"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900

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Wade, John and un-named bride married in "the city"; 11 March 1899 paper; Cold Spring item

Wade, William H. of New York and Smith, Elia of Long Swamp married 17 April 1881 at Woodbury by Rev.Putney

Wagener, Jacob of Lloyd's Neck and Klein, Mary of Lloyd's Neck married 27 September 1882 at Huntington by Justice Street

Wagner, Frank and un-named bride married "last week" at Riverhead; 1 May 1886 paper

Waldron, John Alfred of East Norwich and Studwell, Anna of Oyster Bay, daughter of Capt. Studwell, married 27 October 1896 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Waldron, Vernon J. of East Norwich and Kane, Phebe Lee of Nova Scotia married 27 April 1892 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Harmon

Walker, Edward and Satterly, Edna married 3 February 1891 at Mount Sinai

Walker, George of Commack, age ca. 70 years, and Van Buren, Miss of New York City, age ca. 20 years, married "last week" at Commack by Rev. Robertson; 9 June 1894 paper

Walker, Sidney C. and Gettleman, Gussie married "last week"; 29 April 1899 paper; Hicksville item

Walker, W. H. and un-named bride married "recently"; 1 November 1890 paper; Smithtown item

Walker, William A. and Schlafreidt, Irma married "last week" at Hempstead by Rev. Marcy; 15 July 1893 paper

Wall, Michael of Huntington and Kennedy, Catherine of Huntington married 20 January 1880 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. J. J. Crowley

Wall, Percy and Brush, Eliza P. married 9 October 1890

Wallmuller, Alexander T. and Schultz, Minnie C. married 18 August 1900 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Walsh, John and Lotterman, Celia, daughter of Valentine Lotterman, married 15 September 1896 at Hicksville

Walters, Belmont of Oyster Bay and Van Name, Grace of Cold Spring, daughter of Garret Van Name, married 12 December 1900 at Cold Spring by Rev. Wightman of Oyster Bay

Walters, Elbert Seaman of Pueblo, Colorado, formerly of Huntington, and Cullings, Belle of Pueblo, Colorado, married 22 August 1898 at Pueblo, Colorado

Walters, Frank of Brooklyn and Duryea, Laura married 2 January 1881 at East Norwich

Walters, Frank of Brooklyn and Gildersleeve, Seraphina of Huntington married 3 September 1889 at Huntington by Rev. Ford

Walters, George of Farmingdale and Coupeland, Lizzie of Amityville married 23 May 1888 at Amityville by Rev. Blatz

Walters, John of Cold Spring and Burr, Louisa of Cold Spring, daughter of Elbert Burr, married 22 February 1881 at Cold Spring

Walters, John of Syosset and Velsor, Laura of Oyster Bay married 1 June 1886 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Gillies of Huntington

Walters, Madison formerly of Huntington and Mc Connell, Lulu, daughter of J. A. Mc Con- nell, married 17 June 1896 at Pueblo, Colorado

Walters, Samuel A. of Cold Spring Harbor and Cheshire, Mary J. of Huntington married 10 April 1881 at Northport by Rev. Woodruff

Walters, Samuel A. of Cold Spring and Titus, Edith of Cold Spring, daughter of Joel Titus, married 17 November 1894 at Brooklyn

Walters, Sidney B. and Velsor, Augusta, daughter of Capt. Daniel Velsor, married at Oyster Bay; 11 June 1880 paper

Walters, William of Plain Edge and Pedrick, Lavinia of Bay Shore married 1 April 1895 at Farmingdale

Walters, William H. of Cold Spring and Phifer, Theresa of Cold Spring married 31 October 1894 at Huntington by Rev. Cox

Walters, Woodhull and Ketcham, Mattie married; 13 March 1897 paper; Farmingdale item

Wanser, Frank H. of Amityville and Gildersleeve, Ella A. of Northport married 12 October 1884 at Northport by Rev. Barnhart

Wansor, Reuben of Bayville and Moore, Mrs. Ida of Bayville married 10 June 1900 by Justice Lowndes; [Huntington] Village item

Wansor, Seymour native of Glen Cove and Gilman, Josephine Louise of Westhampton, daughter of Rev. B. A. Gilman, former pastor of M. E. Church, Glen Cove, married 22 September 1898 at Westhampton

Ward, George Clarence Barclay of Huntington and Brandegee, Coralie C. of Huntington married 16 November 1896 at Brooklyn by Rev. Dr. Jordan

Ward, George H. of New York City and Lewis, Annie of Northport, daughter of Joseph S. Lewis, married 9 December 1885 at Northport by Rev. G. H. Cleveland

Ward, J. M. and Dauvray, Helen married 12 October 1887

Ward, William H. of Elwood and Mc Farron, Agnes of Elwood married 10 August 1879 at Elwood by Rev. W. W. Knox

Wardle, Thomas of Washington, D. C. and Wagner, Helena D. of Riverhead married 29 June 1887; Riverhead item

Warner, George of Farmingdale and Bausch, Amelia of Farmingdale, daughter of R. Bausch, married 23 May 1886 at Amityville by Rev. A. J. Saunders

Warner, William Benedict of Northport and Pitcher, Jennie E. of Upper Red Hook, New York, married 10 May 1894 at Northport by Rev. Pitcher

Warren, George L. of New Haven, Connecticut, formerly of Cold Spring Harbor, and Middlebrook, Alice C. of New Haven, Connecticut, married 4 April 1888

Warren, Herbert E. of Hampden, Connecticut, and Saunders, Alice E. of Northport, daughter of Rev. Fred Saunders, married 6 July 1892 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Warren, Isaac of Flatlands and Place, Julia E. of Huntington married 4 October 1893 at Long Swamp by Rev. Judd

Warren, John W. of Dix Hills and La France, Elizabeth Ann of Commack married 31 May 1898 at Melville by Rev. Schwartz

Warren, Ray of Astoria and Ringhouse, Annie C. of Patchogue married 29 October 1890

Washbourne, Paul Hobart of Elizabeth, New Jersey, son of Theodore F. Washbourne, and Caffall, Mary Theodora "Dora" of New York City, daughter of Robert May Caffall, married 27 May 1896 at New York City by Rev. Patey

Wass, Albert of Westbury and Corenyyk, Emma of New York City married 22 February 1891 at New York City

Wass, Charles and Fleischbein, Julia of Hicksville, daughter of August Fleischbein, married 24 April 1900 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Wasson, Charles of Buffalo, New York, and Newman, Ella of Cold Spring married 29 May 1886 at Cold Spring by Rev. Gillies

Waterbury, Walter S. of Stamford, Connecticut, and Townsend, Anna M. of Huntington married 29 October 1885 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Waterhouse, Charles of Essex, Connecticut, and Hartt, Hattie K. of Northport married 7 April 1892 at Northport by Rev. Ferris

Waters, Edward and Doyle, Sadie married 18 October 1899 in "the city"

Waters, Peter of Oyster Bay and Hoban, Julia L. of Huntington, daughter of Mrs. Patrick Hoban, married 30 June 1896 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. York

Watson, Edgar James of Oyster Bay Cove and Ryan, Mary T. of Oyster Bay Cove married 9 October 1890 at Cold Spring Harbor
Note: Bride's name listed as Mary Ida Trayura in "Hymenal Record for 1890" in 10 January 1891 paper

Way, William and Nelson, Charlotte, daughter of Eli Nelson, married 2 October 1895 at Duck Pond, Glen Cove

Wayner, Edward of Jericho and Layton, Lottie B. of East Norwich, daughter of Thompson Layton, married 7 November 1900 at East Norwich

Weeler, John and Metzger, Verena married 19 July 1897 at Smithtown by Rev. J. W. Simpson

Weeks, Arthur Delano and Alexander, Minelle Louise. daughter of Col. Charles Alexander, married 19 January 1898 at New York City by Rev. John W. Brown of St. Thomas Church

Weeks, Charles of Locust Valley and Underhill, Mary E. of Oyster Bay married 4 September 1893 at Brookville by Rev. Smock

Weeks, Charles H. of Huntington and Williams, Mary E. of Huntington married 25 March 1885 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Weeks, Edmund of Syosset and Walters, Jennie E. of Syosset married 16 November 1881 at East Norwich by Rev. Graham

Weeks, Rev. G. E. of Troy, New York, and Scott, Delia E. of South Norwalk, Connecticut, married 6 June 1883 at South Norwalk, Connecticut, by Rev. Mc Gonegal

Weeks, George of East Norwich and Sands, Emma of Bayville married 16 March 1878 at Syosset by Rev. Cook

Weeks, George W. of Northport and Bennett, Ada M. of East Hampton married 18 September 1887 at Stony Brook

Weeks, Henry De Forest of Oyster Bay, son of the late Henry D. Weeks and nephew of John A. Weeks of Oyster Bay, and Noyes, Julia G. of St. Paul, Minnesota, daughter of Charles P. Noyes, married 22 August 1898 at St. Paul, Minnesota

Weeks, John A. of New York City, son of John A. Weeks of Oyster Bay, and Bowers, Mrs. Estelle Durant of New York City, widow of Henry C. Bowers, married 2 December 1897 at New York City by Rev. W. S. Rainsford; Oyster Bay item

Weeks, Walton of Roslyn and Speedling, Susie of Roslyn, formerly of Lloyd Neck, daughter of Stephen Speedling, married 4 February 1900 at Roslyn by Rev. A. A. Clark

Weeks, William E. of Huntington and Cornell, Linda of Huntington married 8 January 1879 at Huntington by Rev. W. W. Hooper

Weickmann, William of Hicksville and Kuntz, Mary of Island Trees, daughter of Frederick Kuntz, married 16 May 1900 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Weiler, Peter and Abry, Helen Margaret formerly of Oyster Bay married 5 April 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell

Weller, Rev. W. W. of Hackensack, New Jersey, and Gildersleeve, Nellie of Port Jefferson, daughter of James E. Gildersleeve, married 15 November 1888 at Port Jefferson by Rev. Miller, Rev. Shaw, and Rev. Roberts

Welling, Mr. and Kerbs, Miss married 23 November 1884 by Rev. Matschat; Hicksville item

Wellman, Burton M. of Watertown, Connecticut, and Moddle, Lucy J. of Huntington married 26 November 1887 at Huntington

Wells, Charles B. of Mattituck and Trou, Hatde of Central Park married 19 October 1887; Farmingdale item

Wells, Clarence W. of Northville and Smith, Mary E. of Smithtown, daughter of Jeffrey A. Smith, married 31 March 1892 at Smithtown by Rev. Lewis

Wells, Elbert of St. James and Dreyer, Wilhelmina of St. James married 11 October 1897 at St. James by Rev. J. Q. Archdeacon

Went, Edgar and Smith, Ida M. married 29 October 1879 at Brooklyn, E. D. by Rev. J. C. Ager

Wescott, John of Islip and Powell, Clara H. of Jamaica, daughter of Edward Powell, married 9 March 1887 at Jamaica by Rev. Lampman

West, Samuel and "widow lady of Brooklyn" married 7 June 1893

West, Samuel of Huntington and Pearsall, Ellen of Huntington married 20 November 1878 at Huntington by Rev. Richardson

Wetherell, Rev. Joseph Bloom and Smith, Katie Annie, daughter of the Hon. J. Lawrence Smith, great-niece of Mrs. A. T. Stewart, and sister-in-law of Prescott H. Butler, married 3 January 1879 at Trinity Church, New York City

Wettereau, Charles of Hicksville, son of George Wettereau, and Luth, Mrs. Alice of Hicksville married 27 April 1896 by Rev. Gutweiler

Wettrau, Daniel and Striefler, Christina married 13 June 1886 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Weyrich, Harry of Oyster Bay and Rorke, Miss of New York City married 1 January 1889 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Weyrich, William of Oyster Bay and Montant, Annie of Oyster Bay married 4 July 1897 by Rev. Russell

Wheatley, Harry O. and Ireland, Alice A. married 20 September 1881 at Huntington by Rev. I. E. Smith

Wheeler, Dr. D. of Sag Harbor and Peck, Sarah E. married 8 November 1878 at Southold by Rev. W. W. Hooper

Wheeler, F. M. formerly of Cold Spring and Thompson, Maggie of Brooklyn, daughter of John Thompson, married 4 February 1889 at Brooklyn by Rev. Perry

Wheeler, Frank L. of Greenport and Warren, Lizzie of Cold Spring Harbor, daughter of William Warren, married 11 April 1887 at Cold Spring Harbor

Wheeler, Frederick W. of Northport and Fox, Esther of Northport married 5 December 1895 at Northport by Rev. Holden

Wheeler, George of Southold and Burns, Margaret of Huntington married 22 February 1897 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. York

Wheeler, J. P. of Vernon Valley and Hartt, Estelle of Vernon Valley, daughter of James F. Hartt, married 2 March 1892 at Vernon Valley by Rev. Ferris

Wheeler, Lucien and un-named bride married "recently"; 30 October 1897 paper; Greenlawn item

Wheeler, Thomas keeper at Sing Sing State Prison and "young lady" of Sing Sing village [Westchester County] married "last Sunday"; supplement from early April 1893 found on microfilm after the 24 June 1893 paper

Whipple, David L. of Fair Ground and Smith, Meda J. of Dix Hills married 5 April 1896 at Huntington

White, Charles N. of West Hills and Terry, Aimee S. of Melville married 27 February 1884 at Melville by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

White, Daniel and un-named bride; had been secretly married for four months; 16 February 1900 paper; Cold Spring item

White, David C. and Garvey, Eliza married 17 February 1897 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. York

White, Edgar L. of Huntington and Smith, Phebe of Syosset married 26 February 1882 at Syosset by Rev. Cook

White, Frank, son of Edward White, and Allen, Grace, daughter of Horace Allen, married 23 April 1899 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Baker

White, Jacob of Oyster Bay and Terry, Carrie of Smithtown married at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell; 11 January 1878 paper

White, James of Locust Valley, aged about 60 years, and Higgins, Mrs. of Glen Cove, aged about 60 years, married "recently" at Geln Cove by Rev. James; 17 August 1895 paper

White, John J. and Byrns, Mary married 4 February 1889 at Hempstead by Rev. McCusker

White, Orion B. and Wheeler, Florence married 20 January 1897 at Echo

White, Samuel V. of Huntington and Purdy, Ella of Amityville married 20 November 1889 at Amityville by Rev. Scofield

White, Sanford, son of Richard Grant White, and Smith, Bessie, daughter of J. Lawrence Smith, married 7 February 1884 at New York City by Bishop Littlejohn
[This is the famous architect Sanford White, who designed many important buildings during the 1880s, 1890s, and early 1900s. He was murdered in 1906 by Harry K. Thaw. Thaw's murder trail was the first of a number of 20th century "Trials-of-the-Century."

White, William H. of Huntington and Marshall, Minnie of Huntington married 27 June 1880 at Centreport by Rev. Mott

White, William Hawkins of Cold Spring, nephew of Mrs. Samuel Blauvelt, and Ruth, Mamie of Cold Spring married 25 November 1894 by Rev. Robinson; Cold Spring item

Whitman, John J. of Bay Shore and Lowden, Lille Etta of East Meadow, daughter of Richard Lowden, married 27 January 1892 at East Meadow by Rev. Plat

Whitney, "Ex-Mayor" and Titus, Etta, sister of Mrs. Augustus Cocks, married 12 April 1893; Woodbury item

Whitney, Daniel S. and Van Sise, Maria, daughter of I. W. Van Sise, married 15 June 1893 at Woodbury by Rev. Scofield, Rev. Barnhart, and Rev. Whitney

Whitney, Rev. Henry C. and Gilman, Fanny married 20 April 1892 at Southport, Connecticut, by Rev. Gilman

Whitney, Irwin and Walters, Lille married 1 June 1886 at Syosset by Rev. Merwin of East Norwich

Whitney, Stephen of Brooklyn and Bell, Louisa M. of Laurelton, daughter of Mrs. L. V. Bell, married 15 October 1895 at Laurelton by Rev. Baker

Whitson, Alonzo P. of Melville and Baylis, Susie E. of Melville married 15 January 1894 by Rev. Schwarz

Whitson, Charles H. of Melville and Jarvis, Ruth A. of Melville married 17 May 1883 at Melville by Rev. . C. Lockwood

Whitson, Edgar S., son of Smith Whitson of Greenlawn, and "a young lady of Brooklyn" married at Brooklyn; 24 September 1892 paper; Greenlawn item

Whitson, Frank B. of Half Hollow Hills and Baylis, Mary E. of Half Hollow Hills married 16 January 1878 at Melville by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

Whitson, Henry of Plain View, son of Edgar Whitson, and Smith, Ella of Bedelltown, daughter of Charles Smith, married "recently"; 5 May 1894 paper

Whitson, Homer G. of Half Hollows and Wilbur, Gussie A. of Half Hollows married 5 February 1879 at Melville by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

Whittaker, Alfred and Blydenburg, Ella married 12 May 1892 at Hauppauge

Whittridge, Frederick W. and Arnold, Miss, daughter of Matthew Arnold, poet and essayist, married "last week" at London, England; 19 December 1884 paper

Wicks, Charles A. of Brooklyn and David, Jennie A. of Mount Sinai married 16 April 1884 at Mount Sinai by Rev. T. N. Benedict

Wicks, Charles J. of Northport and Johnson, Florence S. of Huntington married 4 May 1879 at Northport by Rev. T. C. Beach

Wicks, Clark of Port Jefferson and Norton, Adelia C. of Mount Sinai married 1 March 1892 at Mount Sinai by Rev. Hazeltine

Wicks, Fred L. of Woodbury and Brush, Marian of Cold Spring, daughter of Morris Brush, married 17 January 1883 at Woodbury by Rev. T. M. Terry

Wicks, Frederick R. of Babylon and Whitson, Estelle of West Deer Park married 15 November 1893 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Wicks, George E. of Rowayton, Connecticut, and Sprague, Bertha of Comac married 17 May 1882 at Comac by Rev. Barnhart

Wicks, Henry and Brown, Bertha married 1 March 1889; Port Jefferson item

Wicks, Lewis J. of Amityville and Underhill, Mary A. of Amityville, daughter of Isaac U. Underhill, married 18 April 1900 at Amityville by Rev. Munson [M. E. minister]

Wicks, Theodore of Long Swamp and Burtsell, Phebe J. of Long Swamp married 29 August 1897

Wicks, Willard F. of Comac and Richardson, Maggie S. of Comac married 10 June 1885 at Northport by Rev. J. F. Shaw [Presbyterian minister]

Wield, Arthur and Woodbury, Miss formerly of Huntington married 13 October 1883 at Far Rockaway

Wiethorn, Herman J. of Huntington and Manny, Susan V. of Huntington, daughter of Michael Manny, married 23 May 1878 at Huntington by Rev. Barrows

Wiggins, Edward Whitmore of Melville and Place, Mary J. of Long Swamp married 20 July 1887 at Huntington by Rev. Gillies

Wiggins, John R. of New Hyde Park and Barker, Julia of East Williston married 4 May 1892 at Searingtown by Rev. Coburn

Wiggins, Oscar J. of Glenwood, son of H. C. Wiggins, and Combes, Elsie Frances of Sea Cliff married 11 April 1897 at Sea Cliff by Rev. Groves

Wightman, Benjamin J. of Northport and Shepard, Anna J. of Cayuga, New York, daughter of Dorr Shepard, married 30 June 1897 at Cayuga, New York by Rev. Andrews [M. E. minister from Cayuga, N. Y.]

Wightman, Wallace of Greenlawn and Ketcham, Emma of Northport, daughter of Ellsworth Ketcham, married 14 May 1897 at Greenlawn by Rev. Voorhees

Wightman, William and un-named bride married 7 May 1893 at Huntington

Wiley, David of Glen Cove and Pilost, Carrie of [Glen Cove] Landing married 28 May 1887 by Rev. Middleton; Glen Cove item

Wilhelm, D. Frederick of Sea Cliff and Campbell, Cora of Sea Cliff married 27 October 1897 at Sea Cliff

Wille, August of Huntington and Munzenmaer, Katharine of Oyster Bay Cove married 14 August 1886 at Oyster Bay Cove by Rev. Geer

Willets, Henry Edwin and Soper, Dora Cornelia married 17 February 1892 at Dix Hills
[see next]

Willets, Henry Edwin and Soper, Dora Cornelia married 17 February 1892 at Elwood by Rev. Dalziel
[see above]

Willets, Joseph H. and Bunce, Jennie, daughter of Edgar P. Bunce, married 15 March 1899 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Willetts, Eugene P. of Dix Hills and Sworn, Eva of Elwood, daughter of Mrs. D. Sworn, married 23 November 1898 at Elwood by Rev. Schilling

Williams, Buel T. of Smithtown and Newton, Semantha of Lake Grove married 28 May 1879 at Lake Grove [M. E. Church] by Rev. S. A. Sands and Rev. J. H. Stansbury

Williams, George of Huntington and Holler, Lizzie of Huntington married 30 October 1889 at Huntington [Episcopal Rectory]

Williams, John R. of Northport and McClellan, Elizabeth of Elwood married 13 December 1885 at Elwood by Rev. Powell

Williams, John R. of Brookville and Van Nostrand, Eda of Brookville, daughter of William Van Nostrand, married 17 June 1895 at Brookville by Rev. Smock

Williams, Silas of East Williston and Ham, Ella of Westbury married 10 October 1888; Westbury item

Williams, William of New York City and Wunderlich, Louisa of Hicksville, niece of Henry Rucklehausen, married 22 January 1900 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Williamson, Harry of Long Island City and Harris, Fannie of Mineola married "last week" by Rev. Mathews; 29 November 1890 paper; Mineola item

Williamson, Horatio S. of Brooklyn and Horton, Grace of Brooklyn married 5 November 1896 of Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Wills, George of Hauppauge and Smith, Emma of Islip married19 December 1897 at Islip by Rev. A. H. Fish [pastor of Islip Presbyterian Church]

Wilmart, Samuel of Cold Spring and Hawkins, Laura of Oyster Bay married 1 May 1885 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Wightman

Wilson, G. of Brooklyn and Sullivan, Alma married "last week"; 1 December 1894 paper; Farmingdale item

Wilson, Louis, brother of May Wilson of Huntington, and un-named bride married 16 December 1890 at New York City

Wilson, Samuel of Lattington and Lawson, Jennie of Locust Valley married at Oyster Bay by Rev Craig; 20 September 1878 paper

Wilson, Thomas of Huntington and Wilson, Mrs. Florence A. of Huntington ,arried 14 February 1884 at Brooklyn by Rev. George Hulst

Wilson, Thomas of Brooklyn and Hunt, Minnie B. of Brooklyn, daughter of James Hunt, married 12 November 1890 at Brooklyn by Rev. Moore

Winckler, John G. and Carpenter, Phoebe M., daughter of Stephen Carpenter, married 15 October 1890 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Wirth, Theodore of Glen Cove and Mense, Leonie A., daughter of Felix G. Mense, married 17 June 1895 at Glen Cove

Witzel, Lawrence of Hicksville and Smith, Louise of Hicksville married 10 June 1889 at Brooklyn

Wollenhaupt, Henry and Betscha, Mrs. Herman married 3 August 1891 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Wollenhaupt, Henry of New York City, son of Henry Wollenhaupt of Hicksville, and Petersen, Mamie formerly of Hicksville married 14 February 1892 at Brooklyn by Rev. Evans

Wood, Benjamin S. and Boyle, Agnes C. married 13 December 1888 at Smithtown by Rev. Porter

Wood, D. Anton and Wiggins, Mabel Gertrude of Glenwood married 20 January 1899 by Rev Marcy [of Hempstead]; Glen Cove item

Wood, Daniel Slote of Huntington and Small, Mae of Brooklyn, daughter of Charles Small, married 10 November 1896 at Brooklyn by Rev. Behrends

Wood, Edward Francis of Greenlawn and Wood, Martha A. of Greenlawn married 21 Novem- ber 1888 at Northport by Rev. Cleveland

Wood, Elkanah of Greenlawn and Soper, Lillie May, daughter of Henry L. Soper, married 13 May 1890 at Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Wood, Francis C. of Northport and Payne, Lillie of Northport married 29 June 1893 at Cold Spring Hill by Rev. Cox

Wood, Frank of Flushing and Layton, Mary M. of East Norwich, daughter of Thompson Layton, married 25 April 1900 at East Norwich by Rev. Wasson

Wood, Frederick of Cold Spring and Davis, Harriet of Yaphank, daughter of Mrs. Albert Davis, married 10 February 1897 at Yaphank by Rev. Duncan

Wood, George A. of Greenlawn and Lang, Alice P. of Comac married 20 November 1889 at Northport

Wood, George C. of Brooklyn and Funnell, Anna M. of Huntington married 7 August 1884 at Huntington by Rev. M. C. B. Oakley

Wood, George W. of Huntington and Kellum, Eloise of Huntington, daughter of George Kellum, married 14 December 1879 at Huntington by Rev. W. W. Knox

Wood, Howard R. of Boston, Massachusetts, formerly of Huntington, grandson of T. Smith Roe, and Case, Chesterbel of Brooklyn, daughter of Chester N. Case, married 27 June 1898 at Brooklyn

Wood, James M.* of Huntington and Carpenter, Nettie* of Deer Park married 1 January 1881 at Huntington by Rev. McCoy [A. M. E. minister]

Wood, James S. of South Northport and Velsor, Emma E., daughter of Capt. James Velsor, married 27 June 1880 at Centerport by Rev. Mott

Wood, Jarvis and Dodd, Emma of Oyster Bay, daughter of David Dodd, married 21 January 1880 at Oyster Bay

Wood, John of West Hills and Searles, Teresa of Oyster Bay married 18 April 1894 at Oyster Bay

Wood, John F. of Huntington and Hartshorn, May of Brooklyn married 8 January 1890 at Brooklyn by Rev. Hull

Wood, Joseph S. of Baldwins and Baldwin, S. Louise of Baldwins married at Baldwins by Rev. J. T. Langlois; 9 October 1885 paper

Wood, M. O. and Piper, Nora A. formerly of Oyster Bay and Bay Shore, daughter of A. J. Piper, married 5 July 1899 at East Herkimer, New York

Wood, Rev. Percival M. of Bernardsville, New Jersey, and Hall, Ada M. of Huntington, daughter of Mrs. E. S. Hall, married 12 September 1900 at Huntington by Rev. Aitkin and Rev. Curtis

Wood, R. and Oswall, Ella; marriage kept secret for six months; 21 November 1884 paper; Farmingdale item

Wood, Raymond L. and Vanderbilt, Ella married 18 January 1893 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Wood, Thomas* and Anderson, Lucy* married 12 May 1892 at Northport by Rev. Holden

Wood, Walter of Oceanville and Abrams, Susie of East Rockaway, daughter of William Abrams, married 8 August 1886 by Rev. Terry

Wood, William H. and Gardiner, Carrie married 22 May 1889 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam; Northport item

Wood, William W. and McPherson, Barbara married "recently" at Brooklyn; 28 February 1891 paper; Westbury item

Wood, William Wilton of Huntington and Jones, Elizabeth Hewlett of Huntington, daughter of the late Samuel W. Jones, married 19 November 1879 at Huntington by Rev. Barrows

Woodbury, Coryton M. of New York City and Nicoll, Mary S. of Islip, daughter of William Nicoll, married 26 June 1879 at Islip [Emmanuel Church] by Rev. Dr. D. V. N. Johnson and Rev. J. Newton Perkins

Woodhull, J. Townsend formerly of Cold Spring Harbor and Frost, Lulu of San Antonio, Texas, daughter of T. C. Frost, married 3 June 1885 at San Antonio, Texas

Woodin, James and Potter, Elizabeth married 18 January 1897 at Oyster Bay

Woodnut, Harry C. of Mineola, son of H. O. Woodnut, and Jackson, Grace of Jericho, daughter of Solomon S. Jackson, married 3 October 1889 at Jericho; Quaker ceremony

Woodruff, Alden J. of Cold Spring and Raynor, L. Grace of Patchogue married 22 February 1879 at South Brooklyn by Rev. B. F. Reeve

Woodruff, Charles J. and Youngs, Laura Belle, daughter of Edward Youngs, married 2 Octo- ber 1895 at East Norwich by Rev. Smock

Woodruff, Rev. Henry C. of Black Rock, Connecticut, formerly pastor at Northport, and Bartram, Mary Allen of Black Rock, Connecticut, married 15 October 1884 by Rev. Storrs

Wright, Edward Delafield of Stamford, Connecticut, age 21, and Pratt, Ella B. of Plantsville, Connecticut, age 17, eloped by boat to Huntington and married 26 August 1885 at Huntington by Rev. Putney

Wright, Frank of East Norwich, son of Higbie Wright, and Youngs, Delia Deborah of East Norwich, daughter of Edward Youngs, married 26 April 1899 at Brookville by Rev. Scudder

Wright, George and Monilaw, Miss married 24 April 1889 at Oyster Bay

Wright, John S. and Underhill, Susie married 31 March 1889 at Woodbury by Rev. Gilman

Wright, Joseph and Smith, Mamie married 22 May 1887 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Geer

Wright, Stephen C. of New York City and Reinhardt, Lillian of Sea Cliff, daughter of Conrad Reinhardt, married 22 February 1898 at Sea Cliff

Wright, Walter J., son of George Wright, age 28, and Carll, Maud E. of Northport, daughter of Jesse Carll, age 16, married 14 July 1890 at Cold Spring by Rev. Scott; couple eloped; parents objected to the marriage because of Maud's young age

Wright, William of Oyster Bay and Stilwell, Etta of Huntington, daughter of James E. Stilwell, married 15 April 1891 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Wright, William of Sea Cliff and Canning, Theresa of South Glen Cove, daughter of William Canning, married 26 June 1894 at Glen Cove by Rev. Mc Enroe

Wyncoop, Rev. Theodore S. of Washington, D. C., and Dodge, Mary Mason, daughter of William Dodge, married 10 October 1893 at Georgetown, D. C., by Rev. Register; Rev. Wyn- coop was formerly pastor in Huntington; currently pastor of Western Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C.; to be a missionary to India


Yagle, William
and Davis, Minnie married 25 June 1890 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Yarrington, Edward B. of New York City and Raynor, Roanelle of Patchogue, daughter of John E. Raynor, married 17 October 1895 at Harlem, New York City, by Rev. Parkhurst; Glen Cove item

Yarwood, John of Huntington and Whelan, Mary of West Neck married 16 October 1898 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. York

Yetter, Frank G. and Terry, Vera, daughter of J. Harvey Terry, married 24 December 1885 at Riverhead by Rev. Chalmers

Young, Augustus of Huntington and Beare, Mary L. of West Hills, daughter of Henry Beare, married 22 April 1883 at Woodbury by Rev. Terry

Young, Fred W. of Flushing and Nimmo, Josie M. of Flushing married 22 November 1888 at Flushing by Rev. Cobb

Young, James W. of Huntington, son of Ira B. Young, and Robbins, Lettie A. of Huntington Harbor, daughter of William Robbins, married 16 March 1897 at Huntington Harbor by Rev. Judd

Young, John Lawson and Smith, Carrie married 16 November 1899 at Brooklyn

Young, William W. of Brooklyn and Canvin, Pearl of Hicksville, daughter of Minnie Canvin, married 12 October 1898 at Brooklyn by Rev. Fr. Hannigan; following wedding the groom went to Cuba; wedding reception was postponed; see 28 January 1899 paper for details on wedding reception

Youngs, Clarence A. of East Norwich and Merritt, Ida E. of Wheatley, daughter of Charles Merritt, married 18 January 1893 at Wheatley

Youngs, Elliott of Orient and Dickerson, Lila of Shelter Island married 2 December 1893 at Brooklyn by Rev. Coe

Youngs, John M. and Vanderbilt, Emma R., daughter of Joseph Vanderbilt, married 16 March 1881 at Northport by Rev. Beach

Youngs, William J. and Mason, Miss, daughter of James Mason, married 31 March 1886 at New York City by Rev. W. Montague Greer

Youngs, William J. of Oyster Bay and Emory, May of Mineola, daughter of George W. Emory, married 19 November 1891 at Mineola

Youngs, Hon. William Jones of Oyster Bay and Youngs, Eleanor Smith of Oyster Bay, daughter of David J. Youngs, married 7 May 1879 at Christ Church, Oyster Bay, by Rev. C. B.Ellsworth and Rev. George R. Van De Water


Zernico, Frederick C. of Oyster Bay and Crowley, Hattie B. of Long Island City, daughter of George R. Crowley, married 5 December 1888 at Long Island City by Rev. Randall

Zeuner, Charles Gustavus and Bruckner, Marie of New Cassel married 23 August 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Zeuner, Henry C. of Hicksville and Poole, Ida of Woodbury married 27 October 1886 at Woodbury by Rev. Gilman

Zoeller, Henry of Huntington and Bunce, Nellie of Centreport married 28 October 1888 at Centreport by Rev. Stansbury