Deaths Reported by the "Long Islander" 1891-1900

Abstracted by David Roberts


“A” Surnames



d. 19 April 1896 at New York City; son of Jacob Abbott; brother of Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott of Brooklyn, Rev. Dr. Edward Abbott of Cambridge, Mass., and the late Benjamin V. Abbott; dean of faculty of the Law School at the University of the City of New York; Aone of the most widely known lawyers and legal writers in this country@

ABBOTT Mrs. Daniel                                   58 years

d. 23 May 1892; Bright=s disease; interment at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside; Syosset item

ABBOTT George H.(alias Frank C. Almy)

executed 16 May 1893 at Concord, New Hampshire, for the murder of Christie Warden

ABBOTT Henry M.                                       72 years

d. 18 May 1898 at East Quogue; interment at Farmingdale; survived by unnamed widow and two children; resident of Farmingdale

ABBOTT Mattie Woodhull

d. 27 July 1894 at Morelia, Mexico; of malaria fever while on a Apleasure trip@ in Mexico; interment at San Antonio, Texas; daughter of late Josiah Woodhull of Wading River; wife of Leon/Louis Alexander Abbott; sister of Oliver J. Woodhull; resident of San Antonio, Texas; formerly of Woodbury

ABRAMS Stephen                                       84 years

funeral 16 December 1894 at Brooklyn; father of Elwood Abrams of Cold Spring; resident of Flatlands

ABRAMS Theodore

funeral service by Rev. Gutweiler of Hicksville; interment 4 June 1899 at German Methodist Church cemetery, Jerusalem; resident of Plain Edge; member of I. O. O. F

ACKERLY Almira                                         Anearly@90 years

d. 26 April 1896 at Northport; aunt of James Ackerly, with whom she resided Afor many years@; native of Dix Hills; Aconsistent member of the Northport M. E. Church@;Auntil within a short time of her death, she was a remarkably strong and active person@

ACKERLY Clifford B.

d. 10 October 1899 at Riverhead; recovering from an appendicitis operation; brother of Orville B. Ackerly; husband of Addie Howell (m. 1878); son-in-law of late J. Chauncey Howell; father of two daughters; native of Patchogue (b. 26 May 1851); secretary of Riverhead Savings Bank for 24 years; Ahis efforts have been devoted to making this one of the strongest savings banks in the state. How well he has succeeded is shown from the fact that the total assets of the bank are nearly three millions of dollars@; organizer and vice-president of the Suffolk County National Bank of Riverhead; trustee of Riverhead Congregational Church


d. 5 February 1896 at White Plains; Areport published in the city papers that he committed suicide in untrue, death not resulting from accident or suicide, but probably heart disease or apoplexy@; brother of Orville B. Ackerly

ACKERLY Ida F.                                          31 yrs 6 mos

d. 21 March 1897 at Northport; funeral St. Paul=s M. E. Church, Northport; daughter of James A. and Susan A. Ackerly; member of the M. E. Church at Northport and Aa worker in the Sunday School@

ACKERLY Jo N.                                          21 yrs 5 mos

d. 9 December 1897 at Huntington; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; daughter of Edward R. Ackerly

ACKERLY Keturah A.                                  82 y 3 m 24 d

       d. 8 June 1894

ACKERLY Priscilla                                      84 years

d. 29 October 1896 at Chicago, Illinois; interment at Northport; widow of Richard Ackerly

ACKERLY Richard                                      85 years

dAabout eight months ago@ at Chicago, Illinois; interment 30 October 1896 at Northport; brother of Gilbert Ackerly of Northport; Mason; Aremoved to Chicago many years since@

ACKERLY Richard C.                                  51 y 1 m 11 d

d. 3 May 1892 at East Northport; pneumonia; brother of William Ackerly and Philetus  Ackerly, both of who also died of pneumonia; native of Brooklyn; carriage trimmer and farmer; sung part of hymn AOh! How I Love Jesus@ just prior to his death

ACKERLY Sarah Rebecca                           41 yrs 9 mos

d. 20 July 1893 at Crab Meadow; funeral at Northport; interment at East Northport; wife of James Ackerly; mother of seven; sister of Le Grand  Smith; former resident of Elwood

ACKERLY Samuel                                       37 years

d. 4 February 1899 at Northport; consumption; funeral at Northport; son of Margaret Ackerly; formerly employed by the Port Jefferson Times, the Northport Journal and a New York paper; called AJ. Samuel@ in legal notice when will was proved 4 May 1899

ACKERLY William                                       79 years

d. 10 July 1894 at Northport; father of James Ackerly and Mrs. Sammis; Centerport native who was in carriage business in Brooklyn, E. D.; Ahe accumulated quite a fortune by speculating in real estate, and at the of his death owned some valuable property on Broadway, Brooklyn@;owner of a shoe store and an iron foundry; member of Gothic M. E. and Leonard Street M. E. Churches in Brooklyn; following retirement in 1867he moved to Northport in 1873, where he was a member of St. Paul=s M. E. Church

ADAM John F.                                             46 years

d. 14 April 1898 at New York City; interment at Oyster Bay; brother of Mrs. James Sheldon and Fannie S. Adam; step-father of Leonard F. Nichol; Aactive in extending the L. I. R. R. from Locust Valley to this village [Oyster Bay].@ He was also instrumental in getting a steamboat dock built, in establishing the Oyster Bay Pilot, and the establishment of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club on Centre Island

ADAM Sarah Sampson

d. 18 January 1897 at New York City; funeral New York City; interment at Oyster Bay; daughter of Isaac Sampson; widow of John H. Adam (m. 1850), late president of New York Gas Light Company; mother of John F. Adam, Fannie Adam and Emily (Mrs. James) Sheldon of England; niece of Joseph Sampson, from whom she inherited a Alarge fortune@; native of Oyster Bay (b. 1821); Awealthy widow ... a woman with marked business ability ... it was her wont to transact all business of any importance in person@;Avery open handed in many charities and was a particularly zealous worker in Christ Episcopal Church, this village [Oyster Bay] to which she made a handsome donation in 1878 when the present building was erected@; owned a home with Aa magnificent view@ in Oyster Bay

ADAMS George                                           60 years

d. 11 October 1896 at Smithtown; Bright=s disease; funeral [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church; Athe last of a large family@

ADAMS Hannah

d. 9 November 1894 at San Francisco, California; widow Areputed to be worth $2,000,000 .... Ebert Smith, the blind man, will be the recipient of a generous slice of Mrs. Adams= fortune@; former resident of Port Jefferson

ADAMS Helen S.                                          65 yrs 2 mos

d. 23 February 1899 at Huntington; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington, by Rev. Aitkens; daughter of Otis Pollard, New York City architect and builder; wife of Isaac Adams; mother of Mrs. J. C. Barrows    of St. Louis, Missouri, Frank R. Adams and Edison Adams, both of New York City, Mrs. Thomas E. Irwin of Huntington, Henry H. Adams of San Francisco, California, and the late Mrs. M. J. Hawley of San Francisco; came to Huntington as a primary school teacher and lived in Huntington for 40 years following her marriage

ADAMS Isaac                                               74 years

d. 27 June 1900 at Corona; funeral at St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington by Rev. Aitkins; interment at St. John=s Cemetery, Huntington; husband of Emeline Wheeler, native of Westport, Connecticut, and Helen   Rice; father of Mrs. J. Woolsey Shepard and Edson Adams, both of New York City, Mrs. Augustus Kissam and Frank P. Adams, both of Brooklyn, Mrs. John C. Barrows of St. Louis, Missouri, Henry Adams of San Francisco, California, and Mrs. Thomas E. Irwin of Huntington; native of Westport, Connecticut; came to Huntington at the age of 17; in house furnishing and plumbing business until he retired in 1890; Aan influential member of St. John=s Episcopal Church and served upon the vestry for many years@


d. 19 April 1894 at Huntington; sexton and member of St. John=s Episcopal Church; Alearned his trade of gardener on the estate ofa wealthy nobleman of England, and few understood how to make a first class garden or lawn better than he@

ADAMS John Quincy

d. 12 March 1899 at Westport, Connecticut; funeral at Westport; brother of Isaac Adams of HuntingtonAfor a long time owned [a] large farm at West Neck@; former resident of Brooklyn

ADAMS Katherine J.

murdered by Roland Burnham MolineuxMolineux sentenced to death in the electric chair at Sing SingAsome time within the week begining March 26 [1900]@; account of trial and verdict in 16 February 1900 and 23 February 1900 papers

ADAMS Thomas                                          75 years

                   d. 26 July 1896 at Smithtown; funeral [Smithtown] Landing M. E. Church;  resident of Smithtown Athe greater part of his life@; survived by unnamed widow and adopted daughter

ADAMS Walter

d. 1 March 1895; Awell known resident of Brooklyn@; head of Walter Adams & Co., botanical druggists of New York City; survived by his wife Mary Ann Adams and son-in-law Alfred D. Fohs, a former resident of Huntington; account in 16 November 1900 paper of suit by Mrs. Adams and Fohs against George Ellwood, business partner of Adams, relating to the settlement of Adams= estate

ADCOCK Elizabeth A.                                 44 y 5 m 14 d

       d. 19 February 1891 at Melville; wife of William J. Adcock

AINSWORTH children

d. dateline 14 April 1893 at Brooklyn; tenement fire; two children of Mrs. William Ainsworth

AINSWORTH Mrs. William

       d. dateline 14 April 1893 at Brooklyn; tenement fire

AITKIN Edmund B.                                      51 yrs 10 days

            d. 4 October 1897 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Putnam,  assisted by Revs. Carter, Gillies and Cox; son of Thomas Aitkin, who along with Edmund=s mother survive; husband of Fannie Conklin (m. 27 years); father of Mrs. Jarvis E. Smith and Carrie S. Aitkin; native of New York City; moved to Huntington in 1856; opened dry goods store with father in 1864; Thomas Aitkin & Son was at one time the largest dry goods firm in Suffolk County; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Huntington; chief of Huntington Fire Department, which Aturned out in a body and attended the funeral and the stores of the village were closed during the service@; long obit in 9 October 1897 paper

ALBERTSON Harriet                                   76 years

d. 15 May 1897 at Mineola; funeral at Mineola; widow of Thomas W. Albertson; mother of Townsend Albertson, Thomas Albertson, Mrs. Benjamin D. Hicks of Old Westbury and Mrs. Dr. J. A. Bogart of Roslyn; Awell known for the interest she took in charitable matters@

ALBERTSON Mary Adelia                           

d. 5 November 1896 at New York City; had been taken to a hospital where she died from an operation; funeral at Oyster Bay; daughter of late Albert Albertson and Mrs. Susan Wright Albertson; member of Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay


d. 19 May 1895 at Patchogue; Afor some years engaged in the medical hall pharmacy in this village [Northport]@

ALBERTSON Richard A.AUncle Dick@          67 years

d. 30 July 1899 [probably] at Riverhead; unnamed widow, his second wife, survives; brother of John Albertson of Greenport and Mrs. George Hill of Riverhead; father of Frank Albertson of New York City, Edward H. Albertson of Riverhead, William C. Albertson of Amityville; native of Riverhead; Afor many years engaged in wholesale candy and tobacco business ... traveled all over the island with large wagons disposing of his wares to the local merchants@; retired two years ago and son Edward H. now conducts the business; resident of Riverhead

ALBIN Sarah L.                                           50 years

d. 2 December 1896; funeral M. E. Church, Glen Cove; interment at Locust Valley; widow of William Albin

ALDRICH Emeline                                       Aupwards of 100 years@

d. 3 December 1893 at Riverhead; mother of Isaac Aldrich of Red Creek; husband was a veteran of the War of 1812 and she received a widow=s service pension

ALEJOS Catherine T.                                  61 years

d. 8 March 1899 at West Hills; paralysis for last three years; mother of Mrs. R. Menendez; native of Ireland

ALEXANDER Mrs. William                           32 years

       d. 29 April 1892 at New York City; burned in an apartment house fire

ALLEN George T.                                        ca. 60 years

       d. 22 April 1892 at Mill Neck

ALLEN Hannah Augusta                             69 years

       d. 26 March 1898 at Tilden, Missouri; daughter of Abel Rogers


death reported ALong Island Notes@ 8 December 1894 paper; member of the Jamaica Royal Arcanum

ALLEN Margery                                           85 years

d. 28 February 1898 at Mineola; funeral at Mineola; interment at Westbury; widow of George Allen; mother of John Allen, Mrs. Augustus Denton and Mrs. Frank P. Seaman

ALLEN Thomas

d. at Batavia, Kane County, Illinois; brother of John Allen; Farmingdale item; 27 March 1897 paper

ALLEN Willard T.

d. 24 September 1897 at Brooklyn; found dead in room at Manhattan Hotel on Flatbush Avenue; funeral at Patchogue; salesman for Titus, Wells & Willets,Awell known New York flour and feed dealers@; had lived for some time in Huntington; deputy sheriff of Suffolk County

ALLEN William                                            75 years

d. 2 June 1898 at Locust Valley; found lying under the railroad bridge west of the Oyster Bay depot; Ahe had fallen from the bridge while attempting to walk over it@; was taken to his sister-in-law=s house, where he died; brother-in-law of Mrs. George T. Allen of Locust Valley; former resident of California, having gone there in 1849 and remained Aa number of years@

ALSDORF Mrs. Henry

funeral 21 January 1899 at Long Island City; consumption of the throat; husband survives; mother of three; sister of Mrs. George W. Robbins of Cold Spring; Aspent some time in our village [Cold Spring] last summer@

ALSOP Margaret                                         81 years

                   d. 12 January 1897 at Huntington; daughter of Jacob and Anna Rapalye;  widow of John Alsop (m. 6 May 1840); native of Astoria (b. 27 August 1815); member of First Presbyterian Church, Huntington; Ahighly respected resident of this place for many years@

AMBRON George                                        37 years

d. 11 May 1898 at Hicksville; heart disease; interment at Plain Lawn Cemetery, Hicksville; unnamed widow and Asmall children@ survive

AMORI child                                                1 year

d.Afirst of the week@; interment at Westbury; child of Frank Amori; 3 December 1898 paper, Hicksville item


interment 21 February 1896 at Oyster Bay; son of Peter and Charlotte Anderson; resident of New York City

ANDERSON John                                        71 years

       d. 9 July 1891 at Northport

ANDERSON Rudolph                                  28 years

d. 5 November 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor; internally injured by kick of gun while hunting; m. six weeks ago to widow Mrs. Roscoe; native of Norway


d. 14 June 1895 at Sea Cliff; interment at Green-Wood, Brooklyn; summer resident of Sea Cliff


d. 4 April 1895; funeral St. Paul=s Episcopal Church, Glen Cove; widow of Capt. W. D. Anderson

ANDREWS Anna E.                                     47 years

d. 26 April 1898 at HicksvilleAsudden death .... heart disease was the cause@; interment in Kansas; her husband was the Amanager of the western concern which is introducing a new cultivator among the Long Island farmers@; Chicago resident who came to be with her husband at the Grand Central Hotel, Hicksville; Ait was only a few short hours and then she was dead@


d. 7 November 1893 Aafter a long illness@; funeral at Mineola; daughter of Morris Gardner of Hempstead

ANDREWS Georgiana Preston

d. 8 October 1897 at Brooklyn; wife of John Andrews; summer resident of Cold Spring; Athey returned to the city but a few weeks ago@


d. 14 October 1897 at Brooklyn; interment at Greens Farms, [Conn.?]; father of John Andrews; father-in-law of Mrs. [Georgiana Preston] Andrews, who Adied one week previous@;Aspent much of his summer vacation at the home of his son@ in Cold Spring 

ANDREWS Wallace C.

d. 7 April 1899 at New York City; killed in house fire due to a gas explosion;Aa millionaire interested in many of the wealthiest companies in the state@

ANDREWS Mrs. Wallace C.

       d. 7 April 1899 at New York City; killed in house fire due to a gas explosion

ANSER Robert

d. 30 March 1891 at Granton, New Jersey; interment at Tarrytown, N. Y.; brother of Mrs. Charles A. Dunham; former resident of Cold Spring

ANSTICE, Henrietta Higgs                           80 years 

d. 29 December 1894 at Oyster Bay; funeral at Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; interment at Oyster Bay Cove; native of England; widow of Moses Anstice, a member of the New York Stock Exchange, who Aaccumulated a comfortable fortune@; mother of Mary E. Anstice; Mrs. Anstice lived in Oyster Bay for sixty years

ANTHONY  Aex-Gov.@ [George T.]

       dAthe other day@; [Governor of Kansas 1876-1880]; 15 August 1896 paper

APPLEFORD Ann                                        65 years

d. 30 October 1898 at Oyster Bay; stroke of paralysis; funeral at Oyster Bay by Rev. Belford; widow of Washington Appleford; mother of Mrs. James Van Nostrand


funeralAlast week@ by Rev. Washburn of Christ Episcopal Church, Oyster Bay; Oyster Bay item; loose sheet, November 1899 papers

APPLEFORD George Washington              51 years

d. 23 June 1897; stomach disorder; survived by unnamed widow; father of Mrs. James Van Nostrand; veteran of the Civil War; for 12 years captain of the packet Julia S. Swan; member of the Huntington I. O. O. F. lodge; Oyster Bay item

APPLEGATE Mrs. Joseph                           83 years

d. 21 January 1899 at Brooklyn; pneumonia; funeral at Brooklyn; sister of Miss J. E. Jarvis and Moses Jarvis and Ebenezer Jarvis, both late of Huntington; mother of Mrs. John Drake; native of East Neck; Aremoved to New York City in early life and her after years were divided between that city and Brooklyn@

APPLETON William H.                                 85 years

d. 19 October 1899 at Riverdale, N. Y.; New York City book publisher;  head of D. Appleton & Company

APROY Francis                                           79 y 11 m 18 d

d. 23 June 1900 at Huntington; funeral at Huntington by Rev. Wightman of Oyster Bay; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring Harbor; husband of Sarah A. Sammis, Susie Lewis and Belle Lewis; father of Joseph Aproy and Mrs. William Ludlum, both of Oyster Bay, and Fannie Aproy of Brooklyn, and four others all deceased, all by his first wife; a native of Paris, France; came to the U. S. at the age of 4 and lived at Baltimore, Maryland; early in life moved to Oyster Bay and was a longtime resident of Cove Neck, Oyster Bay, moving to Huntington about a year ago; farmer and oysterman; Aa man square and honorable in his business dealings@

APROY Susan R.                                         50 y 1 m 28 d

d. 26 July 1893 at Huntington; wife of Francis Aproy; recently married (13 April 1893) and moved to Oyster Bay

ARCHER Dellie                                            3 y 9 m 12 d

       d. 27 January 1897 at Huntington; daughter of Benjamin Archer

ARCHER Phebe                                          71 years

d. 4 August 1898 at Huntington Harbor; Ahad several strokes of paralysis@; funeral at Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor; widow of Benjamin Archer (d. ca. 1871); mother of Thomas Archer of Huntington Harbor, Eliza (Mrs. Edward) White of Cold Spring Harbor, Phebe Ann (Mrs. Peter) Simon of Connecticut, Sarah (Mrs. J. P.) Kramar of Huntington, Mrs. Thomas Cass of Cold Spring Harbor and the late Emily Archer, who drowned Atwenty years ago@; native of Ireland, who came to this country as a child; lived the greater part of her life at Cold Spring Harbor; member of St. John=s Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, for sixty years

ARCHER Theodore F.

       d. 21 September 1893Awell known auctioneer@; resident of Jamaica

ARCHER Thomas B.                                   5 months

       d. 9 February 1895 at Huntington; pneumonia; son of Benjamin and Annie Archer

ARENSH.                                                    84 year

d. 17 October 1896 at New York City; Aweakness of age@; interment at Bay Side Cemetery [Woodhaven]; father of Mrs. R. Ollendorff of New York City, Mrs. B. Friedman of Huntington, a son in Brooklyn and a daughter in Berlin, Germany; widower; native of Prussia, who immigrated to the United States in 1869; established a cigar and tobacco business in Brooklyn, which later moved to New York City; a Aman of education and culture@; former summer resident in Huntington, living with his daughter Mrs. Friedman

ARESON Catherine                                     55 years

suicide 9 May 1894 at Roslyn; jumped off roof of hotel [other accounts say from balcony or 2nd story window of the hotel]; interment at Glen Cove; wife of A. P. Areson; maiden name was Gilfoy;Aone of the best known hotel women on Long Island, she and her husband having conducted hotels in various sections of Queens County for the past thirty years@ among them Mineola Hotel (Areson House, Mineola) and Mansion House in Roslyn; had been suffering mental problems for some months and had just returned home from treatment at Amityville


dAlast week@ at Marcellus, N.Y.Asuddenly@;father of Mary Armstrong of Mineola;12 December 1891 paper

ARNOLD Adaline                                         83 years

funeral 14 February 1897 at Vernon Valley; interment at Genola, East Northport; sister of Mrs. William Conklin of Vernon Valley and James Arnold of Babylon; Amore than sixty-five years had been a member of the church@; [probably Baptist Church since funeral was conducted by Rev. S. L. Cox, Baptist pastor]

ARNOLD James                                          65 years

d. at Babylon on the same day his sister Adaline Arnold died at Vernon Valley; brother of Mrs. William Conklin and Adaline Arnold of Vernon Valley; Northport item; 20 February 1897 paper

ARNOTT George                                         45 years

d. 24 June 1893 at Jericho; had epileptic fit and fell into a cistern; son of James Arnott

ARPAGANO Hurley H.                                 1 yr 1 mo

       d. 14 August 1898 at Huntington

ARTHUR Capt. Alonzo                                40 years

d. 6 October 1895; consumption; funeral at Crab Meadow; interment at East Northport

ARTHUR Bertha                                          5 yrs 6 mos

       d. 8 September 1894; daughter of Mr. Arthur, editor of Northport Journal


d. 20 November 1898 at Larkfield; consumption; funeral at Commack M. E. Church, of which he was a member

ARTHUR Erastus                                        over 80 years

interment 3 August 1898 at Hauppauge; Aan old resident and former school teacher in this place [Smithtown]@

ARTHUR Fannie B.                                      79 years

d. 19 January 1899 at East Norwich; funeral at East Norwich by Rev. Washburn [of Oyster Bay]; interment at Memorial Cemetery, Cold Spring

ARTHUR Mrs. Franklin O.                           Apast@ 80 years

d. 25 September 1897 at Smithtown Branch; funeral at Smithtown Branch by Rev. Gray of Smithtown Presbyterian Church; widow; mother of Mrs. Marietta Strong and Mrs. Stockford Darling; Athe greater part of her life had been passed at the Branch, where she was well known and highly esteemed@


late resident of Lakeville; will proven by Nassau County Surrogate=s Court; 29 April 1899 paper

ARTHUR John I.                                          59 years

d. 6 April 1899 at Smithtown; consumption; father of Elbert Arthur, Howard Arthur, Clifford Arthur and Mrs. Oliver Hallock; lifetime resident of Smithtown

ARTHUR Mrs. John S.

       d. 15 November 1891; funeral at Smithtown Branch

ARTHUR Margaret A.                                  60 y 9 m 9 d

       d. 14 January 1891 at Northport; wife of Elbert Arthur

ARTHUR Mary Ann                                      83 years

d. 11 October 1900 at East Norwich at the home of Mrs. MallisonAsuffered an attack of paralysis a few days before her death@; funeral at East Norwich M. E. Church by Rev. Wasson; interment at M. E. Churchyard, East Norwich; sister of Mrs. James Waldron; mother of [William Arthur], who froze to death the previous winter Anear the roadside@ between Syosset and East Norwich

ARTHUR Rebecca                                       68 years

d. at Comac;24 September 1892 paper; wife of Platt S. Arthur Note: death date of 30 September 1892 used in24 September 1892 paper. Perhaps error for 20 September 1892?


d. 15 February 1900 at Brooklyn; interment at Smithtown Branch; unnamed widow and several children survive; former resident of Smithtown, where he was a carpenter in early life

ARTHUR Thomas J.                                    51 years

interment 22 January 1900 at Smithtown; son of Benjamin Arthur; unmarried; resident of New York City

ARTHUR William                                         about 40 years

                   d. 31 December 1899 near Oyster Bay; found dead in a lot near the road from Oyster Bay to Syosset; Adeath by exposure@; laborer Aformerly employed on the Moyser farm@

ASHLY Mrs. John

       d. 2 September 1896 at Brooklyn; former resident of Northport

ASHMEAD Alfred                                         79 years

d. 25 August 1891 at Jamaica; father of Benjamin Ashmead of JamaicaAresident of Jamaica for over fifty years@

ASHWORTH John                                       4 years

d. St. Catherine=s Hospital [Brooklyn ?];rescued from row of buildings destroyed by fire on Nostrand Avenue, Williamsburgh;12 December 1891 paper

ATKINS Phebe Ann                                     73 years 

       d. at Brooklyn; interment 14 September 1899 at Crab Meadow


       d. 8 August 1899 at Newnan, Georgia; former two term Governor of Georgia

ATWOOD Harriet L.

       d. 26 December 1900 at Farmingdale; mother of Mrs. William Trou of Farmingdale

AUGUSTIN Mr.                                            92 years

       d. 29 January 1894 at Hanover, Germany; father of Julius Augustin of Hicksville


d. 2 February 1896 at Hicksville; Bright=s Disease; funeral at German Lutheran Church, Hicksville; interment at Hicksville; father of widow Mrs. Dr. F. N. Taliaferro, Julius Augustin and Louise Augustin; native of Germany; immigrated to the U. S. as a young man and settled in New York City, where he was a clerk in a wholesale grocery store; moved to Hicksville in 1874 and Astarted a general country store which grew to be one of the largest establishments of that kind on Long Island@; important Hicksville businessman who Ahas done much to improve the village of Hicksville@; founder of Long Island Central Zeitung, published first at Hicksville, but now [1896] published at College Point; strong Democrat;  elected Oyster Bay Town Justice of the Peace in 1892; member of I. O. O. F.; survived by unnamed widow; long obit in 8 February 1896 paper; memorial notice from Primrose Lodge #569, I. O. O. F, Hicksville in 7 March 1896 paper


d. 9 April 1891 at East Amityville; dress caught on fire while she was trying to put out a grass fire near her house; sister of Joshua Ketcham of Centreport