Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


E Surnames



EARL  Patrick                                                          82 years

d. 21 February 1892 at Hicksville; interment Calvary, Woodside; unmarried brother of Bernard Earl

EARLE  Bernard                                                                    76 years

d. 14 May 1896 at Hicksville; funeral St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; Asolemn requiem mass was held by Vicar General McNamara, of Brooklyn, assisted by sixteen priests. Bishop Mc Donnell was present and spoke .... this was the first funeral of a Catholic in this village [Hicksville] where the Bishop of the diocese presided@; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; native of Ireland, who came to the United States in 1836; involved in building and contracting and retired as Aa wealthy man@; never married; resident of Hicksville since ca. 1870; donated a tract of 100 acres to St. John=s Home, Brooklyn, for a protectory for boys in 1885; by 1896 there were about 150 boys living there; Aa devout Catholic and was ever ready to assist the poor and needy@

EARLE  Grace                                                         23 years

                        d. 17 June 1892 at Hempstead; consumption; daughter of George W. Earle

EARLE   James S.                                                  67 years

d. 8 March 1900 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay; son of Rev. Samuel H. Earle; grandson of Rev. Marmaduke Earle; husband of Emily Ainsworth; father of Mrs. Fred L. Burgess of Huntington, Louise Earle of Oyster Bay, and James S. Earle and Edward Earle, both of New York City; brother of Mrs. Charles S. Wightman; Aat one time a prominent New York City businessman@

EARLE  John                                                           Ayoung man@

d. 3 November 1893 at Mineola; L.I.R.R. brakeman who fell from top of railroad car and was badly injured at Hicksville; resident of Brooklyn

EASTERN  Mamie S.                                              25 yrs 4 mos

                        d.  23 May 1891 at Brooklyn

EASTMENT  William                                              64 years

d. 11 October 1895; Astricken with apoplexy@ a few days earlier; funeral at Glen Cove; survived by widow, nine sons and one daughter; native of England; settled in Smithtown and ran grist mill at Head of the River; later ran Jones=s grist mill at Cold Spring; removed to Glen Cove Awhere he had charge of the grinding and packing of the cornstarch in Duryea Bros.= establishment;@ after many years, due  to failing health, he left Duryea and Atook charge of the express business of the Long Island railroad at this place [Glen Cove]@

EATON   Albert                                                                       89 y 8 m 9 d

d. 29 April 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Bushwick Avenue Baptist Church, Brooklyn, by Rev. T. J. Whitaker; interment at Huntington; grandfather of Mrs. J. W. Specht and one other; great-grandfather of two; uncle of Garrett Eaton of San Diego, California, and Benjamin Eaton of Patchogue, both former keepers of a grocery store in Huntington; native of Mount Sinai, b. 2 August 1809; proprietor of Peck Slip Hotel in New York City; retired after the Civil War and bought a farm on Woodbury Avenue, Huntington; lost his fortune in the Black Friday Panic on Wall Street [1869]

EATON  Jacob

                        d. 15 November 1891; funeral at Mount Sinai

EBELT   Freda

                        d. Aabout a week ago@ at Sea Cliff; coroner=s inquest held; 24 August 1900 paper

EBERLE  George                                                   67 years

d. 6 November 1898; inflamation of the bowels; survived by unnamed widow and two daughters; resident of Northport for past 17 years; former resident of Brooklyn

EBERS  Dr. George Maurice

d. 7 August 1898 near Munich, Germany; Afamous Egyptologist and scientist, but more popularly known through his novels@

EBBETS  Thomas B.                                             44 y 2 m 4 d

                        d. 24 September 1894 at Oyster Bay; son of Edward A. Ebbets of Huntington; son-in-law of Charles Velsor of Woodbury and brother-in-law of William Velsor; survived by unnamed widow and five children; native of New York City; former resident of Melville; Ahad charge of the large Coles farm at Oyster Bay for three years previous to his death@

EBNER  Annie

                        Arecent death@ at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; insane patient removed from Queens County Asylum at Mineola to State Asylum at Poughkeepsie; 31 March 1894 paper

ECKERLEIN   infant                                               3 months

                        d. 26 July 1899; son of John G. Eckerlein; Hicksville item

ECKERLEIN   Alittle daughter@

                        d. 20 October 1899; daughter of John G. Eckerlein; Hicksville item

ECKERSON  James                                              77 years

d. 20 October 1892 at New York City; native of Rockland County, N. Y.; brickmaker at Haverstraw, N. Y.; Ahe constructed one of the largest brick plants then [about 1850] along the [Hudson] River@


d. Asome two weeks ago@ at Washington, D. C.; interment at Haverstraw, N. Y.; Amember of the Cuban invading army and contracted disease .... from which he died@; former resident of Huntington Harbor; 17 September 1898 paper

EDEN  William                                                                        71 years

d. 13 August 1896 at Huntington; apoplexy: Asitting alone in a chair on the lawn when stricken with apoplexy and expired at once@; husband of former widow Mrs. Katherine Kingsley; father of Mrs. Russell Hurd of Huntington; survived also by two brothers and four sisters; a native of Athe north of Ireland,@ who came to America when he was 9 years ago; a resident of Huntington for about forty years

EDWARDS  Albert T.                                             15 years

                        d. 1 April 1894; peritonitis;  interment at Bayville

EDWARDS   Maria                                                  99 years

d. 4 April 1900 at Riverhead; Aborn in the old Suffolk County courthouse. Her father was at one time keeper of the county jail@; life-long resident of Riverhead

EGBERSON  Peter                                                 75 years

                        d. 22 August 1893 at Melville

EICHENHAUER   William E.                                 1 y 8 m 29 d

                        d. 1 April 1899 at Huntington

EICHLER  infant

interment 16 August 1896 at Hicksville; grandchild of Jacob Korbman of Hicksville; infant=s parents were married Aabout a year ago@


d. 12 February 1895 at Bay Shore; killed in a coal pile cave-in at Smith & Brewster coal yard; Apoor man and leaves behind him quite a large family of children@

ELBERSON  Addie                                                3 years

d. 13 July 1893 at Newburgh, N. Y.; railroad accident; daughter of B. L. Elberson;  resident of Setauket

ELDRIDGE   Angeline*                                          78 y 9 m 3 d

                        d. 3 October 1899 at Islip; widow of George Eldridge; former resident of Huntington

ELIZABETH, Empress of Austria                       61 years

assassinated 10 September 1898 at Geneva, Switzerland; stabbed by an Italian anarchist named Lucchein [Luigi Lucheni]; wife of Emperor Francis Joseph; mother of Archduchess Valerie and the late Crown Prince Rudolph


interment 20 April 1891 at Westbury;  daughter of Daniel Minino of Jericho; resident of Yonkers, N. Y.; blood poisoning

ELLIOTT  infant

                        d. 27 August 1898 at Huntington; child of John Elliott

ELLIOTT  Mary                                                                       51 years

                        d. 17 December 1897 at Huntington

ELLMAKER  Augustus                                         70 years

d. 13 November 1893 at Glen Cove; interment at Albany, N.Y.; father of 5 sons and 1 daughter; survived by Augustus Ellmaker, Allen Ellmaker, Charles Ellmaker   and Granger Ellmaker; native of Canandaigua, N.Y. b. 19 March 1823; Amiller by trade, and at one time the proprietor of an extensive flour business in Cohoes, N.Y.@; president of Village of Cohoes and during his term of office Cohoes became a city; long biography in 18 November 1893 paper

ELLSWORTH  Rev. Caleb B.                               73 years

                        d. 7 May 1892 at Maspeth; rector for past 20 years at St. Xavier=s  [probably should be St. Saviour=s] Episcopal Church in Maspeth; former rector of St. John=s Episcopal Church in Huntington; native of Lowville, Lewis County, N.Y.; educated at Union College and Episcopal Seminary at New York City; ordained into Episcopal ministry in 1849; served congregations in Jefferson and Greene Counties, N.Y., before coming to St. John=s in Huntington. Served ten years at St. John=s and built a new church within first two years of his term at St. John=s; left St. John=s to go to [St. Saviour=s at] Maspeth. AHe was univerally beloved by his people@ both in Huntington and in Maspeth

ELWOOD  infant

d. 16 June 1896; inflammation of the bowels; one of twin girls of John Elwood; Cold Spring item

EMMETT  Richard S.

d. 7 February 1897 at Albany, N. Y.; typhoid fever; member of the New York State Assembly from Westchester County


d. 14 May 1897 at Hackensack, New Jersey; interment at Oyster Bay; sister of Mrs. John Wood and D. C. Selleck;

                        OysterBay item


d. Alast week@; stroke of apoplexy; interment at Cypress Hills; Aa scene at the funeral@ between Mrs. England, with whom Mr. England had not lived for twenty years, and Mrs. John Field, with whom he had been living; Mrs. Field refused to allow Mrs. England and her son to see the body; resident of Maspeth; former resident of Hicksville; Hicksville item, 17 July 1897 paper


d. 19 November 1894 a suicide; took dose of Paris Green on the evening of 18 November 1894; resident of Jamaica

ENTRUELSIE  Mrs.                                                85 years

d. at Brooklyn; interment 28 June 1897 at Locust Valley; mother of Mrs. Griffin of Oyster Bay; former resident of Cove Neck

ENTWISTLE   Edward                                           64 years

d. 18 September 1900 at Hempstead Aafter a long illness@; uncle of Mrs. Fred W. Hawxhurst of Oyster Bay; former resident of Locust Valley

ERNST  Edward Charles                                      4 months

                        d. 26 January 1895 at Huntington

ERNST  Emma                                                        13 months

                        d. 12 August 1894 at Huntington; daughter of John W. and Mary Ernst

ESTES  William

                        d. dateline 14 November 1892 at Brooklyn; fireman killed in fire at Harbeck Stores

ETSELL  Martha A.                                                 64 years

d. 19 July 1894 at Northport; interment at East Norwich; widow of Richard Etsell; mother of Mrs. Simeon T. Robbins of Northport and Edmund Etsell of Huntington; former resident of Huntington; former member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church and Adah Chapter, Eastern Star, both at Northport

ETZEL  Frederick

                        d. 13 July 1896; brother of John Etzel; son-in-law of John Klackner; resident of New York City who was well-known in Hicksville; Hicksville item

EVANS  Mary A.                                                      91 years

d. 3 May 1892 at New York City; former resident of Huntington; Afor several years she has spent her life amid the pleasant surroundings of the old lady=s home in 10th Avenue, New York City@

EVERSLEY   Jane                                                  92 years

                        d. 26 February 1900 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; widow of Charles Eversley, who she married when she was 19 years of age; mother of Hattie Childs of Brooklyn and Mrs. Le Roy Lockwood of Bloomfield, New Jersey; sister of Capt. ATite@ Ketcham; sister-in-law of Mrs.Richard Sammis; resident of Brooklyn for nearly 40 years and before than a resident of New York City for over 30 years