER Ross Blair * 18 yrs 3 mos

d. 6 November 1891 at Huntington

FRAZIER Stephen * 9 mos 2 days

d. 20 July 1897 at Huntington

FRAZIER Viola * 4 months

d. 31 August 1894 at Huntington

FREEMAN Capt. James M./Joseph M.

d. 29 August 1899 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; Aquite sudden@; funeral at M. E. Church, Centreport; father of Mrs. William Dayton of New York City; captain of schooner James K. Pope

FREEMAN Hannah A. M. 62 years

d. 13 October 1894 at Centreport

FREIDGEN Mrs. 74 years

d. at New York City; notice of her death received at Hicksville on 16 March 1900; mother of Christopher Freidgen of Hicksville


d. 13 January 1895 at College Point; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; former resident of Hicksville

FREMIN Louis 50 years

suicide 23 July 1893; shot himself in the head; resident of Whitestone

FRENCH Lieutenant

Akilled in the fighting about Manila@ [Philippine Insurrection]; son of Stephen B. French; native of Sag Harbor; Agallant young officer@; Aa fine portrait ..... and an account of his life were published in Harper=s Weekly last week@; 11 March 1899 paper

FRENCH Stephen B.

suicide 3 February 1896 at New York City; shot himself through the heart; son of Peter French; brother of H. French; father of Eugene French of Helena, Montana, and Clara Mathez by his first wife and of Mary Prentis Cox, Lester C. French and Stephen B. French, by his second wife; unnamed first wife d. 1865; second wife was Julia Prentis of New London, Connecticut, whom he m. 1867; native of Riverhead, b. 1829; as a young man went on whaling voyages out of Sag Harbor; left for California in 1849 and after four years there moved to the Sandwich Islands [Hawaii]; returned to Sag Harbor and established store with brother as AH. & S. B. French@; became active in Republican politics in Suffolk County; elected Suffolk County Treasurer, serving 1868-1874; appointed Appraiser of the Port of New York in 1876 by President Grant; left Suffolk County to reside in New York City Aand for many years after was a power in the city@; became political ally of future President Chester A. Arthur; appointed to New York City Police Board in 1879 and elected its president in 1880, serving until 1889; later in life in business partnership with son, Lester C. French, in West India Trading Company, as a broker selling Acordials, bitters and extracts@; summer resident of Sag Harbor; very long obit in 8 February 1896 paper; negative editorial in 8 February 1896 about his career; AMr. French=s methods were not what are call legitimate ones, and his success and that of the gangs, both Republican and Democratic, which during his palmy days ruled the city and state of New York, were not healthful political conditions. The success of such men as Mr. French and his methods marks a low standard of political honesty and purity .... his whole political career was the embodiment of the spoils system@; editorial compares Mr. French to a Aparasite that flourishes best on the decaying trunk of the tree@ and states that Mr. French=s political power in Republican politics in Suffolk County caused Republican defeats and helped the Democratic party win important elections in Suffolk County; Editor=s Note: This is the most negative attack on a deceased person by the paper since its 1889 editorial attack following the death of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

FREYER Mrs. Edward

d. 6 February 1891 at Brandville, Connecticut; sister of late Mrs. Charles Kell of Plainview; Hicksville item

FREYTAG William 69 yrs 4 mos

d. 9 June 1893 at Hicksville; father of Mrs. Julius Augustin; [?grandfather] of Mrs. Taliaferro; immigrated to the United States in 1852; resident of New York City until 1867 when he moved to Hicksville; trustee, clerk and treasurer of Hicksville School Board; elder of German Lutheran Church for 26 years and Along time@ superintendant of Lutheran Sunday School; Aone of the largest funerals ever held in this village [Hicksville]@

FRIEDANK Mrs. Charles 30 years

d. 19 May 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn; husband and 4 sons survive; Melville item

FRIEDGEN George August 13 years

d. 12 April 1893 funeral at Hicksville; son of Christopher Friedgen; German language memorial poem in 14 April 1894 paper signed by Christoph Friedgen, Louisa Friedgen Ageb. Schaefer@ and Emma Friedgen, ASchwester@

FRIEDMAN Bernard 59 yrs 7 mos

d. 28 April 1895 at Huntington; funeral at New York City; interment in Bayside, Aa cemetery south of Woodhaven, near Jamaica Bay@; native of Vienna, Austria; came to this country and settled in Charleston, South Carolina, and later in New York State; came to Huntington ca. 1875; involved with the liquor business; m. Johanna Ahrens in 1877; member of the 19th Street Synagogue, New York City, and the Independent Order of Bernei Brieth [B'nai B'rith ?] and the I.O.O.F. in Huntington; AMr. Friedman as a business man was honest in all his dealings@; see 4 May 1895 paper for detailed obit

FRIWALD Edward Gotfried 72 years

d. 3 April 1896 at Avondale, New Jersey; father of Mrs. Alonzo Mills of Huntington; native of Germany

FROST Justice

death reported; Oyster Bay item 4 June 1892 paper; resident of Glen Cove; Aleaves that section of the town [of Oyster Bay] without a justice@

FROST James F. 76 years

d. 8 April 1899 at Locust Valley; funeral at Matinnecock Friends Meeting House; interment at Shoreham, Vermont; native of Vermont

FROST Louis W. 49 years

d. 3 December 1891; interment at Boston, Massachusetts; Awell known patent lawyer of Jamaica@

FROST Mrs. Louis W.

d. Alast March@ [1891]; 12 December 1891 paper; removed from Maple Grove Cemetery [Hopedale] and re‑interred at Boston, Massachusetts

FROST Warren *

murdered 29 July 1894 at Creedmore by John Alt, who was acquitted Alast week@ by the Queens County Supreme Court on grounds of self-defense; 26 January 1895 paper

FRYE Dr. Peter Y. 80 years

d. 9 October 1897 at Oyster Bay; Ain feeble health for some time@; Aone of the oldest and best physicians of Queens County@; native of Deerfield, New Hampshire; graduate of Dartmouth College; moved to Oyster Bay in 1855 and was a practicing physician until retirement in 1892; his Areputation was of the best@; president of the Queens County Medical Society Afor a number of years@; vice president of the Bank of Oyster Bay; senior elder of the Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; memorial tablet placed in Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church in honor of Athe beloved physician@; 25 December 1897 paper

FUCHUS child 4 years

death reported in 4 June 1898 paper; diphtheria; child of Adam Fuchus; Westbury item

FUCHS Elizabeth 77 y 1 m 20 d

d. 3 April 1893 funeral at Hicksville; interment at Holy Trinity Cemetery, Brooklyn; mother of Rev. Fuchs of St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville and Lizzie Fuchs; resident of Hicksville for twenty years; Afuneral was the largest ever witnessed in the village [Hicksville] and was an evident sign in what great esteem the good mother of Father Fuchs stood in the eyes of the community@; account of funeral Mass in 8 April 1893 paper

FUECHAEL George E. 56 years

d. 25 April 1891 at New York City; Adropped dead of apoplexy@ in his business office; funeral at Mount Vernon, N. Y.; father of George Fuechael and Robert Fuechael; owner of Central Park Pickle Works and another pickle factory in Farmingdale; native of Brunswick, Germany


death noted 29 February 1896 paper; internal convulsions; child of George H. and Linnie M. Fuechsel; Farmingdale item

FULLER Hannah Maria

d. 28 October 1895 at Huntington; interment at Huntington; daughter of Rev. Henry and Maria Fuller; granddaughter of Judge Buffett; Rev. Henry Fuller preached in Northport in 1816 and later in Stamford, Connecticut, and Brooklyn, where he held a pastorate for 20 years; the family moved to Huntington about 1865; there were three children, AMiss Hannah Fuller was the last to survive@; notice of estate sale of property on Park Avenue, Huntington to be held 3 December 1896 in November 1896 papers

FUNNELL Ebenezer S. 66 yrs 7 mos

d. 27 July 1895 at Albany, N.Y.; former resident of Huntington

FUNNELL Harry Hoyt 5 years

d. 17 May 1896 at Stamford, Connecticut; scarlet fever; interment at Huntington; son of Lewis E. Funnell

FUNNELL Mary 90 years 29 days

d. 2 October 1892 at Huntington; widow of Henry Funnell; native of England; immigrated to USA in 1840 and came to Huntington in 1843. AShe was a member of the Cold Spring Baptist Church until the organization of the Baptist Church in this village of which she was a member during the remainder of her life. She was a professional Christian for almost 80 years, honoring her profession by an active and consistent Christian life.@


d. 4 December 1893 Avery suddenly@; interment at New York City; Smithtown item