Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


D Surnames


DAILY Dennis

d. 15 August 1898 at Commack at home of Victor Smith; resident of Brooklyn

DALE Agnes J.

d. 1 May 1893 at Trenton, New Jersey; widow of Robert G. Dale; Woodbury item

DALEY Michael

d. 29 September 1893 at Glen Cove; native of Ireland (b. 1830); immigrated to USA ca. 1863; worked for a time for National Starch; later was hotel keeper; member of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; long obit in 7 October 1893 paper

DALTON Mrs. 37 years

d. 20 November 1896; funeral M. E. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Locust Valley; survived by husband and Atwo small


DALY Augustin

d. 7 June 1899 at Paris, France; heart disease; theatrical manager; proprietor of Daly=s Theatre, Broadway and 13th Street, New York, and Daly=s Theatre, Leicester Square, London; former drama critic for the New York Sunday Courier; native of Plymouth, North Carolina, b. 1838

DALY Charles P.

d. 19 September 1899 at Sag Harbor; native of New York City, b. 1816; former member of the state legislature and Chief Justice of Court of Common Pleas; served on the bench from 1844 to 1885 Awhen he was forced to retire on account of reaching the age limit of 70@

DALY Marcus

d. 12 November 1900 at New York City; Bright=s disease; ACopper King@; native of Ireland; went West as a miner and in 1880 Apurchased the famous Anaconda mine in Montana, which has turned out a wonderful amount of copper, making vast fortunes for its owners@; he was very involved in horse racing; Aat the time of his death he owned one of the most valuable collections of trotters in the world@

DALY Michael

funeral 3 April 1899 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; had been killed July 1898 at the Battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba during the Spanish-American War; remains shipped from Cuba; member of Company M, 71st Regiment; resident of Glen Cove

DALY Mrs. Michael 54 years

d. 13 February 1897 at Glen Cove; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Brookville

DANA Charles Anderson 78 years

d. 16 [17 per Glen Cove column] October 1897 at Ahis fine country seat at West Island, near this village [Glen Cove]@; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove by Rev. Huntington of Grace Church, New York City, and Rev. Gammack of St. Paul=s, Glen Cove; interment at St. Paul=s Churchyard, Glen Cove; editor of the New York Sun; long and favorable biography in 23 October 1897 paper; account of will filed for probate at Jamaica in 13 November 1897 paper

DANBY infant

death reported 2 March 1895 paper; Farmingdale item; daughter of Henry Danby


d. 18 July 1897; typhoid fever; niece of Mrs. Ernest Liebke of Hicksville; resident of Brooklyn who was Awell known@ in


DARCEY Thomas 55 years

d. 11 October 1896 at Lloyd=s Neck; pneumonia; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington, Aof which he was a devout member@; survived by unnamed widow and Aseveral@ children; Aforeman on a large farm on the Neck .... formerly employed for many years in the Crossman family@

DARLING infant 3 months

d. 13 July 1894; Northport item; child of William Darling

DARLING Mrs. Albert M. 52 years

d. 1 February 1898; nervous prostration; Aa woman of sweet disposition and a person of whom her neighbors spoke highly@; Northport item

DARLING Catharine C. 59 yrs 13 days

d. 10 January 1899 at Huntington; bronchitis; funeral at Huntington M. E. Church by Rev. Walter; daughter of Peter Hallock, who kept the Lloyd=s Neck lighthouse, and Deborah Hallock; widow of Lester Darling; mother of Alice Darling of Huntington and Capt. El. Darling; sister of George Hallock, Edward Hallock, Mrs. Oscar Brush of Greenlawn and Alvin Hallock, Awho was drowned at sea@; native of Smithtown; Aconsistent member of the Methodist church@

DARLING Mrs. Edgar

funeral 25 March 1898 at the M. E. Church, Kings Park

DARLING Mrs. Capt. Elvin H.

drowned during shipwreck of schooner James E. Bayles; Mrs. Darling was buried at sea; husband and other survivors were rescued and taken to Norfolk, Virginia; native of Canada, who married her husband in Maine; resident of Huntington; account of the shipwreck in 25 February 1899 paper

DARLING Frances Anearly@ 70 years

d. 3 July 1897; hemorrhage of the lungs; found dead in her room by her brother; funeral at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; interment at Methodist Cemetery, Smithtown Landing; member of Smithtown Landing M. E. Church Afor over forty years@


Alate of Smithtown@; decree entered at Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court, 29 October 1900; heirs: Almaron Darling, Emmet Darling, John S. Huntting, George F. Huntting, and E. E. Brush; perhaps the same person as the above Frances Darling, who died 3 July 1897

DARLING Frederick F. 70 years

d. 22 January 1898 at Port Jefferson; native of Smithown; Awealthy merchant@ at Port Jefferson

DARLING Herbert 29 years

d. 15 February 1896 at Alleghany, Pennsylvania; pulmonary hemorrhages; interment at Johnstown, Pennsylvania; son of Oscar Darling; husband of Mary F. Young (m. 1891); son-in-law of late Emanuel Young of Johnstown; father of Mary Darling and Walter Y. Darling; native of Huntington, who studying surveying with his father; went to Johnstown, Pa., ca. 1887 to work as a civil engineer; returned to Huntington in 1893 and soon moved to Babylon; in 1894 moved to Alleghany, Pa., to work as civil engineer for Fort Pitt Traction Company of Alleghany

DARLING Jeremiah

d. 17 January 1894 at Stony Brook; pneumonia; ship builder Afor many years@

DARLING Joseph J. 56 years

d. 25 July 1899 at Smithtown Branch; funeral at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; unnamed widow survives; father of one son; uncle of Postmaster Hawkins of Huntington; mechanic

DARLING Susan Emeline 62 years

d. 13 February 1899; quinsy throat and diphtheria; funeral at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church by Rev. Smith; widow of Benjamin T. Darling; sister of Alanson Hallock and Leonard Hallock; Ahas always lived in this vicinity [Smithtown]@

DARLING Tabitha 78 years

d. 13 April 1891 at Smithtown; widow of James Darling

DARNEY Mrs. Daniel

d. 19 October 1896 at Plain View; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; fell down stairs and broke her hip

DAUCH Lizzia

d. 27 February 1899 at East Meadow; consumption; wife of Adam Dauch of East Meadow; sister of Mrs. August Hauser of Hicksville

DAVENPORT Fanny 48 years

d. Duxbury, Massachusetts; enlargement of the heart; Anoted actress@; wife of actor Melbourne McDowell, with whom she acted in various plays; [date of paper not copied - fall 1898]


d. Aone day last week@; concussion of the brain; funeral at Bridgeport, Connecticut; interment at Chickopee Falls, Massachusetts; father of Will Davey of Greenlawn; 28 September 1900 paper

DAVIDSON David 33 y 9 m 15 d

d. 17 August 1896 at Huntington; Astricken with the intense heat of last week while working@; father of six small children; native of Scotland


late of Wantagh; estate admitted to probate at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; heirs were his unnamed widow, George W. Davidson, Queens County District Attorney, Alfred T. Davidson and Mabel D. Bentley; 9 December 1899 paper


d. 10 February 1891 at Hempstead; mother of Rev. J. A. Davis of Hempstead Presbyterian Church

DAVIS Amy 84 years

d. 24 March 1900; grip; funeral at St. James; widow of Scudder Davis; mother of Mrs. Obadiah Smith of St. James and

two sons

DAVIS Angeline A. 64 y 4 m 8 d

d. 17 December 1895 at West Neck; daughter of Elbert and Phebe Titus Sammis; sister of Su[ ] Sammis; widow of Charles Homer Davis; mother of Addie Davis, Gertrude Davis and Julia (Mrs. Edwin W.) Sammis; native of Huntington, b. 9 August 1831; husband was a member of Davis & Loper, Adealers in building materials and real estate, in which business Mr. Davis amassed a fortune@; early in married life resided in New York City and summered in Huntington; later moved to West Neck, where Athey erected the present handsome residence when they occupied continuously@

DAVIS Catherine AGrandmother Davis@ 98 years

d. 21 October 1898; mother of Lorenzo G. Davis, Charles A. Davis and George E. Davis, all of Mount Sinai, Mrs. Mary Woodhull of Miller=s Place, John R. Davis of Setauket, and deceased child James W. Davis, late of Mount Sinai, and Mrs. Helen Victor Smith, late of Smithtown; b. 5 October 1800 Aonly about nine months subsequent to the death of George Washington@

DAVIS Cushman K.

d. 27 November 1900 at St. Paul, Minnesota; blood poisoning, nephritis and diabetes; [interment at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia]; native of Henderson, Jefferson County, N. Y. (b. 16 June 1838); [moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin, as a child]; served in the Union Army 1862-1864 [in the 28th Wisconsin]; [moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1865]; served in the Minnesota Legislature and as Assistant U. S. District Attorney for Minnesota 1868-1873; [served as Governor of Minnesota 1874-1875]; elected as U. S. senator from Minnesota and served Acontinuously from 1887@; Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; delegate to the Paris Peace Conference in 1898, which ended the Spanish-American War

DAVIS Dillie 25 years

d. 24 March 1898 at New York City; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; Awarm personal friend of Mrs. Gilbert Scudder@ of Huntington; native of New Mexico

DAVIS Mrs. G. H.

d. 11 June 1898 at Stony Brook; mother of Mrs. Wilson Hallock of Smithtown Branch

DAVIS Mrs. Gilbert L.

funeral 20 March 1892 at Mount Sinai; interment at Port Jefferson

DAVIS James 36 years

d. 4 April 1900 at Kings Park; paralysis; funeral at Hauppauge M. E. Church; interment at Methodist Cemetery, Hauppauge; son of Daniel Davis

DAVIS James W. ca. 74 years

d. 16 March 1896 at Mount Sinai; cancer Aon the nostril, and it had rapidly spread towards the eye@


d. 26 October 1899 at New York City; brother of Mrs. M. A. Service of Glen Cove; resident of Montreal, Canada

DAVIS Rev. John A. 57 years

d. 24 September 1897 at Nyack, N. Y.; funeral at First Presbyterian Church, Nyack, N. Y., of which he was the pastor; interment at Somerville, New Jersey; former pastor of Brookville Reformed Church; Aa man of acknowledged ability and devoted to his chosen calling@

DAVIS John Robert 2 years

d. 19 June 1893 at Jericho; chronic bronchitis; son of John Davis; family Ahas only recently arrived from Ireland and has lost two children since leaving there@

DAVIS Martha C. 80 yrs 9 mos

d. 8/9 April 1895 at Middleville; stricken with paralysis, Awas in a partially unconscious state@; interment at Huntington; mother of Mrs. Rinaldo Sammis and grandmother of Mrs. B. T. Williams of Smithtown

DAVIS Mary 83 years

d. 8 February 1895 at Hicksville; funeral Hicksville Reformed Church; Athe handsome Bible and communion table in her church [Hicksville Reformed] are lasting memorials of her interest and zeal for God=s house@

DAVIS Mary A. 93 yrs 10 mos

d. 20 June 1897 at East Norwich; interment at Bridgeport, Connecticut; mother of Mrs. Gilbert Landon of East Norwich and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie of Homestead, Pennsylvania


interment 26 March 1891 at Riverhead; wife of Eugene W. Davis

DAVIS Mary E. 75 years

d. 2 June 1892 at Wheatley; found dead in bed; had heart trouble Aof long standing@; wife of Samuel Davis; mother of Louisa [? Davis] and Edgar Davis of Hicksville

DAVIS Nettie Pedrick

d. 1 Mary 1891 at Guilford, Connecticut; Mt. Sinai item

DAVIS Mrs. Parshall W.

funeral 5 September 1891 at Mount Sinai; widow

DAVIS Capt. S. R.

funeral 4 March 1895; uncle of John J. Davis of Echo; native of Miller=s Place; resident of Port Jefferson; owner of Port Jefferson Hotel

DAVIS Theodore V. AUncle Theodore@

d. 15 November 1899 at Mount Sinai; resided with Capt. J. H. Smith

DAVIS Varina Anne AWinnie@

d. 18 September 1898 at Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island; daughter of [Confederate President] Jefferson Davis; Aborn at the Southern White House at Richmond, Va., the last year of the War of the Rebellion@; ADaughter of the Confederacy@; obit in 24 September 1898 paper

DAY Mrs. H. E.

funeral 17 September 1892; Hempstead item; interment at Green‑Wood, Brooklyn; mother of A. A. Day and Mrs. C. A. Robinson, both of Hempstead

DEAN Caroline 61 years

d. 25 February 1900 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Knesel; wife of Capt. Nicholas Dean

DEAN Mary 84 years

d. 23 December 1893 at Yaphank; Suffolk County [Alms] House

DEAN Mary Ann 72 years

d. 27 September 1900 at Bayville; widow of William M. Dean; mother of W. M. Dean of Bayville

DEAN Sarah Willis 74 years

d. 3 July 1898 at Sea Cliff; blood poisoning Afrom a wound on the foot@; interment at Brooklyn; wife of Samuel Dean; mother of two unnamed children; resident of Brooklyn; summer resident of Sea Cliff

DEAN Violetta Carter 67 y 3 m 6 d

d. 7 November 1898 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; widow of William G. Dean; sister-in-law of Mrs. Thomas Aitkin

DEAN William G. 71 years

d. 1 February 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; son of Capt. John Dean; brother of Mrs. Thomas Aitkin of Huntington; husband of Violetta Carter (m. 19 February 1850), who survives; father of Harry W. Dean and William G. Dean; native of New York City, b. 21 September 1825; grew up in Huntington; spice and licorice importer in New York City with the firm William G. Dean & Sons; won a medal at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition for his mustard; Mason; member of the Montauk and Clarendon Clubs; long obit in 6 February 1897 paper

DEBEVOISE John C. 82 years

d. 18 November 1897 at Glendale; Adescendant of Corel Debevoise who came to this country from Holland in 1659@; Glen Cove item

DE CARLO Dominic ca. 40 years

murdered 21 February 1892 at Kings Park; interment at Smithtown Branch; Francisco Calabella came up behind De Carlo, who was sitting in a chair, and shot him four times, the Aconsequence of an old grudge held by Calabella against De Carlo@; Calabella supposedly Akilled a man in Italy and fled to this country@; De Carlo was employed by the Kings County Farm and Almshouse

DECKER Joseph H. 79 y 1 m 13 d

d. 5 December 1898 at West Hills


suicide 26 July 1900; drank laudanum; unnamed widow and 10 children survive; resident of Setauket; Awell known contractor and builder@


d. 16 January 1891; Port Jefferson item

DE FOREST Julia M. 70 years

d. 6 April 1896 at New York City; funeral Church of the Incarnation, New York City; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; daughter of Robert Weeks; widow of Henry C. De Forest; mother of Julia B. De Forest, Robert W. De Forest, Lockwood De Forest and Henry W. De Forest; sister of John A. Weeks of Oyster Bay; Ahad an elegant country seat overlooking Cold Spring Harbor and was well known to many of our people, who will long remember her many acts of kindness@; account of will in 2 May 1896 paper; estate valued at $650,000 probated at Queens Court Surrogate's Court at Jamaica

DEGAN Mary 70 years

d. 11 April 1895 at Crab Meadow


d. Aon Friday last@ at West Sayville; hunting accident while deer hunting at Oakdale with Mr. Rudolph; De Graff jumped up just as Rudolph fired at a deer; De Graff was hit; Awealthy oyster planter of West Sayville@; loose sheet in November 1899 papers

DE GROAT Gladys Louise 1 yr 10 mos

d. 29 January 1892 at Cold Spring; interment at Huntington; daughter of George W. De Groat


d. 23 November 1895 at New York City; Aworld-renowned artist ... painter of marine subjects@; native of Rotterdam, Netherlands, b. 1832; immigrated to the U. S. in 1859; resident of Brooklyn

DEHLING Annie 19 years

d. 19 December 1895 at Northport; consumption; funeral Presbyterian Church, Northport; interment at East Northport; flowers sent to funeral by Anchor Lodge #238 I. O. G. T. and the W. C. T. U., both of Smithtown; Smithtown item 28 December 1895 paper

DEHLING Henry 58 years

d. 24 December 1893 at East Northport; Aquite suddenly@; funeral at Northport; interment at East Northport


funeral 16 January 1898 at Brooklyn; brother of William Dehling of Cold Spring

DELAMATER Ruth O. 70 years

d. 7 December 1894 at New York City; widow of C. H. Delamater; owner of a portion of East Neck; Avery kind to several camping out parties that visited the Neck from our village@


suicide by drowning; body found 30 July 1897 in Long Island Sound off Stony Brook; had been missing since 25 July 1897; interment at Methodist Church cemetery, Stony Brook; memorial service held 3 August 1897 at M. E. Church, Stony Brook by Rev. Frank M. Hallock; resident of Stony Brook; member of Christian Endeavor Society, Y. W. C. T. U. and Epworth League

DELANEY Jeremiah 13 mos 15 days

d. 5 April 1891 at West Neck


d. 7 April 1893 at Hicksville; apoplexy Asuddenly while returning to the house from the barn@; father of Ernest De Languillette of Pennsylvania, Henry De Languillette of Amityville, Mrs. Bussman of Brooklyn and Emma De Languillette of Hicksville; member of Hicksville Fire Department; Aresident of Hicksville for over 46 years@

DE LANGUILLETTE Ernest 36 years

d. 5 April 1899 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Asudden death@; interment at Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia; son of Ernest H. De Languillette, late of Hicksville; survived by unnamed widow and several children; native of Hicksville; employee of the Pullman Palace Car Company

DE LANGUILLETTE George 29 years

d. 10 March 1899 at Los Angeles, California; son of late George De Languillette; nephew of Mrs. John H. Hahn of Hicksville; former resident of Hicksville

DE LAPP William

d. 2 August 1899 at Port Byron, N. Y.; killed by lightning

DELL Harry O. 30 years

suicide 8 October 1900 at Riverhead; took morphine while an inmate of the Suffolk County jail; interment in Potter=s Field, Riverhead; forger who had swindled the Northport Bank out of $525; was arrested on 19 September 1900 at Millbrook, Dutchess County, N. Y., and transported back to Suffolk County and placed in the jail at Riverhead; 28 indictments were lodged against him for forgery


d. at Hoboken, New Jersey; funeral 26 January 1898 at M. E. Church, Bayville

DE MILT Luella 6 mos 25 days

d. 29 August 1895 at Cold Spring Harbor

DE MILT William 21 years

interment 5 April 1893 at Northport; pneumonia; son of Daniel De Milt; nephew of Mrs. Bonnet of Northport

DE MOTT Daniel 83 years

d. 14 November 1899 near Hempstead; unnamed widow, age 79, survives; father of Mrs. John Snedeker of Hempstead, Mrs. D. D. Smith of Oyster Bay and Daniel V. DeMott of Hempstead; member of Hempstead M. E. Church Afor many years@; Aa man of the strictest integrity@

DENEEN Mary 74 years

d. 3 January 1899 at Jericho; Asuddenly@; funeral at R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Westbury; wife of Daniel Deneen

DENMAN Mrs. John

d. 3 July 1891 at County Almshouse, Yaphank; Northport item

DENNIS Rebecca * 18 years

d. 23 October 1895 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington; Acolored girl who came from the South last week to be employed by postmaster Charles F. Sammis at Northport as a domestic, was taken sick and died at the home of Samuel Bolton@

DENNISTON George R. 54 y 5 m 6 d

d. 3 February 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor; Aill for some time@; Aformerly conducted Wawepex Grove at Cold

Spring Harbor@

DENTON Andrew 78 y 10 m 28 d

d. 25 December 1898 at Gravesend; funeral at Gravesend; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Israel Denton; husband of late Abigail Valentine; brother of Israel Denton; brother-in-law of late Andrew R. Valentine; native and former resident of Cold Spring Harbor

DENTON Augustus 57 years

d. 25 June 1900 at New Hyde Park; Bright=s desease; funeral at St. George=s Episcopal Church, Hempstead; Afuneral services of the deceased were attended by all the county officials and many clerks@; son of Charles and Louise Denton; husband of Sarah M. Allen (m. 1870); father of Eugene W. Denton; elected Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead as a Republican in 1885; was defeated for re-election in 1887, but was elected again in 1889 and re-elected in every election since that date; was serving as Supervisor of the Town of North Hempstead at his death; Aworked hard in getting the affairs of the new county of Nassau in running order@; past master of the Morton Lodge, F & A Masons, Hempstead


d. Alast month@ at Mineola; resident of Rockville Centre; 24 June 1899 paper

DENTON Hannah 75 yrs 10 days

d. 27 August 1896 at Lloyd=s Neck; funeral Lloyd=s Neck by Rev. Judd, of Huntington M. E. Church; daughter of Samuel Denton

DENTON Harriet A. 59 y 8 m 11 d

d. 2 January 1892 at Elwood

DENTON Mrs. James 89 years

d. 6 October 1897 at Howard City, Michigan; survived by Aaged husband@; mother of Mrs. S. S. Kissam, Mrs. Henry Williams of Brooklyn, one son in Howard City, Michigan, and another son in Iowa; Greenlawn item

DENTON Jesse K. 20 yrs 4 mos

d. 12 December 1895 at Huntington

DENTON John V. 83 y 8 m 13 d

d. 28 September 1894 at Reynolds, Indiana; son of Samuel Denton; nephew of Benjamin Denton; brother of Jonah Denton, Alexander Denton, Mary Denton, Phebe (Mrs. Benjamin) Schenck, Lila (Mrs. Jonas) Titus, Hannah Denton and Amelia Denton; father of Carrie (Mrs. Valentine) Bates; native of Cold Spring, who Alately sold his farm at Lloyd=s Neck and removed to the residence of his daughter@

DENTON Jonah B. 80 yrs 18 mos

d. 21 March 1892 at Lloyd=s Neck; son of Samuel Denton; Aone of the largest property owners and most successful farmers of this town@

DENTON Joseph 68 years

d. 27 March 1900 at Centerport; suddenly; Aafter washing his face he laid down on the lounge. His wife noticing that something was the matter sent for a physician, but before his arrival Mr. Denton had expired@; unnamed widow and one son survive; AMr. Denton descended from one of the oldest families of the town of Huntington, and has many relatives in Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington@

DENTON Julia Frances Webb 59 y 7 m 23 d

d. 17 January 1895 at Huntington; sister of a Aprominent naval contractor .... now living at Port Washington@; wife of John J. Denton, who she m. ca. 1854 in Brooklyn, while he worked for the Brooklyn Navy Yard; moved to a farm in Dix Hills ca. 1867 and to Huntington ca. 1887

DENTON Mary Amelia

d. 19 August 1899 at Lloyd=s Neck; nervous prostration; funeral at Lloyd=s Neck by Rev. Seem of Huntington; native of Lloyd=s Neck, b. 9 April 1844, in the house where she died; daughter of Jonah B. and Mary Denton; her mother survives; sister of Alexander Denton

DENTON Mary Amelia 81 y 6 m 18 d

d. 14 April 1900 at Lloyd Neck; funeral at Lloyd Neck by Rev. Seem of Huntington; interment at Old Cemetery, Huntington; last surviving of seven children of Samuel and Hannah Van Benthusen Denton; aunt of Alexander Denton and Caroline Bates; great-aunt of Minnie E. (Mrs. Frederick) Carman of Jamaica; life-long resident of Lloyd Neck; she died in the house where she was born; she broke her hip in a fall Aabout two years@ ago and since has suffered a Agradual diminution of the physical faculties@; account of will in 25 May 1900 paper

DENTON Robert 76 years

d. 20 May 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; Aformerly of Hempstead, but for a number of years a resident of [Oyster Bay]@

DENTON W. Harper *

funeral 11 September 1895 conducted by two black ministers; interment at Cold Spring; employed by Mrs. J. H. Adam for more than twenty-five years; Aa local preacher .... much respected for his industry, honesty and temperance@

DE NYSE John 83 y 11 m 12 d

d. 28 September 1891 at Greenlawn; interment at Huntington


d. 4 September 1900 at Huntington

DERBY Emily 67 years

d. at Amityville; funeral and interment Alast week@ at Hempstead; widow of Richard Derby; 4 June 1892 paper


d. 4 September 1896; consumption; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; interment at Hillsdale Cemetery; Aleaves a widowed mother and a sister@

DEVAN Mary Augusta Cantrell

d. 1 April 1896 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington; interment at Nyack, N. Y.; daughter of Mrs. Cantrell; widow of Thomas Augustus Devan; mother of Spencer Devan, Allan Devan and Arthur Devan; account in 25 September 1897 paper of opposition by Henry W. Wiggins in Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court to application by Fannie M. Devan to administer estate

DEVAN Thomas Augustus 41 years

d. 13 August 1895 at Good Ground; funeral at Huntington; interment at Nyack, N.Y.; son of Rev. Thomas Devan and Emma Elizabeth Clark; son-in-law of Mary Cantrell


funeral 15 November 1892 at New Rochelle, N. Y.; uncle of John D. De Veau of Centreport

DE VEAU Louis 53 y 9 m 14 d

d. 25 December 1900 at Halesite; consumption; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; son of Joshua M. De Veau and Selina Sheffield; husband of Caroline Bloxsom (m. ca. 1869); father of Claude De Veau of Hartford, Connecticut, Mrs. Walter Verity of Rockaway, Louis De Veau of Oyster Bay, and Mrs. Albert Van Cott, Frederick De Veau and Richard De Veau, all of Brooklyn; native of Staten Island, steward on steamer Huntington; formerly had been a ship builder


d. 15 August 1892 at Jericho; cholera morbus; Aone of the oldest residents of [Jericho]@

DEVOE Mrs. 73 years

funeral 9 February 1892 at Glen Cove

DEVOE George

d. 28 November 1899 at Glen Cove; paralysis

DICKERSON infant 3 months

d. 31 August 1897; interment at Islip; daughter of William Dickerson; [Huntington] village item

DICKERSON Jane 80 years

d. 4 April 1897 at Hempstead; funeral at Bayville; mother of Mrs. George Bennett of Hempstead; resident of Bayville

DICKERSON Capt. John W. 67 years

d. 29 November 1892 at Brooklyn; interment at Northport; Aprominent member@ of Northport M. E. Church

DICKERSON Mary E. 72 years

d. 23 December 1895; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; widow of Capt. John W. Dickerson; mother of John Dickerson, William Dickerson and Gilbert Dickerson, all of Islip, Mrs. Emma Arthur of Smithtown, Mrs. Maria Higbie of Huntington, Mrs. Ida Mitchell of Islip, Mrs. Mary Ruland and Mrs. Sarah Daniels, both of Northport and two who died in infancy; Ahas been a member of the Methodist Church for many years and highly esteemed for many Christian virtues@


d. 28 January 1896 at Assiniboi, Canada; mother of Mrs. J. H. Spencer of Assiniboi and the late fireman [Townsend] Dickerson, killed in bursting of locomotive boiler at Oyster Bay in 1891; former resident of Oyster Bay; AMrs. Dickerson had many friends in this village [Oyster Bay]@

DICKERSON Nathan P. 54 [64] yrs 17 days

d. 16 March 1894 at Shelter Island; consumption


d. 30 November 1896 at Centerport; Aafter a long and painful illness ... he was reduced almost to a skeleton@; funeral M. E. Church, Centerport; interment at Northport; brother of the late Capt. John Dickerson of Northport

DICKERSON Townsend 30 years

d. 8 September 1891 at Oyster Bay; fireman on L. I. R. R. train; killed when boiler exploded

DICKEY Alexander 44 yrs 12 days

d. 18 June 1891 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; worked for Union Elevated Railroad Company; former resident of Huntington and West Hills

DICKINSON Mrs. Abraham Anearly@ 70 years

d. 17 April 1891 at Roslyn

DICKINSON Martha Cheshire 79 years

d. 26 September 1891 at Oyster Bay; interment at East Norwich; wife of George E. Dickinson


d. 18 June 1898 at Charleston, South Carolina; Aher death was unexpected@; mother of J. C. Diefenbach of the steamer Northport; Cold Spring item

DIEFENBACH Elwood 20 years

d. 4 February 1898 at Providence, Rhode Island; typhoid fever; funeral at Baptist Church, Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Gunton of Cold Spring M. E. Church; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of Capt. John C. Diefenbach of the steamer Northport; brother of John H. Diefenbach; relative of William E. Hageman of Springfield, L. I.; Aa young man greatly beloved@; resident of Providence for the past 1 1/2 years, learning the machinist=s trade

DIEFENBACK Mrs. John 44 years

d. 25 June 1894 at Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of John Walters; survived by husband and two sons; Avery highly esteemed@

DILLON Charlotte O. 58 yrs 11 mos

d. 18 January 1900 at Huntington; stroke of apoplexy; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter of the M. E. Church; widow of John Dillon; mother of George Dillon, Carlos Dillon and Alfaretta (Mrs. Charles) Voorhes, all of Huntington; sister of Phebe Wicks of Huntington and George Payntar of Oyster Bay; member of the Huntington M. E. Church

DILLON William J. 62 years

d. 6 October 1895 at Huntington; Afrom heart failure while on duty@ as night watchman; went to Huntington Social Club to turn off the gas and was found by W. V. Tuttle lying on the rug .... Acomplained of feeling so bad in his chest@; son of Jacob and Mary Dillon; brother of Mrs. Nancy Painter of Missouri, who m. first Mr. Brown and second Mr. Painter, Charlotte=s brother; husband of Charlotte Painter (m. 4 September 1858); father of George Dillon, Carlos Dillon and Effie (Mrs. Charles) Voorhis; native of New Jersey, b. 1833; orphaned at a young age and came to live in Cold Spring at the age of 11 [ca. 1844]; learned shoemaker=s trade under Townsend Burr; made a number of voyages on whaling ships out of Cold Spring Harbor, the final two voyages aboard the bark Alice, 1858-1860; settled on a farm in Half Hollows; drafted into Union Army during the Civil War, but was released from service; moved to Huntington village and went into shoemaking business with AUncle Billy@ Pearsall; later had own shop at Huntington Harbor; for a time worked as a baker with Philip Pearsall; employed as the night watch since 1884 and Aenjoyed the utmost confidence of the business men of Main Street in his watchfulness over their property@; member of Huntington M. E. Church

DINGLE Annie G. 76 years

d. 6 March 1898; bronchitis; funeral at Sea Cliff; interment at Roslyn; mother of Mrs. Annie Sperling of Sea Cliff

DINGLEY Nelson 66 years

d. 13 January 1899 at Washington, D. C.; pneumonia; interment at Lewiston, Maine; [Governor of Maine - 1874]; served in United State House of Representatives from Maine [1881-1899]; Aa self made man, a man of sterling integrity, clear thought, perception, and as chairman of the Ways and Means committee in Congress, can illy be spared at the time .... framer of the prevailing tariff law@

DISBROW Joshua 78 years

d. 7 October 1899 at Prattsville, Greene County, N. Y.; father of four child, one of which is N. N. Disbrow, editor of the Oyster Bay Guardian


funeral 19 December 1897 at Athe city@; mother of Thomas J. Disturnell of Commack

DISTURNELL Thomas J. 58 years

d. 20 December 1897 at Commack; had returned from his mother=s funeral Aand seemed depressed over his loss ... a short time after he retired his family ... found his gasping for breath and he immediately expired@; unnamed widow and two children survive

DIXON infant

d. 30 March 1899 probably at Brooklyn; interment at Northport; child of J. Udall Dixon of Brooklyn, a former resident of


DOCHARTY Mary Thorne

d. 25 March 1891 at Hempstead; widow of Professor Docharty; mother of Augustus T. Docharty; sister‑in‑law of P. J. A. Harper

DODGE Clara E. 51 years

d. 42 April 1894 at Glen Cove; pneumonia; interment at Babylon; daughter of Mr. Kirby, aged 87; wife of Jordan Dodge; mother of Albert Dodge; sister of John Kirby; Aa Christian for many years and was connected with the M. E. Church in this village [Glen Cove]@

DODGE Rebecca

d. 13 January 1897; interment at Jericho; daughter of Daniel and Dorcas Abbott; native of New York City (b. 1827); resident of East Norwich

DODGE Mrs. Stephen

d. 28 March 1895; pneumonia; funeral Brookville Reformed Church

DOERFLINGER Augustus 54 years

d. 24 November 1899 at Brooklyn; survived by an unnamed widow and two sons; native of Germany; summer resident of Halesite; civil engineer; served with the U. S. Army, Aemployed particularly in the destruction of Hell Gate@; awarded a gold medal by the French government for the invention of a method of simultaneous explosion; worked six years on the Harlem Ship Canal; Ahis latest work has been upon the channels in New York Harbor and the placing of batteries at Sandy Hook@

DOLE Mrs. 83 years

funeral Alast week@ at Newtonville, Massachusetts; mother of John P. Dole of Cold Spring Harbor; 30 September 1899 paper

DOLE Alice L. 5 years

d. 8 November 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

DOLE Charles J. 28 years

d. 1 August 1894 at Port Washington; diphtheria; son of John P. Dole; leaves a wife and Afour little ones@


d. 31 August 1895 at Quogue; brother of Bayard Dominick

DONALDSON James 36 years

d. 8 September 1891 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Babylon; engineer on L. I. R. R. train; killed when boiler exploded; worked 13 years with the L. I. R. R.; resident of Oyster Bay

DONAHUE Kate 25 year

d. 2 August 1898 at Westbury; hit by railroad train while walking to meet her husband Aupon his return from work@; wife of John Donahue


d. 10 January 1894 at Hempstead; found dead in bed from apoplexy

DONE Alfaretta Anearly@ 41 years

d. 1 February 1896 at St. John=s Hospital, Brooklyn, Awhere she had been taken to have an operation performed@; funeral Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay; daughter of Albert Tappen; wife of Capt. Jacob Done, of the steamer Port Chester

DONE Claus

d. 19 April 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; b. Elmshorn, Schleswig‑Holstein 11 January 1807; immigrated to USA ca. 1868

DONLEY Charles H. infant

death reported in 11 June 1898 paper; son of Henry J. Donley; Farmingdale item

DONNAN James Stewart

d. 5 February 1891 at Wyandance; flooded road near Wyandance Depot; his wagon get stuck in water and mud; died of exhaustion and exposure; resident of Central Islip

DONNELL Mariance W.

d. 25 April 1896 at Fair Ground; interment at Portland, Maine; widow of William E. Donnell

DONNER infant child Aa few days old@

d. 24 November 1897; Awas sick from the time it was born@; child of Peter Donner; Hicksville item


d. 11 February 1891; Smithtown item

DONOHUE Patrick 84 years

d. 17 December 1895 at Oyster Bay; Avery suddenly@; funeral at R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; father of James Donohue, Mrs. Harry Bennett, Mrs. William Heffner and Mrs. Matthew Haines

DONOHUE Mrs. Patrick ca. 70 years

d. 22 January 1893 at Oyster Bay; Amuch respected resident of this village@ [Oyster Bay]

DORAN Mary A. 74 years

d. 29 November 1891 at New York City


d. 27 July 1899 at Cove Neck; interment at Newport, Rhode Island; brother of Mrs. J. West Roosevelt

DORST Kate 20 years

d. at Northport; funeral 12 June 1898 at Northport; resident of Brooklyn who came to Northport Athinking that a change of air would restore her health@

DOSCHER young child

d.3 May 1898 at Glen Head; pneumonia; parents residents of Glen Head


coroner's inquest 18 February 1895; Aaccidental drowning caused by falling overboard from the coal barge Seth Lowe@

DOTY Annie 22 years

suicide 6 December 1897 at Huntington; drank Adeadly carbolic acid@; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; daughter of Thomas Tilden of Huntington; wife of Peter Doty, Aa worthless fellow living at Cold Spring Harbor@; sister of Mrs. Edward Smith of Huntington; Aone of the saddest and most pathetic tragedies@; unhappy marriage; Athe husband treated his young wife very cruelly@; she returned without her child to her father's home and lived for some months with her grand-uncle, John Tilden of Greenlawn; she wanted to see her child, but her father forbade her to go back to her husband saying Athat if she went he would refuse her admission under the parental roof@; she went to her husband anyway but Aonly to be turned out of doors once more by the fiendish brute@; Awith heavy heart and crazed mind she .... went to the drug store of George R. Rogers .... and bought a bottle of carbolic acid@; she drank the carbolic acid Ain the sight of her oldest sister,@ Mrs. Edward Smith; long account of this tragic event in 11 December 1897 paper

DOTY/DOUGHTY Frank 38 y 3 m 6 d

d. 6 June 1894 at Plainview; interment at Central Park; son of Richard Doughty; Agreat sufferer for two years or more@; blacksmith who worked in many villages in Oyster Bay Town, Abut sickness prevented him from being successful@; survived by wife and Aseveral children@

DOTY Richard 70 years

d. 8 July 1893 at Brooklyn; funeral at Plain View; interment at Afamily plot on the Doty homestead@

DOTY Viola 12 years

d. 25 June 1895; Aquinsy sore throat@; funeral Cold Spring Baptist Church; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Benjamin Doty; member of Union Baptist Sunday School and Junior Epworth League

DOUD Joseph D.

d. 4 December 1897 at Farmingdale; Abeen sick for several weeks@; funeral at Farmingdale by rector of Episcopal church; interment at Amityville; father of J. H. Doud


d. 9 August 1900 at Sea Cliff; former resident of Hicksville

DOUGHTY Carrie May

d. 1 January 1895; interment at Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of John H. Doughty; member of M. E. Church

DOUGHTY Charlie Anearly@ 6 years

d. 28 November 1895 at East Neck; tonsilitis; son of John Doughty

DOUGHTY Harold Ababy@

funeral 2 August 1897 at M. E. Church, Woodbury; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of Dr. D. B. Doughty


d. 1 September 1899 at Woodbury; Afor eleven weeks fought so bravely for life@; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; son of Fred Doughty


d. reported in list of Apatriots@ who died during 1895; [noted African American political leader and statesman; escaped from slavery on Maryland=s Eastern Shore as a young man and became an important abolitionist and orator before the Civil War and after the war involved in women=s suffrage and the social and political betterment of the black race; author, newspaper editor, diplomat, Republican Party leader; see Frederick Douglass by William S. McFeely {1991}]; 28 December 1895 paper

DOW General Neal 92 years

d. 1 [2] October 1897 at Portland, Maine; [interment at Portland, Maine]; Afamous champion of the temperance cause@ who Aachieved national fame as the father of the Maine prohibition law@; served as mayor of Portland and in the Maine state legislature; Ahis bravery in the Civil War won him the rank of brigadier general@; [Prohibition Party candidate for President of the United States in the Election of 1880]

DOWDEN John 58 years

d. 19 March 1894 funeral at Glen Cove; Aone of our village [Glen Cove] merchants for many years@

DOWNING infant

d. 17 January 1900; child of Charles W. Downing; Oyster Bay item

DOWNING Benjamin W.

d. 2 December 1894 at Tampa, Florida; Queens County District Attorney for over twenty years; active in religious and charitable organizations; had gone to Florida for his health; memorial resolution from Queens County Bar Association in 15 December 1894 paper

DOWNING Cornelius H. 40 years

d. 11 April 1898 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funeral at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville

DOWNING Capt. Edward

d. 11 February 1900; funeral at Brooklyn; brother of Mrs. Cicero F. Sammis of Huntington

DOWNING Elizabeth 80 years

d. 10 October 1896 at Cedar Swamp; funeral Cedar Swamp; interment at Friends= Cemetery, Locust Valley; mother of Isaac R. Downing, Alfred Downing and Mrs. Elbert Thorne; Ahighly respected@ member of the Society of Friends


d. 28 November 1896; Avery sick since last June with Bright=s disease@; Farmingdale item

DOWNING Harriet 27 years

d. at Kings Park; funeral 6 March 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell of the Presbyterian Church; daughter of the late Charles Downing; sister of Charles Downing, Elbert Downing and Mrs. Daniel Bartow, all of Oyster Bay

DOWNING Howard 7 years

d. at Freeport; funeral 9 August 1893 at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; son of Cornelius Downing; grandson of

Luther Cheshire

DOWNING Ross 1 1/2 years

d. 24 July 1896; whooping cough; funeral Oyster Bay M. E. Church; interment at Brookville; son of George W. Downing

DOWNING Sarah R. 83 years

d. 27 July 1896 at Glen Cove; funeral Friends= Meetinghouse, Matinnecock; interment at Matinnecock

DOWNING Valentine

suicide 23 March 1892 at Roslyn; shot himself; son of Samuel Downing; son‑in‑law of Stephen Townsend; Awell known in North Hempstead and his act has caused no little surprise as he was thought to be getting along in life nicely@

DOWNS Sarah 79 y 5 m 14 d

d. 20 September 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington; daughter of Erastus H. Conklin and Ruth Wood; widow of Henry Downs, m. 1845; he d. 12 December 1855; mother of five children; only one surviving is Mrs. William L. Conant of Colorado Springs, Colorado; had lived for many years with her sister, the late Deborah Gould of Huntington; Mrs. Downs was the last surviving sibling from her family; member of the First Presbyterian Church, Huntington

DOXSEY William T.

d. 12 August 1897 at Sea Cliff; funeral at St. Luke=s Episcopal Church, Sea Cliff; member of St. Luke=s; Ahad many relations living in Lynbrook, L. I.@

DOXY Martha R. 43 yrs 1 mo

d. 28 September 1894 at Long Swamp

DOYLE Helen 59 years

d. 14 June 1899 at Long Swamp; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; wife of Edward Doyle; death had been incorrectly reported earlier (as d. 31 May 1899) in a Fair Ground column

DRACKER Catherine 27 years

d. 25 March 1897; wife of George Dracker; mother of Athree little children@; member of the Frauen Verein and the Deutsche Einigkeit; Hicksville item

DRAKE child

d. 25 March 1896; Alittle one@ of John Drake; Fair Ground item

DRAKE Ida F. 31 y 11 m 19 d

d. 5 August 1893 at Huntington; wife of George Drake

DRAKE John M. 76 y 4 m 23 d

d. 2 March 1896 at Huntington Depot; husband of Fannie Newman, a native of England; father of eight children, of whom five survive: William H. Drake of Newark, N. J., E. O. Drake of South Norwalk, Conn., John E. Drake of Fair Ground, George N. Drake and Mrs. S. D. Tillotson, both of Huntington; native of Orange County, N. Y.; former resident of New York City; sexton of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, and janitor of Union School; Aof late years engaged in the milk business@

DRAKE Martha Kane 29 y 9 m 9 d

d. 29 March 1891 at Huntington; wife of John E. Drake

DREW Mrs. John

d. 1 September 1897 at Larchmont, N. Y.; heart disease; mother of John Drew and Sidney Drew, both Aeminent actors,@ and the late Georgie (Mrs. Laurence) Barrymore; Mrs. Drew was a Acelebrated actress@ who started her stage career at the age of 6 years; her Afavorite part was that of Mrs. Malaprop in The Rivals and which part she played for the last time Decoration Day, 1896@; born in 1820

DREW Perry

d. 9 August 1894; Rockville Centre item; Ablood poison caused by the extracting of a tooth@

DROHAN John 53 y 2 m 3 d

d. 7 August 1894 at West Neck; interment at Huntington; son of Martin Drohan; father of nine, seven of who survive: John Drohan, Henry Drohan, Lizzie (Mrs. F.) Stratton, Lydia Drohan, Chauncey Drohan, Morris Drohan and Louie Drohan; b. Albany, N.Y. 4 June 1841; moved to New York City ca. 1853; formed with his brother in 1860 a partnership J. & M. Drohan at Washington Market, New York City, becoming Aa successful man in his business, having at one time amassed quite a fortune@; retired briefly 1870‑1873 and resided at Northport; re‑entered business in 1873 at New York City as Drohan & Powell and ca.1889 founded Drohan & Company, in partnership with two sons; engaged in Apoultry and game business@ and Ahad business connections all over the country with hotel people and retail dealers, the name Drohan & Co. being known from Maine to Texas@; a Apioneer in the refrigerator business@ establishing the Barclay Street Freezing Co. in New York City; retired Aa year or more ago@ due to failing health; resident of Brooklyn 1873 to ca. 1876, when he moved to Huntington; active in civic affairs in Huntington and New York City; philanthropist; member of Huntington Fire Department and Jephtha Masonic Lodge; long obit in 11 August 1894 paper

DROHAN Sarah Maria Preston 53 yrs 18 days

d. 16 November 1894 at Brooklyn; widow of John Drohan; mother of Mrs. Frank Stratton and other unnamed children; native of New York City; maiden name was Preston; Amany a poor person about the town has received a good bit for dinner or supper at [her] kitchen door@

D'STUNI Guiseppe 35 years

drowned 12 October 1894 at Port Eaton


Portuguese sailor shot by Capt. Palmer S. Hall of schooner Robert P. King; trial held at Queens County Courthouse, Long Island City; Hall acquitted by reason of self-defense; account of trial in 20 October 1894 paper


death reported in 11 July 1896 paper; new teacher Aengaged for the coming year in our Union free school@; Farmingdale


DUDGEON infant

interment 8 October 1894 at Glen Cove; child of William Dudgeon; Locust Valley item

DUDGEON Alexander 60 years

d. 16 July 1898 at Central Park; hit by railroad train while driving across tracks; father of Valentine Dudgeon; father-in-law of Cornelius Bethlehem; resident of Farmingdale; former resident of Hicksville


d. 8 April 1895 at New York City; Ainventor of the hydraulic jack and other valuable mechanical contrivances upon which he had patents@; summer resident of Glen Cove with a house on Long Island Sound at Peacock Point

DUFEK George Louis

drowned 13 August 1899 in Long Island Sound off Glen Cove; fell overboard from a yacht while working sail ropes; resident of Brooklyn

DUFF Mary 22 years

d. 17 October 1894 at Sea Cliff; accidental overdose of chloroform, taken as a pain reliever; daughter of Peter Duff; resident of Brooklyn

DUFFY Daniel 72 years

d. 16 July 1897 at Hicksville; consumption and gangrene; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; interment at Westbury; widower; father of Mamie Haldron of Morris Park, Daniel Duffey and Joseph Duffy; resident of Hicksville for the past 16 years

DUFFY Hugh 63 years

d. 21 July 1900 at South Northport; consumption; funeral at R. C. Church, Northport by Father McCartney; survived by unnamed widow and three children; a veteran of the Civil War; Aa member of a cavalry regiment during the war and had his horse killed under him. He was thrown off his horse in such a manner that the animal fell upon him and crushed him. It was some time before anyone came to his assistance and extricated him. He was badly so injured that he has been a cripple since@

DUFFY John 87 years

d. 12 August 1894 at Hicksville; Asuddenly@; Catholic funeral at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; Abind and partly deaf@

DUFFY Maggie

d. 14 April 1893; funeral at Hicksville; pneumonia; interment at Westbury; daughter of John Duffy

DUFFY Mrs. Peter

d. 27 February 1899; pneumonia; funeral at R. C. Chapel, Sea Cliff

DUFFY William Hugh 1 mo 12 days

d. 1 August 1899 at Greenlawn; cholera infantum; child of M. Duffy

DUMETT John 73 years

d. 11 January 1893 at Central Park; father of Mrs. Peter Nibbe; member of Teutonia Lodge #14, I.O.O.F

DUMETTE Christina 71 years

d. 15 September 1891 at Central Park; wife of John Dumette; mother of Mrs. Peter Nibbe; grandmother of Mrs. Tony Schuler; native of Bavaria

DU MONT Capt. Van Gaesbeck

funeral at Bath-on-Hudson, N. Y.; grandfather of Henrietta Jones; Woodbury item; 15 January 1898 paper

DUN Robert Graham

d. 10 November 1900 at New York City; cirhosis of the liver and heart failure; native of Chillicothe, Ohio (b. 1826); moved to New York City in 1850 and headed the R. G. Dun & Co. Mercantile Agency

DUNBAR Rev. George 79 years

d. 16 October 1896 at Brooklyn; former M. E. pastor at East Norwich and Woodbury; Along life was spent in the ministry with the exception of the last eight years, which were spent in quiet retirement in Brooklyn@

DUNBAR Mrs. Rev. George 79 years

d. 17 October 1896 at Brooklyn; pneumonia


d. 3 March 1899; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay, by Father Belford; mother-in-law of George B. Stoddart

DUNLAP infant

d. 22 July 1893; Glen Cove item; cholera infantum; child of I. (or T.) Dunlap

DUNN John 76 years

interment 15 March 1891 at Plain Edge; resident of Bedelltown; Aan old‑school farmer and well known veterinarian@; estate settled with Stephen Dunn and Nicholas Dunn as executors; 20 January 1894 paper; Central Park item

DUNN Mrs. John 74 yrs 3 mos

d. 22 June 1891; funeral at Plain Edge; widow

DU PLAY Gertrude 2 mos

d. 23 August 1895 at Huntington

DURAND Eliza 89 years

d. 7 July 1893 at Melville


funeral 14 April 1892 at Melville

DURYEA infant

d. 27 August 1891 at Oyster Bay; interment at Locust Valley; child of George and Alice Duryea


d. 7 May 1895 Aafter a short but painful illness@; Farmingdale item

DURYEA Alonzo Anearly 37 years@

interment 30 July 1894 at Brookville; resident of Syosset; Aleaves widow and several children@

DURYEA Caroline 81 years

d. 19 or 20 May 1896 at Jericho; funeral Friends= Meetinghouse, Jericho; wife of John J./T. Duryea; mother of the late George Nelson Duryea, who conducted a store at Oyster Bay

DURYEA Charles T.

d. Arecently@ at Babylon; father of Stephen C. Duryea of Babylon and New York City, Carll S. Duryea and Mrs. John H. Perkins; former resident of Huntington; account of will; 19 January 1900 paper

DURYEA Mrs. Charles T.

d. 8 January 1899; bronchial pneumonia; husband was the former proprietor of the Suffolk Hotel in Huntington

DURYEA David W. 33 years

d. 5 October 1895; inflammation of the bowels; interment at Afamily burial ground of the Duryeas between East Norwich and Jericho@


d. 12 August 1900 at Glen Cove; heart and liver trouble; father of Walter E. Duryea, seriously injured in an accident at Oyster Bay, and Marcia Cox, Grace E. Sprigge, and Eva Thelberg; uncle of Frank Duryea, Louis T. Duryea, and Henry H. Duryea, who all received a bequest from their uncle; Aone of the Duryea brothers who founded the Glen Cove Starch Works@; left over $500,000; account of his will in 24 August 1900 paper; account of will being contested in 21 September 1900 paper


d. 26 October 1898; interment at Brookville; resident of Mill Neck; former resident of Glen Cove

DURYEA Ella 4 years

d. 25 October 1892; diphtheria; interment at Melville; daughter of Whitson and Ella Duryea

DURYEA Col. George 65 years

d. 1 April 1897 at New York City; funeral at St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; Achurch was crowded and many failed to gain admittance@; brother of Mrs. Cynthia V. Perkins, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Perkins and Henry T. Duryea; brother-in-law of Jennie Duryea; uncle of Myra Duryea, Edith Duryea, Bessie Duryea, Oscar Duryea and Lester Duryea, all of Glen Cove, and Ada D. (Mrs. Joseph) Cummins and Helen (Mrs. Arthur) Cummins, both of Brooklyn; served in Union Army during the Civil War and was wounded at the Battle of Gaines [M]ill, [Virginia], 27 June 1862 Aand was obliged to give up military duty for two years ... it is believed that the complications of diseases from which he died were superinduced by this wound@; an owner of the Glen Cove Starch Company Awhich was organized by his father@; Athe works of the National Starch Manufacturing Company were closed on Saturday out of respect to the memory of Colonel Duryea@; member of G. A. R. and Masons; account of will in 24 April 1897 paper; Glen Cove item

DURYEA George W. 64 years

d. 28 April 1898 at Elwood; funeral at M. E. Church, Elwood by Rev.Cornell of Hauppauge; survived by unnamed widow, two daughters and one son

DURYEA John 65 years

d. 29 January 1896 at Dix Hills; funeral at Plain View M. E. Church; interment at Plain View; brother of William H. Duryea; veteran of the Civil War, served with Company H, 102 New York Volunteers

DURYEA John 80 years

d. 3 September 1896 at Jericho or Anear East Norwich@; father of John M. Duryea of Farmingdale; resident of Jericho or Anear East Norwich@

DURYEA Mrs. John

d. 6 December 1892; fell ill while attending wedding and suddenly died; wife of President of Glen Cove Starch Manufacturing Company; philanthropist and benefactor of Presbyterian Church; Aher many good deeds in the interest of the poor and unfortunate endearing her to the hearts of all@

DURYEA Rev. Dr. Joseph T.

d. 10 May 1898 at Boston, Massachusetts; Presbyterian clergyman; native of Jamaica; educated at Princeton; served at Troy, N. Y., Classen Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, Boston, Mass., and in 1887 went to Omaha, Nebraska. Returned to Brooklyn in 1894 to serve Bedford Avenue Reformed Church, Awhere he preached until last winter, when his health completely broke down@

DURYEA Mabel Bostwick 20 yrs 8 mos

funeral 30 May 1898 at Glen Cove by Rev. Caswell (M. E.) and Rev. Norris (Presbyterian); daughter of Nelson Bostwick; wife of George Duryea; mother of a 10 day old infant; member of the M. E. Church, Glen Cove

DUSENBERRY George B. 58 years

d. 15 July 1899 at New York City

DUSENBERRY Isaac A. 83 y 3 m 9 d

d. 6 January 1895 at Amityville; interment at Huntington; son of David Dusenberry; father of Edwin B. Dusenberry, Jennie (Mrs. Henry C.) Platt and Caroline (Mrs. Richard) Shakeshaft, all of Huntington, and George Dusenberry of New York City; native of Glenville, Connecticut; grocery merchant with I. A. & T. Dusenberry in New York City; stood guard with son Edwin, a member of the militia, over stores and private property during the New York City Draft Riots in 1863; resident of Huntington since retirement; member of the Episcopal Church; biography in 12 January 1895 paper

DUSENHAL Frederick W. 36 years

d. 19 February 1894 at Huntington


funeral at Binghamton, N. Y.; sister of Mrs. James E. Gildersleeve; Port Jefferson item; 31 January 1891 paper

DUVALL Cora B. * 3 y 5 m 23 d

d. 13 May 1893 at Huntington

DUVALL Ida* 1 y 6 m 19 d

d. 4 February 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church; daughter of Floyd Duvall

DUVALL Josephine * 18 yrs 9 mos

d. 27 January 1892 at Huntington

DUVALL Lydia Scott 6 y 2 m 2 d

d. 23 April 1893 at Huntington

DUVALL Olive May 3 y 5 m 13 d

d. 25 October 1891 at Huntington

DWYER Andrew

d. in Connecticut; his brother, William Dwyer, inherited $65,000; [Huntington] Village item; 14 September 1900 paper

DWYER Patrick ca. 85 years

d. 20 July 1894 at Huntington Harbor; attack of paralysis; interment at Huntington; Aclung to the doctrines and belief of the Catholic Church although not a regular attendant during the last few years of his life,@ however, funeral to be conducted by rector of St. John=s Episcopal Church; native of Kings County, Ireland; had been employed by Selleck family for 30 years; a Astaunch Democrat@