Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts

“B” Surnames


BABCOCK Silas E.                                      78 years

d2 January 1891 at Sag Harbor; Sag Harbor native; spent 3 years on a whaling ship; lived in California during the Gold Rush


death reported 18 January 1896 paper; son of Mrs. Allen Corey; nephew of Henry Whipple; Fair Ground item

BAILEY Burtis                                             10 mos. 9 days

d2 April 1897 at Huntington; pneumonia; child of Burtis Bailey; interment at Smithtown

BAILEY Elizabeth *

                   d. 7 July 1894 at Northport; interment at Setauket

BAILEY Isaac *                                            ca. 60 years

                   d. 9 August 1894 at Northport; Aan old resident of this village@ [Northport]

BAILEY Isaac *                                            1 yr 7 mos

                   d. 15 April 1896 at Huntington

BAILEY Malcolm                                          10mos 6 days

                   d. 15 August 1898 at Huntington; interment at St. James; son of B. B. Bailey


dAsuddenly@; interment 18 January 1894 at Smithtown Branch; resident of St. James


Acriminal who committed suicide@; had robbed the National Shoe and Leather Bank; had been a barber in New York City in 1849-1850, and was known at that time by Edward Carll of Huntington; 1 December 1894 paper


death noted 26 December 1891 paper; mother of Rev. Baker of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor

BAKER Amelia

d.Aone week@ after 2 April 1893 at Brooklyn; widow of Stephen R. Baker(m. 62 years);mother of George M. Baker, John L. Baker and Edward Baker; sister of John F. Lockwood and David Lockwood; half- sister of Rev. Francis C. Hill; former resident of Huntington

BAKER Annie E. White                               68 years

d. 18 October 1899 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell and Rev. Wightman; interment at family plot, Oyster Bay; daughter of Alsop White; wife of Boaz Baker; sister of Jacob S. White; aunt of Mary S. White; Anext to the last remaining of a family of six children@

BAKER Celia Moore

d. Brooklyn; interment 29 December 1891 at Locust Valley; wife of Daniel Baker; former resident of Oyster Bay Cove

BAKER Capt. Edward

d. 29 November 1898; pneumonia; widower; father of Mrs. William Hubbs; Mrs. David B. Doughty of Woodbury, Carrie Baker, and Edward Baker; keeper of Mill Neck Club House; former keeper of Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Centre Island; Oyster Bay item


d6 May 1900; daughter of Catherine Baker; card from Mrs. Baker in 18 May 1900 paper; Melville item

BAKER Stephen R.                                     82 years

d. 31 March 1893 at Brooklyn; father of George M. Baker, John L. Baker and Edward Baker; carpenter and mason; former resident of Huntington Aidentified with the Methodist church ...Through his efforts, with a few others, the [M.E.] chapel on Park Ave. ... was built, where for some years a Sabbath school and evening preaching services were held. The building has since been sold to the colored people and occupied by them as their church@

BAKER Wright                                            91 yrs 5 mos

d6 October 1893 at Oyster Bay Cove; father of Henry C. Baker and Edward Baker; Anative of this place [Oyster Bay] having always lived at the Cove@


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; 28 December 1891 dateline; resident of New York City;9 January 1892 paper


death reported 28 January 1893 paper; resident of New York CityCentral Park item

BALDWIN, Andrew                                      16 years

Drowned 27 February 1895 at Bay Shore; walking on ice on a canal with younger brother and sister; all three fell through the ice; Samuel Hulse and Oliver Terry saved the sister and brother, not knowing that Andrew had also fallen in


d18 March 1897 at Smithville South; pneumonia; father of George O. Baldwin of Hicksville

BALDWIN Mrs. Herman

d15 February 1896; heart failure; funeral at Oyster Bay, by Rev. Estes of the M. E. Church; interment at Hempstead

BALDWIN John A.                                       80 years

                   d. 20 February 1892 in Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

BALDWIN Lettie                                          53 yrs 10 mos

d. 21 May 1891 in Dix Hills; wife of Daniel Baldwin; sister of Hewlett Nostrand of Woodbury


killed in train wreck at HastingsN.Y.28 December 1891 dateline resident of New York City;9 January 1892 paper

BALDWIN Platt                                           87 years

                   d. 21 July 1892; died suddenly while cutting wood; Central Park item

BALDWIN Sarah                                         72 years

d. 6 March 1891 at Northport; wife of Edward E. Baldwin; mother of John Baldwin and Emma J. Griffin, who d. two days before her mother

BALDWIN William A.                                   52 y 2 m 10 d

d. 12 October 1898 at Dix Hills; Aacute mania@; funeral at Elwood; survived by an unnamed widow and a 90 year old mother; father of Raymond Baldwin, Mattie Baldwin and two other daughters; resolution from Elwood Lodge # 982 I. O. G. T. in 22 October 1898 paper

BALLTON Peter E.*                                     1 y 3 m 14 d

                   d. 29 May 1900 at Brooklyn

BANCROFT George                                    90 years

d. 17 January 1891 at Washington, D. C.; native of Worcester, Massachusetts; famous historian and diplomat; founder of U. S. Naval Academy; see 24 January 1891 paper for biography

BANEY James                                             94 years

                   d. 14 January 1892 at West Neck

BANKS Dr. George Burr                             67 y 11 m 4 d

d. 4 December 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; six local doctors served as pallbearers; the Aprincipal business places were closed during the hour of the funeral service@; husband of the late Sarah G. McDougall (d. 1884); son-in-law of the late Rev. James McDougall, former pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; father of Mary (Mrs. Dr. Frank W.) Rogers, Mabel (Mrs. William S.) Funnell and Emily Banks, all of Huntington, and James M. Banks of Derby, Connecticut; native of Greenfield Hills, Connecticut; as a young man, he moved to Long Island, where he taught school at Hempstead; studied medicine and graduated from the College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City in1859; set up a medical practice at Freeport; soon relocated (1860) to Huntington, where he remained in practice until his death; member of the Presbyterian Church since boyhood; joined First Presbyterian Church, Huntington, after locating his medical practice in Huntington; served for the past twenty years as an elder of that church; Aa staunch Republican@; active in community affairs; served on the Board of Education and the Board of Health

BANVARD John                                          75 yrs 6 mos

d. 16 May 1891 at Watertown, South Dakota; famous painter; painted panorama of Mississippi River; built Glenada Castle at Cold Spring Harbor in 1852; lived in South Dakota since 1883;b. New York City 15 November 1815; see 27 June 1891 paper for biography

BAPTISTE Rev. George W.                         51 yrs 6 mos

d. 20 February 1891 at Huntington; pastor of Huntington, Northport and Cold Spring Baptist Churches; funeral conducted by Rev. Wightman of Oyster Bay Baptist, assisted by Rev. Ford of Huntington M. E.,Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian and Rev. Putnam of Second Presbyterian; interment at Evergreens, East New York; b. Brooklyn 16 August 1839; served churches in Dansville, Potsdam, New York City, New Rochelle and Fulton, N. Y., and Lebanon and Painesville, Ohio; retired from ministry and worked as a lawyer in Ohio; re-entered ministry following removal to Huntington and served the three local Baptist churches until his death

BARBER George H.

                   d. 12 August 1899 near Peru, N. Y.; killed by lightning

BARKWORTH Sarah                                   65 years

d. 10 March 1899 at Oyster Bay Cove; pneumonia; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay, by Father Belford; mother of Mrs. Dann of Oyster Bay Cove

BARNES Jennie L.                                      7 months

                   d. 11 July 1894atHuntington; daughter of Thomas Barnes

BARNES Thomas                                        8 years

d. 10 May 1895 at Huntington; son of Thomas Barnes, driver of the horse car in Huntington; young Thomas jumped on to the horse car being driven by his father, missed his footing and was run over by his father=s car

BARNES William                                         71 years

d1 December 1895 at New HavenConnecticut; former resident of Cold Spring Harbor

BARNEY Elizabeth Ann                               83 y 5 m 2 d

d30 March 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter; wife of David F. Barney, her first cousin; mother of Sarah (Mrs. Jacob T.) Nostrand, the late Nathaniel Barney, who d. 30 years ago, and the late Lydia Barney, who d. at age 6; grandmother of James Nostrand; sister-in-law of James M. Barney of Boston, Massachusetts; daughter of Samuel and Eliza Barney; b. 8 October 1817 at London, England; came to the U.S. in 1833 and settled at Nantucket, Massachusetts; later she moved to Weedsport, Cayuga County, N. Y., where she met and married her husband, who was also her first cousin; the couple returned to Natucket, but in 1845 moved to Cold Spring Harbor, where Mr. Barney was a cooper on whaling vessels; in 1849 they removed to Huntington; member of the M. E. Church for over fifty years

BARNHART John                                        72 y 2 m 10 d

                   d29 May 1897 at Brooklyn


 [famous showman and circus owner];uncle of Charles Hillett of Riverhead who attended the funeral; 18 April 1891 paper

BARNUM Sarah Ann

probate of will reported 21 January 1893 paper; left estate of $200,000; mother of Joshua A. Barnum, Sarah F. Willets, Kate V. Barnum and Angelesa Weeks; resident of East Meadow

BARRETT Almeta Gildersleeve                    42 years

d30 April 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; interment at Huntington; 2nd wife of DeWitt C. Barrett

BARRETT Harriet                                        81 years

d18 January 1900 at New Rochelle, N. Y.; mother of Charles H. Barrett of Glen Cove


d30 June 1894 at Brooklyn; killed when wall of burning store building fell on him; an employee of the Brooklyn Ferry Company who was moving coal cars out of the way of the fire when the wall fell on him and others

BARTELSWilliam                                         73 years

d. 29 August 1891 near Island Trees ;fell out of wagon while on Hempstead Turnpike and broke his neck; father of Mary Bartels of Island Trees; Annie Bartles of East New York; Charles Bartles of Hempstead and William Bartles of Rockaway, Morris County, N. J.; resident of Island Trees; Aresident of this vicinity [Hicksville] for the past forty years@


Dateline 22 April 1892 New York City; Aapparently died from a blow struck by Arthur Freidheim, the well known pianist@ but actually died from Aheart disease@

BARTLETT Rev. Philip C.

d23 June 1899; funeral at Astoria; former Aesteemed pastor of the Methodist church in this village [Oyster Bay]@

BARTO Charles H.                                      59 years

                   d. 23 November 1896 at Northport; funeral by Rev. George W. Adams of St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; survived by unnamed widow; father of Rev. Charles E. Barto of Seymour, Connecticut, and W. H. Barto and Carrie W. Barto, both of Northport; member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church Afor many years@

BARTOW Elizabeth                                     79 years

d. 4 May 1898 at Northport; Aquite sudden and unexpected@; widow of Luther Bartow; mother-in-law of Mrs. Lucy A. Bartow; survived by two sons and two daughters

BARTOW Mrs. Franklin                               42 years

d. 20 June 1899 at Northport; Bright=s disease; funeral at Northport; survived by husband; mother of Mrs. Louis Scudder; native of England

BARTOW John F.                                       6 weeks 5 days

                   d. 8 February 1893 at Northport

BARTOW William H.                                    47 yrs 9 mos

                   d. 19 July 1892 at Northport


d. 20 October 1900; Asuddenly .... from heart failure@; proprietor of Baruth=s Hotel; Aof a genial disposition@ with Amany friends@;Central Park item

BASS Laura M.

d. 20 April 1899 at Northport; paralysis; funeral at Fleet Street M. E. Church, Brooklyn; former Brooklyn resident who had recently moved to Northport

BATEMAN Margaret C.

d22 December 1895 at Kansas City, [Missouri-]; heart failure; interment at Shelter Island; resident of Shelter Island

BATES James *

                   d. 6 May 1894 at Jericho

BATH John  59 y 4 m 21 d

d. 3 February 1895 at Huntington; funeral Huntington M. E. Church; husband of Miss Files; father of Millard Bath, William Bath and Charles Bath; carpenter and builder; member of Huntington Board of Education and trustee of Huntington M. E. Church; native of New York City who resided in Huntington since ca. 1860; memorial tribute from Board of Education in 16 February 1895 paper

BATTERMAN John Frederick                      76 years

d. 13 January 1899 at Brooklyn; funeral at Brooklyn; father of Henry Batterman, proprietor of a large dry goods store in Brooklyn, and William Batterman, proprietor of a furniture store in Brooklyn; former resident of both Huntington and Woodbury; returned to Brooklyn Aabout fifteen years ago@

BATTERS Mary S. [*-]                                 84 years

d.Alast week@ at New York City; funeral 21 May 1894 at Oyster Bay; interment at Pine Hollow; sister of Hagar Conklin


d. 21 October 1898 at Glendale; hit by railroad train while driving a wagon across the tracks; resident of Fresh Pond [Queens County]

BAUER Margaret

d7 January 1894 at Sea Cliff;Afell down and died@ from heart disease; interment at Roslyn

BAUNSCHBACH Christina                          80 years

d. 30 August 1897 at Hicksville; funeral at M. E. Church, Jerusalem; interment at Jerusalem; widow; mother of Charles Baunschbach and Katie Baunschbach; grandmother of John Baunschbach; resident of Hicksville for 47 years (since ca. 1850)


funeral at Freehold, New Jersey; brother-in-law of Mrs. Hough of Commack; connected with the Awell-known firm of Combs & Bawden, iron founders@ of Freehold, N. J.; in the iron business for 44 years Aand had amassed a fortune@; 3 August 1900 paper

BAXTER James L.                                       56 years

d. 5 February 1891 at Port Washington; interment at Locust Valley; son of William Baxter; father of Mary A. Baxter, teacher in Oyster Bay; b. Port Washington 18 May 1834; former North Hempstead Town Justice of the Peace; lawyer; member of the Queens County Bar; Republican Party leader in Queens County


d. 4 April 1899; probable suicide; Adefaulting postmaster of Great Neck who was removed from office .... because of a shortage of $680 in his accounts@

BAYARD Thomas F.

d. 28 September 1898 at Dedham, Massachusetts; interment at Old Swedes Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware; native of Wilmington, Del., b. 29 October 1828; Areceived a large part of his education at Flushing@;lawyer in Wilmington [and Philadelphia]; U. S. Senator from Delaware [1869-1885]; [served on Electoral Commission to settle the disputed Presidential Election of 1876]; U. S. Secretary of State under President Cleveland [1885-1889];U. S. Minister to England during Cleveland=s second term [1893-1897]; less than favorable editorial of his career as Secretary of State and Minister to England in 1 October 1898 paper; see Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971

BAYLES child

d23 June 1893 at Oyster Bay Cove; diphtheria; Athe house has been quarantined@;child of Conductor Bayles


                   d. 4 January 1892 at Oyster Bay Cove; Amuch respected citizen@

BAYLES Elizabeth                                       73 years

d. 22 April 1897 at Oyster Bay; cancer; Atwice during the progress of the disease she was taken to a New York hospital and operated upon@; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; maiden name was RaynorAher ancestors are said to have resided in or near Huntington@; widow of Henry Bayles; mother of Belle (Mrs. William) Schenk, Ida (Mrs. John) Munch, Mrs. Amos M. Knapp and Florence Bayles

BAYLES Joseph                                          ca. 76 years

                   d. 20 May 1892 at Mount Sinai


late of Oyster Bay; will admitted to probate at Nassau Court Surrogate=s Court; 9 December 1899 paper Note: see Mrs. Daniel Baylis

BAYLES Timothy Carll                                60 years

d. 5 July 1896 at New York City; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church; interment at Melville; son of Elias Bayles; survived by unnamed widow, four children and Aseveral grandchildren@


d. 2 August 1896; swallowed a safety pin from his night clothes, which became lodged in his throat; negative comments about unnamed doctors who failed to act more promptly with this case; son of Arthur Baylis; Woodbury item 15 August 1896 paper

BAYLIS Mrs. Daniel                                     74 years

d. 28 September 1899 at Oyster Bay Cove; funeral at Oyster Bay Cove by Rev. Russell; interment at Oakley Burial Plot, Oyster Bay Cove; widow; mother of William Baylis, George Baylis, Mrs. Benjamin Nichols and Mrs. John Homan Note: see Phebe M. Bayles; perhaps the same person

BAYLIS Elias                                               88 y 2 m 14 d

d. 14 August 1897 at Melville; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Melville, which was Alargely attended@; survived by unnamed widow; father of Mrs. Clarence Carman, Mrs. Timothy Carman and the late Carll Baylis; tax collector and constable; Aa dyed-in-the-wool Democrat@; estate sale 11 December 1897 at Huntington


Funeral 3 August 1891 at Oyster Bay; Oyster Bay postmistress; Oyster Bay post office draped in mourning

BAYLIS Mrs. George                                   79 years

d. 15 October 1869 at New York City; cancer operation; mother of Charles C. Baylis of Oyster Bay, Mrs. Jackson Vernon of East Norwich and Mrs. Robert Leek of Brooklyn; sister of Mrs. Grace Remsen of Oyster Bay, Mrs. Abram Van Nostrand of Glen Head and Jeremiah Waldron and Mrs. John L. Bogart, both of Brookville; native of Oyster Bay Town, having been a resident of East Norwich for Aover fifty years@

BAYLIS George W.                                      69 y 1 m 23 d

d. 22 October 1900 at Huntington; left funeral instructions in a sealed envelope in his Bible, including the sermon text 2 Samuel 23:5, which was used by Rev. Seem to preach the funeral sermon; funeral at Huntington at the home of Hiram V. Baylis; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; native of Melville, b. 31 August 1831; son of Timothy and Susan Baylis; brother of Hiram V. Baylis of Huntington and Charles T. Baylis, who Aresides in the West@ and the late James Edward BaylisPhebe Elizabeth (Mrs. William Henry) Baylis and Susan Louise (Mrs. W.WoodhullSammis; husband of the late Elizabeth Sammis (d. 1888); brother-in-law of William H. Sammis of Northport; resident of Half Hollows 1848-1866; resident of Huntington since 1866; member of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington; had no children

BAYLIS Gilbert

                   Funeral 8 May 1895 at Brooklyn; nephew of Mrs. Griffin of Woodbury


drowned 22 July 1892 while swimming in the Great South Bay; funeral at Jamaica; interment at Melville; daughter of Oliver W. Baylis; niece of Daniel Baylis and Benjamin Baylis, both of Huntington; bookkeeper with Beers & Cornell in Jamaica;  Ashe was the possessor of a delightful alto voiceand sang in the choir of the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, of which she was a member@

BAYLIS John C.                                          69 years

d. 29 November 1898 at Melville; funeral at Melville Presbyterian Church; unnamed widow, his second wife, survives; son of Daniel Baylis; brother of Elias Baylis; native of Melville

BAYLIS Mary                                               80 y 3 m 12 d

d. 16 February 1898 at Half Hollow Hills; funeral at Melville; widow of Elias Baylis; mother of Mrs. Clarence Carman of Half Hollow Hills


d. 19 April 1900 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; funeral at Brooklyn; interment at Melville; daughter of late John V. Hewlett of Woodbury; mother of Chester K. Baylis; member of Melville Presbyterian Church Afor many years@

BAYLIS Mrs. Stephen

                   d. 24 January 1892 at Brooklyn; funeral at Oyster Bay; widow

BAYLIS Mrs. William Henry

d. 17 October 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at Melville; sister-in-law of Daniel L. Baylis and Benjamin M. Baylis, both of Huntington

BAYLIS Zebediah                                         78 years

                   d. 1 June 1891 at Seaford

BEALES Eu[genia-] Kelly

d28 March 1897; widow of James A. Beales; sister of Rob[ert-] Kelly; [Huntington] Village item


dAsometime ago but the facts were not reported here until last week@Awell known ..... as he traveled for a nursery firm ... made many friends while traveling on Long Island@; Hicksville item; 3 April 1897 paper

BEARDSLEY Anna W.                                 76 yrs 10 mos

d. 5 December 1893; Aa descendant of one of Huntington's oldest families@; daughter of Ebenezer Prime; granddaughter of Benjamin Y. Prime; great- granddaughter of Rev. Ebenezer Prime, pastor of First Presbyterian Church during the Revolution; wife of Wilson Beardsley (m. 1848); sister of Edwin Prime, Ezra Prime, Henry Prime, Claudius Prime, Mary Prime, Sarah Prime, Margaret Prime and Nathaniel Scudder Prime; niece of Rev. N. S. Prime; cousin of Irenaeus Prime and W. C. Prime; member of First Presbyterian Church since Aearly girlhood@;Avery energetic worker in the temperance cause@;resident of Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, for many years; returned to Huntington ca. 1880

BEARE Mrs. Henry                                      71 years

d13 February 1895; mother of Mrs. Hodgets, Mrs. Samuel Requa and Mrs. Young; Aan old resident@ of Woodbury


                   Funeral 9 April 1897; interment at Cypress Hills; Northport item

BEATTY Alfred                                            84 years

d. 9 July 1898 at Brooklyn; run over by a trolley car; funeral at M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. Gardsen of First Moravian Church, New York City and Rev. F. C. Hill of Huntington; son of John Beatty; father of John Beatty of Huntington, Alfred Beatty of Brooklyn, Melissa T. Beatty of Brooklyn and Daniel Beatty and Mary C. Beatty, both of whom died young; brother of Cornelius Beatty; native of New Dorp, Staten Island, N. Y.; in partnership with brother in coach building business in New York City until 1851; took up farming at West Hills and remained there until 1890, when he moved to Huntington; moved to Brooklyn in 1897; a member of the Moravian Church Afrom which he never took his membership@; lay preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church; active in the affairs of West Hills M. E. Church; filled the pulpit at the M. E. Church, Woodbury, in the absence of the pastor; long obit in 16 July 1898 paper

BEATTY Mary                                              79 yrs 11 mos

d. 12 August 1896 at Huntington; funeral and interment at Huntington; wife of Alfred Beatty (m. ca. 1838); native of Westchester County, N. Y.; former resident of New York City and West Hills, where she Aresided for many years@; resident of Huntington since ca. 1890; Asoon after her marriage, she with her husband united in membership with the Moravian Church, a God fearing people, in the city of New York, in whose fellowship she remained until her death@

BEATTY William

                   Funeral 2 May 1894 at Bayville


d. 20 February 1893 at New Orleans, Louisiana; Confederate general; obit in 25 February 1893 paper; see P. G. T. Beauregard: Napoleon in Gray by T. Harry Williams [1955, 1991]

BEBOUT child                                             4 years

d. 13 April 1892;Kings Park item; interment at Reading, Pennsylvania; child of Burt Bebout

BECK Charles Bathgate

d.Ashort time since@;New York City millionaire who left $1,000,000 to Columbia University and large sums to the Presbyterian Church, the S. P. C. A. and Dr. Parkhurst=s Society for the Suppression of Crime; 28 October 1893 paper

BECKART two children

two children of Frank Beckart died of diphtheria near Stewart=s Brickyards between Farmingdale and Plainview; Farmingdale item; 8 December 1894 paper Note: see BOCHERT

BECKMAN Abian Steele                              78 years

d. 3 June 1897 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funeral at Old Dutch Reformed Church, New York City; daughter of Rev. Philip Mulldullor; widow of James W. Beckman; mother of Mrs. Hoppen, Cornelia Beckman, James William Beckman and Gerard Beckman; Afaithful member of the Presbyterian Church in this village [Oyster Bay]@Avery kind hearted and generous lady, assisting the needy in a quiet and unassuming manner@


d. 12 October 1900; funeral at Greenlawn by Rev. Ellis; aunt of Mr. Weidner of Greenlawn Note: see Mrs. Wiediner

BEDELL Anna M.                                        55 years

d. 10 August 1898 at Roslyn; funeral at Brookville Reformed Church; interment at Brookville; wife of Lewis Bedell; mother of Peter Snedeker, Charles Snedeker, Mrs. Oscar Seaman of Glenwood and Abby Bedell; member of Roslyn M. E. Church

BEDELL Charles                                         86 years

d. 29 November 1898 at Bedelltown; survived by unnamed widow, his second wife; father of Mrs. Sarah Jane Browley, George Bedell and Charles Bedell; son-in-law of the late John Dunn

BEDELL Edward                                         79 years

Funeral 11 April 1898 at M. E. Church, Glen Cove; survived by unnamed widow, two sons and two daughters; Aan old resident of Sea Cliff@

BEDELL Elbert                                            62 years

d27 December 1900 at Farmingdale; funeral at Friends Meeting House, Bethpage; survived by unnamed widow and five children

BEDELL Elizabeth                                       Aaged@

d15 October 1892 at Hempstead;Alast member of the family of the late John Bedell of Hempstead@

BEDELL Emma W.                                      17 years

                   dAlast week@;daughter of John A. Bedell; Hempstead item; 14 May 1892 paper

BEDELL George A.                                     53 years

                   d18 September 1894 at Brooklyn; interment at Central Park

BEDELL Henry                                            70 years

                   d29 November 1891 at Dix Hills

BEDELL Henry V.                                       72 yrs 9 mos

d1 December 1893 at Hicksville; interment at Central ParkAwell- known and highly respected@


d.Arecently@ at Rockville Centre of typhoid fever; native of Freeport and former resident of Glen Cove; Aopened a harness store [at Rockville Centre] and was doing a successful business@; engaged to be Amarried in a few months to Miss Ella Post, an estimable young lady of Freeport@;10 November 1894 paper

BEDELL Joseph L.

late of Smithtown; letters of administration granted 30 March 1900 to his sister, Martha J. Bedell

BEDELL Nellie Cheshire                              24 years

d. 12 March 1897 at Oyster Bay; funeral M. E. Church, Oyster Bay; interment in Cheshire Plot, Syosset; daughter of Daniel Cheshire; wife of Edward Bedell; mother of Aa child a few months old@

BEDELL Walter                                           14 years

d. 17 July 1899 at West Hempstead; appendicitis; taken to Nassau Hospital, but was too weak to undergo an operation; funeral at M. E. Church, Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring; son of Edward Bedell of Oyster Bay Cove

BEEBE Capt. Elias                                      60 years

d13 July 1899 at Northport; Bright=s disease and dropsy; funeral at Northport; widower; father of Mrs. William McKinney, Mrs. John Dolan and George Beebe; master of schooner C. S. Kingsland

BEECHER Mrs. Rev. Henry Ward

d8 March 1897; widow of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher; mother of Mrs. Samuel Scoville of StamfordConnecticut; [sister-in-law of Harriet Beecher Stowe]; Aa graceful writer and most excellent housekeeper. Some of her directions to young married women in methods of housekeeping are most invaluable. She was considered a woman of remarkable social attainments and was very important in the social life of Plymouth Church [Brooklyn] during the long pastorate of her husband@

BEECHER Rev. Charles                              84 years

d. 21 April 1900 at Georgetown, Massachusetts; brother of the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher [and the late Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, Maria F. Beecher Perkins, and Harriet Beecher Stowe]; father of an unnamed daughter who is a resident of Georgetown, Mass.; Awell known writer and was once a rhetoric professor at Galesburg University, Illinois .... of late years, he has led a retired life@

BEECHER Rev. Thomas K.                         76 years

d14 March 1900 at Elmira, N. Y.; brother of Maria F. Beecher Perkins, who died on the same day, the late Rev. Henry Ward Beecher [and the late Harriet Beecher Stowe]; former pastor of New England Congregational Church, Brooklyn

BEECHING John                                         74 years

d. 23 August 1893 at Leonia, New Jersey; funeral at Huntington; Ahonest and sturdy representative of Old England@;Aearnest member of the M. E. Church@;a New York City policeman for 20 years; former resident of Huntington, who removed 2 or 3years ago to Leonia, Bergen County, New Jersey Aon account of ill health@

BEECHING Mary A.                                     76 y 10 m 14 d

d8 October 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; widow of John Beeching


funeral 20 November 1894, Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, where he served on the vestry; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; brother of Lucinda Beers of Huntington; father-in-law of Seymour L. Husted;b. 26 September 1821 Cold Spring Harbor; involved in insurance and lumber businesses in Brooklyn and served in the Brooklyn militia; philanthropist who donated money to the Huntington Public Library; account of career and public affairs in article AMr. Beers= Illness@ in17 November 1894 paper

BEERSS. Lucinda                                       81 y 6 m 29 d

d. 24 April 1897 at Huntington; funeral at Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington; interment at St. John=s Episcopal Churchyard, Huntington; native of Cold Spring Harbor, b. 26 September 1815; daughter of Harvey Beers and Elizabeth Wright; last surviving of 12 children; her eldest brother Samuel Beers was born 29 April 1797; Huntington resident for fifty years; Awell known for her generosity@; member of Second Presbyterian Church, Huntington

BEGODEON Achilles                                   83 years

d. 14 October 1899; funeral at Northport; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; native of Bordeaux, France; tea and silk importer in New York City; resident of Northport since 1861; willed proved 17 July 1900 in Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court; heirs were: Amelia Caroline Voorhes, whose relationship was not listed, and Gaston E. Constantin, Henry Constantin, and Achille Constantin, all nephews of the deceased

BEHEN John                                               45 years

d19 July 1892 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at Huntington; interment at West Neck; Asuffered for some months from an abscess in his head@

BEHRENDS Rev. Dr. A. J. F.

d. 22 May 1900 at Brooklyn; Bright=s disease; pastor of Central Congregational Church, Brooklyn, Athis church has a membership of 1,500 and is the second largest Congregational church in the United States@; formerly a pastor in Providence, Rhode Island; short biography in 25 May 1900 paper

BELDEN John A.                                         56 years

d1 May 1898 at Roslyn; cancer of the stomach; unnamed widow survives; native of Connecticut; veteran of the Civil War; editor of the Roslyn News

BELKNAP Robert Lenox

d. 25 January 1897 at Whitestone; funeral University Place Presbyterian Church, New York City; son of late Robert Lenox Belknap of Huntington; member of the Sons of the American Revolution

BELL George A.

d.15 August 1899 at Glen Cove; peritonitis; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; worked in Barney Freedman=s store

BELL Mrs. Louis V.

d. 10 May 1896 at New York City; funeral Church of the Transfiguration, New York City; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; daughter of James R. Wood; Aowned a handsome summer residence near her father's country seat at Laurelton@


d1 October 1897; funeral at M. E. Church, Oyster Bay by Rev. W. P Estes; interment at Brookville

BELL Mary E.                                              36 years

                   d. 11 April 1893 at Hicksville; interment at Huntington; wife of P. A. Bell


d. 22 May 1898 at Chickopee Falls, Massachusetts;Athe noted author of Looking Backward@; native of Chickopee Falls, b. 1850


will proved 19 April 1899 at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; left estate of $71,000 to her husband

BELMONT [Caroline Perry]

d. 20 November 1892 at New York City; daughter of Commodore Matthew C. Perry; widow of August Belmont; niece of Oliver Hazard Perry; see >Old Bruin= Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry by Samuel Eliot Morison [1967] for details on Caroline=s life

BELZ Matilda                                               34 years

d. 30 September 1900 at New York City; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville, by Rev. Matschat; daughter of Charles Dorn of Plain View; leaves an unnamed husband and four small children

BENDER Silas                                             65 y 9 m 11 d

d. 14 November 1891 at New York City; interment at Westbury; father-in-law of Jacob Christ; Awell known and highly respected all over Queens County@; former resident of Plain View 

BENDER Frederick George                         3 months

                   d. 20 September 1895 at Lloyd=s Neck

BENJAMIN infant                                         6 months

                   Interment 7 May 1894 at Northport; cholera infantum; child of Dr. Benjamin

BENJAMIN Mrs.                                           61 y 3 m 1 d

d. 9 August 1894 at Brooklyn; cystic tumor operation at St. John=s Hospital; Aall the skill of the surgeon could not save her life@; funeral at Hicksville; interment at Hempstead


funeral 11 November 1891 at Northport; interment at Smithtown Branch; typhoid fever; daughter of Samuel White; former resident of Smithtown Branch

BENJAMIN Dr. David H.                              46 years

d20 May 1895; Bright=s disease; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Northport; interment at Smithtown; native of Riverhead; Ain poor health for several years@


d13 April 1891 at Riverhead; wife of Horace H. Benjamin; sister-in-law of Dr. David Benjamin of Smithtown

BENKERT Louisa                                        27 years

d. 24 October 1897; Ahasty consumption@; funeral at Central Park in German and English by Rev. Matschat of Hicksville; interment at Plain Edge; wife of George Benkert, postmaster at Central Park; mother of Atwo little children@; member of Lutheran Aid Society and Ladies= Bowling Club of Hicksville; Aa lady highly esteemed by all who knew her@

BENNART Edith                                          25 years

d. 6 May 1899 at Northport; pneumonia following childbirth; funeral at Northport by Rev. Ellis of Northport Presbyterian Church and Rev. Holden of Trinity Episcopal Church; daughter of Clinton J. Hubbs; wife of Henry J. Bennart; mother of Athree children, the youngest an infant one week old@

BENNETTE. G.                                            83 years

d.Alast week@ at Yaphank Almshouse; father of Mrs. S. C. Gore; former resident of Northport where he ran an oil business; resident of Port Jefferson where he ran a newspaper and stationery business; 3 October 1891 paper

BENNETTE li                                               61 years

d. 18 December 1893 at New York City; cancer death in hospital; interment at Daniel=s Farm, Connecticut; son of Benjamin Bennett; brother of late Mrs. Andrew Penfield of Bridgeport; survived by widow, two sons and a daughter; farmer at South Melville, who Amade a specialty of keeping blooded stock, having some of the finest cattle seen in these parts@

BENNETT Freelove                                     74 years

d22 January 1898 at Oyster Bay; pneumonia; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Estes; interment at Brookville

BENNETT Ilia                                              74 years

d16 November 1897 at Brooklyn; suddenly; interment at Northport; sister of William E. Call; former resident of Smithtown


memorial sermon preached 6 March 1892 by Rev. C. C. Smith of Hempstead Baptist Church; daughter of J. H. Bennett of Hempstead

BENNETT Mrs. James                                 83 years

                   d17 March 1900 at Glen Cove; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove

BENNETT James C.                                    87 years

                   d13 June 1896 at Glen Cove; funeral at Glen Cove; interment at Craft Cemetery

BENNETT Nicholas                                     84 years

d7 May 1898 at Oyster Bay Cove; interment at Youngs Cemetery, Oyster Bay Cove; survived by one daughter and one granddaughter

BENNETT William                                       20 years

Drowned 2 July 1899 at Stony Brook; fell overboard while loading bricks on to a schooner; brother of Ernest Bennett

BENNIKER John                                         35 years

d. 18 October 1895 at Sayville; interment at Hicksville; husband of Tessie Fiesler, m. Aa few months ago@Aformerly employed by H. F. Huettner, also by A. B. Heberer of this village [Hicksville] as clerk and was a salesman of more than ordinary ability@

BENSON Right Hon. and Most Rev. Edward White

d. 11 October 1896 at Hawarden, England, Awhile attending divine service@; Archbishop of Canterbury; native of Birmingham, England, b. 1829; appointed Archbishop in 1882


suicide 30 September 1900 at Sea Cliff; his wife found him the next morning hanging in the cellar by a rope; inquest held on 2 October 1900 and reported Athat death resulted from hanging while the deceased was temporarily insane@; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Glen Cove, by Rev. Mann; interment at Roslyn; resident of Sea Cliff; his wife operated a delicatessen in Sea Cliff

BENSON John                                            54 years

d10 October 1895; throat cancer; funeral Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; interment at Glen Cove

BERDAN Charles                                        ca. 45 years

Drowned 4 February 1900 at Sag Harbor; had been digging clams; was walking across the ice when it broke through; survived by a widow and six children


d22 April 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Hicksville; brother of Andrew Bergemann of Hicksville

BERGEN Ellsworth                                     5mos 23 days

d16 August 1899 at West Hills; funeral at West Hills M. E. Church; son of Gilbert Bergen

BERGEN George W.

d.Aa short time ago@ at Freeport; member of the wholesale grocery firm of Valentine, Bergen & Co. of Brooklyn; estate Avalued at $500,000@; will admitted to probate at Nassau County Surrogate=s Court, 14 November 1900


funeral 29 April 1899; Aher death was caused by burns received by her clothing getting on fire while burning some waste paper in her yard@; Glen Cove item


                   d. 1 January 1893; Aold resident@ of Hicksville

BERGOLD Sophie                                       32 years

d. 26 October 1893; funeral at Hicksville; daughter of August Witzel; wife of Joseph BergoldAher sudden death ... has been a shock to the community@ [Hicksville]


d16 July 1898 at Fordham, N. Y.; suddenly; father of Charles BerrianAwell known to many of our [Huntington] villagers@

BERRIEN Mary Adelia                                 66 years

d. 18 April 1898; consumption and rheumatism; funeral at Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport, by Rev. Holden; wife of John Austin Berrien; resident of Centreport

BERRY Ellen E.                                           69 years

d. 20 December 1898 at Brooklyn; interment at HuntingtonRuralCemetery; widow of Thomas Berry; mother of Frank Berry; former resident of Huntington

BERRY James                                             82 years

                   d. 17 January 1894 at Garden City


late of Huntington; letters of administration granted to his sister, Mary E. Wicks, 23 October 1899 by Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court Note: see Robert Carman Birdsall


telegram informing of his death received 5 March 1895; brother of Margaret Best, Athe operator at the depot@ at Hicksville


killed in train wreck at Hastings, N.Y.; 28 December 1891 dateline; dentist; resident of New York City; 9 January 1892 paper

BETSCHA Herman                                      ca. 40 years

d. 26 July 1898 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; shot by a burglar, who Betscha had caught robbing his butcher shop; Betscha was shot three times; robber escaped with $3.00, but was soon captured; BetschaAafter suffering severe pain for several days, died@ from the wounds; interment at Hicksville; survived by unnamed mother; former resident of Hicksville

BETTS Amelia                                             82 years

d. 17 December 1898 at Oyster Bay; grip; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; widow of Capt. Burrell Betts; mother of Mrs. John Titus, Mrs. William Larrabee and John Betts; member of Oyster Bay Baptist Church Afor many years@; former resident of Cold Spring

BETTS Harold Brewster                              1 mo 5 days

                   d27 July 1896 at Huntington; son of George Betts

BETTS John B.                                           57 years

                   d21 November 1900 at KingsPark; former resident of Oyster Bay

BETTS Sarah E.                                          41 yrs 6 mos

                   d6 June 1892 at Huntington

BEZINS John M.                                          ca. 80 years

                   d19 April 1891 at Mount SinaiAone of our oldest and most respected citizens@

BIRCH Charles

d19 February 1895; funeral at Union Chapel, Syosset; interment at Hicksville; resident of Syosset

BIRCKET infant                                           10 months

                   d24 September 1892; child of I. R. BircketHicksville item

BIRDSALL Ernest                                       child

                   d27 February 1898; funeral at Woodbury Falls, N. Y.; son of George Birdsall


d. 15 April1891; found dead in room at United States Hotel [no city given]; asphyxiated by gas in room; b. Flatbush 5 October 1840; served with Harris Light Cavalry during Civil War; elected to New York State Senate 1880; political leader in Queens County

BIRDSALL Robert Carman                          55/58 years

d. 30/31 July 1899 at Northport; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Northport; sexton of Northport Presbyterian Church and janitor of Crab Meadow schoolhouse Note: see Robert Bertsol


d. at New York City; word of his death reached Huntington 10 November 1900; interment at Huntington; son of Patrick Birmingham; Edward and his brother James were heirs to a share in their father=s estate, but the whereabouts of Edward were unknown, until word reached Huntington of his death


d12 February 1891 at Hempstead; funeral at Glen Cove; wife of John Birmingham


d. 8 May 1899 at Oyster Bay; funeral at St. Dominick=s R. C. Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Westbury Station; mother of Conductor Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM Patrick                                  about 60 years

d.Aon Tuesday noon@near Syosset; hit by L. I. R. R. Train while walking along the tracks; interment at Catholic Cemetery, West Neck; widower with several grown children, including Andrew Birmingham, who was granted letters of administration on 23 November 1900, Edward Birmingham, and James Birmingham; loose sheet, November 1899 papers


                   death reported 4 July 1891 paper; Civil War veteran; Central Park item

BISCHOPF Harman                                     75 y 3 m 13 d

d. 10 September 1896 at Hicksville; funeral at Hicksville with German sermon by Rev. Matschat and English sermon by Rev. Gutweiler; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; survived by unnamed widow and Aseven grown children@; native of Borden, near Bremen, Germany; immigrated to America in 1839; served as orderly sergeant with Co. G, 5th Regiment, AJefferson Blues,@ prior to moving to Long Island; resident of Hicksville for 40 years

BISHOP infant

                   d21 June 1896; child of George Bishop; Northport item

BISHOP infant

                   d5 November 1900 at Northport; child of George Bishop

BISHOP Anita                                              2 y 9 m 7 d

d15 April 1891 at Northport; daughter of Edward C. and Jennie E. Bishop; whooping cough

BISHOP Clara H.                                         42 years

d. 20 May 1899 at Centreport, after Aa long illness@; funeral at Centreport by Rev. Holden of Northport; wife of John H. Bishop; mother of one daughter and the late Edward Bishop; Ait is thought his [son Edward=s] sudden death hastened her end@

BISHOP Edna                                              1 y 2 m 16 d

d. 15 April 1891 at Northport; daughter of Edward C. and Jennie E. Bishop; whooping cough

BISHOP Edward                                          17 yrs 8 mos

d. 17 April 1899 at Centreport; pneumonia; funeral at Centreport; son of John Bishop

BISHOP Elizabeth                                       80 years

d. 31 August 1899 at Islip; interment at Old Cemetery, Huntington; sister of Jonas Higbie of Northport; aunt of Mrs. Irving Brush

BISHOP Frank                                             ca. 32 years

d. 30 November 1900 at Huntington; consumption; son of Elizabeth Bishop; Aspent most of his life in this vicinity@; card of thanks from his mother in 7 December 1900 paper

BISHOP George W.

d. 26 June 1898 at Brooklyn; heart disease and asthma; interment at Green Wood; Brooklyn; son of Lemuel and Mary Bishop; adopted son of Phebe Ketcham; father of L. C. Bishop of Huntington, three other sons and one daughter; native of Huntington (b. 22 February 1830); Mason; G. A. R. member; Aan exceptionally capable Bible student@

BISHOP Mrs. Isaac

                   funeral 6 March 1895; resident of Rocky Point

BISHOP Jennie                                           9 years

dAthree years ago@ at Amityville; Awas bitten by some reptile while picking flowers@; article in 25 April 1896 paper about her sister Mamie Bishop, Alying in critical condition@ from a snake bite at the home of her uncle John Bishop at Amityville

BISHOP Massay AAunt Massy@                    85 yrs 7 mos

d2 August 1892 at Northport; wife of Samuel Bishop; Afor seventy years had been a member of the Methodis Church@

BLACK Jessie                                             ca. 19 years

                   d. 15 April 1896 at Smithtown Branch; consumption

BLACK William

dAthis week@ at Palmyra, New Jersey; uncle of Mrs. George Howarth of Greenlawn; 17 January 1891 paper

BLADE William J.                                        23 years

drowned 29 June 1892 while swimming at Bayville; native of England; in the U. S. for 3 years


d. at Washington, D. C.; former U. S. Secretary of State and Republican candidate for President 1884; long obit in 4 February 1893 paper

BLAIR Agnes *                                            15 y 3 m 15 d

                   d. 15 April 1896 at Huntington

BLAIR Albert *                                             17 y 1 m 16 d

                   d. 2 March 1896 at Huntington

BLAIR John B.                                            95 years

d. 1 January 1896 at Chicago, Illinois, in an insane ward of an institution; Afamous painter and inventor@; painted portrait of President Zachary Taylor, which hangs at the White House; painted war panoramas; invented the silk bag gas balloon and about 1845, Aa bicycle modeled on the same line as the safeties of the present time@; invented Arubber tips for pencils@ from which E. Faber Aprofited to the extent of half a million dollars@

BLAIR John Insley

dAlast week@ at Blairstown, New JerseyAcapitalist, railroad promoter and philanthropist .... leaving an enormous fortune estimated at seventy-five millions of dollars@Amemory is honored because of his large gifts to educational institutions and to the cause of religion and charity@; 9 December 1899 paper

BLAKE Edward J.                                       Aadvanced age@

d. 2 March 1891 at Harrison, New Jersey; interment at Westbury; school principal in New York City

BLATCHLEY Nancy                                     93 years

d. 21 July 1900 at South Dix Hills at the home of Henry Caree; heart failure; funeral at Commack M. E. Church by Rev. Nelson; interment at Commack M. E.  Churchyard

BLEECKER Frances                                   17 years

d. 9 April 1894 at New York City; pneumonia; interment at Cold Spring; daughter of Mrs. Bleecker, summer resident of Cold Spring and granddaughter of late Charles Moore

BLOOMER William H.

d. 14 July 1898 at Ozone Park; blood poisoning; division superintendent of Brooklyn Heights Trolley Railroad; long career in railroading, including the L. I. R. R.; long obit in 16 July 1898 paper


                   d. 3 May 1895; funeral M. E. Church, Northport; mother of Mrs. Charles Payne

BLOOMER Edward L.                                 33 years

suicide 23 June 1894 at Syosset; shot himself through the heart; mental problems due to severe sunstroke; had threatened to kill his mother and his wife

BLOOMER Sarah                                        78 years

d. 3 September 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at Memorial Cemetery Chapel by Rev. Aitken of St. John's Episcopal Church, Huntington; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; daughter of Thomas Cheshire, late of Oyster Bay; mother of Mrs. D. J. Taylor of Cold Spring Harbor, Mrs. Lewis Ryan and John I. Beatty, both of City Island, N. Y.

BLOXSOM infant                                         8 months

death reported 31 December 1892 paper; daughter of Harvey Bloxsom; [Huntington] Village item

BLOXSOM Elizabeth                                   73 y 4 m 27 d

d. 4 April 1899 at Bridgeport, Connecticut; funeral at Bridgeport by Rev. Sherman of St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Bridgeport; interment at Lakeview Cemetery [Bridgeport-]; wife of William T. Bloxsom; mother of George W. BloxsomLevian D. Bloxsom, Mary E. Lewis and Blanche A. Howard, all of Bridgeport, Robert W. Bloxsom of Northport, Thomas H. Bloxsom and John E. Bloxsom, both of West Neck, and Frank Bloxsom of Huntington; long-time resident of West Neck

BLOXSOM Franklin C.                                 1 year

                   d. 7 August 1891 at Huntington

BLOXSOM Mabel M.                                    3 months

                   d. 26 July 1897 at Huntington; cholera infantum; daughter of Levi Bloxsom

BLOXSOM Ollie                                           3 months

                   d. 16 February 1898 at Northport; daughter of Jerome Bloxsom

BLYDENBURGH child                                 4 years

d. 13 September 1897; diphtheria; interment at Smithtown Branch; daughter of Beecker  Blydenburgh


                   d. 3 July 1895; mother of Wilfred Blydenburgh of New York City; Smithtown item


                   d. 1 October 1892; Smithtown item

BLYDENBURGH Clarence                           62 years

d. 10 August 1892 at Newark, New Jersey; interment at Smithtown; former resident of Smithtown


d. 6 October 1897Asuffered a severe stroke of paralysis@ the previous week and died Awithout regaining consciousness except for a brief interval@; Smithtown item

BLYDENBURGH Mrs. Isaac W.                   74 years

                   funeral 30 November 1896 at Hauppauge; cancer of the stomach

BLYDENBURGH Jesse S.                           67/68 years

d. 20 February 1900 at Smithtown Branch; Asuddenly@; funeral at Smithtown Presbyterian Church; husband of Josephine Vail; son-in-law of Harvey Vail; father of Vail Blydenburgh, Helen Blydenburgh, and Anna Blydenburgh; grandson of Caleb Smith; cousin of Caleb T. Smith; sailed to California on the N. B. Palmer as a young man; spent a number of years in Canton, China, as an agent with A. A. Low & Brothers, Aengaged in the tea business in China [where he] made considerable money@; later spent time in Japan, Aone of the earliest Americans to become prominent in the commercial life of that country@; returned to the United States in 1869 Awith an ample fortune@; member, vestryman, and treasurer of St. James Episcopal Church, St. James; life-long Republican, Ataking an active part in the campaign for the election of the .... party=s first candidate for President, Gen. Fremont [1856]@

BLYDENBURGH John                                 57 years

d17 January 1896Asuddenly of apoplexy ... after a hard day=s work at gathering ice@; funeral Smithown Presbyterian Church

BOCHERT, John Joseph                             7 years

d. 9 November 1894 at Plainview; diphtheria; son of Frank Bochert  Note: see BECKART

BOCKEE Mary Middie                                 5mos 19 days

                   d. 7 May 1895 at Lloyd=s Neck; daughter of Jacob Bockee

BOEHME Herman L.                                    56 y 4 m 6 d

d. 26 October 1894 at Hicksville; Bright=s disease; interment at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn; native of Hanover, Germany; came to USA at age 16; resident of Brooklyn for 30 years and of Hicksville for the past 2 years; in pharmacy business

BOERUM Mrs. John

                   dAlast week@ at Oyster Bay;7 March 1891 paper

BOERUM Timothy T.

                   Arecent death@ at Glenwood; 25 April 1891 paper

BOETTGER Caroline                                   70 years

d. 29 April 1897; funeral at German M. E. Church, Sea Cliff; interment at Linden Hill Cemetery, Maspeth; wife of Charles Boettger; Glen Cove item


                   d. 6 December 1897 at Sea Cliff; Aafter a long illness@

BOGART Daniel                                          76 years

d. 2 May 1896 at Roslyn; father of Dr. J. H. Bogart of Roslyn and Mrs. J. Browne of JamaicaAhighly respected@

BOGART Elbert H.                                      84 years

d. 4 August 1897 at Roslyn; Awide reputation for the manufacture of wines, cordials and cider@ ; account of will in 20 April 1900 paper; left $25,000 - $30,000 to the Jones Institute of Brookville and the Asame amount@ to the Reformed Church of Manhasset and the Flower Hill School of Port Washington


                   d. 7 July 1894 Abrief illness@; resident of Glen Head

BOGART Mary A.                                        76 yrs 19 days

d. 27 January 1893 at Woodbury; widow of Cornelius Bogart; mother of Mrs. Smith Verity; drew a War of 1812 widow=s pension

BOHEN Patrick                                           58 years

d. 11 September 1896 at West Neck; buried in an Aavalanche of loose dirt@ while Adigging sand for brick making@ at W. K. Hammond Brickyard; his companion Patrick Hanlon Aescaped without injury@; fifteen men dug Bohen out, but Alife was extinct when he was rescued@; funeral St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; Ahonest, quiet, hard working man and a devout attendant upon St. Patrick=s Church@Aspent all his life working in the yards, was one of the oldest workers there@

BOHM Frederick

d. 25 August 1897 at Patchogue; hit by railroad train while crossing the track in a carriage; thrown 150 feet and was killed Ainstantly@; his 12 year old son was badly injured in the wreck with a compound fracture of the thigh; horse was killed and carriage Acompletely demolished@; resident of New York City; summer resident of Patchogue

BOICE William

d. 9 October 1893 at New York City; had summer home between Oyster Bay and Syosset; interment in Areceiving vault until the new cemetery is completed at Pine Hollow@ note: see BOYCE

BOLLES Sarah M.                                       43 years

                   d. 10 February 1892 at Bayonne, New Jersey

BOLTON William *

                   d. 30 November 1898; resident of Fair Ground


d. 7 May 1894; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Speedling of Roslyn; Aleaves a husband and six young children to mourn her loss@; Roslyn item

BOND Nancy                                               70 years

                   d. 5 December 1894; hit by railroad train; resident of Rockville Centre

BOND Pauline                                             13 months

                   d. 30 July 1896; interment at Roslyn; daughter of William Bond; Glen Cove item

BOND Sarah                                               62 years

                   d. 10 November 1898; paralysis; wife of Willett Bond; Glen Cove item

BOND William

d. 11 June 1897 at Cedar Swamp;Asevere paroxysms of hiccoughs@; account of strange disease in Glen Cove column, 19 July 1897 paper

BONHEUR Rosa                                         73 years

d. 25 May 1899 at Fontainebleau, FranceAfamous animal painter ... gained worldwide fame@


d. 6 July 1899 at New York City; acute indigestion; native of Ireland, b. 28 April 1824; Anoted publisher, horse owner and philanthropist@; publisher of the New York LedgerAdid more to lift the trotting horse from disrepute into an atmosphere of respectability@


d. 11 May 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington M. E. Church by Rev. Walter; first wife d. 1875; unnamed second wife survives; father of William Booker; native of Kent, England (b. 10 September 1822); joined the Methodist Church at the age of 10 and was a Afaithful attendant and earnest participant in almost every service held by the local [M. E.] church@; lost his eyesight in recent years

BOOLE Rev. Dr. W. H.                                68 years

funeral 26 February 1896 at Prohibition Park, Staten Island, N. Y.; Alargely instrumental in founding the village of Sea Cliff ... quite a number of the residents of Sea Cliff attended the funeral@


d. 7 June 1893 at New York City; interment at Boston, Massachusetts; son of Junius Brutus Booth; brother of John Wilkes Booth, Junius Brutus Booth, Joseph Booth and Mary Asia (Mrs. John S.) Clarke; famous actor; long obit in 10 June 1893 paper; see Prince of Players: Edwin Booth by Eleanor Ruggles [1953]


murdered 4 August 1892 at Fall River, Massachusetts; wife of Andrew J. Borden;see 10 June 1893 paper for account of trial of step-daughter Lizzie Borden

BORDEN Andrew J.

murdered 4 August 1892 at Fall River, Massachusetts; see 10 June 1893 for account of trial of daughter Lizzie Borden; see also Lizzie by Frank Spiering [1984]

BORGWARDT Matilda                                 6 months

                   d1 December 1891 at Melville

BORTON Sarah V.                                      80 years

funeral11 July 1900 at Farmingdale; wife of H. F. Borton; mother of three daughters and one son; Aa prominent member of the M. E. church in this village [Farmingdale]@

BOSCHEN Isabella                                      78 yrs 2 mos

                   d12 July 1893 at Oyster Bay


d15 June 1896 at Oyster Bay; found dead in bed at Franklin=s Hotel; Aan old German old veteran of the late War of the Rebellion, and for several years has drawn a small pension from the government@

BOSSE Ricard [sic]                                     21 years

d17 June 1894 at Brooklyn; diphtheria; funeral at Hicksville; son of H. Bosse of Hicksville

BOSTWICK Capt. Charles S.                      89 years

d. 8 August 1899 at Huntington; ill for a year; funeral at Huntington; first wife was Mary Hawkins of Smithtown; by her he was father of Sidney Bostwick of Oregon, George Bostwick,Aresidence unknown@, Mary Bostwick and Sarah Bostwick, both of Brooklyn; second wife was Elizabeth Jarvis of Centreport, who survives; by her he was father of Mrs. Capt. Thomas  Bunce of Centreport; native of Stony Brook (b. 15 May 1810); seaman from early age; piloted a ship to Boston at the age of 18; sailed ships belonging to Jonas Smith of Stony Brook, including the big schooner Ann Dole; retired from the sea about ten years ago


                   Interment 6 May 1895 at Northport; former resident of Northport

BOTTOME Rev. Dr. Francis

d. 6 July 1894 at Tavistock, England; killed in a carriage accident; interment in England; father of Rev. W. M. Bottome, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Jamaica, Dr. Frank Bottome of New York City, Rev. George H. Bottome and Henry Bottome; native of England; clergyman of the M. E. Church serving the New York East Conference 1850-1870 and the New York Conference since 1870; Afilled many pulpits with conspicuous ability@

BOULANGER Georges- Ernest- Jean- Marie

Suicide 30 September 1891 at BrusselsBelgium; shot himself at the grave of his mistress Mme. de Bonnemain; French general and political leader

BOUTON Amos A.                                       67 years

d. 6 June 1894 at Huntington; brother of Mrs. William L. Jackson; farmer; Huntington native Aborn in the old house at the foot of the hill near Lefferts= Mill, West Neck@


d. 20 December 1899 at Brooklyn; mother of Frederick Bovers of Hicksville; former resident of HicksvilleAfor a number of years@

BOWDEN Frank W.                                    33 y 8 m 3 d

d. 15 October 1899 at Huntington; consumption; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; unmarried nephew of Charlotte Dill; native of Brooklyn

BOWEN Edgerton Henry                            5 months

                   d. 4 September 1891 at Northport


                   funeral reported; Farmingdale item 31 August 1895 paper

BOWERS Adeliza T.                                    77 y 3 m 14 d

d. 9 June 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery;A helpless from paralysis@ for 15 months; mother-in-law of Dr. George W. Brush of Brooklyn; native of Jamaica, Vermont (b. 1823); resident of Brooklyn for 35 years

BOWERS Ann E.                                         62 years

d. 12 March 1896 at Farmingdale; consumption; funeral Farmingdale M. E. Church; interment at Bethpage; mother of P. N. Bowers of Hicksville, another son and four daughters

BOWERS Joseph                                        74 years

d. 30 December 1899 at Glen Cove; father of William Bowers and Mrs. John Dunn; Afor many years an overseer in the Starch Works@

BOWLBY Mrs. Frank

d.Aa few days ago@ at Rochester, N. Y.; pneumonia; former resident of Northport, where her husband was employed by Edward Thompson publishing company; 24 December 1898 paper

BOWNER. M.                                              82 years

d. 5 June 1899 at Glen Cove; stricken with paralysis; funeral at Glen Cove;Ain 1850 he opened a store on Glen Street which he managed for many years@

BOYCE child

d. Alast summer@;body placed in vault Ato await the preparation of Oak Hill Cemetery@; however, interment will be instead at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor;31 March 1894 paper note: see BOICE

BOYCE Rev. Richard

funeral 30 September 1896 at Our Lady of Loretto R. C. Church, Hempstead; twenty priests, including Rev. John C. York of St. Patrick=s, Huntington, Awere present at the impressive ceremonies@; rector of Our Lady of Loretto R. C. Church

BOYD Margaret

funeral 9 January 1899 at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Glen Cove, by Rev. Fr. Reilly; mother of William Boyd of Brooklyn and Frank Boyd and Annie Boyd, both of Glen Cove

BOYESEN Hjalmar Hjorth

d. 4 October 1895 at New York CityArheumatism of the heart@;native of Norway, b. 1848; professor of Germanic languages and literature at Columbia College;Avoluminous writer and was also well known as a lecturer@; summer resident of Southampton

BOYLE John                                               65 years

d. at New York City; interment 27 September 1899 at Smithtown Landing M. E. Church; his wife was a former resident of Smithtown


d. at RocklandMaine; interment 19 December 1895 at WorcesterMassachusetts; father of Harry Bradford of Huntington

BRADLEY William                                       80 years

d1 August 1892 at GreenlawnBrooklyn resident who became ill on L.I.R.R. train; Ataken from the cars in a dying condition on the arrival of the train at Greenlawn@; interment at Parkeville; former resident of Commack


suicideAa few months since@; son-in-law of Mrs. J. Paris Dunn of Brooklyn; 16 February 1900 paper                

BRADY Mrs.                                                50 years

Funeral 24 November 1896 at Kings Park; interment at Smithtown Branch; resident of Kings Park,Aemployed in the Home at Amityville@


suicide13 February 1900 at Brooklyn; her husband had also committed suicide a few months earlier; daughter of Mrs. J. Paris Dunn of Brooklyn; former resident of Sea Cliff

BRADY Peter                                              Aabout 57 years@

d19 May 1897 at Kings Park;Aafter a short illness@; interment at Catholic Cemetery, Smithtown Branch; Aleft all of his property .... to Henry Henshel, who keeps a hotel at Kings Park@

BRAND Catherine

estate to be sold at auction 26 March 1895 by Thomas Dauch, administrator; farm located on New Bridge Road, 1 1/2 miles south of Hicksville depot

BRAND Mary                                               34 years

d31 August 1900 at Hicksville; funeral at St. Ignatius R. C. Church, Hicksville; wife of Martin Brand; Aa life long resident of this vicinity [Hicksville]@

BRANDEGEE Harriet B.                              41 years

d12 July 1894 at Lloyd=s Neck; Catholic funeral at Huntington; widow of J. C. Brandegee; native of Astoria;Alady of considerable refinement and culture@

BRANT Louvisa V.                                      90 y 3 m 4 d

d. 15 July 1899 at Huntington; fell while sitting down in a chair; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Seem; interment at Madison, New Jersey; widow of David Brant; mother of Mrs. S. Lee Jarvis and Eleazer B. Brant, who died young; native of Green Village, New Jersey, b. 11 April 1809; former resident of Brooklyn and New York City; moved to Huntington in 1869; member of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington


                   d15 March 1892; Westbury item; heart disease


Arecent death@ at Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; insane patient removed from Queens County Asylum at Mineola to State Asylum at Poughkeepsie; 31 March 1894 paper

BRAUN Marie                                              14 days

d30 November 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; daughter of Joseph Braun

BRAUN Henry Joseph                                 infant

                   d22 December 1891 at Hicksville; interment at Westbury; son of William Braun

BRAZIER Martha Ann *                                75 years

                   d19 March 1894 at Huntington

BRAZIER Sylvester *                                   5 weeks

                   d28 November 1899 at Huntington


Funeral 4 July 1897 at St. Brigid=s R. C. Church, Westbury; Aold and esteemed resident of Mineola@

BREEN Mrs. John

d9 October 1897Aailing for some time@; funeral at St. Brigid=s R. C. Church, Westbury, Alargely attended@


d30 June 1893 at Westbury; Afuneral took place July 3rd from the Catholic Church and was the largest ever seen in this place [Westbury]@; daughter of Mrs. John Breen

BRENGEL infant

                   d3 November 1899 at Hicksville; daughter of Christian Brengel

BRENNAN Mary                                          77 y 10 m 28 d

d20 October 1897 at Woodbury; wife of Michael Brennan; sister of Patrick Hoban; funeral at Huntington

BREWSTER child*                                      5 weeks                                                         

death reported near Riverhead from exposure to the cold; both parents are destitute; father is crippled; mother is blind; 11 January 1896 paper 

BREWSTER Archibald M.                            86 years

d. 19 June 1896 at Northport; stroke of paralysis; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; native of New Jersey; blacksmith for many years in Northport, where he resided for Aabout 40 years@; member of Jephtha Lodge F&A Masons in Huntington and later a charter member of Alcyone Lodge F&A Masons in Northport

BREWSTER Frances/Franciene W.             70 yrs 4 mos

d. 11 July 1896 at Northport; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; maiden name was Perrotte; widow of A. M. Brewster, who d. three weeks earlier; member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church and Adah Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star 

BREWSTER Rebecca                                  89 years

d5 January 1899 at Smithtown Branch; funeral at Smithtown Branch by Rev. Gray; Aill for some time@; mother of Mrs. Erastus Arthur; twice widowed, Aher second husband dying many years ago@

BREWSTER Capt. Selah                            

d. 6 February 1899 at Port Jefferson; funeral at Port Jefferson; unnamed widow survives; father of Capt. M. V. Brewster of Port Jefferson and W. Havens Brewster of Setauket; native of Port Jefferson, b. 21 July 1838; Ahe was in command of a schooner at the age of 20 ... he had built the B. I. Hazard, the largest and best paying boat ever constructed at the Port [Port Jefferson]@; active Democrat; elected Sheriff of Suffolk County in 1884; Brookhaven Town Commissioner of Highways; Brookhaven Town Tax Collector; Vice President of Suffolk County Agricultural Society; member of Suffolk Lodge, F & A Masons

BRICE Calvin S.

d. 15 December 1898 at New York City; pneumonia; [interment at Lima, Ohio]; former U. S. Senator from Ohio [1891-1897]; Alawyer and financier of national reputation ... from a humble beginning he achieved a large fortune@; [native of Ashtabula County, Ohio, b. 17 September 1845; veteran of the Civil War; lawyer in Lima, Ohio; served as Democratic elector for Tilden & Hendricks in 1876 and Cleveland & Hendricks in 1884; chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 1889]; see: Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1971

BRIDGENS Mrs. Frederick

Found 22 September 1899 floating in a mill pond at Oyster Bay; had been missing since the evening of 19 September 1899Asuffering from melancholia for a long time ... it is supposed that she drowned herself @; widow; mother of Albert Bridgens, Frederick Bridgens and Frank Bridgens; sister-in-law of Townsend Vernon

BRIGGINS Frederick                                   56 years

                   Funeral 13 April 1899; interment at Brookville; Oyster Bay item


                   Arecent death@ at Manhasset; 25 April 1891 paper

BRINGMAN Mrs.                                          78 years

d30 October 1899; bronchitis; mother of Mrs. Louis Binning, Mrs. Hencken and Mrs. Debrodt; Farmingdale item

BRINK Charles

Drowned 19 May 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; seaman on sloop Lena Bicar who was Aknocked overboard by the boom and it is thought he was stunned by the blow@


d. at Brooklyn; Asudden death@; wife of Henry Brinkerhoff; daughter of Elizabeth Van Wyck McCaffil; granddaughter of Theodorus Van Wyck; niece of Mrs. W. H. Griffin of Woodbury; Woodbury item; loose sheet, November 1899 papers

BRINKERHOFF Mrs. J. H.                           61 years

                   d20 April 1891Mineola item

BRISTOL Mary C.                                        61 years

d9 September 1900 at Locust Valley; Bright=s disease; daughter of Valentine Frost; widow of Charles Redmond; wife of Col. Henry B. Bristol, who survives

BRITTAN Harriette Gertrude

d30 April 1897 at San FranciscoCalifornia;Awell known missionary in India and Africa@Aan aged brother@ is a resident of Glen Cove

BRONSON infant                                        5 months

                   d15 October 1896; child of Henry Bronson; Northport item


                   Funeral 6 June 1895; interment at South Northport; child of Henry W. Bronson

BROOKER Arthur                                       14 years

d10 April 1892 at Sea Cliff; interment at Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village; son of A. G. Brooker

BROOKS Joseph                                        71 y 6 m 21 d

                   d. 29 April 1897 at Deer Park

BROOKS Phillips

Funeral 26 January 1893 at Boston, Massachusetts; noted clergyman; Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts; long obit in 28 January 1893 paper

BROOKS Walter*                                        26 years

drowned 24 July 1898 at Cold Spring Harbor; went in swimming with Robert Ricks and panicked; Ricks was unable to save him; interment at Wilmington, Delaware, Awhere his people live@; assistant to Robert Ricks, bartender and keeper of the casino at Gerard=s Hotel, Cold Spring Harbor; had been in the employ of Mrs. Gerard for Aseveral years@; account of the drowning in 30 July 1898 paper

BROPHY Miss                                             22 years

dAa few days ago@ at Harlem, N. Y.; died at a convent; relative of Miss Mary Powers; 28 February 1891 paper; Westbury item


Funeral 28 April 1895 at Oyster Bay; interment at Brookville; widow of the former druggist in Oyster Bay


                   d. 19 June 1891 at Woodsburgh

BROWER Julia                                            77 years

d. 25 August 1900 at Chicago, Illinois; funeral at Chicago; interment Anear@ Chicago; wife of Charles L. Brower; mother of Warren G. Brower and Madison Brower, both Chicago businessmen; a former resident of Oyster Bay for more than 30 years

BROWN young man

drowned 9 August 1896 in Hempstead Harbor off Bar Beach while bathing; Aswiftly running tide carried him out beyond his depth@; resident of Glen Head

BROWN little child

                   d. 18 October 1897 at Long Swamp; child of Charles Brown

BROWN child                                              ca. 6 years

d17 October 1900; diphtheria; son of Hiram Brown; Cold Spring item see: Joseph H. Brown

BROWN Rev. Mr. *

d.Alast week@; former Presiding Elder of Athis@ district of African Methodist Episcopal Church; died the day he was to have officiated at a Jubilee service at the A. M. E. Zion Church in Hempstead; 28 February 1891 paper

BROWN Abbie                                            67 years

d. 7 January 1898 at Jersey City, New Jersey; pneumonia; funeral at M. E. Church, Huntington, by Rev. Judd; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery, Huntington; wife of Stephen C. Brown (m. 1853),who survives; mother of William Brown, Howard Brown and Mrs. Lewis Caire; native of Union, Maine; maiden name was Abbie White; grew up in Charlestown, Massachusetts; after marriage moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where she joined the M. E. Church; resident of Huntington 1864-1882, when he husband had pottery business at Huntington Harbor; left Huntington for Tom=s River, New Jersey; later lived in New York City and finally at Jersey City, New Jersey; long obit in 15 January 1898 paper

BROWN Aden                                             Anearly@ 75 years

d. 9 February 1900 at Northport; Astricken with paralysis@; funeral at St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport Rural Cemetery; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. William Pearsall, Mrs. John Palmer, Erastus Brown and Alfred Brown; a life-long resident of Northport

BROWN Benjamin H.                                  Aold@

d. 2 June 1891 in a small hut at Bethpage; walked from Greenport; Adeath is the result of age and want. He was apparently a worn out old tramp@; resident of New York City

BROWN Bertha E.                                      22 y 6 m 18 d

                   d. 20 July 1893 at Greenlawn

BROWN Carrie H.                                       26 years

                   d. 10 December 1891 at West Neck

BROWN Chloe Ann                                     90 y 10 m 2 d

                   d. 12 March 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; widow of William Clinton Brown

BROWN Cora M.                                         5 years

d. 11 October 1900 at Cold Spring; throat disease; daughter of Hiram Brown; memorial service for Cora and three other children who died from diphtheria was held on 23 December 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor Baptist Church

BROWN Ellen                                             46 years

                   d. 27 February 1891 at Jersey City, New Jersey

BROWN Mrs. Frank

drowned 25 March 1900 in Virginia, while on a visit to that state; mother of five children, the eldest 16 years of age; niece of Robert S. Spicer of Oyster Bay; sister-in-law of Mrs. Robert J. Henderson of Oyster Bay; resident of Brooklyn

BROWN Franklin                                        63 years

d. 2 January 1895 at Sailor=s Snug Harbor, Staten Island; interment at Northport; former resident of Northport who Aleaves several children who reside in@ Northport

BROWN George H.                                     31 years

d. 20 June 1899 at Sea Cliff; interment at Carpenter Burial Ground, Sea Cliff; son-in-law of Robert Carpenter of Sea Cliff; resident of Hoboken, New Jersey

BROWN George H.

late of Sea Cliff; killed by a trolley car in Brooklyn; letters of administration granted to widow by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 28 October 1899 paper

BROWN George P.                                     62 y 10 m 6 d

d. 11 November 1896 at Long Swamp; funeral West Hills M. E. Church; survived by unnamed widow, two sons and two daughters; Afor many years a resident of Long Swamp@;Aquite a number from Fair Ground attended the funeral@

BROWN Hattie C.                                       34 y 11 m 12 d

d. 24 January 1896 at Jersey City, New Jersey; interment at Huntington; former resident of Huntington

BROWN Isaac                                             81 yrs 10 mos

d. 2 April 1899 at Huntington; stomach cancer; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Walter of the M. E. Church; son of Jonathan Brown and Naomi Kelsey; husband of Mary Smith (m. 1845); father of 10 children, of whom these survive: Edward Brown, Townsend Brown and Mrs. Arthur B. Fleet, all of Huntington, Mrs. James H. Temple of New York City and Henry S. Brown of Brooklyn; native of Commack, b. June 1817; Aveteran horseman ... a sort of walking encyclopedia on the topic of trotting horses@

BROWN James                                          

death reported in 4 March 1893 paper with obit taken from 20 February 1893 Taunton [Mass.] Daily Gazette; brother of William H. Brown of Huntington

BROWN James                                           68 years

                   d. 5 September 1893 at New York City; interment at Huntington

BROWN Mrs. John                                     80 years

                   d. 18 February 1898; interment at Commack; aunt of Manly Hubbs of Commack

BROWN Mrs. Joseph                                  70 years

d. 6 June 1899; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes; interment at Port Washington; mother of Mrs. Robert Henderson

BROWN Joseph H.                                     9 y 3 m 23 d

d. 17 October 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; memorial service was held for Joseph and three other children who died from diphtheria on 23 December 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor Baptist Church see: Brown, child

BROWN Laura C.                                        42 yrs 9 mos

                   d. 7 September 1891 at Huntington

BROWN Louise M.                                      81 years

d. 13 April 1900 at Jamaica; wife of William H. Brown, who survives at age 89; mother of late Mrs. Charles Tappan of Huntington; had lived most of her life in Massachusetts until the death of Mrs. Tappan, at which time she moved to Huntington to care for her grandchildren; grandmother of Mabel Tappan, Louise Tappan and Clifford Tappan; member of the Baptist Church; resident of Jamaica at the time of her death

BROWN Mary                                             about 60 years

d. 21 June 1898 at Fair Ground; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Fair Ground by Rev. Mitchell; wife of John Brown; mother of Aseveral grown children@

BROWN Mary E.                                         60 years

d. 17 February 1894 at Northport; Ahighly esteemed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances@

BROWN Myra Hannah                                8 months

                   d. 27 July 1896 at Stapleton, Staten Island; interment at Huntington

BROWN Nancy [*-]

d17 April 1893 at Oyster Bay; widow of Samuel Brown; Afor many years she and her husband were devoted members of the [Zion M. E. Church] and were very highly respected@


d. at Brooklyn; interment 30 November 1891 at Northport; widow of Daniel Brown; many years a resident of South Northport

BROWN Phebe                                           79 years

d. 13 March 1897 at Northport; Bright=s disease; interment at Genola, East Northport; widow of Septimus Brown; mother of Capt. Septimus Brown and a daughter

BROWN Robert

d. 6 April 1900 at New York City; pneumonia; fireman on steamer Port Chester; sent to a hospital in New York City after he was taken ill on the boat; resident of Port Eaton; had relatives in Northport

BROWN Samuel Arden                               1 y 8 m 22 d

                   d1 July 1894 at Jersey City, N. J.; interment at Huntington

BROWN Samuel E.

                   dAlast week@ at Hempstead; lawyer and former judge; 28 February 1891 paper

BROWN Samuel Spafford                           76 years

d. 10 August 1896 at Northport; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; interment at Northport; son of Samuel Brown; husband of Nancy Hartt (m. 1843); father of Helen Robbins and Lavinia Brown, both of Northport, Mrs. George Conklin of Huntington, Mrs. George Ackerly and Mrs. Samuel D. French, both of Brooklyn and Cassius M. Brown of New York City; native of Commack, b. 1820; went to New York City at age 18 to learn tailoring; moved to Northport in 1840; established a tailoring business; later went into grocery business in Northport; converted to M. E. Church in 1841, which event was commemorated on its 50th anniversary [1891] by an all day service at St. Paul=s M. E. Church; 50th wedding anniversary commemorated on 8 March 1893; served as trustee and class leader of M. E. Church for forty years; Acontributed largely to the support of the church@

BROWN Sanford T.                                     61 years

d15 October 1893; funeral at Long Swamp;Aseized with a fit of apoplexy at his dinner table@;Afarmer well known to all our people@


d12 April 1895; funeral Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport; Asuffered from a complication of diseases@; wife of George Brown

BROWN Capt. Septimus                             81 years

d. 2 December 1896 at Northport; Bright=s disease; interment at Northport; brother of Capt. George Brown and Arden Brown, both of Northport, and Mrs. Maria Jarvis of Huntington; unnamed widow survives; father of Septimus Brown,Jr. of Northport and one daughter; seaman since the age of 12; Aplaced in command of a small vessel@ at age 15; served as a Hell Gate pilot; Acontinued to sail a vessel until a few months since@

BROWN Rev. T. McKee

d. 19 December 1898 at New York City; pneumonia; funeral at St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, New York City; unnamed widow survives; father of Thomas McKee Brown and Harold Brown; native of Philadelphia, b. 1841; graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., and General Theological Seminary, New York City; served as assistant rector of the Church of the Annunciation, New York City, and St. John=s Episcopal Church, Brooklyn; served 28 years as rector of St. Mary the Virgin, New York City; AFather Brown has always been known as an advocate of the high church doctrine and his church was considered the leading church founded along those lines@; established St. Mary=s Home at CentreportAa vacation home for poor children@; a summer resident of East Neck, Huntington, for Aa number of years past@

BROWN Truman A.                                     62 years

d. 23 July 1895 at Fair Ground; m. a daughter of ABlind@ Shadbolt; father of Mortimer Brown; served with Co. G, 124th Indiana during the Civil War; came to Huntington Aabout thirty years ago and hung out his shingle as a painter and decorator@;AHuntington loses one of those odd and interesting characters which can be found in all well regulated country towns@;Aa book could be written on this interesting individual@

BROWN William H.

resolution on his death passed by Brookhaven Town Board of Trustees; 7 March 1891 paper

BROWN William W.                                    87 years

d. 23 April 1897 at Huntington Harbor; survived by unnamed widow; father of George Brown, Albert Brown, William Brown, John Brown, Alonzo Brown, Mrs. Harriet Nostrand of Brooklyn, Mrs. Bennett of Long Swamp and Mrs. Alfred Shadbolt; former resident of West Hills, Abut for the last 25 years [since ca. 1872] has resided at the harbor@


                   d. 20 July 1896 at New Cassel; cholera infantum; daughter of Joseph Bruckner

BRUNDAGE Ann E.                                     74 y 2 m 24 d

                   d. 15 February 1894 at Commack; wife of C. K. Brundage


                   d. 23 March 1899 at Sea Cliff; mother of Aa family of grown up children@

BRUSH infant                                              25 days

                   death reported 8 October 1892 paper; daughter of Louis M. and Ella M. Brush

BRUSH infant                                              2 months

                   d. 29 December 1898; child of George Brush; Northport item


d.Alast week@; daughter of Frederick Van Velsor; 2 February 1895 paper; Glen Cove item

BRUSH [Abigail W.]                                    [76 years]

d8 October 1899 at Commack; funeral at M. E. Church, Commack; wife of John Brush; Aan invalid@

BRUSH Andrew V.                                      36 yrs 7 mos

                   d. 28 March 1892 at Huntington; interment at West Hills

BRUSH Annie L.                                          22 y 7 m 20 d

                   d. 20 February 1894 at West Hills

BRUSH Benjamin                                        65 years 

d. 19 June 1900 at Gravesend; heart disease; Ajust left his home .... and was on his way to his place of business when he fell down and died@; funeral at Gravesend; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; survived by an unnamed widow; father of two deceased children; brother of Mrs. Elwood Abrams of Cold Spring; brother-in-law of Charles F. Smith; nephew of David Brush; early in life went to California; later lived in China; returned to the United States and bought a farm at Woodbury; sold his farm and moved to Gravesend, where he was superintendent of a racetrack                           

BRUSH Caroline

d. 7 July 1897 at Tuckerton, New Jersey; Acancer in the face@; interment at Bethpage; memorial sermon at M. E. Church, Farmingdale, Asometime in August@; the sermon was preached 4 September 1897 by Rev. E. F. Lounsbury of Farmingdale M. E. Church; sister of Benjamin Brush of Seaford

BRUSH Charles                                          42 years

d24 April 1898 at Long Island State Hospital, Kings Park; former resident of West Hills

BRUSH Charles H.                                      76 years

d. 11 December 1899 at Fort Salonga; paralysis; funeral at Northport Presbyterian Church by Rev. Ellis; son of Jeremiah P. Brush; brother of Mrs. Smith Bryant of Huntington; widow Martha Brush survives; uncle of Edward A. Rowley; Aan extensive farmer@;Aone of the oldest members of the Presbyterian church in this village [Northport] and for forty years has been an elder of the same@; account of will in 4 May 1900 paper

BRUSH Charles W.                                     47 years

d21 April 1895 at Brooklyn;Awent to St. Mary=s hospital to be treated for cancer several weeks ago@; funeral West Hills M. E. Church; son of Elias Brush

BRUSH Cornelia K.                                     77 years

                   d3 February 1895 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington

BRUSH Dorothy A.                                     87 years

d. 20 December 1898; widow of Philetus S. Brush; mother of Charles Brush of Brooklyn; grandmother of Wilbur Cheshire; native of West Neck, who Aspent most of her life in Smithtown@; member of Northport M. E. Church

BRUSH Edward H.                                      76 years

d.Arecently@ at Brooklyn; 21 January 1893 paper; interment at Cypress Hills; husband of Miss Morris of Huntington; father of John Brush, Isaac Brush and Rebecca Brush; former resident of Huntington who Acarried on the butchering business for many years in this village@

BRUSH Ellen Newcomb

d24 October 1894 at BuffaloNew York; interment at Huntington; wife of Rev. Jesse Brush; daughter-in-law of John R. Brush

BRUSH Ezekiel                                           70 years

                   d7 April 1891 at West Hills

BRUSH Ezekiel                                           62 years

d24 June 1898 at Cold Spring; interment at Woodbury; son of Benjamin and Jane Brush; brother of Mrs. Elwood Abrams; survived by an unnamed son and an unnamed daughter

BRUSH George Hayes                                infant

d15 November 1899 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Herbert B. Brush; grandson of Senator George W. Brush of Brooklyn

BRUSH George R.                                      59 years

d. 29 November 1894 at Colorado Springs, Colorado; native of Smithtown; 1858 graduate of College of Physicians and Surgeons; entered U. S. Navy in 1861 and was stationed at Brooklyn Navy Yard as medical inspector for the navy; account of navy career in 8 December 1894 paper                                                        

BRUSH Henry                                             30 years

d14 February 1896 at Oyster BayAinstantly killed ... while coupling a car on to the engine. He was caught between the two and crushed@; funeral at Jamaica by Rev. Russell of Oyster Bay Presbyterian Church; interment at Jamaica

BRUSH Herbert Woodford                          10 months 22 days

d. 22 November1899 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; son of Herbert B. Brush; grandson of Senator George W. Brush of Brooklyn

BRUSH Ida May                                           15 y 1 m 21 d

d10 August 1891 at Long Swamp; abscess on side of head; daughter of Gilbert Brush

BRUSH James M.                                        66 years

d. 3 June 1895 at Fresh Pond; Bright=s disease; interment Afamily burial place on the farm where he has resided@; survived by Edward Rowley, his adopted son; Asuccessful farmer@; deacon at Northport Presbyterian Church

BRUSH Jane                                               85 y 1 m 4 d

d. 4 February 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor; pneumonia; funeral at Cold Spring by Rev. Judd of Huntington M. E. Church; interment at Woodbury; widow of James Brush; mother of Mrs. Elwood Abrams and seven other children

BRUSH Jeremiah P.                                    21 y 7 m 9 d

d11 June 1892 at Sunken Meadow; diabetes ; Aeverything known to medical science was done for him without avail@; son of James M. Brush

BRUSH Jesse                                             85 years

d30 November 1894 at PhiladelphiaPennsylvania; half-brother of John R. Brush; native of West Hills

BRUSH Joel C.                                            84 y 9 m 3 d

                   d13 February 1900 at Commack

BRUSH Jonas                                             80 yrs 11 mos

d. 17 May 1895 at Brooklyn; interment at Huntington; brother of John R. Brush of West Hills; native of Huntington, b. 1814; removed to Brooklyn ca. 1839; Aduring nearly all his business career [he] was in the produce and commission business and acquired a competence@;Aa staunch Republican@; member of South Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn

BRUSH Louisa W.                                       31 years

d. 2 October 1900 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington; interment at St. Patrick=s Cemetery, West Neck; wife of Henry Brush; daughter of John Leonard of West Neck

BRUSH Lucinda                                          64 y 11 m 6 d

d23 March 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor; cancer; wife of Thomas Brush; sister of Valentine Brush of Huntington; Aa very estimable lady@

BRUSH Mary A.                                           66 yrs 6 mos

                   d9 February 1893 at Huntington; wife of Valentine Brush

BRUSH Marietta                                          25 days

                   d28 December 1897 at Huntington


                   d10 January 1894; mother-in-law of Nat Skidmore of Northport

BRUSH Reuben R.                                      42 y 7 m 11 d

d. 30 November 1897 at West Neck; diabetes; funeral at West Neck by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; son of Jesse Brush; mother [Marietta L. Sammis Brush] survives; son-in-law of John B. Lefferts; widow [Henrietta Lefferts Brush] and daughter [Edna Russell Brush] survive; brother of Mrs. J. M. Brush; Phebe Brush, Ada Brush, Charles Brush, Henry Brush, Irving Brush, Warren Brush and Louis Brush; raised livestock on his farm on West Neck

BRUSH Mrs. Richard

d. at Hauppauge, at the home of her husband=s parents; consumption; Farmingdale item 5 October 1895 paper

BRUSH Samuel

d14 May 1893 at CrawfordNew Jersey; pneumonia; interment at West Hills; son of John R. Brush

BRUSH Sarah                                             73 years

d. 9 March 1899 at East Northport; pneumonia; funeral at East Northport by Rev. Knesel of Northport; interment at Commack; widow of W. Woodhull Brush; mother of Charles H. Brush of East Northport, Hanford Brush and George Brush

BRUSH Sarah * AAunt Sarah@                     about 80 years

d. 23 November 1899 at Huntington; wife of Alexander Brush; Afaithful and trusted servant@ of Emma and Kate Williams, at whose home the funeral was held; Amuch respected for her many good qualities@

BRUSH Selah H.                                         63 years

                   dAlast week@ at Port Washington; justice of the peace; 30 January 1892 paper

BRUSH Stephen *

suicide near Huntington; body founded hanging in tree on 14 March 1893; brother of William Brush; Aan old colored man who had been afforded relief by the town authorities@ was notified that heAwould have to be removed to the county house [Yaphank] .... this so agitated his mind that he .. resolved to put an end to his life@; Disappeared Aa few weeks ago@ [18 March 1893 paper]. Thomas Y. Haggarty found his body Adangling in the air suspended from a limb about twenty-five feet from the ground@ on 14 March 1893.ACrows had eaten most of the flesh from his bones, and it was the great number of these birds flying about the tree that led to the discovery of the body@ in the woods Aon the hill a mile south of the cemetery.@ [Huntington Rural]

BRUSH Theodore                                       66 years

                   d. 16 January 1891 at Port Jefferson; paralytic stroke; father of Rev. W. P. Brush of Jersey City, N.J., Charles Brush of New York City, Mrs. James Dayton of Port Jefferson and Edward Brush; brother-in-law of George Kinner and Charles Kinner; ship carpenter; b. 16 January 1825 at Comac

BRUSH Theodore                                       71 years

d. 20 April 1900 at Smithtown; pulmonary trouble; funeral at Smithtown Presbyterian Church by Rev. Gray; unnamed widow survives; father of Mrs. John Huntting and the late Sanford Brush, Mrs. Luther Hallock and Mrs. Thomas Baylis; native of Smithtown

BRUSH Thomas                                          70 years

d. 6 March 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral Cold Spring Harbor M. E. Church; interment at Woodbury; Aa carpenter by trade and had worked for many years for the late Andrew Valentine, Charles H. Jones and Dr. Oliver L. Jones@

BRUSH Thomas Henry                                61 y 3 m 12 d

d. 21 January 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter of First Presbyterian Church and Rev. Seem of Central Presbyterian Church; son of James Madison Brush and Sarah Downing; husband of Maria E. Bryant (m. 1860); son-in-law of G. Smith Bryant; father of Elizabeth Brush, who died in Ayoung womanhood@; brother of James M. Brush of Huntington, G. Washington Brush of Brooklyn, Gilbert A. Brush of Oyster Bay, Susan Walters of Pueblo, Colorado, and Sarah Matthias of Flushing; native of Old Fields; Afor a time conducted the >Cuba Farm= at Greenlawn; later resided at St. Johnland, where he was a captain of a sailing schooner; resident of Halesite since 1868; member and trustee of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Aa man of sterling integrity@

BRUSH Walter                                            83 y 10 m 17 d

d. 20 February 1893 at Huntington; son of Zephaniah Brush; brother of George Brush and Jesse Brush; native of West Neck who Aremoved to Old Fields when a young man and has been a prosperous and successful farmer. He has been a faithful member of the First Presbyterian Church for a great many years@

BRUSH William Woodhull                           83 years

d. 19 April 1896; fell while walking six weeks ago and Alay for sometime before he was discovered@ and Anever recovered from the exposure on that occasion@; funeral at Northport; father of George William Brush, Hanford A. Brush and Charles H. Brush, all of Northport; resident of East Northport

BRUSH Zophar

d.Arecently@; son of John R. Brush, late of West Hills; youngest of ten children of whom, two unnamed sisters, Rev. Jesse Brush of Buffalo, N. Y., and Dr. George W. Brush of Brooklyn, survive; survived by unnamed widow; Aone of the pioneers of the Wallabout Market .... an ardent Methodist, an active member of the East New York Church, and for many years superintendent of the Sunday School@; long obit in 10 December 1898 paper

BRYANT Caroline K.                                   77 y 6 m 9 d

d. 16 July 1899 at West Neck; funeral at West Neck by Rev. Carter of Huntington; interment at Northport; widow of Melancthon Bryant; sister of Sarah C. Sammis; aunt of William Sammis and Watts Sammis; native of West Neck; resident of Northport during her married life; resident of West Neck during her widowhood

BRYANT Capt. Charles F.

d15 May 1899Aon board of his barge. While discharging a cargo of coal the guy rope caught about his leg and he was lifted several feet into the air when he fell into the hold of the vessel ....only a few minutes before the accident he warned his men against the danger of being caught by the rope that caused his death@; funeral at M. E. Church, Northport; unnamed widow survives; brother of George Bryant; son-in-law of Capt. Henry Skidmore; Acaptain of one of a line of barges running from New York to Providence and New Bedford@; member of R. A. Pierce Post, G. A. R., and the I. O. O. F., New Bedford, Massachusetts; Northport G. A. R. and I. O. O. F. participated in his funeral; resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts

BRYANT Emma                                           65 years

d. 25 September 1897 at Eaton=s Neck; Asuddenly of heart disease@; funeral at M. E. Church, Northport, of which she was a Aconsistent member@; widow of George H. Bryant; mother of Henry H. Bryant, Mrs. Charles Dickerson and Mrs. George Dickerson; Samuel Ackerly Post, G. A. R., of which her husband had been a member, attended the funeral

BRYANT George B.                                     61 years

d. 4 December 1892 at Northport; Civil War veteran of Co. E, 127th New York Vols.; member of Samuel Ackerly Post, G. A. R.; member of the Northport M. E. Church for 43 years

BRYANT Gilbert S.                                      79 y 6 m 18 d

d13 March 1893 at Huntington; son of Gilbert Bryant; father of Mrs. Thomas H. Brush; b. at Smithtown; orphaned at age seven and raised by uncle Ebenezer Bryant; farmer; moved to HuntingtonAabout twenty years ago@; member of First Presbyterian Church

BRYANT Hannah M.                                    90 y 7 m 5 d

d. 25 November 1900 at Huntington Harbor; funeral at Halesite in the home of Mrs. Maria E. Brush, her daughter, by Rev. Carter; daughter of Jeremiah and Betsey Brush; widow of Gilbert Smith Bryant; mother of a son who d. Amany years ago@ and Maria E. Brush; mother-in-law of the late Thomas Henry Brush; native of Sunk Meadow; due to a long illness, had spent the last five years of her life in bed

BRYANT Iantha                                           61 yrs 6 mos

                   d19 August 1893 at Fresh Pond; widow of Jesse Bryant

BRYANT Mrs. Jacob

d. 4 November 1892Centreport item; Aactive member of the Union Church [Centreport] for many years@

BRYANT Jesse                                            76 yrs 5 days

                   d15 March 1891 at Huntington

BRYANT John Scudder                               68 y 9 m 7 d

                   d2 March 1891 at Huntington

BRYANT Lottie                                            50 years

Funeral 17 October 1893 at Northport; daughter of Milford Ketcham; wife of Fleet Bryant; resident of Brooklyn

BRYAR Helen                                              28 years

                   d4 August 1892 at Brooklyn; daughter of C. L. and late Edward Bryar


d. 1 August 1899; pneumonia; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; widow of Andrew Bryce; mother of James Bryce and William Bryce, both of Oyster Bay

BUBANK Mrs. Ferney                                 35 years

d8 August 1900 at Northport; Asuddenly@; mother of four children, one only 3 days old

BUCHANAN James                                     38 years

d4 October 1894 at Northport; interment at East Northport; brother-in-law of Edward Thompson


d. 26 August 1893 near Bushwick Junction; killed in L. I. R. R. train accident; Asporting gentleman@ who Adid much to elevate the tone of the turf. He was an authority on all questions pertaining to the horse....@

BUCKLEY Catherine M.                               infant

Interment 8 September 1896 at East Norwich;Awas brought from New York City@; granddaughter of Amos Boerum

BUCKLEY Mrs. Charles T.                           29 years

                   d. 30 September 1900 at Oyster Bay; daughter of Amos T. Boerum of Oyster Bay

BUCKLEYE. L.                                            27 years

Killed 29 October 1900 at Bayport; brakeman on the Amagansett freight train; resident of Jamaica

BUDD James

d. 1 April 1899 at Glen Cove; Asuddenly@Ahas been the grave digger in the various cemeteries in this section [Glen Cove] for many years@

BUDDENHAUSER Mrs.                               63 years

d. 10 December 1897; funeral at St. Paul=s Church [-Elmont]; interment at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; mother of Rev. Dr. Buddenhauser, pastor of St. Paul=s Church


                   dAthis week@ at Commack; daughter of Nathaniel Buffett; 13 February 1892 paper


                   d. 22 December 1894 at Elwood; child of Nathaniel Buffett

BUFFETT David                                          69 y 9 m 2 d

                   d. 16 September 1894 at Elwood; Aan able and prosperous farmer@

BUFFETT Fanny Maria                                61 yrs 9 mos

                   d. 2 April 1891 at Comac; wife of David BuffettAfirst class artist in taxidermy@


d. 18 March 1900 at Woodbury; consumption; funeral at Woodbury by Rev. Carter of Huntington; interment at Roslyn; son of Joseph Buffett and Sally Sammis Buffett; husband of Matilda Dickerson (m. 1867), who survives; father of 3 unnamed daughters; b. 20 March 1845; attended Huntington High School; worked in the store of Rogers, Sammis & Scudder in Huntington; later worked in Roslyn

BUFFETT Lewis                                          69 years

d. 15 February 1898 at Westchester, N. Y./ Unionport, N. Y.; interment at Huntington Rural Cemetery; brother of Alonzo BuffettAan old resident of this place [Huntington]@

BUFFETT Nathaniel                                     68 y 2 m 16 d

d. 29 December 1895 at Dix Hills; funeral M. E. Church, Elwood; son of Zebulon BuffettAcollateral relative@ of Judge William Buffett, Suffolk County lawyer and judge; Ahis life was filled with unassuming but helpful ministries@

BUFFETT Phebe                                         94 years

d. 4 December 1893 at Greenlawn; b. Middleville (Bread & Cheese Hollow) 18 May 1799; wife of Isaac Buffett (d. 1838); daughter-in-law of Molly Buffett; mother of George Buffett (b. 1837d. ca. 1853); sister of Carll Ketcham, with whom she lived; Awell known for her generosity@; gave land for the Dix Hills M. E. Church

BUFFETT Ruth                                            78 years

                   d17 May 1891 at Brooklyn; widow of John Buffett

BUHRMAN W. C.                                         70 years

                   d20 February 1898 at Bayville; property owner in Hicksville

BULLOCK young boy                                 11 years

d. Bridgeport, Connecticut; diphtheria; interment 19 December 1896 at Smithtown Landing; son of W. S. Bullock; grandson of Alexander Darling of Smithtown Landing; Adeceased, although young, was a consistent member of the Landing M. E. Church@

BULMER William

death recorded 9 April 1892 paper; keeper of the [Hempstead] town poor house; death benefit due from Hempstead Mutual Benefit Association

BUNCE Alanson                                          83 years

d16 December 1893 at Patchogue; interment at Northport; uncle of Elbert Bunce of Northport; former resident of Northport and Centreport

BUNCE Calvin *

                   d28 May 1899 at Northport; consumption

BUNCE Edith Belle                                      29 years

d22 January 1899 at Northport; funeral at Northport M. E. Church by Rev. Knesal; daughter of Hannah E. Bunce and the late Franklin S. Bunce

BUNCE Mrs. Fleet                                       60 years

                   d13 April 1900 at Northport; suffered two strokes; survived by husband

BUNCE Frank                                             52 years

d. 6 February 1897 at Northport; consumption; funeral Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport; survived by unnamed widow; father of Edith Bunce and Annie BunceAwent to Florida, but the benefits expected did not come ..... last fall he returned home and soon was confined to the house@;Athe flags of the shipping in the harbor [Northport Harbor] were displayed at half mast in token of the respect in which he was held@

BUNCE Frank S.                                         25 years

                   dAlast week@; consumption; interment at Northport; 5 October 1895 paper

BUNCE Irene                                               72 years

d. 12 February 1896 at Patchogue; interment at Northport; widow of Alanson Bunce; mother of Mrs. Jonas M. Thurber and Mrs. L. B. Green, both of Patchogue, and Mrs. James R. Jones and Mrs. Jonas Bishop, both of Northport; mother-in-law of L. B. Green, editor of the Patchogue Argus

BUNCE Joseph                                           14 years

                   d27 May 1895; interment at Commack; nephew of I. B. PedrickSmithtown item

BUNCE Laura E. Jarvis                               33 y 10 m 23 d

d. 12 November 1891 at Centreport; interment at Northport; wife of Joseph Bunce; memorial from M. E. Church publication The Christian Advocate of 3 December 1891 copied in 2 January 1892 paper

BUNCE Nancy                                             75 y 3 m 21 d

d. 19 March 1899 at Huntington; funeral at Centreport M. E. Church; daughter of Nathaniel and Rebecca Smith; wife of Capt. Jesse Bunce; mother of Mrs. Emmett B. Hawkins of Huntington, Mrs. Fred Smith of Patchogue, Mrs. Alvin James of Blue Point and Thomas Bunce, Joel Bunce and John Bunce, all of Centreport; native of Coram; long-time resident of Centreport

BUNCE Sarah Coles                                   87 y 7 m 19 d

d. 14 February 1897 at Cold Spring Harbor; funeral Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. S. L. Cox, Baptist pastor; interment at Huntington; maiden name was Sarah Coles; father was a resident of Glen Cove; widow of Joseph T. Bunce; mother of Mrs. Susan Amy Barrett (deceased), Mrs. Andrus Titus, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Porter of East Hartford, Connecticut, Henry C. Bunce, Eliphalet Bunce, Joseph T. Bunce, Charles I. Bunce, Mrs. Fannie Roe and two others (deceased); grandmother of 30; great-grandmother of 14; husband and sons were or Astill are@ captains of vessels.

BUNCE Susan M.                                        76 years

d. 9 December 1899 at Northport; funeral at Northport by Rev. Sauders, a former pastor of the Northport M. E. Church; Centreport native, whose maiden name was Higbie; sister of Capt. Jonas S. Higbie, Frances Lewis and Phebe Denton; twice widowed; widow of Capt. John T. Udall, who d. 1849 and of Capt. Selah Bunce, who d. ca. 1874; mother of Alice E. (Mrs. Charles T.) SammisAone of the oldest members of the M. E. Church in this village [Northport]@


d4 September 1893 at Oyster BayAvery suddenly@; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; brother-in-iaw of A. J. Luyster; cashier at American Exchange Bank

BUNCE Walter                                            19 yrs 4 mos

d. 9 August 1899 at Huntington; typhoid fever; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; son of Edgar P. Bunce; native of Huntington; clerk in store of H. S. &J. M. Brush & Co. until last winter; briefly worked at Fall River, Massachusetts

BUNDRICK Louise                                      78 years

                   d29 March 1891 at Half Hollows

BUNN infant

                   d10 April 1898; whooping cough and pneumonia; son of T. Bunn; Westbury item

BUNN Charles

                   d5 March 1898; consumption; brother of Mrs. Roe; Westbury item

BUNN Jane *                                               82 years

                   d28 February 1899 at Glen Cove

BUNN John *

found dead 5 July 1899 at Bay ShoreAit is supposed that he was murdered .... the district attorney=s office is investigating the case@; see 22 July 1899 paper for details on arrest of Richard Johnson Anegro@, George Holmes and A. Postel James, Acolored@, for the murder of Bunn. Following a hearing, James was released but Johnson and Holmes were held for the action of the Grand Jury; pool of jurors drawn 6 October 1899 for Johnson=s trial; see 11 May 1900 paper for trial of George Holmes and Henry WhitingtonA colored@ as accessories to the murder 

[-] BURCH 

interment 23 October 1896; youngest daughter of Mrs. Isaac Burch of Brooklyn; Farmingdale item


d12 February 1895 at Brooklyn; funeral at M. E. Church, Farmingdale; former resident of Farmingdale

BURCHELL Frances                                   33 years

d. 25 November 1899 at Oyster Bay; Asuddenly@ of heart disease; funeral at Presbyterian Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. Russell; interment at Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead; wife of Edward Burchell, train engineer on the L. I. R. R.; mother of ZaraBurchell, age 10 years and Gordon Burchell, age 5 years; daughter of Mrs. Van Nostrand; sister of Mrs. A. M. Petry of Hicksville and Raymond Van Nostrand of Cold Spring; former resident of Farmingdale


d. [at Boston, Massachusetts]; Afamous yacht designer@ [of successful contenders for America=s Cup]; funeral attended by E. D. Morgan, representing the New York Yacht Club; 1 August 1891 paper; Westbury item

BURGESS Dr. Samuel H.                            74 years

d. 30 August 1900 at Eustis, Florida; funeral at Eustis, Florida; son of Osman Burgess; brother of Dr. F. W. Burgess of Huntington and an unnamed sister, residing in Springfield, Vermont, and seven others, all deceased; husband of Lucy Williams, formerly of Plymouth, N. Y., (m. 1857) and father of two; native of Springfield, Vermont (b. 17 January 1827); studied dentistry at Nashua, New Hampshire; at one time a dentist in Huntington; Alater he practiced many years in Michigan, and finally, sixteen years ago [ca. 1884], came to Eustis, Fla., where he speedily acquired a good practice@; elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Eustis; long obit in 14 September 1900 paper 

BURKE Matthew

                   d. 17 December 1894; pneumonia; Glen Cove item


                   d. 27 Match 1896; pneumonia; daughter of Peter Burkhardt; Central Park item

BURLING Clara Agnes                                5 months

                   d. 22 July 1894 at Centreport

BURLING Gladys                                        3mos 5 days

d. 12 July 1895 at Centerport; cholera infantum; interment at Huntington; daughter of Charles E. Burling; granddaughter of Miles E. Burling

BURNETT Elizabeth                                    81 years

d24 January 1899 at Mill Neck; mother of four sons and three daughters; native of Glen CoveAhighly respected@


d. 28 September 1898 at Camp Wikoff, Montauk; typhoid fever; brother of ALandlord@ Burnett of Locust Valley; cook for the L. I. R. R. workers at Montauk

BURNETT Mrs. George                               45 years

d7 January 1900 at Bayville; funeral at Bayville M. E. Church by Rev. Stevens; survived by husband and three children

BURNS infant

                   d. 17 April 1895; child of John Burns; Fair Ground item

BURNS Catherine

late of Smithtown; John F. Burns, nephew, appointed administrator of estate 11 September 1900 by Suffolk County Surrogate=s Court

BURNS Mrs. John                                       Aold@

                   d. 7 April 1891Aat the River@Smithtown


intermentAlast week@ at the Catholic Cemetery, Smithtown; funeral by Rev. Joseph P. McGinley of St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Bay Shore; resident of Brooklyn; 25 March 1899 paper

BURNS Michael                                           21 years

d. 5 June 1896 at Syosset; killed in an accident at Sisters of Mercy Convent, where he was a servant, when a cast-iron radiator fell off a wagon, Acrushing him to death@; native of Ireland, who had been in this country about a year

BURNS Patrick                                           20 years

d. AMarch last@ from yellow fever on board bark Revolving Light returning from Rio de Janiero; son of Thomas P. Burns; 4 July 1891 paper

BURR infant

                   d. 8 February 1899; child of Montraville M. Burr; Northport item

BURR Alice Louisa                                      64 y 6m 12 d

d. 30 December 1893 at Commack; wife of George W. Burr; mother of Moses Burr of Brooklyn, George M. Burr of Northport, Nettie Burr and Ruth Burr; Aknown by many deeds of charity and her liberality to the Commack M. E. Church, of which she was a member@

BURR Franklin P.                                        46 yrs. 8 mos.

d. 31 December 1897 at Commack;Along and painful illness@; son of Platt R. Burr; overseer of the poor for the Town of Smithtown,Abut was forced to resign the office in consequence of sickness@; trustee of the M. E. Church, Abeing the fourth generation of the Burr family to hold that office@; Commack item

BURR Mrs. George P.                                 60 years

d25 November 1893 at PhiladelphiaPa.; funeral at Commack;Aan attack of the grip@

BURR George W.                                        71 y 5 m 10 d

d. 30 March 1897 at Commack; Asuffered an attack of paralysis two years ago and never fully recovered@; funeral at Commack; father of Moses Burr, George Burr, Mrs. William Kissam and Ruth Burr; born and died in the same house; Aprominent member of the M. E. Church in this place [Commack]@

BURR Grace

d. 10 September 1898 [probably at Commack]; consumption; funeral at Commack; her classmates and her teacher, Minnie Van Brunt, attended the funeral, where the children sang a hymn; daughter of Andrew Burr

BURR John Oakley                                     1 yr 18 days

                   d19 September 1897 at Fair Ground; Ashort illness@; son of Augustus Burr

BURR Mariette                                            72 years

d. 23 February 1900 at Northport; Ain ill health for several years@; funeral at Northport; mother of Mrs. John C. Hartt of Northport, Julius N. Burr of Kings Park and Montraville M. Burr of Northport

BURR Mary                                                 83 years

                   d12 January 1899 at Elwood

BURR Townsend                                        38 years

Interment 17 April 1891 at GreenwoodBrooklyn; former resident of Cold Spring; stomach cancer

BURR William H.

d19 December 1893 at Centreport; interment at Brooklyn; father of Mrs. Jordan of Centreport; former resident of Brooklyn

BURT child

                   d27 May 1891; son of Joseph Burt; Mineola item

BURT Mr.                                                    72 years

                   d12 November 1894 at Northport; father of Willis Burt

BURT Elizabeth A.                                      70 years

d.Alast week@ at East Northport; interment at East Northport; widow of Amasa Burt; mother of Mrs. Sanford Ketcham; 21 December 1895 paper


death noted in 17 June 1893 paper; Oyster Bay item; had offered land for new  M. E. church at Oyster Bay

BURTIS James Monroe

Funeral 9 June 1898 at Brooklyn; son of James M. Burtis; former resident of Oyster Bay

BURTON Charles                                        62 years

d8 June 1896 at Cove Neck; pneumonia; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor

BURTON William A.                                     ca. 50 years

d. 23 November 1900 at Kings Park; heart trouble; had been driven to Northport by his wife since he wasn=t feeling well; he needed to finish some legal business in Northport; when they arrived back in Kings Park, he was so ill that he Asurvived only a short time@; funeral at Lucien Memorial M. E. Church, Kings Park, by Rev. Nelson of Commack; interment at Stony Brook; survived by his second wife, the former Dora Nichols; lawyer; justice of the peace; former resident of Wisconsin; his will, called Aa very strange document@ by the 28 December 1900 paper, stated he had been divorced on 27 May 1876 from his first wife in Queens County; the will stated that his supposed daughter Bell Augusta Van Fleet, wife of Milton Van Fleet, was not his child, as his first wife confessed Ashe was intimate with other men and did not know who was the father of the said Bell Augusta@

BUSHING Eliza                                            60 years

d27 March 1895 at Brooklyn; hit by railroad train Aat the crossing at Utica and Atlantic avenues@; resident of Brooklyn

BUTLER Arthur                                           41 y 7 m 10 d

d28 November 1895 at Melville; consumption; funeral Presbyterian Church, Melville; interment at Melville

BUTLER Benjamin F.

d. [11 January 1893] at Washington, D. C.; [interment at Lowell, Massachusetts]; Civil War general and Massachusetts politician; [served in the U. S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts 1867-1875 and 1877-1879; elected Governor of Massachusetts in 1882];long obit in 14 January 1893 paper

BUTLER John                                             100 yrs 6 mos

d. 19 March 1899 at Huntington; funeral at St. Patrick=s R. C. Church, Huntington by Father York; native of Queens County, Ireland (b. 1798); immigrated to Canada and settled in New York State in 1830; resident of Huntington for 60 years; worked for Crossman brickyards, West Neck; a bachelor who resided with his unnamed niece; article in 8 April 1899 paper states he may have actually been 102 years old


d. 16 May 1899, Aafter a long illness@; funeral at St. James Episcopal Church, St. James by Rev. Archdeacon; wife of Henry Butler; mother of two daughters and one son; Ashe has spent all her years in St. James, save a short time in Brooklyn@

BUTT Margaret                                           47 y 8 m 11 d

d. 8 October 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Carter; daughter of John McClary; widow of Thomas Butt, formerly of Norfolk, Virginia (m. 10 June 1876; he d. 1884); mother of John Butt, Thomas Butt and George Butt; former resident of Brooklyn

BUTTERLY Elizabeth                                  61 years

d. 21 April 1897 at Jericho; funeral at Catholic Church, Westbury; interment at Westbury; wife of Peter Butterly; mother of Peter Butterly; native of New York City; large monument imported from Ireland to be erected over her grave at St. Brigid=s R. C.Cemetery, Westbury; 2 October 1897 paper

BUTTERLY James Jefferson                       16 years

death recorded 13 February 1892 paper; son of James Butterly of Nevada; Jericho item


d. 11 September 1895 at West Point, N. Y.; funeral at Cadet Chapel, West Point conducted by Rev. O=Keefe of the Church of the Sacred Heart; Abattalion of cadets and all the officers .... in full dress were in attendance@; interment at West Point, N. Y.; orphan; his late father Awas a wealthy miner but reverses came and he died insolvent@; nephew of Peter Butterly of Jericho; cousin of Peter Butterly, Jr. and John Butterly of Greenpoint; native of Gold Hill, Nevada, b. 8 July 1873; graduated from Nevada State University in 1892 and joined cadet corps at West Point in 1894, planning to graduate in June 1898